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Hey you don’t need to answer this I just wanna let you know that I appreciate your blog and the info you put out. From what I see, you always credit sources. Keep doing what you’re doing ☺️

Thank you dear for being informed and not just jump to conclusions. That aside let me give the ones who do not know how I credit or are new to my blog how it’s done. I included recent posts because it seems even after seeing those some people can’t see it: 

There are many ways to credit, and I credit in different ways depending on the nature of the post. Tumblr has the option of adding the source of the post. That’s how Tumblr asks us to credit and that’s how I do it most of the times. because 1: it makes you find the original post easier as it redirects you to the original owner and thus you can then follow and support them. (post HERE)

I can add their page name + link when it’s an edit or a fansite (lately this is how I have been doing it)

When there are many people to credit I search and try to credit them all (post HERE)

Some people credit by adding links in the words in the caption. I do that usually when I make gifs but not commonly for other posts because Tumblr offers the option to delete a caption when you reblog so putting it in the source is the way I am sure the crediting will never be lost (post HERE

T.N: I learned long ago how to make my own gifs and I use other ones in posts that come from Tumblr’s library and use them legally with crediting

For news too I add the source. So how do we get the info like the one below? There is something called Media relations. It refers to the relationship that BIGHIT develops with journalists. Basically, the communication department in BigHit informs journalists that write an article and that’s how we know. Sometimes some journalist gets the info wrong or tries to gain bad fame by saying lies and make their post popular (yes I know, it’s sad. Some people can’t work hard on their own so they lie and try to use someone’s else name). As someone who gives you updates, I get my info from journalists or trustable armys that got the info from them. When it turns to be untrue, I make another post explaining that it was just a lie. 

This blog offer updates that mostly come from another source. It’s normal I am not the owner of it. It’s like you go to ALLKPOP and tell them, take off all your content it’s repost. Does that make sense? When I posts memes I make sure the name is not cropped away, that’s also the same way people on Twitter credit me (because A LOT of my content end up there too. And not just Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, weibo … ) many of my content end up being translated to many languages too and I get soooo happy when other ARMYs get to enjoy it.

AND For this part of the same person going around saying I am Kboo (they are like 3 people but got all the day to send hate asks. or they send ‘please tell me what is kboo, or they say ‘I heard mimi was getting hate what is it) 

So about this post this person contacted me and I told them the following 

But they still kept going around spreading fake rumors. At the time it was all over the American news that North Korea was going to attack. And Americans were joking about it. Now thinking about it, in the long term and out of that time and context it can be used the way this hater used it. As for the whole post many ARMYs liked it and for a looooong time no one found any problem with it until this person made its meaning turn this way (this is the post btw HERE At the time I received many asks from armys being nervous about BTS going to the bbmas and that’s how the idea came to me to make that post. So we can cheer up and say that everything will be fine )

Just after I answered them and edited my post they didn’t answer me again but they went celebrating saying they have an impact. And they felt important. They never felt bad for any race, they weren’t protecting anyone just wishing for someone to notice them here because no one knows them through their blog never made it. They have been talking about this day and night trying to plot how to bring hate

Their goals are to hate on everyone and make content creators delete their posts. The same content creators that make posts about BTS and updates to help this fandom. This is the one who started it even her name have “ANTI” in it. What did you expect? also she is HOMOPHOBIC (not just against ships) and hate JIKOOK shippers

When she found nothing to hate on and realized pple are seeing the truth she went to attack my dear followers aka a big part of the ARMY fandom in this blog 

Aside from Jikook shippers she says she wants to beat up all shippers. Seriously, guys, this is the person you have been believing. creating an account and turning all our fandom here into a war when we could be enjoying waiting for Mic Drop tmrw

For this post below, it was edited in a way to make me pass for a colorist or something. At the time haters started rumors about BTS saying they were colorists. I made a post explaining the situation. This person didn’t understand my point. At the time I wanted to keep the positivity, and the post who was trying to correct ideas took other proportions about the term so I decided to take it down. To not let the people in the comments feel ‘shut down’ I decided to contact them and told them ‘i will turn the article private/delete it if you want to discuss the situation more I will be glad. One of my followers was happy and we talked peacefully. Another one was no matter what I said had this idea that I was against them. I kept telling them I understand their point and that colorism is bad we should never judge someone on their skin or show favoritism. They used a definition that was not fitting if we wanted to talk about colorism is Korea. I told them I was very pale and was bullied for it in the past so I know how it feels to get treated that way. The discussion with that person was going nowhere, it was like I was talking a wall. So I just told them. I will end the discussion here. But that person took the discussion and edited out to make me look bad. If they read this I hope they post the whooooole thing. 

That person was using this definition. the first one that pops up on google when you write the term and said they did their research

I was trying to tell them that the term today is used both ways. For example in some countries, you are insulted for being pale. but they really edited that out to make me look arrogant. If I was arrogant will I even contact them to ask for their opinion? Why would I care about a comment if I was arrogant? My followers know how I always answer even replies when someone sends me a message I answer them too. Why is it easy to believe lies? That same person received a lot of hate because of that post because at the time people knew what I was talking about and people were telling them to stop their lies. Now they and the people above found each other and started this comedy. That person who edited the discussion was defending and saying how BTS are racist and colorists. Now, look at that plot twist!

Untrue: I made a post explaining the situation that antis used against our boys

I work hard on this blog and I never complain because I love seeing the smiles on many of my dear follower’s faces. I slept 1 hour a night lately because of the recent updates (but I am using a facemask now, that thing IS LIFE). I still had to carry my IRL schedule too. I am someone who loves to spread love. I always invite to respect all religions, races, cultures … I always felt proud to say how ARMY is so diverse and how the love to BTS made us hold each other’s hands no matter where we came from. I will continue being kind and refuse to hate anyone here. When I don’t feel like someone is worth it and I don’t want to see them in my dash I block them (easy peasy). It’s not mean to block someone, it’s mean to start fake rumors and try to bring down a fellow army who is just here to help. My parents thought me to not judge on words or faces or situations. And Just like I wished some months ago my dear Muslim followers ‘Happy Ramadan’ this time for anyone enjoying this beautiful day with dear ones: Happy Thanksgiving guys. I am happy to be part of ARMY and even the dark side of this fandom I embrace it fully, one day they will hopefully listen to BTS’ lyrics and message and learn that bullying is bad. BTS in the past were said to be racist. They were said that they copied all their concepts and music but look at them now. Good people end up going places, bad ones stay in a hole forever.

Ah, tomorrow in Mic Drop Remix right! oooooooh boi I will enjoy it! If you hear someone screaming in excitement tmrw it’s probably me HAHAHAH (this is how I laugh btw I never use KKKKKKK What even is that HAHAHHAHA. I am like a One Piece character IRL tho I have waaaaay better options I laugh in all different ways Hohohoho hihihihi GAGAGAGAG KOKOOOOKO KEKEKEKEEEEE PWAHAHA PWHIHIHI WTH is that HAHHAHAHHA It’s just laughing. OMG this whole situation is stupid - #LOVE YOURSELF #LOVE MYSELF #END VIOLENCE #DON’T BELIEVE ANONS HIDING BEHIND LIES YOU ARE A SMART PERSON USE YOUR BRAIN)

T/N: I have aaaaaall the receipts. I am an inspector ARMY and if you have seen my analysis you will know how crazy detailed I am. Once I start my research it’s insane (find my BS&T jpn vrs analysis HERE and Pied Piper HERE and Not Today that I made just when I created this blog HERE). So me not naming the ones starting those rumors is for two reasons: 1- I prefer to give publicity to artists, writers, amazing content creators … not someone who is untalented and mean. 2- I am into positivity and positive people. I talked to them, and took away all the content that they say made them angry but they still asked me to delete my blog then went after that telling their friends “oh wow look at my impact I made Mimi such a big blog delete” then gathered their 3 friends and wrote anon asks for blogs who unfortunately didn’t check the facts and jumped to conclusions. They also took my words out of context to edit them out just like in the past people did to BTS (the irony). These same people reblogged half of my posts and get all their updates from my blog but go ask people to ignore my content. Basically, they are using everyone, making this fandom fight each other and laugh it out loud.  Will you believe an anon hiding or a blogger that dedicates herself to this fandom? you choose dear ^^ either way. In my heart even now, I hold no hate just a tiny bit of pity toward the ones who live such a life.

I will keep spreading positivity and smiles. I have a very tight relationship with my followers and I believe fake rumors will not break it. LOVE YOU ARMY! LOVE YOU ALL! 

And for the liars that don’t seem to have a life, I dedicate MIC DROP to you “There is no need to meet again (I already blocked you), this is my final goodbye. There is nothing to say, don’t even apologize. You will see you will end up like that. I am piecing, with my mutuals and followers like coke. Your corneas are shocked *MIC DROP* 


Care For You (3)

Slight!Steve x Reader, Billy Hargrove x Reader
Every time he takes care of her, she runs away  
Warnings: language, angst, mentions of abuse, slut shaming, some teasing, character dynamics change, uh that’s it i think
Word Count: 2.1k+

Originally posted by xananeedscoffee

The next morning, Y/n decides to walk to school. She was still pissed at Steve and rightfully so, he was acting like an asshole.

She walks quickly through the hallways, avoiding the whispers and stares directed towards her. She tugs on her coat and walks towards her locker.

Her brows quirk in question as a crowd gather around her locker. She shoves through and people whisper and snicker under their breaths. She stands in front of her locker and tears threaten to fall down her cheeks.

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~College!au Pen Pal Hoseok~PART FOURTEEN: END

[part 1] [part 2] [part 3] [part 4] [part 5] [part 6] [part 7] [part 8] [part 9] [part 10] [part 11] [part 12] [part 13]

Originally posted by aestheticvbts

~Two Weeks Later~

“Did you see Mark today? He was practically begging that girl for one date,” Hoseok chuckled, tossing his phone in the air a few times and catching it. 

“I didn’t but I’m sure it was funny. Gotta thank that guy at the lounge who recorded the whole thing and posted it online,” You scoffed, looking up from your book. 

You and Hoseok were hanging out in your dorm, him sitting at your desk chair with his feet propped up on your desk, while you lay on your stomach on your bed.

“Wait,”  Hoseok took his feet off your desk and turned to you. “You didn’t find out who was recording?”

Shaking your head with furrowed brows, you said, “No…”

“It was Jackson! Jackson Wang.”

“The one he was pretending to be?”

“Yeah, turns out they were friends and Jackson wasn’t too fond of someone pretending to be him. He said something egotistical like Mark not being worthy of being ‘Jackson’,” Hoseok rolled his eyes.

“I know Jackson. He’s nice,” You bit your lip, holding in a laugh. It sure did sound Jackson to get angry at something as silly as that and get a bit of revenge. 

“He got his revenge for us,” Hoseok laughed. 

“Yeah, now no one wants anything to do with Mark. Hell, girls I don’t even know are asking to be my friend because I ‘put him in his place.’ Whatever that means,” You rolled your eyes. “Really wish I smacked him. Probably would’ve gotten the video more views,” You smirked.

“You’re so cocky,” Hoseok playfully rolled his eyes and sat at the edge of your bed. 

“Yeah, but you love me for it, Smiley,” You grinned.

“Yeah, sure. Whatever you want to think, Gumdrop.”

“C’mon we’re besties. I’m always going to be teasing you.”

Hoseok huffed to himself. He hated that title with a passion. It was partially his fault. He was the one who put in your mind that you were ‘besties.’

I’m so going to regret this, Hoseok thought before crawling over to you. 

“What’re you doing?” You asked when you felt him inching closer to you. You looked up from your book to behind you and saw him hovering over you. Furrowing your brows, you squeaked when you felt his hands on your waist to turn your body around so you were facing him.

“Hi,” you breathed out when you noticed how close you two were. Letting out a laugh, he smiled softly, “Hi.”

“Uh, what are you–”

“I’ve been friend-zoned enough times,” Hoseok began and you felt a blush creep up your neck. Hoseok was admittedly bashful and had his shy moments, but he knew when he had to be serious. And you had a feeling this was one of those times.

“You think?” You were way too scared to act upon your feelings. Even when texting the boy, when he answered as soon as you texted him made your heart flutter. And knowing him personally now? Man, you wondered how you managed to be blessed with such a good looking human being. 

“What do you mean ‘you think?’ Y/N, I don’t think you understand what I mean,” Hoseok chuckled lightly, his breath fanning your lips.

“Sure, I do,” You had no idea but if you were going to find out, you were going to make your guess the boldest one you could think of. “You like me.”

Blinking rapidly, Hoseok was loss for words. You knew?

“I uh…Was I that obvious?” 

Widening your eyes, you gaped, “You mean, I’m right?”

Hoseok broke into a smile, “Gumdrop, yes you are. Since the beginning.”

“The beginning?”

“Even before I heard about Mark. Man, I thought I had a chance with you but then you mentioned the dick and I got…upset. That’s why I didn’t answer and ignored you for a while. I had to, you know, keep my distance. I didn’t want to ruin your relationship because of my dumb feelings.”

“Your feelings aren’t dumb, Hobi. I wish I dumped that ass way before I started talking to you. I would’ve asked to meet you earlier. But I was taken and I was afraid if we did meet, I’d do something I’d regret.”

“Oh yeah?” Hoseok smirked. “Something like what?”

“Oh, I don’t know.” By then your cheeks were as red as tomatoes. Since when was Hoseok so bold?

“Well, I’ll tell you: If we met earlier I was afraid I’d do something I’ve been waiting to do and–Y/N, you have to stop blushing like that, you’re making it really hard for me not to kiss you.”

“Well what are you waiting for then? Don’t you think I would’ve pushed you off by now if I didn’t feel the same way?”

Hoseok gulped, feeling his heart beat out of his chest. Did you just say that? 

He leaned down and gave you a quick peck. Leaning back, you scrunched your nose up. “Not that that wasn’t amazing but…that was what you’ve been waiting to do? A peck?”

“Hey, Gumdrop. This is about the boldest thing I’ve done so I think I’m all out of bravery.”

“That’s okay. I got the message,” You grinned leaning up and giving his nose a kiss.

“Wow, we’re dorks, you know that right?”

“Nah, I think we’re goals. Like sea otters.”


Next pen pal (for those of you who don’t know) is Namjoon!:)


Summary: AU. Reader is used to living on her own terms, so when she’s suddenly jammed back in with her family for Thanksgiving, things get a little crazy. Will a stranger she met at the bar be the perfect one to help her through the holiday?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x fem!reader

Word Count: 4,931

Warnings: language, drinking, creeper at a bar being a creeper, the creeper hits on reader so if that makes you uncomfortable avoid, fighting, fake dating, fluff, awkwardness, family arguments, things get steamy, no smut

A/N: This is a re-post of a fic I attempted for a holiday challenge back in 2016. It was posted in three parts on a different blog, but I smushed them together here. Sorry for the bad writing lol.

Originally posted by dailyevanstan

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White Noise [Billy Hargrove]

Originally posted by my-allisondiamond-world

Prompt: Billy is head over heels for (Y/N) Harrington.

Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Reader, (platonic) Steve x sister!Reader

Fandom: Stranger Things

Warning: cursing, drunk-ness (?)

Author’s note: by popular demand, the fourth part to the Billy imagine. You guys asked for a happy ending, so I’m trying to give it to you. Hope you like this. Also, I might only write one more part to this series. I still don’t know. 


(Y/N) Harrington thought she’d seen the last of Billy Hargrove. After all, before the day he asked her out for the first time, they hadn’t cross a word. And then, she’d told him what she thought of him. She hadn’t been the nicest, which wasn’t how she normally was (she was more of an overall-good girl), but she thought he deserved it. 

(Y/N) and Steve’s parents had never really been around, so naturally, Steve had assumed both the role of a big brother and a paternal figure. He’d made sure she never got hurt. So when he came home with her face looking almost unrecognizable, she couldn’t feel anything else but despise for the person responsible.

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ride me | oneshot.

Im Jaebum x Reader

Word Count: 1.4k

Genre: Smut

Author’s Note: There was far too much suggestive Jaebum on my dash this morning. This is more of a drabble than a proper oneshot but I hope you enjoy reading nonetheless. Thanks a lot! [Currently unedited because I don’t have anyone to beta for me rn]

Music Recommendation

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Girl In Luv — Kim Taehyung

Anon said: can you write a scenario where the reader is a rebel and is mean but whenever she sees taehyung she freezes and loses her train of thought. then one day she gets hurt during a fight bc she sees him. after that she starts acting different (tae doesn’t like that) and doesn’t act out but people call her weak and stuff. sorry if it’s too specific. you’re the writer so you can change it ofc :)) lots of angst a fluff ending please. ily and your writings. I wish I could support you :( sorry I can’t

Thank you so much for requesting this! It was so fun to write! And don’t worry, I️ completely get it! Having your support as a reader is enough! ❤️

(I do not own this gif, creds to the owner❤️)

Words: 3,507

Warnings: High school au + fluff

Description: You’ve always been the thought girl in school, but there was one person who always made you soft—Kim Taehyung, your crush.

How stupid can someone be when it comes to love?

The answer is: not as stupid as you.

When it came to love, you were a complete idiot.

You haven’t really been in love so many times, but the times that you were, it was a disaster. You always ended up with your heart broken or getting your feelings hurt.

After your heart was broken for the last time, you told yourself that you wouldn’t fall in love again until you were older and had your shit together.

That was a big, big lie.

Because sadly, you can’t really control whether you fall in love or not. So as a result, you did end up falling in love again.

You fell in love with a close friend—well—he was more of your brother’s close friend, but he was also your friend.

Kim Taehyung.

He was so amazing. Whenever you spoke to him, you felt like you could listen to his voice for hours.

You fell in love with everything about him. His smile. His chuckle. His laugh. His eyes. The way his eyes look when he’s standing out in the sun. He was beautiful.

You just wished that he saw you the same way.

He didn’t know that you were madly in love with him. No one knew except for you. You were good at hiding your feelings, but also terrible at it.

Whenever you saw Taehyung, you were like a deer in headlights. You froze. You don’t know why he had this sort of affect on you.

When you saw him, you just stopped everything and started blushing like crazy. Whenever he walked into a room that you were in, you couldn’t help but stare. He was just so good looking. How could you not?

You’ve been in love with him for the past year and a half. Surely he should’ve known by now, but you’re way too afraid to admit your feelings. You’re scared that he’ll reject you and you’d get your heart broken once again, since that’s what always seems to happen.

Maybe if you had a bit more courage, you could admit it to him, but sadly, all the courage you normally had disappeared when it came to Taehyung. You could barely think straight when he was around.

And that’s what made you such an idiot.

“Skipping classes again? Are you actually trying to get in trouble with mom and dad again?” Your brother asked you as he started driving his car.

You sat in the passengers seat, playing on your phone and not really paying attention to your brother who was trying to scold you. “They won’t find out.” You say.

“If you keep doing it then they will. Why do you keep skipping important classes? You know you need to pass History to graduate right?”

“That’s stupid. Why do I need to learn about most of that stuff? Maybe if they taught us how to get a job and how to pay taxes in school, then I’d actually consider going.” You explained. “And don’t act like you’ve never skipped a class, Jin.”

“I don’t skip as much as you do. And don’t try to turn this on me. Do I have to remind you that I graduate in four months? I already have all my shit together.” Your brother says.

You rolled your eyes.

“Jin, don’t be so hard on her. I’m sure that last year we all skipped just as much classes as she did.” A voice came from the backseat, reminding you that there was another person in the car.

Hearing his voice sent butterflies to your stomach. You just kept looking at your phone, trying your hardest not to turn around and look at the beauty that was sat one row behind you.

“Sure, we skipped. But that’s not the only bad thing y/n has done. She’s always getting into fights and getting in trouble. Y/n, I wish you weren’t such a rebel all the time.” Your brother tells you.

“What can I say? I hate listening to other people.” You commented.

“Everyone gets into a little trouble during high school.” Taehyung says. “Besides, I think that y/n being a rebel is really cool.”

You almost forgot how to breathe after he let out that last sentence. He complimented you! Sure, this wasn’t a new thing, but whenever he did it, it made you feel like you were an angel.

“All I’m saying is that maybe y/n should at least try to focus on school. How are you supposed to graduate next year if you’re always in trouble and barely in class?” Jin asks.

“Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine.” You said. You were never worried about graduating. You knew that it would happen eventually.

Yeah, you skipped class a lot, but you were actually really smart. You’ve failed some classes, but you’ve always gotten your grades back up. You weren’t a straight A student, but you weren’t failing every class and that’s what matters.

“You need to be more like y/n, Jin. She’s so cool and laid back. You’re always worried about something. Y/n is always relaxed and calm about everything.” Taehyung complimented you yet again.

You smiled and blushed, but tried your best to hide it.

Why did he have such an affect on you by barely doing anything?


Your phone fell out of your hands and dropped to your lap as a volleyball suddenly hit your hand.

You were sitting on the bleachers outside of school, bored, while some girls on the volleyball team were practicing.

“Watch out!” And annoying voice calls. “Emma.” You groaned. You absolutely despised her. She always did anything she could to piss you off.

“Why would you say ‘watch out’ after the ball hit me, idiot?” You asked, grabbing the ball that had previously hit you.

“Oops. My bad.” Emma says, giggling.

“You’re such a bitch, you know that?” You asked, standing up from where you were seated on the bleachers and walking down to the ground.

“Whatever, just give the ball back so we can finish our game.” She rolled her eyes.

“Of course, Emma.” You put on the fakest smile you could before tossing the ball at her, “accidentally” hitting her in the face.

The ball fell to the ground and the look on Emma’s face was hilarious. She looked so pissed off. Payback, bitch.

“Y/n, you’re gonna get it!” Emma yells, running to you and slapping you.

She shouldn’t have done that.

Your parents always said “don’t start a fight with anyone unless they hit you first. If they’re the first one to make a move, then you have our permission to send them back to whatever hell they came from.”

“You don’t know what you just started.” Was all you said before pushing her to the ground.

Emma grabbed you, pulling you to the ground with her, sending punches and kicks your way.

“Let go of me!” You tell her as she grabbed a fist full of your hair.

“Bitch!” Emma yelled, not letting go.

You two fought. You were at an advance, getting on top of her and trying to get her to stop hitting you. You’re pretty sure she even tried to bite you.

“Calm down, crazy.” You said, hitting her after she had hit you.

By now, a crowd had gathered around the two of you, enjoying the “entertainment”.

“Y/n!” You heard someone call.

You held down Emma’s arms and turned your head to see who the person was.

Taehyung. Of course, it was Taehyung.

Your eyes widened and you lost your train of thought for a second. What were you doing again?

Oh right, fighting.

Just as you were about to turn back to face Emma, who was still underneath you, she freed her arm from your grasp and punched you, in the face.

You yelled, letting go of her and holding your nose, which was now bleeding.

You held your nose with one hand, and almost punched her with the other, but then you were pulled away by someone.

“Y/n, stop!” You hear your brother yell as he pulled you away from the girl. “The fuck is wrong with you?” Jin asked, turning to Emma, who was being checked on by her friends.

Jin turned you around to face him and his eyes widened. “Jesus Christ, y/n. Why are you always getting yourself in trouble?” He asked, taking a tissue out of his book bag and handing it to you.

“She started it.” You said, placing the tissue on your nose.

Taehyung stood beside Jin, watching you. “Y/n, are you okay? Does it hurt?” He asks.

“I’m fine. Don’t worry.”

“Good. Even though you’re bleeding, you still beat her ass.” Taehyung says, putting his fist out for you to bump it with your fist. “She deserved everything she got.”

You smiled and put your fist out when Jin pushed your hand away and sighed. “Taehyung! Stop encouraging her!” Jin hit Taehyung on the back of his head.

Taehyung just laughed and looked at you, winking.

You tried to hold back your blushing. He had such an impact on you. How could he make you blush in just a matter of seconds?

“Y/n, I️ think you need a big ice pack. Your whole face is turning red. And—gross! I think your nose is throbbing!” Your brother tells you.

Your nose wasn’t the only thing throbbing, but also your heart. Maybe you needed a big ice pack for your heart too.


“So your making dinner tonight?” You asked your brother as you two walked down the hallways of your high school.

“Yep. Mom put me in charge of making dinner. I️ know I️ won’t disappoint.” Your brother smiles, feeling a little too confident in himself.

You laughed. “You better not.”

“I️ won’t. You know how well I️ cook. You love it when I️ cook.”

“You’re cooking?” You hear a voice.


He approached the two of you and began walking with you.

“Yeah. Y/n, tell Tae how good of a cook I️ am.” Jin says.

“He—Jin—he makes—y-yeah. He’s a good cook.” You stuttered, mentally facepalming yourself.

“Aw yeah! I’m definitely coming over tonight.” Tae announced as you three approached your locker.

Looking at your locker, you saw that there was a piece of paper on it. Written on the piece of paper, in big red letters: “you got beat up by Emma. Guess you’re not so tough after all?”

Your jaw dropped and Jin and Taehyung read the paper also, wanting to know what had you so shocked.

People who passed by your locker saw the note and laughed. They laughed at you.

Your brother ripped the note off of your locker. “Who the hell wrote this?” He asked, yelling in the hallway. No one answered. Who would? “Who did it?”

“Jin. Just forget it.” You sighed, taking the note from his hands and crumpling it up. You placed it in the nearby trash can and opened your locker.

As soon as you opened your locker, another note caught your eye.

“You’re weak. Y/n y/l/n is weak. Emma beat you up.”

“What the fuck.” Jin says. “Who the fuck is doing this?”

You just grabbed the note and threw it in the trash, just like you had done with the other one.

You got your books and closed your locker, turning to face the two boys that stood in front of you.

“Is that y/n?” You hear some girl ask her friend. The girl stood on the other side of the hallway. “I’m surprised she came to school today. I️ would be embarrassed to show my face in school if I️ got beat up by Emma.”

“I️ know right.” The girl’s friend replied. “I️ would call it bravery, but let’s be honest, y/n is a coward.”

“I️ heard she started yelling at Emma and then hit her. That’s why Emma started fighting her. Well, she got beat up. It serves her right for hitting Emma first.”

You felt tears build up in your eyes. Why were they talking about you so openly like this?

You quickly wiped your eyes, hoping no one would see.

“Y/n…” Your brother trailed off. As he was about to speak again, the bell rung, signaling that class was starting soon.

“I️ have to get to class. I’ll see you later, okay?”

You rushed to your class, not waiting for your brother or his friend to say anything else.

You were so embarrassed.


“Y/n.” You hear someone call. You were walking in the hallway in between classes because you had to get something from your locker.

You turned to see who the voice was coming from. It was a girl. Her name was Melanie. She wasn’t a friend of yours, mainly because the way she treated people was terrible. You always decided to just stay away from her.

“I️ can’t really talk right now. I️ have to hurry and get back to class.” You say, reaching your locker.

“I’ll make it short then.” She says, catching up to you. Melanie stood in front of you. She was taller than you, so she towered above you, looking down at you.

“I️ heard from someone that you wanted to fight me. Is that true? Because we could fight right now if you really want to.” She says.

“What? I️ never said that.” You tell her.

“Are you sure? The person that told me this wouldn’t lie to me. I️ know that. Why won’t you just admit that you want to fight me? You scared?” Melanie asked.

“No. I️ don’t want to fight you. Look, I️ really need to get back to—”

Before you could finish your sentence, you felt a sharp smack on your left cheek.

“What the hell?” You asked.

“That’s for telling people you want to fight me. You act so tough with other people, but your not so tough now, are you?” She asks.

You put your hand on your cheek. “I️ never said I️ wanted to fight you. This is stupid.”

“So now you’re calling me stupid?”

“I️ didn’t say that.” You sighed. “Can you just leave? I️ need to get back to class.” You started to walk away, not bothering to get anything out of your locker anymore.

“Hey!” Melanie called after you. “Don’t walk away. I’m talking to you.” She says, grabbing a fistful of your shirt and slamming you against a nearby set of lockers.

“Let go of me.” You tell her.

“Or else what? What are you gonna do about it? Fight me?” She asks, laughing.

“Just leave me alone.” You say.

“What? You gonna cry? I️ heard that’s what you did when you fought Emma.” Melanie chuckles.

“I️ didn’t cry when I️ fought her. I’m not gonna cry now. Now let me go and leave me alone.” You tried to walk away again but Melanie slammed you against the lockers again. This time, you hit your head on one of the lockers.

You held your head in pain and yelled. You weren’t that loud, so you’re sure that no one in any classroom heard you.

“Let go of her!” You heard a voice shout. A familiar voice.

As if this day couldn’t get worse, Taehyung ran over to where Melanie had you pinned to a locker.

“Let her go, Melanie.” He says.

“Whatever.” Melanie rolled her eyes, letting go of you and walking away. “This isn’t over, y/n.” She called.

“Yes, it is over.” Tae said to her. Melanie stopped walking and turned to face the two of you.

“Wow, y/n. You need someone to stand up for you? Is it because you’re too weak to stand up for yourself? How pathetic. I️ thought you were better than that, y/n.” She laughed before waking away saying, “wait til’ the rest of the school hears about this.”

Taehyung turned to face you. He saw you holding your head and moved closer to you, inspecting your head. He must’ve seen nothing there because you just looked back at you, sighing.

“Y/n, are you okay?” He asks, looking you in your eyes.

“Why did you do that?” You asked. “Why did you come over here?”

“She was hurting you.” He says.

“You made it worse. Now she’s just gonna tell the whole school that I’m too much of a loser to stand up for myself.” You tell him.

“How were you even supposed to stand up for yourself if she had you pinned against a locker?” Tae asked. “It doesn’t matter. You shouldn’t have come.” You sighed.

“Y/n. She was hurting you. What was I️ supposed to do? Just stand there and watch you get hurt?”

“Why do you care? Why can you just leave it alone, Taehyung?”

“Because I️ don’t like to see you like this. People are picking on you, and you’re letting them. You’ve changed, y/n. Ever since you got into that fight with Emma. People are calling you weak and you’re starting to believe them.” He explained.

“Maybe I️ am weak. Maybe everything they say about me is true.” You said, looking down at the floor.

“Are you stupid? Y/n, you’re not weak. You’re one of the strongest girls I️ know.”

“You’re just saying that because you don’t want me to feel bad.”

“No. I’m saying it because it’s true.” He says. “I️ need you to stop letting people walk all over you. This isn’t you, y/n. The real you would curse someone out before they even try to bully you. The real y/n is not weak.”

You turned around, not wanting him to see you. You didn’t want him to see the tears that poured down your face right now.

“You’re not weak, y/n. I️ know you’re not. Your brother knows your not.”

“But the whole school thinks I️ am.” You wiped your tears with the sleeves of the shirt you wore.

“Since when do you care what the people in school think?” He asked.

He was right. You never cared about what the rest of the school thought until recently.

Taehyung was right. You are changing.

You tried to wipe the rest of your tears away but they kept coming.

“Y/n, look at me.” Tae says.

You shook your head. “I️ don’t want you to see me cry.”

“You think I️ care?” Tae asks, placing his hands on your shoulders and turning you around to face him.

Taehyung used both of this thumbs to wipe away your tears as he looked you in your eyes.

“I️ know who you are, y/n. I️ know you’re strong. You’re not weak, no matter what anyone says.” He says.

You just looked up at him, not knowing what to say.

“You know,” Tae starts, looking at the floor before looking back up at you. “even when you’re crying, you’re still so pretty.”

His words caught you off guard. Did he just—?

“I'm—what?” You asked.

Taehyung smiles at your cluelessness. “You’re pretty. Do I️ have to say it again? Because I️ will if I️ have to.”

You looked up at him, blinking several times just to make sure you weren’t dreaming.

“You’re so cute.” He smiles after seconds of you just looking up at him with doe eyes. “Come here.” He says, pulling you in for a hug. He hugged you tight. You didn’t know what to do. You wrapped your arms loosely around him, still shocked at what was happening.

“You think that I️ don’t know about your little crush on me, right?” He whispered in your ears.

You gasped, eyes widening and Taehyung chuckled.

“You know?” You asked, quietly.

“Yes I️ know.” He says, looking at you. “I’ve always known.” He smiles.

“So what now? You’re going to tease me forever for having a crush on you?” You ask.

Taehyung chuckles once again. “If people get teased for having crushes then I️ think I️ should get teased as well because I️ have this huge crush on the girl standing in front of me.”

Your eyes widened once again. “What?”

“You’re so adorable. How about we go get some ice cream or something after school? I’m sure Jin won’t mind.” Taehyung suggested.

You nodded, not trusting your voice to speak.

Taehyung smiles and placed a quick peck on your nose, sending butterflies down your stomach.

“Great! Then I’ll see you after last period.” He says, taking his hands off of you and starting to walk away, leaving you by the lockers, a shocked mess.

“Wait.” He says, stopping and turning back around. “I️ think I’m forgetting something.” He says, walking back towards you.

Before you could even process what was going on, soft lips had attached themselves to yours. Soft, warm lips. They felt amazing.

Taehyung pulled away and smiled.

“Okay. Now I’m ready to go back to class. See you later, babe.”

Tom Hiddleston Imagine - Personal Questions

Anonymous said:

TomHiddlestonXReader // they’re a new couple and they have a lot to learn about each other. One night, they play 20 questions (any question game rly) and Tom asks an innocent question that turns out to be very serious.

Warnings: Angst, mentions of depression and toxic relationships

Your P.O.V.

Me and my boyfriend, Tom were having a lazy night at his house. We had been on a few successful dates and he asked me to be his girlfriend. That was a couple weeks ago and luckily, I said yes because now we were here. We were both in our pajamas, mine were red and his were grey. It was almost perfect.

Tom was the first person to make me this happy. In such a short period of time, he grew to be one of the most important person in my life.

The flames were torturing the wood in the fireplace and it filled the fancy house with warmth. We were sat by the fireplace on some bean bags I found adorable. ‘’I hope you like cocoa’’ Tom smiled softly as he handed me a white mug with hot cocoa and whipped cream. ‘’Who wouldn’t?’’ I giggled happily as I grabbed it, taking the warm mug to my pink lips.

Tom sat down beside me and tasted his own drink. As I faced him, I saw a mustache of whipped cream above his lips. ‘’You’ve got..’’ I mumbled and placed my mug on the hardwood floor. Tom raised his eyebrow curiously as I leaned closer to him, my eyes glued to his mouth. Our relationship was still quite a pretty new thing so I was nervous yet intrigued around him. 

I wiped most of it away with my thumb. That’s when Tom realized what he had there and he smiled. I didn’t even notice he wasn’t holding his mug until he pulled me on his lap, making me squeal. ‘’Tom!’’ I almost screamed but then I started laughing. He gazed down at me so lovingly it caused my heart to flutter. ‘’What? Are you afraid of some cream?’’ He purred joyfully before bending down to kiss me. 

My heart jumped to my throat but I kissed him back, not caring much about the cream that spread on my face. My arms tangled behind his head and I played with his soft hair. Tom’s huge hands held onto my body carefully as our lips were crashing so softly. My entire body was tingling from excitement as we devoured each other’s mouths.

We parted and for a moment, we just looked at each other so happily. I was the one to break our little moment as I crawled back to my seat so I could grab my drink. ‘’You’ve got something up there’’ Tom teased me innocently and tapped his own upper lip. ‘’Ha ha ha’’ I tried to reply sarcastically but I couldn’t hold back the actual laugh. Then I wiped the cream off and licked it off my finger, not feeling bothered to get up to wash my hands.

‘‘So what did you have in mind?’‘ I asked my boyfriend as I remembered his text message. He had wanted me to come over because he found some cards. I had no idea what kind of cards. My question made his eyes widen as he probably remembered. ‘‘Oh- that. Wait a second’‘ He excused himself and got up. I followed his moves with my eyes, smiling like a dummy. Tom walked to the bookshelf and he grabbed a green box. Then he returned next to me.

‘‘I’m not sure what this is called but this is really simple. It’s a pack of cards, each with a few questions and we ask each other them. I thought it would be a fun way to get to know each other better’‘ Tom admitted sweetly which just melted my heart. ‘‘It sounds like a lot of fun’‘ I let him know. 

‘‘Good, women first’‘ He nodded as he handed me half of the pack. I grabbed the new, slippery cards and smiled, then looking down. The first card had three questions. ‘‘A, B or C?’‘ I asked Tom and eyed the questions. They were all quite different. ‘‘B’‘ He replied quickly and sounded ready for this.

‘‘Do you believe in ghosts?’‘ I read out the question and immediately thought of him in one of his movies, Crimson Peak. ‘‘Oh’‘ Tom chuckled, probably thinking the same as me. ‘‘A little, yeah. You never know’‘ He answered honestly. Just listening to his raspy voice filled me with joy. I was still unable to believe I was lucky enough to meet him let alone go on a date!

‘‘Okay, A, B or C?’‘ Tom asked me and I noticed that his smile faded at one question. ‘‘A’‘ I made my decision and then waited, growing nervous for some reason. ‘‘Have you got any scars?’‘ Tom read it out rather innocently. For me, the question felt like a weigh that was just thrown onto my face.

My chest felt tight and my brain was yelling at me that this was it, he knew. I even felt guilty so I had to look away from him. Unexpectedly, all the darkness knocked on the door and tried to come back to me. All the darkness I had fought so hard against for years, hoping I could forget. 

‘‘Y/N, are you alright?’‘ Tom noticed that I didn’t answer. He put the cards away and tried to touch my arm. I pulled myself away from him although I didn’t really want to. ‘‘I’m sorry’‘ I whispered, feeling ill as my stomach twisted in some mad knots. I stood up and hugged myself, trying to calm down. Tom didn’t just sit and stare. He got up as well and grabbed my shoulders gently. 

‘‘Y/N, what are you sorry about?’‘ He whispered softly, evidently concerned about me. By now, tears stung my eyes. Great! Just great. ‘‘For not t-telling you..and now I’ve r-ruined this night’‘ I stuttered and my body was trembling. ‘‘No no no, you haven’t ruined anything’‘ He was quick to assure me that. Then he wrapped his strong arms around me safely, pulling me close to his chest. 

His scent made me feel a little better but I couldn’t fight the warm tears that rolled down my face, some soaking into his grey T-shirt. For a moment, I felt lost. My mouth wasn’t moving and I was just crying. Damn, I could barely stand. Tom rubbed his hands up and down my back and he whispered sweet nothings to me, assuring me it was alright.

Then after a few minutes, I gathered enough courage to speak. A few tears stayed on my skin, cooling down there before falling down. ‘’A few years ago..’’ I started but the overwhelming pain crashed over me. Tom wasn’t dumb. He knew that this was serious and it could take a while. So he helped me down so I could sit on his lap and he could still hold me.

‘‘A few years ago I was in a really toxic relationship’‘ I spat the words out of my mouth, feeling both relieved and bad at the same time. Tom’s body tensed as I said that sentence and I couldn’t help but to face him. His eyes were full of concern and he seemed shocked, even sad. 

‘‘My boyfriend at the time was..how could I say this.. he was horrible’‘ I tried to put it into words but it was hard. I hadn’t told many people about this, so far only the police, a few doctors, a psychologist and one friend who I didn’t speak to anymore. I was afraid my past would ruin my future. ‘‘He took his anger out on me’‘ I whispered and then closed my eyes, gulping as the memory played in front of my eyes.

Tom held me tighter and I could hear his heartbeat as my head rested against his chest. It grew faster. ‘’I’m so sorry, Y/N’’ Tom cooed with a broken voice. I faced my boyfriend who had glossy, reddened eyes and a few silent tears on his cheeks. Seeing him like this hurt my heart and soul, especially because I felt like it was my fault.

I raised my hand so I could cup his face, wiping a tear away with my thumb. ‘’It ended in a bad way’’ I continued, thinking I should tell him everything now so I wouldn’t have to do it later. ‘’H-he..he lost a bet against some guy he owed money to. As he came home, there wasn’t food on the table because I had a high fewer’’ I took a break, catching my breath before I would burst out to new tears.

The memories were painful just to think about. I stared at the floor and gathered enough strength to finish the story of my past. My body was still trembling like a leaf and I felt cold. My head was aching from the tears and probably as I thought about the night that had changed so many things.

‘‘He really took it out on me. It was..I can’t even describe how scared I was. He beat me so bad I thought I would die. In fact, i-if our neighbour wouldn’t have heard my cries for help, I would’ve died. The police stopped him just in time’‘ I allowed Tom to hear the nightmares I had lived through. His pretty eyes were wide open from shock and his rosy lips were parted. 

It’s like he couldn’t believe it. ‘’Y/N’’ He whispered my name but he didn’t say anything. I watched as he looked at my body, tears gathering in the corners of his eyes once again. I sniffled and then pulled up my shirt, pushing down the pajama pants so he could see my hip. It was a nasty scar from the knife wound my ex gave me.

‘‘There, that’s..that’s one of the scars’‘ I whispered, answering his question. Tom touched my scar very gently, almost like he was afraid he’d hurt me. As his long finger touched the scarred skin, he inhaled a sharp breath. One of his hot tears landed on my stomach but I didn’t mind. This moment was pretty intense and emotional. I had told him about my horrible past but it felt okay. I trusted him enough with my secrets.

‘‘I’m so so so sorry you had to go through that’‘ Tom suddenly spoke up. I just nodded, too overwhelmed to form proper words. ‘‘It’s not right..no, it’s so wrong. How could anyone lay a hand on you? You’re too sweet, too beautiful..too perfect for such cruel actions’‘ Tom continued and I could tell this messed with his mind a little bit.

Then he wrapped his arms around me once again, letting his tears flow down his face as I cried again. My chest felt heavy as I sobbed against him, holding onto his shirt for dear life. 

We stayed like that for a while until we slowly calmed down. I played with my hands as Tom held me ever so softly, his left hand on my hip as he traced soft patterns on my skin. He looked genuinely hurt as I looked at his face. Every once in a while, he shook his head, almost in disbelief. It was a lot to process for him. I couldn’t blame him. I just told him that I had almost died once by the hands of my ex.

‘‘I won’t ever lay my hands on you, never ever. I wish you can trust me, okay? I’ll be there for you even in times of doubt’‘ He broke the silence between us. Something about his words made my heart beat faster and I cracked a smile although I was fighting against my tears. ‘‘I trust you’‘ I whispered quietly but loud enough for him to hear.

Tom leaned down to place a kiss on my head, giving me a sense of safety. I truly did trust this man.

By the Dim and Flaring Lamps: Part One, Chapter Four

Previous: One | Two | Three

JULY 4, 1863

When Mulder wakes, late on the morning of July the fourth, the first thing that he sees, when he rolls over, is Private Scully, curled tightly into a ball on the ground, less than a foot away from him. He’s momentarily confused- Scully hadn’t been in his tent when he’d gone to sleep last night- but then there’s a fuzzy memory, suddenly, of Scully coming in sometime in the middle of the night, his face ashen and his hands shaking, and asking Mulder (who hadn’t even woken up fully) whether he might sleep in here with him. Mulder had agreed readily, and had gone back to sleep at once.

Now, watching the slight, red-haired man sleep, curled in on himself as though in protection from the world around him, Mulder is reminded just how young his friend really is. No one has had a spare minute, over the past three or four days, to sit in front of a mirror and shave, and yet, Scully’s face is perfectly smooth, not a shadow of stubble on his pale freckled skin. He could, Mulder realizes with a start, be as young as thirteen or fourteen.

Most of the time, Mulder gives little thought to figuring out just how young Scully truly is, mainly because he always seems so mature and capable- more so, frequently, than most of the much older men under Mulder’s command. But after the past few days… after the ferocity of the fighting on Little Round Top, after the bloody slaughter that they had witnessed together from the branches of the oak tree above Cemetery Ridge, and especially after the hour following last night’s dinner that Scully had spent copying the late Private Halsey’s final letter to his family onto a fresh, blood-free piece of paper… Mulder wonders if maybe the best thing that he could do for his friend would be to blow the whistle on him, to have him sent home… or, at the very least, placed in the fife and drum corps.

He knows that he probably should… but, selfishly, shamefully, he doesn’t want to. And not just because Scully’s shooting is invaluable in a fight, either. Everything just seems to be so much more tolerable when he’s got Scully around to talk to, to laugh with, to share a comfortable silence with, and Mulder, ashamed as he is to admit it, is loath to give up his sole source of happiness and comfort.

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Who Are You? - Part 2

The story continues! This one is a little longer than the previous chapter. I decided to name the first person character. Hope that doesn’t throw any of you out of the story. Would love feedback/criticism.  

Warnings: girl is in the hospital because she was drugged, some swearing.

Click here to read Part 1.

I was sitting in the waiting room 7 hours later. I had rushed Gen to the Emergency Room, knowing that she would be mad when she woke up, but I knew how important it was to go get medical help before it was too late. The staff had been taking care of her since we arrived. They told me 2 hours ago that she was doing well, but they also said that they were going to pump her stomach.

I anxiously picked at the skin around my thumbnail. It had begun bleeding about 3 hours in, and I was just making it worse. I couldn’t help how anxious I felt. I had hated hospitals since I was a kid and had seen my grandmother slip away in one. She had been my rock and the only real family member I had ever had. My mother was still around, but she was either at work or off somewhere drinking herself into a stupor. I had been fending for myself since my grandmother Esther left me.

I hated the smell of this place more than anything - mint Tic Tacs and sadness was the best description. I glanced around at the sparse décor. The drab colors and uncomfortable chairs didn’t add to my comfort.

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Time of Arrival // Steve Harrington

Summary: It was a huge shock when you traveled from the summer of 1981 to summer of 2008. With the help of your nephews, who are now older than you, you adapt to the new life. The next four eyes you integrate in the hunting before four years later you’re sent back with Sam and Dean to kill a monster to 1984.

Characters: Steve Harrington x Winchester!Reader, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Mike Wheeler, Dustin Henderson, Lucas Sinclair, Will Byers, Castiel (mentioned), Nancy Wheeler (mentioned), and Jonathan Byers (mentioned)

Words: 2963

Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural or Stranger Things or the characters involved. I only own the Reader’s backstory and plot. I also do not own images or gifs that may appear in this either.

Warnings: Swearing, monster decapitation, death, mention of Barb, fluff, and angst

Author: Caitsy

A/N: I’ve changed the years that Samuel and Deanna Campbell died, when Henry Winchester MAY have died. I changed where the Winchesters initially lived before moving to Lawrence.

Master List

Prompt List


Originally posted by harryandthecambridges

As a Winchester you were accustomed to a lot of weird situations including an angel you had deemed the nicest one you had run into during your almost twenty years. Being sent back in time to Hawkins, Indiana was bittersweet given that you actually originally travelled from the early 80s to the mid 2000s just after your brother died.

In 1981 when you were sixteen years old and living in Hawkins with your parents, brother and his wife you ran into trouble. First off John and you had a ten year age difference which should have given you a hint that you were half siblings. John’s father Henry was killed in the future as Azazel leaving John to think he was abandoned and then your mother remarried in 1963 when she got pregnant.

You grew up knowing about the supernatural when you stumbled into your brother’s father-in-law exorcising a demon and his wife decapitating a vampire. He took you under his wing to teach you the ways of being a hunter that Mary didn’t want to be a part of. You spent two consecutive summers staying with them using the surrogate father excuse with your mom. Your Dad was a piece of shit when it came to parenting.

The summer of 1981 you had plans to meet Nancy Wheeler at her place for her small sweet sixteen that her parents had invited you to. You never made it to the party, you remember hearing wings flapping before it went white and you woke up in the back of the impala with Dean and Sam upfront. Of course nobody stopped looking for you until they found Samuel Campbell’s dead body and the urgency shifted to finding the murderer.

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Switching roles (Patrick Hockstetter imagine)

► Summary: Patrick always has the lead when it comes to sex but this time he wakes up to a little surprise.

(You can find more of my stories on my MASTERLIST)

► Pair: Patrick Hockstetter x reader

► Warnings: SMUT, like very NSWF, unprotected sex, swearing.

Author’s notes: I’m so happy with how this imagine came out and I really hope you like it! As I always say, sorry for any grammar or spelling mistake, english is not my first language.

► Taglist: @makotta @that-one-emo-kid@screechingwanton@sittingwithlucifer @mr-zippy@dannibarnesflair@pennywisetheslut@mrshockstetter@sighlilyc@angeli-fucking-cat @baileystorm17 @itwasmathilda@everheart2121@schneewittchen00  (Patrick Hockstetter imagines taglist is still open! If you want to get tagged on the next ones let me know!)

Feel free to contact me HERE or send me a message with anything you need!

Constructive criticism is always welcome

Patrick was laying on your bed, peacefully sleeping while you were doing your homework, the same he should be doing but of course he didn’t care at all.
At first he had tried to persuade you on doing things far more interesting than your literature homework such as study our own anatomies as he had said but you were as stubborn as he was sometimes and besides literature was your favorite subject.
He had growled in a defeated way when he threw his body onto your mattress but he remained silent, letting you work because as soon as you finished the true fun could begin.

Books now closed and the reading lamp off. You turned still sitting on your desk wheelchair to see your boyfriend sleeping and occupying your whole bed. A playful and lustful smirk appeared on your face as soon as the idea hit you.
Sex with Patrick was great, like really great, but there was something you always wanted to try and he had never let you, at least completely; being on control.
When you tried to take control over the situation he always made you know that it wasn’t going to happen, or maybe he’ll let you be the one calling the shots for a short while so when he was leading again he could see your pouting and frustrated face, which he happened to love.
Patrick was a heavy sleeper and you knew that so why not take advantage from it?

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Storm Before The Calm

Smoke And Fire Part 2

Summary: Noelle Harrington is done with Billy’s bullshit.

Author’s Note: This would of been posted sooner but I hated what I originally wrote so I scrapped it and rewrote it! I listened to Halsey(Sorry, Bad At Love, Colors), TSwift(The Red album), the Wicked soundtrack and Aly and Aj(Potential Breakup Song, Take Me) while writing this. Thanks for the positive response from part one! Part 3 will come after the weekend when I get a day off from work! I am taking requests if you want to shoot me a message! 


[Part 1] [part 3]

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|The Boy & The Wolf|

|Warning: Contains sexual content|

Wolves were Liam’s favorite animals since he was 5 years old. Maybe because he thought that they were huge dogs that he can play with. That fact simply amused his parents. Liam was hypnotized by their delightful fur, he soon found out that he couldn’t stop staring at photos of wolves. At the time, his dream was to have a wolf has a pet. Yeah, now that he was thinking about it, he felt pretty stupid. But hey, the teen couldn’t blame himself, he was a child at the time.

But that dream wasn’t impossible.

When he was 5 years old, Liam had a wolf as a best friend. He just found it in the wood, happily playing with his tail, trying to catch it with his teeth. Liam froze, his heart nearly stopping while he was watching the stunning canine. Then the wolf stopped playing and slowly turned around, sniffing the air. Little Liam took a step back, hoping to do go back home quietly. He whimpered when he stepped on a branch, the sound indicating where he was. The wolf raised his ears and started growling lightly in Liam’s direction.

Liam could feel the familiar burn of tears at the corner of his eyes. He closed his eyes, currently frozen in fear. His heartbeat was going crazy inside his chest and he was starting to shiver in terror.

His parents told him that wolves where dangerous, he actually never thought that he would encounter one while playing outside his house. But once again his curiosity got the most of him and followed his guts.

He jolted when he felt a muzzle under his fingers, softly caressing him. He slowly open his eyes and gasped at the wolf that was shuffling between his legs, asking to be pat.

It looked into Liam’s eyes, sitting on the ground and tilted his head slightly.

In a trance, Liam sat down on the ground and slowly raised his hand in the wolf’s direction, asking for permission to pet him. The canine sniffed his fingers then started walking slowly towards the boy. Liam looked into the wolf’s eyes. They were so magnificent, he forgot to breathe. His blue orbs couldn’t help but stare at them. The wolf’s eyes were a deep green and became yellow- almost gold- in the center. Its eyes looked like emeralds, he couldn’t stop staring. When his fingers came in contact with soft fur, Liam let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. Little Liam giggled when the wolf purred under his hand. The canine rubbed his furry head under Liam’s arm, leaning besides him in a happy sigh. He giggled once more, realizing that the wolf wanted to be his friend. Even as a kid, he felt an attraction to the wolf. It was like a magnet. He was incredibly hypnotized by his beautiful grey and brown fur, his emerald eyes and the lively twinkle in his pupils that looked almost human. The next day, Liam woke up and saw a strange pattern on his arm. It was subtle, but he could see it. It was a moon. Since the strange tattoo appeared on his arm, he felt something inside him.

They grew inseparable over the years. They played with each other, walked together in the forest and cuddled when the cold weather came. They were best friends.

Then one day out of the blue, his parents announced him they have to move out. He would be away from his best friend.

That broke him inside.

When he went in the forest, the wolf wasn’t there waiting for him.

Liam’s heart nearly stopped when he felt that familiar tingle in his chest as he was leaving Beacon Hills High School. He let his gaze wander around him, his heart beating rapidly. He could feel his arm pulsing. It’s been so long since he felt that overwhelming sensation in his whole body.

It turned out that his guts told him to go in the forest behind his house. Perfectly creepy, Liam thought.

At each step he took, he felt his heart beating faster. His body was pulsating with need along with his tattoo on his arm.

Liam stopped walking. He felt something staring at his back. He slowly turned around. His gaze landed on a familiar figure.

His friend.

His huge friend. That wolf was fucking huge. He instantly recognized that grey and brown fur and these beautiful emerald eyes.

Liam walked towards the canine. He dropped to his knees and extended his arms. The wolf ran towards him, jumping happily on Liam. Liam putted his arms around the wolf, his eyes watering.

“I missed you.” Liam murmured after a while.

The wolf licked his cheeks in response.

He smiled when he saw the same tattoo on one of the wolf’s back leg.

“So we’re connected for real, huh?” Liam said in a smile. The canine shook his tail, looking at him. The wolf pulled back, walking slowly away from him. Liam raised his eyebrows in surprise. The wolf sat down, staring into Liam’s eyes.

“You want to show me something?” He asked to the wolf. His friend nodded, shaking his tail.

Then the impossible happened. He shifted. Liam watched in awe his wolf friend turn into a human. He wouldn’t lie, the boy in front of him was quite handsome. Liam hid his face with his hands when he realized the other boy was naked.

“What the fuck?” Liam said, his face reddening.

“That’s the first you say to me?” The boy replied, amused.

“Dude, you’re literally a wolf that shifted into a human. I think everyone would have that reaction.” Liam said, rolling his eyes.

“You have a point.” The boy said, shrugging in response.

Liam peaked through his fingers and closed his eyes when he saw that he was still naked.

“Put some clothes on!”

“Huh, I can’t. I left them in my truck.” The boy answered.

“You’re an idiot.” Liam said in annoyance.

“Huh, you’re the one that followed me in the woods.” The boy replied in a chuckle. Liam ignored the backflip his heart made at the sound.

Liam gulped.

“So you’re?” Liam asked.

“I’m what?”

“What are you exactly ?”

“I’m a chimera.” The boy answered.

“What the fuck is that?”

“I’m part werewolf and part werecoyote.”

“I don’t believe you. These things don’t exist.”

“Then how can you explain that I can turn into a wolf?” The boy asked with a smirk.

“Touché.” Liam said in a sigh.

“What’s your name?” The boy said, breaking the silence.

“Liam. What’s yours?” Liam asked in return.


“Theo.” Liam repeated, the name rolling on his tongue like honey.

Theo walked to him, stepping in his personal space. He softly cupped his cheek with his palm, sighing in contentment. He caressed Liam’s skin with his thumb when he saw that Liam didn’t pushed him away.

“I was waiting for you. For so long.” He whispered softly, his breath ghosting on Liam’s flushed face.

“Me too.” Liam replied, closing his eyes. Their tattoos were pulsating together, like a heartbeat.

“I feel so drawn to you.” Liam breathed.

“We’re drawn to each other since that day.” Theo replied with a smile.

Liam nodded, taking Theo’s free hand in his.

“At the time, I never understood what that tattoo meant.” Liam whispered, glancing at Theo’s lips.

“Now I know for sure.” Theo gasped at Liam, his eyes twinkling in the moonlight.

“Yeah?” Theo said against Liam’s lips.

Liam nodded.

Theo brought their lips together, sighing against Liam’s mouth. Liam responded immediately, his lips moving along Theo’s.

Liam leaned on his bed with Theo on top of him, burying his fingers in Theo’s hair and slightly pulling at it. The other boy moaned in response. Liam kissed him, exploring Theo’s mouth with his tongue. The younger boy let his hands wander on Theo’s body, shivering with want. They started grinding against each other, a few groans and moans getting out of their mouths.

Theo looked into Liam’s eyes, panting slightly against him.

The chimera tugged on the human’s shirt, asking him to take it off. Liam happily complied. Theo unbuckled the other boy’s belt, throwing it across the room. The older boy unbuttoned Liam’s jeans, taking them off. He tore Liam’s boxers off, licking his lips in anticipation. Liam moaned when he felt his pulsating cock being released from his boxers.

“I’ve been waiting so long to finally see you again.” Liam whispered in Theo’s ear. Theo kissed him for a brief moment, then leaned down to lick the sweat off his abs. He moaned, arching his back at the sensation. When Theo’s lips came in contact with Liam’s cock, he leaned his head back on his pillow, shouting in pleasure. He tightly gripped the sheets with his hands, moaning loudly when Theo took him in his mouth. And damn, Theo had a creative tongue. While Theo was sucking him off, Liam was shamelessly letting whimpers, moans, shouts and groans coming out of his mouth. He was seeing stars. The younger boy bucked his hips, thrusting inside Theo’s mouth in pleasure. The chimera bobbed his head up and down, sending shivers down Liam’s spine.

In a shout, Liam came and Theo swallowed everything he could. He licked the tip of Liam’s dick, cleaning his cum and then licked his lips looking straight up at Liam while doing so. Liam gulped in response, looking at him. His eyes were blown with lust. Theo climbed on Liam’s body, pulling his lips into a heated kiss. Their hands explored every surface of each other’s body, sweat glistening between them. Theo bit Liam’s bottom lip, earning a groan from the other boy. The chimera licked Liam’s lips, his body melting against him.

“I need you.” Liam panted in the older boy’s mouth. Theo pulled the sweaty locks away from Liam’s forehead, leaving little kisses across his face.

Liam gripped Theo’s wrist and stared intensely into his eyes.

“Theo, please.”

I want you.

Theo traveled down Liam’s body, rubbing a little against him. The older boy spread Liam’s legs, caressing one thigh with his hand. Liam was nearly whimpering in impatience.

Liam widened his eyes in surprise as he felt Theo’s tongue penetrating his hole. As his tongue darted in and out, Liam wasn’t even controlling what was coming out of his mouth, Theo turned him into a puddle only with his tongue. His brain was swimming in pleasure. When he felt the absence of the chimera’s tongue inside him, he almost cried. Theo raised his head between Liam’s legs.

“Lube?” He simply asked.

“Bottom drawer” He replied between pants.

Theo stood up and searched for the bottle of lube. When he found it, he opened the cap and smeared the lubricant on his cock. Liam watched him, a moan coming out of his mouth.

Theo crawled on top of him, bringing their lips together in a messy kiss. They were shamelessly biting, licking, sucking and nibbling at each other. Liam never this aroused in his life.

“Oh my god.” Liam mumbled when Theo broke the kiss. Liam panting against his mouth, his body shivering with need and his mind swimming in ecstasy.

“I need you to relax, okay?” Theo softly said, looking into Liam’s gorgeous blue eyes.

He slowly nodded in response. His left hand was holding Liam’s hip and he used his right hand to line up his cock to Liam’s entrance. Theo looked into Liam’s eyes who finally nodded, his lips slightly parted. Theo pushed inside, groaning at the warmth enveloping him. Liam let out a whimper. Theo was so thick. It hurt, but it was totally worth it. Theo stopped pushing inside him and cupped Liam’s cheek.

“Are you okay?” Theo asked softly, pecking Liam’s lips.

Liam nodded.

“I just need… time.” Liam replied, closing his eyes.

Theo kissed his forehead in response. The younger boy breathed in. The sensation of being filled with Theo’s cock was actually pretty arousing. He moaned at the thought. Opening his eyes, Liam stared into Theo’s stunning eyes.

“Move.” Liam said in a breath.

The boy nodded, pushing further inside him. Liam closed his eyes and thrown his head back in a moan. Theo pulled out and slowly pushed inside once again, making Liam moan louder. This slow pace was a torture. He was taking everything in, savoring him. Liam was shamelessly moaning against Theo, who was slowly and delicately thrusting inside him with a groan. Liam was scratching Theo’s back with his nails at every thrust.

“Faster. Harder.” Liam moaned, panting against Theo’s mouth.

Then with his hands on the younger boy’s hips, Theo pulled Liam up against his chest. Liam crashed their lips together, moaning in his mouth at the change of Theo’s angle. The chimera started fucking inside him, the boy meeting his thrusts halfway. When Theo found his sweet spot, Liam shouted in pleasure in Theo’s ear. Liam fucked himself on Theo’s dick, sitting on his lap. Theo watched as Liam pleasured himself on his dick, his cock pulsating at the gorgeous sight. Theo gripped the boy’s hair and yanked their mouths together, melting inside his mouth. They explored each other’s mouth, their tongues dancing together.

They found their perfect rhythm, their bodies slamming against each other’s.

“Bite me. Make me yours, Theo.” Liam whispered into his ear.

Theo widened his eyes at him. Does he understand what that meant?

“Since I’m a kid, I knew that I was connected to you. Our marks are infinite proof of that.” Liam said, kissing Theo’s neck.

“Do you know what that means?” Theo softly asked as he stopped thrusting inside him. Liam whined at the lost.

“I’ve got a pretty good idea of what it means.”

“So do it. Do it.” Liam purred in his ear.

“You know that you won’t be…?” Theo started, but his lover stopped him.

“I won’t be human anymore. Yeah, I figured.” Liam said, interrupting him.

“I want it, Theo. Do it.” Liam said, staring into Theo’s eyes.

Theo closed his eyes and reopened them, his eyes glowing a deep shade of red.

Liam gasped at him in awe. The boy cupped Theo’s cheek in a happy sigh.

“God, you’re so breathtaking.” The teen said, amazed by his lover’s red eyes.

Theo opened his mouth, letting his growing fangs be seen by Liam.

“Do it.” Liam repeated, burying his face in Theo’s neck.

The chimera licked Liam’s neck before biting him. The teen thought that it would hurt, but it didn’t. He only felt pure pleasure burning through his veins. He moaned in Theo’s neck in pleasure.

Theo slowly started fucking into him again, Liam eagerly responding to him. They both drove each other to the edge, Theo came inside Liam while shouting his name. They stayed in their embrace, holding each other tight and they shared another kiss.

“Oh my god. You just fucked my brains out.” Liam said, panting against Theo’s shoulder.

“You were not so bad yourself.” Theo replied with a smirk.

In response, Liam squeezed his ass around Theo’s cock, earning one of the most sexiest groans from Theo.

Liam chuckled, pecking the chimera’s lips.

“I will take that as a compliment, cause you’re stuck with me now.” Liam said, pointing at the bite on his shoulder.

Theo smirked, admiring his work.

“You’re mine now.” Theo said in a deep voice. Liam shivered at his tone.

“Yours, forever and always.”

|The End|

To be loved, Chapter 3

TITLE: To be loved


AUTHOR: fanficshiddles

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine your mother (who you hate because she’s never been a great mother to you.) Brings home her new boyfriend, who so happens to be Loki. You can’t help but be jealous and have a huge crush on him…


To say I was shitting myself about Loki returning that evening was an understatement.

But to my relief, when he returned he acted like nothing had happened at all.

A week went by and there was nothing said. He wasn’t weird around me in any way at all. I was glad, but still confused. Then again, I thought perhaps he was just too embarrassed to speak about it.

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Roy: You’ll probably just file it away so you can use it against me later.
Georgina: Roy, come on. That’s something that you’d do.
Roy: I’m offended. I don’t do shit like that.
Georgina: Really? So why did you read my diary?

She can feel the familiar heat pulsing through her blood, her cheeks tingling with a mixture of anger and embarrassment. She digs her nails into her palm.

Roy: Simple. I read it because I don’t like people I’m close to keeping secrets from me. It annoys the crap out of me. I like to know everything. That’s just how I roll.
Georgina: Did it ever occur to you that it’s not your God given right to know everybody’s secrets? That people have a right to privacy?
Roy: No. 
Georgina: Unbelievable. Roy, your sense of entitlement is just…it’s mind-blowing.

Roy raises one shoulder in a shrug.

Roy: That’s the reason I didn’t tell Joël you were going to be at the barbecue. So I could find out once and for all by his reaction whether you two had done the deed. Poor Joël, he’s an open book. The second he saw you he started shitting bricks, wondering if Anita suspected anything. Even if she hadn’t initially, one look at his face would have told her. Man, he may as well have had a flashing neon light on his forehead. You better sleep with one eye open, Georgie. Just saying.

A smile skims across Roy’s face as he manoeuvres the Ferrari around a sharp bend. Georgina flicks her head back.

Georgina: You know, it’s kind of creepy, your obsession with Joël and me.
Roy: Don’t worry. Now I know the truth, I’m over it. I’ve already moved on. Probably can’t say the same for Anita, though-

Georgina looks at the gash on Roy’s face then quickly averts her eyes.  

Georgina: So. Tell me. The truth about your marriage.

Roy arches one eyebrow and gives a theatrically loud sigh .

Roy: Okay sis, you asked for it. But I hope your seat-belt’s on tight, because this is about to turn into one hell of a crazy ride.

crazyloststar  asked:

for the kiss prompts!! klance, 19! :D

Sorry this took so long, but here you go! I wouldn’t say it fits the prompt exactly, but distraction is definitely a key component in their kiss ;) This is loosely based on a scene from a rp I’m doing with @hunky-dory.

19. kisses meant to distract the other person from whatever they were intently doing

Lance grunted as he tripped and fell on his back for the third time within the last thirty minutes. With an average of once per ten minutes Lance figured that he was doing pretty well. At least it wasn’t twice, right?

It looked like Keith begged to differ. He was sitting on top of him, as usual, pinning Lance’s arms over his head with his trademarked frown. One would think he’d be grateful- not many had the privilege of straddling Lance multiple times a day. But all he did was roll his eyes when Lance winked at him.

“Why can’t you take our training seriously for once?”

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begin again | chapter one

 two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | masterpost | ao3 | playlist

It has been three years since Baz last set foot in in his hometown of Watford, with no plans to return. When a frantic phone call from his stepmother brings him back from university unexpectedly, Baz is forced to confront the events of his past, question his plans for the future, and finally resolve what has haunted him ever since he left Watford–and Simon–behind: do people really get second chances?

genre(s): angst+fluff+smut (in later chapters)

chapter length: 3163 words

triggers/warnings: none for this chapter

author’s note: a giant thank you to @cherryonsimon & @rainbowbaz for the beta/britpicking! full acknowledgments will be posted with the last chapter

The Isle of Mage is six kilometres long and six kilometres wide. It’s home to a mere 1,078 citizens who inhabit its three villages–Salisbury, Thistledown, and Watford. The island relies on tourism as its main source of income, and every year people flock here to see the various sights. There’s no shortage of those; everything from the natural tide pools on the rocky beaches to the castle that looms on top of the hill. It’s the type of idyllic place everyone fantasises about living in.

Everyone who isn’t me, of course.

I hate this place. I’d hated it then, and I hate it still. I hate how small everything is, how everyone seeks to know everyone else’s business. I hate the near constant stench of fish that never seems to go away–despite the fact that the fishery shut down close to a decade ago–and I hate all the fucking sheep.

I hate how everyone is content to stay here, to waste their lives in this mediocre village on this mediocre island where no one has ever actually accomplished anything noteworthy. At all. Ever. (If you don’t believe me, check the Wikipedia page.)

The thought of living here forever–of being stuck–had terrified me as a teenager. I’d always known I would leave when I could, that I had no future here. For most of secondary school all I focused on was getting out. I worked hard to stay at the top of my class, and had my eyes set on uni (any one, really, as long as it wasn’t here) as long as I can remember. It had been the perfect plan; I wasn’t attached enough to anyone on the island to miss them. Not enough to stay.

(Except maybe Simon.)

“I’m going to bed,” Daphne says once she turns off the car.

Her voice sounds remarkably different than it had when she rang me in a panic yesterday afternoon to let me know that she was at the hospital with my father, and that he’d had a heart attack. She hadn’t explicitly asked me to come, but the expectation was obvious. So I did. I came back, like I said I wouldn’t, to play the role of the dutiful son, standing by my father’s bedside and consoling my stepmother as she cried.

I nod to show I’ve heard her, but make no move to exit her SUV. I’m not ready to enter the house just yet. (Or at all, really.)

Eventually the lights inside shut off, and I crack my neck before I climb out, slamming the door harder than necessary. The empty space where my car used to sit makes me sadder than it should. I’d only had it for a short time, but it was long enough to grow attached.

The fact that my father sold it is old news—he wouldn’t allow me to take it to school unless I went to Oxford like he’d wanted. Which I didn’t. So I left it and he sold it. (Bastard.)

My gaze flicks to the right and a slow grin spreads across my face, because on the opposite side of the garage is my father’s most prized possession: his forest green Jaguar, kept in perfectly pristine condition, with the top down and the keys still in the ignition. Growing up I’d barely been allowed to look at it, never allowed to ride in it. Definitely never allowed to drive it.

Taking that car would be a spiteful, juvenile thing. Petty. Immature. Unnecessary.

I do it anyway.

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Thursday…Thanksgiving Day

Before the sun shone in the sky on Thanksgiving morning, a knock sounded on Rick’s bedroom door. Michonne was about to ignore it, when the knock came again.

Sighing, Michonne tried to sit up. That was a lot easier said than done because as soon as she starting moving out of Rick’s arms, his hold tightened and his eyes fluttered opened.

“Where are you going?” he asked in a voice husky from sleep.

“Jeffy’s knocking on the door again. I’m about to go hurt him. I’ll be back in a second.”

Rick kissed Michonne’s shoulder before loosening his hold. “Okay, I’ll keep the bed warm for you.”

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