i just had this scene stuck in my head so


Anon said: i love ur fusion art!!!! if u have time/want to you should do a bakushima fusion

You’re not the only one that asked, but actually I already did draw it! It’s the first one I’ve drawn haha I felt like drawing it again tho, so here’s a doodled comic of the first time they fused accidentally ✌️

BnHA Chapter 232: Giant Bitchslap Arm

Previously on BnHA: Gigantomachia woke up and started ninja-running toward Aichi prefecture. Then all of a sudden we cut to Hawks just chilling on an Osaka rooftop with a bag. Everyone was like, “whoa, Hawks, what are you doing in this arc?” Hawks was all “well I’ll show you” and then he had a flashback where he fucking murdered Best Jeanist, probably, and everyone was like “um, hey, what the actual fuck” and Hawks was like “well you asked” and we were all filled with regret for having done so. Back in the Ol’ Villain City, Twice caught up with Tomura and Spinner and they were very happy to see him, and Tomura was like “so anyway we’re almost at Re-Destro’s tower and I can’t wait to fucking kill that guy” and the others agreed but they also worried that Tomura was too exhausted to keep this up much longer, and so Twice went on ahead to try and finish off RD on his own. The chapter ended up with Twice #241762-D arriving at the top of the tower to confront RD and rescue my boyfriend Giran.

Today on BnHA: Twice creates some clones of Tomura and the gang to help him out. Re-Destro then insta-kills one of the clones and tells Twice that he’ll kill Giran if Twice uses his quirk any more. He then makes his arm go all big and he just fuckin’… [gestures wildly] WHIPASH!! and just smacks them all to death, and then he goes over to where Giran is and gets ready to kill him while he and Twice are having a moment. Thankfully the not-quite-dead-yet Tomura clone intervenes, and as he fights him, Re-Destro launches into a big villain monologue about the Mother of Quirks, a.k.a. the mother of the first superpowered child to ever be born. Long story short, that baby grew up to be Destro, and his mom was all “please be kind to him and let him live in peace!” and so they fucking killed her because people are terrible. As RD is wrapping up his story and about to kill the clone Tomura, the real one reaches the tower and is all, “TOUCH!!!” This is the single most badass thing anyone has ever done, and the chapter ends with a wobbly Tomura confusedly interrogating an enraged Re-Destro while “We Will Rock You” by Queen plays in the background omfg.

(All comments are my unspoiled reactions from my initial readthrough of the chapter. I did a quick edit for grammar and clarity immediately afterward, and added one or two ETAs in the process, but aside from that there are no changes.)

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Magnus and Alec were cuddling on the couch, lazily caressing each other. Alec was close to dozing off. He’s never felt more comfortable than with Magnus in his arms, just holding his perfect boyfriend. He was magical alright.

“Alec?” “Hm?” “I love you” Alec smiled gently, still vaguely sleepy. “Love you, too” It wasn’t the first time they said it. Magnus straightened up a little to be able to look Alec in the eyes. Alec gave a low whine, because he’d lost his comfy Magnus-cushion.

“You don’t understand. I have never loved anyone the way I love you. You, my dear Alexander, are making me feel so content with myself. I’ve never been happier in my life.”

Alec’s eyes widened noticeably. He looked dumbstruck. Certainly this couldn’t be true? Centuries worth of history - there was bound to have been someone better than him. Someone less awkward, more romantic, less ordinary. He said as much, albeit stammering and blushing while doing so.

And Magnus just looked at him, adoration shining in his eyes: “No, Alexander, there really wasn’t” Alec smiled at Magnus, raking his hands through the warlock’s soft hair. “I love you too. More than anything”

So I’ve been obsessed with Good Omens recently and I just had a thought that’s stuck in my head.

What if the M-25 thing Crowley is famous in hell for was actually one of Aziraphale’s idea from when he had subbed in as per their “Arrangement”. Then, to save face, Crowley had to sell it, hence the “can I get a wahoo!” scene.

Later on, the knocking down of the mobile networks in the london area was also Aziraphale, hence why Crowley was almost embarrassed to say it and pushed so much to sell it to the other demons during their naming of the deeds of the day moment.

Think about it, both things are relatively harmless acts that don’t doom a specific person, but just mildly inconveniences people. Sure, both acts are at a wider scale, but it still seems like more prank than eternal damnation. Exactly something someone who is, at heart, just a little bit of a bastard would think up.

Strangers in the Night Pt. 1 (Ethan Dolan)

Summary: A new boy moved into the apartment above yours. He was looking for a fresh start, and found you. After learning some heartbreaking news from him, you realized there was only one thing that you could do. Even if you were setting yourself up for failure. 

A/N: (This is a long A/N because this is the first part… whoops.) I got this whole idea while watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Only one scene came from the movie… and I changed it a little bit. I really wanted to incorporate the song mentioned throughout the whole series… but that’s just not happening. I’ve had it stuck in my head for days tho, and I think you should listen. :’) – Strangers in the Night by Frank SInatra – After being inspired by these two things, ideas just started flooding my brain, and here we are 🙈

Oh also: This summary doesn’t really make sense in this part… but it definitely will in the next part, so hang on!! (sorry I suck at writing summaries.)

Thank you so so much to everyone who has helped me out with this. You guys really really mean the world to me :’)

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fuckboyholland-deactivated20180  asked:

CONGRATS ON 600 x i have had this idea stuck in my head about peter and the reader just being friends, but the avengers always tease them about them dating and canoodling. so one day y’all get fed up with their shit and start jumping on the bed and moaning like that scene from easy a and the avengers are freaking out, because they were only teasing, and they are like pressed up against the door to the room u guys are in and suddenly u just open the door and start laughing ur assets off

THANKS, LOVE!! Uuuuh, this is a nice one HAHAH

Send in your blurb request!

“Are you sure you want to do it?” Peter asked, looking shyly at you. 

You nodded and leaned into him, your breaths mixing together as you got closer. He gave you a weird look but went by it without much hesitation; that’s it until your hand met his cheek in a sly slap, earning a hurting moan from him.

Yeah!” You yelled, rolling the words from your tongue. 

The fact was that you and Peter have been friends in a long time. Since you two were the youngest avengers and studied together at Midtown, you guys hit off quite fast, finding you had many things in common. 

But after lots of nights of sleepovers and movies marathons in the movie room, the others on the team started to speculate about the friendship being something else. You would get smirks when leaving Peter’s room in the morning and following gazes when hugging or kissing him on the cheek, and he told you he noticed the same thing going on.

So the plan came on your mind one night while watching Easy A. There was this scene where the protagonist decide to fake sex with her gay friend so everyone would think he was straight. You and Peter almost looked like talking telepathically when your eyes met his and smirks formed on both mouths. 

One night, Vision entered Peter’s room to see if he was up to prove his new recipe and he saw the Star Wars posters on the walls, asking the boy about them. After that, Vision decided that they all should have a movie marathon to watch the series “because it was a great bounding activity”. 

It was perfect! When the movie started and everyone was there — some on their phones or doing any other things instead, or like Tony, rolling his eyes each scene that showed on screen — Peter and you decided to put the plan in action. He whispered it to you and you both got up, leaving the room quickly, earning gazes from everyone on the couch. 

Why did you do that?” Peter caressed his cheek lightly where the red mark of your fingers burned.

“Because you don’t know how to moan properly!”

Oh, I’m sorry I’m not a sex expert.” 

You rolled your eyes. “Just follow my lead.”

You stood on his bed and started jumping, signing to him to do the same thing. After that, you gave him thumbs up and started to fake moans in and audible tone, knowing that most of the team must be behind the doors. 

Oh, Peter!” You screamed, trying to sound as sexy as possible. “That’s so big!”

The boy blushed right away and you rolled your eyes once more, punching him on the arm and he moaned in pain once more, furrowing his brows at you.

Yeah, (Y/N), you’re taking it so well!” He yelled and the words made you blush. You weren’t used to hear Peter saying stuff like that. “Punch the walls, it might sound more realistic.” 

“Great idea” you whispered and started to knock your hands against the walls, making more sounds, not forgetting to keep jumping on the sheets. “Fuck, Peter!” 

Oh, oh, I’m almost there” Peter shut his eyes and screamed at the top of his lungs. Giggling, you decided that the act needed a gran finale. 

“Sorry, Peter” you whispered and your knees met his crotch immediately, making an almost animalistic groan come from his mouth, making the boy fall on the bed. 

You screamed right after and gave a moment until you crawled next to him, putting both your hands on his shoulders, watching his face red from all the screaming — and the balls kick. 

“Are you okay?” You asked without much noise, your hands on his cheeks now.

Y-Yeah…” He let out a long breath, his hands still protecting the hurting area. “Did you really have to do that?”

Yup. Sorry” you laughed and jumped off the bed. “C’mon, let’s see how they react.” 

After Peter recomposed himself, you two walked over to the movie room, watching everyone’s look, proud of yourselves. After that night, the team never picked on you guys again.

excuse me while i make snow angels in my nostalgia

When I was 9 years old I went to a Girl Scout summer camp.

A lot of memories have faded, but it marked a lot of firsts for me. First real summer camp, first time spending more than a few nights away from home and family, first time spending any significant amount of time surrounded by strangers. First time crushing on a girl, too, though I didn’t recognize it at the time because 9-year-old me didn’t realize I could even do that.

In any case, the camp lasted for the better part of 2 weeks, and all campers were split into groups overseen by two teenage counselors, all of whom went by camp names (it’s a scout thing). One of my group’s counselors was Zum, the object of my affections; I can’t remember the other’s camp name and sadly she signed my shirt in yellow marker. The faded letters look pretty close to “Chara” so let’s just call her Chara.

Anyway, we all slept on the floor of these open wooden cabin things, and most nights Chara would read to us before we went to bed. This was how I first experienced Roald Dahl’s The Twits, still one of my favorites to this day.

When she was done with The Twits, the second book she read to us was a Moomins novel.

Now, I had never heard of the Moomins before. It’s not very big in America, so when Chara whipped it out for one of her nightly readings I was like huh, cool, funny-sounding names and words and cute illustrations of characters that look like little hippos. Awesome, I’m all about it. Sadly camp ended before we got very far in that book, I went home and promptly forgot most of it.

Years later I heard about the Moomins somewhere else, and that was a happy little burst of nostalgia at the time, but I was in my late teens and had a lot going on so I didn’t really do much with that information. It was mostly just a moment of “Hey! I remember that!” but it didn’t really go anywhere beyond that happy little moment of recognition.

Then, more recently, a couple of my mutuals were reblogging cool-looking posts about the Moomins, and I caught wind of a new animated show, so I finally got around to looking into it. I liked what I saw, got my hands on the books, and I’ve been gradually working my way through them for the past week or so.

I didn’t remember much of what was read to me, and most of what I did remember was pretty vague, enough that I was starting to doubt my memory, or whether what I did remember was enough to recognize it if I read it. The only scene that stuck in my head after fifteen years was of Moominmamma fretting over the lack of marmalade, and asking another character to go looking for some in a spooky empty house that they had just moved into.

Lo and behold, I just got to that part in Chapter 3 of Moominsummer Madness.

I feel like I’ve come full circle. It’s a bittersweet feeling, remembering a happy time in my life while also suddenly missing people that I haven’t thought of in a decade and a half.

I hope Zum and Chara are doing well.


Anything at all can happen just before the sunrise.

Whenever I see Reaper76 fanworks of Gabriel teaching Jack Spanish, it inevitably reminds me of the scene/song from In the Heights, Sunrise, where Nina teaches Benny Spanish. Forgive me, Lin.

This has been stuck in my head for so long, I finally had to just draw it and get it out of my system.

I also love how the tone shift totally makes sense in the context of the musical, but here it looks like Gabriel’s just being moody.

[Bonus non-song scene also from In the Heights under the cut:]

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I know that SuperCorp is very unlikely to happen because Sanvers is already a thing, but between us… that’s bullshit.

Tv shows should always aim to reach out for the audience, capturing their interest - on a side trying to represent them and on the other trying to surprising them. We’re getting a hint of representation of the LGBT community (and I’m not saying LGBTQA+, because that part of the community is practically nonexistent according to the media) right now, which is definitely not enough, and what we get is rarely a quality product (for the most part, we’re used to make jokes, which isn’t representation, but more likely cheap comedy). We frequently get little screen-time, poor character development (he’s gay, what else is there to say?) and yes, we often get to DIE too (for the benefit of famous “shock value”… which doesn’t shock anybody, really, since it happens almost all the time). What we don’t get is main roles, good backstories, characters who are not only defined by their sexual orientation and… well, to live, to grow and get to be happy on screen (what an absurd concept, am I right?).

Supergirl has done an incredible job by representing Alex Danvers’ coming out story: it showed its audience how a strong, brave woman like Alex can still be very fragile and struggle with this kind of realization; how she fears to accept herself, to be fully herself and out with the people she cares the most about, and more importantly how things can actually go well. This is damn important, ‘cause it helps a lot of people to think that “Hey, maybe my family won’t take it this badly” or “Maybe my friends will accept me” and “Maybe things will change for the better!”, ‘cause guess what? IT CAN HAPPEN AND IT HAPPENS! But this is not very interesting to show, apparently, ‘cause most of the time it’s all freaking dramatic and it ends in tragedy.

The new generations are already lucky, ‘cause now there is something like this (Supergirl) on Tv, but it’s not enough still, ‘cause they’re portraying a tiny fragment of their audience, of the people around the world, and if you think “But it’s a lot already”, I’m gonna tell you that the straights have every single damn shade from every single damn angle for their representation on screen, while we are barely there and almost never the main character or anything close to that. Yes, there are movies in which we are protagonists, but let’s be real, they’re almost always centered on our sexual orientation, the discovery and the consequences, which is helpful and good to see, but it’s not everything there’s to see and to know. Plus, they really abuse of the dramatic factor of it in order to “send a message”, but that’s a message wasted on the straights, and if they think you’re an abomination already, surely a movie won’t change their minds. Instead, it will just fuel fear in us, which - there’s no really need to say it - it’s bad (we unfortunately have reality for that).

I remember my probably very first approach to the whole “girls liking girls” thing thanks to the media.
I was a kid and I was watching this movie on the Tv. I remember only pieces of it, ‘cause I don’t think I was paying much attention until a certain point. What I still recall, though, stuck in my head for a reason.
There were two girls, one white and the other brown, that grew closer to each other (I seriously don’t remember anything about whatever was the rest of the story). I recall this very specific scene that had me and my sister (who was also watching) like: “Oh, they are helping each other undressing ‘cause they’re friends”. When they started making out we were like “Oh… Okay, so they’re not just friends, apparently”, and that was it. I don’t think we knew about all the hatred towards people of same sex being in love with each other, to us it was just like “Okay, this is a thing that exists: acknowledged”. They seemed to be fine, so there was no issue… right? WRONG!
The white girl’s brother saw them, got angry as shit, took a gun and started shooting at them. They got into a car, trying to get away from him, but he got into another and started chasing them. It was raining, they were scared as shit, he looked insane, I felt the anguish growing inside of me: it was awful (again, I was a kid at the time).
The car slipped, then fell down a bridge into a river/lake and it quickly sank. After a while, only the white girl emerged from the water. The other drowned.
Last scene that I remember was a time jump where the white girl was a now a white granny, and she was probably remembering this terrible thing that happened to her once.

No fucking wonder if growing up I didn’t want to be gay and I pushed down my feelings and thoughts, since this is the kind of message to which I was subjected. And now? Now there are some things that portray the whole “being gay” as normal (as it always should be) and not in a dramatic, catastrophic way, but it’s also true that we get shows like The 1OO, Person of Interest, Orange Is The New Black, Pretty Little Liars, The Walking Dead and many, many, many others where the lesbian freaking dies, where there is no happy ending for us.

It’s simply not okay.

But to finally address the very main reason why I started this post - that no one will read ‘cause it’s too long, and people have time only for thoughts as long as a tweet - is the importance to acknowledge the presence of MORE THAN ONE GAY CHARACTER in a story. In a story AND in a family. Yes, as crazy as it sounds, we are more than two and we indeed can have LGBTQA+ wonderful siblings. Madness, right? Except that it’s not, it’s our reality, which is way more colorful, interesting and beautiful than the arid one-sided representation we witness on daily basis (I’m talking about heteronormative).

So, what really drives me nuts, it’s not the fact that people seem to be scared shitless to insert us in anything (although we’re everywhere), but how little crafty they are. We have proven to be a real force of nature over the whole LGBT Fans Deserve Better initiative, which raised by far $166,547 for the Trevor Project, and we did that after being smacked down once again by showrunners. Can you imagine what we could do if people were fair to us, for a change? We’re loyal, passionate, absurdly creative and talented (have you ever seen our fanArts, read our fanfictions? They’re often better than the original stuff and we don’t get paid a coin for making them), and yet we hardly get anything.

Tv shows should listen to their audience and get smart, because it’s not a pink UFO the thing we’re asking for, it’s not something that won’t fit their story, but simply more good representation. Supergirl scored with Sanvers, but there’s still so much potential that is sadly going to waste, and if they opened their eyes they would see it.

Do you want a great, original idea? Be fair and listen.

anonymous asked:

I think Rio would be really bad at singing. We're talking off-key, can't hold a tune to save his life level of bad singing. But he does love music, yea? He probably never had music lessons as a child because his family couldn't afford it, but it never stopped him from listening to and loving all sort of music. Or maybe I'm just loving the parallel of Beth obviously being musically inclined, as somewhat mentioned by Annie in S1 and just because its so in character for her!

I’m mega late to this one (sorry!), but oh my god, anon, I love that, haha. 

I kind of have had this scene in my head forever which has never really fit with anything that I’ve written, but basically for whatever reason Beth and Rio and all their kids (plus Sadie, Sara and Harry for some reason lol. Maybe Beth is babysitting, and Rio crashes to talk work? Only he’s got Marcus too?) are stuck at her place because of bad weather, and the power goes out, and all the kids are freaking out and / or restless, rushing around the living room, stirring each other up, until Beth is like OKAY, and sits at her piano and starts playing the what song is this? game on the piano. Starting out easy, you know - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, the Star Wars theme, and then getting a bit harder, and it distracts most of the younger kids enough, even if Kenny finds it weirdly embarassing. 

And it’s not long before Sara’s playing too, up beside Beth on the piano stool, playing songs that Beth and Rio don’t know, but the kids do - the Spongebob theme, Old Town Road, Thank U, Next, etc. and Beth is laughing and the kids are all having way too much fun, but Marcus? Marcus is just instantly entranced, and so it’s not long before he’s sitting in Beth’s lap and she slips her hands over his and guides his fingers over the keys, so it’s like he’s playing the songs, not Beth, and he is so delighted that Beth is laughing softly over her head, overwhelmed with a strange affection she feels she shouldn’t have, and Rio’s’ just watching them, his shoulder pushed up against the wall. 

And the kids go to bed eventually, right? Or at least they pass out on the living room floor, and then it’s just Rio and Beth, and she’s still perched on the piano stool, and neither of them are talking, because they’re terrible at that, but not moving either, and then maybe her fingers find the keys again and ghost over them, not wanting to wake the kids, and then Rio’s on the stool beside her, and he slips his hand below hers, buffering the keys, and then maybe she’s playing his hand, like she was playing Marcus’, only she’s not playing nursery rhymes or theme songs anymore, she’s playing something softer, something sweeter, something - - something maybe for them, and when he kisses her, well, then she’s not playing anything at all. 

Agent Percival

Kingsman!Tom Holland x Kingsman!Reader

Warnings: Metions of Sex Trafficking, Cussing

A/N: Okay, so I have a lot of “moments” or “scenes” that get stuck in my head that I always think I’m gonna turn into series or stories, but then I don’t. So I’m just gonna to start publishing them and maybe they’ll be okay…

Requests are Open!

The target was leaning in, as were you. You had to do this right. You needed him to take you back to his place so you could save the hostages and end this monsters sex trafficking operation.

But guess who showed up and fucking ruined it?

Thomas fucking Holland.

Right after things started to get heated between you and the target, Tom walked in, seemingly out of nowhere, and lost his shit.

“Who the hell are you?!” He reeled back his fist and plowed into the guy. “And why the fuck are you touching them?!” Again, the fist made contact.

“Thomas, stop!” You begin to grab at his arms and shoulders, but he quickly pushes you off, continuing with the assault.

“Who,” punch, “the,” punch, “fuck,” that was a nasty one to the cheek, “do you think you are?”

“TOM!” You attempt one last grab and his shoulders, but this time he swings his hands back and pushes you to the ground.

“Mikey,” the man is covered in blood, spitting it out as he practically screams, “get the car!”

“I don’t think so.” Tom presses his signet ring to the man’s forehead and presses the contact. The targets body starts to jolt as 50,000 volts of electricity are pumped into him.

You quickly stand up, seeing that Tom was pleased with his work, and head for the door. He doesn’t even notice you as you leave, but you’re confused and angry.


“He fucking pushed me Eggsy! Like I was filth; he didn’t even think about it!” You were back at HQ, and downing glasses of Scotch. “That was my fucking case, and he ruined it like the prick he is!”

“I’m sure he didn’t mean it (Y/N). We both know Tom’s a hothead, but he wouldn’t hurt you on purpose.” Eggsy watched as you raged on about your the nights events.

“But you weren’t there! The div walked in like he was hot shit and then fucking electrocuted the guy to death! Do you know how many people are going to die because I fucked up?! Because Tom fucked up?!”

The doors to room opened, revealing Tom. He was acting sheepish and shyly shuffled into the room.

“Look! It’s the fucking devil himself! Come to push me around some more?!” You slammed the glass down on the table and walked out, shoving him as you passed.

“You fucked up bruv.” Eggsy stared into Tom’s eyes.

“Yeah.” He was looking down at his oxfords, then took a seat.

“Why did you do that? That was their case.” Tom leaned over and poured a drink, only sipping it.

“Merlin told me they were dealing with sex trafficking, so I shadowed them to make sure they were safe. Saw the guy making out with them and I fucking lost it. I didn’t know that that was their plan. I thought he was pressing on them and it was unwarranted.”

“For fuck’s sake Tom. They’re a bloody Kingsman! You think Percival can’t handle their shit?!” Tom cowered into his drink. “They’ve been across the fucking planet, dealing with shit far worse than this, and now you decide to play ‘guardian’? I don’t think so!” Eggsy stands up and leans in front of Tom, making him share eye contact.

“You need to get your shit together. If you love 'em, go fucking tell them. Don’t ruin the world because you can’t talk about your feelings.” Eggsy exits the room in search of you, leaving Tom to think about his actions.

Phanniemay Day 28: Vacation

Word count: 1302

Vlad Masters took a sip of the most expensive cocktail he had been able to order at the already very expensive outdoor bar. It tasted no better than drinks that were a third of the price, but he had appearances to maintain, even out here. Although the resort had excellent security, protecting its celebrity guests from fans and paparazzi alike, it was always possible that there was a disguised photographer or reporter lurking nearby like a lioness, prepared to pounce at the first sign of weakness and then sell their kill to the highest bidder (as photographers and reporters are wont to do, and lionesses decidedly aren’t). Perhaps more importantly, there were the celebrity guests themselves. They had a certain notion of the kind of person Vlad was (that notion was mostly a combination of simpler concepts, such as “billionaire,” “businessman,” and “bachelor,” the coincidental alliteration going, sadly, unnoticed by all parties), and Vlad had no interest in challenging that notion by doing something so uncharacteristic and preposterous as buying a reasonably priced drink.

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FIC: A Royal Reprimand [2200 words]
Barry has a very particular set of skills -- skills which have been a boon to his friends and family for over a century. The only problem is, in his new line of work, they're not exactly kosher. Barry sweats. Kravitz is amused. The god of death lays down the law. Theology is sometimes uncompromising.
By Organization for Transformative Works

a/n: for @marywhal, with my apologies, as she wrote this excellent ficlet and got this scene stuck in my head until I exorcised it. She’s just that good.

Barry’s day off had been going so well, up until he stepped through a portal from the prime material plane and walked into Kravitz’s office.

His boss had a very particular design sensibility, and it was impossible to tell whether he’d always had it or whether it was, as Taako put it, “company mandated.” All around him was dark, lit only by torchlight, dim alchemical lamps or the man-sized fireplace in the back of the room, casting long shadows against stone walls upon which hung shelves of theological tomes or tapestries exalting the god of death. It was located somewhere in the depths of the Eternal Stockade. Barry hadn’t yet worked out where, exactly; he suspected that certain spatial laws were flexible in the astral plane in much the same way time was.

Kravitz was at his desk, a large and ornately carved piece of petrified wood, gray and smooth like polished stone. He looked up from whatever he was writing and smiled smugly. “Ah, Barry. Wonderful. So glad you could make it.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Barry said, hands in the pockets of his jeans; he wore the pitch-black robe of the reaper over them, but a suit wasn’t a required part of the ensemble. “You’re enjoying this way too much, y’know.”

“I don’t think I am,” Kravitz said, standing and walking to him with a sheet of parchment in hand. “I think I’m enjoying it exactly as much as I should be.”

Barry pouted as Kravitz handed him the sheet. “What’s this?”

“The formal request for an audience,” Kravitz said, as though it should be obvious. “I thought you might not be familiar with the words.”

Barry skimmed it. Considering what he knew about theology and the divine on Faerun (which wasn’t much) it seemed remarkably short and to the point. “So I just… say this? With the feathers out?”

“Arranged into a circle, points outward.”

“Right. Then what?”

“Then you start explaining exactly what was in your basement,” Kravitz said lightly.

Barry sighed. “Again, really not cool with how much you’re liking this.”

“What can I say? I’m petty.” Kravitz turned and materialized his scythe into his hand, casually carving open a portal. “I’m going to go enjoy my day off. Call when you’re done. I want to hear all about it.”

With a pat of Barry’s shoulder and a self-satisfied grin, Kravitz vanished into the tear in space. It closed behind him smoothly.

[continued on AO3]

Something New

A/N: COLLEGE!PETER (aah!) I wrote this last night, and I hope you all love it. It’s all first meetings and flushed faces.

Word Count: 1,396

Warnings: nah

Summary: “All I can say is I was enchanted to meet you.”

Pulling my friend’s skirt down slightly in hopes of lengthening it, I groaned as yet another drunk student knocked into me. Quickly grasping my cup so nothing would spill, I maneuvered around the sweaty heap of kids to a more desolate corner.

Well isn’t this just spectacular, I rolled my eyes as I reached a solitary spot in the backyard. My friends had wanted to go out, and insisted that I came along. I was not generally a party person, at least ones like this. The stench of alcohol and various fumes never appealed to me, and though I did want to get out of my comfort zone, this was not exactly the way I wanted to do it.

Performing a head count, I saw all three of my friends either talking with other people or dancing on with other people. Momentarily, I felt a pang of jealousy that I couldn’t just allow myself to let go like that. It seemed easy enough, but I just could never cross that line.

Sighing, I decided to people watch instead. That’ll be fun enough, right? I counted four kids trying to flip water bottles as they swayed back and forth. Three doing keg stands, two couples who were seemingly attempting to swallow their partner, and one guy standing all alone. Just like me.

Quirking an eyebrow, I watched him for a moment, seeing if he really was alone or not. He was cute, really cute. Slight curls in his dark hair, with eyes to match. He only sipped from his cup, suppressing a wince when the alcohol touched his tongue. Giggling quietly, I noted how he seemed as disinterested in the rest of this as I was. No one else seemed to be walking up to him; girl or boy. Alrighty, new best friend, I thought smirking, I’m coming for you.

Gathering up some courage, I made a beeline towards him. He was currently looking at his phone, so I lightly tapped his arm. When he looked up at me with those eyes, I actually felt any shred of confidence I had fly away in the sudden breeze. C’mon girl, you got this.

“Um…hi,” I winced internally, mentally beating my head against a wall. “I uh…look, I don’t normally do this, but I kinda noticed that you didn’t seem to be enjoying yourself either, and I wondered if you wanted some company?” Taking a step back at his silence, I kept rambling. “My friends kinda forced me to come, and this isn’t really my scene, so…” The silent invitation hung in the air while I squirmed waiting for his response.

I was just about to run away and transfer schools when he smiled and stuck a hand out. “I’m Peter. Peter Parker.” Relief flooded through me, my posture falling slightly as I sighed, reaching out to shake it.

“I’m Y/N.”

“Well, Y/N, what are you doing here?” Frowning, I prepared myself to repeat the entire paragraph I had just hit him with, as he realized his mistake and quickly shook his head, face blushing slightly as he stammered. “No, no, no, I mean like, here here. The school. Major, future plans…et cetera…” Giggling at his nervousness, I replied, and asked him the inevitable generic questions right back.

Soon enough, an hour had passed and we were sitting on the ground, lost in conversation. Peter was incredibly interesting and genuinely loved what he was doing. He was a great storyteller when he wasn’t flustered, and I mentally patted myself on the back for agreeing to go out tonight. I was completely enveloped in what he was telling me, and he was just as interested when it was my turn to talk.

We stayed like that for nearly two hours, before the night grew late and a drunk frat boy nearly threw up on my shoes. Peter immediately shot up and pulled me away, asking if I was alright with going somewhere else.

My head cocked to the side, unsure if he meant just walking away or “wanna-get-out-of-here?” kind of situation. Smiling when he blushed for the third time, he just laughed. “No, I mean,” gesturing wildly at the party and checking his watch. “It’s getting really late, and if you want to go home, I’ll walk you back.”

My heart warmed at his sincerity and kind offer, nodding and telling him I’d meet him out front after I told my friends where I was going.

Breathing in the cool night air a few minutes later, I bumped him with my shoulder and giggled. “Alrighty, Parker, I will lead the way.” Taking exaggerated steps forward, he threw his head back laughing, following me.

We talked all the way back to my dorm, discussing everything and nothing at all. Why we ended up where we were, where we wanted to be in a few years. Favorite kid TV shows, throwback songs and pet peeves, it was, simply put, perfect.

I whined when we finally got to my building, stomping my feet walking up the stairs to make him laugh. He didn’t turn to leave until I had my hand on my door handle, wishing me a good night. “Wait, Peter.” I put a hand out on the sleeve of his jacket. Facing me again, he had this extremely nervous expression on his face while I took my phone out of my borrowed skirt. “May I have your phone number? I uh,” looking at my feet, I shuffled them as I felt jitters creep up from my toes. “I had a really, really great time with you tonight, and I’d love to see you again.”

Peter quickly cleared his throat and nodded, trying to play it cool as his slightly quivering fingers reached into the depths of his coat pocket. Fumbling slightly, we both exchanged phones and I laughed when I saw he put no less than five emojis by his name. Taking his phone back, I added my own before returning it for good.

“Well, Mr. Parker,” I mocked in a faux accent, “I certainly enjoyed your company. Thanks for walking a girl back.” He bowed in the middle of the hall, and I was still laughing when I unlocked my door. I walked in, turning to see him one last time. “Good night, Peter Parker.”

Smiling softly at me, he returned the gesture. “Good night, Y/N Y/L/N.” I closed the door and walked away from it, jumping up and down in excited silence.

Sitting at the head of my bed an hour later, my feet kept swishing in and out of the covers, the buzz still coursing through me. I met someone, I thought as I felt my face flush for the millionth time that night. He was kind and thoughtful, very obviously intelligent with a dash of the most adorable awkwardness. He was just as out of place as I was, but we’d found each other despite it. As cliche as it seemed, Peter was just…perfect. Such a breath of fresh air.

I bit my lip, failing at suppressing a wide smile as I fiddled with the soft edges of my blanket. The worn fabric soft was between my fingers, smoothing them as I continuously moved it back and forth. Squealing softly into the dark, I threw the comforter over my head and hid beneath the sheets, fingers covering my eyes and warming as a deep blush rose up my cheeks.

Little did you know that across campus, Peter was on his bed, tossing a ball up and down mindlessly. His bare skin was hot despite the night air coming through the cracked window. His heart was giddy, beating faster than he had allowed ever felt since Gwen had passed away. A bit of guilt beat along with the happy, but some of Gwen’s last words came back to him.

“No matter where we end up, Parker, I want you happy. Whether that’s with me, or someone else.” She had turned to him then, her blond hair shining in the sun as they walked hand in hand. He scoffed, thinking there was no other possibility.

Until there was.

And there it was, that feeling of nervous excitement fluttering in his chest at the discovery of something new. Something different. Maybe something better.

So Peter tossed the ball up and down, catching it one last time, and smiled.

is it possible to be trash for your own fics

So trust me, trust me, darling dear / I’m so sincere, there’s no need to tear / Trust me, trust me, darling, do / Just like I trust you…

Saw The Devil’s Carnival and its sequel, Allelujah, for the first time last night. This drawing is inspired by the song “The Scorpion and the Frog/Trust Me.” It was such a captivating scene that I just had to draw it. Plus the song has been stuck in my head for the past 24 hours. So there’s that.

“Then he saw it. His toothbrush, sitting in a cup. With Mark’s toothbrush.


Jack knew how badly he needed to brush his teeth, but still considered skipping it. He didn’t want to move his toothbrush, didn’t want to disturb the image or the new feeling that was settling over him. He deliberated, finally deciding that the stale taste in his mouth needed to be addressed, for Mark’s sake as much as his own. He compromised by retrieving his cell phone from Mark’s night stand, snapping a photo of the two toothbrushes, and setting the photo as his new background. “

- More than Friends | Septiplier - Chapter 10

This was one of the scenes that really warmed my heart the first time I read. And it continues to warm my heart each time I read.

More than Friend, I have to say, is one of the best fanfic I have ever read, not only the best Septiplier fanfiction, but seriously the best fanfic ever! The writing is beautiful and you seriously can imagine them boys right there, doing and saying everything you read.

I’ve been wanting to draw and finish this drawing for so long. It’s not the scene exactly that I quoted, but this is a image had been stuck in my head for a real long time.

Yeah, I may have mistaken somethings… That I just noticed after the drawing was finished, but I still hope it’s good…

Also, what type of cell phone does Jack have? I don’t know, so I just used my friend’s cellphone as a base… :/

@songsforfelurian, I hope you really like this! <3


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When I was 16, I was at a party and I had been drinking and having a good time, I was planning on spending the night there with my friends. That is until my mother had called.

It was late, and she working and said that unfortunately she would not be home in the morning, as the oldest of my siblings, she asked if I could be home so that someone was there when the kids woke up. I agreed of course and started looking for a ride home.

There was this guy I knew from school who was sober who said he could take me. I didn’t even think twice. Once in his car he drove to a secluded spot, a random forest ranger parking spot in the middle of nowhere.

At that point, he started touching me and eventually unbuttoning my shorts and fingering me. The whole time I just kept saying “I’m really drunk right now” “I need to get home to my family” “I don’t want to lead you on”.

But I never said no.

I was in the middle of nowhere and I just needed to get home. He wanted to take it further and this part was blurry, but somehow I kept my cool and convinced him that it would be better if we got together in the next few days.

He eventually did stop and drove me home. He had me give him my number before I got out of the car. I didn’t think of it as anything at the time and he had graduated so I never saw him again, and I blew off his text messages.

This all leads back to my question, was this just a bad sexual encounter?

Was it sexual assault?

I don’t know and for some reason the scene has been stuck in my head lately, even though it is years later. I go back and forth between the two and I just need somebody to tell me the truth at this point.

Or at least their opinion. I made it home safely so I don’t know why I’m even thinking of it.

#LAVENDER sisterhood answer:

If I told you it was sexual assault,

  • What does that mean to you?  
  • What do you have to think about yourself?
  • What does that mean you have to do?

And when you answer those questions ^^^^

You will understand why you suppressed the event?

Even deeper …

  • Why do you believe it was your fault?
  • Why do you feel the shame?

(learning the effects of patriarchy & misogyny)

When every sister on this site is screaming a sexual predator set you up.

This isn’t to scold you.  

You must label the problem before it can go away.

when your friend is like “Ugh I have this one song stuck in my head” and you can physically feel the 6 different songs, 2 movie scenes and the memory of a conversation you had 8 years ago getting louder as you shakily ask “just one?”

Good Girl

@elysianmars Sorry it’s a bit late, but to celebrate your birthday, I thought I’d take advantage of my laptop being back and write something up for you!! <3 It’s just a little scene I’ve had stuck in my head for a few days, so I hope it’s something you’d enjoy? :)

And for the fic itself: well, I’ve been wanting to write Lams AU fanfic for pretty much ever, and I guess I’ve finally gotten around to it! @madtomedgar I hope you don’t mind me utilising your series? (Obviously as I said this is just fanfic for it, I don’t presume to actually be contributing;;;) So this is set after John goes back to SC in 1783-4 (before Laurens is Overprotective I guess??). It was meant to be a cute fic about Alex and Frances interacting but somehow it ended up about John and Frances in the end!

“So here’s the young lady!”

When John turned to look, Alexander was already striding brightly towards the other side of the room, where Frances had just entered with her maid.

Her eyes went wide to see the unfamiliar man, and after a moment, she fumbled into a curtsey.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is Frances Laurens.”

“It is a pleasure to meet you too, Frances Laurens.”

John walked forwards just enough to clap a hand on Alexander’s shoulder. “This is Alexander Hamilton – as I told you, he’ll be visiting for a week.”

Frances nodded shyly, but Alexander was all smiles.

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So I’ve  been think about the StarkQuill loosely-based-on-Tangled AU story I wrote about recently, and now the story is stuck in my head, but mostly with Stony flashback scenes. 

Because as hurt and angry as Tony is by his break up with Steve, he loved Steve, and the relationship was really good. 

I just know if I wrote out that entire story there would be constant flashbacks to what Tony and Steve had (often times paralleling moments between Peter and Tony). So as Tony falls for Peter he’ll have this internal conflict where part of him wants to move on, but another part of him just isn’t ready to let Steve go, which causes Tony to feel a lot of resentment toward himself. And that’s only the first part of the internal conflict. 

Tony would also have this inner debate about whether he actually likes Peter or if he’s just lonely and projecting his remaining feelings for Steve onto Peter. He can acknowledge that there is a selfish part of himself that just wants to date someone so he can feel like he’s moved Steve, and he doesn’t want to use Peter like that. 

The biggest issue though? The issues that remains even after Tony has concluded that he really does like Peter? There’s an expiration date on their relationship. Tony knows Peter won’t give up his life in space for him, and Tony can’t repeat what he did with Steve and give up everything for someone else. So why open himself up to love again when he’s just going to be disappointed?