i just had the silliest idea too

just one rose

A modern CS AU, the Bachelor Style. After being reluctantly signed up for the show, Killian Jones gets himself into something more than he bargained for with Emma Swan as the Bachelorette.

Note: This may be the silliest idea I’ve ever had, but it was a lot of fun to write and too much fun not to share. I posted it on AO3 last night, and the response there was encouraging, so here goes nothing about posting it here too. Also, hey, it’s almost Valentine’s Day, so I guess this is sorta appropriate for that, right? 

Rating: T

Words: 10K

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New York City, seven months ago

When Killian Jones first moves to the United States, it is to escape his past. Dishonourably discharged from the British Navy after nearly inciting a mutiny about the terrible leadership of some higher up that had resulted in his brother’s death, he had been wild and loose for a long time. While still crazed with grief over the loss of his brother, there had been a bright light – Milah, sweet Milah – but it too had ended terribly, and now when Killian thinks of his former home in England, he thinks only of pain and misery.

America is to be his new start, the dream it has been for so many others. He lives in New York City with his roommate, a young woman whose hippie parents had named Tinkerbell. She suits the name: small, blonde, pixie-like, and ready to kill you if you make fun of her name – Killian learned that the hard way. He and Tink have known each other a long time, having met when staying in hostels during their time in New York while both apartment hunting. He was from England, she from New Zealand, and their foreignness to all things New York City had bonded them together, and, three years later, still remain the best of friends and roommates.

For the most part.

If he could just change one tiny thing, it would be eliminating her fascination with reality television. He can barely stand the stuff – save MasterChef, his one weakness – and one chilly Monday night, like all other Mondays for the last twelve weeks, she settles down to watch the finale of her winter favourite, The Bachelor.

“Killian, come watch this with me.”


“Come on.”

“Tink, why the bloody hell do you think I want to watch this with you?”

“You made me watch that stupid cooking show the other day,” she points out. “Watch this and we’re equal.”

There is a strange gleam to her eye that Killian can’t place. She is also technically telling the truth about him making her watch MasterChef, but that doesn’t stop his muttered complaints as he sits down beside her. When the show starts, he groans and makes snide comments until she hits him with the pillow, and, not willing to risk her smacking him again, resorts to sulking in silence instead. The Bachelor dude is a total cad, some idiot named Walsh, and the two ladies as his final two are much too lovely for the jerk.

Tink hurriedly updates him on the first’s life as she goes on her final date with Walsh – young, beautiful, a waitress from the Midwest – but while Walsh seems entirely captivated by her, Killian finds nothing particular stimulating.

But when the date ends, and the next one begins, Killian can’t help himself but sit up straighter at the sight of the beautiful blonde who appears on the screen. She is more serious than the bubbly waitress, and there is something guarded in her green eyes as she greets Walsh with nothing more than a quick kiss. As they are swept away in a helicopter to a private island, Killian finds himself more and more interested in this silly show, more drawn to the wide eyes of excitement of the blonde as the helicopter soars over the beautiful crystal seas outside Fiji.

“Who is that?” he asks, unable to help himself.

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anonymous asked:

ok so ive had this really silly (and kinda dumb tbh lmao) idea for awhile about making an MSPaint squip ask blog. like not those really cool MSPaint drawings that somehow have a lot of detail im talkin like MSPaint doodles you do when youre bored in class. i thought id get an opinion on it before i considered acting upon it and you were the first squip blog to come to mind! should i do it or is this just too silly?

[[Nothing is ever too silly my dude!! sometimes the silliest of ideas become the coolest. Your idea sounds really cool!!?? I say put your work out there!!! I would!!! love to see it!! :o!!!]]

Riadoa blinked, the anxiety spiking inside of her as her son spoke. She heard the rushing of blood in her ears before she dared to make eye contact with Achard. When she did, she quickly averted her gaze. Were they so obvious? Was there some undercurrent, some proof Immid was picking up on? Was he always so very keen? 

Or was he just being a boy, wishing for a loving father like Achard…. who, ironically, was his actual flesh-and-blood father. If only the boy knew. Riadoa wasn’t sure how to address Immid and from Achard’s look and reaction, he too had no idea how to handle it. She swallowed hard, ruffling her son’s hair. 

“Immid, you say the silliest things,” Riadoa laughed, a little too sharp, a little too brief. “Uncle Achard and I…. we cannot…. It’s quite the complicated subject. We shall have to leave it for another time to properly discuss.” 

She ran one hand down her stomach. Soon it would curve and grow and round out. Riadoa paused just above her navel, her eyes once more meeting Achard’s. “I wish you luck with this she-dragon you have in mind, and that soon, perhaps… far sooner… you shall be blessed with littles as well. For you, Your Highness, deserve the world and everything on it. As always, Immid and I are your loyal, faithful servants.” 

Riadoa let her hand fall to grab Immid’s hand, giving it a good squeeze. 

i just had the silliest thought, what if one day megaman was at a netcafe, drinking cyber coffe when bass walks by him with a cup of coffee in his hand and they just stare at each other for 2 solid minutes until megaman asks ‘what are up to now ’ and bass says 'the coffee is good here’ and then jusT leaves while sipping his drink, leaving a confused megaman behind.

hey, vengeful navis can enjoy a good cup of coffee too!!!