i just had to

My daughter: Mum, why am I called Poppy?

Me: Well, sweetie. You see, “poppy” is English for “amapola”. That beautiful red flower you can find in fields. Poppies are beautiful, and humble; and nowadays, they’re scarce. Just like you. You remind me of a poppy, that’s why I called you like that.

Her: Oh, how cool!

*She leaves*

Me: Nobody must know the truth…

Another inktober i had to color just because 

With special dedication for @blacksmiley-c because I don’t know anyone who could love Gabe more than she does 🍩


“The moment we sat down and talked to each other, we had like a natural connection right away. He said to me afterwards that the most important thing for him was to feel comfortable. He had to be comfortable with me and I had to be comfortable with him to do all the stuff that we did this season. I think we just clicked and he felt as much as I did.” (x)

I’m trash™