i just got really excited im sorry

since i’ve watched it a million times, here’s my personal list of highlights from seeso’s first MBMBaM episode Tarantulas & Travis Did A Hit:

  • the intro theme making me cry with pride and weird nostalgia
  • the titular hit being unscripted but turning it into an Overarching Plot Point anyway
  • “one time i saw a rancho molt its skin and my eyes went to hell.”
  • the endearing second-hand embarrassment awkwardness of three extremely socially anxious boys attempting to interact with ppl
  • justin giggling uncontrollably at his own jokes before he finishes them
  • “Eight legs of justice.”
  • travis apparently being unable to decide between red or blue nail polish for the show so por que no los dos?
  • “my name is………. zach” “no, hang up.” “you did so bad.”
  • justin had absolutely no reason to make up a fake name, he just panicked, and he’s my hero.
  • griffin being Peak Little Brother and immediately telling on travis to their dad for hitting justin
  • justin being Peak Big Brother and both antagonizing his brothers but also assuring them spiders aren’t that scary
  • griffin and justin on either side of travis, holding his arms reassuringly and talking him through his Spider Exposure Therapy.
  • “this is the most dangerous spider in the world-” travis: *fucking sprints out of the room*
  • Hey everybody, welcome to the club! Hope you enjoy the experience of simply cybersex blast off into cybersex Joe Biden.
  • griffin laughing really hard and leaning into travis’s arm. cute bros.
  • “ah, local teens!” “look at all those thought influencers!”
  • monster factory reference. A+ pls continue crossing the mcelroy empire streams.
  • “end of the parade!” “now go home! it’s important you don’t all leave in the same direction, or that is just a continuation of the parade!”
  • genuine apologies = selling out to hollywood, according to clint mcelroy
  • “you got foot water on the spaghetti!”

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omg hEck i had this dream recently of Eremes making his own band and he started to play to a group of snails ??? he just got so excited that he managed to make a new song and he just wanted to share it???? after he gave them a band t-shirt and that was wild omg. im crying i can't believe i had a dream about your oc (tbh he is the cutest little thing!!!! i love )

this is honestly one of the Sweetest Messages i have ever received

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OMG YES i'm so excited for the hindu mythology one!! As an indian, i feel like we rarely get included in basically all forms of popular media. I'm so glad its an indian author writing this story! I've heard good things about that author before so my hopes are pretty high lol. Also the other stories also sound amazing!!

Yes, same!! I am also Indian and I have never once seen an Indian person in popular media except for Parvati and Padma Patil (Indian twins liek me) and they appeared for like 0.1 seconds. [edit] also noah fence but in England you don’t wear saris to balls/prom?? What? Why would they wear saris to the Yule Ball??

And the author, Roshani Chokshi does write well! I’ve read an extract of her book and it’s brilliant! She’s writing “Aru Shah and the End of Time”.

All the other books seem great as well: “Dragon Pearl” is by Yoon Ha Lee (about a Korean spirit) and “Storm Runner” is by Jessica Cervantes (about a disabled boy).

If you have no idea what I’m talking about then click here to go to Rick Riordan’s blog…

So yeah sorry this got so long! But I’m just really excited about this~

What’s in France

Request: Hello! I have a request, how about reader is in love with newt, but she thinks newt loves leta(when they were in hogwarts)(and newt had been distant) which is why she lost contact with him after he got expelled. Angst!! They meet years later and turns out newt realised he loved reader when he lost her. Pls a happy ending! Im sorry if its too detailed, I’m just really excited about this one. Love u!

Word Count: 2,665

Pairing: Newt x reader

Requested by Anonymous

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

Newt twists in his bed, kicking the sheets from his chest and running a hand over his face. The moonlight streaks illuminate the small clock hanging crooked on the room’s wall. 2:53. Groaning, he flips onto his stomach, coming face to face with a picture of you breaking into a shy smile.

The familiar tears prick his eyes as he watches it happen over and over, falling back asleep and into a restless dream of you smiling.

“Are you sure you don’t want to come? It’ll be fun. Come on, we can go to The Three Broomsticks and split a glass of butterbeer like we used to.”

“I have too much studying to do.”

You groan and fall onto the couch next to your friend. “Newt, we haven’t had time to hang out in ages.” You deepen your voice to sound like his. “It’s always ‘I’m studying’ or ‘I have to write notes.’ Why don’t you take one break to go with me?”

Newt tears his eyes from the book in front of him, smile forming on his lips. “I’m busy. I need to pass this next potions exam. We’ll go next month, I promise.”

“Newt.” You whine, drawing out his name until he raises his eyebrows at you in false annoyance.

“Fine. You win.”

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botw first impressions

i’ve only just beat the plateau and got the glider and stuff but i thought i’d give my thoughts on breath of the wild. i consider myself a pretty big zelda fan, especially from wind waker onwards and i’ve been really excited about this. i wont be talking spoilers but i’ll put it under a readmore anyway. im just gonna type as i think so sorry if it doesn’t come together all neat and tidy

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ZEN HC: Celebrating MC’s Birthday :)

happy birthday @zens-wifey

mod saeran :D

  • Best believe in every single social media platform he has, he does a birthday shout out to you but each caption and picture is different :,)
  • if his fans does little AMV video of you two for your birthday he FUCKING DIES
  • he has two parties ready for you
  • one of them is with the RFA members  and the other is with only you and him


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aaaahh so im doing a bunch more scenes but i just got too excited and had to post this one instead of all at once aaah so anyway Cats Don’t Dance, if you haven’t seen it please see it

i dedicate this doodle to @plagge for being able to decipher my stupidly cryptic clues as to which au i was working on :’) GOOOO PLAGGE 

(sorry for the not so good picture, my mom can’t turn off her flash and i was having trouble taking the case off so we just had to have it on my phone ^^’)

im so excited though because i just got a new phone, and i wanted a case i was going to love, so whats the first thing i do? create a redbubble account so i can buy @m-arci-a ’s art as a phone case of course! ive been in love with this picture since i saw it, so its kinda really freakin awesome to have it as a phone case.

thank you so much 😊




fuk u

dingus dang dammit, ppl making me feel EXTREME EMOTIONS. UGH. Anywaaaays, i drew babies. i drew Embro with phul and then it spawned a lot of screaming and overthinking angels on my part, and GDAMN MALACH/MOTHGEL ART FROM THE DINGUS HIMSELF, AND IM SO EXCITE. Its the 1st time anyone drew my angel babies, and i stiiiilll can’t get over it… i guess bcs their designs are weird af and i don’t really expect ppl to enjoy drawing them. BUT I GOT MALACH ART AND I COULD EAT IT FOR BREAKFAST, EVERYDAY UNTIL THE END OF DAYS. IM JUST DONE MY LIL HEART CAN’T TAKE THIS.

/also alsoooo, aki i will draw u with mothgels just make urs *wink wink*, and the mortikin fusion digital aaaaa im sorry i suck i owe u so much art FUK

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i had thought you put ur lil green bean up for download and got really excited because i have fallen in love with her and my heart literally broke when i saw it was just people editing your pictures

hnng im sorry!!! I just have to edit the graphic 4 the post and shes good to go!!!

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i am so sorry you are getting so much shit for the jdronica stuff like??? you're making it really obvious that you don't support it and you're still getting shit like im so sorry teddy that's rough af :/// i hope bearstage does more cool things like gay heathers bc i'd love to come see it, ive got a theater major on my floor who does nothing but gush about berkeley's theater groups and he has a lot to say about y'all ;7; just wanted to say you're doing good and gl on finals <3<3<3<3<3

barestage will absolutely continue making theatre!! i am so excited for bat boy 🦇

Problem Solved. Simple Really.

E. Despard

Sorry for the minor inconvenience there. Nothing to be worried about, just a little trouble with a [redacted] who somehow managed to [redacted].

Everything is perfectly normal now. He’s been completely locked out for the time being, which was extremely simple seeing as he is just a [seriously redacted]. But I digress, we are once again free to discuss a multitude of new and exciting topics.

As for today’s events, I have a marvelous story to present to you. This is a really good one for all of the pr
lem solvers out there, or trouble shooters as we call it in our line. It all starte҉͉̦̤ḓ̖͓͘ this morning whi̸̝l̡͉͖̱̖̯e̢̻̝͔̖͎̺ performing my daily st_rtup routiͪ̇̏ͪ͛́̀n̓̊ͬ̋̔͌͏e̛̓ͧs. Just as I beg
J̷ͪ͛̌̃̈ͫ͒̑́͗͗͂ͧ҉̙̦͎̞͍ust as I beg
Just a̡ͦ̆sͧ͊̈́ͧ̐̍̃̄̀ ͛͐̿̒̎Ǐ̴̈ͫ͛̇̉ͭ̕ ̷̢ͤ̂͌̚̚b̸̧ͪ̒̇ͫ̈́̾̊͐͜e̵͑͆ͩ͑ͥ̓̔g
Ḩ̛ǫl̸̛̀͏d̷̵̶̡ ̵̧̕͡ơ͠͠҉n͏͝ ̕̕ó̶͜͟͟n̛̕͟͢͡e̢͝҉ ͝͡҉͟m̴̷̡o̢̕͏̡m̶̕͘͜e̵̵͜͜͡ņ͜͡t̨̨̨͜͏ ḧ́͂͂e͌ͦ͏r̸̍̊̆͆͡e̢ͥ͋͋͛ͣ͐̚




>Hello, World!

BILLY BROADVIEW here! Sorry that took so long. I wasn’t expecting him to post a half hour early and had to jump in on my phone. (If the Professor asks, I left to use the toilet)

For those of you who were really excited to hear the rest of Eddie’s story up there I’ll give you the cliff notes. “Bla Bla Bla Im a giant asshat yadda yadda yadda and then I got owned by an devilishly handsome student at Hogwarts.

How are you lovely people doing? I’m kicking back. Jonathan and Emily have been loosing their minds for the last few days trying to figure out how to get the blog back. They went the legal route, I took the fun way!

But seriously, I need to get back to class. Cya later, don’t forget to catch the Santa Pikachu in Go!


I’m going to vidcon and got in the meet and greet for dnp! I know not many people will see/care since I don’t have many followers, but I’m just really excited and I wanted to tell someone so yeah