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ODO: Living on Deep Space Nine has made you a little rusty. Your lies are becoming more transparent. You should be careful. You don’t want Tain to know that you’re feeling guilty about what you’ve done.

Every single thing that Odo says about Garak in Improbable Cause/The Die is Cast is 100% true. 

He sees right through Garak’s attempts at dissembling and that scares the fuck out of Garak. Garak is supposed to be above it all, to blend in with the shadows. He’s supposed to be an enigma. But Odo’s had a lot of practice seeing through bullshit and Garak’s is no exception. Odo has his number from the very beginning. 

I just have a lot of Feelings about this? Like, Garak is barely holding it together around Tain. As much as Garak likes to pretend he could go home again, the truth is, he’s a fundamentally different person from when he was exiled from Cardassia. “You had quite a vicious streak in those days,” Tain says, but Garak can’t help asking what happened to Parmak. “It would be a shame to have her killed,” he says of Mila. He won’t let anyone else interrogate Odo. 

It would be so easy to give in, to give Tain what he wants. Odo is nothing to him, after all, and what’s the betrayal of a few friends when accolades and his father’s acceptance and home is on the table? 

But he doesn’t.

"Outside Chance" - Chapter 11: "Interlude II: Extreme Measures" - by wcdarling | DS9, AO3
After being kicked out of Starfleet, Julian Bashir is now working on Bajor. While no longer part of the plots of DS9, because of his relationship with Garak, he remains nonetheless strongly connected to the station, its crew and inhabitants.
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New chapter is up! This is a one I didn’t quite plan in my outline.

I did know I was going to have to cover “Extreme Measures” in some way, because otherwise Odo wouldn’t get cured, and that how Odo ends the war, so it had to happen. Which is why earlier in this story I had to 1) establish a relationship between Julian and Vakat, the doctor who replaces him as CMO and 2) have Julian meet Section 31. If I hadn’t done that, Odo would’ve been sick but then I would’ve had to come up with a whole new way of curing him.

But though I had decided all that, I was just going to sort of wedge it in front of the next chapter/episode, “The Dogs of War.” However, I realized it really needed more space, its own chapter, and I also just wanted a break from the rebellion, if only for one chapter. So I went into it, although I decided not to actually describe all of it directly, but have Julian sort of recapping it. And then, since they’re on Bajor and have some privacy, taking the the time for a scene that just doesn’t work in the context of action scenes with the Cardassian Resistance Front. Ahem. 

I dedicate this chapter, especially the last scene, which does not, um, advance the plot, to @prisdreamsbravely :)


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[It bothers me that people think Odo isn’t asexual just because he was in a relationship/had sex. He was experiencing romantic attraction when he got intimate (what was it, a few times?). People need to quit acting like aromaticism and asexuality are interchangeable words and to also remember that a person with either of those identities are not always the same. Lots of ace people sometimes enjoy sex and I think Odo didn’t care either way. He just liked the intimacy. He can still be ace.]

i started trying to draw star trek characters that weren’t quark or odo and it’s always startling to realize you’re capable of drawing people not covered in 20 pounds of makeup after almost exclusively drawing just that

anyway i wish kira had worn her extremely texture-heavy corduroy and yarn vest ensemble for more than a handful of episodes but what can u do

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[I hate shipping. I just do. Why isn’t friendship, even friendship so close as to be soul-mates or brothers/sisters/siblings enough? Why is sex so required in so many relationships? Bashir and O'Brien are a favorite of mine because they’re such great friends, yet so few people imagine them banging! I wish Harry Kim and B'Elanna had kept their friendship up more for the same reasons. And while I can accept Kira and Odo, I am grateful they where friends for a good while before hand.]

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[I just had a story-line idea; imagine Quark discovering that 21st century humans did a thing called vlogging where rich youtubers could earn ££ from talking to a camera. Throughout the episode he could try styles (beauty, “advice”, pranks on Odo etc) and get frustrated the station wasn’t flocking to watch them, then maybe whatever big baddie the episode is about ends up being caught on the footage and Quark’s vlogging experiment saves the station….]
New Star Trek Fans:

Do not be alarmed. You can be a Bones thirster and a Data thirster. They aren’t mutually exclusive. You can even be an Odo or Garak thirster. The important thing is that we all accept each other, alien thirst and all. It’s just a part of our fandom. IDIC.