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Since I’m adding all types of fairytale characters to my supernatural ‘hood, I recently added Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. 

But since I also can’t be bothered to make the three fairies who protect her in CAS ‘cause ain’t nobody got time for that, I just stuck a teenaged Aurora in with the Verdun family. 

Because technically, there are already three fairies there. 

Which would make Aurelia, Flora. 
Because she’s the queen of the fae in the town due to one of her lifetime rewards and has pixie minions floating about her from time to time…

Lyria would be Fauna I guess?

Which leaves Lysander as Merryweather.

He wasn’t too pleased about the comparison :D

But even though Alaric plays poker with Maleficent and her rabble on Tuesdays, he’s promised not to tell of Aurora’s location. 

Alaric: Snitches get stitches.


there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco

okay so I 100% accept the headcanon that Grantaire just    collects stray cats wherever he goes


imagine Enjolras and  Grantaire living together and Enjolras just slowly noticing like random bits of catfurniture creeping into the apartment until one day he finds loads of cat hair on his jacket and just 

“Taire? Are you hoarding cats in our house without telling me?”

and Grantaire is just looking really shifty and “……….. what no why would you even suggest such a thing Apollo, i am offended that you would even insinua- SHIT LEONARDO NO” AND THIS SCRAGGLY BALL OF BLACK FUR JUST SHOOTS OUT FROM UNDER GRANTAIRES BED AND STARTS RUBBING AGAINST ENJOLRAS’ LEGS??

and Enjolras is most surprised by the fact that he isnt even surprised and just sighs and goes “how many..?”

“*mumbling* four”



Enjolras doesn’t even have the strength to argue with him just kinda glancing down at the cat which has now settled on lying across his feet like “Leonardo? Fine. what are the others called?”

And Grantaire just lighting up because HEY ENJOLRAS HASNT SAID HE CANT HAVE THE CATS THE CATS CAN STAY YAYYYYY and proudly presenting him with 3 more ugly looking creatures, who probably have the capacity to be very handsome once Grantaire has managed to sort them all out, and announcing their names are “Michaelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael”

and Enjolras is quiet for a really long time before “You-       You named our cats after four ugly turtles who live in a bloody sewer?”

Grantaire goes from exhilaration (oh my GOD HE SAID OUR CATS) to a hideous blend of indignation and fury because OH MY GOD ENJOLRAS YOU DID NOT JUST OVERLOOK FOUR OF THE MOST TALENTED AND FAMOUS ARTISTS IN HISTORY OVER THOSE FUCKING MUTATED NINJA ARSEHOLES WHAT KIND OF MONSTER ARE YOU?! before scooping up his cats and leaving the room leaving Enjolras in some sort of shocked/horrified state and Grantaire being really sulky and not talking to Enjolras for the next 24 hours

until Enjolras comes over and apologises for insulting the cats (which he doesn’t particularly want to do but he does it for Grantaire god dammit because he loves him) and suggests they host a housewarming for the cats to cheer him up as they are official members of the apartment now. so they invite all of Les Amis over for a cat party and its all going super well with Grantaire showing off his new fur babies and then Courf speaks

“Grantaire, i think i speak for us all when i say why are they nam-”


“-ed after the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?”

and Enjolras basically has to hold R back even though he knows theres no real threat because nobody could ever hurt Courf hes an angel 

and now no one is ever allowed to mention TMNT in front of Grantaire ever again

Concept: Victor and Yuuri are sharing a hotel room with the beds pushed together, they’re just laying peacefully together until suddenly Victor gets the idea to start tickling Yuuri. This turns into a all out tickle fight and somehow it ends up with one of them slowly sinking in between the two beds and getting stuck. The other is laughing at them but in a loving and endearing way that the one stuck in between the two beds can’t help but laugh with them.

Talking to My Oboe Teacher Be Like:
  • Me: So my oboe sounds as good as it can, which basically sounds like a baby cheetah learning to sing opera, but my D flat isn't working.
  • Teacher: It doesn't play at all?
  • Me: Well, I mean it plays a little bit but it doesn't produce a full tone, you know?
  • Teacher: I think so. Does it should like when you gurgle mouth wash?
  • Me: No, it kind of sounds like I Just got food stuck in my reed, but I checked and I didn't. It sort of sounds like a duck attempting to quack a D flat.
  • Teacher: What does it sound like?
  • Me: I guess you could say it sounds like a snake burping onto a cloud of Chloroform.
  • Teacher: Wanna try one more analogy?
  • Me: I guess it sounds like I'm holding an oboe, but a bassoon sound is coming out from the depths of hell.
  • Teacher: Oh there's a screw that fixes that

I’m already getting started on my Volume 5 wish list, and here’s what’s at the top:

I want Ruby and Oscar to be best pals. 

Besides the fact that Ruby would be thrilled to find out Ozpin isn’t dead and the fact that they’re both precious cinnamon rolls, she and Oscar would be able to relate to each other so much! Mysterious destiny, unexpected mission, being a tool of authorities and supernatural powers beyond their very imaginings…

Just give me one scene where Oscar goes, “Yeah, I got stuck with this weird power I didn’t ask for, and now it’s my responsibility to right all the wrongs in the world. And whenever someone in power who I trust knows something that could help me, they withhold the information until the last second.”

And Ruby goes, “Same.”