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OOC. whattup im equinox im 21 and i never fuckin learned how to properly express emotions

Fun game to play with a friend
  • Dramatically read freaky smut out loud to each other, keep a straight face, if you laugh the other person continues reading and vice versa.

red team is Good and they Love Each Other Very Much

…but, alternatively, this was basically That One Scene in 15.5-

au where lance and pidge get a complimentary 90s DDR dance mat with the game in the space mall: 

  • they hook it up to the big screen Somehow 
  • pidge is deceptively good and might just happen to know some of the levels bc with matt the pair of them would play it
  • lance is pretty darn good and picks it up quickly
    • legs. he can keep up on even the fastest levels, it’s very impressive.
  • Shiro is surprisingly and embarrassingly bad at it, it’s hilarious
    • gets asked to play and shrugs when Keith gives him the questioning Eyebrow 
    • “how hard can it be?” 
    • for someone so fit and in shape, he’s really out of breath 
    • it confuses everyone???? including him
    • “maybe the garrison should’ve considered these kind of routines in their drills” 
    • he actually gets close to losing patience with it lmao
    • “okay that’s it. why is this called a dance mat? i’ve never danced like this before. this isn’t dancing.” 
  • hunk really doesn’t gel with how fast the arrows are moving on the screen like there’s barely time to look at them and they’re super pixelated and it’s distressing
    • “stop moving so fast! i’m trying to concentrate!” 
  • keith finds the instructions a little vexing tbh. there are more logical and better moves to make in his opinion 
    • backseat dances. he doesn’t mean to, but it happens. “watch your footing!” / “no you need to veer more left” / “you’re gonna miss the next step” / “QUIT BACKSEAT DANCING KEITH.” 
    • he also honestly finds some of the music a bit obnoxious with the synth arrangements and it just generally feels like chaotic noise “can’t we just-… play it in slient mode.”  (Lance is affronted. the music is one of the best parts keith). 
    • keith gives it his best shot anyway and has the Focus Face with creased eyebrows 
    • Lance challenges him and that’s it he’s absolutely not prepared to lose no matter what he has to win 
    • “ah yes, back on Altea we used to dance a dance like this”
    • he wins the whole thing 
  • Allura’s not that far behind Coran either, she finds the music curious and wants to know more about it too. 
  • Coran commentates on everybody’s turn like when they’re chasing ulaz
  • in general it’s a very good time 
Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Prompt: Bill and reader gets into a fight (Requested by itsthecomet) 

Warnings: None 

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You sighed as you called your boyfriend for the freaken 10th time that night. You knew he was consistently busy with his acting career but you still liked at least knowing he was alive enough to say “Hi”. You had sent him at least 50 messages and now were calling him pacing back and forth in your apartment.

Your fingernails were bitten down to the nub, your hair was messed up from constantly raking your fingers through it, and you were sure you looked like crap.

“Hey this Bill, sorry I couldn’t pick up the phone right now-”

You cursed just about ready to throw your phone against the wall but held back and pressed the end call button. Once again not available. Should you be concerned he was cheating on another woman? I mean you had heard him talk about this beautiful blonde who he was supposed to kiss in a movie who kept flirting on him constantly.

Yet he would always remind you that he was in love with you, not her. Beauty was in the eyes of the beholder and to his eyes you were his diamond beauty. At least that’s what he claimed. You continued to pace biting your finger this time and constantly turning on your phone to see if you got a message.


Still nope.



You already know the answer…

Finally 11:00 pm rolled around and you were sitting on the couch watching the old 90’s cartoons on the TV trying to take your mind off. You kept constantly looking at your phone ever once in a while, bouncing your leg and glancing from the phone to the door to the TV again and again.

Finally you heard the door lock click and straightened up suddenly awake as you stared at the door intensely. Bill stepped through and pulled his keys from the door handle with his jacket draped over his arm.

“Oh, hey babe! I wasn’t expecting you to be awake.” Bill said smiling.

You didn’t say anything and watched as he hung his coat in the closet by the door before heading over to the kitchen.

“I made dinner for you…it’s cold now.” You said your voice dry and showing obvious annoyance.

“Oh I had dinner with my buds at the pub.” He said casually as he opened the fridge and poured himself a glass of juice.

You dug your nails into your arms struggling to bite back from snapping at him.

“What’s wrong babe?” Bill asked walking over.

He sat down next to you and attempted to wrap his arm around you but you escaped his grasp and crossed your arms, “What’s wrong? What’s wrong?! What’s wrong is that you didn’t text me all day! I sent you over 50 emails and called your phone at least 10 times!!!”

“I’m sorry my phone died.” He apologized.

“Well…what’s that on your neck?!” You demanded nearly shouting.

Bill jumped and raised his hand to his neck covering the bruise, aka hickey on the side of his neck with a faint but noticeable bright red lipstick stain.

“In this scene we had to do Jessica and I had to have a make out scene but she enjoyed it too much.” He explained.

You narrowed your eyes your blood boiling at the mention of that blonde bitch, “Are you cheating on me?”

“Calm down-”

“No! No I’m not gonna calm down!” You shouted, “Your cheating on me with that blonde bitch!”

“Will you just listen!” He shouted raising his voice as well.

“No I will not listen! Because all you say now a days is lies! This is the 3rd time this WEEK you’ve done this!” You shouted louder.








You couldn’t take it anymore and stormed over to the front door slipping on your shoes.

“Where are you going?!” Bill demanded.

“I’m leaving!” You spat rushing over to the door.

You threw the door open and just narrowly escaped Bill trying to grab you.

“(Name)!” He called watching as you ran down the hallway.

Bill cursed and slammed the door shut kicking the door as well before slumping against the wood and raking his fingers through his slicked back hair. He let out a deep breath through his mouth and leaned his back against the door. Bill knew his career was really stretching out your relationship.

He was constantly traveling and hardly ever had a chance to call you since he was so busy. And lately he’d been coming home late due to the director wanting to finish the movie sooner.

God he was such an idiot

Meanwhile you were outside walking down the street late in the night. It was cold and you were sure your fingers were numb from hypothermia making you wish you had grabbed a sweatshirt before you left. You just needed to distance yourself from him…or never return. Seeing that hickey on his neck had just made you snap.

You were just…you were just so stressed out. With your job being sucky, your boss yelling at you, your co-workers not bothering to work and just…everything. And then Bill coming home late didn’t help much with your day. You realized you were crying and wiped your face with the back of your hand.

You looked up from where your feet were guiding you and found you were at the local park. This was where you had met Bill. You were walking your friend’s dog Tidus when he started barking at a squirrel and had broke the cheap leash to chase after it. Bill was in the right place at the wrong time right next to the tree the squirrel had decided to climb up.

Your friends dog was clearly a big dog and after he saw his prey had ran away he noticed Bill who was staring dumbfounded. Despite his size Tidus was a friendly dog and laid down next to him putting his head on his lap for Bill to pet. You came rushing over frantically apologizing and of course he was cool with it.

You tried to take Tidus away but he was a stubborn dog and wouldn’t let you take him. He placed his head in Bill’s lap signaling he wanted to be with him. So Bill had to walk with you home to get Tidus to move and that’s how your relationship began.

Walking your friends stubborn dog.

You had been dating for 3 years now but due to Bill’s acting career everything’s been putting a weight on your relationship. Not money of course but not seeing or communicating with each other. Everyday he wake you up and give you a quick kiss before leaving for the entire day. You couldn’t remember the last time you both had just woke up and spent hours just curled up together dozing off occasionally.

You finally decided to sit down on a wooden bench that only made you feel colder. You were violently shivering uncontrollably and noticed you could see your breath floating in the air as vapor before dissolving. You laid down on the bench and curled up as best as you could using your arm to prop your head up.

You closed your eyes and drifted off into sleep.

Sometime later you stirred when you felt a heavy fabric being draped across you. You opened your eyes and saw Bill was in front of you looking concerned with his phone pressed to his ear.

“She’s alive-she just woke up now.” The man said to who ever he was calling on his phone, “Alright. Thanks Alex.”

You sat up and whatever was on you slumped down. You noticed he had placed his wool jacket on top of you and put it on the smell of his cologne still lingering on it.  coat.

“I’m…so sorry (Name) I didn’t mean to-I…”

“It’s okay.” You said softly burying your cold nose into the jacket.

“Im sure you wanna go home now?”

You nodded and opened your arms making him grin and laugh a little. He easily picked you up and carried you back home allowing you to doze off on his shoulder. When he arrived back home he had to set you down in front of your building which you whined about that he was forcing you to walk.

He just ruffled your hair and wrapped his arm around your shoulders as he lead you back to your apartment. As soon as you walked in you made a b-line for the bedroom you and him shared and quickly changed into pajama bottoms and one of his shirts before crawling into bed. Bill followed behind you and smiled noticing you were already half asleep.

He wrapped his arm around your shoulder and pulled you closer to him so you were spooning. He kissed your neck making you groan that you wanted to sleep and he smiled and lovingly said, “I talked to my agent and I got tomorrow off so we can cuddle as much as you want. Sound good?”

You turned around so you were facing him and smiled,

“Do you really need to ask?…”

Epilogue: So yeah I have more Bill Skarsgard prompts I will post so he excited for that! Thanx for reading! =)!

during 2017, we’ve seen some major self development in dan. all year he’s been getting more confident in himself, more open about his opinions, and expressive of issues like mental health and being… not straight. i remember how happy we were when he painted his nails with glitter last may and how proud when he made his depression video just recently. and i think that there’s going to be a bit of a shift for this. dans always going to be growing, but the rapidity at which he did this year won’t last much longer in my opinion.

if you look at how phil has been acting all spooky week, you can see that he’s starting to lose that reserved nature that he tends to keep during gaming videos. i think he’s beginning to go through something similar as what dan had from last spring to now. it’s especially evident in the golf video ((where he was incessantly flirty)) and the new baking video that he just seems to be getting way freer with what he says and it’s absolutely wonderful. he even said ‘ass’ and he been laughing with heehees more and more. it’s quite reminiscent of young phil from like 2010, before he and dan blew up and he started getting shy from the overwhelming sudden attention. maybe phil will post some hot insta pics of his own this spring! god im so happy for him and for dan they deserve this growth so much. now where is my phil in ripped jeans and a quiff plz thanks

sorry i haven’t been drawing as much, its probably because i foolishly bought another copy of animal crossing to make a faerie-themed town

S/O being mad but is too cute


Jin laughed as you pounded your fists against his chest.”How dare you scare me like that. I should kill for it. Stop laughing at me!”

Jin just laughed more before grabbing your wrist and spinning you around to where he was hugging you. You twist and turned, trying to break free, but nothing was working. “Kim Soek-jin! Let me go!”

“Nah. You’re too cute to do that.”

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Suga groaned as you turned on the lights. “Min Yoon-gi! Were gonna be late! You were supposed to be up an hour ago.” He rolled over to you and sighed.

“It’s not even that important. Do we have to go?” You go over to him and attempt to pull him out of the bed. He doesn’t budge and so you resort to getting on the bed to push him off.

He smirks and rolls over on top of you and laughs. “I win.”

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You grumbled as you walked through the door. “I can’t believe you called me cute! No one is gonna take me seriously now!” you complain, glaring at J-hope.

“But you are. You’re so much shorter than me and have cute, chubby little cheeks.” he kidded, patting them softly.

“That’s not the point. I was trying to be serious and you ruined it.”

“Im sorry Jagi. I just couldn’t help but compliment you.”He hugged you and kissed your forehead as you sighed, knowing you had already forgiven him.

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Rap Monster

Rap Monster couldn’t help but smile as you ranted about your friend. “Are you even listening?” you asked, clearly annoyed.

“Kinda. You’re just so cute when you’re mad that I couldn’t help but notice.” You sighed and rolled your eyes, leaving the kitchen.

“I’m calling my sister. She’ll listen to me!”

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You blushed a deep red as you heard what Jimin said. “W-What?” you squeak out.

“I said.You’re so cute when your mad. It’s kinda hard to take you seriously.” he said with a laugh. He moved your hands from infront of your face and smiled. “I love that about you though.”

You blushed again and pushed him lightly. “I love you too I guess.”

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“-just can’t believe her!” you yelled as you walked through the door, V following close behind. He had listen to you rant the entire way home, but just couldn’t believe you were mad.

“You’re too cute to actually be mad.” he thought out loud. You turned to look at him with a confused face. 

“What? Nevermind, anyways, how-” you thought for a moment. “What was I even talking about?”

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Jungkook followed behind you smiling as you fumed and mumbled. You were the most adorable mad person he had ever seen. You turned around to face him and rolled your eyes. “Why are you smiling?”

Jungkook did an imitation of what you were doing and laughed. “It’s just cute to watch you be upset.” You glared and turned around, continuing what you were doing in the first place. 

“I’m not cute. I am evil and I’ll kick your ass.”

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i’ve decided whenever i see english written in a terrible ancient greek font i am going to say “it’s all grssk to me!” and laugh. this will be my legacy. this will begin to make up for every classics student who has had their friends, family, and strangers chortling “It’s all greek to me!” as they try to do their homework. this is my tribute to your strength.

The Signs As Shit My Teamates Have Said/Done

Aries: *is a pitcher* *hits two batters in one inning* “lmao oops ¯\_(ツ)_/¯”

Taurus: *starts singing the national anthem with a really heavy/twangy country voice* “fuck this softball shit im changing my career path”

Gemini: *is the captain* *asked what the team was wearing the next day* “im wearing a bikini do whatever the fuck you want”

Cancer: *the center fielder, shouting to the one in right* “hey heads up, coming your way. just kidding. i have no idea who’s up and what they’ve done.”

Leo: *found out at out last practice before our biggest tourney she was playing second* *whispers fearfully “i haven’t fielded a ground ball in more than two years”

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Types of BTS Stans

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Soft Seokjin Stans: literally the sweetest kind of stans i’ve met. they all luv his smile and everything about how fluffy his hair gets and his laugh. oh my god they all talk about the windshield laugh and how good it is (ngl it’s great). lowkey in love with RM at the same time bc they love the parents

Hard Seokjin Stans: the softest of the hard stans. they’re starving yall. someone help them. probably died of a heart attack @ jin wearing a see-thru shirt at the amas. why are they crying. are they ok. (no)

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“Love.” Finn Wolfhard

Plot - Finn takes Y/N to paris

Paring - Finn Wolfhard x reader


“Hey, Y/N, I have a surprise for you.” Finn knocked on the door of my dressing room, opening it slightly. “Finn, not another one.” I rolled my eyes, despite the smile on my face. “Ooo you are looking snazzy.” I complimented, letting him into the dressing room. We were at Stranger Things 2 premiere, so obviously we were all dressed up. I was wearing a black romper that had flowers on the top part, and some simple black heels. “Why thank you, you aren’t looking too bad yourself.” He smiled, handing me an envelope. “Why are you always buying me shit?” I asked, taking the envelope and opening it. Inside was two plane tickets. “Pris?!! Oh my god Finn! You did not.” I jumped in awe. “I think I did, can you not see the tickets?” He joked. “You are an amazing boyfriend.” I told him, pulling him into a tight hug. “We leave tomorrow morning.” He mumbled, hugging me back. “Tomorrow?! Finn, I have to pack!” I worried. “It’s okay baby, your mom has already done most of it, there were a few things she didn’t know if you wanted or not.” He responded. “How long have you been planning this?” I asked, sitting on the couch. “A few months.” He responded. “You’re amazing.” I whispered, kissing him softly.

“Hey everyone!” I smiled, walking into the makeup and hair room, where Millie and Sadie were. “Hey! You seem exponentially happier than you were about 20 minutes ago.” Millie commented. “Well, Finn got me a present.” I smiled. “What is it this time?” Sadie asked, walking over to both of us. “Plane tickets… to PARIS!!” I shrieked, going into complete fangirl mode with the two. “You are so lucky oh my god!” Millie shrieked with me. “I want myself a Finn.” Sadie complained. “I got myself a Finn, and honestly I don’t even know how.” I blushed. “I do, You see, Finn saw you for the first time and he immediately fell in love and now he spoils you rotten.” Millie responded. “I wouldn’t necessarily call it ‘love’.” I stated, “But, I really really like him, like remember that time we went to the beach because we had a day off and Finn asked me to be his girlfriend? That was a great day, he was so sweet about it and we were both bushing like crazy. Or the time he took me to the ice cream parlor and we were laughing so hard I dropped my ice cream so he shared his. Or the time we were in that interview and they asked who our celebrity crush was and he answered me and then the crowd awed and shit, god that was cute but embarrassing.” I continued, not realizing I was rambling. I looked over to Millie and Sadie who had goofy grins on their faces. “What?” I asked confused. “Y/N You are so in love, it’s adorable.” Millie laughed. “And don’t say you aren’t because we all can see it on both of your guys faces when you talk to each other.” Sadie added.

“Okay, so if I am in love, what do I do?” I asked. A worried expression on my face. “Tell him.” They responded in unison. “When, that’s not something I can just go up to him and be like ‘Yo Finny, Im in love with you! Enjoy the new information.’” I responded. “You are literally going to Paris tomorrow.” Millie rolled her eyes. “Oh yeah.” I responded, laughing a bit.

“I’m so excited!” I beamed at the airport. Finn and I had already made our way through security and now we’re just waiting to board. His parents were coming with us but we got our own separate hotel room, and Finn bought me and him First Class tickets. “Hey, you okay?” I asked him, he looked nervous, and he wasn’t saying much, which normally he’s always talking. “Yeah, I was just….. Thinking.” He mumbled, looking at the ground. “About..?” I asked, worry lacing my words. “What would’ve happened if one of us never auditioned for season 1? What if the IT movie actually started filming the time it was supposed to and I couldn’t do Stranger Things? Wh-” I put my hand on his cheek, trying to calm him down a bit. “Finn, why are you thinking about all that?” I asked, looking into his eyes. “I just can’t picture my life without you and I’ve been worrying about you leaving me.” He mumbled, looking back down at the ground. “Finn, I don’t even want to think about what I’d be like without you. I definitely wouldn’t be as confident as I am now, I’m not going to break up with you and I don’t plan on that ever happening.” I responded, rubbing his back. “You mean so much to me.” He stated, looking back at me. I didn’t respond, instead I kissed his lips to show him how much he means to me.

“Finally!” I relaxed, falling onto the hotel bed. After 10 hours on a plane you get pretty bored. It was about 11pm in Paris but it would be about 2pm in California so neither of us were tired. “This is a very fancy hotel.” Finn commented, falling onto the bed next to me. “Do you want to go out and explore?” Finn asked, a cheeky grin on his face. “Of course I do! Its paris!” I smiled, jumping off the bed and heading towards the door.

“Wow this place is amazing.” Finn commented in awe of all the beautiful buildings. “Yeah, do you want to sit down?” I asked. We had made our way to a cute little park. We both layed down on the grass, looking up at the sky. “Wow, starts are so beautiful.” I commented. “These starts are nothing compared to the ones I’ve seen in your eyes.” Finn replied, looking over at me. I blushed and looked back at him.

“Y/N, I need to tell you something.” Finn stated, the smile disappearing from his face. “I’ve been wanting to tell you this for a while but I just didn’t know how and now we’re in Paris and I think it’d be a good time to let you know.” He rambled. “I think I’m falling in love with you.” He finished, looking into my eyes, worry covering his features. “Finn, I feel the same way, I think I’m in love with you too.” I half smiled, a bit unsure of what to do next. “Thank god.” He mumbled before pulling me into a tight embrace. I giggled at his sudden movements while hugging him back. He pulled away just enough to look into my eyes. I closed the gap between us, kissing his lips. It felt different, better. Usually when we kiss, it’s quick and sweet, but not this time. This time it was a long, and full of passion and love, something i’ve never felt before.

I think I like being in Love.




you had almost had something with Klaus. almost. but then he had gone to New Orleans. and that had been the last you had heard of him.

until the day after your brothers… accident (no spoilers haha)

when you found him standing at your door, flowers in hand, you were more than surprised. “hello lovely.” he smiled sadly, “im sorry to hear about your brother.”

“so you what? came all the way from New Orleans just to tell me you feel bad?” you almost laughed.

“not quite.” he answered, “Y/N. i love you. i always have. i thought distancing myself would lessen my affection for you but i was wrong. and now im back, to be whatever you want me to be. a shoulder to cry on, a friend and if im lucky, maybe more than that.”


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after you read your boyfriend’s text, you threw your phone off to the side and forced yourself out of your bed to go to the living room. you plopped down on the couch and turned on the tv. as always, there was nothing on so you just sat back and waited.

“ugh.” you groaned in pain, rubbing your belly.

then, you started to sneeze and cough. it was ugly. you felt ugly. you had bags under your eyes, your hair needed to be combed/done, and it was super cold to you so you wore a pair of sweats and a matching jacket. you didn’t really care though, kookie had seen you in much more worse conditions. you’ve gotten ‘uglier’ than this.

it felt like a decade had passed by before your boyfriend had finally arrived. you listened closely as he unlocked the door. hearing that jingle brought a slight smile to your face. your angel was here.

“hey y/n..” he came in, almost kissing you but he stopped himself. you didn’t say anything, you knew that he couldn’t risk getting sick. he carried two bags, one on each hand, both from a different store. he sat them down, “i saw those shoes that you said you wanted last week so i got them and this is soup and medicine.” he pointed to the bags.

“thanks. how much did all of this cost?” you asked.

“₩ 283973*” he said as he got out the medicine and poured you the needed amount.

“ew god please no!” you whined while you eyed the small cup filled with blue liquid.

“baby you have to take this if you wanna feel better. open your mouth.” he moved the cup up to your lips. you hesitantly opened your mouth and drunk it down, coughing afterwards.

“see that wasn’t that bad.” kookie reached inside of the same bag and pulled out a container that you quickly realized was soup.

“that smells good.” you hummed, you hadn’t eaten all day so you were definitely hungry.

he ran to the kitchen, returning with a bowl and soup spoon. he poured the soup into the bowl and handed it to you. “i’m not saying hurry up so i can cuddle with my chocolate bunny but im saying hurry up so i can cuddle with my chocolate bunny.” he said while he cleaned up.

“but you might get s-”

“i don’t really care y/n. i wanna hold you in my arms until you feel well cause you’re my baby..” he sung which only made you laugh and speed up your eating pace.


now, kookie and you were lying down on the couch. you had your head on his chest, over his heart..just listening to it and knowing that it belonged to you made you feel well.

“y/n..?” he yawned as he ran his fingers across your back.


“if i get sick, you’ll take care of me right?”

you looked up at him like he was what his question was…dumb. “of course i will baby. why wouldn’t i?”

you waited for a reply but instead, you got snores. your soft boyfriend fell asleep before you could. you couldn’t deny that it was cute but it surely took you by surprise. you grabbed his hand and kissed it, keeping your fingers locked with his until you fell asleep.

you were thankful to actually have someone like him in your life. 꾸키 [kookie]


* ₩ 283973 [won/south korean currency] = about $250 usd

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If you are doing the drabble thing, can you do Gargalesthesia? You can do any pairing, I guess, because I can't decide on one. (I hope I'm doing this right)

Poly Sanders. Just because. This is my first poly fic btw so give me some feedback bc tbh im flying blind here

Gargalesthesia - The sensation caused by tickling.
Warnings: Non consensual tickling. Logan has a slight panic attack?

Logan hated gargalesthesia. It was completely illogical, but he absolutely detested it. He had never explicitly told any of the others how much he hated it, and now he found himself regretting such a decision. They had snuck up on him. He hadn’t been expecting it.

His stomach churned as he laughed, hating himself for the way his body reacted to being tickled. He couldn’t breathe, he couldn’t think, his thoughts were scrambled and scattered in the worst kind of way. He tried to speak, to push them off, but it wasn’t working, his words caught in his throat, his actions seen as playful.

It was Anxiety who noticed first, of course, always the most observant when it came to distress. “Guys,” he said quietly, pulling his own hands away from Logan. “Guys, stop.” He was more forceful this time, pushing at Patton and Roman. They looked first at Anxiety, then at Logan as he curled into a protective ball.

“Logan, what’s wrong?” Patton sounded confused, and when a hand came up to rest on Logan’s shoulder, he couldn’t help but flinch. “Sweetheart?” There was something almost hurt about Patton’s tone, but Logan couldn’t speak, and only curled tighter into himself.

“My love, have we hurt you?” Roman, too, reached for Logan, but seemed to think better of it. “We’re so sorry, darling.”

A blanket was gently wrapped around his shoulders, once again the doing of Anxiety. “Do you want us to leave you alone for a while, sweetie?” Patton’s voice was so soft, as if Logan might break from a too-loud sound.

But he shook his head, slowly reaching for Patton’s hand and intertwining their fingers. The fatherly trait gently swept his thumb across the back of his hand, a calming gesture. Roman began to quietly hum, and Anxiety merely sat there, just in reach of Logan, keeping a careful eye on the logical trait.

“I’m sorry.” Logan whispered, finally. “I just. I can’t stand it. I know it’s completely illogical.”

“Don’t be sorry, dearest.” Roman murmured, and tentatively kissed his free hand. “You can’t help it.” Agreement came from Anxiety and Patton.

“I think we should go cuddle on the bed, and talk about this a little more. Set some boundaries.” Patton added, gently squeezing Logan’s hand. “I know you were working, sweetie, but you needed a break anyway.”

And so Logan nodded his consent, letting the two “warmer” traits go ahead to prepare everything.

“Are you going to be okay?” Anxiety asked, running a gentle hand through Logan’s hair.

He nodded, pulling Anxiety down for a grateful kiss. “I will be, thanks to you.” He breathed.

Anxiety smiled fondly and helped Logan up, wrapping an arm around his waist. “They’re turning you into such a sap.”

“I am not turning into xylem cell fluid.”

“Fucking damn it.”

here’s the thing that jingles my bells though okay here’s what really shooks my nibblits:

dan and phil live together. they see each other everyday. they travel the world together, they stay smushed next to each other on airplanes, they spent an entire tour crammed into a bus with each other, all of that

yet they never seem to tire of each other

they sit next to each other in restaurants and trail each other at events and pose near each other in pictures with friends. in an interview with little mix, they agreed that life would be boring without the other around, so if they were to kill one of them, they might as well kill both. just a few years later, dan literally said the universe would r i p i n h a l f if they were seperated.

and i mean, yes, sure, of course they spend time without each other. of course they have their own friends. of course they dont spend every waking moment with each other (dan’s an introvert, i’m not sure he COULD stand being around someone else that much)

but for god’s sake

they text each other from the other side of the house

they’ve managed to stick to one cushion on a couch that could probably seat five

they’re a l w a y s together

and they STILL dont run out of silly bants and friendly conversation and comfortable silence, yknow? they still laugh at each other’s lame jokes and finish each other’s stories and spend all their time playing mario kart on dan’s switch only to find out that phil’s is the one that hooks up properly to the equipment and now they dont have half as many unlocked achievments as they should

and that’s just amazing to me

their friendship is truly amazing

polka mans

So me and @bottledsleep​ were at a con and we found some fuckin T R E A S U R E S

a patrat with a pretty good perspective on life

a wigglytuff with a transparent personality

a machoke with acid-reflux

regigigas that never earned its stripes

a hariyama with at least one eye on the prize

an excadrill with some palette issues

this one looks fine

this fucking gardevoir with a drug problem

i don’t even know where to start with this one

this roserade had a wild vegas night

a stump of a dustox

grovyle had a jaw-dropping experience

a crocanaw that’s just glad to be here

and this poor swampert who tragically contracted a deadly case of play-doh face

A list of things from the idk concert

  • Dallon’s hair literally defies the laws of physics. He ran his hand through it once and it stuck straight up for a good minute or so
  • Ryan’s sequined red jacket is the best thing I’ve seen in my life.
  • also on the note of seqiuns: sparkly bass strap
  • You can really see how light dallon’s eyes are when he’s in the stage lights
  • Ryan’s hair looks so soft what are his secrets how does he do that
  • Seriously, alll I want in life is to touch his hair
  • Dallon is so tall
  • like, so tall
  • Also idk how tall Ryan is but he’s actually pretty tall, for some reason I thought he was like my height
  • While neon trees was playing I was sitting in the back which is where the artists and their families and people sit, and Dallon and Ryan were standing right in front of me
  • I was too nervous to talk to them, but as I was awkwardly trying to get past them to get downstairs they laughed and put their arms around each other’s shoulders and it was the purest thing I’ve seen with my own eyes
  • Also now I’ve awkwardly pushed past them I can die in peace

And I just need enough of you to dull the pain
Just to get me through the night ‘til we’re twins again
'Till we’re stripped down to our skeletons again
'Till we’re saints just swimming in our sins again

I’m not feeling great lately, so this is a completely 100% self-indulget thing i drew as a way to cope with it