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Hey, I LOVE the diverse way you draw faces and characters and I was wondering if you have any tips on how you do that? Too often when I practice drawing I get stuck in that "same face" rut and I struggle to branch out. It's hard for me to make it look natural and I usually end up so disheartened that I stop practicing for long amounts of time, which I know is not helping me at all. Again, absolutely love your art style. :)

Oh shucks ! Thank you friend. ‘Same Face TM ‘ is probably the hardest thing to break. Drawing in your comfort zone is relaxing and falling into patterns happens to everyone. I’m gonna tell you tho – it takes a lot of crummy drawings and tests to get into the more natural exploration. You just gotta keep pushing yourself! So here’s a little exercise I tend to do daily ( or every other day ). I give myself a time limit of about 10-15 minutes. I draw a bunch of random shapes 

And then I just take those shapes put faces in them. I don’t let myself think too much because the moment I start to they get harder and harder to draw! So here’s the result of my 10 minute time restraint

Voila! Just a bunch of random faces for kicks. And then you leave it and try it again the next day and so on and so on. I also tend to just look at people and their expressions / face shapes. Just observing can really go a long way for making it click. This is what’s helped me to look at faces and push / exaggerate things in ways that fit. I hope this is sort of helpful anon!

Niall Horan Blurb - The Second Single

I snuggled underneath the blankets and sheets, closing my eyes against the brightness that told me it was far too late to still be laying in bed. I rolled over and groaned as I stretched my arm out to grab my cell, checking the time. 11:45am. Shit, I never slept this late. Niall could – with all his late nights at the studio and such but I was always up hours before he was. I’m sure it had to do with both of us being up all hours of the night as he paced around the room, nerves getting the better of him. His second single, ‘Slow Hands,’ dropped this morning and he had been a nervous wreck – worried that people wouldn’t like it, worried that it wasn’t good enough, worried that he had missed something and worried about how people were going to react. I had assured him that the song was amazing and everyone was going to love it but it had taken some doing to get him to even lay down, let alone relax enough to get some sleep. He was long gone this morning, up early to get to radio shows for interviews.

I scrolled through all of my social media on my phone and smiled to myself. He had worried in vain. Early indication was that the song was being well received and people were buzzing about it on every platform – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr. He was nervous about all this solo stuff, I just wish he had more confidence in himself and in his his solo abilities. This song definitely branched out into a more adult theme but I knew his fans would love it – hell, he was twenty-three years old, he understood and enjoyed sex as much as the next person – why not sing about it?

I felt eyes on me and looked up from my phone. “You’re home?” Confusion washed over my face. He was supposed to be doing interviews all through the day.

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Imagine: Sam Rescuing You

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Reader Request: Hey Emily! I love your fanfics, they are amazing. I was hoping maybe you could write a piece where Dean, Sam, Jo, the reader and maybe some of the reader’s (hunter) friends are playing hide and seek in the dark. Sam is on and he can’t find the reader when he hears her up in a tree and she’s stuck or something, he helps her down or something a long those lines. Can you make it fluffy? Reader x Sam. I know this might be crappy! Haha thank you (if you do write but if you don’t that’s fine too)

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1,100

Warnings: getting stuck in a tree? nearly falling?

A/N: sorry this is on the short side! My brain is only half-cooperating.

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so I’ve been talking to @valliteprince about this not too long ago since some of my ship partners tend to…more or less leave the coop after a while … and I’ve decided to make a point about it for anyone that ships with me in the future.

now, this doesn’t apply for people that go inactive for personal/hiatus reasons ;; I’m stating this because of the way my rules work ; whereas if I ship romantically w/one muse, all other duplicates of that muse will fall under the platonic category. it works well for me, up until said person ain’t there no more.

so, to keep things simple — unless you have some form of notice about a hiatus, or personal stuff that’ll make you go inactive for a while ( bc I know, we all got lives that suck every once in a while ) — I will wait for one entire month until I decide to drop a ship. it’s nothing against anyone ( and I tend to never say anything about this in general because ahhh…I rlly don’t wanna make people feel like they’re being blamed ), but…I sometimes feel a bit like my hands are tied when I have an inactive ship partner, and also get asked by lots of duplicates if they want to ship w/me — because as much as I love to cater, I want to respect my own rules!!

also, I want to have fun with shipping as well, and feel really limited w/my options if I’m never given a sign on when someone will turn up again . I hope you all can understand, in some way —

(Based on that one JeffSumo ‘Kiss the Girl’ post. I’d link too it and the person who gave me the idea to write it out, and probably provide audio, but tumblr on this temporary-laptop is a butt. I’d advise listening to the song in another tab or device. The song starts after the read more. Writing and punctuation are very fast-paced and messy but that’s only to keep up with the music.)

 “So, why are you taking me out here this late again Sumo?”

It was night, and Jeff Randell and one of his close friends Sumo were out on the lake in Aberdale park, in a little wooden boat.

“I told ya, we’re looking for fireflies! All the best ones are out here in the middle, or in the little lagoons at the side. Now quit yappin’ and get rowing!” Sum ordered.

 Jeff blushed, shrugged compliantly, and grasped his oars.

 Sumo looked up at the sky absently in a sudden change of mood. “Y’know, I’m glad you came out here with me. I didn’t think you’d like it much.”

 “Oh? No! Not at all!” Jeff said quickly, waving his hands. “I’ve never seen it out here at night; it’s really beautiful, thanks for taking me. It’s nice out here, just us alone.” He sighed wistfully.

 Now it was Sumo’s turn to blush, but Jeff was looking away fortunately. “Yeah, you’re welcome or whatever.” He grunted, pretending not to care.

 Both of them fell silent eventually, largely avoiding eye contact, but occasionally one would try and steal a glance at the other, their eyes would meet, and they would look away again, each struggling with their own private thoughts and feelings.

From the reeds on the lakeshore, someone else was watching them both.

 “Look at them Mr. Frog! They’re so in love and they don’t even know it!” Clarence Wendell complained to a dead frog in the mud beside him. “I should be out there helping them, but I told Sumo I was sick so that they could have their moment together.”

 He stared at the frog, who stared back with lifeless eyes. A fly landed on one of them.

 “Hmm, you’re right Mr. Frog! This is just like that movie I was watching with Mom and Chad; The Lil’ Manatee!” The boy put his hand on his chin and thought a little more. Suddenly, his eyes and smile widened as he picked up the dead thing and hugged it. “Mr. Frog you’re a genius! We’ll just r-r-recreate the scene from the movie!”

 Clarence squinted out towards the dark shape on the water. “All we have to do, my froggy friend, is get them to kiss and realize their love for each other! But first, I gotta create…the mood.”

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“I don’t care if there are small children who want to swing, i w8ant to f8cking swing and I’m g8ing to f8cking swing”

swing things, this lil girl kept starting at me while eating blueberries, truly magical. 

I’m making my own wand right now, and I gotta say, very worth it.

On one of my hikes I picked out a very lovely oak branch, and I’m using the cotton string that I use in my spells and plants to create the handle.

I’m seriously very happy with how this is going, and I will most likely paint it if seen fit. This really feels like I’m getting more connected with my craft and it’s just wonderful.

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Prompt: "Ponyboy, I can't! I'm too scared!"

“Pony, I can’t! I’m too scared!” You were shaking in a large oak tree near the lot, it was pouring down with rain and rather late at night…but you and Pony had been in that tree all day…except it was too slippery for you to just climb down and you didn’t want to jump. 

“C’mon…I promise i’ll catch ya! All you gotta do is jump!” Pony stood underneath you and the tree, arms out, looking at you imploringly. You couldn’t stay up there all night and you both needed to get home soon, but he could see how scared you were. You were more scared then he was when Johnny killed that Soc and that was saying something. 

“I…I can’t…”  You shivered, holding tighter to the tree branch you were dangling off of. You wanted to…but you just couldn’t.

“You can…Y/N, please ya need to jump…” Pony begged running a hand through his hair and praying you’d finally give up. He wasn’t going to drop you…he’d been doing more sport lately and he was older now, he wasn’t that wimpy 14 year old anymore. He could catch you. No doubt about it. You just had to trust him, was all.

“You promise you’ll catch me?” You leaned forward slightly, looking down at him. The nearby street lamp light up the road ahead and made the water and grease in Pony’s hair shine. 

“I promise.” He was absolutely serious about that, that much you could tell. 

You took a few deep breathes to calm yourself down and then pushed off from the branch squealing as you went, until you stopped securely in a pair of hoodie covered arms.

“Told ya, didn’t I?” He beamed down at you, raising his eyebrows teasingly, you were too jittery to laugh though. 

“Thanks, Pony” You breathed a sigh of relief as he set you down, leaning forward to hug him, your forehead resting on his chest. Pony had gotten tall in the last few years and it made it easy for you to lean up against him…it also probably helped him catch you since there was less of a drop. You were just glad he did catch you.

For Me, This Is Heaven

((A/N: Yay 40’s Dean! It’s my new favorite AU, though I’m actually tossing around a few more AU’s to branch off of. I gotta say I love the clothing from the forties, though. For reference, Y/F/N just refers to your full name. I also researched the hell out of this, and the books are fucking amazing if you haven’t read them. Maltese Falcon is one of Jim Beaver’s favorites, too! Oh, Goodreads. What can’t you do. That said, Animal Farm and Maltese Falcon are my recommendations. Tagging @aprofoundbondwithdean

Pairing: 40′s!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2200

Warnings: Language))

The war had been over for a year now and still you had yet to ‘snag a husband’, as your mother would have said. It had been the spawn of many a fight in your household and continued to be so until you had moved in with your best friend and her husband. They had insisted it was no burden, living in the in-law of their home. You’d managed to get a job as a waitress and it paid the bills.

World War II had been a terrible one, certainly. So many had lost their lives including your brother. Benny had been a good man, and one you cared for. You were there when the letter was delivered to your mother and you heard the General claim he had died saving others’ lives. What little consolation that was.

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Fic: Maybe I Should Get Stuck in Trees More Often

Fandom: Captainsparklez, thesyndicateproject

Pairing: syndisparklez

Word Count: 1814

Summary: Tom is afraid of heights and Jordan is a nice guy. 

Based on this prompt: “i climbed this tree for a dare but now i’m stuck can you help me down or get a ladder i’m scared of heights” au from this post.

You can read it on AO3 here or under the cut :)

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