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Star Trek: DS9 Notes - S4, Vol. 3

After dabbling in double-features and recaps and whatever this was and memes (MEMES), we are back in it, back to good ol’ NOTES. Back to VOLUME is what this means, awwy yeah [greedily gathers more and more DS9 episodes into arms, snuggles them]

4x10 ‘Homefront’
- Dax: “For all we know the Bajorans are right: maybe it is a message from the Prophets.”
  Dax & Sisko: [walk past a group of Bajoran priests]
  Priests, bowing: “Emissary.”
- um, pls tell me Jadzia really is pulling pranks on Odo with Quark?
- Odo: “It’s the fourth time she’s done it this past year. She breaks into my quarters while I’m regenerating and moves all my furniture out of alignment. Shifts one piece three centimeters to the right, the next four centimeters to the left. Not one object in my quarters is where it’s supposed to be!” THIS IS AMAZING.
- well now that Odo is talking openly about Dax’s “perverse delight” in messing with him, it does occur to me that I have not gotten to see much Dax and Garak together — Wish List
- Jadzia Dax IS the most humanoid person on this station. I could hardly tell you what that means exactly but I can vouch for its Truth.
- imagine a bomb not going off on Earth for over 100 years


the affectionate Sisko Men just warm my darn heart

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