i just got so upset when she left so

I watched the new episode of Andi Mack and… I am emotional. Cyrus is an awesome friend, Jonah is so fond of Cyrus, Bowie and Bex are incredibly adorable, Buffy is the best and can totally kick TJ’s ass, Ambi was happening; they did each other’s makeup! They dressed up! They snuck out! Amber was having her redemption arc! And then Jonah called Andi, Amber got jealous and left Andi! Fantastic! And then Andi gets back at her and it honestly made me feel bad for Amber?? Like, she looked so guilty and upset?? AND WHEN THE HELL IS SOMEONE GOING TO TELL ANDI THAT THEY’RE SELLING THE HOUSE??! I’M JUST SO EMOTIONAL, I NEED MORE OF ALL OF THE CHARACTERS, I NEED LONGER EPISODES!! I JUST NEED MORE OF ANDI MACK!!

Finding Clint

Pairing: Clint x f!Reader


Clint x Reader where she and Clint go on vacation and Clint gets lost and she flips out.

A/N: i feel like the avengers should not be let out of the base without supervision bc this is the 3rd (?) chat where one of them gets lost and i love it.

Clint has created a chatroom.

Clint has added Natasha, Bruce, Tony, Steve, Thor.

Clint: Guess who’s lost?

Clint: Lost again.

Clint: Clint is lost.



Clint: Oh c'mon! What have I ever done to you?!

Natasha: Thor, I don’t think it’s wise you piss me off any further.

Clint: Ohhhh snap, you made Tasha angry!

Thor: I do not fear for the Black Widow.

Bruce: Stop lying.

Thor: Fine, my apologies. I shan’t inform lady Y/N that her boyfriend lacks direction. There is no need for Lady Natasha to become angry… I doth not understand why.

Natasha: If Y/N finds out, she’s going to freak out, and then Tony will start freaking out, and then Steve will start freaking out because Tony’s freaking out over Y/N freaking out, and then Thor will start freaking out because his tiny humans are freaking out, and then Bruce will start to freak out and then I will start freaking out because Bruce is freaking out over Thor freaking out and Thor is freaking out because his humans are freaking out and Steve is freaking out over Tony freaking out for Y/N and Clint will leave the chat and disappear, becoming  a hermit because that’s better than being the cause for his girlfriend freaking out and the team losing their minds. Now do you get why, Thor?

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anonymous asked:

This is not meant to sound rude, but for me, I never had that love for Bumblebee that most of the FNDM has come to indulge in. I’d like to know from a self proclaimed Bumblebee shipper, what is it about Bumblebee that so many people adore? It’s not that I don’t understand why people like the ship, I just think the best way to get insight into it is to hear from someone who sees it differently than I do :)

The thing I love about them is that they aren’t just romantic lovers. No matter if romantic feelings will be involved or not, their dynamic is still very interesting and wonderful. I will try to break it down for you. 

The first component why I ship them is that they are more than just love interests for each other. Their relationship is interesting even without romantic feelings being involved. They are partners. They are close friends. They understand each other on a level no one else seems to understand them on. Yang is the only one who knows how to convince Blake to go to the rest, and more importantly, to take a rest in Volume 2. Yang is clearly upset when Blake doesn’t trust her right away in Volume 3. They mean so much to each other and all the tiny gestures between them make my heart melt. I think I wouldn’t ship them if RT hadn’t taken the time to develope them before any romantic feelings got involved. 

The second component are strong feelings. I actually didn’t start shipping them before that scene in Volume 3 when Blake takes Yang’s hand and apologises to her. Yang rushing into the fight to protect Blake with tears in her eyes, no matter what, and Blake being so upset when she sees Yang because she knows what will happen to her, Blake throwing herself in front of Yang and carrying her away even though she’s hurt, and Blake being so, so upset when Yang is lying on the ground, hurt and unconscious - that just got me. It really, really got me. Those were some really strong scenes. 

The third part is conflict. Blake left Yang even though she means so much to her, because what happened has upset her so much. Blake being so upset that Adam has hurt the person she loves (no matter if you ship them or not, Blake loves Yang in one way or the other) she runs away so Yang starts to hate her because she feels so guilty. Yang being so incredibly hurt because Blake has just left her without a word when she needed her the most. This is something they will have to work on. 

The fourth part is that I really think a romantic arc could work between them. I wouldn’t have done it earlier, but I think now when they reunite is the time to slowly start exploring their feelings for each other. I am a big trash shipper, but with Bumblebee it kinda wasn’t a choice to ship them or not. I was pretty sure I wouldn’t ship them that much until the feelings hit me hard, and one reason is because I think a romantic arc between them would really make sense. 

Another aspect is that there is just not much wlw content to ship out there. Very few shows have as many well written female characters as RWBY does, even fewer with such well written relationships between them, and when they do they are most of the time already romantically involved with a guy. RWBY is a wlw ship paradise for me. To be honest, I didn’t have any other w/w ship in any show or book before, ever. This is not the reason I ship it but a reason why I’m so involved in this fandom. 

But that is just why I like them. I by no means want to convince anyone to like them or ship them. Your ask isn’t rude at all and no matter if you ship them or not, I just hope you will enjoy your time in this fandom and the episodes to come. 

Nothing To Worry About - A Lydia Martin Imagine

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“Hello wonderful writer! I was wondering if you could please possibly write an imagine where Jackson comes back and plans to get Lydia back but she is dating the reader which surprises Jackson and he thinks it’ll be really easy to get Lydia back because he doesn’t believe that she’s actually gay. Stiles and Scott, who are the reader’s best friends, reassure her that she won’t lose Lydia. Maybe a bit of jealous reader here and there” @swanqueens-child

A/N: I have an imagine similar to this request so I tried to make it a bit different. Ethan and Jackson are coming back in season 6b (according to the trailer) so this is basically what happens when they show up. Also, I know that in the request you mentioned Stiles but I don’t think Stiles will show up that much in this part of the season so I’m trying to make it a bit realistic lmao. I hope you like it regardless!

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A/N: You aren’t even ready…


Dan was in for it now.

Whenever they had arguments it was her fault. Only a few words could be said and he would fly off the handle, or be stewing for the rest of the day. Some isecurity, embarrassing moment, stressful reminder, and they were ignoring each other for the rest of the night. She was always the bigger person, able to swallow her pride and apologize before they both went to bed. There were the couple of times their stand offs had lasted longer than a few hours. They’d escalate to neither of them speaking to angry sex to Dan sleeping over at Phil’s.

But now…now Dan had really played with fire. She had told him from the beginning that he often confused who he really was with who he portrayed himself as. The internet had created this character for him, and no amount of curly hair or name changing could truly shake it off. He carried that character everywhere, showed it even when he wasn’t on camera. She hated it, hated when he became this cold and detached individual that felt like garbage while also feeling like he was above everyone. He teased Phil, and straight up harassed her, making fun of everything she said if only to get a laugh from the rest of the room. She was a big girl, he knew she could take it, but she also couldn’t stand it. Tonight he’d taken it too far, even Phil and his date knew Dan was being harsher than usual.

The drive home was stiff, silent with her anger and his discomfort. When the two of them entered the flat, she only toed off her shoes and headed for the kitchen. He sulked around, reading through tweets and changing out of the nice clothes he’d worn. There was the sound of a cork popping. Dan stared at himself in the dresser mirror. Should he apologize? His pride was too strong, he didn’t want to. He wasn’t even that bad to her! She was just being too sensitive! She knew he loved her, that everything he did was 95% sarcasm. That seemed to solidify his resolve. He came back to the living room in a pair of sweatpants and a simple t-shirt. She still wore her dress. A half full glass of wine seemed to permanently tipped toward her lips and she scrolled through her phone. She didn’t even acknowledge him entering the room.

Yeah, this was going to be one of those longer arguments.

Dan sighed and sat next to her, far on the other end of the couch. He clicked on the television and started watching something on Netflix. Every few seconds he’d look over at her, and she’d be doing the same thing.She only got up to get wine once, then proceeded to sit and ignore him some more. When she finished that glass, she placed it in the sink and went to their room. Dan didn’t see her again.

He made himself watch the TV for another half hour before daring to enter the bedroom. She was asleep, snoring softly. Dan removed his shirt and pants, and snuggled up to her to get some rest of his own.

Something was wrong when Dan woke up. The bed was empty, and he was without blankets. The shades were still down, the room was a weird kind of dark with the tiniest bit of sunlight creeping through. It was earlier than he usually woke up, the flat was freezing.

Oh, and his arms were tied behind his back.

Like, seriously tied. He felt like a hostage. His fingers were a little fuzzy, like they might fall asleep but they couldn’t. What the fuck was going on? Moving around, he managed to flop onto his stomach and see the time. 9:45. The house seemed deadly silent, and he was stuck on his bed. Somehow, he knew she was behind this. It still baffled him that she’d managed to get him restrained like this. He wasn’t a particularly heavy sleeper, so why didn’t he feel her doing this? He’d woken up at time just from the movement of her leaving the bed! He gave an experimental expansion and contraction of his fingers. Maybe he could maneuver himself and reach for his phone? It was still sitting on the night stand charging. He flopped around like a fish for a little, trying to get a sense of balance in his new predicament. It was so embarrassing, to look so helpless.

He shouted in fear when her ice cold hand gripped his left ankle. With a strength he’d never seen before, she flipped him over to his back. She was in nothing but a matching bra and panty set, one Dan loved on her but right now only made him more upset. “Just what the fuck is this?” She smiled darkly. “You know I hate it when we fight, bear. But I’ve got all this rage inside me still, and I figured out the perfect outlet last night.” Dan swallowed. They were no strangers to kinky sex, but she had never gone so far as assume control over him like this. “Um, alright. Can I, uh, ask why you’ve tied me up like some sort of witch to be burned at the stake?” She gave a cold laugh. “That fucking mouth. The things that come out of it. I considered gagging you, but I couldn’t have you waking up.” She squeezed his ankle hard enough he felt it in his calf. Some of that pain…excited him. “If you keep speaking I’ll have to put your mouth to better use, though. Mind your manners, and maybe I’ll actually let you cum today.” Dan had to admit, her voice was doing things to him. The restraint hadn’t been so nice, but everything else she was doing was certainly making him hotter. “I’m sorry. I’ll behave.” The smile she gave him then made his chest warm. It was genuine, she was happy he was listening to her.

She crawled onto the end of the bed, bypassing where his feet were. Dan had sat himself up, and watched her warily with what he hoped was no expression. Eventually, she was sitting right on his thighs, the heat of her center palpable even when it wasn’t touching her. From this close, he could really appreciate what she had on. Lingerie wasn’t a big deal to either of them, but damned if his cock didn’t do a little jump when he saw her like that. He flexed his fingers behind his back again. He was so close to her, close enough to touch.

And he couldn’t have it.

“You know.” He forced his gaze away from her chest and made himself meet her eyes. “I’ve put serious thought into how you act around others. I would ask myself if it was because you liked attention, but you get that plenty, don’t you?” Her tone of voice was like the one his elementary school teachers used when he was in trouble. Like he was so tiny and she was so big. “Then started to wonder if it was because you secretly didn’t like me, that I wasn’t good enough. Sometime I still think like that, baby.” Was that true? He didn’t know that. How could he tell her she was enough, more than enough for him? He was starting to feel a bit bad for how he acted, but he was also starting to think with his other head. She leaned in and kissed him, barely a brush of her lips on his. He licked the faint taste of her just to have more. “But now, looking at you like this, all open and vulnerable for me…” She reached down and pulled his cock through his boxer briefs. More embarrassing. “I see that the internet has told you you’re some sort of cool individual that’s too cool to enjoy anything.” She gripped him as hard as she had gripped his ankle, and wow, that hurt a lot more. It still gave him that odd rush, like when his hair was pulled. She got close enough he could feel her breathing down the skin of his face.

“But you’re still just that scared little boy you were when Phil found you, so caught up in what people think and desperate for someone to tell you what to do, huh?”

Fuck, she was right. Years of hiding who he was and she reads him like an open book. It was one of the reasons he loved her. She was also stroking his cock, fast and hard. It was as desperate as he felt. He was so embarrassed, but humped into her hand just to feel more of that delicious friction. She didn’t give him any other contact, none of the sweet kisses she littered his sensitive neck with whenever they had normal sex. Was this even sex? It seemed more like Dan being used. It was new, it was angry, it was hot. It made him feel 18 again, ready to be under anyone’s thumb, so long as they made him feel good.

Already he was whimpering and worrying his lip at the edge of an intense orgasm. He held it though, to open his eyes and get a glimpse of her. She was in heaven, watching his face with that same smirk on her own. The look in her eyes told him she wanted him to cum, and his eyes begged for permission. Her chin dipped forward in a subtle nod, and he was moaning and whimpering and releasing into her hand. More. More embarrassing. When it was over he felt more unsatisfied than he’d ever felt in his life. “What’s the matter, little bear? I let you cum, but you still don’t look happy.” He couldn’t keep looking in her eyes, and looked down at his stomach instead. His fingers were cold and going numb, there was mess on his abdomen. Wow, wasn’t he a picture? She grabbed hold of his sensitive cock and he hissed.

“Looks like we’ll just have to try again, until you do what I want you to.”


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Just friends ~ Part two

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A/N ~ I am currently unable to handle all the feels you guys gave me from countless Seung hyun pics so here I am to torture you as pay back.

Theme ~ Best friends

Pairing ~ Choi Seung hyun x Reader

Featuring ~ Bigbang

Rated ~ Angst/Fluff

Series Masterlist

“Come on guys, I told her we would be there at seven to pick her up” Seung hyun nagged at the four men that were sat around the kitchen drinking coffee trying to wake up, they had stayed the night at his place so they could head out early.

“Calm down hyung, it will be fine. Besides I’m sure she is probably doing the same, we all know what she’s like, she would have sat up all night working on those articles” Jiyong replied in a groggy voice as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

“What’s with you anyway, you’re always late for everything but suddenly you have to be on time….” Daesung questioned with a small smile.

“Nothing….. I’m going to go finish packing the car, be ready in five minutes” Seung hyun replied in a huff as he left the room.

“Man he’s got it bad” Taeyang said before taking a sip of his coffee.

“Fifty bucks says he finally makes a move this weekend” Seungri practically shouted with a smug look.

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Summary: Y/N can’t stop baking. While the rest of the team enjoys the treats, Bucky knows that something deeper is going on.

Bucky x reader. HURT/COMFORT. Fluff. Word count: 1.6 k

TW: anxiety, bruises

The tower was filled with laughter as Bucky walked in, just having returned from a solo mission in Germany. He walked into the lounge to find the team sprawled out on the furniture stuffing their faces with cookies, cupcakes, brownies, and other desserts. He looked over at the counter to see an array of treats—enough to feed the team several times over.

“Hey, what’s with all the treats? Did Tony buy out a bakery or what?” Bucky asked Steve. While licking frosting off of his fingertips, Steve said “Nope. Y/N has gone on some kind of baking rampage. She’s gone to the store twice so far to get more flour. Not sure why she’s doing it, but I’m not complaining—these cupcakes are amazing! You’re a lucky fella, Buck—your girlfriend is one heck of a baker!” Bucky closed his eyes and exhaled loudly. “I know why she’s doing it.” Bucky muttered as he walked toward the kitchen.

When he walked in, Bucky saw that the kitchen was a disaster. Flour and sugar covered the counters, the sink was full of dirty mixing bowls and spoons, a sea of cookies was spread out on cooling racks, and the ticking of three separate cooking timers rang through the kitchen as Y/N stood there rolling out dough on the counter. She was wearing jeans and a pink t-shirt, with her hair in a ponytail. Her purple apron was covered with smears of flour and cake batter. “What are you doing?” asked Bucky, even though he knew her answer would only be a smokescreen. He knew that she only baked when she was feeling stressed or anxious because she found it therapeutic, but for her to be baking this much, it must be pretty bad this time. “What does it look like I’m doing? I’m trying to roll out this pie dough but I can’t get it right.” said Y/N without even looking up. She continued rolling the dough as Bucky slowly walked toward her. “So, how was—“ Bucky was cut off by the ringing of a cooking timer before he could finish his sentence. “Hold that thought!” said Y/N as she reached for the timer. “Ok, the cow-shaped timer is for the red velvet cupcakes, the piggy timer is for the peanut butter cookies, and the little chicken is for the chocolate chip cookies…I think. Can you hand me that oven mitt? The piggy is ringing so I’ve gotta take the peanut butter cookies out of the oven.” Bucky grabbed the bright pink oven mitt sitting on the counter, and when Y/N turned to take it from him he saw that she had a dark bruise running from just above her left eye all the way down her cheek. “She must’ve had a mission go south. That’s got to be why she’s so upset.” Bucky thought to himself.

Y/N turned off the pig timer, pulled the cookies out of the oven, placed them on a cooling rack, and immediately went back to rolling the pie dough. The smell of peanut butter filled the room as Bucky watched her. “Want some help?” asked Bucky. He knew nothing about baking, but wanted to spend some time with Y/N, and be there for her, even if she didn’t realize exactly why he was there. “Sure,” she replied. “See that piping bag over there? That frosting is for the devil’s food cupcakes. They should be cool by now, so go ahead and frost them while I try to get this damn dough right.” “It looks okay to me,” Bucky said with a little hesitation. “What’s wrong with it?” Y/N threw the rolling pin down on the counter and nervously put her flour-dusted hands on her head. “EVERY TIME I ROLL IT OUT, I SCREW IT UP. IT WON’T ROLL OUT BIG ENOUGH TO COVER THE WHOLE PIE BUT THEN I TRY TO FIX IT AND I MAKE IT TOO THIN AND I’VE BEEN DOING IT OVER AND OVER FOR AN HOUR AND I CAN’T GET IT RIGHT BECAUSE I CAN’T GET ANYTHING RIGHT AND I JUST CAN’T DO IT ANYMORE!” she yelled, not in anger but rather in sadness. She broke down in tears and sat on the kitchen floor sobbing, covering her face with her hands. Bucky sat down next to her and put his arm around her shoulder.

“It’s okay, Y/N. It happens to all of us—sometimes missions don’t go the way we’d like them too. If you want to talk about it, I’ll always listen. If not, that’s fine too. I can frost cupcakes. They probably won’t be very pretty, but I can give it a go. Anything for you.” She took her hands off of her face and leaned into Bucky’s chest. He wrapped his other arm around her and held her close until finished crying it out. He knew that sometimes she just needed a good cry to get it all out, and all she needed him to do was be there. She took a deep breath and looked up at him. “Thank you.” she whimpered softly. Bucky replied with a warm “I love you,” which Y/N answered with a kiss, and next thing they knew Y/N was sitting in Bucky’s lap and they were passionately making out.

All of a sudden, they were interrupted by Tony saying “Good Lord people! Why did you have to desecrate the kitchen?! Get a room—like literally leave and go to another room. Ridiculous.” Before they could reply, another one of the kitchen timers started ringing. Bucky and Y/N turned to each other and started laughing as they stood up. Y/N removed the remaining treats from the oven and set them on the counter. She and Bucky took all of the treats that were on the cooling racks and put them on plates to take out to the lounge to add to the dessert table. They walked into the room, and when they turned around to put down the plates, the rest of the team burst out in laughter. Not knowing the cause, Y/N and Bucky turned around. “What’s so funny?” asked Bucky. Nat was laughing so hard she was crying, but managed to squeak out the words “handprint” and “Bucky.” Y/N told Bucky to turn around, and she realized right away why they were laughing. There were flour handprints all over the back of Bucky’s black shirt, as well as a perfect flour handprint on the ass of Bucky’s jeans, obvious indicators of the make-out session they just had in the kitchen. Y/N couldn’t help but giggle as she explained to Bucky why he was the butt of the joke.

“Don’t you DARE sit on the furniture like that! Either of you!” shouted Tony from the other side of the room. Steve and Nat volunteered to clean the kitchen as a thank you for all of the goodies, and Y/N and Bucky accepted their offer. They each went back to their rooms to change and wash the flour off of their hands, and met back up in the lounge. They snuggled next to each other on one of the couches, each with a warm cookie in hand. “So, what movie are we watching?” Y/N asked. Sam cleared his throat and jokingly said “We figured we’d pop in one of the ‘Harry Potter’ movies and slowly fall into diabetic comas from all of the sugar you fed us today.” “Sounds good to me.” replied Y/N. Wanda put the movie in, and halfway through ‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” everyone fell asleep, tummies full.

Y/N woke up as the credits were rolling. She was snuggled cozily in Bucky’s strong arms and looked up to see him smiling at her. “How long have you been watching me sleep, you little creeper?” she said teasingly. “Not long,” he replied. “It’s just that you always look so peaceful when you’re sleeping. You are so beautiful, Y/N.” Y/N rolled her eyes and said “C’mon Buck, you don’t have to lie to me. My face looks like I was hit by a train. I know the bruises are bad—you don’t have to try to make me feel better about it.” He looked at her with a confused expression on his face and said “Y/N, I’m not lying. I would think you were beautiful if you were bright green with orange polka dots. You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, bruise or not, and I love you with all my heart.” He planted a gentle kiss on her forehead as a sweet smile grew on her face. “Bucky, you’re the best. I love you, too.” She then nuzzled her face into his chest and drifted back to sleep.

The next morning, Y/N and Bucky woke up on the couch. The rest of the team was gone except for Sam, who was hovering over the dessert table shoving cookies into his mouth. “Isn’t it a little early for sweets, Sam?” Y/N asked with a giggle. “Hey,” Sam replied in all seriousness, “these cookies have raisins. Raisins come from grapes. Grapes are a fruit, and fruit is breakfast, so no, it isn’t too early for sweets. Now quit hogging the couch—there’s a ‘Jurassic Park’ marathon on today and I wanna be comfy.” Bucky turned to Y/N and said “Well, Sweetheart, that’s probably our cue to get up.” The two of them got up off the couch and dragged themselves to the kitchen, where they ate breakfast and laughed together whenever they heard Sam yelling at the TV about velociraptors.

A's notebook

Today in class A was clearly not paying attention and she was writing in her notebook and I had to do something so I told her that if she wasn’t going to listen she had to leave or give me her notebook, she apologized but didn’t wanted to do either. In the end she gave me her notebook, of course she wasn’t taking notes she was just doodling and she wrote:
“Mientras siga viendo tu cara en la cara de la luna
Mientras siga escuchando tu voz entre las olas y entre la espuma
Mientras tenga que cambiar la radio de estación porque cada canción me hable de ti, de ti, de ti"
It is a song that I have heard before, it roughly translates to:
“As long as I see your face in the face of the moon
As long as I hear your voice between the waves and the foam
As long as I have to change the radio station because every song talks about you, about you, about you"
Sorry if that translation sucks.
I kept it until the break and when we were eating I gave it back to her, she apologized again and told me it wouldn’t happen again so I told her that I know she can be in love or really like “this guy" but that she can’t let that affect her education and she laughed so damn hard in my face. She laughed non stop for like a minute, she was almost crying from laughter.
She told me that she didn’t like this guy, she was just being nice and trying to make friends. I told her that I thought they were dating because I saw them that day and she laughed more and told me “you are good to jump into conclusions right?“ and I laughed but I haven’t felt this happy in weeks.
Then I asked to who is she writing love songs and she just blushed, she said it is not for anyone she just likes to write them but she started to get really nervous so I told her it was ok that she didn’t owed me explanations and she told me that she is not hiding anything from me that is just hard to explain.
D came up to ask what is A laughing about and A told her that I thought she and this guy were dating and D laughed too. A said “he is a nice guy just too much of a fuckboy” and D said “come on admit he is too young for your taste" and A got so damn angry, she just looked at D with the coldest look I have ever seen. D laughed and told A not to take it too seriously and left.
A was clearly upset so I started talking about other things until the break was over.

When we were leaving A asked if I was going to take the bus because I didn’t take my car and I said I would probably walk, she offered me a ride and since my school has no problem with it I said yes.
She was using her mother’s car and played some music, we talked a lot and when we were getting close to my house she asked if she could use my bathroom. Of course I said there was no problem.
It was a bit weird but I guess I couldn’t say no, we went to my apartment and my roomate was in his room I told her where the bathroom is and she went in. I was uncomfortably standing in my living room waiting for her. She got out in so little time that I don’t think she needed to use my bathroom.
She started to look around in my place and my bedroom door was open, she didn’t got in but she looked from outside. Then she apologized for being so invasive and looked ashamed, I told her it was ok and she asked me if she could take us a picture I was hesitant but she said she just wanted memories and that she wouldn’t post it anywhere. I said yes and she got out of her backpack an old camera that works with a roll and I laughed, she took two pictures of us and then she said she was sorry and that she should leave. I said it was okay and then she left.
It feels nice to have growing hope.

Noona, Unnie (5)

Member: Jimin (Jimin x Reader x OC)

Type: Angst, Fluff, Smut  : Poly! BTS

Word Count: 1645

A/N: iight yall, Imma level with ya. My dumb ass thought I queued part 3 ½  to post after the most recent part of Jimin, CEO. OBVIOUSLY that wasn’t the case but by the time I realized it, it was late and I was lazy :P So here is part 3 ½ and 4 combined for a longer Chapter 4.


I know I don’t much feedback but I’d really appreciate feedback on this.  

~~  Meet Unnie  ~  One  ~   Two  ~   Three  ~  Four  ~~

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Finished Episodes 6 and 7. I don’t get why they had to throw in Hiccup and Astrid’s relationship supposedly taking over the Riders. They barely even get time alone together. I hope they at least get a good, long honeymoon (without interruptions) when they get married.

But anyway, putting that aside, they’re so sweet in Episode 7. I don’t know when Hiccup will stop being surprised when Astrid hugs him, lol. And she loves that he’s sensitive. But aside from being a good friend, leader, and boyfriend, he’s also gonna be a great husband and dad when the time comes, so she can add that to the list. I kind of wish she did add dad so they could’ve actually discussed the future but I can’t be too upset about that because it’s just a wish.

Hiccup definitely got his sensitiveness/softness from Valka. He would’ve been such a Mama’s boy if she hadn’t left.

And to end, I’m loving the Fishlegs/Snotlout bond, lol. Better than Heathlegs.

Overall, these episodes are great for Hiccstrid and Snotlegs fluff, but the plot isn’t holding up too well. Maybe I need to stop putting it up to S4 standards, but oh well. Seasons 5 and 6 weren’t supposed to exist so I already expected plot holes/poor plotting.

I just realized that both Coran’s and Keith’s vlogs were angsty. like Coran’s was a bit more indirect because he’s the “goofy” character, but when Red rejected him he got so upset in the vlog, and then like… we all know Keith’s blog was just a whirlpool of angst… so like I’m just wondering

What are the other’s going to be like?

Pidge lamenting on how she hadn’t bonded sooner, maybe she still feels left out, spending all her time trying to find Matt but not getting any closer -unless they tease that she’s had a breakthrough and leave it at that-. What about Hunk? They better not just have him bring up food, because like, let me know more about him. Let one of his segments be on food, but then have him talk about his fears, his family probably won’t happen seeing as they’re reusing film, but maybe about him and Lance, give me insight to that relationship. Allura, oh lords Allura, she’s going to have so much angst to work with as well. Her father, her people, the war, the stress of being a paladin. So much to talk about there. Shiro, his time with the galra, how he still thinks he might die, might be a threat to the team. And Lance, oh lords Lance’s insecurities. He’ll try and be happy, but I see his spiraling just as much as Keith’s did.

I see all of their spiraling. Starting off happier-ish and then falling into angst.

And gods be damned I am ready for it.

Perfectly With You

Word Count: 1,040
Genre: kinda angst, end is fluff!
Member: Jeonghan
Requested: Requested by @joshhjs thank you so much for requesting!!
Prompt: 36. We team up for the couples contest every year as friends but this year you’re with someone else and I’m definitely Not Jealous and definitely Not Realizing Feelings

You were so excited for the couple contest this year. You and Jeonghan were going to win for sure! It’s high time that other bratty couple stops taking the trophy this year. You had some great costume ideas and you couldn’t wait to tell Jeonghan. This year would be your fourth or fifth year doing it? Sure, you two weren’t actually a couple, but that doesn’t matter. Today you were going to go grab some coffee together so you could take that time to discuss your outfit ideas with him. You pulled on a big sweater, perfect for the fall weather and then headed out for the cafe.

By the time you got there Jeonghan still hadn’t shown up, no doubt he slept in and was running late like always. You went ahead and ordered you drink and then sat down at the usual spot the two of you would sit and then you waited. You were almost half way done your drink when he finally showed up. To be honest you were a little agitated he was so late, but he had to have a reason for running that late. You warmly welcomed him as he rushed over and apologized, setting his jacket down in the seat across from you then rushing off to order his drink. Finally, he got his drink and settled down and the conversation began.
“So how have you been? It’s felt like forever.” You said, twisting the almost empty mug in your hands. 

“It’s only been about a week, but I’m doing good. I’m tired as always. How about you?” Jeonghan asked. And so, the conversation carried on. At first very surface level and slightly awkward for some reason, but it didn’t take long for the two of you to change to your usual selves. Why it was awkward in the first place you didn’t know, at least not yet. 

“So i had some idea for our customs this year!” you exclaimed.

“Oh, about that…” Jeonghan began. You’re face fell, but you quickly put a smile back on your face. 

“Oh! Do you finally have someone this year?” You asked. Jeonghan nodded, a sheepish grin on his face. “Oh congrats! That’s fantastic!” you said, trying hard not to let your disappointment show. 

“Right, I think it’s going to be a lot of fun, are you still going to go to the party?” Jeonghan asked, finishing his drink. 

“I’m not sure, I don’t really have a reason to go now…” you sighed, “I might just stay at home this year.” 

“What! No, you have to come, it wouldn’t be as fun if you aren’t there!” Jeonghan exclaimed, much more against you not going then you thought he would. After much more pestering from Jeonghan, you finally agreed to go to the party. 

The day finally rolled around, and you were over everything that happened. It’s not like you were a couple so you didn’t need to do the dump competition anyways. You walked into the party with your shabby costume, not entirely wanting to be there. As soon as you walked into the house, Jeonghan raced up to you, perfectly wearing his outfit, which just so happened to be the exact idea you were going to tell Jeonghan about that day. You tried not to scowl as he introduced his “other half” for the night. The two of them together didn’t seem so bad, so why you were so angry about everything was confusing you. Shouldn’t you be happy your friend finally found someone? Even if it was just for this dumb costume party, you should be happy for him. You made your way over to the drink table and grabbed yourself some punch, that you could only pray hadn’t been spiked yet, and then made your way over to the empty couch. You sat down on the furthest edge and watched as people dressed as a variety of things wandered around the room, talking with various people. When a skeleton almost sat on top of you, and you realized he was totally, one hundred percent drunk, you quickly set down the punch and moved to stand in one of the corners of the room. The dark lightening and creepy music playing didn’t improve your mood in the slightest, and almost being crushed by a drunk skeleton didn’t help either. You watched Jeonghan and his new “girlfriend” happily chat away with a few of the other couples, and you couldn’t help the scowl from falling across your face this time. What if… what if you actually had feelings for Jeonghan? Nope, nope not going there. You thought, maybe that punch actually got to me, I only took a few sips… The thought turned over and over in your head. There’s no way… right? The more you thought about it though, the more it made sense. 

You were about to leave the party early when Jeonghan walked up to you, looking rather upset. 

“Hey, what’s wrong?” you asked, pulling him away from the loud music so you could actually hear him. 

“So, you know the girl I brought to do the costume thing with? She totally just hooked up with some vampire and left the party.” Jeonghan said, shoving his hands into his pocket. 

“What on earth? Why’d you bring her here anyways?” 

“Well,” Jeonghan began, playing with some confetti that had landed on the ground, “I was kinda hoping to see if it was going to bother you are not…”

“Wait, what?” you asked, genuinely confused. 

“It was sort of a test to see how you felt about me, that sounds really dumb now that I’ve said it out loud oh my god.” Jeonghan mumbled, ruining his hand through his hair. 

“It’s not dumb, and it did work, maybe for me and not you it seems.” You said smiling


“Let’s just say, you shouldn’t ever try to compete in a couple costume contest if it’s not with me, because I’m the only one that works perfectly with you.” You said with a wink, leaving Jeonghan standing there, stunned, while you tried to go find a drink that wasn’t spiked.

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Alright! By popular demand, here is Jemma’s POV of the latter half of this fic (which is also now on Ao3)!




I’m sorry dear, but Leo still isn’t feeling well.”

Jemma’s shoulders sagged in disappointment as she told Mrs. Fitz dejectedly, “Alright, thank you.” Hanging up the phone, she sighed heavily and rested her chin in her hand. She just didn’t understand, because Fitz hadn’t ever passed on the chance to speak with her before, even when he’d been terribly sick with a stomach virus at the Academy. In fact, even when he’d spent the next couple of days almost constantly vomiting, she’d been there for most of it (he hadn’t seemed to want her out of his sight, and had rather dramatically insisted that didn’t want to be “left alone to die”).

But, she supposed, he had his mother now, so why would he need her?

That thought only served to depress Jemma, even though she knew she wasn’t exactly being fair – just because she was missing him and his voice and his laugh and the way he so effortlessly finished her sentences, didn’t mean he was obligated to speak to her every single day, especially when he was sick.

So, attempting to take her mind off of it for now, Jemma abandoned her seat beside the phone and left the house for the first time in what felt like days. Catching sight of her father trimming the hedges, she went over to join him, and he glanced up with a warm smile at her approach. “Hello dear,” he greeted, “what’s got you so down on a gorgeous day like today?”

Trying to brush it off without going into detail (she couldn’t seem to put her finger on why not talking to Fitz had her so upset, anyway), Jemma shrugged and answered simply, “Oh nothing, I just haven’t spoken to Fitz for a couple of days, that’s all.”

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You win  Joker x Reader

33. “I’m not going to stop poking you until you give me some attention.”

97. “You’re so cute when you pout like that.”

Y/N finished typing the last words of her report. Checking the clock, she winced when she noticed the time. 12:47. Shit. And she had to get up early too? She knew she didn’t have to go to this college, J had told her many times he could threaten a few people and make sure she doesn’t have to show up. But she wanted to support herself even though she considers his offer every day. J was a brat, to put it nicely. He always wanted to be around her when she had something to do, and he never took it nicely when she tried to explain she was busy. When he was busy, on the other hand, she always understood. She closed her eyes and sighed when she heard dragging footsteps down the hallway. She had sent him to bed a while ago, even though he was reluctant. At first she was happy to have someone around to keep her company, but the first time she let him stay all he did was wander around and complain.

“Are you done yet?” J walked from the couch to the desk, laying his forehead on her shoulder.

“No, just like the last time you asked.”

“You can do it tomorrow.” Sighing, Y/N turned around and grabbed his face in her hands.

“J, I’ve been putting this off for weeks. Please, I need to finish this.”  He pouted and went back to the couch. When she finally got done with her report, she stretched and looked over at J. He fell asleep, which was the cutest thing ever. His hair was in his face and he still had on that angry pout. She suddenly felt guilty, it was adorable he couldn’t fall asleep without her being there. Walking over to the couch, she laid down beside him. His arms immediately wrapped around her and pulled her to him.

J finally made it to the room, squinting at the light.

“You comin’ to bed?” She smiled, the same angry pout was on his face.

“Yeah, just let me turn the computer off.” He walked up behind her and started kissing her neck.

“J, I really need to turn the computer off. I don’t want my electric bill to be through the roof.”  He mumbled something into her neck, and then proceed to yank her rolling chair away from the desk. Before she could complain, he picked her up and threw her over his shoulder. When he threw her on the bed he wasted no time crawling on top of her. Then he was out like a light, with Y/N under him debating on whether or not she should shove him off her. That thought soon vanished as she took in the view. His cheek was resting on her face, restricting her breathing. He had his mouth slightly open and small snores were coming out. She laid like that for awhile, nothing in the world could make her move and wake him up. He didn’t sleep much, she found that out when she had to stay out of town for a couple of days. As soon as she was home they took a nap, him nuzzled into her chest the whole time. Whenever she noticed him get tired during the day, she laid with him while he took a nap. She even got some pretty cute pictures of him on her phone.

What felt like 5 minutes later, she had to get up and get ready for school. As she was putting her makeup on in the mirror, she sees J walk into the bathroom. He reminded her of a puppy, following her wherever she goes.She smirked at him as he squinted  his eyes, obviously still tired.

“You’re so cute when you pout like that.”  He ignored her and rubbed his eyes with his knuckles.

“Come back to bed.”

“J, I can’t. School.” She reminded him. He continued to stand there, making her feel like an awful person.

“Can you try to sleep? For me?” He shook his head and swayed back and forth, like he was going to pass out. She sighs and starts doing her makeup again. She starts feeling uncomfortable when he continues to stare, his eyes more awake now, but still tired. When she was about to say something else, he poked her. It was on her cheek, leaving her a little confused. He kept doing it in different places and she started to get annoyed.

“J. Enough.” He continued.

I’m not going to stop poking you until you give me some attention. Or until you stop going to that school.”

“I want to go there.” He scoffed and rolled his eyes.

“That’s a lie. You’re exhausted.”

“J I need this so I can get a job-”

“You have a job.” This time she was the one to roll her eyes.

“Watching you torture people doesn’t count as a job.” He hesitated, then looked her in the eye through the mirror.

“You could help me with some of the other missions.”



“No, J. I don’t want to hurt anyone.”

“Oh, so watching me do it makes you a good person?” He snapped at her, causing her to grit her teeth while tears welled up in her eyes.

“If you’re just going to just stand in here and bother me, get out.” Noticing how upset he made her, he left and slammed the door on his way out. When she got ready she went to get Frost so he could take her to school. This highly annoyed her that J wouldn’t let her go by herself, but he settled on Frost just driving her and not following her around the whole day. He told her if she wouldn’t let Frost take her then it would be the panda. It was obvious which one she picked. She went to get her book bag and smiled at the balloon that was attached to it. J had but her favorite cookies by it, as a way of apologizing, which is something he wasn’t very good at. When she couldn’t find Frost she assumed he was already in the car, so she went there. To her horror, she found J leaning on the car.

“Where’s Frost?”

“I’m taking you today.” She started shaking her head.

“No, no, no that’s ok. Can I have Frost back?” He smiled an evil smile, squinting his eyes as he let out a breathy laugh.


“You don’t have to do this. I’m sure I can somehow fit you into my daily life.” J offered for the hundredth time that she could stay home.

“J, we’re already halfway there. C-can you slow down? I really don’t want to attract any attention.” He ignored her and continued rambling, reminding her of when her dad used to take her to school.

“If anyone bothers you, get their first and last name. If you want to come home at any time, just call and I’ll be here in ten minutes.” It was a thirty minute drive. She didn’t doubt he could make it in ten.

“J, really, slow down. I don’t want to get there so soon.” She was already nervous and his driving didn’t help.

“Do you know what you’re going to eat for lunch? How about I take you to dinner, what’s your lunch time?” She winced internally.

“J it’s fine you don’t have to.”  They pulled into the school parking lot. She glanced towards the radio, her face burning red at his terrible music taste. He notices her looking and smiles.

“This is my song” He blasts the radio and she flinches. She can already see people looking their way.

“J, please turn it- Wha-what are you doing?” Instead of parking in the lot, he drives her to the front doors.

“I don’t want you to have to walk all the way up here.” Kids surrounding the door turned to stare at them.

“J, I’m fine with it.” He ignored her and grabbed her bookbag, which of course said ‘Property of the Joker’. He gives her a smile, showing all teeth.

“Have a nice day!” She waits for him to completely stop talking before she opens the doors. As she gets out,he suddenly leans over.

“I’ll be here at-” She slams the door as hard as she could, her face burning from embarrassment. As she walks to the door, J rolls down the window.

“Come give daddy a kiss!” Knowing she can never show her face here again, she walks back to the car and gets in.

“Take me home.” She snaps. He knows what she means and lets out a laugh as he speeds away, nearly hitting some kids.

You win.

Red Velvet Reaction to: Dealing With Unrequited Love

Irene: grows distant. of course, she’s glad that you’re happy. but your happiness isn’t with her. and she couldn’t watch you smile at someone else, couldn’t watch you kiss another person. so she thinks it’s best if you two go your separate ways, without telling you exactly why. she doesn’t want you to feel bad, she just wants you to keep on smiling and being happy, even if it hurts her

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Wendy: for her own well being, she tells you about her feelings. of course, she had been hopeful. but also apprehensive. and it’s a good thing she was. the way your face fell said it all; “oh, seungwan. I’m so sorry but I … ” you couldn’t even finish. watching wendy cry stole the words from your lips

Originally posted by bubbleflexe

Seulgi: is the best friend who was too afraid to confess her feelings. so instead, she has to watch you wave goodbye to her, your partner doing the same thing. which made your daughter wave too. “bye, guys!” seulgi calls out, glad the girls were there to stop her from breaking down

Originally posted by pinklightstick

Joy: had thought you were pulling a prank when you nervously confessed, “sooyoung, I really like you!” so she laughed. “you like me?? don’t say weird things! we’re best friends after all, aren’t we?” but she realized it wasn’t a prank when your eyes got watery.

“oh … oh. I’m sorry.” seeing you tear up made her eyes water too. “I really am sorry”

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Yeri: not returning your love hadn’t seemed so bad to her. she’s had crushes that didn’t like her back. loads of ppl do. you just get over it and find someone new, you know? it’s part of growing up. so she couldn’t understand why you were so upset and stopped talking to her. couldn’t understand that you were broken hearted.

but she feared that reaching out to you would give you false hope about returned feelings. so she left you alone. and over time, you two grew apart

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Sorry, Not Sorry - Part 3

Part 1 Part 2

Everything around me is moving so quick. Spencer having these irregular mood changes, Jennifer, suddenly, provoking me, Emily liking me. What is going on? Everything was normal until, Emily arrived. When she showed up, Spencer was acting so unusual.

He never tells me, “I’m in the middle of having intercourse with my girlfriend so bye.” He knows how rude and disrespectful that is. Especially, when there is a guest. 

Maybe it’s all in my head. Maybe, since I like him, his flaws don’t appear to me. Who knows, he has probably told me that sentence before. Whereas, me, being the love-struck girl, my mind twisted the words. 

Don’t get me wrong, I still like him, of course. It’s just that I’m seeing a new side of him I have never seen before. 

OK, I need to stop overthinking this. Spencer is my best friend; best friends are always rude to each other in an arch manner. It’s what makes them closer and have more of a bond. 

I sigh, archness is present in a relationship too, but ours is only friendship. A friendship that cannot be broken whatsoever. Unless, I turn into some psychopath and kidnap Jennifer. 

Wouldn’t mind doing that. With her out of the picture, I can finally have Spencer to myself. He will have no one else to cry to, aside from me. I’ll be there for him and next thing you know, he’s all mine. 

On the other hand, I’ll likely be messy and leave my knife with fingerprints and get caught. So, there’s that. In addition, I’m too delicate to possibly be capable of pulling anything like that.

I sigh once more and roll over on my stomach. I wish I can talk to someone about this, except, you know, the one person I used to tell everything to is gone and probably doesn’t want to speak to me again. 

The thought of Emily not wanting to even look at me, makes me feel so ashamed of what I said to her. It was all in the heat of the moment and I couldn’t control my rambling mouth.

I feel pinching in the corner of my eyes, tears streaming down underneath them. Everything is happening so fast and I wish it can all stop. Stop my best friend from hating me, stop the pain that is aching in my heart, and stop liking Spencer. Which will be impossible to complete. 

Knock knock knock

I lift my head up and face it towards the door. Who the hell is bothering me right now? If it’s Jennifer I swear to god I’ll punch her pretty face.

She probably got forced to apologize to me and is going to be a fake little bitch about it.

Without waiting for me to answer, the door opens to reveal a shirtless Spencer, with his hair wet. Oh, fuck me. 

“Hey, thought I’d like to apologize for Jennifer earlier.” His eyes meet mine, they’re full of sincerity like they were when I told him about Dylan. His passion to make me feel better is so adorable.

I lift myself up and sit crossed legged on the bed. “Its fine I guess.” 

I know that Jennifer did that on purpose to get to me. She knows what she was doing and she didn’t care at all. 

He gives me a weak smile and takes a seat next to me on the bed. He scoots closer and puts his hand on my thigh. His hand is so warm and so large, I wish it could move up to a little more. 

“Are you doing okay?” I know he was referring to Emily. 

“Well, about two hours ago, my best friend from high school told me she likes me and when I rejected her, she got mad and stormed off. Leaving our friendship nowhere to be seen. So, I guess I’m fine.”  My flippant tone made his smile disappear and I feel bad. 

“Look, I’m sorry. I’m just upset about the whole situation. I mean wouldn’t you be sad if your best friend just left you and you know you two will never be friends again?” 

He looks down. “Are you referring to you? Because if you are, I would be devastated. You are the best thing that has happened to me. I never had any real friends in high school. They would all use me to get answers to their homework or test.” I look at him with pure love and adoration. He has told me the story before but for some reason, the emotion behind it seems so raw as if it is still going on now. 

I lean up to him and give him a kiss on the cheek. He blushes and playfully punches me. It’s the little things we do that makes me fall for him harder and harder.

“Okay, now can you leave and put some clothes on?” I laugh. As much as I want to see him shirtless, I know I’m going to do something I might regret soon. 

“Awe, I thought you wanted to see all off this.” He says in a try hard seductive tone while trailing his hands down his body. 

Oh, trust me I do. 

“Ew just get out,” I say while throwing my pillow at him. 

He throws his hands up in surrender and exits. 

I was about to lay back down until he pops into the room again. “Can you check the mail for me please?” 

I groan. “Why can’t you get it?” 

“Because I don’t feel like going outside.” He says before leaving. 

I roll my eyes and find some shoes to put on. The walk from the doorway to the mailbox is quite a walk and I don’t feel like walking in the grass barefoot.

When I come back inside, I have a pile of mail just stack in my hand. I’m surprised it didn’t fly out of my grip. 

I set the mail down on the island and start looking through it. 

Bills, bills, social security, magazines, a letter, more bills. Wait. 

I rummage through the pile of mail I looked at and see an envelope written to me.  However, for some reason, whoever wrote this, referred to me as Y/n Reid. On the bottom, underneath the name, it says to open the letter when I’m alone in my room. I look at the cover to see who the letter might be from but there is no luck.

My heart starts racing and I run to my room to open the letter. My curiosity is getting the best of me right now. What if it’s a secret admirer? No, it can’t be, if it was, why would they put Spencer’s last name as my last name?

So many questions in my head at the moment, hopefully, to be answered soon.

Once, I enter my room, I close and lock the door behind me, so Spencer won’t bother me. I really don’t want him to interrupt me especially at a time like this. 

I sit myself down on my bed and open the letter. I was surprised to see that it was written by hand. The handwriting was fairly neat, like a women’s. 

Dear, Y/n

You probably ran to your room to open this letter and find out what it has to say am I right? Your curiosity is going to get you killed or even make you sick one day. So, just be careful sweetheart. 

I read over the first paragraph again and again to have an excuse to not read further, despite the fact that I know I have to. 

I know more about you than you think, Drug-addicted mother, abusive step-father that almost raped you, you almost getting raped at a party after, lying about being a virgin when you were 15. There are so many secrets about you. It would be a shame if Spencer were to find out. Especially about the time when you lied about Dylan. Dylan never recorded you. You recorded yourself and leaked it to make it look like it was him. 

You’re not so innocent, Y/n.

I put my hand over my mouth and start crying. It’s true. It’s all true. I was a bitch and I hate to admit it, but I was also a slut in high school. I didn’t want Spencer to know the truth about me, for the sake of him judging me. That’s what I love about college, nobody knows who you were in high school or what you did or who you hung out with. It’s like walking into a whole new book.

However, I won’t tell anyone unless you do these 5 things for me. These 5 things will determine my thoughts on you as a person and make me reconsider ruining your life. 

 You want a chance with that geek right? You want to wrap your legs around him like the slut you are? Then do follow what I have planned for you. 

 You’re probably crying right now and reminiscing all the things you did in high school. Thinking about the times you slept with your “Best friends” boyfriend over and over behind her back. 

 What about the time you got a girl expelled and made her deport to Mexico because the guy you wanted at the time was taken and you needed to get rid of her? 

 You’re a bitch, Y/n. It’s a good thing you’ve changed right? Or do people really change?

I can feel myself crying with embarrassment. I regret all the things I did in high school, disregarding that I know I will never be able to take what I did back. So, the only thing to do is live with my past. 

Here are the demands you have to do. I am watching you as you read this. So, if you go to the cops, Spencer is dead. 

 I gulp and trail my eyes down to the list.

 • Envy is a sin and shall not be felt. 

Envy? I wouldn’t go so far as envy. I am jealous of Jennifer and wish to take her place, but I do not envy her. 

• Do not force infidelity

How can I make Spencer cheat on me with Jennifer? He is head over heels for her and I’m not even close to being in his league.

• Don’t make yourself the center of attention

Does he mean don’t make a big scene about certain things or dress flashy?

• Make people stay in your life


• In order to save a life, you have to stop living yours.

 If you cannot follow these commands, say bye to Spencer. He’ll never want to speak to you ever again. He’ll look at you with total disgust and never love you.

Not like he will anyways. 

If you do follow these commands, I’ll show you who I am. Do we have a deal? 

Of course, we do, you basically have no choice. 

Just know, I am watching you as you read this and will be watching your progress. When you have completed one task, you will get a text from me saying “next”. 


Have fun. -anonymous 

Don’t hate me. I love you!  Sorry, it’s a bit short but next part will be longer and juicier I promise! 

“Is that my shirt?”

Request from @toofardownthefandomhole , and anons: “Can you please make a part 3 to “good to know where we stand"” “I was wondering if u can make a part 3 of "u just lied to me”?pleasee” “Yo I need a part 3 to “You lied to me” PLEASEEE” “If you choose to continue you lied to me + live your life without her could you please make yn and Sam end up together please please 💕💕” “Part 3 to it’s good to know where we stand? It’s amazing and I love it. :)”

Part 1

Part 2

Sammy’s POV

* The number you have reached is not available at the moment. Please leave a message after the be- * “Are you kidding me? She’s still dodging my calls!” I yelled frustrated, hanging up my phone. It’s been a month of trying to get a hold of Y/N but she didn’t even bother. “I mean, what do you expect.” Johnson shrugged his shoulders, “We did her wrong. I don’t blame her. I mean, we NEVER act like that. Why did we all of a sudden become crazy like that?” He looks at us. “We got jealous. We felt replaced. That’s why.” Gilinsky said. We all agreed with him. “So what now? How are we going to fix this?” Nate asked. “Should we even fix this? I mean look at us now. We fucked up twice in a row. She’s better off without us! And he brother is strong enough to kill us.” Swazz said. “And his friends.” We all just groaned.

“We should just go to the party tonight. Take our minds off of this.” Hayes suggested. We all just looked at each other, “Yeah sure why not.” We all got up and started getting ready. “Hey, pregame time.” Rupp stuck his head in my room, I looked up at him, “Alright. I’ll be down there.” He left as I looked back at my phone, debating whether or not to send the text to Y/N. I just sighed, putting the phone in my pocket, jogging to the kitchen as all the shot glasses were set up and filled. “To a good night.” Nate grabbed a glass, lifting it up. We all grabbed our glass and lifted it up, “To a good night!” We clicked glasses together and chugging it down. We drank a couple more shots before getting in the uber, going to Kian and JC’s house. 

“Hey what’s up guys!” They greeted all of us at the door. “Glad you guys could come.” Kian said. “Yeah, thanks for the invite man.” “Of course. It’s always a party when you guys are around!” JC said. “Saw pictures and reports and all that shit about Y/N. Dang, I didn’t know her brother was Cody Christian.” “We didn’t either.” We all said. “We invited her though. Hope that was okay with you guys. We know you guys are on an iffy patch right now.” JC made a little face. “Yeah, this is all your guys’ party. You guys are still cool with her. So, it’s whatever.” I shrugged. “Well alright guys! Enjoy the party! We’ll be hanging around if you guys need anything! Drinks, alcohol and food are in the kitchen. Condoms are in the side table of the rooms. Try not breaking anything this time.” They highfived us before we walked in. “They actually invited her?” Gilinsky said under his breath, as we walked through the house. “Yeah, Y/N is close to Kian and JC. So I wouldn’t doubt that they invited her. And that she told them everything that happened.” I said, sitting down on one of the chairs as the guys sit next to me. 

We were drinking and chilling till there was a commotion coming from inside the house. “What’s going on?” We all looked at the back of the house, till we saw what was happening. Finally, people started parting a a group started walking out with people following them. “Y/N is here.” I called, taking a sip from my beer. “Yeah, Cody’s here too with Tyler, and the Dylans.” Johnson said as we watched them hanging out at the outside bar, grabbing some drinks, talking. Everyone would be taking pictures with or of them, throughout the night as we all just groaned, trying to ignore it. 

I looked back up at Y/N to see what she was doing. and when I looked up, our eyes clicked together. She stared at each other for a couple seconds before she softly smiled at me, and turning away back to her brother and friends and Kian and JC. I took my last sip from my beer, “I’m going to go grab another drink. You guys want anything?” “Want us to come with you?” Nate asked. “Just in case something happens while you are up there near them?” I turn to glance and them then back at the boys, “I’ll be fine. They are harmless.” “Alright, if something happens, just hoot for us.” Rupp said. 

I made my way to the bar and asked for another beer. I turn around, my back leaning against the table, looking at Y/N. Cody saw me looking at her, nudging her, and motions his head towards me. She turns and looks at me, giving me a gentle stare. She puts her hand on his arm, and makes her way towards me. “Hey.” I smile at her. “Hi, Sam.” She said quietly. “How have you been?” She asked. “I’ve been good…” I awkwardly said. I grabbed my beer and slide my finger up and down on the side of it, “You never answered my calls…” I said to her. “Yeah,” She longed out. “About that.” She puts her drink down. “I’ll stop calling you,” I deep sighed, saddened. “No, I just, I wanted to talk. That’s why I came up to you, without, my brother.” She points at him, and I look to see him giving me the death stare. “He hates me, doesn’t he?” I said, still looking at him. “Immensely.” She giggled out, making me chuckle at her cuteness. 

“So what did you want to talk about?” I took a sip from my drink. “Let’s sit down over here.” She walked to two empty chairs, sitting down and I sat down next to her. We were faced out, looking over the whole backyard as I saw all the boys pointing and staring at us as well as her brother and his friends. “I listen to your messages.” She snapped me out of my thoughts, looking at her. “And, I just- I want- I don’t- Can you explain to me again why you cheating on me was a bright idea?” She cross her left leg over her right leg, indicating she was a little agitated. I just looked at her with sorrowful eyes, “I- I can’t give you one.. Because I did it just because…. I thought we weren’t going so well so,” “So you thought cheating on me was a good solution.” “Yeah,” I nodded, disappointed. She just sighed. “So if you weren’t feeling it anymore, why are you all kinds of upset about me leaving and lying about who I knew?” She asked. 

“I-I don’t know. I thought I wasn’t feeling it anymore. But when I saw that you left, it hurt me deep inside and I got angry. And when I saw you at the award show, I lost it. Because I lost you and I thought you already moved on to someone else. It hurt seeing you with someone else!” I said in a loud voice. “Now you know how I felt when I found you with that girl..” She said emotionless, basically giving me a slap in the face with what she said. “When you saw me with Cody did you feel like your heart just got stabbed with a heart?” I just nodded at her. “Anger started overflowing your emotion, making you want to break down in tears?” I nodded again. “The trust and love you had for that person just instantly dropped?” I nodded again. “Yeah, I felt that too. But I had every right to feel the way I felt. If you didn’t want to be with me anymore, you could have just ended it. But if you got to know me better, I would have told you Cody was my brother, when I knew it was the right time to tell you.” She sighs out. 

“I’ll do anything for another chance.” I instantly grab her hand in my mines, “Please.” She just frowns. “I never wanted any of this to happen. And being without you has been so miserable. I wrote so many texts and letter but never sent any of them.” “No, you sent a couple.” I looked at her wide eyes, “Why do you think I came here tonight?” She takes out her phone, showing me the text I thought I deleted. “Y-you came because,” “I came because you get sloppy when you’re sad drunk.” She smiles, laughing, repeating the text I sent her. “I know I shouldn’t, and Cody doesn’t like it that I am, but I missed you, a lot. It’s not the same without you or the boys.” She sighs. “I want to be able to go back to the way things were before we started having patches. But we can’t. And I don’t know if I can trust you or the boys anymore. That’s my problem.” I stood up and lifted her up to her feet, 

“Hi, I’m Sam.” I held my hand in front of her, and she shook it, “Y/N.” She smiles. “I want you to meet some people very important to me.” She pulls my arms, “This is my brother Cody.” She introduces us, as I held out my hand. He just mugs me, crossing his arms. She hits his arm and gives him a look. He grabs my hand in his, shaking it, “I’m watching you Sam.” I just nodded. “And this is Tyler, Dylan and Spray.” I shook their hands as they threatened me too. “I would like you guys to meet some people important to me.” I held her hand, as she drag her brother and the guys with us. The crew all stood up when we approached, “Guuuuuuuys,” I longed out, looking at them. 

“This, is, Y/N. Y/N, these are my friends.” I introduced them. They looked at us weird as I nudged my head to her, informing them to shake her hand. They all shook her hand, saying their names, and introduced her friends to mines. “Y/N, we’re sorry.” Johnson said, sitting next to her. “We are really sorry…” Nate said across from her. “We didn’t,” “I know..” She smiles. “I’m willing to forget about it if you guys are.” They all nodded, agreeing. “Nope. I’m not agreeing to that.” Cody said. “Except Cody. You guys are all still on his bad side until proven innocent.” She hits him on his stomach. “Deal.” We all said. We were all talking about music and shows and movies, 

“You look beautiful tonight Y/N.” Gilinsky mentioning. “Thank you.” She blushes. I look at what she was wearing, “Is that my shirt?” I looked farther back to get a real glance at the long shirt she’d wearing. “Yeah, it is. I just love this shirt.” She blushes even harder. I just smile, chuckling, throwing my arm around her waist and she leans in on my shoulder. “Good to have the family back.” Nate says, toasting. 

Prince and Princess- A Peter Pan One-Shot

Title: Prince and Princess
Request: Hey!!! OK so how about y/n been in never land when she was 5 and pan really loves her but she had to leave and many years later she come back and have feelings for Peter but he sees someone else and don’t know what to do. Sorry if it’s too much :(
Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader

“Peter!!” Y/N exclaimed, running over to the boy.
“Hey kid.” Peter laughed, as 5 year old Y/N sat on his lap, “How are you?”
“Tell me a story!” Y/N responded.
“Alright, sure.” Peter responded.
He went on to tell Y/N a story about a prince and princess, leaving Y/N intrigued.
“I’m a princess. You’re my prince ok Peter!” she said.
“You are a princess. I’ll be your prince, sure.” Peter responded.
As they sat talking, a man approached them both.
“Y/N.” he said.
Y/N looked up, “Papa?”
It was Y/N’s father, he had come looking for Y/N.
Peter had taken her from her family months earlier.
Y/N had learned to love Neverland though, and Peter loved her too.
They were like siblings.
“We’re going home.” Y/N’s father said.
“No! I want to stay!” Y/N begged.
“Either you come with me, or this boy that took you is dead.” her father responded.
“Y/N go.” Peter said.
“Papa please.” Y/N responded.
“Come on Y/N. Time to go home.” her father responded, picking up his daughter, “I’ve missed you. My only child, only family I have left. This place is dangerous for a child.”
Y/N was crying, but went with her father.
“Good bye Y/N, my princess.” Peter called as Y/N and her father left the island.
Y/N and her father went home, leaving Y/N to only think of Peter every day.

Y/N and Peter both missed each other dearly.
A day never went by without them thinking about each other.
When Y/N turned 18, the same age as Peter, she knew she had to get back to Neverland.
“Papa?” she asked.
“Yea my dear?” he responded.
“Since I’m older now, I want to go back to Neverland.” Y/N explained, “When you took me back, I was so upset. I think about that place every day.”
“You are older now, you can do what you want. Y/N I love you, you know that right? I just want the best for you, and if Neverland is the best then go back there.” her father responded.
“Thank you.” Y/N smiled, hugging her father, “Thank you so much Papa.”
“Be safe.” her father responded, “I know you’ll do great things on that island.”
Y/N quickly left her house and set off to Neverland.

When she got to the island, memories started to flood her mind.
She remember Peter telling her stories, sitting on his lap, and laughing.
It was a good feeling for her to be back.
She ran to the base camp, still knowing where it was, and found Peter.
“Hey, my prince.” she said.
Peter turned around, “Um…wait? Y/N?!”
“Nice to see you again Peter.” Y/N laughed.
Peter hugged her tightly, “I can’t believe you came back! I’ve missed you so much.”
“I’ve missed you too. This island is a part of me that can never go away.” Y/N responded, “I’ve thought about you every day. Peter, I realized that I love you. That’s why I had to come back.”
“Oh.” Peter sighed.
“What?” Y/N asked.
“I um, have a girlfriend. Wendy.” Peter responded.
That crushed Y/N’s heart, “Oh, alright.”
“I’m sorry.” Peter said, “But I’ve thought of you every day too. Don’t leave this place, we need you here.”
A girl then approached them, “Hey I’m Wendy.”
“Y/N.” Y/N responded.
“You’re Y/N? I’ve heard so much about you!” Wendy smiled.
Peter and Y/N just starred at each other.
“You two ok?” Wendy asked.
“Wendy I’m sorry.” Peter said quietly.
“What?” Wendy asked.
“Y/N I love you too.” Peter responded.
“What?” Wendy and Y/N said in unison.
“Every single day I’ve thought about you. I knew you’d grow up to be a beautiful woman, I never thought you’d be this beautiful. I’ve loved you since I met you, even though you were just a child.” Peter explained.
“Oh, I see. I’ll leave you both alone, don’t feel bad. I’ve kind of had a thing for Felix for a while.” Wendy laughed.
Peter and Y/N both laughed, “Go for it!”
Wendy rushed over to Felix, leaving Peter and Y/N alone.
“Do you really love me?” Y/N asked.
“More than anything, my princess.” Peter responded.
“Well, my dear prince, kiss me.” Y/N smiled.
Peter chuckled, and kissed Y/N.
He kissed his princess, the one person that never left his mind and that he loved more than anything.
As for their future, the prince and princess lived happily ever after!


Much love!


Clingy AF Russia and Canada Obsessed Weeb

Character Keys

Me: M

the weeaboo: W

friend of mine: F

Okay so this happened about… four years ago? my online friend F had got me into Hetalia, to the point I had my own RP (roleplay) Hetalia account and everything on Deviantart. At one point F and I joined a Hetalia rp group where we met W. She was always either Russia or Canada in any RP we did with her, and for the time she seemed very nice and fun to around. We got along well with her, we discovered just HOW much W really liked the Hetalia characters Russia and Canada. She would ONLY play as those two characters, in any rp at all. If a situation were to happen where she couldn’t play as either of them, she would get all whiny or just flat out leave the chatroom over it. Or if someone made some sort of joke regarding either of those characters, she would get very pissy/offended and leave the chat then. We saw this as bizarre, if not pretty damn obsessive. I mean getting THAT uptight over anime characters?

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