i just got pregnant


Cat stopped stirring her pitcher for a moment, processing what her daughter just told her.

“So.. you got like a sperm donor or something? Wow, isn’t that expensive?” she chirped, as she resumed her frantic stirring.

“Ah… no, Mom. Erhm, Josephine and I broke up a bit ago….. I… I just got pregnant the… uh… the standard way?” 

Catherine placed the pitcher on the counter.

Seeing Lindsay fight with people on twitter about her right to release a video on her baby is exactly the reason why I dislike people hating on sex reveal videos. 

Let new parents be excited for their coming children. It’s their child, not yours to police. Unless they are hurting their child, just stay out of it. Let them be. 

There’s a huge difference between fighting for equality and just wanting to that bitter person that ruins everyone’s fun. 

Honestly, the only way I could be disappointed with acowar was if Sarah made Feyre pregnant towards the beginning or middle of the book (in other words, outside of an epilogue.)

This is just because Feyre and Rhys already had the talk of when they wanted children—if ever. Feyre wants to know what it’s like to be immortal and independent with her mate before she has children, and Rhys is okay with that.

You just don’t see a lot of thought out pregnancies in YA novels. It normally isn’t even discussed. It just happens as a ‘whoops I got pregnant’ thing.

I don’t want Feyre to be pregnant because it would take away from the action. And I’ve seen people say they want her to be pregnant because Rhys said he was unsure of what he’d do if his mate were pregnant in the time of war—which essentially sidelines her character. Feyre is strong on her own. She can fight with nobody babying her. But a baby—unborn or no—would get in the way of that.

I’d just be happier if Feysand babies were saved for (hopefully) a happily ever after.

Idea: Everything is great and nobody is suffering… all but Yui who is noticibly quite pregnant and miserable. She tries to act as cheerful as she can but her husband takes notice of how terrible she feels, emotionally and physically. No amount of comfort food can really help her.

One day, she goes to sleep with her beloved. She wakes up alone in their large bed in the morning (sometimes the hubby goes to work early!!) and immediately notices how refreshed she feels. She stretches and goes to feel her belly as she did so every day to say hi to her little one.

The bump isn’t there.

She panics. What’s going on? Why isn’t it there?! Wha-

She immediately gets up and tries to find her husband. She’s confused and terrified and-

Yui hears distant laughter in one of the rooms. Strange because it was the sound of a baby. When she gets there, she is surprised to see that her husband is cradling an infant in his arms and gently cooing at them.

It’s revealed that gods don’t necessarily have to be conceived like humans. Hey if some can be born /fully grown/, from parts of other gods’ body parts (who are male), and can still be saved and incubated in someone’s thigh as a fetus, anything is possible, okay?

Yui’s husband just thought that as a human, she would want to go through the natural process, but they just felt so bad for her lately that they took matters into their own hands…

Well, Yui was just relieved that their baby is alright… They’ll have to suddenly announce the birth that same day though… It’ll be a hectic day.

(But Loki’s case would be different. Yui finds him admiring himself in the bathroom. Yui notices the bump on his stomach.

“L-Loki…? U-Uh… Bad news… Our baby is gone…?” She’s so weirded out by his body that she ended up wording his distress casually.

“Oh this?” Loki lightly tapped his stomach. “… It’s our child!” :DD

Yui screams loudly right there.)

Nalu Headcanon

When Lucy is pregnant with their first baby Happy gets really protective of Lucy’s belly and won’t let anyone touch her, sometimes not even Natsu as it gets closer to her due date.

(Like those videos of pets protecting their pregnant owners) idk I just suddenly got obsessed with this



Yup. Okay. Yeah. Uh-huh. Yes. Wow. Damn. 

Well, shit. Looks like Ezra will become the father of my children. I’m pretty sure he just got me pregnant with just that one eyebrow. I’m inviting you all to my baby shower, bring gifts and I’ll provide cookies and fun.  

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"What do you mean 'you're pregnant' Simon?"

“I mean I’m pregnant! I just got back from Dr. Wellbelove’s and he says something happened when I spelled my wings and tail and now we’re going to have a baby!”

I wake up with a gasp, jostling Snow, who shifts in his sleep.

“Baz?” he mumbles. “What’s wrong?” 

Nothing, love. Just a nightmare,” I say. 

 A horrible, horrible nightmare.

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I found out recently that my estranged father was convicted of child molestation of a 12yr old just years before my mom got pregnant with me. I just don't know how to feel, he's been in an out of prison my whole life but this is so different, so much heavier.

I can certainly understand why you’d feel that way. I can’t think of much else that would be worse than discovering that about somebody you thought you knew, if even just a little. I’m sorry.

GUYS, I JUST REALIZED ANOTHER THING. Ok, so not only did Tamlin probably get Ianthe pregnant, BUT I also think something else just got confirmed for us.

Calanmai already happened, but Rhys didn’t participate as a High Lord. So that debate we’ve had about whether all the High Lords perform the Rite on the same night/Calanmai? This means they don’t. (Rhys’s mating with Feyre was independent from the ceremony taking place).

Which MEANS that the Night Court probably still has a Rite of its own that we haven’t seen. Ya know, just sayin’.

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u know when you forget the name of someone who was important to you and u die a little bc how could you ever forget that ???

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I always thought that Liam's bg not gonna end like Louis with pat test I think they are just gonna say that she got pregnant by her ex husband and she and Liam started dating after she got pregnant and Liam was just ok with that cause he was just "so in love with her" lmao and then she's gonna realize that she still have feelings for ex husband so she's gonna break up with Liam and this how I think they gonna end it

this is actually plausible knowing how ot operates