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Someone dmed Lindsay saying she got the wrong girl and she read but didn't reply, plus she and arz deleted all their tweets and went silent, which to me says they're guilty. They literally bullied a poor random girl off twitter and ig

I honestly dont know I think it was the same girl she might have just acted dumb and said it wasn’t her to avoid getting in trouble with her parents you know? Idk tho this is not my situation


The 100 Social Media Edit - Couples Edition

Raven and Wells - The Sappy Ones

No one knew that it would turn out this way. When Raven and Wells got together most just thought it wouldn’t last even a month. But they turned out to be the most cliché cheesy romantic couple of them all. What everyone could’ve expected was that the bad pun game would just get worse.

Need you (Luke)*


Anonymous said: “Hi could maybe write a Luke imagine were you go to a party and go outside cause you two got bored and do the dirty in someone else car 😉 x”

“I need new smuuuut 😳😭💘”

Yes, of course! I think we all need a little smut these days! Idk if you guys are into one direction too, but let me tell you, there are so much drama going on that I can’t even cope anymore, oh my god! I’ve literally turned off my notifications from them and avoided going on instagram and twitter and stuff, I’m so thankful that 5sos are just four long legged losers that loves everything and everyone

let’s move on to the smut, shall we

(I think I changed it a tiny bit from your request, but I hope you’ll like it anyways)


“Come on, Luke! We need to go now!” You yell up the stairs where your boyfriend currently is, probably standing in front of the mirror (which he’s been doing for the last thirty minutes) styling his quiff. 

“Coming…” Luke mumbles, walking down the stair case with heavy steps. You roll your eyes at his childish way of expression how much he doesn’t want to go. 

“You know, the faster we get there the faster we can go home.” You say, matter of factly.

“Yeah, I know.” He says, rounding the corner before his eyes land on you. He steps into your arms, dressed in all black, and puts his arms around your waist before leaning down to place a kiss on your fore head. “Are you sure you want to go though? We could just lay in bed all day and cuddle instead. It’s just a stupid birthday party.”

“Yes, you’ve said that about two million times already, but we have to go babe, I’m sorry. We can cuddle when we get home, I promise.” You say, smiling as you lean in to place your lips on his. You pull away before he gets the chance to deepen it, making him groan and exclaim,

“But we haven’t had sex for like.. a week! I am losing my mind, please, let’s stay.” Luke pleads. 

“You’ve been at the studio ‘til late every day, there was no time. We can have sex when we get back too, don’t worry.” You try to assure him, bu at the same time feeling how your stomach tickles in anticipation at the mention of getting intimate with Luke again. Like he said, it’s been way too long.. “I’m sure you’ll do fine for a few more hours.” You say, patting his chest before you grab his hand. “Come on, let’s go.”

You hear Luke mumble something along the lines of “Not if I have to see you in that dress all night…” 

You ignore it and pull him with you through out the front door. 

The ride to the party only took about ten minutes, and Luke made sure to keep his hand on your leg the whole time. You rolled your eyes but didn’t remove it, figuring that you could at least give him that since you were the one to drag him with you to your cousins birthday party on one of his rare days off. You hadn’t planned on going to the pary at first, but then your mom had forced you and threatened to stop paying your phone bill if you didn’t go to her 18th birthday, so here you are. 

Her parents, your aunt and her husband, were out of town so you knew there woud be a big house party, but it wasn’t until the house came into view that you realiez just how big of a party it’d be. 

You can hear the music before you even step out of the car and there are people literally everywhere. It looks like the party has been going on for days already. 

You grip Luke’s hand tightly and you can feel him put a reassuring hand on your back as you walk up to the house. You’re not a big fan of these kind of parties, but you figured it would be a one time experience. The door is already open and you can spot your cousin as soon as you enter, standing, or rather dancing, on top of a table with a bottle of alcohol in her hand and two other girls, wearing minimal clothing. 

“Y/N!” She squeals excitedly when she spots you, not so gracefully climbing off the table. “You came!” She says, throwing her arms around you. She had always been one of those people that everyone loved and looked up to. She was funny, out going and easy to be around, always surrounded by people who followed her around like puppies. 

“Yeah.” You say, hugging her back. “Eh, nice party. Lots of people.” 

“Come on! I need to introduce you to my friends!” She grabs your hand and starts dragging you with her toward the table again. 

“I-” You try to tell her that you’re with Luke and that you weren’t so keen on getting to know her friends at all, but she gives you no time to open your mouth before he forcefully pulls you up on the table with her. You can feel your hand slip out of Luke’s and your turn around to give him an apologetically look, to which he only grins back at you.

“Everyone! This is my cousin, Y/N!” Everyone stops whatever they were doing for a second and their eyes land directly on you, looking you up and down. They look away again and everything goes back to ‘normal’. “I love this song!” Your cousin shouts as ‘Talk dirty’ comes on, raising her arms in the air after taking another sip of the bottle in her hand. “Dance with me!”

After you’ve consumed more alcohol than you would like to admit and you’ve danced to some not-so-bad songs you are having a lot more fun than you had when you first came. You and your cousin (and her loud friends) have moves to the dance floor now, which is the former living room basically, and are now dancing together. You are having a genuine good time, feeling the alcohol buzzing in your veins. 

It’s not long until you can feel two hands on your hips and then someone is whispering something in your ear, “You having a good time, babe?”

You smile and turn around to face your boyfriend, putting your arms around his neck. “In fact, I am.” You respond, giggling.

“I’ll have to admit that it’s quite hot watching you dance like this, just letting loose.” 

“Oh, really now?” You smirk before you boldly grab a hold of his crotch, making his eyes widen because apparently that wasn’t what he’d expected. “Still horny?” You ask, biting your lip. Somewhere in the back of your head, there is a voice telling you that you’re not supposed to do this in public, no matter how many people you’ve already seen make out or how many bare boobs there has been to display. But the alcohol is making you braver than usual, it’s also making it very easy to ignore that small voice. 

“Babe…” Luke warns, pulling in a sharp breath and closing his eyes when you start to palm him through his jeans. “Let’s wait ‘til we get home with this, yeah?” He breathes, gently removing your hand and lacing it with his. “Let’s go out for a bit, take some fresh air.”

You pout but still follow him, actually feeling like some fresh cold air woulf be nice. 

You get out of the house, stepping over and around dancing teenagers in small clothing, and lean against the wall.

“You okay?” Luke asks. You figure that Luke must be sober, since he could walk out there without any troubles and he doesn’t smell like he’s been drinking. You’re actually that intoxicated, you’re just a bit tipsy. 

Instead of answering you turn to him and crash your lips onto his, putting your hands on the sides of his head and catching him off guard. It doesn’t take too long before he catches on though, and starts moving his lips with yours. He pulls your closer to him by your waist, pushing your body against his. 

You move your hands downwards again and grip his bulge, squeezing lightly. You break apart to catch your breath, looking each other in the eyes, in desperate need to get closer.

“Do you want to maybe, eh, go home?” Luke asks, panting. 

You nod quickly and let him guide you down the porch to the grass. You don’t bother saying goodbye to your cousin, she’s most likely in the middle of the party grinding inappropriately on some guy. Better not interrupt her.

“Come on.” Luke says, tugging you with him toward the street. You can feel yourself getting wetter by the second, and by the obvious tent in the front of your boyfriend’s pants you can tell that he just is excited (turned on) as you are.

You had to park the car at the end of the street, since there wasn’t any room near her house. Which means it’ll take even longer until you’re home. You stop after another minute and grab his face, placing your lips onto his again before opening your mouth to deepen the kiss. Luke puts his hands on the small of your back, pushing his hips into yours to create some friction. Unabl to wait anymore.

“Fuck…” He hisses, before he pushes you back against one of the cars that are parked along the street. There are barely any people around at all, most of them are still at the party and it is almost pitched black out side. The street light above their heads is the only thing that helps them see in the dark. 

You try to steady yourself while Luke hungrily attacks your neck, grabbing onto the nearest thing which happens to be the door handle of the car. You accidentally happen to pull at it and to both of your surprise, it opens. 

You give each other one look before you nod eagerly and open the back door of the car, climbing in. Luke crawls after you, settling between your legs. Luckily, the car is quite big so Luke even manages to close the door after him, in case someone would walk by. You just pray that whoever owns this car decides to stay a little longer, or else you’d be in big trouble.

You don’t have time to think about that anymore, because a moment later Luke is locking his lips with your again while he at the same time pushes your dress up your legs. It stays above your hips and Luke immediately starts to un button his jeans. 

“Can you ride me, princess? I’ve missed the feeling so fucking much, please.” He whispers against your skin. You almost let out a moan at the thought before you nod repeatedly. You flip over, so that you are on top of him instead. Luke, being the giant he is, can barely fit his legs but somehow you manage to make it work. “No foreplay baby, I need you now.” Luke breathes, leaning up to capture your lips.

You hum in agreement, figuring neither of you will last very long anyways. You help him (he helps you) pull his jeans and his underwear down his legs, stopping mid thigh so that his lenght can spring free. You don’t even bother taking your panties off, you just push them aside and then you finally, with a loud, satisfying moan coming from both of your lips, sink down onto him.

You let out string of bad words, along with your boyfriend’s name as you start to move. This feeling definitely makes up for the past week, you think.

Luke’s hands are gripping your hips and his eyes are screwed shut, a look of concentration evident on hs face. “God, you feel so good.” He groans. “So good…”

If it weren’t for the still present alcohol in your system, you’d be embarassed to admit that you are already almost at the verge of coming, but you really couldn’t care less right now. To the look on Luke’s face and the way he is starting to meet your hips every time you sink down makes you think that he probably is close too. 

You reach down to rub at your clit, throwing your head back at the sensation. 

“You look so beautiful baby, you- you’re going to come for me?” Luke says, voice strained. 

You nod quickly, increasing you pace as Luke continues to thrust up, harder and quicker. 

“F- fuck, me too.” He moans. 

You come at the same time almost. You come first, crying out his name, and when you clench down on him he takes in a sharp breath before he throws his head back, screws his eyes shut like before while leaving his mouth wide open, not letting out a sound as his body goes stiff and he releases inside of you. 

You circle your hips before coming to a stop. Luke breathes out and lets out a loud moan before his body becomes slack, breathing heavily. 

“Holy shit…” He breathes. “Come here.” He says, opening his arms to which you practically fall into, still trying to catch your breath. “That was so worth waiting.”

You hum in respons, not lifting your head from where it’s resting on Luke’s chest. 

“Let’s go home and cuddle, yeah?”

“Yeah. That sounds good.”


A/N: hope you liked it, tell me your thoughts :))))

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So imagine you’re sitting in the hotel with Calum, and he just got off the phone with Shazam or someone and they start playing the new song. You’ve heard it of course and love it, but Calum’s a bit nervous of how it would be perceived due to the title and change of sound. Of course, when you go to calm him, he brushes you off like “babe, really, I don’t give a fuck what they think” but as the song plays for the first time on air you watch him just gnaw on his lip and fidget. Once the song is over you shut off the radio, watching as calum searches through twitter, hoping for good responses from the fans. Slowly, a grin starts to takeover his face, crinkling his eyes at the corners and brightening the room. “They love it” he breathes out softly to you, continuing to read the comments of praise. “Babe, they love it! We’ve worked so hard but it’s okay cause it’s all for them and they love it!” And you’re just smiling so big because calum is elated and you love it when your boyfriend feels so happy so you just tug him in for a hug and his face is in your neck as he grips you tightly and you feel a bit of wetness on your skin but you don’t mention it because you know calum is a pretty emotional person and he’s crying happy, proud tears. And once he’s kinda done you plug your phone into the speaker and you both dance around and jam while she’s kinda hot is blasting even though it’s an ungodly hour of the morning and when you get complaints you just laugh it off, because today is truly a day to celebrate

i really do thrive off of other people’s drama like i really just followed some random girl on twitter because she got in an argument with someone i follow but her account was private so i had to follow to see her tweets… i just had to see both sides of this fight smh


So here’s what I dealt with all day. As I’m sure everyone knows, Danny Rand, aka Iron Fist was officially cast and unsurprising to anyone it’s a white guy. Now @thenerdsofcolor, @comicsalliance, and @womenwriteaboutcomics (read their articles on the issue they’re all fantastic) have all written articles and essays on what an Asian American Iron Fist should happen. There’s been a petition for Marvel to cast someone Asian American. Today on @fandomshatepeopleofcolor tons of fans have discussed how disappointed and frustrating this casting it. 

On twitter, myself and a lot of other comic critiques discussed the issue. I sent in some responses to NoC and these were just some of the FEW replies I got reeking of ignorance and privilege. It got so bad for some more well known people today they had to lock their twitters and/or  turn off their notifications. I’m still getting replies from “FistBros” whitesplining it up about why Danny being white is so important to his character (it’s not). 

I know I’m not going to be quite about this, I’m already running a list of articles or roundtables to write or hold about this issue. Cause for the people that are apparently “tired” or hearing about the “SWJs” complaining, marginalized people are even more tired of having these things happen repeatedly. If anyone would like to share their Iron Fist feelings with me, please feel free. 

Will anything we do or say change the official casting? No. And I have no delusions that it will, but I do strongly believe that our voices deserve to be heard, even if it’s just with each other. Because I’m sick of dealing with the FistBros mentality on these issues. 

I’ve done panels at various conventions on social media marketing, and one of the major things I talk about is how Tumblr is a crap shoot and basically you just gotta kinda roll with it and hope for the best.

I mean cuz like, first off, we’re not using it even remotely how it was intended. Secondly, demographics are outlined almost solely by interest rather than any sort of geographical boundaries, so the handy Facebook/Twitter ‘best times to post’ guidelines don’t even remotely apply. And third, Tumblr is such a mixed bag that a stunning piece of art might get maybe 100 notes with only a small percentage being reblogs, while someone going ‘I GOT A LOVERLY BUNCH OF DEEZ NUTS’ can become a viral sensation overnight.

So my general rule of thumb has always been to focus on other social media, maybe have a Tumblr just in case, but seriously do not try to crack that cryptex because it’s 95% certainly a waste of time and the only people who’ve done it are Denny’s and they only did so via a huge risk of weird shitposting/nightblogging.

And now as the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Fifteen draws to a close, I’m watching major corporations try to go the Denny’s route and become bizarre meme trash and I swear to God if it works I’m gonna cry.