i just got that text and i want to scream

Okay so I must scream about this with someone, so here I am

KCon Mexico aaaahhhh I missed Monsta X so much ;; Everything was just everything, they got so much performance time it was so wonderful ;;

And the styling? wtf are people even allowed to look that good? Wonho’s bangs were up and it was such a blessing ;; Black waistcoat + jackets with personalised gold detailing; it was all so beautiful I wanted to cry

What else? How about their super cute Spanish? I.M’s weirdly-accented, unbelievably sexy English? Just set me on fire why don’t you

The performances. Rapper babies’ stage (they lit the place on fire), Trespass after so long and Hero too, and White Sugar? How dare they try to murder me with that one??? And then Kihyun performed Beautiful from the Goblin OST, the loveliest song with the loveliest voice and aah I don’t know how to control myself

(I would’ve dived firmly into the Kihyun lane if I.M was not extra rude with his facial expressions :)) 

Anyway so the short story is my life is over and I don’t know how I’ll manage to survive The Clan part 2.5, I really don’t. 

Thank you for staying with the blog! I’m sorry for any recent low-quality posts; I’ve gotten rather lazy since MX aren’t promoting, plus my children group ASTRO are doing a lot of things and I’m burned out from my classes too. I hope to bring you all the quality Monsta X content you’re here for in the near future ^^

shoutout to the studyblrs that have no motivation, have to drag themselves out of bed, scream at the same question for over an hour, forget things on the daily, don’t have expensive stationary, and don’t have “pretty” notes.
i’m one of these studyblrs and y'know what? we still getting the grades. i know sometimes it seems pointless and frustrating and you just want to throw all the stupid text books out of the window, but just look; you’re still here, you still got out of bed, you still studied, and that’s the main thing.
maybe one day it’ll get easier ha :)

Victuuri on Boxing Day
  • Viktor: so want gifts aren't makeing the cut?
  • Yuri: oh, just my secret santa gift, someone got me a CD that says 'from your secret admirer,' but it's just someone screaming "Pork cutlet bowl" in Russian. I think it's just a joke from Yurio.
  • Viktor: *tearing up* I though you wanted to learn my native language...
  • Yuri: *thinking fast* No, it's not that...I was scared because I thought someone liked me other then you, because your not really my 'secret admirer' anymore, are you?
  • Viktor: *smiles* Really?
  • Yuri: *smiles as he puts the CD where everyone can see in on the mantel* Of course, I love you
  • Yuri: (thinking) I'll burn it later
“Why am I not enough...” (Ross Fluff)

Just a little something something I wrote before bed - thanks to the help of Trader Joe’s herb and spice popcorn, and my sad 8track playlist.

When I got the text from Y/N asking if I could pick her up, I didn’t hesitate. For the past two weeks every night has ended up with her mom and her having a screaming match. She wanted to move with her dad to Malibu but her mom said she had to finish the year, not even caring about how her previous actions with another man had affected her daughter.

I text Y/N once I pull up against the curb a few houses away. She walks down the middle of the dimly lit road in a pair of pajama shorts and one of my white tees. She opens the passenger seat and tosses her backpack on the floor and shuts the door behind her. Before the overhead light turns off I catch her red eyes from crying, and her left cheek was bright red compared to her right cheek. I reach over and graze the irritated skin, and she flinches slightly at my touch.

“Did she hit you, Y/N?” I ask turning on the overhead light once it turns off on it’s own.

Y/N sits silently next to me, not taking her eyes off of the empty street in front of us. Her jaw was clenched and I knew she was biting back her words. She’s been bottling it up, never telling me what happened behind those closed doors - she only called me to pick her up when it got to be too much.

“It’s nothing new.” She finally mumbles after a few minutes.

“What?” I ask knitting my eyebrows together, “Y/N why haven’t you said anything.”

“Can we just go.” She says not taking her eyes off of the street lights, “Please.” Her voice barely over a whisper. I sigh and put the car back in drive before pulling back onto the road.

The whole drive back to the house she was quiet. She picked at her skin, causing me to grab her hand and hold it in my lap hoping she would get the message to relax a little. I pull into the driveway and put the car in park. I look over at her and see her wiping under her eyes. I lean over and kiss her temple before turning off the lights and the car. She unbuckles and opens the door before climbing out.

She grabs her bag before following me to the front door. I open it and hear my siblings loudly talking into the living room, probably bickering about something on the tv. Y/N kicks off her converse before walking through the kitchen and into the living room. I hear them yell “Hi!” And for her to join her, but by the time I’m in the living room she’s already disappearing upstairs.

“Not tonight guys.” I say with a sigh walking up the stairs and down the hallway to my room. I open the bedroom door and see Y/N sitting on the floor leaning against my closet door with her knees pulled to her chest, and tears bursting out of her eyes.

I hurry over to her and kneel down and brush her hair out of her face. “What did we do wrong?”

“What do you mean, baby.” I say sitting next to her and wrap my arm around her neck and shoulder. She wipes her cheeks, even though more tears were flooding down her cheeks.

“Why weren’t we enough?” She cries turning her head to look at me, “Why did she cheat on my dad for months, and how could my dad just leave me behind. Was I not enough?”

“Oh baby.” I say pulling her body closer to mine. She lets her legs collapse, and my arm to wrap around her tighter before pulling her into my lap. I hold her close, her face buried in my chest as she lets out a heartbreaking sob. Her voice crying, “Why am I not enough” over and over again.

I press kisses to her forehead over and over again as the tears start to slow down, and the shaking of her body becomes still. “I’m just so tired of the fighting. And being left behind.”

“I would never leave you behind.” I say cupping her face in my hands, “And you are enough.”

I press my lips against her trembling ones, and relax a little when she leans against my body and kiss me back. I pull apart and press a kiss to her nose before telling her to crawl into bed, and I’d go to the bathroom and steal one of Rydel’s make up wipes.

She stands up and makes her way to my bed and slips off her socks and shorts, before pulling the covers back and crawls onto the bed. I walk to the bathroom and grab a makeup wipe before walking back into the room. I see her curled up and the covers pulled up to her chin. I walk to my side of the bed and slide my jeans and shirt off, and climb onto the bed.

I hand her the wipes and she wipes the smudged make up away and lets out a sigh. All of her “flaws”, “imperfections” and blemishes were present but she looked just as beautiful, and it not more.

She crumples up the toilette and free throws it to the trashcan a few feet and makes it, mumbling, “Ballah” under her breath. I let out a chuckle as she scooches over and snuggles her nose against my bare chest and rests her face cheek down. I wrap my arms around her and press a kiss to her forehead.

“I love you so much, Y/N.” I murmur against her skin, “And you’re more than enough.”

“I love you.” She says barely over a whisper. “Thank you for always picking me up.”

“I’ll always pick you up.” I say brushing my fingers through her hair, “And I’ll always pick you.”

Okay I’m posting from tumblr mobile and I can’t do cuts or text posts with images so I’ll make this short, but I wanted to just scream a little about Hamilton. It almost didn’t happen because today of all days we had a medical emergency in the family and we were scrambling all over New York for wound care (it was awful) but thankfully we got it taken care of, and then on top of that we didn’t realize the Hamilton tickets were for 7 instead of 8 and suddenly my mom looks at the tickets and screams that the show started in half an hour. But we got there on time and it was, as you can guess, amazing.

The original cast were all there, save for Daveed Diggs (Lafayette/Jefferson), but that’s alright because his understudy Andrew Chapelle was adorable and even rocks the same hair. Renee (Angelica) was amazing irl and Leslie Odom (Burr) blew me away. My favorite part was when Leslie was beginning the Adams Administration song after Groff (King George) sings I Know Him, and Groff stayed on stage and did a little cutesy wiggle-smile in his chair and made Leslie crack up while he was trying to sing, which was an adorable very real moment. Also, I didn’t know a lot about the staging going into it since I had only seen photos and not video clips and the way they incorporated the spinning stage into the dances and the duels was so damn cool, especially during The World Turned Upside Down and the very last duel. And I loved how they give a Reynolds pamphlet to the orchestra conductor (have you read this??) Lin-Manuel was incredible and I was lucky enough to be in the fourth row so not only did I get to be up close but I could actually see tears on his face in Its Quiet Uptown. In fact, Angelica, Eliza, Burr, and Hamilton all shed real tears during the emotional moments and I love how much heart the actors put into their characters. Phillipa (Eliza) had me in tears at the end, the whole last sequence is just devastating and inspiring and god I love this musical. I’m so thankful that I was lucky enough (lucky three times over on top of having tickets, what with the emergency and having the time wrong) to see it.

Thank you @linmanuel for your amazing talent and blessing the world with this musical. <3


Your POV Today is hopefully gonna be a good day me and Kendall are going to go to a water park the downside I’m going with her sisters too which means paparazzi everywhere, great also Kendall has been acting weird lately not like I’m cheating on you weird just she always wants to be beside me she always wants to know what I’m doing and were I’m going, who I’m seeing and so on I’m going to make a mental note to ask her about it later. We arrive at the pool and just as expected paparazzi everywhere I mean all the way to the water park entrance all I saw were flashes and people screaming we finally made it inside when I got a text from my best friend b/f/n she asked if we had gotten to the water park without getting run over by the paparazzi I laughed then I hear “Who was that” I jump from being surprised “You scared the crap out of me its just b/f/n” her faced scrunched up a bit and she didn’t ask anymore she jut walked to the pool area well that was strange we arrived at the pool and I got another text from b/f/n it read having fun seeing Kendall in a bikini😏 I blushed “Why you so red” asked Kendall “Oh its nothing just b/f/n” she gave me a strange look “What did she say” Kendall asked “Nothing” I replied “Its not “nothing” your blushing “ she says a little more agitated now I’m about to say something when I hear “Will you two love birds get your asses up here” you hear Kylie say you look up to see her up some large stairs about to slide down into a huge slide I look and see the rest of the sisters behind her looking at me and Kendall after that the rest of the day goes by okay. When we arrive at her house I get another text from b/f/n this asking if I had fun at the water park “Is that b/f/n” Kendall asks annoyed “Yes” I reply “You really like texting her don’t you, more than you like spending time with me it seems” she says with a bad tone in her voice “OK what’s your deal you have been acting weird all week” I ask rather mad now “I don’t know what your talking about” she says “Yes you do every time I go somewhere or do something you always ask what I’m doing or were I’m going do you really not trust me that much” I say tears threatening to come out “I LOVE YOU!!” She screams “w-w-what” you ask “I love you that’s why I’ve been overprotective this past week I’ve been more paranoid of you because now you could fully break my heart” I hear her say tears in her eyes that’s when you kiss her “I love you too” I say “really” she asks “ever since I met you” she smiles and you both kiss again “AWW” You hear someone say I turn my head to see all of Kylie, Kim, Khloe, Kourtney with popcorn as if they are watching a movie that’s when Kendall graves your hand and takes you to her room. Not my gif

Oh man. So. A few nights ago around 2:30 a.m., while I was drawing and listening to playthroughs, I heard a woman scream. At first I thought it was just my imagination but the cat got up and ran to hide in the bathroom. Like I said, it was 2:30 a.m. and I was already half asleep so this was a scary situation and I went straight to bed cuz I just really wanted it to be morning again.

Turns out, that scream was 100% real and 100% belonged to my mom who had woken up from a nightmare. HER NIGHTMARE, alright, was that she rented an apartment and when she entered her new room she found Donald Trump sleeping in it. Apparently the apartment building was under his name so he just had the right to sleep wherever he wanted(?) So she woke him up and yelled at him to get out of her new apartment and he started attacking her and that’s when she woke up.

My mom woke up screaming from a Donald Trump nightmare and I can’t stop laughing please don’t tell her I told you guys cuz she’s really fucking embarrassed about it. 

you sent me a text
that broke me into two,
saying, ‘you deserve someone
who can really love you’
and i wanted to scream
because we both know that’s
bullshit, but instead
i just told you that you’re
pretty damn great
and i hope that you’ll see it

you sent me a text
at nine in the evening,
that said, ‘hey, sorry but
i’ve got to be leaving,
‘cause i’m damaged and
broken beyond repair’
and i wanted to say,
‘i care i care i care’

you sent me a text
and it was the last one
saying you wished that everything
we had could be undone
because you wanted to be
just a little bit more
and we almost could’ve been
we almost were

—  goodbye text // r.e.s

I opened up just kind of spamming gifs, but he seemed to think it was funny, and after awhile asked to go out- we decided on seeing Deadpool since I couldn’t get anyone to see it with me. He wore bright-ass white vans, so naturally I was on the verge of damn danieling him, but I caught myself and just complimented him- he then proceeds to tell me everyone else has been damn danieling him. Movie was great. He smelled really good too. Went to ice cream afterwards, got to talk. Was the first date I didn’t want to run away screaming from. We continued texting, and he comes over the next weekend, we watch movies and cuddle all night. Next day went to the carnival and he held my hand a lot. :) We went on the Ferris wheel last and it was like i was watching a scene in a movie, I’ve never smiled so much in my life. Things are going continuing to go well. Didn’t think swiping right could be such a huge decision.  

Please listen to me when I say this - The Presidential Election is in less than a week. If you have the ability to go vote, go. Please. Vote early. It took me about 10 minutes for the entire thing. I really don’t wanna go through 4 years of Trump. I can’t do it. I just got a lot of my rights, I don’t wanna lose them, and I sure as hell do not trust Donald Trump with the power of war. Vote for Hillary. Please. She has the best resume of just about any Presidential candidate ever. Please please please vote for Hillary. Our country cannot take 4 years of Trump.

  • Faye: lmao funny story
  • Faye: so i'm at this party at a rich dude's house last night, just drinking a lot, SUPER HAMMERED, doing my thing. and I had to go to the bathroom. so I went in, and there was this SUPER FUCKING AWESOME golden toilet. Like. made of solid gold. Incredible. but then I leave the bathroom and the guy who apparently owned the house started screaming at me like "WHY DID YOU TAKE A SHIT IN THERE YOU BITCH FUCK YOU" and I'm wondering why he's all up in my business so I pushed him and then he tried to hit me so I punched him in the face
  • Faye: anyway turns out he was mad because it wasn't a golden toilet it was a tuba and lmao long story short I'm not arrested but can u come pick me up from the police station
Worried dad

“CALUMMM!!!!!” you called your husband screaming

“Y/N, what happened?” he asked worried

“I just asked you to take care of Emma for a minute so I could go take a shower and when I got to the room she was alone and playing with some of my makeup!”

“I just went to get water, she could be thirsty.” Calum justified a little sad

“If you wanted to go get some water, you take your kid with you, never leave a child alone! And how did my makeup end up in her hands?” you said 

“I gave her the makeup so she could have something to entertain herself while I went to the kitchen to get the water. I was just trying to help!”

“And her toys? They serve for something!” You asked him

“I picked them up, but when I was on my way to the door she left them and came crawling behind me so I gave her your make up, but I never thought she would figure out how to open the boxes and the lids.” Calum told you a little frustrated

“Okay, don’t be like that, I’m not worried if the makeup is broken, I’ll buy another and you’re going with me, but imagine if she got hurt?”

“Yes, you’re right, the next time I’ll take her with me. She’ll be always with me, wherever I go.” Calum told you a little more happy 

“I don’t know how I’d feel if she had hurt herself”

“But she didn’t, so you don’t have to be like that”

“Look at her, she’s so happy painting her lips with your favorite lipstick” Calum said looking at your daughter and laughing at the same time

“What?! No! Take it!” You ask your husband

“OK, I’ll try but she will start …. Yes, crying.” he looked at you smiling

“Give it to her.” You said a little bit sad

“Although she is just a baby this shade looks really good on her. Is so cute. Reminds me of a person …”

“Who!!!” you said looking angry to Calum, ‘cause it looked like he was talking about another woman

“YOU!! I think this color looks good in your skin tone and makes your lips look like velvet. That Emma has inherited from you. I love your skin tone.”

“OH … thank you” you thanked and blushed a little

“Put just a little bit of lipstick!” he told you 

“But she will start crying”

“Put and then gave it back” Calum said 

“OK I’ll put it, but why do you want me to put it?” you ask a little confused

“PUT IT!” ordered it

You did what he asked, even though your daughter had start crying

“Are you done?” Calum asked you

“Yes, but why?”

“As I told you before, I love that color on you and it makes your lips look like velvet. And it’s for me to do this” After saying the why he wanted you to paint your lips he kissed you. 

“I love you”

“I don’t!” you said laughing

“I know you do, you can’t lie to me.” he laughed

“Yeah, I do love you. You know our daughter has the same sense of humor that you have”

“How do you know if she doesn’t even talk?”

“She’s always laughing”

“I love you and our daughter” you said laughing to Calum

“I also love the two of you”


We hope you like it

Calum Hood imagine