i just got photoshop and had to try it

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Happy Valentines Day! Sending love from Canada!!! Have you ever thought of doing a couple themed game show at the cafe as a Valentines Day Special?? If not, what was the plan for this year?

❤️💕❤️ Voltron crew: HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! ❤️💕❤️

Allura: We are very excited to share with you the theme of this year’s valentines day event. While there won’t be any game show themes ( as we like to save those for other days to add extra excitement ) We do have a change of rolls!

Coran: Each year every staff member submits their ideas which we draw out at random. This year Lance won the drawing. So introducing!!!!

Lance: That’s right ladies and gents! Your loyal butlers now have a more devilish twisted side. Be careful of their tricks as they may lead you straight to temptation.

Hunk: I still think Chocolate love would have been better.

Lance: You said it would just be everything made out of chocolate. Like plates and forks and stuff.

Hunk: A man can dream.

Lance: You would have had to MAKE IT

Hunk: A MAN…. CAN…. DREAM!

Allura: And of course to celebrate our most popular pair, on the 14th we have a Klance special for all of our lovely fans!

Lance: HEY WOAH! I did NOT Agree to that! When was that photo taken!?

Pidge: When we were going through the maid outfits and you and Shiro got drunk and decided to try them on.  I added Keith’s horns in post to go with the theme.

Lance: You can’t just photoshop something like that.

Pidge: I added horns. The rest is all you two.

Lance: ಠ_ಠ

Keith: Can I have a copy?

Pidge: Here… I already have it framed for you. Go nuts.

Lance: (눈_눈)  please don’t.

A.N. THANKS AGAIN! For all the asks and stuff! I got my work cut out for me! Ask box will close at 10 AM  PST Cause for me in Japan that’s midnight. I won’t be able to do any more V-day related after that. ( Well I might do some aftermath idk) Still, That’s when the box is closing till I catch up with all the asks!

My (super late) contribution to @zephyrine-gale‘s crop-top Yuri party!

(I’ve had this idea since March but I never got around to doing it because school was kicking my ass… and I had no faith in myself to pull this off. lol)


Guys I love sparkles. Throw back to some photos from 2015! Oh my god we’re already in 2017 arent we? Aaaaah.
@royallily’s amazing Bloom cosplay that I was just absolutely in love with. Yeah okay, I’ve never seen the show but you can tell just at a glance that this woman absolutely nailed this character. And those wings right? I know she paid a ton for them, I cant remember where she got them from but they were just so pretty and had such a nice natural reflective glow to them and matched the costume so perfectly.
Nailed it babe. <3
Also it’s come to my attention that the colors are distorted on the mobile app. Try checking it out on desktop.


Alright so this was my last big project of the school year, coming off after making my last piece(also featuring a Spaceman), I decided to merge that concept with @pan-pizza‘s @lokiirl IRL webcomic and make this my IRL(basically if your OC was a JoJo stand). I took a lot of inspiration from ‘Tron Uprising’ in later designs, along with Mega Man for the armcannon thing. Certain aspects like Glow effects, sketch lines, and words never got completed and I’m going to try and finish them this Summer, though without Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop it’ll be hard finding a substitute. 

Conceptually the idea behind this was that the artist that made Spiff(that’s the Suit’s name) would draw the suit around themselves and fight in that suit while they communicated like KITT and Michael Knight or Ironman and Jarvis. The way I thought of them becoming one would parody Magical Girl animes where the armor sort of glows on to them, but here it would drawn on with one of these trippy ink pens. 

The artist themselves is still in design phase, but right now he’s a sort of Sugar Skull, but rather than just a skeleton made of of sugar he is a lollipop-skeleton where the head is a lollipop with cartoony skull (features based off of the skeleton named Red from Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment) and the bones are segmented pieces of the stick. I won’t give off too much of his design right now as I’m gonna try to get something of him posted before the end of June.

The First 5 images are made in Adobe Photoshop, the 6th is made with just Pencil, and the last two were made in Adobe Illustrator.

I have some more stuff in the pipeline like some original ideas I had before settling on this, and a photo of a thing that got put up in my school’s gallery so expect that soon.

TL;DR I made a Loki IRL OC (and I want @pan-pizza to retweet me)

I made another thing! Had to do A LOT of guesswork with this one with the shadows and such, so they’re likely not even close to perfect. I just love this manga cap to bits and pieces and this is my sad way of trying to rectify how much Brotherhood watered it down. THERE IS SO MUCH TOUCHING IN THE MANGA. GOD HELP ME.

Stay, you’re not what you’re hearing
Cause I’ve been watching you changing
And who said you’re one in a million anyway?

You’re so much better than that.

- EDEN - Wake Up


Some Deckerstar bed action for you all ;) I had a bit of a laugh with this…I got part way through, absorbed in trying to get the bedsheets to work and I totally forgot that I haddn’t photoshopped Lucifer out of the chair in the background  yet and lost it laughing 

He’s just there like ya know what you kids have fun Imma sit and watch 

@captainswanismyendgame thought you might appreciate this one Jenna ;P 


Completed inspirational/gift headshots of Nix, Ghatz and Rumm for @x-men-headcannons, @saberghatz, and @awesome-reading-bitch ~

Got bored during my free lab day in MGD in college/AVP so I had a few ideas and went with it and just got these done today during choir practice~ Also wanted to mess around with a few new tools I found on Art Studio since it’s becoming more like Photoshop in some ways~ I will message each of ya, your character’s headshot without my name and with it as well~ Along with better quality since my iPad quality didn’t come out that well with trying to resize it and crop each picture but I’m working on it~ 

Anyway hope ya’ll enjoy them~ I had fun doing these and doing more in the future~

IF I get my online card or whatever to help get me cash online, I will most likely take commissions over the summer since I’m almost on Summer Break~ 

Characters - @x-men-headcannons, @saberghatz, and @awesome-reading-bitch

Art - Me

Nell swats him, rolling her eyes, and sends Max one of her usual smiles. “Same time next week, Max?”

“You know it.” Nathan turns to her then, almost nervously, and Max is thankfully quick to notice his intentions this time. She pulls him into a hug, eyes shutting, and doesn’t miss the way his hands squeeze her waist before they pull away.

She follows Nell up the path, Nathan following, and Nell keeps glancing at her with these looks that have her biting her lip, suppressing a smile.

“The Sense of Me” - Chapter 14 by trecoolio on Archive of Our Own

Once again, @anders-holmslice​, this is for you and your amazing story. Good luck with your finals! Do your best! ❤ ❤ ❤

“I’m trying not to be a piece of shit anymore.” - I love that line. I just do. It has a lot of weight to it. I had a blast making these little illustrations ‘cause Chapter 14 got me LIKE HAAAAAH !!!


DO NOT edit or repost! Please and thank you!

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i just got up a little while ago, whats going on with feministingforchange?

This is kind of old news (the situation happened a couple of months ago) but essentially she was supporting and spreading a callout post for “pedophile apologists” made by an exclusionist that was only targeting trans/nb inclusionists, many of which are CSA survivors. When people were trying to bring to her attention that the call out had been debunked (the receipts were lies, things taken out of context, possibly photoshopped things, or literally just the fact that someone liked a post or reblogged something from another person on the list) and that her spreading and supporting this was hurting innocent people by putting them at risk for major harassment, she refused to listen and started digging her heels in even more on the topic. She took a “block first and ask questions later” attitude and told the accused to evade her block to defend themselves, only to act hostile towards them when they did. Then made a half assed apology for it when people started blocking her and calling her unsafe for this (rightfully so since she’s essentially doing exclusionists dirty work for them) as a way to kind of save face. She’s also outed herself as a huge hypocrite in the process. I’ll link you to some more posts and receipts on the situation. I’m on mobile so i can only link one at a time but I’ll add them as reblogs to this ask.

Here’s a response to her “apology” https://diskhorsedudes.tumblr.com/post/161589699950/transkrem-justonepurpose-diskhorsedudes

I really do wish I had a tablet, because I’ve only got like regular pencils and trying to change pencil pressure and shit is annoying and I feel like that would be easier with a tablet where I can use like layers and opacity in photoshop or whatever. and I could just copy eyes and mirror them. I know that’s the easy way out but… I’m lazy. and it doesn’t help when I see a tutorial and someone’s drawing digitally of course and it looks so much easier to me because you can do it real sketchy and then just add more layers to refine it and I can’t really do that with pencil and paper. I mean I probably could but again, controlling my pencil is hard lol

I feel like I’m fucking myself over a bit too because I keep looking at these different tutorials and everyone has different ways of doing it and I’m like… which way should I do it. like obv I should ~choose my own path but like, who knows. I think I’m also going too fast and need to be more…. patient, both in drawing and also expecting myself to be good by now when it’s only been like a week. I just wanna be good so I can draw all this shit I wanna draw already

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hello, i sorry if this had been asked before but i'm really curious, i'd like to know how did the idea of litposters came up? >< it's really cool!!

actually, this hasn’t been asked before! mostly it came from the fact that i wasn’t seeing content for books i really enjoyed, and i was just learning photoshop, so i figured, i might as well try to make something that i’d like to see on the site. obviously i got much better at it over time, and now it’s mostly books/poems/graphic novels that other people want to see represented more.

tldr; i like literature, and tumblr needs more of it.

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hi jessie, i looked through your resources tag and didnt see anything, so i was wondering if you had any newspaper brushes? or just like paragraphs of text? thanks

i have a lot of textures but brushes not so much??? i got my textures literally from just googling newspaper textures. there r some at my mediafire that i found a while back when i was looking tho. just found some here from googling newpaper photoshop brushes but there are a ton of different ones and im not sure which kind of thing u want so maybe try that too. try going on image results so u can see them before you click because a lot of them are just paper without the words

I tried so hard to figure Photoshop out but it’s literally a beast all it’s own… I’m so used to Sai that like, I nearly had a breakdown trying to figure it out. Ya might think I’m exaggerating, but… really here’s a few of the things that got me:

There’s no clear layer button?! If you wanna clear the layer without deleting it, you gotta do THESE steps: ctrl+a, delete button, ctrl+d

UNDO AND REDO?! They’re more complicated?! Undo went from ctrl+z(sai) to ctrl+z for ONE undo OR ctrl+alt+z for as many undo as your heart desires in photoshop! AND REDO. Redo in Sai is ctrl+y. But in photoshop. ctrl+shift+z. 

There’s no good blending tool? It makes me wanna weep. I tried using the blur tool to find that it does zip on paint/color stuff. And then I changed it to the smudge tool and OOF, did that just drag the colors around without giving it a nice blending effect.

ANYWAY this whole experience gave me 100x more respect for the artists who use Photoshop as their primary art program because WOW FRIEND you musta really hung in there?! 

A little practice portrait I painted about a month or two ago but never bothered to post. I wanted to try my hand at painting something a bit stylized. This is really just a generic female night elf character… I had a death knight in mind, which is why she’s got the blue glow in her eyes :)

I had a Steven Universe related dream and I just needed to make a quick drawing based on it. :3

So basically I was Steven, and I/he had somehow learned how to heal the corrupted gems, and I was additionally in possession of Blue Diamond´s gem (I don’t know either, so lets move on). 

While alone in Rose´s room I popped her bubble, expecting to see a monster when she reformed. But instead her (enormous) white “base form” turned black and she just became this pitch black, floating figure. She did not try to attack me, but when I stepped closer I noticed how there was this pull to her. To my horror I realized that she had become a black hole of sorts and I instinctively knew that I would die if I got too close.

I remember thinking “I must do like I did with the others”, but I have no idea what that included. Then the dream shifted to another setting. :,o 

Drawn in Photoshop (1h maybe?!)


Hello! I should’ve made this a long ass time ago,but my procrastination got the best of me, so now I just wanted to sincerely thank everyone for everything they have done,by making my first ever follow forever.Dundundunn.I don’t have photoshop or anything so I had to make do with what I had lol.I love every single one of my followers but listed above are my mutuals.I will include more,and try and do better next time~ All of these blogs are amazing and you should all check them out!

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