i just had to because this little bit lmao


the highlight of the photo op was hands down bambam like he was so sweet and genuine ;;;; he was joking around with us when and he saw our headbands he went like “jaebum? jackson? oh sorry i’m not jaebum or jackson” aND HE LAUGHED IN SUCH AN ADORABLE WAY MY HEART HURT and we were so flustered because even though we have our biases we still love bambam so much??? we talked for a bit more and he ended up putting his arms around us like this during the photo op aND I WAS FREAKING OUT that’s why i look so stiff and dumb aND GOD MY HAIR WHY 

also just a little more info but this was probably the second picture they took because the first one got messed up since we got tangled up in his necklace and had to retake it LMAO

every so often i have a dream that i’m back in contact with my abuser or even sometimes back in a relationship with them

and for a while i thought that i was having those dreams because i wanted to be back in their life

but? i really don’t? i always wake up feeling disgusted when i have those dreams and i know i don’t want them in the five minutes after i wake up, it’s only later when i start overthinking things and sabotaging my own mental health that i think i want them back

i genuinely do not want them in my life even the tiniest little bit, and having the occasional dream about them isn’t a sign that i do it’s just a sign that they were a fucking manipulative and traumatising bag of discarded fast food containers

i mean one time i had a dream i fell in a hole outside my school. i don’t wanna fall in a hole. just because it shows up in a dream doesn’t mean i want it in my life lmao otherwise i’d be following my dreams and falling in a hole right now

Title: When I’m Finished With You
Pairing: Kylo Ren x Fem!Reader
Genre: Smut (kinda)
Warnings: Language, sexual themes
Request: None, just something I did on my own because I just can’t seem to stop sinning
A/N: WHOOOOOOOO SPICYYYYYY also it’s set to be before TFA so that’s a thing

Things went wrong way too quickly for your liking. Normally, you at least had a little bit of time before you ended up running, but you weren’t even granted that. The First Order was waiting for you, ready to pounce the moment you landed on the planet. All you were doing, well, supposed to be doing, was gathering intell. Secret mission stuff. And yet, no matter how secret, they knew.
They were like fucking ninjas. A whole squad of Storm Troopers surrounded you in three seconds flat, blasters at the ready. You were more annoyed than anything, tired from the trip and ready to go home to D’Qar. Now you had to deal with the First Order? Fucking perfect.
You were roughly boarded onto a ship, the grip the soldiers had on your upper arms closer to that of a vice. Anyone in your position would be terrified, but not you. You knew the First Order. They were cowards, and their leader was nothing more than a whiney kid who threw fits when things didn’t go his way. Your only concern was the pain you knew they were capable of inflicting. Other than that, they were mindless drones in white armor.
After being thrown-yes, thrown- into a cell, you sat up and scanned your surroundings. It was a miracle they hadn’t strapped you into some torture chair of doom, so you thanked the stars for that. Your relief was short lived as you stood and found literally nothing in the room. Nothing but steel walls and a floor to match. You cursed under your breath and rubbed at your sore upper arms as best you could.
It must have been at least an hour until the chrome door slid open. You were sat at the other end of the room, one knee bent toward the ceiling and your arm resting on top of it. You watched as a cloaked figure entered the cold room, recognizing the battered mask almost instantly.
“Your mom’s looking for you, y’know,” you said, maintaining a cool exterior.
“Is that so?” the figure spoke, his voice metallic and icy through the voice modulator.
“Yep,” you responded, “She says it’s past your bed time or something.”
He didn’t speak, instead studied you from the other end of the room. You had to admit, it was mildly intimidating, but you’d seen the face behind the mask. Though he was only a year or so younger than you, you always viewed Ben as a child. You’d been friends at first, considering how close you were with his mother. He was sweet, even a little cute, but always had that underlying darkness about him.
“Your thoughts are awfully loud,” he said, folding his hands behind his back and stepping toward you, “They always were, weren’t they?”
Kylo knelt down in front of you and you could see your reflection in the glass where his eyes should have been.
“I doubt my thoughts are as loud as your ego,” you spat, half smiling at your own remark. He stared at you in silence, as if pondering his next move. He reached up behind his helmet and undid the clasps, a sharp hissing noise emitting from the metal. The helmet was removed in one fluid motion, set to the side and forgotten.
Kylo zeroed in on your thoughts, smirking at your reaction to seeing his face after so many years. All you could think about was how handsome he had become in the short time you’d been away from him. His boyish physique was still present, but his jawline had become even more prominent, his eyes seemed older, his smirk sending immoral thoughts straight through your mind.
You shouldn’t have thought the things you did about him in that moment. The idea of being taken by him there on the metallic floor, the mere concept of screaming out his name as he did sinful things to your body, it was overwhelming. You began to wonder if he was forcing you to see these things, or if it was your own doing.
“Worry not, little one,” he spoke, his voice thick with something that made your knees weak, “Your thoughts are your own.”
Well, that answers that question.
“What do you want?” you asked, trying to change the conversation and push the fantasy out of your mind.
“I want the location of your base, and I can easily find it through your memories,” he said, bringing a gloved hand to your chin and examining your features, “But I think I’d much rather pry it from you myself.”
His words hung in the air, making it nearly impossible to breathe. Your eyes were locked with his in a heated stare, your head stationary thanks to his hand. You couldn’t look away, but you weren’t entirely sure if you wanted to.
“You don’t scare me,” you said, doing your best to sound tougher than you felt. Kylo smirked wider, inching closer and closer to your face. You held your breath, waiting for him to do whatever it was he was going to do.
A gloved hand slid from your kneecap to your inner thigh, the contact making you jump slightly. You released the breath you’d been holding just to suck in another, doing your absolute damnedest to keep your composure.
“You’re not stopping me,” he said softly, his lips mere inches from your ear. You gasped when you felt his teeth clamp down on the cartilage roughly, his hand sliding further and further upwards. He was kneeling between your legs, something you hadn’t even noticed until now.
“I’m not telling you anything,” you said, fighting back the moan that was building in your throat as his tongue flicked over the flesh he’d been previously nibbling on.
“But you will,” he said, his hand resting in the valley where your thigh met your pelvic bone, mere millimeters from where you needed it most, “You’ll tell me everything I want to know and more, my dear Y/N.”
Your hips began to wriggle as he traced the area around your arousal. Your body was reacting with you even meaning for it to, and you had to stop yourself from giving in to him. It was becoming increasingly difficult to not completely submit to him as the heat between your legs begged for attention. He was breathing in your ear, something that made the back of your neck burn in anticipation.
“I don’t want this,” you lied, a last resort. Maybe he couldn’t hear you practically begging for him in your thoughts.
“Your mind tells me otherwise,” he chuckled into your ear, finally pressing his fingers against your core. You couldn’t help the gasp that rose from your throat, the sensation of finally being touched by him making your brain turn to mush. Kylo moved his hand expertly up, down, and around, caressing you in all the right places.
“Why don’t you tell me where the Resistance is?” he whispered, his lips brushing against the skin underneath your ear and making you quiver.
“Why don’t you go fuck yourself?” you shot back, your stubborn nature finally useful to you for once in your life. With that, his hand withdrew, the loss of contact both a frustration and a relief.
“I won’t need to do that when I’m finished with you, Y/N.”
Kylo picked up his helmet off the floor, stood, and turned away from you before striding out of the room. The moment you heard the door hiss closed you took a few deep breaths, trying to organize your thoughts. You felt dizzy, your mind whirring with a million thoughts.
A sick feeling settled in your stomach when you realized that he wasn’t even close to done with you.


‘You’ve always been the sweetest, kindest, and most loving man I’d ever met. I knew that the day I met you, and after all these years, you haven’t changed at all… I hope you never do.’

I had an idea of a more domestic scene with Enyo and Mamoru, since we don’t get to see it often. It’s late, they’re getting ready for bed, and Mamoru just surprises her with a little bit of affection. Enyo still loves him to death, she knows she’s awful at showing it and really wishes she knew how to fix that… But at the end of the day, Mamoru doesn’t mind at all. He just loves her, no matter what.

Wanted to play around with the colours in some of Brad’s photos from Emotional Roadshow. A couple of them had this really incredible blue/red lighting and I dug it hard. Not easy to recreate tho ;___;

I kinda wanted this to sum up ERS to some extent but then i went and made Josh’s hair bright red haha. The image needed that bright pop of red though (Brad’s photos had it from Josh’s snapback and Tyler’s beanie, but I didn’t draw Josh’s snapback here so I had to improvise)

anyway. Gonna miss ERS. I kinda feel like I did get to be part of it a little bit even though I didn’t go to a single show, lmao. Partly bc of the power of social media/friends who go American concerts, and partly also because of Brad’s photos and Mark’s weekly highlight videos. The tøp crew didn’t just do an incredible job of putting on the tour, they also did an amazing job of making all the fans feel a part of it even if they didn’t get to go to any shows.

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I love when antis say "aw b it's so cute with f" pfff of course, he is her brother, I'm cute with my brothers too

LMAO Imma keep my mouth shut 

A Bleeding Heart: Chapter 13

AN: Hiiiii, so here’s the next chapter ! (:

Okay, so I admit that this took a bit because I had written nearly 15,000 words before I decided to cut the chapter into two parts. That’s just me. Overwriting everything lmao.

Thank you so much to everyone who reads and reviews, especially my repeaters. You guys mean everything to me.

Also, should I continue posting these chapters on Tumblr too? Because I notice that no one else really posts every chapter to their stories anymore on there and so I’m just wondering, is there anyone who solely reads this story on Tumblr?

The unyielding morning sun peeking through the blinds ripped her out of her slumber, unapologetically.

Before she could complain though, before her mouth would even cooperate, she was instantly acutely aware of her boyfriend’s fingertips rubbing the bare skin on her back in circles, trailing down over her ass and legs.

“Mmm,” she murmured instead, sleep still prevalent in her voice. “That feels nice.”

He didn’t say anything in response, but she heard his almost silent, blissful chuckle that always accompanied his genuinely elated smile. The smile she mostly saw when the tragedies in their lives were halted to a minimum. The smile she pretended only ever existed for her.

Her emotions, for once, matched his, as the events the day prior came back to her. After their first time, their first love making in over three years, they’d laid, basking in each other, for nearly an hour before going at it again. And again. And again. Until they’d realized they’d forgone all but one meal of the day and ordered the entire Sarrono’s dinner menu.

She’d fallen asleep, after one last round, entirely on top on him, exhausted and full and more relaxed than she thought she’d ever been and more soothed than she believed she’d ever be again. Even all things considered.

Her ecstasy, her pure euphoria, that had only and always appeared whenever she was truly with the man that she loved with everything inside of her, had lasted all night and carried through into the morning.

That was, until she decided to roll over.

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i’m so sleep deprived lmao

I haven’t been able to draw lately because the season has started up again and I have practice everyday. I also have been studying so it’s just been overall painful and I miss drawing so much. I had a little bit of time today (actually I was just not paying attention during our team meeting lmao) so I doodled a page of Rinrin :) I miss drawing him so much even though it’s only been like a few days…

"You're an asshole." "Thanks, I try." - Michael

Requested?: No I was very bored :/

 A/N: Continue reading if you like trash :))) 

Another A/N because I am annoying: I had to repost because I didn’t pay attention in U.S history enough lmao


Sipping your drink, you turn the page to your history book. History was definitely not your strongest subject but it was for Michael. He always had a perfect score on every test. You were lying if you said you weren’t jealous.

 “It was Columbus who found America first, right?” You ask mostly to yourself, flipping through the pages a little bit quicker.

 “Actually, the vikings found America first. Columbus was just the person that conquered it, which is why people turn to him when they’re asked who found America.” Michael states, smiling down at his notebook, as if he won the grand question on Jeopardy. 

“Okay, whatever mister know-it-all.” You sass back, still writing what he said on your worksheet.

 “What? I answered the question, and you’d probably fail this class without me.” He retorted, throwing a paper ball at you. He was right. 

You throw it back, missing him completely by a few inches and hitting another student. Turning around, the student glared at you.

 “It wasn’t me, it was him.” You accusingly point your finger at Michael, trying to contain a straight face. The student now looked at him, annoyed. You whisper a “sorry” to a baffled Michael and looked down trying to get the aggravated student to turn back around. Once they did, you look back up giggling at Michael.

 “You’re an asshole. I hope you know that.” He says jokingly, tearing a piece of paper out of his notebook again, scrunching it up.

 “Thanks, I try.” You comeback, trying not to distract the whole class from your laughter. He threw the scrunched paper ball at you for the second time, resulting in you catching it and throwing it square at his face. This made you laugh louder at how quickly your reflexes were. The whole class looked at the mess of you two and gave irritated glances your way. You didn’t mind though, this always happened in fifth period. You giggled again at Michael’s now surprised face. 

“I will let this slide because this is the first time you’ve actually hit anything.”

The girl who claimed to be Kris’ ex girlfriend (she WAS a non-celeb) now just had professional pics of herself ~leaked~:

After claiming to be exposing their relationship because she was heartbroken that he blew her off, it seems her true motives are now revealed. No wonder she was building up anticipation and releasing information bit by bit.

This is the girl his antis have been painting as a victim. (When the victim was always Kris - who was the one getting slandered and had his supposedly intimate conversations posted for all the world to see). This girl hid under the guise of having her heart broken, little poor her, she thought he loved her, etc and then she goes and is revealed to want to become a celebrity. Her version of how their alleged relationship went has always been sketchy especially since she was dating someone else around the time she claimed to be dating Kris but antis and faux concerned people latched onto her story without verifying anything because they wanted to have something to attack Kris with.

These pictures were taken at the end of May so she has been planning this for some time.

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How did you make your inukag edit for KagoMay? I swear its fucking amazing * A *

Omg I can’t believe yall liked it so much ಥ⌣ಥ Ok well I’ll explain how I made it (assuming you know how to make a basic gif) ! It’s pretty simple, you just need a little bit of patience. 

So first of all I made 3 small gifs like usual. I set the dimensions to 100x100 (I had to crop it before because the size of the height and the width has to be the same before you resize it to 100px) and I colored them a little bit too, so they wouldn’t look too pixelated and when I saved them. So now I have little gifs like this:

Then I opened a new file in photoshop and set the dimension to 500x170 and then I opened the three little gifs I just made. Now when you want to put many gifs into one big gif you have to make sure they all have the same amount of frames, so just find which gif as the lowest amount of frames and then delete frames on the 2 other gifs to match this number. This is probably the trickiest part. You can either remove frames from the beginning or the end of your gif or if you have wayyy too many frames in one of your gif well you can do what I call the “keep one, delete one” frame technique, so your number of frames will be halved. 

Ok, now that your mini gifs are ready what you’re going to do is click on this little button here:

And you’ll click on “Select all frames”. Now you can go back to your blank file and make sure you have your animation bar (just click on Windows > Animation). Now select the first frame and then click on the same little button and click on “Paste frames”. Now a window will open and you’ll click on “Paste on selection”. Now the frames of your gif will be in your new file. I suggest you gather those frames in a folder because it’ll be easier to move them around. Click on this button : 

then select all the frames of your gif by clicking on the first one then maj + click on the last one and then drag them onto the folder icon. Now you can click on your folder and move it around (on your image) and it’ll move all the frames of your gif at the same time! Then I did the same thing for the other two mini gifs.

To add an image over your gifs click on File > Place.. and choose the image you want (the background has to be transparent). And then you put the layer of your image over the folder of your gifs like this: 

Yeah I gave names to the folders so it’s easier to differentiate them lol. Oh and the stuff under the layer of the image are the effects I added to the image (in this case it’s a shadow). To do this, simply click on the little “fx” button at the bottom of the image and choose the effect you want to add. Now it looks like this: 

Then I added a picture as the background (set it as the bottom layer, under everything else), I added a psd on top of everything and I added the border on the mini gifs but that’s too long to explain lmao. When you do all of this, make sure all your frames are always selected! So after messing around a bit with the coloring to make it pretty I got the final result :

So yeah, that’s pretty much it I think? If you have more questions feel free to ask me! ^^

Btw, I still use the old dimensions (I think most people use the old ones tbh) so if you want my gifs to look nice on your dash you should consider installing stylish : you can download it here ! please do it