i just had to be around to ruin it

My favorite thing about Victor Hugo is that the Notre Dame Cathedral was a huge eyesore on the verge of collapsing and was planned to be demolished but Victor Hugo was like “hey :( I like that building” and wrote The Hunchback of Notre Dame to save it. and it worked

In the book he described the cathedral in the state it was in but also in comparison to what it looked like in the 15th century before it got all fucked up in the French Revolution. His book got translated into a fuck ton of languages and was distributed all around Europe. Tourists who were fans of him would go to see it while in Paris and were appalled to see just how bad of shape it was in and it started to become stain on paris’ reputation.

So finally the king funded the Hella expensive restoration which I imagine was one really fucking gnarly project, the structure it’s self being the tip of the ice burg because of how many religious artifacts and statutes and junk that had been ruined.

So thanks Vicky that’s one hell of a beautiful tower.

Neil dogged Riko every step of the way, using his stick and body to ruin Riko’s shots and force him away from Andrew. They fought each other back and forth across the court, ducking and darting, sidestepping and lunging, nearly tripping each other up at every turn. Riko used every trick he had to get around Neil, but he couldn’t outrun Neil for long. The King’s Men - Nora Sakavic

Chloe/Queen Bee gets wind of the possibility that Ladybug might like Adrien
  • QueenBee: hey Chat, you've been around Ladybug when akumas went after Adrien right?
  • Chat: ...yeah... why?
  • QueenBee: did it seem like she might have a thing for him? She seemed to be quite distracted by him.
  • Chat: wait! what?
  • QueenBee: oh like you had a chance with her in the first place.
  • Volpina: she'd better not, my friend's got quite the interest in him and she'd be crushed if he got with ladybug
  • QueenBee: so is this "friend" just a sly way of talking about yourself or what because I'm not letting you ruin this for Ladybug, they'd be the best couple in all of Paris.
  • Chat: hold on! You really think she likes him?!
  • ----------------
  • One argument later
  • ----------------
  • Ladybug(late with pastries): what's up, who's ready for a patrol?...Ok I know I'm late but whys everyone so angry?

i want to smoke weed and watch pornography until i pass out, and i want to hallucinate neon rays of light and sparkles floating all around me in the air while the Drive Soundtrack is playing as i shove christmas cookies into my mouth wondering how its come to this… 

i wasted 5 years of my life running this blog, i ruined every relationship i’ve ever had, i think im addicted to cocaine, i’m not even going to talk to my family this christmas, im just going to blast electronic music and do drugs and watch porno then do more drugs and watch christmas movies and made for tv movies about christmas, theres this christmas movie with The Brady Bunch that I like, like the brady kids are adults and they all come home and then later the dad gets trapped in a mine or something, idk, i’ll watch that and eat junk food and wear my $200 sunglasses in the dark and indoors, have skype sex with this girl in Florida that wants me really badly, ejaculate all over myself, and wonder why i let myself become this monstrosity, this grotesque uncaring monster shell of a person that once had dreams of working in air conditioning repair and owning a solar panel installation business but has settled for working at a pizza hut express inside of a target and turned down every promotion offer to avoid taking on any responsibility that would hinder leisure time to do drugs and masturbate… idk, i wondered how i became this way, then i realized… 

i did it for the 90s. 

Helpless- Philip Hamilton X Reader

I walked down the street, clutching the Reynolds Pamphlet in my hands. I looked around, seeing that the street was littered with them and that almost everyone had one.

Alexander Hamilton had chosen to ruin his family and my mother just to save his name.

He had chosen to save his legacy rather than his wife and his children and I don’t know what that says about him as a person but it’s nothing good. I approached the house that I knew to be the Hamilton’s and I knocked, preparing myself for the door to not answer. They must’ve gotten a lot of visitors so it was obvious why they wouldn’t open the door.

Especially not to the daughter of the woman he was having an affair with.

The door swung open and I saw Philip, his eyes red but he smiled.

“Y/N. It’s good to see you.”

“Do you want to talk about it?” I whispered and he nodded. He exited the house, shutting the door quietly and he grabbed my hand and we walked to my home.

Nobody was home and that was probably for the best because I knew Philip would go off on my mother given the chance.

“How are you?” I asked him, knowing that it was a stupid question and he shook his head.

“I’m alright. My mom… she is devestated.”

“It’s okay if you aren’t alright… I know you are probably trying to be okay so you can be there for your mom.”

“I know I just…”

“Talk to me about it. Please.”

“He ruined my life!” Philip yelled angrily at me and I hugged him, knowing that it wasn’t me that he was angry at. It was his dad. He hugged me back as angry sobs racked his body.

“It is by no means okay what he did to you and your family… I mean he destroyed your lives.”

“He told the entire world how he cheated on my mom. He told the entire world how he had sex with this chick- your mother- in our house!”

“I know.”

“I hate him.” He sobbed and he continued crying on my shoulder, holding me tightly. “I mean he claims that he’ll be around for me and then nobody ever sees him because he’s always working.
When he isn’t he’s too busy having an affair to actually sleep in the same bed as my mom and he ends up missing practically all of my childhood over a stupid plan!” He screamed.

“How is your little sister taking it?”

“Angelica doesn’t understand how badly he screwed up but she understands that he did something bad. Speaking of which, Angelica- my mom’s sister is here as well.”

“All the way from London?”


“And he was selfish enough to think that she came here for him.”

“Guessing she didn’t take that so well.”

“Not at all. I should be getting back. My mom might need me.” He said and he pulled away from the hug and wiped his face.

“I understand. Please don’t do anything stupid.”

“I never do anything stupid.” He laughed although it sound empty. I stood up and walked him to the door, watching him depart down the street, watching his head turn at every single pamphlet that was littered.

Every single pamphlet that was published by Alexander Hamilton but for some reason still had my last name smeared across it.

3 years later.

“Philip what are you doing?” I cried, tears running down my face. He looked at me and sighed.

“Eacker talks about my father like that- I cannot let that slide.” He said stone faced.

“Don’t you dare do a thing. History will prove him wrong.” I begged him.

“They rake his name- my name through the mud. Strong words from George and someone should hold him to it.”

“He is not a maiden in need of defending! He is a grown man and if he has a problem with Eacker he can duel him himself.”

“You don’t even get it!”

“Get it? Your father destroyed my families name when he published that stupid pamphlet so I think that qualifies me to know what your name being dragged through the mud feels like.” I yelled back at him, hurt.

“Your mother is a seductress-”

“My dad called my mom a whore- your dad was the
one who decided to stay. He could’ve stopped at any time but he didn’t.”

“But he’s my family! And I can’t just let people talk shit about him!”

“If you try to fight everyone who has ever said something about your dad then you never stop fighting, where do you draw the line?”

“I should be going. The duel starts soon.” He said coldly.

“Don’t do this.”

“Do what? If I die you’re not gonna care.”

“Don’t you dare assume how I feel about you. I thought it was quite obvious my entire life how I felt but I suppose if you even thought for a second that I wasn’t gonna care than I was wrong.”

“How do you feel about me then?” He asked.

“You make me feel…”

Helpless. He was bleeding out and the wound was infected. I felt like I was intruding on his family and that I didn’t have any right to be here. And maybe I didn’t. I started sobbing and he grabbed my hand weakly.

“Y/N… I don’t have a dollar to my name, an acre a land, a troop to command or a dollop of fame… all I have is my honor… a tolerance for pain, a couple of college credits and my top notch brain… And I swear… the rest of my life I’ll never make you feel so…”

“Helpless. You make me feel helpless.” I told him, finding that the word fit.


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Summary: Christmas doesn’t go exactly as planned when a sudden run comes up… though that doesn’t mean you’ve had a bad ending to your favorite day of the year. In fact, it could have just made it better.

Pairings: Negan x Reader

Warnings: Smut, Oral

A/N: It’s Christmas smut! TIS THE SEASON MY CHILDREN

Word Count: Around 1,000

I sighed gently and glanced impatiently from the bathroom door to the clock. Negan had been in the shower for ages.  All I wanted to do was celebrate Christmas, at least a little bit.  A run came up unexpectedly, ruining my plans of trying to make Christmas as normal - or as close to it - as possible. I was obviously annoyed by that, sulking and pouting the whole way there - and frankly - the way back too.

Negan noticed, no doubt everyone did, and tried to make it up to me. Not arguing, not correcting me, not even being his normal dickish self.

Over and over I had repeated how much Christmas meant to me and how excited I was that it was coming around. How excited I was to finally be able to spend it with Negan.  Hearing the bathroom door open, I stood up with a grin. Clad in nothing but a pair of black boxers, just the sight of him caused goosebumps to rise on my skin. He raised a brow at me slightly, a small smile on his lips, “Why the robe? You cold?”

I grinned, pulled the ribbon that was keeping it closed apart slowly, “On the contrary… I’m actually quite hot.”

I shrugged the robe off my shoulders and watched Negan’s eyes as he hungrily took in the new outfit. I had found a red christmas present lingerie set while on one of our runs a while back. Who knew going to a deserted mall would come in handy?

“Well… well… well… I didn’t expect for you to give me a present. And such an amazing one, nonetheless.”

I smirked, leaning against the wall, tracing patterns into my lower belly, attracting his attention down there.

    “Well, aren’t you going to unwrap it? I can promise you that it’s much better unwrapped.”

He released a guttural growl as he stepped forward and let himself push me up against the wall, “Oh, I intend to unwrap it, don’t worry sweetheart.”

He skillfully slid off the lingerie from my body and let it pool on the ground. Wasting no time, he was on his knees in front of me. I felt my body react as he picked up my leg and dropped it on his shoulder.

He sucked and teased on me, providing soft kitten licks and rough ones with his tongue. He acted as if he had been starving forever, and I had just provided him with the nutrition he needed to keep going.

As if he had to do much more; I was practically cumming from the sight. Him on his knees, with his stubble between my legs, his eyes trailing over my body and locking with mine, add much more intensity to the moment. His hazel eyes bore into mine, me whimpering at every action he made, changing pressures and directions of his tongue, watching my reaction to each flick and lick. The feeling was overwhelming, knowing he had complete control over me, his head between my legs, pleasuring me. I moaned and writhed, calling his name I ran a hand through his hair, before tightening my grip as his ministrations caused sparks of heat to dart up my spine.

I used the grip that I had to steer him where I wanted; to push him closer to me. To use him for my own pleasure, knowing damn well that the ending to this day was going to be something to remember.

And Negan didn’t mind me using him like this.

If he did, he didn’t show it.

He purred, the action sending vibrations through my entire body, “Cum for me, baby girl. Cum for me.”

His voice in combination with his hands, his fingers, rubbing fast circles on my clit, I knew I was, and he knew it too. I could feel myself cumming, excitement and pleasure coiling in my belly as he rubbed faster with his fingers. It was his goal to make me scream his name as loud as I could, so that anyone in the compound could hear that I was his. And he succeeded, his fingers working as fast as they could as he grinned up at me, smirking at the sight before him. I screamed his name as I came, not caring who heard, knowing full and well that I was his and his alone, and any idiot who tried to change that would have a nice little chat with Negan and Lucille.

After the pleasure ceased and a warm feeling replaced it, I made to get down on my own knees in order to return the favor to him.

Negan stopped me, grabbing my wrist and standing up to his full height, “No.”

I cocked a brow, frowning slightly, “No?”

He nodded, “No. Today is only about you.”

“Even though I’m technically your present?”

He smirked, picking me up and carrying me the short distance to the bed before dropping me on it. “Last time I checked presents could be used multiple times. I’ve even heard that the second time you play with them is better than the first.”

I chuckled lightly, propping myself up on an elbow and watching as he crawled into bed besides me, with a small smile gracing my lips.

“I honestly have no idea how I got you.”

He grinned, pulling me closer to him, so my head was resting on his chest, “Maybe I was just a present.”

I snorted, snuggling into him, as the tired feeling finally registered fully in my brain, “Maybe. Either way, I’m one lucky bitch.”

He chuckled and kissed the top of my head lightly, “Merry Christmas, baby girl.”

“Merry Christmas, Negan.”

i think people see me as being hyperfocused on ford when theres a fluff comic/fic but like

i guess it’s because ford didnt have enough bonding time in the show as stan did

and imo after all this poor man has been through (probably has ptsd i swear) he needs it

like im not downplaying how rough stan had it, but being a con artist around the world just to keep a roof over your head seems a bit safer compared side to side to literally being separated from home through the versatile fabric of dimensions for 30 long years, doing nothing but running and living amongst creatures who you share no empathetic connections with and /running/ from the all-powerful being who betrayed your trust and ruined your life and knowing that the chances of seeing your own family, friends, and planet again are slim to none

and i just crave seeing ford in particular having conversations with his niblings, playing games, being reassured and comforted, being the warm go-to backseat pillow during long car rides on family trips, drawing some of mabel’s silly creative ideas in his realistic art style, having relaxing and deep late-night heart to hearts with dipper over the things in life that cause the both of them anxiety and trouble, exchanging stories from their pasts and how they came so closely bonded together because of similar experiences and giving firm hugs filled with empathy and understanding of how the other feels

i focus on it so much because there wasn’t enough of it in the show, under the circumstances of which he desperately needed it. i love stan bonding with the kids too but the entirety of season 1 and parts of season 2 are dedicated to just that, where ford only appeared for 9 or so episodes where he was under the pressure of an impending apocalypse on his shoulders. (the only episode that focused strictly on him bonding was ddamd which unfortunately was just…one episode)

i also find it easier to see him acting carefully with the kids. it’s part of his personality that i find so endearing and adorable, and i’m so sad that they didn’t get to utilize it to its potential.
ford is rugged but also very soft in some ways.

he seems and acts like a cold badass when doing serious work, but at his core, interacting with the kids he is a softie. stan seems to be more aggressive (though still in a loving way; remember dreamscaperers?), but ford is always genuinely kind whenever possible, and never tries to trick or lie to them even for laughs. he seems to be less childishly/deviously playful in that sense but it makes him seem like a sweet guy who wants nothing more but for his family to be protected. he will get strict if someone does something dangerously foolish (such as when dipper falls into his lab in ddamd), but although it may seem like it, it’s not aggressive anger; it’s really just disguised fear and concern over their safety.
i guess you could call ford the “mom” figure of the family. “did you remember to take your meds this morning mabel?” “did you break another pen in your mouth? let’s get that washed out; it must taste disgusting”

(seriously can i just. the way he says things, his tone. “I–I have a niece? …And nephew?” “Hahah. Thank you, kids. But please, call me ‘Ford’.” and the softness of which he said “now get yourself to bed; i have much research to do” as he smiled and affectionately ruffled dipper’s hat, ford kneeling to mabel and reassuring her that she has a good heart, “you protected your family… you’re a good person, mabel.”, and many more things he says show his soft side very well)

ford refrains from making practical jokes and would feel absolutely terrible if knew he said something that would’ve made his family genuinely hurt. he doesn’t poke fun at anyone either. i believe it’s because of how deeply rooted how bad it made him feel as a child to be mocked, even if it’s just playful mockery. (“I knew the author would be cool, but he’s better than I imagined! Plus he doesn’t make fun of me all the time the way you and Grunkle Stan do…”)

like with ford i see someone with a genuinely good and caring heart and i just. i wish there were more canon content with that being expressed in one way or another. i also strongly identify with ford which is what makes him such an important character to me. that’s why i’m so focused on more bonding with ford than stan. it’s nothing against stan it’s just there was so much ford potential we never got to see so i craft my own/discuss what couldve been with others

Maybe Later-Nate Maloley (Part 1)

It’s getting unhealthy.

This whole “smoke-weed-every-minute-of-the-day” thing. Like, in the beginning, it was fun because it was in moderation: not so often, maybe once or twice a week, but now, it’s getting out of hand. I love his friends with all my heart– they make him smile, they are funny, and just great people to be around (most of the time), but it’s kind of hard to get your boyfriend to slow down on the smoking, when his friends say something else. I grew up with my father being a smoker, of cigarettes, so I know approaching this situation with the person at harm is a very difficult task, but it has to be done in a timely manner. 

So, I had a plan. I began researching problems that smoking to much marijuana can cause– of course death is not on the list, but it can ruin other things, especially social skills, energy, memory, fatigue, budget, and productivity, which if I’m being honest, all have been very low recently. I’m not asking him to cut cold turkey, but to be aware of how much he is consuming. 

He wasn’t going to be home for awhile, so I decided to practice what I would say to him, for when he does come home. I placed myself in front of our body long mirror, and just began talking, and acting out how he would respond. I had to constantly remind myself that I have to stay calm, and not my emotions over power the situation at hand, because this isn’t about me, this is for him. After standing for around 15 mins rehearsing, I decided that if I was standing and he was sitting, there would eventually become a power struggle, so I decided that I’ll sit, and just show him we are level, that we are in this together, and hope he doesn’t feel, I think I’m better than him.  

I waited all night, and he never showed. Of course, I called everyone he could possibly be with to see if he was okay, but no one answered their phones. I had no earthly idea where he could have gone, because he never told me, so the best thing I could do was wait, and pray that he was safe.

When I woke up he still wasn’t home, but I decided to get myself ready for the day, and go look for him once I gained the energy. I shower and tried to remember if he gave me a hint as to where he could have went, but came up with nothing. I dried off, and changed into leggings, a slightly larger t-shirt, and Vans, and headed downstairs to make some breakfast. As I was eating, I heard a car pull into the drive way. I peaked around the corner, and saw the man of the hour walk through the door, looking a mess. 

“Hey! Thanks man, don’t be stupid!…Fuck you dude! Ha Ha!” He shouted from the door, at who ever was in the car. I continued eating, and decided to wait until he came to me. “Baby girl! Where are you?!” I just sat there, eating. “Oh! I found you!” He shouted excitedly. I smiled up at him, and looked bad down rubbing my hands on my leggings. “Nate we need to talk.”

I lead him to the couch, and he plopped down ready, but nervous, to hear what I have to say. “Nate, do you want to have kids some day? With me?” He eagerly nodded, “Hell yeah! Our kids would be the cutest things.” I smiled, and agreed. “Do you plan on smoking weed forever?” His smile faded, and looked extremely confused. “Well, forever is a long time, but this is something I enjoy so maybe yeah, I mean, it’s not killing me, so whats the harm.” He though out. I wasn’t expecting this response, so I was taken back. “Well, Nate…I can’t have children growing up around weed. I don’t think you want that either.” He laughed, dryly, and starred me dead in the eye, “Weed never killed anybody, hell, it heals people, so we would be doing our kids a service by putting them around something that will help them relax.” I shook my head, “Children do not need to relax, Nathan,” I said calmly,”…the need to learn, and I refuse to let my children grow up believing the best way to relieve stress, and get rid of their problems by inhaling smoke into their lungs.” He fully faced me, “But babe! It’s good smoke, it’s not meant to harm.” “NO!” I stopped myself, and breathed, “No…Nathan, there is no such thing as ‘good smoke’, in fact no smoke should be entering your body at anytime.” He abruptly stood, and shouted “This is my body, (Y/N)! Mine! Not yours! And if we have kids, then I guess I won’t be around, because I’m going to be smoking weed for the rest of my life! It means everything to me!” He was turning red from frustration. 

“So, you wouldn’t even slow down on the smoking for our relationship?” I asked. “If I was in a relationship, with a girl who wasn’t on my ass, about my health, instead of her own, then I might consider it!” I looked down, really hurt: this is what I get for trying to care and help people. “In fact, I have found a girl like that.” He said calmly. My head immediately shot up, and I looked him deep in his eyes. “What do you mean?” I slowly stood from my spot, crossing my arms. “Yeah. Her name is Ana, and she loves me just the way I am.” He stated. “Nate, I do love you, I just want you to love yourself as well.” “You aren’t my mom, (Y/N)! Hell even my mom doesn’t give shit about this– you are the only person in my life telling me to 'slow down’ and I don’t need that negativity in my life. Ana treats me like she actually loves me, and I think I love her too.” I shook my head, not believing the words that just came out of his mouth.

I decided that arguing with him is pointless, especially if he doesn’t feel the same about me anymore. I laid down on our bed, and just started thinking. I’m not going to sit around mopping because some man doesn’t realize what I am trying to do for him. It’s been a year, but maybe we just won’t work anymore. I few tears fell from my eyes, as I continued to think. If he really doesn’t care, then why should I. ‘Because you love him, or least you thought you did.’ I thought to myself. 

After sometime, I walked back down stairs, and found Nate sitting on the couch, eating something. “I decided that we should break up.” I stated confidently, looking down at him, noticing the fact that I was standing. He looked at me for a moment, and nodded, either because he doesn’t know what to say, or because he doesn’t care, and honestly, I couldn’t tell. I breathed out the breath I was holding, and headed to the door. 

“I’ll have someone come get my things. I hope you do well, Nathan.” I shut the door and headed to my car, only to drive off, with a million and 1 things running through my head, and non of those things being me paying attention to the road. 

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Omg omg OMG!!! So happy I found this blog, it's the best! So, how would US, UF, and UT skelebros bewhen their S/O who's been mute since birth somehow gets their voice back and the first thing they say is I love you in a really passionate way?

Undertale Papyrus:

He would stare at them dumbfounded for an uncomfortable amount of time. Then he’ll grab them and spin them twirl them around, while proudly and loudly declaring that he loves them as well.

Undertale Sans:

He just stares at them for a second, before laughing and telling them he loves them too. He’s super extra cuddly, cause he’s just so freakin’ happy. There’s practically nothing that could ruin this.

Underfell Papyrus:

He didn’t register it as them. He had no idea where that voice came from, and it’s only him and his mute S/O in room… When he realizes it was them he stares for a moment a red blush on his face. He of course knows they love and no he’s not stuttering.

Underfell Sans:

He’s staring too, a red blush slowly creeping onto his face and turning him into a sweaty tomato. He’s so embarrassed. It’s just the way they said it, and he’s now hidden in his hoodie. He loves them too by the way.

Underswap Papyrus:

He laughs loudly and declares that he loves them. He then proceeds to pull them down onto the couch for major cuddles. He just heard them speak for the first time ever, even a lazy bones can get excited for that.

Underswap Sans:

Happily squeels/screams(?) and hugs them so tightly, that can barely breath. He telling them how much he loves them too and he’s so happy they were actually able to say it to him and how nice their voice was. Also did he mention he was happy?

Imagine : you and tom have met many times at charity event - though this time tom leaves you a gift ( of a kind )

You were sat at the bar having a small cocktail after all you didn’t like many of the people here tonight , so you kept quiet at the bar . This was all ruined when you heard one of the few people you did like “ (y/n) I haven’t seen you for ages ” tom said as he leaned his back onto the bar and looked at you “ it had been long ” you said laughing lightly “ well are you going to give me a hug (y/n) or are you going to just sit there” You just nodded and jumped of your chair and hugged him . As you wrapped your hands around his neck you felt his muscular arms wrap around waist and pull you close “ you should come visit me at ’ the grand hotel ’ ” and that’s when you felt something dip into your pocket and then tom pulled away from you “ see you soon ” tom whispered as his lips curled into a smirk . After tom left you dipped your hand into your pocket only to pull a key out with a number ‘34’ on , turning the tag around it said ’ the grand hotel ’ . You would be seeing him soon then - you guessed , you looked into the crowd for a second to see tom wink at you before turning back to a few men . ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ if any of you have requested for images of tom Hiddleston, give me a message .

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All About Us- A James Potter Imagine

A/N: So I decided to go with this due to popular vote. This is a little imagine based off the song “All About Us” by He Is We. Just some James fluff because Lord knows I could always use more James in my life. Hope you enjoy!

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There was always something special about James Potter. It was more than just the certain charm he had, or the dashing smile he seemed to always be wearing. It was how he loved. He loved with his whole being, every ounce of him poured into his affections. It was how he made you feel. It was how he ruined you.

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sorry for how unorganized this is

please don’t fake DID… it’s not fun, its not quirky. its a daily thing i struggle with and have struggled with my whole life. im honestly tired of hearing this go around… im not saying that those who are self dxed are faking it… im talking about those who maybe saw a couple things on tumblr and believed that they had it and continued to construct a “system” from the little information they knew about it. 

i’ve had alters ruin friendships, relationships, and jobs. i don’t openly talk about this much because there are people that will hear about what i have and construct something based on the little information i gave. human nature is to adapt to those around you but some people are more “monkey see, monkey do”. faking an illness is not a good thing to do. it does so much harm to those who go through their life constantly battling it…

to those children just learning about all these mental illnesses, please seek resources other than tumblr and talk with your friends who have these illnesses… learn about them instead of making something quirky out of them

Knight (Fred Weasley x Reader)

Fred x reader!ravenclaw they know each other, have a couple of classes together, reader is also a chaser for the ravenclaws but they don’t really talk much. Although reader is a good friend of Hermione. The reader almost gets attacked by a angered hippogriff, Fred pushes her out of the way, lots of fluff


word count: like 800 or something idk

           “This is a hippogriff.” Hagrid announced as your group neared towards an area that was semi closed in. You looked around, eying the people who would probably ruin this experience for you. The twins were there, hopefully they wouldn’t be a huge distraction. Some other students were there too, but they looked just as interested in the hippogriff as you were. “I’m going to need a volunteer.”

           Nobody in the class raised their hands as he looked around. The twins were snickering behind you, talking about the latest quidditch match against your house, Ravenclaws. It had been a tied game, all thanks to you. “I think this seeker wants to go up.” Fred pointed towards you, and you shushed him quickly by turning around and glaring at him.

           “Okay, y/n! Let’s see what you can do!” Hagrid bellowed, motioning you towards him and towards the massive creature. You gulped and nodded, awkwardly setting your books down on the ground and slowly moving towards the dangerous animal. “He’s a nice fellow, come on down!”    

           “I don’t think this is a good idea.” You said honestly, taking ginger steps towards the creature. “Do you just want me to pet him?”  

           “Yes, very slowly.” Hargrid confirmed, watching as you slowly moved your hand out towards the hippogriffs neck. Time seemed to move slowly as you made eye contact with the creature, trying to calm yourself. Something happened along the way, because all the sudden you were being pushed to the ground and the hippogriff was charging past you.

           You coughed, looking up into the eyes of the man who pulled you aside and basically saved you. “Sorry about that.” He looked down at your dirty shirt, but all you could do was sigh with relief. His eyes locked with yours as he reached out his hand to help you up, which you gladly accepted. “Are you okay?”

           “I think so.” You murmured. You took a step, but a sharp pain in your left ankle caused you to grimace and fight the tears that threatened your eyes. “No, I think I messed up my ankle.”

           “Fred, take her to the medical wing.” Hagrid ordered, watching you with a guilty expression on his face because he, after all, did try to force you to pet the dangerous animal. “And George, you stay here and take notes for her. You two are the reason she’s in the bloody mess in the first place.”

           Fred grabbed your arm and wrapped it around his shoulder so he could help you limp out of the forest. It was an awkward and painful walk, as you two tried to make your way up to the castle. “I’m sorry for volunteering you.” Fred admitted, looking down at you with a guilty expression.

           “It’s fine, Fred. Thanks for pushing me out of the way.” You winced again as you tripped over another rock. “I’m not very good with animal- oh god.” You stopped talking and looked down at your ankle which was slowly swelling.

           “Are you okay?” Fred asked, watching as you slowly sat yourself down on the ground. Your head was spinning, and the pain in your ankle was making your dizzy and nauseous. “Y/N, come on.” Fred kneeled down next to you, staring at your ankle.

           “It really hurts.” You felt the tears pooling in your eyes.

           “No, no please don’t cry.” Fred whispered, hastily wiping your cheeks with his thumbs. “If you cry I’ll cry and I don’t like to see you cry, come on.”

           “I just need a minute.” You whispered, but soon enough you were being lifted in the air by a strong pair of arms. “Fred- I’m too heavy.”

           “You’re in pain, Y/N.” Fred clarified, adjusting you so you could wrap your arm around his neck. “I’m not weak, and you’re not heavy.”

           “I guess you’re my knight in shining armor.” You whispered, resting your head against his shoulder as he carried you. He nodded, smirking a little. You watched him with admiration as he easily carried you uphill into the castle, then all the way to the medical wing.

           He rested you on one of the beds, watching your ankle carefully as if not to hurt it. “There you go.” He smiled down at you, watching Madam Pomphrey run over and look at your ankle.

           “Don’t go.” You grabbed his hand, squeezing it with sincerity. “Will you stay with me?”

           “Of course.”  

Save Me - Part 2 - Chapter 29

“You don’t have to do that, I can meet you outside.” I said, not wanting him to have to stand in this little hallway waiting.

“Baby…go.” He said, there was no room for argument.

Nodding, “Okay.” I said with a smile, appreciating how he cared for me.

I quickly walked into the tiny bathroom and went right to the mirror. At least I didn’t look like a mess. Opening my purse and taking my compact out, I blotted my face as my mind wondered back to everything I had just experienced. Once again, another first for me.

Jared had picked a good time to do all of that since it was the tail end of the night for most people in the restaurant. As our dinner was just starting many other around us were leaving. I was grateful since I would hate for someone to have the experience of dining at such a beautiful restaurant and having it ruined by witnessing what absolutely HAD to be obvious.

Thinking about not only being in public but in plain view while I experienced a mind blowing orgasm was beyond exciting and the longer I replayed our evening, the more I felt my body stir again. Never in my life had I been with someone I felt so comfortable being with and letting my inhibitions go so completely. I would follow wherever he decided to lead me, I trusted him that much.

With a little swipe of lipgloss across my lips, I gathered my things and started for the door, thankful we would be heading back to the hotel or at the very least somewhere private. How Jared managed to control his own needs through that dinner was beyond me but I was sure he wanted a little relief soon too.

Opening the door, I saw Jared standing exactly where I left him. I thought I’d be greeted with a smile but I wasn’t. His expression was serious.

“What’s wrong?” I asked concerned.

Grabbing my wrist, he quickly pulled me into him then turned us, pushing my back to the wall. With one side of his body holding me against the wall, he grabbed my hand. With his hand over mine, he brought it to his rock solid cock, making damn sure I was well aware of what he wanted.

With his lips just barely against mine, he looked me straight in the eyes. “It’s my turn now, baby girl.”

Placing a small kiss on my parted lips, he pulled his body back as he glanced down the deserted hallway. Seeing that it was clear, he led me by my wrist to a storage room at the end of the hallway. Not another word was spoken as he pushed open the heavy door then felt around for the light switch.

The storage room was dark and dingy even with the light on, housing extra tables and chairs as well as the extra plates, silverware, tablecloths and napkins. Anything you would need to run a restaurant.

As the lists of “firsts” were stacking up for me, I wanted to hopefully give him a first too. As he tried to push the door closed then lock it, I walked over to a table that was set up in the corner. It had a few boxes on it that I moved to the side. Quickly grabbing a folded tablecloth, I laid it down. This would be perfect.

Glancing over at Jared, his back was to me as I heard him finally lock the door. Quickly pulling the skirt of my dress to my waist, I pulled my panties down so they fell to my ankles. Spreading my legs, I turned away from him then laid my upper body on the table, locking my wrists behind my back.

When he turned around I wanted to give him one hell of a view which I know was made even hotter by the Swarovski crystal of my anal plug sparkling under the dim lights. Showing off his gift would definitely get his attention.

Because I was facing away from him, I didn’t see his face when he turned around but I did hear his deep intake of breath, almost like as if he got the wind knocked out of himself.

“Jesus Christ…” I heard him say to himself as he came closer to me.

Stepping directly behind me, his hands roughly grabbed my ass, pulling my cheeks apart.

“You never cease to amaze me, baby girl.” He said quietly, dropping to his knees behind me.

I could feel the brush of his jeans against my skin as he dropped to his knees. Roughly grabbing my cheeks in his hands he pulled them open, fully exposing my center to him.

With an deep inhale, pulling in my scent, he whispered, “You are so fucking beautiful…”

His soft breath against my hot pussy sent shivers dancing across my skin. Leaning forward, Jared licked my slit from my clit to the glass plug, the tip of his tongue circling around the crystal head of the plug then back down to plunge into my opening.

“Ahhh, Sir…” I moaned, unable to bite my tongue back any longer.

Immediately pulling back he warned, “Not a sound.”

His stern voice was a quick reminder of where exactly we were. Diving right back in, he lapped at my pussy. My hands gripped the tablecloth beneath me as I pushed my hips up to give him a better angle. I was on the edge, wanting so desperately to cum again, this time feeling his cock inside me but I also didn’t want him to stop either.

Feeling him tear him mouth from my pussy, he quickly stood up. Wordlessly kicking my legs wider, I heard the sound of his zipper as he pulled it down and let his jeans fall to his thighs. He was standing so close that when his cock sprang free, it landed on my ass warming the skin below it.

Leaning slightly over me he warned again, “Not a fucking sound.”

Not waiting for a reply, he pulled his hips back then plunged full force into my drenched pussy. The sudden intrusion knocked the wind out of me with anal plug adding more pressure than I realized.

My arms were still laced behind my back but as he grabbed a fistful of hair, yanking my upper body off the table, my hands flew to the surface to brace myself. It was a struggle to keep quiet as he pounded into me, his occasional low shallow grunts the only sound in the room.

“Sir…..Please” I begged, my body at the tipping point.

Suddenly, we heard the jingling of keys then a loud bang on the door.

Oh. My. God.

I jumped as it registered people were on the other side of the door and trying to get in. Pulling out so fast that I didn’t even notice, Jared already had his pants up by the time I turned around. Quick pulling my panties up, I smoothed out my dress and grabbed my purse just as the door swung open.

Grabbing my hand, Jared pulled me towards the doorway as two very stunned waiters stood there with their mouths dropped open. I had no idea how we were going to get out of this. I know we looked guilty or at least I know I did.

“Thank you!! We were stuck in here!! Thank you for finding us!” Jared said loudly, patting one of the men on his back as we walked between them. “She thought it was a restroom..”

Rolling his eyes as he pointed to me.

“Stupid me!” I said with an obviously uncomfortable laugh, “Thank you!”

Never letting my hand go, Jared quickly pulled me down the hallway, nodding to the hostess as we walked out of the restaurant, making our escape. That was a close one, holy shit.

We were about a half of a block down, waiting for the streetlight to change so we could cross when we both glanced at each other. Both of us busted out laughing still shocked we made it out of there like we did.

Jared turned to stand in front of me, “Oh boy..” he laughed as he started to fix my hair, smoothing it down.

“That bad?” I laughed, opening my purse to find my compact then handing my purse to him to hold as I assessed the damage.

Yes, yes it was that bad. My hair was a disheveled mess and sticking up everywhere from when he grabbed it. If there was any suspicion of what we were doing, it was definitely confirmed when the waiters saw me. I really did look freshly fucked.

“Oh my god, Jared!” I giggled trying to tame it down while looking at my flushed face and neck.

The light changed and I continued to fix myself as we walked, his hand resting around the back of my neck directing me so I didn’t misstep. Once across the street I was done as Jared handed my purse back to me. Putting my compact away, I expected him to take my hand again but he didn’t. He left it securely around the back of my neck.

“That was a close one, baby girl.” He said as we waited for another light to change.

“Yes it was…I couldn’t believe it!” I laughed, wrapping my arm around his waist, “I thought for sure they were going to run out after us.”

“Nah, they got better things to do. Besides I’m sure we weren’t the first.”

“Always an adventure with you, isn’t it…”

“You won’t ever be bored, that I can pretty much guarantee, baby.” Jared laughed, pulling me close to kiss my temple as I snuggled into his side feeling happier than I could have ever imagined.

The Back Room - C.H.

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I’ve had a lot of people tell me I should write an imagine based off of my ex, so here it is. This is very loosely based off of it so don’t think that I really did shit in the back room of my restaurant with my ex.

“Just like, all those things that ruin your lives, you know?” the kitchen manager Jared said while speaking to Luke who stood by his station at saute.

“Like Carbs?” y/n chimed in while grabbing her food of the line, both parties stopping to look at her before laughing loudly.

“God, I love you,” Luke said shaking his head before continuing to cook mussels over the stove as y/n grabbed the two plates bringing them back behind the bar to the waiting parties.

“Here you two are,” she said simply before looking around to see if any other customers had come in, only to notice it was her ex walking through the door causing her to sigh. He must have picked up a shift for someone because he wasn’t scheduled to work with her at all this week, yet, here he was dressed in his black tee that was tight on his arms and black jeans. It had only been a week since their split, not many people knowing because they chose to keep their private life separate from work. Luke was really the only one because he was good friends with Calum outside of their job.

“Sorry I’m late. Traffic’s a bitch,” he said simply avoiding her gaze dropping his keys and phone into the tip jar so he wouldn’t lose them before clocking in to the computer ready to start. It was going to be a long night if it was just the two of them on together.

“No worries,” she said back clearing empty plates from another guest into one of the bus buckets under the sink behind the bar before taking their card for them to pay. The night went by smoothly for the first few hours, both being too busy to even think about what the other was doing, until a group of four guys walked in seating themselves right in front of y/n, a smirk on one of the guys face as he watched her. “What can I get for you boys?”

“Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Gin and Tonic, Kettle on the rocks, and your phone number please, darling,” the smirking boy said smoothly, the spark in his eyes as he shamelessly looked her over caught her eye. There was no harm in flirting, but she had no intention of doing anything with him, mostly because of Calum. She may have initiated the split, but that didn’t make it hurt any less.

“Drinks, yes. Phone number…we’ll see how the night goes,” she said simply before winking at him walking off to start their drinks, she could feel eyes on her, looking over to Calum who didn’t look to pleased. He heard everything she said, the bar being small so there was no way that he didn’t hear it. She shook it off, turning around to make the drinks quickly. She brought the glasses towards them making sure to pour the liquid in front of them as protocol stated before garnishing it off with whatever it needed. “Did you boys want to get something to eat as well?”

“I’d love some Salmon, and maybe you for dessert.” She tried to keep herself from rolling her eyes, biting on her lip laughing slightly, more at how straightforward and persistent he was.

“You are just very straightforward, aren’t you,” she said feeling Calum brush by her from behind, a hand lingering on her ass for two seconds too long. She bit her lip to stop herself from whining at the loss of contact when he finally walked away, y/n putting the four orders in before adding settings in front of them with plates and utensils. While she was reaching over to hand them everything, she felt the hand on her once again slipping under the black dress she had from behind rubbing her through her lace for a brief moment before walking away, bottle of vodka in his hand. “You know what, hon, you can have my number,” she said knowing she was pissing him off, writing down her number quickly before handing it to him before moving on to service bar to start on their drinks. She groaned when she noticed that she had run out of one of the bottles of wine needed, grabbing the key to the large wine cooler in the back room asking for David, the front of house manager to cover her as she went on a search for the expensive wine.

The back room was dimly lit, no one clearly had been in there all day, so when she turned the light on and went to shut the french doors behind her, she was surprised to be forcefully pushed against the wine cooler roughly, a large hand over her mouth as she made eye contact with a pissed off Calum.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing, princess?” he questioned, y/n not being able to move at all due to the fact he had her pinned to the cooler. “You’re really just going to openly flirt with that guy out there? In front of me? That’s disrespectful, baby.”

“You’re the one that was sneaking around hanging out with your ex when we were together without mentioning it. I don’t see anything wrong with talking to a guy. I bet he’d be a better fuck, anyways,” she spat back, Calum nodding his head slowly before covering her mouth once again, leaning his head into her ear. She could almost hear the smirk grow on his face, his breath hitting her skin as her legs shook with anticipation.

“Princess, no one can make you cum like I do.” His free hand traveled down between her legs rubbing slightly at the lace, smirking to himself at how wet she already was before pushing her panties to the side, forcing two fingers inside of her as she cried out, her moans muffled by his rather large hand over her mouth as he mercilessly finger fucked her in the back room. Her hands gripped his shoulders as she struggled to keep her eyes open, looking into his lust filled ones as her grip tightened, his two fingers hitting all of the right spots. “That feel good princess? You like it when my fingers are deep inside your tight pussy?” All she could do was let out a muffled moan, looking over to the doors to make sure no one had caught them before looking back to Calum, her legs shaking slightly at her increasing orgasm as Cal started to slow his movements making them more deliberate as they went deeper inside of her, y/n tilting her head back against the wood of the cooler, eyes screwed shut as she let her ex carry her to the brink of her orgasm. “Say you miss me, baby, and I’ll let you cum,” he muttered, forehead pressed against hers as her eyes opened, his hand left her mouth as she tried to form coherent words, Calum’s movements slowing even more, y/n knowing if she didn’t speak up, she’d be denied of her orgasm.

“I miss you, Cal. I miss you so much,” she moaned, Calum smirking before pressing his lips to hers, his fingers speeding up again as she moaned loudly, her legs shaking as she came all over his fingers, y/n holding on to Calum tightly for support. When she regained her strength, she loosened her grip on him, trying to control her breathing as she stared at Calum, the brunette having a stupid smirk on his face.

“You know I didn’t cheat, right?” He questioned, his expression turning serious as she sighed.

“This isn’t a conversation to have a work, Calum.” He laughed dryly letting go of her shaking his head.

“You just fucking came on my fingers and your telling me that we shouldn’t be talking about this at work…cool,” he said simply before getting ready to walk away. “I love you, y/n so forgive me for not exactly agreeing with the fact you won’t let me explain myself.” She stopped short registering the first three words he said to her, for the first time nonetheless, as he continued his walk to the door.

“Wait,” she said just before he reached it. “I have an expensive bottle of red back at home if you want to talk after we get out. It’s Italian.”

“Wine sounds great, babe.”

I just had a game where 3 teammates left a match. 3! I’m assuming they were a premade. I had to sit through 10 minutes of walking around the map trying not to die. Seriously, don’t do that. Even if you think the game is bad, it’s gonna be ten times worse for your team when you leave.

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Art by  DAdonikaaaaaa

Family- Mercy76 One Shot

Hello everybody! Sorry for the short absence… I was in Disneyland these past few days and I had a good time! Lots of fun and pokemon, plus now I am like in desperate need of a fan art of Angela, Jack, McCree, and my OC Kate on Splash Mountain, so I’ll probably write headcanons about that because I can’t draw  XD  But now that I am back, here is a Mercy76 One Shot (in a way) centered around @sparks-art LOVELY OC Ellie! She is the child of Jack and Angela and I was really excited to see her art of her so I decided to write a little thing with her :) Thank you all and enjoy!

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Two Sides of the Same Coin

Day six of Sterek Week!! Wolf!Derek is one of my favorite things and this was lots of fun to write!! 

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           Derek shifted into the wolf, and the witch crooned, “Oooh, a new player.”

           Derek was just about finished with this witch. She was honestly giving such a bad name to magic users. Stiles had gone on enough rants about her in the last week to convince Derek that she needed to be stopped, if anything to erase the stigma that witches were bad.

           But this one. This one was definitely bad.

           Derek really just wanted to tear her to shreds. He lowered himself to the ground in a pouncing stance and growled, baring his fangs.

           “I have just the thing for you. A coin.” The witch produced a golden coin out of thin air and spun it around on her open palm; an innocent gesture ruined by the blood staining the hand due to the wound inflicted on her bicep.

           Derek was done with her tricks. He leaped then, tackling the witch and pinning her to the forest floor. She cackled, blonde hair spilling all over her face as she threw herself around. She had definitely cracked. She took the hand grasping the coin tightly between three fingers and bopped him on the nose with it, inciting more giggles. Derek snarled and tore her apart.

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I hate you [I love you]

Finally deleted the pictures of you
That had been living in my phone so long
Does that make me the stronger man?
Or the weaker one, because I couldn’t handle
Another day still clutching at the memories of you

And it breaks my heart to say so
But maybe we were made to let go.

To be really honest with myself
I can’t fucking believe
I let you ruin my favorite places
And make me turn around to see
You in everyone’s faces

I still look for you in every crowd
Even when I know for a fact you will not be around

You broke me in ways
I didn’t think were possible
Humanity itself had never seen
So many broken bones,
Or such a massacred heart

Because I didn’t just fall for you
I rolled and stumbled -
Kicked and screamed for you.
Like the mad woman I am
I fought for you
I cried and bled from my lungs for you
All the way down
And you stood at the top,
Watching me go

Losing him was hard,
It was like the feeling you get
When you turn off the music
And are left in the silence of a room

The saddest part was that
Once the music was off
I had to suffer in silence
Unable to turn it back on

Nothing lingered. Not even you

It’s strange that I could even believe
Even if just for a moment
That you couldve loved me too
I guess you were kissing a fool

And yet, I still think of you so much.
I wonder if you think of me
As often as I think of you

And now,
The sun will rise again
And so will I
Maybe not brighter than before
But definitely stronger
Because I will mend the cracks you left on me
And someday light will shine through them
Just you wait and see