i just had so many feels about this movie

at the end of “kingsman: the secret service”, eggsy asks his mom to come live with him in the new house he has. (harry’s old house).

so. “kingsman: the golden circle” should’ve been about his family tbh. eggsy being worried about the safety of his mother and little sister. look, i like what a sweet boyfriend eggsy is, but 50% of the time it was eggsy being all “my girlfriend! my girlfriend! my girlfriend!” during the movie and, no mention of his mother or his sister?

the mother he loves, sworn to look after, and was straight up ready to beat down his step-dad when he found out he hit her?

i mean, we do see her in the end of the film. but it was just her. no baby sister. (i really think they forgot eggsy has a little sister.)

so, a more nicer scenario would be eggsy’s mother and sister living with him. eggsy’s mom is packing up for a trip to visit her sister. eggsy obviously can’t come along but he wishes his mother and sister a safe trip. daisy insists on taking j.b. with them. eggsy lets her, telling j.b. to be on his best behavior. (this way no one fucking dies when that house explodes)

I love how Carmilla and Laura’s relationship has evolved from the series to the movie. Throughout the series, Laura asked Carmilla to make sacrifices to help people because she truly believed she could make Carmilla a better person. Carmilla only made those sacrifices because she loved Laura. In the movie, Laura begged her not to give up her human life, she begged her to just be selfish this time, but Carmilla didn’t listen and she made the sacrifice to help people and to help make up for what she had taken from them. She did it to be a good person, not for Laura. She has always loved Laura, but from the web series to the movie, Carmilla became a genuinely good person.

So I just saw Wonder Woman

I cannot stress enough how important for girls to have good, strong, female role models. I’ve been obsessed with Super heroes since I was TWELVE and I’ve NEVER seen a female super hero portrayed in a way that captured the strength and power the hero was capable of without sacrificing the passion or the innocence of the character. My favourite female super “hero” is actually the villain Harley Quinn purely because she is absolutely fearless and she refuses to take shit from anybody without fail. She was the only female super anything that I had seen with that attitude EVER. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still love Harley and she will for ever be my queen of crazy, but tonight I finally found a version of a female hero whose main purpose wasn’t to be a sexy character that the “real” hero could flirt with. The film makers stayed true to the original costume, but not ONCE did I feel like they used it to sexualize her in an unnecessary way. She was sexy, naturally, but it wasn’t forced. She never had to use it in the attempt to seduce the bad guy, men were distracted by her, but the movie made it clear that that was not her fault, she was focused on her mission the entire time and never once faltered for a boy. They just did SO MANY THINGS RIGHT by keeping everything about her focused on her being a badass rather than her being fucking gorgeous, even though she is that too. The best part about her attitude is that she wasn’t “weird” because of it, it was normal and even encouraged for her to be like that. Speaking of attitude, let’s talk blocking. She was put in so many power positions throughout the movie, it was like she refused to let anyone ever look down on her. She had the high ground in SO MANY fights, she was running on rooftops, she was getting all up an some general’s face lecturing him about honour, and this girl WOULD NOT BACK DOWN. Someone tell her to stay put and she didn’t want to? She didn’t. She went exactly where she wanted, exactly when she wanted. And then, in one of my favourite moments, she FLIPS that classic “stay here, I’ll go ahead”, line that guys had been using on her throughout the movie back onto them before running STRAIGHT TOWARDS ENEMY FIRE AND TAKING OUT EVERY BAD GUY IN HER PATH. BUT for every ounce of magnificent attitude in her body, there was AT LEAST an equal amount of compassion. She genuinely cared for every civilian, for every soldier, for every person that she met and everything she did was guided by her desire to do what she believed was right. And despite being told she was wrong, that it was crazy, that “that’s not how the world works”, she was RIGHT. I won’t go into detail, because spoilers, but she was RIGHT. She also treated everybody like they were just as important as her and HELLO THIS GIRL IS TAKING OUT WHOLE PLATOONS NEARLY SINGLE HANDEDLY, SHE DESTROYED A FUCKING TANK AND SHE STILL DIDN’T SEE HERSELF AS BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE. And more on that compassion thing? She was still very capable of emotions and you could see them swirl together and twist themselves into knots as she tried to process the idea that everything may not be as she was raised to believe. However this is the first time I’ve seen a female super being feel emotions as powerfully as that and, rather than becoming useless or distracted by them, she was actually STRONGER because of the passion she was feeling. Let me repeat that HER FEELINGS DID NOT IN ANY WAY PREVENT HER FROM BEING A COMPLETE AND TOTAL BADASS. EVEN MALE SUPER HEROES AREN’T GENERALLY ALLOWED TO DO THAT. AND as for things that don’t directly relate to Diana herself, it dealt with soldiers suffering from PTSD (whom she reminded of their value and still saw them as warriors), carried a heavy theme of honour and acting on what you believe in, and it didn’t use the demeaning of men as a tactic for female empowerment. To be clear, it showcased Diana’s strength without making the guys come across as weak, cowardly, or immoral. That’s a victory for equality. I was physically shaking on the edge of my seat for most of the movie, I’ve literally spent the last 8 years of my life waiting for a hero like this, 100/10, GO WATCH THIS MOVIE.

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What I absolutely loved about Spider-Man: Homecoming was how real Peter’s character felt? Sure, other movies and TV-shows also depict the strain of supernatural abilities on teenagers – classic examples of forgotten homework and falling asleep during class come to mind – but in SMH it was somehow more than that. You could really see how hard it was on Peter? He was fidgeting all the time, probably feeling like time’s running out (all those shots of him staring at the clock) and really just vibrating with the need to do something, help somebody. Sitting through Spanish or whatever must have felt so pointless – what if a person got hurt while he was in school? And he just didn’t know how to pace himself, didn’t know how to take care of himself on top of taking care of the city, and he just lost the grip on his life a bit – and he was so emotional and genuine and caring and just – ok, listen, I know none of this is new or revolutionary, but Tom’s acting rang so true, you know? And there was the whole wide-eyed idolizing of the superhero life, and the ‘who needs school, imma be an Avenger!!1!11!!’ attitude (which, so different from CA:CW), and he was so genuinely in over his head and so endearing at the same time and what I’m trying to say here, I suppose, is that Peter’s problems really felt like the struggles of a teenager. (Instead of a grown-up writer and/or actor trying and failing to make it appear like the struggles of a teenager.) Just, all these emotions he had - so many emotions - and crying after ‘losing his internship’ and picking himself back up and just–

tl;dr Peter Parker is a precious smol spider to be protected at all costs and I have way too many feelings about this stupid movie.


Roundtable With Katsura Hashino (Atlus: Persona Series), Jin Fujisawa (Square Enix: Dragon Quest X), Keiichiro Toyama (SIE: Gravity Rush), and Yoko Taro (NieR and Drakengard Series)

Some interesting bits of their talks about Japanese Game Development prespective:

How was your time in your young days as a game creators?

YokoTaro: Well those who survived as directors in our generations have lived their life by spitting up their upper generations.

All: (bitter smile) (silence)

Yoko Taro: Well I have no idea, but I feel like it’s an inhumanity side. Because everyone are silent, I think that it can be concluded that only those kind of people can become directors (laugh)

Hashino: But actually, it’s more like the thought of “It’ll be more fun if I made it myself”. That’s a kind rebellious feels I had.

Toyama: Well.. I remembered when in the silence that I never learned directly about “director job”. But they are like good mentors.

About Japanese Game that got a lot of attention on 2017

YokoTaro: The overseas version of the original NieR was created with an old-man as a main character. However, as a result, overseas players complain “I like an old-man character, but I don’t want it on Square Enix games”. The conclusion is that Japanese people making a character looks like an overseas AAA games did not work well for Square Enix. So now we made NieR solidly based on Japanese experience. In short, I just did whatever I thought was interesting.

Hashino: It’s also the same as Persona 5 case. In the beginning it was hard to think a Megami Tensei game that suits the overseas consumers. That is why I was doubtful about aiming Persona 5 for overseas. In first place, it would not be okay to change the content of Persona 5, because many of Persona series’ overseas customer support the series “as it is”.

Fujisawa: After all, I think it’s imposible to imitate Americans style of video game development completely. That’s all about different approach on making a game project. If you compare it to movie business, the number of staff and budget are different between Japanese and Hollywood movies. Hollywood movie had this idea to make it “big” in worldwide from the start. As a result, many people around the world, including Japan, watch the Hollywood movies.

YokoTaro: I see. By the way, in my case, if Square Enix says “Make it overseas”, then I just make it. But I’m not a person who can talk big about “fighting the overseas market” as I have a feeling that I can’t really compete in Japan market. So I think those that can’t sell in Japan, will not sell overseas. To be honest all the hype about “Let’s sell this overseas” are all a terrible lie to a client who’s willing to gives money. (Laugh)

About AAA game development

YokoTaro: I think the game dev situation have changed a lot if I look it in the last 2 years. Overseas AAA title has matured and there’re so much risk in making them. On the other hand, indie game with low budget is starting to pop out and shine.

Fujisawa: Now you’re talking about the polarization of game development.

Yoko Taro: It’s the polarization between large budget games and indie games. But Japanese game dev starts to enter an empty zone in the middle of it. In the past 10 years, as Japan can no longer participate in the AAA battle, we went to  a very interesting position as we reach a new dimension while still getting lost. Until now the Japanese game industry cannot wake up from that, so I don’t know what will happen in the future (laugh). However, it is fun because it’s the game creator’s job to search for the answer as they get lost like this. It’s funny because there’s no answer.

About writing and direction style

Toyama: There is a fact that the role of the director has changed from the era of 8-bit until now. In the past it’s possible to exclude things I don’t like and include the good stuffs only. But now the scale of development is bigger, for example for an open world game. You’d most likely leave some of the stuff to the other staffs, so the director can now focusing on controlling the staff’s creation.

YokoTaro: As you know, I’m writing the scenario myself. However I don’t want to write it separately. It’s for a reason that everyone here may know. Changes caused by one factors, in reality can be best handled by managing the scenario. For example, there’s a game image that did not match the event scene. Correcting the scenario is more effective in most cases rather than re-creating the image.

Fujisawa: Text repairing is often drastically better. I think the scenario is the important part for the players and I can’t really trust it to others, even on the scale of Dragon Quest X.

Hashino: I do not write anything aside of screenplay. And it’s usually only when I make it together with Persona 3 scenario team. I think the direct handling of a director should be saved for the last resort. So basically, leave it to others, but if it’s an important parts, starts helping. I’m actually more of a battle gameplay planner, so I’d like to do the battle planning myself. But if I have a good guy, I’ll leave it on him.

Collective memories (Jason Todd x Reader) Part I

Everyone thought that you two would be the couple who would last the longest, even the thought of you two marrying has crossed their brains many times!

But even the most expected outcomes can completely come outdone with a twisted night and one wrong decision.

Your tough attitude demanded respect as the wild nature of young Jason teased you mercilessly. It was a common sight to see two young children spitting mean less comments and some sort of outrageous prank pulled on one another.

“Y/N you can’t beat me in a race across the manor!”

“Yes I can, just you watch Todd!”

Y/N would then begin to leap off the rail and dart to the other side with Jason only centimeters behind. Alfred would feel a gust of wind hitting him and his tray of delights would rattle from the earthquake you two were making.

“I see that Young Y/N and Master Jason are at it again.” Alfred would comment setting the tray down in it’s respective spot next to Bruce.

From the distance a bump against the wall and then the crashing of glass was heard.

“They’re having fun aren’t they?” Bruce said, eyes stilled glued to the computer.

Fast footsteps came running towards the Batcave.

“I believe so if you count pushing, yelling, and breaking objects fun.”

Bickering was heard through the echoes of the cave.

“Sounds like fun to me.”

Alfred gave Bruce a skeptical glance. No matter what the kids did Bruce wasn’t a big discipliner when it came to rough housing in the manor. But everyone knew it was Alfred’s words that truly controlled the actions in the manor, but deep down Alfred didn’t have the heart to truly stop the mayhem in the manor. There was some life and spark in the manor that wasn’t there for years. Soon enough the two children ran to the Batcave, chests heaving and faces flushed.

“It was Jason!” Y/N shouted, pointing a finger to their partner.

“Noooo! Y/N you shoved me and I fell into the thing!”

“You’re lying Jason, you said you were going to use a grappling hook to win and that’s cheating!”

“But I didn’t have one on me did I?”

Bickering continued between the two children. When it didn’t seem like it was going to be resolved Alfred gave Bruce a knowing fake cough to help the situation.

Bruce turned around and stared at the two kids. The bickering slowly drawled to an end as they glared at Bruce for answers.

“What broke?”

“A plate.” Jason replied.

“I could just replay the cameras and see who really did it or you two could just clean up the plate together.”

Y/N and Jason quickly turned their heads towards each other with an expression of fear. They quickly solved their problems and dismissed themselves to clean up the broken remnants.

As these two kids got older pranks and rough housing was less common, but something even more dangerous was going on.

It was the teen phase.

Opinions and experimentation was going on endlessly and it didn’t help that both you and Jason’s way of fighting was drastically different. Both of you had non stop fights on who was better and which way was right. When things got too bad Bruce would sternly demand you to either solve your problems or skip out of patrol for the night.

Even with a grudge against one another you both still fought fluently together, punches and kicks were in sync to get the job done.

In the end it was a hug or a pat on a back that resolved both of your problems.

But something was off between you two. Jason longed for you when you were out and he was protective of you whenever you tried to go out.

“Do I look ok Jason?” You asked nervously fidgeting with your shirt.

Jason merely glanced as your clothes before returning to his phone.

“Yeah, why.”

“I’m going to the movies with a friend.”

“You going with Roxy?”

“No, I’m going with Sam.”

Jason searched his brain for that name. He didn’t know you had a friend named Sam.

“Sam from the softball team?”

“No, he’s on the soccer team.”

Jason stopped scrolling through his phone and propped his body on his elbow.

“You’re going with a guy?”

You shot Jason a curious glance while nodding.

“Anything wrong with that?”

“N-no, have fun.”

Once Y/N left Jason threw his phone to his pillow and quickly made his way to the Batcave.

“Is Y/N allowed to date?” Jason asked Alfred.

“I don’t see why not, you have been on a couple dates yourself with many girls.”

“Yeah but… Aren’t you worried about Y/N? They could get stood up or heartbroken!”

Jason’s thoughts were swarming through his head. Why would you go to the movies with some guy he hasn’t heard about! Did you like him… we’re you two already dating!?

Why did he care so much about it?

Jason opened his mouth for another complaint but quickly shut it.

It clicked, he just had feelings towards you.

Jason wordlessly left the cave and into the room leaving Alfred with a satisfied smile. It was about time he figured out his feelings.

From that night Jason realized all the signs that now seemed so obvious. He didn’t realize how much he liked your smile or how much he adored the little laugh you did when a villain’s plan would fail.

He knew how much he loved your strong spirit, how it refused to be put down or molded by people’s expectations. You took no one’s shit and if anything went against your morals you wouldn’t forgive them even if they begged.

With all these collective signs he was shocked on why he didn’t realize sooner!

He knew he had to act upon his feelings before it was too late.

I finally, finally got to see Thor: Ragnarok, and man… I just… so much, so many feels, I just… wow.

My heart broke when Thor found his father. And in the weeks since, I have thought and thought about the movie, processing everything I learned and everything I saw, and then I was on tumblr and saw a post where Odin “HEEEAAARRGHS!” at Loki, and I just laughed because… well, you’d have to see the post together with the gif set, it is hilarious.

But then it got me thinking about the first movie.

(Forgive me if this is long winded. I am a storyteller by nature.)

So Odin had a daughter. A beautiful, powerful daughter, who helped him conquer the Nine Realms and subdue ruthless enemies. Whose power crept slowly through her mind, taking it, the blood she spilled soaking into her heart and filling her with murderous delight. He saw his child, his daughter, become a monster. He saw the horror of war through new eyes, became aware of how horrendous it really was.

Fast forward ages, his daughter long imprisoned, he and his wife dare to have another child, and this one is bright and golden and full of sunlight and smiles. He is strong, almost frighteningly so, his power even stronger than Odin’s, but his heart is so full of light that Odin and Frigga dare to hope.

The Frost Giants invade Earth, and Odin has to don his battle armor again and fight another horrific war. He’s come to despise it. Loathe it. He’s soaked in blood, dirty and weary, and he finds a child, an infant, thrown out to die, and he looks at this child and his heart breaks. He can’t leave the baby. He thinks of his own baby at home, and as he holds the dying Frost child he is filled with love. He brings the baby back, adopts the boy as his own son, introduces the new baby brother to his toddling elder son. This second son, too, is filled with great power, power only equaled by Frigga, his mother. For years Odin and his family are happy. He holds the hands of his two sons and teaches them both about the dangers of war, tells them stories of it and the damage it wreaks, warns them never to seek it but to be ready for it, should it fall upon them.

And then the day comes to crown his eldest son king. Odin’s voice chokes when he tries to speak; at last, they have reached this day, safely, averting the evil that had taken their eldest so long ago. These two sons are his crowning glory; they not only inherited great power, but they have great hearts. He and Frigga had done it. They had avoided the tragedy of ages past. Only then something happens, and he sees the blood of war and the eagerness to battle darken Thor’s eyes, and his heart trips. His sons disobey him and go to Jotunheim, Thor fights the Giants, thrills at the fight, thrills at the battle, courts the war, enticed by it… enjoying it.

And Odin is reminded of Hela.

History repeating itself.

He does the only thing he can do: stop Thor now, before this bloodlust consumes him completely. He takes away Thor’s power, he berates him, he sends him away, casts him out… and finally, on a hammer that before had been a tool for anyone to use, he casts an enchantment that makes it respond only to one who is worthy. Because he will not let such a weapon be used by a murderer again. Then he sends it out, hoping… praying… that his eldest learns. That it is not too late.

Then Loki learns Odin’s secret. And in my opinion, I don’t believe Odin ever meant to keep it a secret forever. I believe he had planned to tell Loki, but in a terrible turn of events Loki learns of his heritage in the worst possible way and Odin’s words are now only waste. To make matters worse, the Odinsleep claims him in the middle of this, stealing from them a conversation that, had it been continued, might have produced a much better ending.

And when Odin finally wakes, it’s to his second son succumbing to that same darkness. His second son, killing people, killing his brother, rending Jotunheim in two and mass-murdering an entire race. His second son, looking at him and telling him that all of this bloodshed… had been for him. For his approval.

And Odin must have thought of Hela, and thought… No. Not again.

Not another one of my children.

Not again.

No, Loki…

Please no.  

Punch-Drunk Love (chapter 3)

Pairing: Jungkook x OFC

Genre: fluff // smut // angst (tbc)

Summary: Being a famous idol isn’t easy, but so isn’t falling in love when you get caught in a web of lies.

@jaxonah thank you for reminding me to write lmao💓 ilysm


Chapter: 3 - You Had Me At Hello

[chapter 1] [chapter 2]

Warning: none

Wordcount: 2167

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Chapter 3 // You Had Me At Hello

Jungkook didn’t know what to do; he just stared at his phone in shock. She was coming over. She would be here soon. His heart started to beat faster and his palms were getting sweaty. “What did she say?” Jimin asked, his eyes filled with curiosity as he was trying to get a glimpse of the texts. “She’s just getting ready and then she’ll be on her way.” He muttered, still trying to process that it was actually happening. “Awesome, I’m proud of you.” The grin on Jimin’s face froze when he realized how pale his younger brother was. “I’m not ready. My room is a mess, so are the kitchen and the living room. I need to shower and get ready. I don’t have time.” He jumped up and ran out of the room. “Kookie, wait.” The older one followed him into his bedroom where he quickly tried to pick up dirty clothes off the floor. “Let me help.” Jungkook smiled. “Thank you hyung.” As they were picking up empty water bottles and stuffing things in drawers, Taehyung came in. “What are you doing?” He leaned against the doorframe, eyeing both of them suspiciously. “Jungkook asked his girl to come over, so I’m helping him tidy.” Jungkook rolled his eyes, while hanging up some of his shirts. “She’s not my girl.” The others started to giggle. “Not yet, Kookie, not yet.

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clsirdelune  asked:

beau, can you rec me some of your fav romcom? thank you! x

of course bb! some of these might have more of a drama element than a strong comedy element but they’re all my faves so i hope you enjoy. in no particular order:

  • clueless (duh)
  • bridget jones’s diary (ditto)
  • she’s the man (this was my Favourite Movie of All Movies for like five years. and for good reason. CHANNING TATUM IN HIS PRIME TBH)
  • bring it on (KIRSTEN DUNST IN HER PRIME TBH!!! i fuckin love that guy she ends up with, he’s the perf combo of snarky musician hipster bs to balance out her perky blonde go-getter cheerleader-y-ness. why am i even saying this though like the odds are you’ve already seen this movie and LOVE IT TOO. also the clovers are everything)
  • john tucker must die (silly. also fantastic. also female friendships!!!)
  • monte carlo (idk why i love this movie so much but i really do. leighton meester’s character’s storyline makes me cry and want to fall in love and go swimming in a really cute one piece. selena gomez’s character’s storyline is cliche but also very sweet)
  • the proposal (forever and ever and ever favourite)
  • 10 things i hate about you (kat stratford is everything i aspire to be. why is there no heath ledger look-a-like in my life surprising me with a guitar i would never be able to play and a really hot make out session against my car that i don’t own)
  • amelie (THE ULTIMATE. mostly rommy, a bit commy, 100% magical and life-changing tbh)
  • begin again (i love this movie more than i ever thought possible - it improves on every rewatch - also i love the ending like. a lot. a lot a lot. very genuine and bittersweet and real. and the songs are REALLY GOOD you will replay that ost for a week straight i s2g)
  • flipped (so sweet you will PUKE. also highly underrated. PLEASE WATCH THIS MOVIE AND SHARE THE LOVE IT DESERVES)
  • miss congeniality (one of the defining rom coms of my life)
  • the duff (this movie has a gr8 message, whatever those who have read the book but not seen the movie say. also robbie amell and mae whitman are magical together)
  • you’ve got mail (you will cry. a lot. if you don’t cry i don’t want to know you)
  • when harry met sally (do not talk to me about this film i have too many feels about it i will punch you in the face.)
  • she’s all that (remember when freddie prinze jnr was like sooooooo hot in 1998 or whatever? WEIRD TIMES. whatever, just play “kiss me” by sixpence none the richer on repeat and cry with me)
  • it’s a boy girl thing (cringeworthy with the humour sometimes but the two leads have surprisingly amazing chemistry. i rewatch this every year and i love it a lot)
  • breakfast at tiffany’s (very rommy, not particularly commy but still wonderful. audrey hepburn was the most beautiful person alive. i don’t blame writer guy for falling in love with her on the spot. also you will cry when the cat runs away and it’s all raining and romantic and shit. i always do)
  • tangled (OOPS IT’S BETTER THAN FROZEN I SAID IT. idk if you would class this as a rom com bc it’s more a family movie but???? i do so whatev. eugene and rapunzel are too cute not to ship like a rom com couple tbh)
  • the to do list (HILARIOUS. aubrey plaza is a gift)
  • mean girls (do i need to say more. less rommy than commy ofc but who cares when the com part is sO GOOD)
  • someone like you (old school rom-com feat. ashley judd before she disappeared off the face of the earth and hugh jackman looking like absolute BABE TOWN and idk i think i watched this when i was young and it’s kind of stuck with me ever since even tho it seems to be a fairly nondescript kind of rom-com?? somehow still v enjoyable tho)
  • one fine day (okay again this is more of a family~ rom com if that makes sense but it’s just??? REALLY FEEL GOOD???? michelle pfeiffer is beautiful in this movie and george clooney’s a babe. idk watch this if you want an instant mood improver, it’s super duper cute)
  • some kind of wonderful (probably my favourite john hughes movie and again so underrated. that “””practice””” make out sesh in the garage is really hot)
  • just like heaven (another mark ruffalo goodie!!! i actually like this movie a lot and don’t talk about it much. very good to rewatch)
  • chasing liberty (corny af but i watched it in my formative years so i’m very fond of it)
  • legally blonde (more girl power-y than rom com-y but that’s cool anyway??? elle woods is Goals)
  • stardust (THIS MOVIE IS SO GOOD YOU GUYS AND IT HAS FANTASY ELEMENTS WHICH ARE SO COOL AND THE ROMANCE STUFF IS LIKE REALLY GR8 AND IT’S BB CHARLIE COX?????? the best tbh. tumblr needs to talk about this movie way way more)
  • and last but not least anastasia (i watched this movie SIX TIMES IN ONE DAY when i was really young… and my sister and i learnt all the songs and sung the duets together for like a year… once i hired the video tape out from the video store and actually cried when i had to return it… yes i was like 10 when all this happened but what i’m trying to say is i have a lifelong attachment to this stupid animated movie and Dimitri and Anastasia are literally lke 68% of the reason i love the enemies > friends > lovers trope so much because THEY FIGHT ALL THE TIME AND THE FIGHTING IS ALWAYS JUST ILL DISGUISED SEXUAL TENSION TBH)
  • oh and for the jane austen contingent: pride and prejudice movie 2005, pride and prejudice miniseries 1995, emma miniseries 2009, and persuasion 2007 are all MEGA FAVES. wallow in those period drama feels like me for the last two days!!! burst into tears when your otp’s hands ~~~touch~~~ for the first time!!!! hold your breath when the camera closes in on their subsequently astonished/aroused faces!!! life is so gr8 u guys!!!!!!!
It’s something really when you...

…read a story (or watch a movie/TV show or even play a video game…anything with a story really) and you finish it and you feel THAT “special thing”.

You feel this weird feeling that squeezes your heart. Do you know what feeling I’m talking about ? That thing where you somewhat feel a bit empty and sad because it’s over, and you know this story will NEVER leave you. That it somehow changed you. Am I making any sense ? I don’t know. But oh man, this happened to me so many times…

It’s more than just a “book hangover” (or movie/tv show hangover), it’s a feeling of nostalgia, sadness, happiness, change etc etc ALL IN ONE. And it’s like it grasps your heart and do not want to let go. 

PS : Sorry for the personal post but, I just had to talk about it. Cause I’m feeling it right now. And I feel alone in this. Like everyone is going about their life as if nothing, and I have all those feelings just because of a FICTIONAL STORY. 


Summary: Your first encounter with Cole since he came. An emotional roller coaster ride follows after he asks another girl to dance.

A/N: I hope you enjoy! It’s a little too deep and emotional. Hope you’re okay with that ._. I loved writing it :)


“Wow, the view is still spectacular,” Cole exclaims

Not too long ago, he snuck into your dorm to wake you up so you two could climb the Kingsville Hill like you did when you were young.

You roll your eyes as your ignore his statement and retort him back with a question, “How did you even find my room?”

Cole looks at you like it was the most normal thing in the world to sneak into the girls’ dormitory.

“It’s not like I haven’t done it before,” he winks. You scoff.

After all these years, he’s still got it. Yeap.

You turn away from him and focus on the spectacular view before you.

The good old hilltop, the Filgirtz river between the two Kingsville mountains , the sun about to rise, and a certain Cole Sprouse next to you.

Just like old times.

You still remember how much you looked forward into early morning adventures with Cole. Starting the day with the person you ‘loved’ was something you missed.

It feels so weird having him here. It’s like he never left. It’s like the two years without him were just a blur and he’s here.

“So (y/n),” He smiles at you, “How have you been?”

Your eyes flutter as reflect back on the two years you spent trying to get over him, the hardest two years.

“I’ve been great,” you happily reply,” How about you, some big shot now huh?”

“Haha, so you’ve watched my show!”

“Errgh..,” you think of some excuse,”Well,”

“Oh my god, (y/n). I can’t believe you!”

“Cole, chill. You know me. I’m don’t watch TV a lot. Besides, school has been..” you nervously blurt out things you don’t even mean. I mean, how could you possibly explain to him how seeing him on TV hurt so much?

“I get it,” he happily wraps his arm around your shoulder,” Oh look, the sun is rising.”

You’re taken aback by his sudden gesture. You know it doesn’t mean anything.  But it feels nice. It really does.  You’ve lost count of the number of sunrise and sunset you watched whist wishing he was with you.

“I’ve you missed you, (y/n)!”

“Me too.”

Maybe you never really got over him. Maybe you just learnt to hide your feelings. Maybe your feelings never left- because the way I see it, you still look at him the same way you did when you realized you were in love with him.


During breakfast, Cole makes quite a statement by sitting next to you.

“Hey, that’s my-” Wendy protests. “Why don’t you sit next to Kj over there?”

Wow, Cole just made an offer she couldn’t refuse. Wendy happily makes her way towards KJ.

“(Y/N), Do you think we have any common classes today?”

You shake your head,”Nope, the summer program is different from the regular classes.”

“Dang it, I was thinking you could introduce me to some of your friends!”

You roll you eyes,”Go away, Cole. I’m trying to eat.”

He snickers, “Hey,” he puts your hair behind your ear,”You hair was a lot lighter when you were young.”

Don’t do that Cole. Don’t.

“Don’t do that, Cole.” Wait did you just blurt that out.

“Do what?

Playing with my heart.

“Playing with hair, idiot. I pay good money for this,” you joke.

He scoff and gets up,”See you later, kiddo.” he brushes your hair abruptly obviously with the intention of messing it up.

This boy has no idea what he does to my heart.


You’re really excited for the Dance class today. One, because you’re really excited to see Cole. It really never gets old! He makes you feel like you’re 15 all over again. You can’t even seem to remember what you went through when he left. You’re just happy he’s here again. Also, the fact that he wanted to see the sunrise with you on his first day of return..makes you feel special.

Maybe this is fate’s way of giving us another chance, you think.

The moment you enter the class, you’re met with the sight of Cole surrounded by 5-6 girls. Ugh, he’s still the old Cole.

You roll your eyes at the sight and head to your seat.

“Hey, (y/n), right?” Cole’s red-headed friend comes over to you.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry about the other day. I had to run,”

“Clearly,” he jokes

You laugh, “Haha, I’m (y/n).”

“Very nice to meet you, (y/n). You can call me KJ.”
“Nice to meet you as well, Mr KJ.”

KJ seems like a really cool guy. He keeps you distracted from Cole for a while. He doesn’t a good job at it though. It’s not his fault that YOU’VE been in love with the same guy for over 3 years. Obviously, your jealousy is going to act up.

“Aw, I see what’s happening here,” exclaims KJ


“You’ve got the hots for Sprouse!”

You scoff, “I SO DON’T!”

“Please, you’ve been staring at that direction for like idk,”
You hit his arm,”You’re so annoying, it’s nothing like that!”

He chuckles,”I was just playing with you, jeez.  You’re cute when you get flustered.”

You shoot him a look,” Annoying.”

“Hello class!,” Mrs Hurley makes her entry. KJ goes back to his front seat.

“Now today,” she begins,” We are going to choose partners for ya’ll”

Everybody looks at each other excitedly. Your eyes find Cole. He’s obviously excited.

“I’m going to give you 10 minutes, only 10 minutes. Within this 10 minutes, find yourself a partner. Gather up your guts and ask the girl/boy you like to be your dance partner! Don’t be shy, this is your final year. Otherwise, I will be choosing the partners for you all.”

Definitely not the latter.

During the  first two minutes, the atmosphere was filled with tension as well as excitement at the same time. You could literally see how everyone was mentally preparing themselves to ask their crush to be their dance partner.

“I’m going to ask Alec,” says Wendy. “Who are you going to ask?”

You look at Cole, seated at the front row, he’s still joking around with KJ and some other friends.

“Cole?” Wendy gawks at you.

“I don’t know, maybe..”

“Seriously? Do you know what you’re getting yourself into?”

“It’s not like that, Wendy.” You smile,”It’s different this time.”

“Hey, they’re coming here”

You turn away as soon as you notice KJ and Cole both making their way towards you.

“Talk to me, talk to me,” you instruct Wendy,” Pretend we’re having so much fun. HAHA YOU’RE SO FUNNY WENDY,”. It’s actually really cute to see you get all conscience around Cole.

“(y/n),” you hear someone call your name. Excitedly, you look up.

KJ Apa.

You turn around to search for Cole. You spot him at the corner of the room asking a blondie. Wow. The moment when you can actually feel yourself heart break.


“Yes, yes. Kj.” You try your best not to let your emotions get the best of you.

“Would you like to go to the dance with me?” he asks

“I would love to.” You lie through your teeth.

“I’m sorry, I really have to go. I don’t think I’m feeling well,” you blurt and excuse yourself.

“Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, I just need to lie down for a bit.”

You ask Mrs Hurley if you could get a pass for this class. She was adamant at first because you were one of her favourite dancers, but she let you go.


You should’ve let him go  long time back.

In 9th grade, when he said he would love to take you to the dance but asked another girl instead.

In 8th grade, when you saw him kiss Claire at the library.

When he decided that you weren’t a good enough reason for him to stay and not leave.

There were many incidents which you knew was your cue to let him go.

But you didn’t listen, you were too stubborn. But I guess we all are, when we’re in love. You never gave up on him, you never even thought of moving on because you always had hope. Only now do you realize that Cole will always be Cole.

It hurts.

It may not make any sense but then again, when does it ever?

This is the guy you loved all your life.

You’re aggravated, frustrated and hurt at the same time. You’ve always ben there for Cole more than any of his side chicks ever has- and he still doesn’t see you. He always leads you on with his pretty boy etiquettes.. but this is where it ends.

Staring back at you are all the things related to Cole which you had saved all these years. His 8th grade sweater which he let you wear and never asked back, the rose he picked while asking you to be his girlfriend, the bobbypin his mom used on you when you met her at a tea party, the ticket to the first movie you went to together, the notes he passed in between classes and many many more.

“Are you sure about this?” Wendy holds your hand tightly.

“I just,” you break down. Tears begin to roll down your face uncontrollably.

“There, there.” Wendy rubs your shoulder trying to comfort you.

“I feel so stupid, he wasn’t even mine to begin with,” you force a laugh.

“(Y/n), can I tell you something?”


“He doesn’t deserve it,” she blurts.


“Your love. He doesn’t deserve it. I know how you always defend him and say he’s not the one to blame because you never told him about your feelings but the way I see it, he should’ve already figured it out. I mean, c’mon, no girl would put herself through what you went through him. And he’s an ass for always settling for less. And I know how you go on about not having the right to feel bad or upset. Cmon, we’re all human. You have every right to feel hurt. You have every right to feel however you want to feel, damn it!”

“I think I loved him, you know?” you wipe your tear filled eyes. “I think I really did love him, because no matter what he did,no matter how many girls he hooked up with,  no matter how many times he falsely led me on, I didn’t stop loving him. And I don’t know if that makes me a complete nutcase or a hopeless romantic. I was just so blinded by the thought of us being together that I refused to see how much he was actually hurting me.   It was just that, when he was with me none of it mattered, you know? He was so different around me. Not the playboy the school knew. He always knew how to make me laugh, he kept me really really happy. Like, really really happy. And I was convinced that I would never be happy without him. I think that’s where I went wrong.”

“It’s time to let go, (y/n).”

You nod. “Yes, it’s time.” You reflect back on what happened earlier this morning. How he woke you up and caught the sunrise with you and you felt so special. You feel so stupid. Cole will always be Cole.

He will never notice me. He could talk to me, play with me, chase sunsets with me, but he’ll never notice me. And that’s how I know he’s not the one for me.

Besides, you can only let someone make you feel horrible about yourself, for so long.

Rolling your sleeves up, you look at your best friend and say,”Now, let’s dump this.”


You thought you would feel horrible after getting rid of his things but you actually feel liberated. Now that your heart has convinced your mind that Cole isn’t the one for you, he doesn’t seem that big of a deal anymore. It’s not like you’ve lost all 100% feelings for him but it’s easier now, knowing that you don’t have to worry about seeing him, not seeing him, talking to him, not talking to him.

None of it matter anymore now that you’ve  made up your mind to move on.

It’s almost dinner time . You make your way towards the dinning hall, eventually spotting Cole talking to some 2-3 girls at the side of the hallway.

You hear him call you but you decide to ignore it. He can’t always have his way with his girls and come back to you whenever he feels like it.

It doesn’t work that way, Cole.

“(Y/N), heading for dinner?” KJ meets you along the way.

“Yeah, you ?”

“Same, let’s go together.”

From the corner of your eye, you could see Cole gawking at KJ and you. Probably just surprised at your sudden friendship.

At the dinner table, Cole and KJ sat across you. You ignored Cole the entire time. You refused to acknowledge his presence. Kate, the girl he asked for the dance sat next to him. You wanted to barf.

After dinner, Cole walked up towards you and before you could run away from him again, he started a conversation. “Everything okay?” he asked.

“Of course. I was just going to my room,” you answered.

“Why do I feel like you’re ignoring me?”

“I’m not.”

Cole wasn’t convinced much but he nodded his head and said,”Hey (y/n), wanna go to the hilltop at 10?”

You take a deep breath and hold your heart together as you answer, ”No. Goodnight.”


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ID #40098

Name: Tori
Age: 22
Country: New Zealand

Hey, I’m Tori! I’m 22, from New Zealand. I would love a penpal to get to know some people around the world. I’ve just finished my degree in Sociology and English, and I’m about to start a Masters in Writing. I have heaps of interests, most of which I spend far too much time on instead of my uni work. I love Harry Potter, movies, binge watching tv shows, and listening to music. I love pretty much any genre of music, and have heaps of bands and musicians I love. I also love to cook and bake, trying new recipes or coming up with my own. I absolutely love all forms of art, but when it comes to actually being creative I mainly stick to writing, mostly focused on poetry, though I dabble in prose. I absolutely love reading, so if you ever wanna share book reccommendations or just talk about literature, I’m down for that! I love all animals, and have two dogs, and a very fluffy, very evil cat that I adore with all my heart. I love the idea of travelling, but as I am very much a broke student, I haven’t had the opportunity to actually get anywhere yet.
I love movies and tv shows, and I spend a lot of time binge watching them. I love crime shows, but I’m not picky. Some of my favourite tv shows are Criminal Minds, Sense8, Scrubs, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Murdoch Mysteries, Grey’s Anatomy, Veronica Mars, Pushing Daisies, Fringe, and many many more.

I am very much a feminist, so if you feel like complaining about the current state of the world, I’m your girl. I’m also down to just talk about life and personal business, if that’s what you want.

Preferences: 18+, LGBTQA+ Friendly, I’m fine with any form of contact, open to country and gender.

Someone Else’s

Someone Else’s 
[Sometimes you just end up with the wrong person │ Changmo]

Changmo groaned, mumbling to himself. How did he even get himself in this situation? He was too nice for his own good sometimes. It was in the middle of the night, freezing cold, he had a studio session in the morning and here he was carrying your drunk ass home. He stopped to hike you up, adjusting you as you slid down his back. “You’re such a pain” he mumbled.

“Oppa~” you chimed against his ear. “I can flyyyyyyyy”

“You’re not flying.”

“Yes I am…” you pouted “Explain this then Weeeee~” you held out your arms in a superman pose. “I’m a superhero”

“Will you stop, you’re gonna fall!” he shot you a glare over his shoulder.

“You’ll just pick me up again. Won’t you Changmo?” The look of sincerity disarmed. You looked so damn vulnerable and he hated it. It wasn’t safe for you to be that open and that drunk. “Won’t you?” you asked again against his ear.

“Yeah…I will… I always do” he smiled feeling you relax on his back, you happily hummed one of his songs while playing with the lapel of his jacket.

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anonymous asked:

You have the biggest fangirl crush On (John Stamos, Johnny Depp, Geroge Michael etc. all really cute 80s guys btw) And have all these posters on your wall so Steve asks how come you don't have that many pictures of him to wake up to and any time you talk about him Steve always gets really jelaous so if you guys are watching one of their movies he just grabs you from the couch and places you on his lap,, like this is so cute??? Please feel free to add on 😂❤

I’m rollin’ with John Stamos because I’m a slut for him, heh

You had just put on Never Too Young to Die, and Steve was already muttering his breath.

“What was that, Stevie?”

“Nothin’, princess. C’mere,” His arms were out, his hands reaching out for you as you made your way to the couch. You sat next to him, resting your legs on his lap as he wrapped his arm around you. 

John Stamos hadn’t been on the screen for more than 5 minutes before you started practically drooling, a big smile on your face. Steve knew it was stupid to be jealous, but he didn’t like the fact that he, your boyfriend - the love of your life! - was being overshadowed by John Stamos, of all people. 

“I’m done with this,” He muttered under his breath, catching your attention.

“What? Oh shi-” Steve pulls you onto his lap, one hand on your hip, the other on your back, pushing you down onto him. You support yourself on the back of the sofa, your forehead resting against his. 

“Can I ask what’s happening here, Steve?”

“Just wanted to remind you who loves you the most in the world,” He whispers, kissing you before you have the chance to say a thing. You knew why he was acting this way, and you couldn’t help but think it was kind of cute, even when it got somewhat annoying.

I really want 2017 to be the year of amazing autistic characters in media

We’ve already had amazing autistic representation in this year’s Power Rangers with their autistic POC character, Billy Cranston aka the Blue Ranger. I’ve talked about how great of a representation Billy Cranston was in Power Rangers before here: https://aspie-jake.tumblr.com/post/161065982547/why-representation-is-important-and-an-example-of

His character was just incredible, I’ve said this so many times before but there were so many moments in the movie where I was just like “that’s is so me! I can relate so much to that!” Which, as an autistic person, isn’t a feeling I often get to experience in films. Also he’s treated in the film as being just as important and valuable a part of the team as any of the other Rangers. He is never made out in the movie to be a burden to ťhe team or like he’s less than the others! Whereas in a lesser movie they might have done exactly that. And they actually depict stimming in the movie! Whenever Billy would get excited or happy about something he would happy stim by clapping his hands! Now when I watched this movie in the theater I literally was bouncing with happiness pretty much any time that Billy was on screen. Never before has a movie made me as incredibly happy as Power Rangers 2017 has after seeing it! I couldn’t stop talking about it for months after seeing the movie and I still talk about it (hence this long paragraph about how great it is 😉).

Another amazing autistic character that we have recently gotten is the new autistic character on Sesame Street, Julia! Julia is an incredible example of an autistic character and its awesome to have such a good autistic character for autistic kids and adults to look up to. I haven’t had a chance yet to see everything with Julia in it yet but from what I have seen she is a really good representation of an autistic character.

We’ve already had two amazing autistic characters characters this year with Billy Cranston from Power Rangers and Julia from Sesame Street. Feel free to let me know or add on any yourself if I missed any autistic characters from this year. But hopefully this can become a trend and we can get more and more amazing representation of autistic characters in media this year. It would be so awesome if 2017 could become the year of amazing autistic characters.

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Who You've Become

Summary: How Charles got his plants in Logan.

“Logan, he needs a hobby. He may be senile but—“

“Don’t you ever call him that. That’s the Professor you’re talking about. He has one of the strongest minds in the world.”

“That might have been, once. But now? You can’t possibly believe that he’s anything but half mad anymore. Even when he takes his pills, he’s half mad and only a quarter coherent. Maybe you don’t notice, but I can’t help but to. I spend most of the day with him, Logan.”

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Like We Used To {Part 2}

Mark x Reader
Genre: AU/Fluff/Angst/Suggestive 
Previous Chapter
Next Chapter

The light of the morning shone in through your old bedroom but you refused to open your eyes. As much as you wished the events of last night was a dream, you could feel Mark’s arm draped around your naked torso under the sheets. Your back was turned to him, the sound of his calm and even breathing beside you as he slept. You wanted to blame the alcohol for the lack of judgement but it was beyond that. You had wanted Mark. Had succumbed to the need and desire of him, more than once in the night. Vague flashbacks of the night you two shared played in your head. Every touch had sent heats of fire throughout your body, every kiss a ripple of desire and every moan a wave of pleasure. Mark had been an extraordinary lover. You ran your hand over your face, what were you doing? Why were you basking in the thought of your night with Mark when you two had made such a horrible mistake. He was your best friend. He was engaged, to your other best friend. How horrible could you be? Carefully, you slipped out of the bed, although a part of you had wanted to stay. You wanted him to wake up with you and share in the gratification of each other’s bodies again, this time in the daylight. Lust, that’s what it was. That’s what you tried telling yourself as you tiptoed towards the tshirt that had been strewn across the floor. Quietly you slipped it on glancing at Mark as he laid there fast asleep. The blanket only covering his lower half while his arm remained reached out to where you were laying a few moments ago. Exiting the bedroom, you made your way downstairs towards the kitchen of your parents house. What were you supposed to do? Mark was asleep, naked in your old bedroom while you stood in the empty quiet kitchen. At that time the only logical thing you felt like you could do was make breakfast. Distract yourself from the thought of Mark upstairs, hoping that the simple tasks such as cooking would bring you back to reality. Too many feelings were rushing at you all at once. Anger, that you had done something so foolish and you weren’t the only one involved in this, Mark had been just as part of it, so you were angry at him too for letting it get that far. Guilt, that you had done the absolute worst thing possible to your best friend and she had no clue. Hurt, knowing that you had betrayed her and she would end up devastated at your actions. Confusion, because now you didn’t know where you and Mark stood. Did you have deeply rooted feelings for him and were you completely unaware of it until now?

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Ragnarok thoughts

This is me, arriving late to the party, trying to sort through my conflicting feelings about this movie.

Things I loved:

  • Valkyrie. I literally have no complaints about her, she was just awesome. And little bby Thor admiring the Valkyries and wanting to be one of them?? My heart.
  • Loki was just…so attractive. And Thor in his gladiator armor?? *clutches chest, wheezing*
  • I loved the twist at the end where the point was never that they should try to prevent Ragnarok at all, but let it happen. I feel like this ties back to the myths, even if in a faint and tangential way.
  • “Frigga would’ve been proud.” And Loki’s face, like he’s trying not to cry…
  • Also Odin letting go of life because he’s tired and ready to be with Frigga. That, i believe.
  • “I love you, my sons.” DAMN. This is literally all i wanted. Odin accepting and acknowledging both of his sons and trying to make some peace with them. I’m so, so, so not okay.
  • Thor saying that prayer alone in his cell that his father’s soul will be welcomed in Valhalla…and Loki finishing the prayer with him. I feel like that was a very subtle and underrated moment of genuine feeling and solidarity.
  • The music and the aesthetic. I actually enjoyed both planets, and the different moods created by both of them.
  • Poor Bruce sacrificing his own existence to save lives of strangers and aliens. I felt so bad for him. And that’s why Bruce is a real Avenger.
  • “Loki, I thought the world of you.” Brb, crying.
  • “You’ll always be the god of mischief. But you could be so much more.” !!!!!!!!!!!!! Thor still has some faith and wants Loki to prove him right. I just. I have to lie down.
  • Calling each other “brother” again????!!!!! Um, thank you.
  • Anthony Hopkins seriously deserves an Oscar for playing Odin!Loki.

Things I…did not love:

  • Slaughtering the Warriors Three like it was no big deal. Barely even giving Volstagg and Fandral a line before taking them out. Just…not cool.
  • Writing out Jane off-screen with a single line. Also not very cool.
  • Surtur looked kinda silly and lazily animated. Ah, well.
  • Thor electrocuting Loki was pretty cold. Like, I’m sure he knew Loki would find a way to escape it, but that was pretty dark, even for these two.

Mixed feelings…

  • I liked the backstory about Odin’s darker, bloodier history with Hela, and how his solution was to literally cover it up. Odin has always been a bit of an ambiguous character, and I’ve always felt that raising his sons had softened him into a more peaceful and wise and compassionate leader than he used to be. (I still argue that Loki is the main reason he decided to make a treaty with Jotunheim.) That being said, I wish we’d gotten some more information on how and why Odin changed. Hela made it sound like he just suddenly woke up and realized mass slaughtering was bad. Maybe Frigga was the reason? But we can only speculate.
  • That scene with Loki watching the stage version of TDW, especially the humorous slant on his “death” scene. Yes, it was funny and believable that Loki would be that vain and try to clean up his “posthumous” reputation in Asgard. But did the movie really need to mock a genuinely heart-wrenching scene?? I felt kind of uneasy about that. That being said, it ties back into the deleted TDW scene of Loki’s “coronation”: he likes to make believe that things happened differently. He wants to believe, at least for a moment, that he was truly heroic and beloved by others and did the right thing…at least to hate himself a little less for a minute.
  • I guess it’s confirmed that Loki is a reasonably decent king, in that Asgard itself is running smoothly and he’s taking care of the day to day affairs, the board meetings, the bureaucracy that younger Thor would have had little patience for. It’s just that Loki’s isolationist policy (all the other worlds can burn for all he cares) doesn’t work. And I guess this movie confirms that, while he has a casual disregard for “lower” life forms, he does actually care about Asgardians, in his way.
  • Loki standing next to Thor’s makeshift throne, at his side, the way it always should have been, left me with all sorts of bittersweet tears. Mainly because i know Marvel will find some way to fuck it all up.

anonymous asked:

I don't know if anyone has asked you this before but, what are your honest thoughts about SasoSaku (romantically, sexually all that stuff and please note that while the ending of their fight was subpar acknowledge that during it Sasori was seeing her skills as a medic and ninja)?

Sorry for the long delay for this response Anon!

I’ve delayed answering because ahhhhhh I have so many feelings–not so much about SasoSaku as a ship, but about everything this fight and the circumstances was and wasn’t and could have been. Moreover, SasoSaku is one of the usual “dark fic” couples of the fandom, and I’ve got eleventy-two feelings about dark fic and female sexual imagination (both contemporary and historical) and taboo within and outside of fandom and and and. JUST LOTS OF THOUGHTS.

Dannnng I wish I had fewer interests because I want to meta and I want to write fic and I want to translate stuff and typeset comics and also play video games and watch movies and listen to BBC radio and also I have my real life responsibilities and exercise and social life??? What a drag.

So I’ve said before, SasoSaku is not one of my preferred couples, but I group the ship with a bunch of other ships where, while I don’t ship it, dang there’s some good art and fic for it. Regarding my thoughts about specifically the dark side of the ship, this is a matter that is worse to talk about briefly than not to talk about it at all, because it should be spoken about clearly, widely, and in depth so that there are no misunderstandings, and also because it’s bound to be a controversial topic and would probably involve follow-up.

So let’s go back to the SasoSaku interaction within the manga and cheer ourselves up with this iconic page.

Oh dude remember how Sakura allowed Sasori to poison her and faked out that she had been incapacitated but PSYCH she had actually already come up with an antidote and used the opportunity to fucking destroy Sasori’s favourite puppet? CLASSIC. ICONIC. PHENOMENAL.

My other favourite moment of this fight is when she socked his puppet face for sassing his grandma:

Sasori: uh wtf this is a puppet body? u just gonna hurt ur fist bae little girl
Sakura: fists heal, punching you in the face is FOREVER

Then Sasori literally offers her his body (”Do you want to try this body? If you do, you’ll understand a little of what it’s like.”), but he’s a gentleman about it:

What a sweetheart!

So yeah. Obviously I love this fight, but it’s bittersweet at the same time. This is one of the last fights where societal and cultural reform, and the toxicity of the shinobi system, is at the forefront of the narrative:

Given that in Naruto Gaiden, Sasuke scolds Sarada for not sufficiently understanding that The Mission is more important than family, and that in Boruto the manga, the Sunagakure customs and teachings that resulted in Gaara taking B-rank missions when he was a genin are praised, this means that rewatching this arc just reminds me of what a failure the series turned into.

The Greatest Valentine of All

Summary: A simple trip to the toy store sparks some nostalgic feelings–and plants an idea in Dan’s mind. Is Phil ready for his proposition? Or, the one where seeing a bunch of kids’ toys makes Dan really, really want a child.

Word Count: 2.1k

Genre: Pure Fluff

Extra tags: Valentine’s Day, Domestic

Warnings: none

Read on ao3

A/N: dnp are in love. That is all. I hope you enjoy!!

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