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Imagine finding out your friend has gone missing while working a case with the BAU.

You tapped your fingers nervously against your leg, checking your phone for the umpteenth time to see if you had received a text from your friend. Once more, there was nothing. No news, no sign of them. The lump in your throat grew and you raked a hand through your hair. It was all you could do not to run out of the room and scour the streets until you found them.

“Is everything alright, [f/n]?” Spencer’s voice broke through your spiralling thoughts. “You’ve been distracted since we got this case.”

You swallowed thickly. Maybe you were just overreacting. Maybe you had heard so many horror stories that you were starting to think that you were in one. You sighed, trying to compose yourself, “It’s just… a friend of mine, they haven’t been answering any of my texts. I’ve tried calling, I asked my brother to go around to their place, there’s been nothing. I’m scared for them. I mean, there’s been so many hate crimes in that area and I…” You trailed off and resumed tapping your fingers against your knee anxiously.

Emily’s expression turned to one of sympathy. She reached across the table to give your hand a squeeze. “I can call some people to look into it,” she promised.

You nodded, pressing your lips together, “Thanks, that means a lot. I mean, they’ve been targeted once before and got beat up pretty badly so I guess I’m just a bit freaked out that it might happen again. Or that something worse could happen.”

Spencer pursed his lips, “People often fear what they cannot understand. Sadly, we’re very slow to understand others. I hope your friend is alright, [f/n].”

“Me too.”

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McCree comforting a S/O who's just had a horrible day? Maybe some fluff in there too

((A/N - this is just something I wish could actually happen don’t judge me))

“Hey, darlin’. You in?”

You heard the faint jingling of Jesse’s spurs as he crossed over the threshold of your shared apartment on the watchpoint. You had decided to hide away in the bedroom under countless blankets, hoping they pose would as a barrier to the outside world. You buried your head into your damp pillow, knees brought up to your chest and arms wrapped around your shins.

“Doll?” He tapped on the bedroom door.

You couldn’t answer. It had been one of those days today. Everything little thing had seemed to be going wrong and had been pointed in your direction. You’d barely made it through the day with no less than three scoldings from your superiors. By the time the end of the day had come around, you couldn’t take anymore and had to rush back to yours and Jesse’s room to let it out. The pillow was no doubt full of tears, your eyes bloodshot and aching from how much you had been crying. You didn’t want to call out because of how hoarse your throat felt.

You heard a squeak of the door opening and shut your eyes. You knew if Jesse asked you about today then a fresh batch of waterworks would start rolling, and decided it would be better to feign sleep. Heavy footsteps made their way over to your side of the bed.

“Oh, sweetpea. I know you’re not sleepin’.”

Your brows furrowed at being caught out so early on and you slowly opened your eyes. You connected with Jesse who was still in his Blackwatch uniform, crouched by the head of the bed to meet you at eye level.

“Gabe told me ‘bout you just now. That, er, to put it kindly, ’has had a very shit day’.” He tilted his head as to prompt confirmation from you.

You nodded your head, feeling your bottom lip starting to quiver slightly. Jesse brought his hand up to brush strands of your hair behind your ear. He leant forwards and tenderly placed a kiss on your forehead.

“C'mon, I’ll get you some comfy clothes t'wear and we can make dinner and watch a movie. How does that sound?”

You nodded again and reached your hand out under the avalanche of blankets to meet his own. He brought the back of your hand to his lips before placing it back onto the bed. The cowboy stood up and made his way over to the drawers, taking out a pair of sweatpants and an old t-shirt of his. Coming back over to you, he gently pulled the covers off and began to help you undress out of your work clothes. You mainly let him do all the work, lifting your hips when he needed you to; you were just exhausted from the days events and honestly could not be bothered.

“There we go.” Jesse stood back and smiled at you. You had to admit you did feel a lot more relaxed dressed in his clothes.

“You okay t'come through to the other room?”

You reached towards him and made grabby hands which made him chuckle. He stepped forward to place one hand under your knees and one under your arm and around your back. You clung onto his neck as he picked you up with ease, burying your face into the crook of his neck. He hadn’t changed out of his armour yet, and he still smelt like cigars, sweat and a hint of whiskey. You loved it.

“I’m thinkin’ pancakes for dinner?”

You hummed in agreement. He turned and carried you through the bedroom door into the living room to place you on the sofa. You heard his shoes tapping over to the little kitchen area you had, him rustling around as he was looking for ingredients.

Your eyes stared blankly at the white ceiling above you all the while Jesse was cooking, trying to focus on what he was doing to distract you.

Soon enough he came over with two plates stacked with traditional American pancakes with your favourite toppings. You manged to sit up to let Jesse sit down, your back against the armrest of the sofa and your legs now placed over his lap. He fiddled around the remote control for the television, looking at what movies were currently showing. You honestly didn’t mind what was put on, as long as it was distracting and something you didn’t hate too much it was fine.

Jesse ended up choosing an old western movie, because of course he did, and you both started to tuck into your pancakes. Your cowboy really knew how to cook because they were absolutely delicious.

Putting both of your empty plates aside, you snuggled up to Jesse’s chest with a comforting arm pulling you in. You let out a deep sigh.

‘You feelin’ any better?“
“A bit, thank you.”

Jesse gasped dramatically.
“You speak!”

You smiled and playfully hit him on the stomach, retreating when it came into contact with his breastplate.

“And that’s why I wear it. It’s protection from you.” He joked.

“Thanks, Jesse.”
“Anytime, darlin’.”

You tilted your head up to nuzzle his beard before he looked down and pecked you on the lips. You sighed contently, facing back to watch the movie.

Jesse’s hand came up and gently scratched your head, massaging your scalp. Your eyes drifted closed, the movie now forgotten. Fully relaxing into your boyfriend’s side, sweet dreams of Jesse, cigars and whiskey filled your mind, happy to get a peaceful night of sleep.

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Hi Anne, sorry for my random question but my friend and I recently had this talk about which one we thought was better a) BTS comeback twice in a year but shorter time for concert tour (which means less concert stops) b) BTS comeback only once in a year or two but longer time for concert tour (=more concert stops). It makes me kind of curious about what do you think about it. So what do you think, which one is better for BTS and army? it's okay tho if you don't really want to answer this :) :)

I wouldn’t mind if bangtan just tours every other year. That’ll allow me and other ARMYs to save money as well. At least one comeback a year I guess, but since they compose and produce their own songs I want them to just do it at their own pace. And to not rush anything. I would really love for them to spend time more in Korea and get more airtime exposure. Like join varieties or do drama or something.

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Got any tips from one writer to another for coming up with, starting, and actually finishing a comprehensible fanfic? I've always wanted to start I've just never known WHERE, y'know?

UHHHH okay so i’m not the best person to ask because 1. im a lil tipsy rn and b.) i literally never plan my fics half the time 

it’s all your fault, that fic? not planned at all i had a single idea and just ran with it for 10 chapters 

magic mccree?? literally not a damn thing planned out, not a single bullet point 

this most recent one that i’m doing, The Outlaw McCree, is actually one of the first fics ive planned in a long while LMAO but i do recommend: 

1.) Detailing ur character’s backstory points that will be prevalent in the story (for instance, i wrote down why McCree becomes “robin hood” in this au, and what is important to him, what he plans to accomplish as a thief) 

B.) Summarize each chapter in a few sentences, to help take you from one plot point to another to keep it consistent 

6.) are we on six yet- idk i drank a bit today- anyways. If you have ideas for climactic scenes or a sentence you desperately wanna include, make sure to jot them down- even if you don’t know how to get from ch1 to ur climactic scene, just let it flow- ur words will tak eyou there eventually 

Lasstly, just, read through ur work often- notice irregularities or inconsistencies and try to correct them before publishing the next chapter. it’ll keep confusion on both the readers and the authors end to a minimum 

good luck !! im gonna go bed now

For some reason, I couldn’t answer this ask normally, so I just made it a text post, hehe. I’m new to tumblr someone please save me

But… here it is anon! Thank you so much for such an amazing idea! This one was fun, and I had to stop myself from writing more XD

Warning: This may be slightly spoiler-y….maybe

~Admin Bloo


  • “MC! I’ll be a strong man who’ll protect you from any danger!” “I think I can protect myself just fine, Yoosung.”
  • You really wants to tell him, but he was just. so. EXCITED. to be a hero in your eyes
  • But the minute Yoosung is hurt, you are a force to be reckoned with
  • Who dares harm this precious soul
  • When he finds out, his admiration for you just skyrockets
  • Puppy eyes, wagging tail, the whole deal
  • But then he worries a lot.
  • When you come home with injuries, he has to be physically stopped from going after them
  • “These people are three times bigger than you. Just stop.”
  • Settles for doing simple first aid instead.
  • Would 10/10 put cute patterned bandages on any cuts you get.


  • When he finds out, he is honestly impressed.
  • You were muttering a list of things you would like to do to Echo Girl under your breath, and he heard most of it and laughed.
  • Compares fitness techniques, diet tips and stuff.
  • May even want to learn a bit from you
  • “Look at what kind of situation we’re in” *pulls his arm to the wrong angle* “Kidding!”
  • But then again, he really doesn’t want to see you get hurt
  • One day, he insists on coming with you to a match
  • He wanted to intimidate as many people as he could so that they won’t be too hard on you.
  • Turns out, he didn’t need to worry. You were handing their ***** back at them.
  • Whenever someone did manage to land a hit on you, he had to be held back as well.


  • You with boxing; her with judo…
  • Whenever any creepy guy comes up, you guys take turns in teaching him a lesson
  • But whenever you come back with bruises and even an occasional black eye…
  • Scolds you about being more careful while nursing your wounds
  • Always keeps a fully stocked first aid kit around


  • So confused when he first hears about it
  • “Why do you want to fight and get hurt for fun?” It’s my job and it’s fun, get over it Jumin
  • Always wants to send at least one bodyguard with you when you go for a match
  • But then you show him that you can easily beat some of his bodyguards.
  • From then on, he has nothing but pride in your strength.
  • Provides a state-of-the-art facility for you to train in.
  • Always has a team of doctors on standby.
  • He insists on coming to your matches from time to time
  • “I need to see what you find so enjoyable about this.”
  • Not gonna lie; he enjoys watching you defeat these burly and gargantuan people with such agile movements
  • It turns him on
  • “I’d like to see what more you can do in a… private setting”


  • Obviously he knew before you told him; he did that whole background check on you.
  • Found some footage of one of your more iconic matches
  • His eyes were glued on the screen
  • Your #1 fan almost immediately
  • He has a hard time keeping up his cold act around you. Mostly because he didn’t want to make you too angry
  • He acknowledges that you can protect yourself, but you can’t do anything against bombs can you?
  • The boy insists on coming to most of your matches with a bag full of popcorn.
  • Your very own personal cheerleader
  • “He has nothing on you! Even a mouse could topple that guy!”
  • Boos and hisses loudly when the opponent may have an upper hand
  • You had a hard time concentrating at first, but you eventually got used to it. It helped in distracting your opponent as well
  • For the matches he can’t come to, he always has at least one screen playing your ongoing match to keep an eye on you.

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In regards to your ocs do they have idiosyncrasies?

so I lowkey had to look up what this word means and I still don’t think I get it completely but from what I take it it means an unusual habit or quirk? If that’s not what u meant or I mess up somewhere I apologize in advance ;v;

  • Shiro can’t fall asleep unless everyone else is in the room is already sleeping
  • Luca taps his fingers against his thigh when he’s thinking like he would if he were playing piano
  • Eden picks at his nails when he’s irritated. He hates having them grow to or past the tips of his fingers
  • Maia uses a ton of hand gestures when she talks, especially when she’s worked up or excited abt something
  • Ronan hates crying in front of people with a passion so he goes really really quiet when he’s upset and won’t talk until he’s calmed down
  • Yanmei gets really fidgety when she’s in close quarters with someone and completely freezes at physical contact
  • Lee blushes very red and very easily and he hates it

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Kinda want to hear what you have to say about all these questions, but I'll just stick to 2 and 3 :p

I might come back to this as my justification to answer any that I really want to answer but haven’t been asked. :D

Early game spoilers only.

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Where I’ve Been

I wonder sometimes–not often, but lately–whether I chose Homeland, or it chose me. Did I just happen upon it, one lazy October day, or did it, by some magical stroke of fate, draw me to it?

Regardless of the answer to that question, there is no question I love this show. Unequivocally, and irrevocably, I love it. I like to think that unbridled, unfettered love is what drew some of you to reading, however long ago. There is real truth in passion and love, and I hope that is shown in what I’ve done here. This show and this place have actually changed my life. They reignited parts of me that had fallen dormant and sparked things inside me that I didn’t know I had the capacity to hold.

From that love, this blog was born, now almost four years ago. To describe it as just a “blog” seems not enough right now. It was–and is–so much more than that. I’ve poured my heart and my soul into this thing. At times, I’ve poured my own sanity (sorry). Through personal upheaval and major life changes, this space has remained a constant, steadying presence. I asked myself, I wonder what you all thought? I wonder what you had to say about what I thought? I felt reassured, in times of great uncertainty, by the thought, the conviction, the promise that as much as I loved this show there were others out there who loved it as I did. I didn’t feel that closeness, that unity behind a shared love and passion, until I came here.

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It's ok Mod Lili, I had to the exact same feelings when the elections here in the U.S. happened, I was disappointed and crushed (I wasn't expecting the result like you), so I'm sure everyone else understands that you needs to relax for now. We appreciate and love you Mod! Thank you for today and relax!

(Thanks ! To be honest right now I’m just sooo angry? Like I want to take the ones who voted for Le Pen (or Fillon even if he didn’t won he still had a lot of votes) and scream at them and show them point by point how much what they did was stupid and selfish.

In two weeks we will see if we are going to have a Trump 2 or if we will go back to exactly the same thing. I’m nearly certain that Trump 2 aka Le Pen won’t pass but I’m still so angry that people allowed her to even be in the second round.

Sorry for the rant but thank you for understanding.

-mod lili)

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Could you write a head canon about a short & shy Reader suddenly landing in the world of Magi and meets her anime crush, Sinbad in Sindria and he invites her to his palace... in the Reader's point of view? Please?

Hello, I am the one who requested the head canon-scenario about a short & shy Reader suddenly landing in the world of Magi and meeting Sinbad in Sindria and he invites her to his palace. I had just realized my mistake in my previous review. I didn’t mean type in “from Reader’s point of view”. It was an accident. I’m sorry for any confusion I have caused you.  And I am also sorry that it took me so long to answer your question, I had a lot of work this week. 

No stress, I know how straining work is so it’s alright, thank you for taking the time and write me though! I’ll be trying to slip in as much reader pov as possible to try something now since it’ll be a headcanon-scenario.

> Upon waking up to the sound of waves breaking and birds chirping the girl is sure to be surprised

> Sitting up and looking around she’d find herself in a unfamiliar place who’d somehow give her the feeling that she’d have seen it before but wouldn’t be able to recall where

> Looking herself up and down, she’d come to the knowledge that she was unharmed and still fully clothed, which would calm her raising heart a little

> When she’d get up and look around she’d be able to see a tall building in the distance, making her think about if it would be a good idea to approach it

> Once she’d made up her mind that there wouldn’t be anything else for her to do, she’s most likely to find her way through the plants, at least having an aim before her

> But when she finally sets foot on hard ground she’d have to come to a halt as she could see a tall person standing a few steps away from her

> Reacting to the sound of her feet stepping onto the ground and turning around, the girl would be able to see its face, realizing that it would look awfully much like Sinbad out of the manga Magi: The Labyrinth of magic

> After that thought would have crossed her mind, her first reaction would be hiding. Whether because it was her anime crush, which made her quite bashful, or because she seemingly was dreaming of landing into a fictional word, something in her would scream “Hide!” and so would she

> But Sinbad would have already figured out the sight of the small female and would carefully walk over to her hiding spot as to not make her panic

> Standing before her hiding place he’d put on his friendliest smile, asking if she is lost of if he can help her anyhow

> Having a sneaky glimpse at the king from behind her hideout, she’d shyly answer him that she in all honesty wouldn’t know either

> Being surprised by her answer Sinbad would think for a little bit before holding out his hand for her, stating that maybe they’d like to join him for tea then, as he’d be sure that it would clear her mind a little and make her feel more at home

> And while she still wasn’t exactly sure what was going on, she’d reach for his hand, his strong grip pulling her gently nearer to him as he’d lead her back to the palace with a smile

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I need a break. Why do you think cat videos are so watchable?

They just are, Anon. They just are. Cats like dogs are the answer to all of the worlds ills. I fully believe that if everyone had at least one cat or dog the world would be a better place.

Alice 🐇🐱🐶

Too Much

: Hoseok x reader

↠word count: 2k

↠genre: angst,smut,fluff

↠ a/n: I couldn’t find a good enough name for the third friend, but I hope you enjoy

“It’s always gonna be this way, isn’t it? Me loving him he loving her.” You asked and she just looked at you with her eyes the eyes set in such a way that she didn’t have to open her mouth for you to know her answer. After being friends with her for seven years this was one of those times where you knew what was on her mind. It was always you, her and Hoseok, the greatest friendship[ that anyone could’ve ever dreamt up. It just had to be you right, of course, you had to be the one to fall in love with your best friend.

It all started senior year of high school, prom was getting closer and closer and you and her being so excited for it put a smile on Hoseok’s face. He was always there for some reason. Whenever one of you needed him he was always there at your beck and call you all depended on each other and trusted each other it was an odd pairing to mot but to each other, you meant the world. You’d pulled up to your boyfriend of a year’s house. He gave you they key a couple of months after you were together as an anniversary present, you guys were head over heels for each other. His birthday was today and you had something planned for him when he came back from his job. You clutched the robe around your body and then put your trench coat over it exiting the car as your heart pounded within your chest. Your confidence skyrocketed after you caught a glimpse of yourself in the car window. You carefully walked inside after unlocking the door, walking down the hallway to his room. As you neared the room you could faintly hear the sounds of moans followed by the banging of a headboard hitting the wall. You opened the door and there he was on top of another woman having sex with her in the same place that he’d had sex with you multiple times.

“What the fuck is this,” you’d yelled and all movements halted as he looked behind him to see you there with a bag in your hand makeup started to wash away from the number of tears spilling out of your eyes. “Babe it’s not what it looks like.”

“Enlighten me because I really wanna fucking know,” you felt yourself spiraling out of control. He just sat there mouth gaping, the girl sat down next to him not saying anything.In the bag, there was a glass figurine of a little hippo since that was the nickname you gave each other. You took it out of the bag and hurled it at the wall behind their heads and quickly rushed out. After slamming the front door and leaving the keys you hopped in your car and drove you weren’t paying attention to anything but somehow you found yourself at Hoseok’s house. You banged on his door repeatedly until he came and answered it standing there in only shorts looking like if he was woken up from sleep. His eyes widened when he saw you with tears running down your face and ushered you inside.

You don’t know what snapped but you thought that everything was fine until Monday morning when you Hoseok and her walked into school. You’d seen his face and your heart clenched still hurting at the fact that he cheated on you. But as you were trying to not pay attention your friend started screaming yelling at someone to stop and that’s when you saw. There was Hoseok on top of him pounding his face in with his fist. Your ex struggled to get out of his grip but knowing Hoseok and the way that he was going he’d already blacked out and there was no stopping him.

“Do you know how it felt looking at her crying in my arms because you couldn’t stay loyal.” After every work, he emphasized it by punching him harder. Your ex passed out and that’s when everyone tried to get Hoseok off it wasn’t until you spoke up that he halted all movements. After hearing your broken voice plead for him to stopped was when he stopped resisting he stood up his steps staggering his face drunk with anger his fists bruised and he stared at you and let the school security escort him to the office.

After he finally got out of the office you took him home and bandaged his hands he said nothing and neither did you but for completely different reasons. He thought that you just needed some time because of everything that happened but in reality, there was a feeling in your stomach that wasn’t there before. The way that he’d effortlessly just lunged at your ex without hesitation, it triggered something in you. He wasn’t allowed to go to prom so ou and her didn’t go either, you stayed with Hoseok.

Months passed and the three of you went to the same college together but things were hard for you. It all happened so quick you falling in love with Hoseok it became too much for you so you slowly started distancing yourself from him until she called you out on it and that’s when you spilled it to her but it was no use. By the time she’d convinced you to confess your feelings it was too late he had a girl on his arm and was introducing her to you as his girlfriend and you to her as his best friend.

Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months until it was spring break and you three with the addition of Hoseok’s girlfriend were going back to your hometown to let off steam. You were finally old enough to use your parent’s beach house on your own and that’s where you were going to stay. When you arrived Hoseok announced that he was going to take the car and get some groceries you offered to go with him but he just shook you off and told you to try to get to know his girlfriend better.Your friend had already fallen asleep in one of the rooms so it was just you and the girlfriend.You proceeded to show her all the pictures that your parents had of you Hoseok and your friend.

“This one was from junior year my dad took us to Six Flags and we convinced Hoseok to get on one of the rides he screamed so hard I thought he was gonna cry.” You laughed a little at the memory of Hoseok almost collapsing to the floor when you exited the ride.  She looked at you strangely and then spoke up. “So how long have you been in love with him.”

Your heart skipped a beat and your eyes widened a bit. You laughed bitterly before replied “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“ I mean I totally get it falling for him but come on be logical you’re not really in his league,” she said laughing a bit. You choked on your spit a bit coughing. Did she really just.

“I don’t really think that he’d go for someone like you so spare yourself the heartbreak.” She said this while shrugging and before you could stop yourself your fist was making contact with her jaw. She screamed out at the sudden pain and to make things worse that’s the moment when Hoseok walks through the door. He put the things on the counter and quickly rushed over to you two.

“Baby what happened are you okay?” your eyes started tearing up looking at him with her the little pieces of your heart cracking. You walked to the kitchen counter grabbing the car keys running out.

After a couple of hours, you made your way back to the house. On the counter, you found a note from your friend saying that she went to spend the night with her parents who desperately wanted to see her.Other than that the house was unusually quiet.Hoseok rounded the corner wearing some basketball shorts and a plain white shirt. “Where’s your girl?” you asked bitterly.He sighed and muttered “Gone.”

You sighed and go to apologize but Hoseok was grabbing your face and pressing his lips to yours. Your eyes were opened wide until you closed it and started to kiss him back. You tasted tears and for a moment you thought that it was your tears but you pulled back and looked at him to see that it was him who was crying.

“After you left our friend came out of the room and told me what my girlfriend did, and why you got so angry.” You stared at him as he talked. “Why didn’t you speak up earlier, didn’t you notice, why did you think I beat that guy up in high school for you?” He took both of your hands in his hands looked you in your eye and said, “ I was in love with you even before you were in love with me.”

Then you were kissing your heavy breaths mingling with one another’s teeth clashing as you let him lead you to the bedroom. His hands were under your shirt taking it off of your body and you did the same to his shirt. You two roughly hit the bed as you climbed on top of him and reached behind you to unclasp your bra letting your breasts free. His breath got caught in his throat as he stared up at you. The light from the moon shining into the room hitting your skin making him even more mesmerized than before. You bent down and kissed behind his ear and then his neck whispering, “This belongs to you now.” He let out a moan and flipped you over then hooked his hands in your shorts and pulled them down.  

After throwing them to the side he took his time kissing up your legs to your thighs and lightly biting them. He took one of his fingers and lightly rubs you through your panties. You arch your back a little at the contact wherever he touched seems to heat up making the whole situation too much for you. He starts leaving kisses on you and you start to let out quiet moans as you feel yourself get more and more aroused.

“Hoseok please I’ve waited too long.” He nods and removes your underwear along with the remainder of his clothes. He settles himself in between your legs and starts to enter you slowly. He puts his head in your neck and starts breathing hard. The burn of your body trying to get used to him slowly disappears. You gasp as he stretches you and when he finally gets all the way in you let out a long strangled moan. He’s inside you pulsing. You roll your hips slightly signaling him to move and he does. He rolls his hips stroking in and out of your face still in your neck.The whimpers he lets out gets drowned out by the moans you release. He starts speeding up and you clutch onto his back the intensity building up in your stomach. Your moans getting more drawn out. You feel your orgasm nearing and you grab the hair at the back of Hoseok’s head and lift it to look in his eyes. The pleasure makes you tear up a bit making your sight blur but you blink it away feeling Hoseok’s thrusts getting more sloppy hinting that he’s close too. Your entire body seizes up and shudders as you reach your orgasms several long moans leave your mouth subsiding into small whimpers and screams. Hoseok moans at the feeling of you pulsing around him. He speeds up some more chasing his own orgasm. You scream out at the overstimulation. “Too much.” you moan before you feel him release into the condom collapsing on top of you. You both look at each after a while and start laughing his smile making your heart clench. He rolls over and kisses your nose. You go to open your mouth to say it bust he beats you to it.

“Shh I know and I love you too.”

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i just gotta say!!! i love all of your edits and gifs and i appreciate your hard work and the beautiful things that you create for the fandom. you're my favorite matd blog and looking at your posts always makes my day. :') <3

you are the sweetest!!! thank u for taking time out of ur day to message me, really, i appreciate it–my life has been really hectic lately and i’ve hardly had time to edit. so knowing that even one person appreciates the things i post makes it worth it! much love, i hope you’re doing well.


Sorry about not being active yet again after I said I would. Part of it was that I had absolutely no motivation to draw on this account and on @ask-hitman-michelle due to personal issues. Another thing was that I had character interactions that I REALLY wanted to do but as more time passed I started to worry about answering so late and didn’t want to waste time just in case I got no response. Unfortunately one of these was a m!a that could’ve been really fun but I’m not sure if that person still wants to do it. I also had a date event with another account too so yeah…xD If @ask-demon-olivia and @brazilask still want to do them I would be more than happy to. As for this account, I got mostly plot relevant questions so those naturally have to be comics but I wouldn’t mind character interactions or random asks like fave things or m!a or something about the characters in this au. Also, if you want to do an event or something with my accounts or even just want to chat/rp feel free to pm me. I will always answer. Thank you to those that are still following even if I haven’t been active or interacted with you. Some aus and muses are difficult to interact with but with enough grey magic or random excuses it can happen. I just get anxiety xP anywho thank you for reading this long thing and have a lovely day!

Alphabet Taggy McGamerson!

I was tagged by @avaleahworks (thank ya, buddy!) and I always enjoy doing these/seeing what you folks have answered, too! :D

A - age: Just call me Michael Jordan, as I’m rockin’ the 23.

B - birthplace: Canton, Michigan!

C - current time: 2:06pm!

D - drink you had last: Currently sippin’ on a dirty chai at work!

E - easiest person to talk to: I’d have to say my mother! However, I never really have a problem talking with anyone; I love random deep conversations with people! *hint hint* *wink wink* *nudge nudge* *be my friends*

F - favorite song: Currently: Gaaah, always a tough one! Right meow, I’ve been listening to Someone to Stay by Vancouver Sleep Clinic on repeat. Haha, If you’re a music fanatic, I highly recommend checking them out! :D

G - grossest memory: This past Halloween, my roommates and I threw a party, and, long story short, a drunk guy peed off our balcony onto my arm.


H - horror yes or no: Knock Knock. Who’s there? Me, not watching horror films.

I believe them too easily and then think about them when I’m alone at 3 am.

I - in love? With Danse and Arthur, of course! :)

J - jealous of people? Never.

K - killed someone? Not yet!

L - love at first sight or should i walk past again? I’m always looking at the sky, so you might have to run into me or something, instead.

M - middle name: My middle name is Mary.

N - number of siblings: 2 older brothers! We’re all 13 months apart; 25, 24, and 23; me, being the youngest and obviously not planned. :)

O - one wish: A one week, no consequences vacation with Arthur and Danse?“ - @avaleahworks

I might just have to take that one, but why limit it to one week?! ;D

P - person i called last: One of my girlfriends; she told me she left her front door unlocked, but she didn’t!

Q - question you are always asked: "Would you like a kids’ menu?”

R - reason to smile: Fallout, food, the fact that it’s over 65 degrees in Michigan right now, you fine people reading this, I got some really cute bras that actually fit the other day, friends/family, music; we could be here all day, folks. 

S - song you last sang: At Last - Etta James. Practicing for a wedding coming up! :)

T - time you woke up: Uhhh, 8:32am, I think?

U - underwear color: Black lace! (ooh la la)

V - vacation: Hopefully going to California is June!

W - worst habit: Thinking too much.

X - xrays: Once! I fractured my ankle sophomore year of high school from pole vaulting. I wasn’t really good; I just wanted to feel tall and fall on comfy cushions.

Y - your favorite food: Can we break this up into categories? Like favorite breakfast/lunch/dinner/dessert? There are too many. I love food too much. But, I’m craving potato pancakes right meow, if that helps.

Z - zodiac sign: (rad)Scorpio!

THESE ARE FUN, I LIKE. I’ll tag these folks @hanjuu @wastelandgang @chernobyl907 @imperial-skyline , but HEY! YOU! PERSON (maybe) READING THIS THAT WASN’T TAGGED! DO IT ANYWAYS AND TAG ME BECause I want to read what you brilliant fancy lad cakes have to say! :D


Alphabet tag game

I was tagged by @rosie-illuminati thank you cutie <3 <3 

Rules: answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs 

a - age: 19, soon 20!!!

b - birthplace: Oslo 

c - current time: 23:42

d - drink you had last: coca cola 

e - easiest person to talk to: my brother 

f - favorite song: one bad night by hayley kiyoko 

g - grossest memory: throwing up in my brothers shoe 

h - horror yes or no: Hell yeah but only on halloween 

i - in love?  
no more like heartbroken 
j - jealous of people? when they are better than me at something but I only get like sad jealous if that makes any sense lol

k - killed someone? WTF NO 

l - love at first sight or should i walk past again? first sight definitely 

m - middle name: you can try to guess it! Here is your clue, it starts with S and it is a bird type. 

n - number of siblings: 5, my family is kinda all over the place 

o - one wish: to work as a screenwriter 

p - person i called last: my brother 

q - question you’re always asked: how old are you? (I look like I’m 14!) 

r - reason to smile: dogs, star wars, books, harry potter, Mark Hamill, Viola Davis, Taylor Swift, christmas, good music, writing, reading, watching movies with your friends and sleeping. 

s - song you last sang:  
welcome to New York 
t - time you woke up: nine 

u - underwear color: dark blue 

v - vacation: Rondane :D 

w - worst habit: biting my nails 

x - xrays: lungs 

y - your favorite food: Taco!!!! 

z - zodiac sign: Scorpio

Here are the people I tag :D 

@mgannkent @reylologist @kaijuno @ihearditinthesilence @ronrines @hallowedbecastiel @juliakaze @teatime-on-tatooine @kyle-bosmans @how-i-met-your-reylo @realreykenobi @research-blackwings-denial @est-anxiously @lone-soprano-of-sopranoland @rockworm @docswiftie @ofbeinghonests @nanxywheelxr @oswinoswaldappreciationlife @buckybarnx @baby-likewestoodachance @talk-turned-2-screams @imtotallystoked @we-were-in-screamingcolour @13tiff

I have probably tagged way more people than I should, but hey lets add some more :P 

My bffs on this site @rey-is-ace-rey-is-aro @ace-ingit @we-bothwentmad @monsterscavenger @kaleidoscopeofourmemories <3 <3 <3 

anonymous asked:

If you don't like showing your face, there's plenty of YouTubers that don't, you'd be okay!

yeah i guess! i just have this vision that if i had a channel, i’d be one of those people talking in front of a camera, drinking a cup of tea, and talking about random (gay) stuff. ^^’