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First Kiss: Jaemin


Anon: first kiss with jaemin please👏🏼👏🏼💕💕

Anon: Idk if can even request this but could you do Jaemin for the first kiss series soon? Sorry you can’t it’s cool!


Thank you for requesting! I really hope you like this because I think it’s the best one I’ve written in the series :’-) good writing is very rare for me so I’m just uysaibhdisbidhsa - anyway enjoy! Also this was written for @jaeminnana and @jaeminniemouse because well, it’s obvious lmao 💕 💕 💕

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this gif literally fits in so perfectly with this scenario like ???? you will see what I mean when you read it my heART

  • So your first kiss with Jaemin would literally be your first kiss ever
  • And you weren’t even dating at the time
  • He was just your childhood friend, who had grown from the awkward and shy child he was to this confident and handsome teenager
  • Although you were complete polar opposites, you remained close friends throughout those changing years
  • And although, Jaemin had become a guy who was easily irritable and a little bit too cocky for his own good, you couldn’t help but fall for him
  • Of course you’d never tell him this though, god no
  • He already had a line of girls falling at his feet and swooning at the fact he was an idol and a student, and you weren’t intending on joining that queue any time soon
  • Little did you know that Jaemin felt the same way
  • Unable to resist your awkwardness and easily flustered self, he only just  managed to keep his feelings in check and only admire you from afar
  • You never realised how he stared at you whenever you spoke, or always slid his arm around your waist whilst you were walking, nor did you notice how he always spoke to you in a sweet and calm voice (even when he was teasing you) unlike how he usually spoke to everyone else
  • It definitely came as a shock to him when he suddenly blurted out one day: “Jaemin, how are you supposed to kiss someone? Can you show me?”
  • The question was innocent and laced with the obliviousness of affection for you, but to Jaemin, who literally choked when you said this, it came as a huge shock to him
  • You were both both studying at his house, sitting quietly next to one another as you tried to revise for your upcoming test
  • For a while now, your mind had been occupied with thoughts of only Jaemin
  • Maybe it was just teenage hormones or maybe it was just you realising how much you really really like Jaemin, 
  • But your heart couldn’t help but flutter every time he said your name or smiled at you
  • Having little experience in love or relationships would be something Jaemin always teased you about and would jokingly use it against you too
  • But his heart would melt at your question
  • He’d internally coo and sigh, cursing the universe for making you so adorable and innocent and yet still having the ability to make him feel all kinds of things in just a few words
  • Gulping, he leaned back of his chair looking at you seriously with an eyebrow raised
  • “Uhmmm, Y/N, shouldn’t you be asking someone else that? Like, I dunno, one of your girlfriends?”
  • “What? No! I’m not kissing them!”
  • Your eyes widened slightly, and you gasped at what you had just said
  • You had basically just asked him to help you by showing you - in literal terms too
  • Jaemin would chuckle at you, grabbing your hands and giving them a shake as if he was trying to get you back to normal
  • “Oh, c'mon Y/N. Not having your first kiss yet, it’s not that big of a deal. Let’s-let’s just carry on with this work yeah?”
  • He’d smiled at you sympathetically
  • It wasn’t that he didn’t want to help you, to be honest he had always wanted to kiss you
  • But that was exactly the problem - because he wanted to kiss you anyway, he didn’t want to change things between you or make things awkward
  • You eyes dropped and you forced a smile, blushing with embarrassment for being turned down
  • Even if he wasn’t going to show you, you really wanted to be told how to do it
  • “Please Jaemin? I don’t want to embarrass myself when I actually kiss someone I like, I just need some tips….”
  • Your voice started to get quieter and you cursed yourself for thinking that he’d agree and saying something as bold and weird as that
  • Watching as your shoulders slouched and your mouth twitched, a sign of yours he had noticed that you’d do whenever you were uncomfortable, Jaemin frowned, feeling a little awkward and guilty at your state
  • Quietly you’d hear a sigh and “fine then” and see him jokingly roll his eyes
  • Almost immediately you sat up straight a smile on your face, thankful that he had changed him mind
  • “So the first thing you need to know about kissing, is that you only do it when you’re married and in love okay?” - Jaemin & a slap from you
  • “Jaemin!” “Sorry, sorry okay!”
  • He’d turn his chair to face you onwards, gesturing that you do the same, and then moving closer to yours and pulling your chair between his legs slightly, so you were closer to him that you were expecting
  • In his head, he’s literally yodelling screaming with joy and his heart is racing, but on the outside, he looks chill af
  • You on the other hand, are doing a cRAP job at hiding your nervousness - you’re sweating and panting and red as hell
  • “I don’t really know how to explain this but…look I’ll just show you and you, you can see, yeah?”
  • His voice is low and deep, as he laces one of his hands with yours rubbing your fingers with his thumb warmly
  • Not trusting your voice to speak for you, you nod cutely, smiling at him fondly
  • His hand still laced with your fingers, he strokes your cheek with a finger
  • His fingers trailing fire over your too-sensitive skin, tracing the line of your jaw and the hypersensitive place by your ear
  • He bent closer to you, now close enough that you could feel him shaking a little bit as if he wasn’t sure if you would change your mind or push him away
  • But he didn’t realise how caught up you were in the moment
  • Giving you a shy smile, he untangles his hand from yours and slides his arm down to the small of your back and pulling you closer to him
  • When you made no sign to discourage him, he chuckled whispering “just enjoy this, yeah?”
  • You could feel his breath on your cheek and your eyelids fluttered closed at their own accord, as he closed the gap
  • His lips began a gentle exploration of your mouth, peppering soft kisses at each corner
  • “Relax - I don’t bite, Y/N”, he caresses the side of your face to get you to soften your jaw
  • Uncertain of what to do, but fully aware of how amazing it felt to have him kiss you, you unclenched your teeth and began kissing him back
  • You didn’t really know what to do or how to kiss him back well, but you could feel the sparkles in the pit of your stomach and firecrackers exploded behind your closed eyes
  • A hand cradled your head in just the right position to deepen the kiss, the kiss now turning from a short peck to show you how to kiss to a deeper, more meaningful kiss
  • His lips briefly left from yours to start their own sweet explore, touching the curve of your jaw and the Collins of your neck 
  • Jaemin’s lips were warm and soft but he soon broke the kiss, pecking you once more before leaning back at grinning widely at you
  • Both of his hands grab your hands and he plays with your fingers shyly, avoiding your gaze and smiling to himself
  • Your cheeks are burning, eyes wide in shock and you bite your lip trying to hold back from saying something stupid and potentially ruining things 
  • “I-I really liked that Y/N”
  • “Me too…”
  • A silence feel between you two, both your minds occupied with thoughts of one another
  • Eventually he looks up at you and smiles again, a hopeful glint in his eyes
  • “I’ve waited a long time to do that to you, Y/N. I hope you realised that”
  • “Wait, really? You have?”
  • “Mhmm…do you uhmmm- feel the same way perhaps" 
  • He laughs awkwardly, his gaze avoiding yours again but then immediately returns when you simply say "yes”, a bold side coming from you
  • A smile stretches across is face and he claps his hands in joy before reaching out to squeeze your cheeks and coo at you
  • “Oh yes! You’re so cute Y/N! Ooo wait, here have another kiss!”
  • Jaemin leans back in again, kissing you on your cheek to which you flushed deeply at and giggled 
  • And that was basically how Jaemin had grown from the awkward and shy child he was, to this confident and handsome teenager, and now to your idol and utterly charming boyfriend 
  • This was so cute to write omg I think I may have just swerved myself into Jaemin’s lane lmao join me in hell guys

First Kiss Series:


hey no one asked for nsfw headcanons added but i made some anyways lmao

nsfw ones are under the cut in case you’re not interested in those bits!

{ Valentine’s Day Special }

- He may or may not have acted like it wasn’t a huge deal but it totally was. He’d spent all night trying to pull something nice together for you, he knew it was just some day but it still felt.. Special? He couldn’t explain why it was, probably because he’s never had anyone to spend it with. But he still wanted it to be nice for you.

- Wakes you up with tiny little kisses along your cheek and neck, they’re so soft that it feels ticklish. You go to swat him away, but he’s too fast. Catches your wrist and places tiny kisses there too until you wake up in a fit of giggles.

- He tried so hard to make you breakfast, heart shaped pancakes even. They’re a little burnt but you can eat around it, it’s still sweet. There’s a vase of roses on the table– They were more orangey red than anything, it looked like his hair.

- You two eat breakfast together, Chatting comfortably before he proposes his plans for the day. He wanted to take you to a demolition derby then rock climbing. You ask if he’s serious, but he just laughs to himself. Mysterious, but you were still wearing the dress you wanted no matter the occasion.

- Thank god it wasn’t any of those things, instead he’d taken you to a lovely dinner. It was fancy, so much so it looked as if Jumin lived here. There’s barely any people here either– Did he rent it out?

- He orders you your favorite meal as well as some red wine, He was in a white tux that complimented him perfectly. His glasses matched the part, he’d opted for a white pair today over the usual ones. He gets you a beautiful charm bracelet, it’s silver with little things dangling on it that mean a lot to the both of you.

- You two talk for hours, Joking around and having a nice time before he checks his clock– Muttering a small “ ..Shit ” before rushing out–Claiming you two were going to miss it. You don’t even get the chance to question before hes dragging you out of the restaurant, driving a little faster than he probably should have.

- You two pull up on a hill that overlooks the city, it’s beautiful.. Everything looks so tiny from up here. You get to see the remainder of fireworks as they pop off, pretty rays reds and whites in the sky. He groans to himself, claiming you two had missed it. Were those his? You place a hand on his tense shoulder– using your index finger to hook his chin to face you. He looked so stressed now..

- You plant your lips on top of his– The familiar dark taste of wine and himself enveloped you. It was so soft but turned passionate, running your fingers through his hair until it became unruly.

here comes the sin bits

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Just watched the new Andi Mack episode, and here are my thoughts:

- Bex trying really hard was perfect okay I love seeing her really improve as a mother over the course of every single episode… and she just wants to make Celia proud and they actually had a little bit of a bonding moment which was greatly needed!

- I still want to punch Amber

- Poor Jonah though… I feel bad because he’s being used and I can tell he knows Andi is right but he just doesn’t want to believe that anyone could possibly hurt him like that

- Buffy x Marty tho

- When Cyrus and Buffy try to help Andi get sick lmao and then Bex is just like “we’ll just take a mental health day.” But no, this was actually extremely important… sometimes staying at home for a day because of some emotional issues can help you be better off than forcing yourself to go to school and be miserable. Mental health days are great, and even though Celia doesn’t seem to quite understand it, I’m at least glad that Bex does

- We only got to see about a minute or less of Bowie and I already love him omg… He is so chill though even after just finding this out like what?? Also, I laughed so hard when he came in all like “I got your email” and then Bex said “all I did was sent him ‘hey’” like I wonder if Ham actually sent an email telling Bowie to come over or something… either that or for some reason he just felt the need to after simply just receiving an email from Bex… which could make sense why he’d be concerned, given that they hadn’t spoken in so long

- I really liked this episode just because I feel like it helped me to connect to a lot of the characters on an even more emotional level and I like how it just took its time on focusing on the character’s reactions to things rather than the actual plots. It wasn’t much of a shocking episode, but it managed to make me feel rather emotional, with how emotional things got for the characters and all.


the highlight of the photo op was hands down bambam like he was so sweet and genuine ;;;; he was joking around with us when and he saw our headbands he went like “jaebum? jackson? oh sorry i’m not jaebum or jackson” aND HE LAUGHED IN SUCH AN ADORABLE WAY MY HEART HURT and we were so flustered because even though we have our biases we still love bambam so much??? we talked for a bit more and he ended up putting his arms around us like this during the photo op aND I WAS FREAKING OUT that’s why i look so stiff and dumb aND GOD MY HAIR WHY 

also just a little more info but this was probably the second picture they took because the first one got messed up since we got tangled up in his necklace and had to retake it LMAO

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How did you find your style of editing?

oh boy! what a great question!! that I don’t have the answer to I’m afraid xD I’ve had this blog for about 5 months now and I think in that time I’ve had 3 distinct editing styles;

1. I started off quite basic, I didn’t do too much editing; mostly bc I didn’t really know how lmao 

2. After a few weeks my editing (and my screenshot taking skillz) improved a ton and I think that’s when I like properly developed my editing style. I think most people would associate this creamy-dreamy red tinted style of editing with my blog, because that’s how I edited the majority of my Finding Marley Screenshots!!

3. Aaaand just recently infact!! I’ve changed up my editing a little bit!! With summer just around the corner I’ve been making my screenies a lil more crisp and vibrant!! 

I know this doesn’t really answer your question, but truthfully I don’t really know the answer xD I just honestly jsut edit until I find a style I like and then I try to be consistent with it!! ❤️  

Song Writing w/ Mark that Leads to Confession
  • woop woop
  • hehe, sorry if i’m lately doin a lot of scenarios or reactions or that kind of stuff
  • is bc is easier to em to do those in my phone, so whenn i’m in class doing nothing i always continue w yall requests lmao and the masterpost are also longer and it’s h o u r s to do them so yea, sorry 4 that
  • lately i’m love markimoo tbh he’s just so adorable??
  • i hope he stays blonde forever he looks so good idk
  • but let’s start this lmao
  • soooo, you and mark were classmates and practically bests friends??
  • but it was obvious that you guys had feelings for each other
  • i mean, you sat together every class and you would spend your breaks with him and the dreamies and would text each other 24/7
  • and  was easy to tell by your reactions
  • like i don’t think that mark is a big mark of having skinship ??? but he would always try to have it with you
  • he would do little things like “accidentally” touching your hand when you gave him something or putting your hair behind your ear
  • and then BOtH Of YoU wOuLD blUSsh likE crAzy aNd It’S aDOrABLe
  • he’s just a baby who want to have skinship with you, and you’re probably a baby too so it’s two babies trying to have skinship aND IT’S SO CUTE
  • also!!! you would have cute study dates almost everyday after school
  • and tbh you had other dates before! you would always make plans to go to the cinema or to go for something to drink and stuff
  • but any of you never actually confessed to each other?? so your relationship was a bit weird and both of you were so confussed lmao
  • but going to the story,
  • all the members know about this so they keep teasing both of you 24/7
  • specially the dreamies bc they have the mental age of a 5 year old child
  • so you were in the 127′s dorms, the rest of the members doing idk what in their bedrooms
  • but both of you were on the living room, sitting side by side in the and you were doing some homework
  • i should do mine now that i think about it lmao
  • “i finished”
  • “ah~ really? well, i have a little less than two hours before i have to go to practice. what about watching a movie?”
  • you agreed and helped him with his homework, making him feel a bit nervous because of how close your body was to his fdhfjhj
  • he’s such a baby i love him
  • but once he finished, while closing one of his textbooks a few pieces of papers fell out of it, and you had them laying right in front of you
  • thanks god for this
  • “uh? what’s this, mark?”
  • “uh, just a little song i wrote in our literature class, sorry hehe~~”
  • you helped him to organize his things but all your attention where in the words that were wrote with calligraphy on them
  • “c-can i read it? s,,seems cool”
  • he gave them to you without doubts ofc
  • and while you were reading he studied all your features, falling in love with you one more time
  • aWWWWWw so cute vro
  • you loved the lyrics, and for some reason ¿?? you started to feel really inspired
  • “can i continue it?”
  • ”what? a-ah i mean yes, of course you can”
  • lmao your question surprised him so much, but he took the oportunity to get closer to you and watched you writting
  • and you felt really nervous with having him looking at you writting love songs in front of his eyes
  • but you tried to ignore him and started writting
  • and you got his ass shooketh let me tell you
  • you were so surprising good at this??? like ?? how?? ? when¿¿?
  • it was amazing for him watching how fast you could do some sentences and how everything sounded amazing
  • he started to make you some suggestions when you started to run out of ideas, making you realize how talented and smart the is
  • and eventually he ended up writting the lyrics with you
  • “i think that so far is amazing, i can try writting the rap later if you want to and show you the entire thing once is all done”
  • “would you sing it for me someday?”
  • he looked at you in the eyes and then whispered to himself
  • “maybe when i finally dare to confess to you”
  • “what?”
  • and he was like
  • “uh, nothng”
  • “when you confess to me? and what if i decided to do it first? what would you do?”
  • “i would be the happiest person alive”
  • “well, do i have good news for you”
  • both of you laughed and hugged each other oMGGGGG
  • “i really like you y/n, you’re so special to me, please.. be my girlfriend?”
  • both of you were smiley and blushy for the rest of the day and lmao every single member knew about it instantly when they saw both of you like that
  • and the end lmao, idk what else should i write lmao
  • dude mark what are u doing to me baby
  • i have enough bias wreckers leT me LivE
  • this was so cute i suddenly feel so happy lmao

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I saw your post about how u couldn't stop thinking about viktor unzipping Yuuri's clothes with his teeth and now i can't stop thinking about the time a friend did it to me as a dare in a drink game - my shorts had too many bootons which made things difficult and then the zipper got stuck and my friend started complaining passive-agressively and i was laughing so much at that point and basically what I'm saying is... imagine viktor and yuuri jzbsjzubz lmao

This would totally happen only Viktor would Make It Weird by looking up through his eyelashes and doing it slow and Yuuri’s brain would just go “!?!?!!>>!><!<@?!?@#” and probably short-circuit a little bit. Then when the zipper gets stuck Viktor would kind of like, just, jerk it harder and harder with his mouth, because he’s fucking stubborn and he’s going to do this with his teeth and Yuuri is in pain. So much pain. Viktor’s breath is on his dick. There’s some repetitive motion going on, his fingers are digging into the carpet. His toes curl in his shoes. He’s probably going to die here, and that’s fine. It’s fine.

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Lowkey is Z kinda single white femaling Matty?? Like dude photoshop Matts face onto that pic boom, but also look at him!!! Like good for you Zero! Also why did Matty have to hit him with the cheetah pic?? Bursting my boys confidence bubble lol but that whole exchange had me laughing in the middle of Safeway.

lmaoo plsss with single white female. he honestly didn’t think blonde was his thing.. like he went into it thinking he’d maybe color it brown or something slightly lighter than his natural hair. however, ppl kept suggesting blonde and all these other wild pastel colors to him and the more he laughed it off the more he started to take it seriously. 

even when he sat down in the hairstylist’s chair he still didn’t know what color to pick. the stylist asked if he had any options and Zero said a number of different browns he had been considering. he then jokingly mentioned that people were saying he should go blonde but thought it was ridiculous. listen.. as soon as he said blonde the stylist got so excited about it and said that she thought blonde was actually a great idea and how it would look nicely against his skin. she started pulling out all these different samples which by the way none of them were brown and Zero was just sitting in the chair like..

like at this point he couldn’t be a little bitch and back out of it with how excited the stylist was so he just gave in and was like.. fine. the whole time he was internally screaming about it but then when he seen the outcome he was like..

like he knewwwwwwwwwwww… the first thing he thought about was Matt and how he’d take it and it made him giggle a little bit because he’s fake.

lmfaooo Matt’s twitter reaction though lmao.. i laughed about it too because..


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Hi, so I read "6 years" a couple of months ago, and I found it again today, and knew that I had to tell you exactly how it impacted me the first time, because it really did effect me. I think it is the only thing that I've read in my adult life that has made me actually cry. I was blubbering at the end. It was three am and I was trying to muffle my sobs, because they were so loud I thought my roommates were going to wake up. And it was because I don't think I've ever read a work with better 1/?

thank you so, so much for this comment

It has seriously brightened my day - my week - my entire year ahhhhhh ;;;;;

I am just so happy my lil fic touched you so much (especially with your own coming out I’m so so happy for you ahhh!!) This ask has touched me and I am very em otional ❤️

Bless you. :,)

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ur art is as gorgeous as ever but the burst ear drum prompt u did for takenaka is making me legitimately sad lmao, so i just have to imagine mob saved him at the last minute and all is well ;w;

Awwww, I’m sorry! It sounds like I might have been a little too successful on the angst front :’D

I actually started worrying a little bit once I started on the prompts because like… I /enjoy/ dark stuff and that type of thing doesn’t bother me but I thought it might come left of field for a lot of people following because I’ve done so much fluff recently. I had another person wanting a fic where he got saved as well so you are not alone.


Now, would you look at that. Lord Fluffy Tiger singing praises just as prettily as any songbird. 

Funny thing is that I imagine him saying all of this in a very matter-of-fact tone, like he’s appraising a rare find lmao. I find it endearing that he waxes poetic without the intention to woo or flirt - at least that’s what I think, because apparently no one has ever refused his advances, he probably has never had to *win* anyone’s attention. Plus, flirting seems a little too frivolous for Lord Fluffy Tiger. But I could be wrong, IDK. Does he sing more pretty words in the latter chapters?

And for the ever loving fk lmao there’s a cave scene in his route too.

*dying slowly of laughter*

This is him, trying very hard. IDK I sort of laugh a little, I can just imagine the strained atmostphere haha. Ah, and there’s a bit of self-reflection n talking n sharing session, in which he apologises n tries to get MC to feel comfortable.

Fear not, you’re not gonna become Tiger’s chow, MC. Not on this particular night anyway. 

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cha!! do you have any headcanons for my babe guang-hong in your Pokémon au?

Anon you have just made my night I have a smile a mile wide on my face right now because BOY DO I 8D

Wow this got a tiny bit long sorry sometimes you have a lot of time to think when you’re drawing stuff LMAO /sweats

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I have a really hard time drawing Matt and Pidge looking different. Like everytime I draw them Matt just ends up looking like Pidge. How do you manage to make them look related yet different?

Matt Holt is a man with few canonical appearances, so I’m not sure the answer is correct, but it’s the way I go about it.  And it’s simply: Matt is a dude in his twenties, Pidge is a teen girl. I draw Matt with a squarer jaw, shaggier/piece-y hair and a slightly longer face than his sister.  His eyes are also not as large and round as Pidge’s.  I draw Pidge with softer, fluffier looking hair and a more rounded jaw and chin.  Also, she has really big eyes and her eyebrows are much more solid than Matt’s.  Honestly, I really love the design of the Holt siblings because the creators did such a good job making them look so related but also really subtly different in a lot of ways.

I like these two photos because Pidge doesn’t have her glasses on and I like to draw her without them first and add them last, but you can see her smaller, rounder feature in them, and her floofy hair.

This is like the go to Matt photo which is good for getting a full visualization of his shaggier bangs and longer chin

But it this one you can see he has more downturned eyes and a longer nose.  

So this just became a genetic analysis of the Holt’s lmao anyways, I reference them a lot when I’m drawing them because I had a little bit of the same problem for a while, especially with Matt, who was only really around to talk about peas and get captured, bless his cotton socks

Wanted to play around with the colours in some of Brad’s photos from Emotional Roadshow. A couple of them had this really incredible blue/red lighting and I dug it hard. Not easy to recreate tho ;___;

I kinda wanted this to sum up ERS to some extent but then i went and made Josh’s hair bright red haha. The image needed that bright pop of red though (Brad’s photos had it from Josh’s snapback and Tyler’s beanie, but I didn’t draw Josh’s snapback here so I had to improvise)

anyway. Gonna miss ERS. I kinda feel like I did get to be part of it a little bit even though I didn’t go to a single show, lmao. Partly bc of the power of social media/friends who go American concerts, and partly also because of Brad’s photos and Mark’s weekly highlight videos. The tøp crew didn’t just do an incredible job of putting on the tour, they also did an amazing job of making all the fans feel a part of it even if they didn’t get to go to any shows.

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i always have grown up yoosung hcs to share.

  • wears those comfy and squishy nurse shoes that are like $90 all the time even when he’s not working, and it’s funny because they vaguely resemble crocs without the holes.
  • yoosung would eventually hang up LOLOL once advancing towards his degree but he still goes back to it once in a while for sentimental reasons, and he likes checking up on his old friends too!
  • has like 3x more hairclips and bobby pins because of his occupation requiring hair out of the face and close examination, also expect yoosung in a manbun once in a while.
  • still wears his hoodies and yes they’re more frequently washed now and are very comfy. people need to stop picking on him for his hoodies i stg
  • when he had to wear glasses for a little bit he lost the cleaning fabric and the case for sure he doesn’t even know where they are and just used his shirt to clean them lmao he’s one of those
  • suddenly had a really weird growth spurt and now he’s about v’s height, not enough to match jumin but near-ish and pretty close to zen too 
  • because of sudden growth spurt he has like weird back problems and already had horrid posture playing LOLOL so… kind of expected.
  • has a “kiss the cook” apron. don’t think for a second he doesn’t.
  • loves kids to death and wants a boy and a girl and it’s just the cutest thing.
  • now that he’s an Adult who makes money and pays bills and regularly Adults, he has no problem eating a goddamn bowl of jelly beans in the morning. don’t test him once mc left him alone for like a day for a small trip and yoosung just ate ice cream for dinner
  • omurice king and will make it any day any where he is such a great cook but he gets so lazy sometimes lmao
  • takes care of elizabeth the third and does her checkups its great and it’s adorable
  • elizabeth the third loves him and it makes jumin question elizabeth’s loyalty to him
  • thanks to his mom he is an A+ handmade soap maker and makes soaps for everyone during the RFA parties. also he probably picked up knitting too and makes scarves for mc!! it’s really cute 
  • stress cleans intensely like if a patient died he would be morning over the poor pet and next thing u know the bathroom is squeaky clean no spots no dust no nothing
  • and if the house is already clean he just stress bakes and he takes after his mom so much in terms of work ethic and just adopting productive stress relieving methods it’s great and when he makes extra cookies he gives them out to his neighbors and especially their kids
  • unmatched character development js

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Hii! Im wondering about something and you seem like the right person to ask 😊 is there "transfer season" for nt's too, like not transfering obv 😂 but changing players from for example team u21 to the A team? And is it free choice (football duty?) To play for your nt? And does that mean they dont get payed for it(if its a choice)? Those are so many questions and this is a mess but i hope u understand 😅 thanks xxx

Hi! I’m so sorry I took so long i’ve been a bit busy and only just now had time after the match!

Sooo i’ve gotta be honest I didn’t know the answer to most of your questions lmao but I did a little researching because I’ve always been curious about these things too but was always too lazy to look it up.

Well, first, no player is too young to play for the National Team. So, whereas you can’t be over 21 to play in the u21 team, age is not a concern when the main National Team coach chooses their players. So, not all players in the main National Team have played for their u21 NT (although a big majority do, but some, who are just too good, just skip it altogether) and definitely not all players who play for the u21 NT make it to the main NT.

Secondly, I couldn’t find anything online about the voluntary/mandatory question. I remembered the situation with the Olympic Portugal NT in Rio 2016 where a lot of clubs refused to let their players go to the NT, so our coach had to make a very different selection of players that were released by their clubs. Now, idk if clubs can refuse to release their players for international duties in FIFA or UEFA competitions, or if they only did it in the Olympics because it’s not a FIFA/UEFA competition. But yeah, that’s the only case I can remember of players not going to the NT when they were wanted, because besides that I’ve never witnessed a player who got called up refuse to go to the NT.

Lastly, I also never knew for sure if players were paid beyond the money they get when they win trophies, so i googled it and I found this, which explains it pretty well:

“National team competitions are run and overlooked by FIFA and every country’s football federation (FA) is responsible for structuring the national team setup. FIFA pays/distribute money among all federations through either prize money or development payments. But how much federation pay to their national players is not dictated by FIFA. The decision to pay salary (and how much) to players playing in national team is totally upto the individual federations. So different football federations around the world pay different salaries/match fees to their players. Most of the big footballing nations (England, Germany, Italy, France etc) pay a small match fee to players plus bonuses (…).”

So yeah, that’s it haha I hope I answered your questions :)


Seriously I hope the rumors are false. If Tekken 7 extra new mode is going to be Tekken Bowl and not something like another super cool chapter or A SCENARIO MODE LIKE THEY HAD IN TEKKEN 6 I WILL EXPLODE. Maybe I just like Tekken 6’s Scenario Campaign a little bit too much. I mean I don’t mind if Tekken Bowl returns but please don’t tell me that’s what this and I quote “new game mode” is going to be. Because…Well. That’s not even new! I know I know. “But Ryu you want Scenario Campaign back and that’s not new”. No. I want something like Scenario Campaign back. Remember like Tekken Force and then Devil Within mode and then Scenario Campaign? WE NEED A TEKKEN 7 VERSION. But hey that’s just me. Who knows maybe you guys voted for that or something? XD 

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Do you still have the little poem blurb thing that's something along the lines of a girl who's stomach hurts a little bit because she just had milk but it's not milk? If you know what I'm talking about could you please post it? Much love💕

omfg yes i think i know what you’re talking about—–i think about that post every time i’m uncomfortable and quiet in social situations to make myself feel better lmao


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What did Noct die??

When I first read this, I had to take some time before I could answer. Yes Noctis died. And it still hurts me. He never got to live his life for himself (not even just a little bit, but Regis did try to give Noctis a normal life when he was a child.) because of his duty as a prince and the savior, but he did have some type of happiness being with Prompto, Gladiolus, and Ignis along with his father Regis. His life was predetermined and I’m mad at the astrals for that. With all the power they have, they couldn’t stop Ardyn and the darkness themselves. There just had to be a prophecy and some type of sacrifice. Noctis had no choice in making his own path to defeat Ardyn and he really should have. Ardyn wasn’t even the true evil in the game. He’s a victim. The one who started it all was the astral Ifrit. (Also Kenny Crow…that fucking crow man.)

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I haven’t been able to draw lately because the season has started up again and I have practice everyday. I also have been studying so it’s just been overall painful and I miss drawing so much. I had a little bit of time today (actually I was just not paying attention during our team meeting lmao) so I doodled a page of Rinrin :) I miss drawing him so much even though it’s only been like a few days…