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TBL: Retconned Kaplan

There is a subject of contention among The Blacklist fanbase – Kaplan’s ‘turning’ against Red b/c of her affection for Liz (because she was once her nanny). I would like to argue that the whole thing is definitely a retcon.

A very long meta below the jump.

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JID anon: Agnes has depression, but her father thinks it's just teenage hormones. Jasper has had to stay up with her on the phone several times to make sure shes okay and doesn't do anything drastic. The two joke about being born in the wrong family all the time, but then one day Jasper quietly adds, "But then I wouldn't have met the best girl in the world" and the two just share a moment of silence before Agnes starts to cry silently and hug Jasper saying thank you over and over again.


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Honestly, how do you think this is going to end for Fitzsimmons? It just seems so hopeless to me now that Fitz has killed two real people and Jemma has seen it happen (even if she doesn't know he pulled the trigger on Mace too). I just cannot see Fitz recovering from any of it and where is the reward in that?? Also when you mention them potentially leaving without Fitz do you mean just trying to get to the real him and wake him up and not worry about the danger of that/ foregoing a FW reunion?

Hi Anon!

We had a point last season where I was getting very similar asks about Fitzsimmons getting together.  That it didn’t seem like we had enough time and there was no way it would by the end of the season.  But it did, when the time was right their story hit the fast track and it happened.   

Saying that Fitz was in control of himself when he killed Agnes and even Mace (whose death is a different issue all together) is like saying Daisy was herself when she killed Malick or attacked the team while she was under Hive’s sway.  Fitz has been manipulated and brainwashed in the most horrible way here. With Daisy it was obvious, they showed us Hive swaying her.  With Fitz its more subtle but no less potent.   

We saw our Fitz breaking through last night, questioning what he did to Anges.  That was the spark of Hope I was looking for with him.  We knew it was going to take time.  We knew Fitz would be hardest to get to because he is the key.  

I have gotten around my concerns about not having to get to Fitz in the Framework when I realized that they wouldn’t throw away all this set up for Fitzsimmons…as well as picked up on a few other clues in my Its a Trap Meta.  

I didn’t mean they would leave Fitz in there, but that they might be forced to leave before they can fully wake him up…before anyone of them fully wake up.  Coulson is the closest due to Tahiti.  We just got May on the right track and in some ways even though Mack is with the Resistance he’s still lost in the fantasy.  

Hold tight guys, we’re almost through this.  There is a reason everyone keeps saying we need to get Jemma to him.  There is a reason he started to question things after he saw her.  And there is a reason that AIDA was afraid of her.   Its because their bond is strong and AIDA or whoever else is pulling the strings can’t risk losing him now, now when they are so close.  

Imagine ronan and adam picking out a christmas tree for monmouth though:

  • ronan tries to force adam to wear a hat because “dammit parrish you’re gonna get fucking pneumonia” and adam is all “no ronan im not cold”  even though he obviously is its just pride
  • but ronan just forces it on his head (you know it has a fucking pom pom on it because ronan is all about that life)
  • and the next thing adam knows hes got on gloves and a scarf too and they’re just wandering through the trees
  • ronan is pretending to look around for one but its so hard because adam just looks so damn cute in that stupid hat
  • ronan eventually finds this MASSIVE tree because fuck yeah why not
  • but adam finds this little spruce and its so perfect and it smells AMAZING and hes just got this look in his eyes
  • and ronan knows hes never had a real tree before so hes like “well we can just pump it full of fertilizers so it doesn’t look like a fucking charlie brown tree”
  • while they’re checking out ronan buys them hot chocolate
  • on the ride home their cheeks are all rosy and adams nose is a little drippy but hes just got the hugest smile on his face
  • then ronan has this amazing idea
  • he drops adam at monmouth and is like “oh i have to go pick up matthew and i dont have time to take the tree off the roOFSEEYOULATERBYE”
  • and he goes to st. agnes and uses the key we all know he dreamed up
  • he sets up the little tree in adams apartment and dreams up all these ornaments
  • the tree topper is a little figure of gansey in his boxers because what else
  • there’s a patchwork ornament for blue, a little raven with a santa hat for chainsaw, a little orb with sparkles for noah
  • lots of soft white lights and garland
  • decorating takes lots of swearing and he almost crushes the tree like fifteen times
  • adam has been calling for an hour because ‘RONAN YOU LEFT ME AT MONMOUTH WITH NO WAY TO GET HOME WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU’
  • ronan picks him up and adam is all ‘wtf did you do to my tree you demon’
  • and ronan’s all ‘oh it fell off the roof sorry parrish you’ll get over it’
  • and adam is just so heartbroken and mad
  • BUT
  • then they get to st. agnes and adam storms up to the apartment and slams the door and he’s so mad and
  • then he sees it
  • and hes so overwhlemed because hes never had this in his whole life and it makes his apartment feel like home for the first time ever
  • and then ronan is there and all ‘jesus parrish are you gonna fucking cry cause i can leave if you’re going to fucking puss-’
  • and adams is kissing him and its just magical
  • the next morning (ronan stayed over obviously) adams wakes up and sees that there is a ‘our first christmas’ ornament on the tree

sorry that got away from me…actually might make it a fic


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Still rereading cbs. Tattoo parlor scene (lol love that one) and cassie just mentioned that the pythian ritual has also been done for agnes. Now i'm wondering, is that how she (agnes) first met jonas? Was he the one she finished the ritual with aka had sex for the first time?

Man, I do love that scene. Hm, you know, I never thought about Agnes completing that ritual - given that we have no idea when her relationship with Jonas started, I guess it’s possible! That might be an interesting question to put to KC, although she could get the right wrong idea and think we were total perverts … 

a nightmare and a car and a dream of flowers / pynch fic

There was only this; his foot pressing down on the pedal. Faster, faster, faster, until he couldn’t breathe. No sound at all except his heart and the growling of the engine. But then something shifted and he looked to the side and there he was; Adam, his eyes wide and terrified.  

“Ronan,” he was saying. “Ronan, stop the car.”

He couldn’t move. Couldn’t look away or move his foot off the gas pedal or blink or breathe.

“Ronan, slow down.”

The car sped on. Adam started crying. “Stop the car!”

He couldn’t. There was nothing he could do but close his eyes and drive. 

The car started shaking beneath his grip.

There was a flash and Adam’s screaming and pain, excruciating and deadly and impossible, shooting through his chest.

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i want somebody to tell me this: HOW do you manage to take a real picture with a real baby so that people would IMMEDIATELY think it's photoshopped? jesus lord, his neck! his screwed up arm! his N E C K. pic in b&w, like.... if they had an opportunity to take a real picture with a real baby - they wouldn't fuck this up SO badly.

like.. even if the tattoos fit it’s just … off ? 

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I'm one of like a big group of people who really don't care about 1D but since babygate started we basically had our popcorn and just watching this mess unfold while you guys do all the actual work. I can't wait for the musical that will be written about this mess one day.. It will win so many awards!! Ps: I wholeheartedly believe Larry is real.

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