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hello, i’m a human

Hi. I’m the human that runs this blog. An actual person, running a fanfiction blog because I enjoy it. Other fanfiction bloggers are real humans as well. 

This morning, I had a few messages asking for links to master lists and posts. Not one of them said please or thank you, or even hello. Most of them had multiple question marks at the end, which feels very demanding. I had a few messages asking why I hadn’t done a certain pairing or idea for my drabbles yesterday. Again, no please or thank you or hello. Again, demanding and aggressive punctuation. I got an anon asking why I hadn’t done more- that one I answered publicly. Even if they were just curious, the tone was rude, and hurt my real, actual human feelings.

Now I have someone in my inbox telling me that the anon was right, because I’m a blogger and that’s “what I’m meant to do”. It’s really not, anon.

My only guess is that the people sending these messages thought I was an automated program or something. That’s the only reason someone would be that rude or entitled or demanding, right? Surely no one would send those kinds of messages to a real person. 

So hi. I’m a human. Act accordingly, please. Thank you.

Secrets, Serpents,and the Southside

Part 1/? Sweet Pea x OC

Word Count: 622

Read on AO3


When a Northsider moves in with a foster family on the Southside things couldn’t be more complicated. Old wounds are reopened and new ones are cut.


“Is this Ashley Hurley?” asked a gruff voice from the other end of the phone call.

“Yes, and who am I speaking to?” Ashley answers exasperatedly, she wasn’t in the mood for telemarketers or prank calls, she just wanted to get home and go to bed, she’d had a long day of school and then her shift at Pop’s and was tired.

“I’m the Sheriff in Greendale and I’m sorry to report that your parents were in a major car crash.”

Her mind was racing, she didn’t know why her parents were in Greendale to begin with, they were just working from the office today?

“But they’re okay right?” she questioned, realizing the line had gone silent.

“No,” the Sheriff replied with pity in his voice, “They died on the scene. A DCF officer should be over to your house any minute to discuss your options, apparently the first person your parents listed to take care of you in an emergency is more than willing, I can’t say more than that. I’m sorry for your loss Ms. Hurley.”

With that the line clicked dead and Ashley’s ears were met with an eerie dial tone. She threw her phone across the living room before sliding down the wall and curling into a ball. She wasn’t sure how long she had been in that position, hyperventilating and crying before the doorbell rang and broke her out of her trance. She rose to her feet swaying slightly before turning the handle to let the social worker into the house with a forced smile on her face.

The terms of her transfer to her foster family were read to her and she was barely paying attention, all she really understood was that she would be moved to the Southside and have to start attending Southside High. Ashley wasn’t worried about this, not as she packed up her clothes that already reflected the side of town she was moving to. She wasn’t worried when she got into the car with two bags containing all of her belongings. She wasn’t worried when they crossed the tracks and ended up in Sunnyside trailer park. She wasn’t worried when the few people outside stared at her as the group approached the trailer that was going to be her home for the time being. She wasn’t scared until the door opened to reveal Tall Boy, second in command in the Southside Serpents, but Ashley didn’t let it show.

She tuned out what the DCF officer and Tall Boy were talking about until the social worker left and Tall Boy addressed her.

“So Ashley,” he started but was cut off by her asking him to call her Ash instead, less formal she told him.

“Well then, Ash,” he continued, “As you probably know I am high up in the ranks of the Serpents which is why they’ll be looking out for you at Southside High. You can probably handle yourself but we can never be too safe with the Ghoulies.” 

She nodded at that information, hoping that she didn’t seem to frightened before asking, “Why did you take me in? You were the first on my parent’s call list, so you must’ve been close.”

“Darling,” he said, skirting her interrogation, “that is another story for another time. You have had a long day and have school tomorrow so get settled in to bed and we can talk more tomorrow.”

But Ashley’s mind wouldn’t let up, it was racing with possibilities from how her parents knew Tall Boy to what would happen if the Ghoulies got their hands on her tomorrow but eventually sleep overcame her and Ash’s mind was silenced.

Part 2

Patton: I hope you had fun, Virgil.

Virgil: Nah.

Patton: Did you have fun?

Virgil: No.

Patton: Did you have fun though?

Virgil: No.

Patton: But, fun, did you have it?

Virgil: See, you’re asking me the same question.

Patton: No, I don’t think we’ve addressed fun though.

Virgil: Uh, yeah, we did, and my answer was that, no, I did not have any of that.

Patton: But the question about the fun was, specifically, did you have it?

Virgil: No. The answer’s no.

Patton: Ah okay… But of the things you had…

Virgil: Uh-huh?

Patton: …was fun one of them?

Virgil: I… y'know I’m really wracking my brain for a way that you could possibly be stupid enough to ask the same question over and over again, and I’m just not coming up with one. It’s- It’s still no.

Patton: Oh man, I’m having fun… Hey! Speaking of which…

Virgil: Uh-huh?

Patton: Did you?


[[ if dice had a change of heart after the soulless bad end …

there’s been few-to-no ask responses recently for a variety of reasons but one of the big ones is that the inbox is just about empty (you can see how this would be difficult). i may not have the energy for it ‘til tuesday or wednesday but questions for bookie, M!As, questions about any of these AU things i’m posting as filler, all of that is welcome! ]]

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How the boys would deal with their gf being pregnant?

I’m just assuming it’s by them haha (also as always-gender neutral S.O, because anyone can get pregnant!)

Kenny- very happy! He hugs you and presses kisses all over your face while hugging you. You guys celebrate with food
But later, when you’re asleep, he’ll lie next to you and wonder what’s going to happen to it. He doesn’t want anyone to grow up like him. He doesn’t want a baby with his terrible family karma, or his fucked up track record. He doesn’t want to pass on his curse, or his anxiety, or depression. He’s afraid to raise a kid that won’t have the best. He’s afraid, but he’ll do whatever it takes. He’ll try to be the very best dad ever.

Stan- leaves. Like, gets in his car and actually physically leaves.
He reappears a few hours later with chocolates and another pregnancy test. He just wants to make sure. It’s not that he doesn’t want it, but he doesn’t want to get his hopes up in case it was a false alarm
He’s happy, but mostly worried.

Pip- proposes to you. He acts like any English gentlemen would- fainting. Or is that women? He can’t remember. But he’s happy! (And scared) since He is very nurturing, it is no doubt that he’ll be a great father

Cartman dies an incel

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My grades are apparently too good to get an IEP, but my counselor set up a meeting with me and a bunch of adults to talk about possible accommodations. This makes me really nervous because talking to adults is hard but also I don’t know what to do if they ask “what accommodations do you think would be helpful for you?” That’s very vague to me and I don’t know the options and can’t make a script. Do you have any suggestions on how to make this meeting go better? Or how to answer that question?

I had a 504 in high school and my accommodations were as follows: 

  • Allowed to leave class 5 minutes early to avoid crowds in the halls 
  • Allowed to excuse myself from class at any time to go to the guidance office to calm down
  • and…uh…I don’t remember the others. Those were the only ones I used

But, yeah, accommodations can be all sorts of things, not just things directly applying to school work. Some other possible accommodations are: 

  • preferential seating
  • extended time on tests and assignments
  • reduced homework or classwork
  • verbal, visual, or technology aids
  • modified textbooks or audio-video materials
  • behavior management support
  • adjusted class schedules or grading
  • verbal testing
  • excused lateness, absence, or missed classwork
  • pre-approved nurse’s office visits and accompaniment to visits
  • occupational or physical therapy
  • Provide sensory breaks
  • Provide a written or picture schedule

For more examples, check out the following resources:

Some information on 504′s taken from this excellent website. The site has info on the differences between an IEP and a 504 that you may find interesting:

Section 504 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act of 1973 is designed to help parents of students with physical or mental impairments in public schools, or publicly funded private schools, work with educators to design customized educational plans. These 504 plans legally ensure that students will be treated fairly at school.

Students can qualify for 504 plans if they have physical or mental impairments that affect or limit any of their abilities to:

• walk, breathe, eat, or sleep
• communicate, see, hear, or speak
• read, concentrate, think, or learn
• stand, bend, lift, or work

I hope this helps! 


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nora, i check your blog whenever i wake up from a nap to check if i missed anything, and i had a dream where i saw one of your posts that just read "i finally fucking did it" and it was so vague so the only logical answer was that killed dnp and i started to cry in my dream,,,make that into reality for me lmao

i finally fucking did it

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Hello there!! I've had this question for a while now and I know you're the one who can answer it. Can firebenders lavabend? And what other things do you think firebenders can do aside from lighting bend and firebend? thank you for answering!

Lava is just molten earth so no. I do like the idea of earthbenders with some firebender lineage having a greater affinity for lavabending but, as far as actual lavabending is concerned, lava is just earth in a different form, thus only earthbenders can manipulate it.

Sarah J Maas Transcript (2/3)

I did not expect the transcript to blow up as much as it had! I apologise for the delay in getting these out, they take a lot of time to make and I just didn’t have it last weekend. This goes on straight from the last one, linked here.

I’m willing to answer any questions!

Interviewer: A lot of love on the stage –

SJM: Where are all my moonies at?

Interviewer: So Sarah, both ACOTAR and Throne of Glass feature some pretty inpirational, badass women – who are the women in your life who were inspirational to you?

SJM: I was lucky enough to grow up surrounded by an amazing group of women. I grew up surrounded by women who never told me I needed to put limitations on myself or my dreams or my expectations or my future because I was a girl. There was never any of that. One of my heroes is actually my grandma. She’s just the most amazing woman ever – she’s eighty-seven years old, she’s about fife feet tall and she’s like a little firecracker, but her story is like… kind of like my story that I like to share.

But my grandma was born in Germany, in Frankfurt, in 1930, and… my grandma was born into a Jewish family. You can imagine what it was like to be a Jew… born in Germany… in the 1930’s… not great. But she actually had a pretty happy, early childhood. Her family was pretty well-off and she had a very loving mother and father and little brother. But as the years wore on, and the Nazis rose to power, things started to get worse, bit by bit. And – with the gold stars – but then it started to really get more intense. One of these instance was, um, my grandma was walking home from school and she was surrounded by a bunch of German school children with stones in their hands. And they literally, they stoned her and she was hit in the head by one the rocks, blacked out, doesn’t remember anything after that, or how she got home, or anything.  

That really prompted my great-grandfather to realise that Germany, for them, as Jews, was no longer safe and they had to get out before it got even worse. So he decided to put a lot of their valuables – jewellery, art, they had very valuable camera – into hiding with their friends, all across Europe. To jump ahead… they never got any of that back.

Then he took all of their assets and liquidated them, all to buy tickets to go to England. For himself, his wife, my grandma, her little brother and then myy gread-grandmother’s parents, who lived in Poland and had a very successful textile factory. They were all ready to go to England to get out of Germany, but my great-grandmother’s parents didn’t want to leave Poland.

Things in Poland hadn’t gotten that bad yet, and they had a pretty successful factory that they didn’t want to abandon, they’d been their for generations. So they didn’t want to go. And then my great-grandmother refused to go if it meant leaving her parents behind… so they wound up not going to England. They stayed in Germany.

…And not too long after that, Kristallnacht happened. My grandmother still remembers that night when the Nazis and the Gustapo broke into their house. She remembers the man coming in and his giant trenchcoat and with his giant machine-gun, and she remembers her father being taken away that. And they didn’t see him again.

And it was after that my great-grandmother realised that her children were in grave, grave danger, and that they could soon be killed for being Jewish. She made the incredible decision – the decision I can’t even imagine making – to put my grandma and her little brother, her children, onto a train to get out of Germany and go basically into the arms of strangers. Into an aid organisation that was getting Jewish children out of Germany and putting them across Europe.

And I have no idea how – I – I can’t even picture that moment where she put her two kids – my grandma was about eight, her little brother was around six – she put them onto that train, and said goodbye to them. She had no idea where they were going, who was going to look after them, the world was going to hell… like, I can’t even imagine making that choice. But she did it, and she went back to her family in Poland.

My grandma and her little brother were separated pretty quickly. My grandma spent the next few years literally being hidden all across Europe, basically out-running the Nazis as they spread. She was hidden in church basements, she was hidden in schools, and she wound up being placed with a fammily in Brussels, who had a son who was around her age.

They took in my grandma, hiding her and basically treated her as their own daughter. But when the Nazis invaded Belgium, they actually took her with them to evacuate Brussels… and my grandma still remembers the grid-lock of cars on the highway fleeing the city, and how cars were just bumpered and not moving, and the Nazi planes swept in and began shooting the people of the highway and the cars standing next to their car – she remembers having to hide in a ditch and having to push the car at night when it was safe when the planes weren’t flying overhead. And this family realised, because my grandma was Jewish, it could get them killed and worse than that, it could get their son killed. And my grandma realised that, as well.

[–I stopped recording here. The next video starts a little after. Basically, her grandmother doesn’t blame them at all and is sent away and ends up in a church basement somewhere. Somehow, social workers find her a little while after and she has the chance to be shipped off to safety in America–]

SJM: – and my grandmother said, “I’m not getting on the boat.” And they said, “Why?” And she said, “I’m not getting on the boat without my little brother. Find my little brother.” And they said, “He could be dead. We have no idea where he is. He could be anywhere in Europe, he could have been killed months or years ago.” And she just said, “I’m not getting on the boat without my little brother. Find him.”

And the social worker actually listened to her. The social worker actually looked. And they found him hiding in a church… a couple of miles down the road.

And so they got him, onto the boat, with my grandma – one of the last boats to ever get out of Europe with Jewish children. It breaks my heart – every time I tell this story, it breaks my heart not just because of what my grandma did, but also just thinking about the kids who were left who were left behind. Who didn’t get onto the boats.

So they sailed to America, and it wasn’t until my grandma – and she says this, to this day – it wasn’t until they saw the Statue of Liberty as they sailed into the New York harbour that she knew that she was safe. And from there, they were placed with a Jewish family, in upperstate New York, and they raised my grandma and her little brother as their own.

The war eventually ended, and they had not heard from their parents or what happened to them. They had no idea. My grandma and her little brother quickly adapted to American life. They learned English, they loved being Americans and then they got the news that their father was alive.

It took him a while, after the war, to find them because my great-grandfather, after he was taken away by the Nazis, kind of shuttled around to various concentration camps. For years. And, he sruvived Auschwitz and was moved to Buchenwald. He was in Buchenwald when it was liberated. He actually stayed after the liberation because while he had been in the camp, he had formed pretty close bonds with the rabi. He and them, while they were in the concentration camps, actually continued practising all the Jewish holidays under the Nazi guard’s noses.

But after the campe was freed, he and the rabi stayed because they realised there was a large number of young adults who were too old to receive the aid a lot of the children were receiving to get them out of the camps, but they were still basically kids who had no family, nowhere to go, with no money and nothing. So he and the rabi stayed and forged documents –

[I stopped recording again. In the end, her great-grandfather found his kids, but they also learned what happened to her great-grandmother. She had been smuggling Jews while in her parents’ textile factory, and were unfortunately, they were discovered by the Nazis and were killed.

They continued to live in America, and Sarah’s grandmother eventually married her grandfather. She’s apparently still as lively as ever, and does things like sky-diving and bunjee-jumping to this day.

She went on to say that her grandmother’s story and personaltiy greatly influenced Yrene’s story and character. There is a moment in Tower of Dawn where Yrene feels the presence of all of the healers before her and their jounrey to reach Torre, and that is a moment that Sarah has felt towards her own ancestors.]

That’s where I’ll end today’s transcript. I apologise for any typos. After this, we go into more of a Q&A about the books again, and Sarah answers some more questions (one of them is on Elain’s mating bond with Lucien). So far, we have convered twenty minutes of the recording and have another eleven to go. There will probably be about one (or two) more. I will do them whenever I get the chance (most likely the weekend after next) but please know that I am quite busy around Christmas!

Thank you for all the notes on the last transcript !! >.<

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anything where bucky is peter pan?! :O

I only found one Peter Pan AU, and it’s the other way around:

Neverland by PBJ32557

“Listen, Sam, Bucky isn’t my boyfriend, he just-”
“Who the hell is Bucky, now?” Sam stepped forward, the concern clear on his face was concerning in itself. “Another pirate?”
After a long pause Steve had to answer. “James.”
“James? As in, Captain James? Hook?” A pathetic nod. “You fucking idiot, Steve, do you have any idea-”

“What happened, Stevie? I thought our little date was great. You didn’t climb out any back windows and I didn’t lose any other limbs so I thought it went pretty damn well.” Sam startled as Bucky appeared from behind the strewn open door, tutting at Steve before throwing his arm around his shoulders casually, smiling at Sam as he gaped in accusatory shock.

“Now really isn’t the time, Bucky.” Steve pinched the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger but nonetheless slumping into the Pirate’s side.
“It never is with you Lost, is it?” He smirked with a bone-deep affection as he gently kissed Steve’s temple, turning back to his friend who quite frankly resembled a gutted fish.


Ben swallowed thickly, trying to catch the breath that Sabrina’s murderous glare had seemingly sucked out of him. He opened his mouth to try to speak, but every time he tried to formulate a thought into words they would just fall apart in his mouth before they could be spoken. 

Sabrina: (bitterly) “Nice of you to show up.”

Ben: “Sabrina, I can explain.”

Sabrina: “I’d love to hear you try.”

Ben: “Just hear me out.”

Sabrina: “I’ve let it slide before, one or two hours late is fine, as long as you let me know.”

Ben: “Sabrina-”

Sabrina: “But a whole night without a single call, a single text? It’s out of order, Ben. And I want answers.”

Ben: “I-”

Sabrina: “Now!”

Ben may have been trembling in terror but Sabrina’s anger had been simmering away all night and morning, so for it to be finally coming out, the little control that she had to maintain her composure was slowly ebbing away with every shaking word she uttered.

Ben: “I- I just went over to Zoe’s for a couple of drinks after work.”

Sabrina: “Like you often do?”

Ben: “Yeah-”

Sabrina: “It’s just that, usually when you go over to Zoe’s, I get a text.”

Ben: “I know.”

Sabrina: “But last night…I got nothing.”

Ben: “…I know.“

Sabrina: “Is there a reason for that? Or did you think it would be funny to keep me up until god knows what time, worried sick about you?”

Ben: “Oh god, Sabrina. I’m so sorry-”

Sabrina: “Answer the question, Ben.”

Ben: “Yes, there is a reason.”

He couldn’t believe he was lying so easily, it just seemed to roll off his tongue as if it was nothing but truth. But, then again, at this point it was more of a survival instinct than anything else. 

Sabrina: “Well I’m all ears then.”

Ben: “My- My phone was flat. The battery died in the middle of my shift.”

Sabrina: “And there‘s not a single charger at work? Or at Zoe’s?”

Ben: “No, Zoe‘s got a different phone, the charger wouldn’t work on mine.”

Sabrina: “You couldn’t have used her phone? What about even just calling from her landline?”

Ben: “The phone lines were down for her whole building, and the heating was too, it was bloody freezing.”

Somehow telling part of the truth within the lie soothed his burning conscience a little, but Sabrina’s fiery anger didn’t let that last long.

Sabrina: “Hmm, so cold you stayed the whole night?”

Ben: “We fell asleep watching tv. It was a…really stressful service last night and I guess I was just exhausted.”

Sabrina: “So instead of coming home to your own bed, to your own wife, you went back to you friend’s oh-so-inviting, freezing cold apartment for a cheap glass of wine and a rough night’s sleep?”

Ben: “Zoe was feeling really down, I couldn’t just leave her. And she’s been stocking up on episodes for weeks-”

Sabrina: “Oh don‘t worry, Ben. I see where your priorities lie.”

Ben: “Sabrina, it‘s not like that-”

Sabrina: “Well I can’t seem to see it any other way, so I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree, won’t we?”

Ben: “Oh come on, Sabrina-”

Sabrina: “Look, Ben. There‘s something you’re not telling me, I know there is. But I honestly don’t have the time, or energy to argue any more right now; I’ve got to get Theo to the library for his writing workshop-”

Ben: “Oh god, I‘m so sorry, I completely forgot-”

Sabrina: “Yeah, well something else was obviously at the forefront of your mind, wasn’t it?”

Ben: “I-uh…Where are Maddie and Dylan? I’ll keep an eye on them while you take Theo-”

Sabrina: “They‘re next door with Laurie and Harry.”

Ben felt as if the wind had been knocked out of him for the second time that morning. He was utterly dumbfounded.

Ben: “They‘re- They‘re where?“

Sabrina: “I was just about to leave with Theo, and because I didn’t know when you were going to bother showing up, I called Laurie and she offered to watch them until we got back.”

Ben: “But-”

Sabrina: “And before you ask, I did call John and Kennedy before them, but Ken’s not feeling very well and I didn’t want to make her feel any worse by saddling her with those two.”

Ben: “But, I’m home now, I can watch them-”

Sabrina: “They‘re already there, Ben, there’s no point. They can obviously handle the responsibility better than you can right now, so if you’ll excuse me, I have somewhere important to be.”

Sabrina turned from an utterly floored Ben, to walk over to the staircase, where she called up to Theo to be gathering his things together. Just before the excited, thudding footsteps of her son running downstairs filled the room though, she turned to her husband one final time with a look of warped hatred glittering in her green eyes. 

Sabrina: “And by the time I get back you’d better have gotten your shit together because I cannot and will not stand for this any longer.”

Her smile was soon fixed back on her face when Theo came bounding towards her with an eager grin on his face though, and Ben managed to pull the parts of one together as well…until the door closed behind them and their voices drifted away into the quiet, suburban air. That’s when his smile and his heart crumbled, the world spun around him and everything he had depended on for happiness in his life up until that point slipped further out of his reach than ever before.

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This is for your Q&A: What is your absolute favorite moment of Rdj? Like it could be something he said or did or just a moment in an interview maybe

This one moment I thought was really adorable was when he was in an interview with Tom Hiddleston and he had his arm around Tom (like at his back) and when he removed it for a second Tom looked like he felt awkward so he immediately put his arm back there. I felt that was really sweet and it’s nice he noticed it so fast

MAS Bingo: Force to share a bed

Sabo stared at the staff member wondering if he heard right. The poor manager was giving him a sheepish look, hand still offering the free hot spring pass she had thrown in for the hotel’s mistake.

“Sir?” She asked, looking both worried and nervous. She must be a new manager “Are you okay? We are terribly sorry for this mishap. ”

Sabo doesn’t answer still, trying to calm the hell down. 

He is still reeling from the words. One bed. One bed. One bed.

Sure maybe, he had hoped that something would give him the opportunity to get their relationship away from friendship on the more stage but he wasn’t expecting it to just fall into his lap like this. How lucky was he?!

Now if only he could calm down the nervous butterflies in his stomech that would be great.

“Oh no that’s fine. Really, thank you for the pass I’m sure they will like it.” His smile is brighter than the sun and just the tad bit close to the cat that cornered a mouse.

The manager smiles tight at him clearly uncomfortable with the unbelievable glee on his face but she is polite to not say anything about it. 

He leaves the check-in desk to find Ace and Marco looking at the fish tanks they have in the lobby. Ace is making faces at the small guppies, laughing when they swim closer to the glass. He giggles each time one swims away then gapes in horror as a baby fish gets eaten. 

Sabo’s heart melts at the devastated look. That’s so like him, to feel so much for even the smallest of creatures. It’s one of the many reasons Sabo fell hopelessly for him.

He shakes his head, turning his attention to the other man who is little ways away from the distressed raven hair man. 

Marco’s eyes are focused on the seawater tank, eyes appreciate if the large colorful ones they have. Sabo knows the look on Marco’s face as the blue one flickers to and forth lazily in the water. He wants to draw it. 

He’s already reaching for his little-trusted notebook when Sabo gets close enough to grab their attention.

“Bad news guys, they gave our rooms to someone else.” He starts acting as if though he truly does feel disappointment. He thinks he does a great job when Ace reaches out to brush his arms offering comfort. A feeling of fire rushes through his veins swiping into the rest of him, causing Sabo to rush out  “They have one room open and it’s ours. We got free hot springs out of it so I took it.”

“That’s not too bad” Marco hums, smile just that tad off of crooked and Sabo has to breathe through his nose. “I’m assuming there is a catch?”

“Yeah. It only has one bed. We can take turns on sleeping on the floor-” Beacuse wouldn’t it be odd not to offer that option? Would it not come off as weird if he really didn’t want to/  “- or we can all sleep on it. It’s a King size so I think we fit.” 

He holds his breath as Marco places one hand under his chin clearly thinking over his words. Ace seems to not mind either way which can be both a good and a bad thing. 

The ticking of the lobby clocks gets louder, as people walk around them chattering up noise.

The world seems to slow down while Sabo’s heart speeds up.

“I don’t sleep in the middle yoi” Marco says, at last, allowing time to return back to normal as a relieved sigh rushes out his lungs. 

“Of course,” he says. Ace smiles at him, silver eyes twinkling in an amused way which seems to convey I know something you don’t

Sabo pretends he doesn’t notice, thinking of what he can say to get them to agree to a date at the hotel’s restaurant. They are here for the webcomics convention as partners on a project but if he’s lucky they get to leave as partners in a relationship.

His ready to make a move and he won’t chicken out this time. 



Later that night Sabo is trying really hard not to whimper when Ace thought it was a brilliant idea to throw his arm around Sabo’s waist who somehow ended up sandwich between them. Marco managed to wiggle his arm under Sabo’s ear, and his warm body keeps the cold away from the smaller man.

Ace mumbles something in his sleep before he tightens his hold.

Marco’s nose buries itself in blond wavy locks at the same time.

He was wrong. He wasn’t ready for this, his heart couldn’t handle it yet. He couldn’t even tell Marco that he really liked his tattoo why did he think he could handle sleeping so close to them!?

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I WANT TO HEAR YOUR SECRET ENDING SALT, besides the Jumin one cause we all know that feel but idk Saeran doesnt look happy

Hello friend! 

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Its been a while since I salted things up so I may be a bit rusty. I will pretty much omit Jumin in this answer because I’ve already had a long rant about him, so let’s get into Why the secret ending is a happy ending for no one. I’d like to preface this with a disclaimer: This is my own opinion, and I have not seen once Cheritz claiming it was a happy ending for everyone, just that it is a canonical continuation of Seven’s route. Also I love Cheritz very much and don’t begrudge them anything due to my opinion. Let’s get started. After the cut cause y’all know I’m wordy af.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Have you seen the comeback greeting video for inkigayo that BAP had done? If so? I was wondering, you know the hand gesture that Daehyun and Youngjae had done, do you think that they will use that move or it could be Jongups move? Orrrr they are just doing that to take the piss lol

Lol, in that bucket hat? That’s a piss takers hat if ever there was one ^^ 

They’re probably just trolling the child. But YOU NEVER KNOW. Dae is the King of Spoilers and Youngjae seems very excited about this comeback, so they might be throwing us a random, awesome bone..hmm, i’m intrigued..

mrswhozeewhatsis  asked:

I have an idea for an AU fic, but it's not one of your squares (but if you went with a ship like Cockles or Destiel, maybe you could incorporate it?). Firefighter!Dean has to come save, maybe, Author!Cas from a tree he climbed chasing his cat, who gets out of the tree by himself just fine, don't you know, leaving Cas stuck up the tree by himself, embarrassed as all hell. I've had this idea for a while, but I wouldn't know where to start writing ships. You do them so well, though!

LMAO this is really cute and funny. I don’t have author!cas though but maybe I could make it college student!cas if you don’t mind? I got author Misha but I don’t know why I feel this fits Cas and Destiel better.



ok, i just answered all the asks i had prior to making this post, so update time.

i’m allowed to live at home for as much time as i need, but my mom admitted that she and i would both probably be happier if i left (her exact words were “you’ll probably be happier, and don’t take this the wrong way, but we probably will too, so we don’t have to do this all the time.) it kind of looks like i might be living there into the new year, but let’s take it one day or at least one week at a time. 

right now, i’m looking at apartments in mansfield, OH. i’m not dumb enough to think that i could survive on the streets in the dead of winter in ohio. but i do need money for down payment, and then additional money for rent. i honestly think the down payment is going to be the easiest thing, because you are all doing so much to help me at the moment, and i greatly appreciate it. the problem is a consistent wage–i can’t live off of donations my entire life. and there’s a few factors that may make it difficult for me to get a job. those are that

  • i do not have a high school diploma
  • i am disabled (partial deafness and things that stunt my mental capacities) 
  • i can’t drive

any job that i can get without a high school diploma is most likely to be less or equal to minimum wage, which…isn’t really livable, especially if i’m spending $425+ dollars on rent (and that’s not even including utilities) every month. i do need to eat, and even if i don’t eat a lot, that’s still gonna be just scraping by. 

my other option is, uh, artwork. my only real skill is in art shit, and that kind of sucks a lot, because we all know the starving artist stereotype. it looks like that might be my reality when i really get out there. so i need to find a way to consistently earn money from my artwork. i have some ideas, like starting a webcomic and hosting ads on the site, selling my art as prints and t-shirts and the likes, commissions, but the problem with that is and always will be: publicity. i highly doubt that’ll be able to pay for advertising, so all of my advertising would depend on reblogs and word of mouth. which, is really fucking risky, because as useful as you’ve all been with reblogging my emergency post, people are hardly as diligent at reblogging commissions posts that don’t have a huge “help i’m dying” tacked onto them. and i don’t want to falsely advertise that i’m starving to death or whatever–i’m being taken care of, but i’m leaving, and the possibility might be that i could end up homeless if things go sour. 

i have1,420 followers right now (nice), but that’s not really enough to have consistent commissions and publicity or anything. so i need to find a way to get a bigger following somehow, and get consistent commissions. i might also have to raise commission prices (if you’ve already messaged me about commissions as of 12/10/2017 at 4:30 pm MTN time i won’t make you pay more, but commissions from this point forward might have a higher price), which sucks because i hate overcharging for my subpar-to-mediocre artwork, but if it’s what i have to do to survive, i’ll do it.

anyway i apologize if this post came off as like, overdramatic or whatever, but i’d like to reiterate: i am not in immediate danger of homelessness, or death, or anything horrible. things are ok. i just need to start earning money so i can get out of town by the new year.

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Saw your tags, and no Camille didn't really speak about her boyfriend in an interview. Just a mention. It was a quickfire questionaire thing with, like, one line answers. Like, "what do you wear for a night out dancing?", "what's your favourite drink?", "jeans or dresses?"- that kinda thing. And one question was about texting, like, "Who's the last person u text at night" or similar. And she answered "my boyfriend" or "I text my boyfriend". Something totally innocuous like that.

I haven’t seen any of that anywhere, guess the Larries must’ve buried it quick ‘cause I feel like if they’d had a bigger tantrum I would’ve caught wind of it before.

But cute! So he’s her boyfriend. There’s that discussion done.

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i hope this doesnt start discourse, but i'm wondering what the age difference is in cmbyn and how you feel about it? to me it seems like the same size gap that marrish had... and i just feel like it's so wrong. i have no idea about what the book is about tho

The gap is 17 and 24. before I knew everything, it made me uncomfortable too. But in Italy, they’re both legal, and Elio (the narrator, 17) is the one that makes all of the advances, Oliver (24) never acts on anything until he’s sure of Elio’s feelings, and always asks for consent. You’re of course valid in feeling uncomfortable about it either way, but personally, they’re both consenting and it’s not like Oliver is taking advantage of Elio, so it sits fine with me.