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6am: ArchiexReader

hey guys, just a quick oneshot that I threw together. idk, having major archie feels. feedback would be appreciated if you don’t hate it. 

Summary: Archie waking you up in the middle of the night. Basically just complete fluff.

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One hot summers day, I decided to go to the beach to cool off.I pulled in at the large carpark which was relatively near the water. My car was stationed front on and touching the curb. In front of me was a footpath for access to the beach, and just behind the path were five showers where bathers could rinse all the sand and salt from their swim wear and hair. The showers were only five yards directly in front of me. A young mum was showering herself and washing her hair out. She had a stunning figure and I could make out her pubic mound and her hard nipples. Just looking at her body made me so hot, I got an instant erection. I was only wearing a pair of surfing board-shorts, with an elastic waist. I slipped my hand down the front of my shorts and started wanking away, fantasizing about having sex with her. After a few minutes, she was joined by another shapely female in a rather skimpy yellow bikini. I was taking my time as the view and feeling was so pleasurable. If I didn’t cum with the two women in the showers in front of me, I could easily wait until someone else came along. All of a sudden without warning, I heard a woman’s voice come through my front passenger side window saying ‘I see what you are doing, are you enjoying the show?’ I turned to my left and saw a woman, probably in her twenties, shorts and bikini top, with her head beside my car window with a big smile on her face. I was so embarrassed, I started stammering some excuse which she didn’t accept. She knew I was perving on the women in the open showers and getting my rocks off looking at them.The woman then asked me to pull my shorts down and wank off with her watching, or else she would let the other women know what I was doing. I was shamed but didn’t want the other women to know what I was doing. I had no choice but to pull down my shorts and expose myself to her wishes. I was still hard and the woman commented to me 'Very nice, keep stroking.’ I looked at the two bathers in the shower and wrapped my fist around the head of my penis and kept stroking until I cum. I have always been a shooter and before long, I squirted my first load onto the windscreen in front of me. The second and third squirt went over the steering wheel while the rest of my cum oozed onto the front seat between my legs. The woman smiled at me and commented on my huge squirt and told me 'Let that be a lesson to you’ Don’t do it again or I shall report you to the police.   

summer nights with seventeen

a/n: ahh, 180 followers?? I did not expect this :’) thank you guys sm! sorry we haven’t posted in a while, I’ve (lex) been preparing for wanna one’s debut (and it was amazing, I actually cried). anyways, here’s a little scenario I whipped up, Lala helped me with a few members (as always)! also, don’t forget that requests are open, just send us a message. disclaimer: all of these scenarios are purely fictional and are made up by me and lala. sorry that some are longer than others. - lex

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Love and Drugs- Jeon Jungkook

Summary: Jungkook is a dealer, a classic ‘bad boy’, but things begin to spin out of control when he realizes he’s in love with you, his ‘fuck buddy’.

Genre: Smut, Angst, tiny amount of fluff

Pairing: Jungkook x You, ft Jimin

Word count: 6k

Warnings: Mentions of drug dealing, swearing, sexual content, smut

A/N: Yes, the title is a play on one of my favorite movies, Love and Other Drugs and, yes, there are mentions of Frank Ocean in this fic.

Happy birthday, Jungkook. You are sunshine yet you are also starlight, you are the angel of my life. 

Jungkook stuffed his hands into the harsh pockets of his jeans, looking around at the old, worn out seesaws and swings with distaste. Beyond the trees that lined the far side of the abandoned park, the sky faded from a dangerous red, to a threatening deep blue. He scoffed, you would probably find something like this beautiful, probably have your camera out. To him, there was nothing beautiful about the old, the broken and the dirty- no matter how pretty the sky above it is. The sky is always beautiful, as you would say, but that doesn’t change the ugliness of all that goes down below it. He couldn’t wait until he could get out of this town, finally get to earn his degree in business, and have the money to live comfortably, lavishly.

Jungkook feels Yoongi’s presence before he sees him. He smells his distinct cologne, too warm for the man who wears it, before he has even a second’s glimpse of his black hair.

“Am I late?” He asks as he comes to stop in front of Jungkook.

Yes, Jungkook thinks, and you’ve wasted 30 minutes of my life. “It’s chilled, do you have the stuff?”

Yoongi answers by pulling a bag from his left pocket, and then from his right, and handing them both to Jungkook. As if reading his mind, Yoongi said, “That’s all you’ll get for now. If all goes well, we’ll be more than happy to be your regular stocker.”

Jungkook nods and opens one of the bags, taking a few specks of the white substance onto his finger, testing its authenticity. Satisfied, he drops the sealed bags into his backpack, zipping it and slinging it back over his shoulder as the blanket of silence stays heavy on the boys’ backs.

Jungkook twists his heels to walk away, “I’ll keep in touch.”

“Jungkook,” Yoongi calls, stopping Jungkook from walking away.

“Yeah?” He asks, turning only his head to look at Yoongi with a hidden sense of impatience.

“You still fucking that girl? Y/N?”

Yoongi’s inquisitive tone, his smug smile, has Jungkook clenching his fist.

“Yes.” Jungkook knows he should have said ‘no’, he knows Yoongi shouldn’t know about his relationship with you, but he is gripped by a surge of possessiveness.

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Fanny Hagdahl Sörebo is a creative powerhouse who wields extraordinary draftsmanship. Whether it is on the screen or in her sketchbook, her work is as professional as it is warm.

“Once I got accepted to Gobelins, I got very torn up because all of a sudden I realized I’d have to leave all the friends I’d made in Savannah and for a hot second I wanted to turn down my spot. But my friends gave me a pretty much unanimous ‘ARE YOU AN IDIOT?’ so I went.”

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Caffeine (pt 1)

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Member: Exo Chen/Jongdae

Type: Fluff/Slight Angst/Future Smut

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13

You knew it wasn’t worth crying over, and in a few weeks you’d look back and think about how stupid you were to cry over something like this. Then again, in a few weeks the pain would be a dull pulse in your chest, so of course you wouldn’t think it was a big deal. Right then, as you handed the customer in front of you her coffee and forced yourself to smile, you felt like there was a knife plunging through your chest.

It hurt like hell.

Every few minutes, you felt the tears begin to form, but you inhaled shakily and swallowed down your sadness, and went back to making lattes, macchiatos, cappuccinos, and trying busy your mind. When you were at the register, customers seemed to ignore your pain, and you were kind of grateful. You knew the second someone mentioned how swollen your eyes looked or how tired you looked or how your voice cracked mid-sentence you’d probably break right then and there.

Your shift would be over in twenty minutes minutes, and you almost dreaded it ending because you knew that once you got home, you wouldn’t have an excuse to not cry anymore. You took another shaky breath as you poured the milk into the latte you were making, hearing the bell ring as another customer walked in.

“I’ll be with you in a moment!” you chimed, thankful your voice didn’t crack that time. You set the finished latte on the counter for the customer before moving back to the register. They man in front of you was looking down at his open wallet, searching for money as you asked, “May I take your order?”

“Yeah, uh, I’d like a-” the second he looked up at you he stopped talking and his eyes widened. You kept the tight smile on your face as you waited for him to continue, but his eyes stayed on your face, his mouth slightly open as he watched you. “H-hey, are you alright?”

God, no.

You felt that stab in your chest again as his eyebrows scrunched together. You shook your head keeping the smile plastered on your face, knowing that the tears had already started forming at your waterline. “May I take your order?” you choked out again silently, and you watched his expression became more worried as your face began to twist into an expression of pain.

“You’re not okay, are you?” he asked gently, his head tilting to the side delicately. You watched him bite his bottom lip, looking behind him to double check that there was no line before leaning in closer. “What’s wrong?”

Did you know this man? He was being much too kind for a stranger, and you let the first few tears fall onto your cheeks as he watched you. Maybe he was a regular? Whatever it was, you shook your head, wiping the tears with your sleeve as you tried smiling again.

“It’s fine,” you choked, taking a breath. “Would you like to order something, sir?” You watched his Adam’s apple bob as his mouth opened to speak, but words didn’t come out. Suddenly you heard the door chime again, and you looked up at the girl who walked in.

She called your name, smiling before she walked closer and noticed the expression on your face. Her smile faltered as she walked closer to you looking around the small café to make sure other customers hadn’t noticed your plight.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, and you shook your head quickly, biting your lip and trying to compose yourself. She looked to the customer in front of you, her eyes widening. “Is this your boyfriend?” The word sounded bitter in her mouth, and now it was bitter in yours too.

The customer shook his head and opened his mouth to protest. “No, I just noticed she was upset is all. We’ve never met really,” he explained, and your friend turned back to you.

“Is this because of your stupid boyfriend?” she asked, her tone harsher than you would’ve expected from such a close friend. You both had started at the café around the same time, and became friends because of it, and since you began telling her about your relationship, she’d protested. She’d hated him since the beginning and now you wished you’d listened to her.

You looked at her solemnly, swallowing hard before responding quietly, “I…um I don’t have one anymore.” You looked down at your hands, embarrassed by the scene you were probably causing. You heard your friend sigh before rushing behind the counter to rub your back gently.

“Excuse me,” said the kind man again, and you looked up to meet his eyes once again. “If you don’t mind me asking, when does your shift end?”

You looked at your watch, biting your lip as you mumbled, “Fifteen more minutes.” Your friend rubbed your back, her tone suddenly softer as she spoke to you again.

“I’ll take over now, it’s alright. You should go home, I’ll come over after my shift, okay?” She gave you and encouraging smile and you nodded quietly as you took off your apron, walking to the back to grab your things. As you left, you could hear your friend turning to the kind customer. “Sorry about that, sir. May I take your order?”

You couldn’t hear the rest of the conversation as you hung up your apron and grabbed your bag, rubbing the tears out of your eyes. You walked out, coming out from behind the counter with your back slung over your shoulder when someone at a table suddenly grabbed your wrist. You jumped slightly before turning to the the smiling customer from before.

He chuckled, the corners of his eyes crinkling at your expression. “Do you want to sit and talk to me for a bit?” he asked, his chin jutting out to the seat across from his. “I got you a drink too. Latte macchiato, right?” You turned to the cup across from him, realizing he’d probably asked your friend what you liked.

“I…thank you,” you said awkwardly, suddenly feeling shy in front of the kind man. “Um oh I can pay you!” your hands moved to your back but he protested immediately.

“No, no it’s on me, really, don’t worry about it,” he reassured before smiling again widely. “Will you sit with me? I promise I’m good company.” He bit his lip, his eyes still smiling and you let the corners of your mouth lift upward slightly.

You nodded gratefully, taking the seat across from his as his grin widened, and you took the chance to finally take in the man in front of you. His slightly ruffled dark hair just barely touched his eyebrows, which looked slightly tilted as he smiled. His eyes were crescents, the corners crinkling. If his smiling eyes weren’t infectious enough, then his smile definitely was. His bow shaped upper lip curled as he flashed his white teeth, making you want to smile as well.

“Oh!” His smiled suddenly faltered and his eyes widened as he continued, “I’m Jongdae, it’s nice to meet you! Don’t worry I know your name, I read it off your nametag earlier.”

You smiled again, replying, “It’s nice to meet you too. Um thank you so much for this,” you pointed down at the drink. “Oh um and for noticing that I was down. Thank you. I mean, it’s nice and all that you said something.”

“Wait, how long is your shift?” he asked again, curiously.

“Four hours.”

His eyes widened and his jaw dropped, his eyebrows scrunching together. “You’re telling me that you’ve been standing there for four hours and nobody asked you if you were okay? Nobody said anything? For four hours?” his pitch rose as he gave you an incredulous look.

“Well, you said something,” you began, not really sure why he was so concerned. Earlier you had been glad that nobody said anything, but now that Jongdae had mentioned it, you realized exactly how much you wanted someone to notice that you weren’t okay.

His tongue peeked out to lick his lips, and he sighed, blinking down at his drink before looking up again with another small smile on his face. “Drink some before it gets cold, okay?” He Took a sip of his own drink before continuing. “So…would you like to tell me what’s wrong? I know we just met, but sometimes talking to strangers can be really helpful.”

There was that stab in your chest again, and he seemed to notice the change in your demeanor because he leaned forward, his expression becoming softer. You swallowed hard, and nodded.

“Are you sure you don’t mind? You…I mean you really don’t have to do this, I barely know you-”

He laughed suddenly, and you felt your cheeks grow hot by his sudden outburst. “I’m sorry,” he apologized. “It’s just that I got you coffee, asked if you were okay, asked you to sit with me and you’re asking me if I mind? I don’t mind at all! I just want you to be okay.”

You moved to touch one of your burning cheeks as you replied, “Thank you…but um, why are you so…interested?” You tried to ask politely but the second the words came out of your mouth you regretted saying them. He smiled again.

“I’m interested because you looked really upset, and I don’t exactly know how you feel right now but I know that nobody deserves to feel like that.”

Did you deserve to feel like this? Your head turned to your friend at the counter, who was diligently taking over the last part of your shift so you could be comfortable. The same friend that you didn’t listen to when she told you that your boyfriend was a complete asshole. The pang of pain was back again, and you bit your lip, reaching for your drink to take a sip and try to swallow the sadness.

“Um…well where should I start?” you asked, and he chuckled again.


So you did. You told this complete stranger everything about your last relationship, explaining how you two met on a trip and immediately hit it off. When he asked you out, you agreed immediately despite your friends protests claiming that he didn’t seem to be a great guy. The relationship was rocky but you held on, thinking that things would even out. Yesterday, however, you walked into his apartment to find him with another girl. You were sick to your stomach, watching him touch her and kiss her. You only made your presence known after realizing that he may have been tricking her as well.

“Wait so,” he interrupted quickly, staring at you wide-eyed once again. “You told them that you were there only because you were worried that she was being played by him too?” You nodded awkwardly and his jaw dropped. “You…wow that’s really cool actually.” You felt your face heat up again as he smiled at you, feeling slightly proud that you didn’t just walk out of his place crying.

“Well yeah, so that’s the story. I know I’m really pathetic for crying about this but I just feel really hurt that someone would actually do that to me and I was such an idiot for not listening to the people who actually cared about me,” you rambled.

He shook his head, “I don’t think it’s pathetic at all. I mean we’re all human, we all feel pain. I-” His eyes suddenly widened and he looked down at his phone, muttering a curse before looking back to you apologetically. “Hey, I’m actually in the middle of moving and the truck’s here and I’m late and I’m so sorry but I’ll have to go. You…you’re not leaving here anytime soon right? Like you’ll keep working here?”

You chuckled at the odd question and nodded, biting your lip. “Yeah, I’ll be here. Thank you so much for this, and I’m so sorry for holding you up for so long-”

“No,” he reassured, shaking his head. “I enjoyed this, really. Do you feel better?” You nodded slightly and he grinned. “That’s great. I’m going to head out now, but it was really nice meeting you! I’ll come back whenever I can.”

He waved as he stood and left, and as soon as the bell jingled when he walked out, your friend came out from behind the counter and rushed to your side.

“He’s cute, right? Did you get his number?” she asked excitedly and you laughed, shaking your head.

“Well I just got out of a relationship so-”

“So what? I mean, look at him…You don’t find cheekbones like that everyday, okay?”

You both laughed, your chest feeling much lighter than before. You stood, wrapping your arms around your friend’s shoulders. “I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you before,” you said, and she rubbed your back soothingly.

“Hey…it’s alright. It happens to all of us. If you really want to make up for it then go after the cheekbone cutie because I will be very disappointed if you don’t at least try to go for that. He was flirting with you and everything-”

You laughed again, glad to have her in a good mood. You sighed, looking at the time and realizing that you should probably head home. You told your friend not to worry about you, knowing that she was probably exhausted too and told her she should go home and relax a bit.

As you headed home, you thought of Jongdae, laughing as you replayed the image of your friend gushing over his cheekbones. You were grateful to him for turning around your whole day, and you smiled as walked into your building, remembering his infectious smile. You were so lost in your thoughts that you almost bumped into someone just as you were about to reach your door.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorr-” you began before your eyes landed on the infectious smile of the man in front of you. “Jongdae?”

He laughed, “We meet again. What are you doing here?”

You pointed to the door of your apartment. “Um that’s my place. I live here. What are you doing here?” you asked, your heart racing as you watched the grin overtake his expression, his hand moving up to ruffle his already tousled hair. With his free hand, he pointed to the apartment across from yours, the one that was empty since your old neighbors had moved out.

“I live here.”

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how would the rfa+saeran's reactions be to their s/o being extremely flexible?



  • One day he comes home and you’re just hanging from these silks???
  • D E A D
    • You just look so good!!!
  • He’s honestly so excited for you
  • He loves watching you perform on the silks! He’s utterly fascinated by the way your body can move
  • “MC you should perform!!! I’d go to every one of your shows!”
  • triesithimselfonedayandbreakshisarm
    • “I wanted to try and look like you…”
  • you bet ur sweet ass he makes you cosplay and perform on the silks
    • instagramaestheticpicturesyespls
  • shows you off to all his LOLOL friends because youre his precious, talented bean


  • wakes up and you’re not in his bed???
  • someonestopthisdramaticunicornomg
  • finds you in his living room iN THE SCORPION POSE
  • alittleoffendedthatyoudidntshowoffyourflexibilityduringthediddlydotime
  • obviously he wants you to teach him!!!
    • Lowkey jealous that you’re better than him at a fitness activity
  • Almostbreakshisspinetryingtodoscorpionpose
    • “it’s okay MC!!! I heal fast”
    • udumbassyoukindaneedurspine 


  • when jaehee sees you dancing at the party, she never thought much of it???
    • Obviously you were fantastic but she thought you probably had a lot natural skill
  • Sometimes when you’re helping at her coffee shop, you dance around a little!
    • HonestlyursocuteJaeheealmostspillscoffeeonhercustomers
    • You’re standing on your toes what the hell
    • Are legs even supposed to go that high???
  • She’s really worried at first because she’s scared you’ll injure yourself!!!
    • but the customers start noticing your little ballet moves???
  • Pretty soon you’re putting on dance sequences in the coffee shop and you’re attracting a lot of customers!!!
  • Her little bean is happy so she’s happy!!!
    • nothingcomparestothesmileyougetwhenthecustomersclapforyou


  • As a birthday present from him, you two are now at the Summer 2016 Olympics!
    • Youknownormalcouplestuff
  • As you’re watching the Rhythmic Gymnastics portion, you casually mention that the hoop was your favorite item when you used to do this
    • Jumin is floored
  • “You can do stuff like that with your body???”
    • “I mean yeah..it’s not hard..”
    • rushesyoubacktoyourhotelroomsoyoucanshowhim
  • He hires a trainer for you because he think you’re that good
  • “We’ll get you to the 2020 Olympics, MC”
    • He supports you so much???
  • Youdonthavethehearttotellthisprecioustrustfundkidthatitwasjustahobby


  • Alright this little nerd LOVES superheroes
  • Of course he does, he loves calling himself defender of justice
  • When Deadpool is released on DVD, hE IS SO HYPED
    • Dressesupasdeadpoolwhenhegoestobuythemovie
  • Drags you into watching it with him but honestly ur were probably as excited as him to see it!!
  • During the strip club scene, you mention that you kinda miss pole dancing???
    • Wait what
    • What do you mean you miss pole dancing
  • Turns out you used to perform at a strip club for little while as income for college???
  • How did he never know about this? He searched your entire background???
    • “People don’t normally advertise that they were strippers, Saeyoung…”
  • “Willyougivemeshowsforfree?”
  • looksuphowtoinstallapoleinhishouse
    • actuallymanagestodothis???
  • This boy plays “Right Round” every change he gets with MC and hopes she’ll actually dance to it
    • “Saeyoung you have to work to make these panties drop”
    • B L U S H E S he may be a kinky mofo but he embarrasses really easily, what a cutie
  • Wants to learn so you two can become a stripping duo lenny face
  • Honestly though, he jokes about free shows n all, but he thinks that it’s so amazing that you’ve trained your body that hard!


  • He walks in on you lying down on your stomach with your head tucked between your feet???
    • “Oh I’m just trying out my contortionist skills!!! I used to dabble in it when I was younger”
  • He used to think you were royalty but now you’re a god???
    • Considersbuildingashrine
  • Loves watching you!!!
  • Alittleturnedon
  • “Wow MC you’re so talented”
    • “What???”      
    • “i sAID YOU’RE UGLY BYE”


  • this boy has no idea what he’s in for when you invite him and the rest of the gang for a pool day!
  • You invite your own friends too bc they’re hella awesome
  • Oh boy oh lord oh pal is he surprised when all of sudden u and your friends just start dancing???
    • Are those ur legs hOT DAMN
    • How are they moving like that omg
  • You look like an actual mermaid???
  • When you come out of the pool, you’re just giddy from happiness because you got to show your bf one of your most loved hobbies!!!
    • “Can I see again..?”
    • “Haha remember when you used to be blind and you couldn’t see”
    • MCwhy
  • buysanunderwatercameratophotographyou


Hold Me

Originally posted by fiendfyrx

Hey Anon, super cute prompt. I hope the below is fluffy enough.

“I don’t want you to go home yet.” She admitted to him as they were approaching her house. He had held her at the diner, they hadn’t talked much more about their revelations to each other before deciding to walk home.

“I don’t want to either.” He agreed. He didn’t want to leave her alone. After seeing those marks he wasn’t sure he ever wanted to leave her. A deep need to protect her had risen up in him.

“Maybe we could watch a movie.“ She had enjoyed spending time together just the two of them, enjoying a moment of being two normal teenagers going out to the movies, sharing popcorn and snuggling up to one another. She wanted to capture that feeling again.

“Okay, signal when the coast is clear.” They had done this so many times now him sneaking up to her room that they both knew the drill. Betty was sure that her mum was in bed by now. She seemed to have a different set of rules for Betty spending time with Jughead. There was no way on earth she would have been able to go to bed if it was Archie or Veronica that she was having a late night milkshake at Pop’s with but he seemed to have earned himself a free pass from Alice Cooper which he was very grateful for.

She pressed her lips against his a chaste kiss promising more to come. He watched as she entered through the front door. He should know better than to take the risk sneaking into Betty’s room with her mother in the house. Most of their secret rendezvous took place when Alice Cooper was working late at the newspaper. But Betty had revealed something deep and personal to him and he wanted to be there for her, plus he was not keen to re-enter the Andrews home which was sure to be a disaster zone. Archie had wanted to throw the big party he could deal with the big clean up.

He stayed hidden in the bushes waiting for the tell tale sign of her lamp flashing on and off before he grabbed the ladder from the side of the house placing it gently onto the side of the house resting just underneath the window ledge.

She was sitting on her bed, crossed legged as he entered through the window. Her laptop open in front of her. He sat on the edge of her bed, feeling the usual nervousness that came with being alone with her in her bedroom. The expectations that he would act as any other teenage boy in their girlfriend’s room alone suddenly weighing heavily on him. 

“So what will it be birthday boy.” There was a playfulness in her tone. As she moved the laptop to face him.  He carefully looked through the list of films at their disposal. 

She examined his face in the soft light of the laptop . The dark bruise around his eye and the cut on his cheek the result of his fight with Chuck. The fight he had gotten in because of her. Despite it all, despite her throwing a party that he didn’t want, and her lies here he was. She had bared to him her darkest secret, something that she had never revealed to anyone and he hadn’t recoiled from her, he had taken her scarred hands in his own and kissed them gently. Accepting all of her. 

“It looks painful.” She commented. 

“I should have done it sooner, as soon as he started I should have stopped him. I’m ashamed that I didn’t.”

“Hey not your fault.” She took his hands. “And you were there for me tonight. Plus it looks very rebellious. Almost could I say hot?” She winced as the words came out not sure how he would react. She knew that Jughead was not one to graciously accept compliments especially those that commented on his physical appearance a lifetime of being the weird kid and trying to remain invisible as possible had made him shy and unsure of himself. A blush spread across his cheeks at her comment. He pulled his beanie off and nervously ran a hand through his hair. A curl falling over his bruised eye. She pushed it back away from his eyes, and he looked up to meet hers. “Sorry I know you don’t like…” She didn’t get to finish her sentence as he pulled her onto his lap. His hands moving to her hips immediately holding her in place as his lips assaulted hers. There was a passion and ferocity in his kiss that was different to their usually chaste and gentle kisses in the privacy of her room. She moaned as his tongue swept her bottom lip begging for entrance, she gasped at the movement and he seized on the opportunity to deepen the kiss. His hands were in her hair pulling her golden locks from the restrictive hairstyle she seemed to favour. He pulled back to examine her, eyes blown wide, lips plump and a delicious shade of pink as a result of their kisses.

“Well looks like I got my birthday wish after all.” He smiled at her as she remembered the way he had looked at her when he had said those words earlier that evening. He was looking at her just like that now. He had to admire how beautiful she looked with the soft light from her laptop now cast aside on her bed highlighting her face. 

He felt a sudden pang in his chest. And thought to himself that he may be falling in love with her.

“Is it wrong that I find this hot as hell.” She let out in a breathy whisper. “You defending my honour.” She returned her lips to his, kissing him deeply, letting her hands loose in those waves he usually kept so well hidden. Her lips then trailed to his cheek gently brushing against the cut on his cheek.

“I’m glad you came back.” She whispered. She had felt the relief wash over her when he had re-entered the kitchen after the fight with Chuck. When she couldn’t find him after the punches were thrown she felt for sure that he had been repulsed by the secrets Chuck had revealed about her. That he had headed for the hills and she couldn’t really blame him. But he hadn’t he took her hand and lead her away from all the chaos to the safe haven of Pop’s and a vanilla malt milkshake to share.

“Me too.” He agreed as he felt her lips deliver a feather-light kiss to his bruised eye. Without meaning to she let out a yawn. One that he couldn’t help but imitate.

“Sorry.” She wrapped her arms around him, hugging him tightly. She could feel her eyes closing safe in the warmth of his body. “I was up so early this morning, and.” She paused, another blush spreading across her cheeks as she nuzzled against his neck. “Trust me I really want to continue this.” Her lips brushed gently against his neck and he tightened his arms around her.

“It’s okay, Betty. It’s late and there will be other times.” His hand in her hair directed her to look into his eyes and she could see that he was being honest with her.

“Juggie could you just hold me? Just until I fall asleep.” Those wide trusting eyes would be the death of him. He would do anything just to have her look at him like that.

“Sure.” She moved off his lap allowing him to lay down on her bed, his torso propped up by her seemingly endless supply of pillows. She followed him, laying her head on his chest. He wrapped his arms around her pulling her snug against his body. He felt that need to protect her rising up again. She could hear his heart beating steadily against her ear. Its steady rhythm lulling her into a gentle sleep. 

He knew he should leave when she fell asleep, he couldn’t afford to be in Alice Cooper’s bad books. He had to admit to himself that he was enjoying coming over for early breakfasts, staying for the occasional dinner. It almost felt a little like a family should, even despite all he knew about how imperfect it really was, he couldn’t help but be drawn to it. But he stayed, rubbing his hand gently along her back until sleep eventually overtook him as well.

Liar- Tony Stark x Reader(f)

Authors notes: I’ve been wanting to write this for a while, now. And praise the Lord, I finally had a moment of peace to get it all out. So here it is. My song fic for Tony. Also, Because I have so little time, I didn’t review this as heavily as I usually do, so please excuse any discrepancies.

 Here is the link to Youtube for the song. Its called Liar by The Arcadian Wild and it’s amazing. You can also find it on Spotify.

 Lyrics are in italics. 

Notes/Warnings: None really. Maybe some self doubt and lack of sleep. mostly just tension and stress. And because it comes with reading things I write, angst.

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I sense there’s trouble ahead.

It’s clear by the signs and warnings

that should tell where all blame is due.

So why are they pointing at my head?

 He can fix this. He’ll fix it before its a real problem. That’s why he’s on the team, right? He’s a problem solver.

 Hydra had made themselves public yesterday. They released a video saying that they had spread all over the globe and had infiltrated thousands of governments. They claimed to have the ability to hack into anyone’s life and ruin them if they opposed Hydra or whatever future plan they unleashed. They threatened everyone’s lives and the lives of those they cared about.

 It scared Tony to his core. He was worried about his friends, sure, but mostly, he wanted to keep you safe. He was Iron Man. Surely, hydra was coming for him soon and he knew the best way to get at him was through you.

 If they got to you, he’d never survive it.

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Saudade: Ch19

 Ever since Tyler and Josh started working on the new album, they had been hanging out nonstop. Which also meant, Jenna had been hanging around you more often as well. She never brought up the subject again, unless you two were for sure alone. She wasn’t as bold about suggesting other ideas either, but instead stayed more quiet, and served as someone to vent to or propose ideas of your own.  Josh was extra caring and sweet, always having his arm wrapped around you or letting you lean on his shoulder, holding your hand or letting you sit on his lap, cuddling you up to his side or having your legs draped over his. Tyler was even starting to be more vocal with you, which made you suspicious at first, but later happier. He took time to ask you how your day was going and check up to see how Josh was treating you, and even occasionally brought you over some cookies or a cinnamon roll to share with Josh in the early morning. You assumed this sudden change was due to the whole week of isolation, but a small voice in your mind still tempted to convince you that it was Jenna exposing the information instead.

Spending so much time with Jenna freaked you out at first, mainly because she knew your secret, but later, you learned that it wasn’t that bad, but instead really helpful. She was able to assist you in sorting out all the crazy thoughts and voices inside your mind, especially when they pertained to Josh and Brendon. Although she strongly disagreed with your decisions, and the choices you wished to complete in the future, she was respectful of your own opinions and what you had to say. Honestly, you had no idea where you were going. While you did truly love Josh, your heart ached for Brendon as well. It also didn’t help that all week you felt miserable.

“I think you should go to the doctor,” Josh insisted at the breakfast table one day, cutting into his stack of pancakes. “You can’t just keep taking pain killers and expecting it to magically go away.”

“I’m fine,” you insisted, drizzling syrup over what was now your third serving. You had been particularly hungry lately and you didn’t know why. Josh didn’t question it, but you had made note of the strange change of diet. “It’s probably just a bug.”

“It’s been since before the awards show,” he argued. “Remember? You almost didn’t even go, and then it’s now, what? Like a week or two later? And you still feel like shit.”

“I told you, I’m okay,” you sighed, scarfing down your pancakes. “Maybe I just ate something bad, that’s why my stomach hurts and I feel so dizzy.”

“Well let me know if anything else changes,” he instructed. “I’m worried about you.”

“Yeah,” you mumbled. “Me too.”

Later that day, you went over to Tyler and Jenna’s for lunch. They insisted on having a barbeque since it was getting sunnier outside, and Tyler also wouldn’t shut up about his new grill, so you both complied. On the way there though, you felt nauseous, head spinning, chest sore. Josh glanced over at you from the driver’s seat. “You okay?” he asked, putting a hand on your knee. “You don’t look too hot.”

“Can you roll down the window?” you whispered, closing your eyes, trying to get a grip on the situation. You felt like the world was spinning.

“Yeah, of course,” he bit down on his lower lip, worried eyes lingering on you before doing as requested, the cold breeze hitting your face.

“Thanks,” you murmured, easing back into your chair, taking a deep breath.

As soon as you arrived, Josh helped you out of the car. “You sure you don’t just want to lay on the couch for a little while?” he insisted, rubbing small circles on your back. “I’m sure Ty won’t mind.”

“I’m perfectly fine Josh,” you chuckled softly, pushing away your headache. “I just got a little overheated and had a bit of motion sickness, that’s all.”

“Josh! Y/n!” Tyler grinned, greeting you both with a hug. Jenna followed behind him, giving out hugs as well, before looking at you, catching a glimpse of something wrong in your eyes.

“Can I uh, use the restroom?” you asked awkwardly.

“Sure,” she nodded, grabbing you by the hand and leading you inside. “We’ll be back boys!”

“I don’t know why,” you sighed. “But I’ve felt miserable lately.”

“Maybe you just need a glass of water,” she shrugged. “Are you hungry?”

“Very,” you responded. “God, I’m starving.”

“Good,” she laughed. “Tyler made way too many hot dogs and hamburgers and we need someone to devour them, although, I wouldn’t be too concerned seeing as the boys eat like pigs.”

“You got that right,” you rolled your eyes with a small laugh. “I’ll be out soon, don’t worry about me. You don’t have to wait.”

“It’s alright,” she reassured. “I’ll just be out in the living room.”

You gave a small smile before locking the door behind you, walking into the bathroom, taking a deep breath. You didn’t understand why you felt so terrible all of a sudden. You ran a hand through your hair, closing your eyes, then reopening them to look in the mirror. You could see the ghost of dark bags underneath your eyelids, signs of how tired and exhausted you were. You hadn’t gotten much sleep lately. You used the restroom and then decided to join Jenna and the boys back out in the lawn for the barbeque. “How you feeling?” Josh wondered, wrapping an arm around your waist.

“Better,” you lied, trying to brighten up for the sake of the special occasion. “Can’t wait to try some of those delicious burgers.”

“I bet,” Josh chuckled. “You’ve had quite the appetite lately.”

“Thought I’d eat a little more recently,” you shrugged. “Wouldn’t hurt.”

“Well tonight, you can feast as much as you’d like,” Tyler announced proudly. “I’ve got enough food to fill the fridge with leftovers, so eat your hearts out.”

It wasn’t like you meant to eat that much, you weren’t even keep track. But it was pretty obvious you were going through hamburgers and hot dogs so fast you could barely count them all. Tyler even laughed, warning you to slow down, but you were so hungry you could barely keep yourself from relenting at the pace. “Geez Josh, do you ever feed her at home?” Jenna teased.

“I swear, she ate like twelve pancakes this morning!” he laughed.

“I’m just hungry,” you muffled out through a bite of hot dog. “Plus this food is really good.”

“What can I say?” Tyler beamed, ego shinning through and through. “I am the barbeque expert.”

“Oh shut up,” Jenna rolled her eyes, kissing him on the cheek. “You burnt like three hamburgers before you finally got the hang of it.”

“They don’t need to know that!” Tyler narrowed his eyes, making both you and Josh laugh.

“Hey uh, I hate to bother you, but I’m going to go to the restroom again,” you quickly explained, sliding out from the picnic table. “Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon.”

“You alright?” Jenna inquired.

“Yeah, yeah,” you nodded. “I’m fine.”

Truth be told, you were anything from fine. The rest of the night you felt absolutely sick to your stomach, having to go to the bathroom constantly, and even hours after Tyler had turned the grill off, you were still craving some more hot dogs. “You should let Josh take you to the doctor’s tomorrow,” Tyler insisted. “It’s for the best y/n. We don’t want you to suffer like this.”

“I’ll be fine,” you argued. “Trust me, it will come and go like everything else.”

“Come on,” Jenna decided, getting up and beckoning you to follow. “I think I have something that might help.”

“O-okay,” you stammered, deciding to go follow her.

She led you into the house, then took you to the back bedroom, opening up a closet and searching through a basket full of prescriptions. “Here,” she decided, picking out a bottle and handing it to you. “This will help soothe your stomach and hopefully stop your migraines.”

“It’s just a pain reliever,” you glanced at her.

“Yeah I know,” she rolled her eyes. “But it’ll help.”

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me,” you sighed, screwing open the bottle and pouring two tablets into your palm. Suddenly, you felt your stomach doing flips. “Oh god.”

“What?” her eyes grew worried. “What’s wrong?”

“I need to use the restroom,” you muttered, staggering up off the edge of the bed and heading towards the small one in the bedroom, not getting far before Jenna helped you there, rushing you towards the sink, where you vomited. “Oh fuck.” You felt your gag reflex kick in, making you hurl up more disgusting puke. “Shit I’m so sorry.” You turned the faucet on and let the rushing water clean up your mess.

“It’s okay,” Jenna handed you a towel, rubbing small circles on your back. “Just take it easy.”

“Too many hamburgers I guess,” you gave a pained smile, wiping off your mouth and gathering water in your palm, bringing it up to your lips to swish out the nasty aftertaste.

“I don’t think it’s from the food,” Jenna shook her head slowly. “Y/n, I think I know what it’s really from.”

“What do you mean?” you swallowed uncomfortably, putting down the towel on the counter, turning off the running water.

“Come here,” she guided you towards the bed and let you sit down, then returned to the closet where she had gotten the medicine.

“What are you looking for?” you narrowed your eyes.

“When you uh, had sex with Brendon, at the awards show…” she paused. “You said that was the only time in your entire life when you didn’t use protection.”

“Well yeah but,” you forced out a laugh. “You don’t think that I mean, you know, I could…”

“Your frequent urination, sudden change in hunger, dizziness, fatigue,” she began to list all your symptoms. “It would make sense.”

“What are the odds of him knocking me up the one time he doesn’t use a condom?” you chuckled nervously. “Come on Jenna, you’re being ridiculous.”

“It never hurts to check,” she shrugged, pulling out a small box from the back of the counter.

“There’s no way I’m pregnant,” you shook your head. “I’m telling you, I’m sure this is just a bug.”

“Then let’s find out,” she sighed, turning around and handing you the slender box. “One line means negative, two lines means positive.”

“I am not doing that,” you insisted. “I’m not pregnant.”

“Just please,” she took a deep breath. “Trust me on this.”

“Fine,” you grumbled, opening it up and taking out the thin stick, staring at it. You felt your stomach tied in knots as you walked towards the bathroom, closing the door, reading the instructions on the back of the box, your hands shaking.

There was no fucking way you were pregnant. Not at all. The chances of you getting pregnant that one time were like one in a billion, right? Probably not, but you forced yourself to believe it anyways. Maybe you could just take this little test, show Jenna that she’s full of bullshit, go home, take a nap, and then wake up just fine the next day. You’d feel much better and this stupid cold or flu or whatever it was would go away, and everything would return to normal. You carefully set the stick on the counter, washed your hands, and then opened up the door, watching as Jenna chewed on her lower lip, looking at you. She must be so disappointed and embarrassed to have to deal with a mess like you. You felt even more sick knowing how much shit you’ve had to put her through.

“Did you do it?” she whispered.

“Yeah,” you nodded slowly.

“Okay, we’ll leave it there and then check it before you go home with Josh,” she decided. “Let’s go out before the boys get too worried.”

The rest of the night, you couldn’t seem to focus. You were so caught up in that tiny little stupid stick sitting on the bathroom counter. What the fuck would you do if it was positive? No, don’t think that. It couldn’t be positive. There was no way. How the hell were you supposed to explain that to Brendon? Much less Josh? You decided to keep quiet and instead focus on the delicious s’mores that you all were concocting by the campfire. Josh’s arm was wrapped around you, cuddling you close to his body on the lawn chair. You watched as your marshmallow turned a perfect golden brown, smiling with satisfaction, about to pull it out of the flames, when you heard the loudest scream, startling all of you. Josh jumped in his seat, you dropped your stick with the marshmallow on it, and Jenna’s eyes widened. “Holy shit!” you heard Tyler scream again from inside, rushing out to the backyard where you were all gathered, running towards Jenna with something in his hand.

“What the hell?” Josh stared in confusion.

“Oh my god!” Tyler shouted, in tears, racing towards Jenna and hugging her tight. You were afraid he was going to suffocate her he was holding onto her so tight. “Fuck, why didn’t you tell me? Holy shit. Oh my god. Jenna, I’m without words.”

“What are you talking about?” she wondered, watching as he released the embrace, still teary eyed and emotional.

“We’re going to have a kid!” Tyler laughed, bright eyes, happier than ever, holding up the positive pregnancy test for her to see. You froze as soon as you saw the two solid pink lines, your stomach doing flips, head spinning as you watched Tyler break into a toothy grin. “You’re fucking pregnant, we’re going to have a baby, we’re going to be parents, I’m going to be a dad-”

“Uh Tyler…” Jenna’s voice trailed off. “That’s not mine.”

“What?” he stared at her, blinking several times, confused.

“That’s not my pregnancy test you found on the bathroom counter,” she repeated, swallowing uncomfortably.

“W-what do you mean?” Tyler looked at her, twice as puzzled.

“I’m not pregnant,” she explained. “Y/n is.”

Make a Choice

In honor of @winchesters-favorite-girl and her 1 year anniversary, here’s prompt #30 Make a choice. Love you Katie! <3 (On tags, please message me if I missed you!)

Summary: Dean cracked his foot and Cas is unable to come until tomorrow, so you, the youngest Winchester!sister are sent on an important mission…

Warnings: Lots of fluff!

Tags:  @the-third-winchester-warrior @winchesters-favorite-girl
@daughters-and-winsisters @lil-sister-winchester @jensen-jarpad
@fantasticburninglakes @winchester-sisters-imagines@fandomspecialist101

The well loved black 1967 Chevy Impala rolled into a stop at the building, tires rolling slightly forward as you shift into park. A creak greets your ears when you exit the car. The squeak you love. Deep stirling gray clouds sit above the building, the car, and yourself. Drip. Nature’s kiss on your nose. Just as you go to wipe it away, another crystal raindrop hits your face, this time your lip. And another, targeting the eyelash. And another. And another. And another and another and…you close the car driver’s door and a solid resounding thud greets you. A smirk tugs at the corners of your raindrop blessed mouth. You pull your flannel around you a little tighter while more rain falls, harder and in bigger drops. Your hand finds its way to your pocket, rubbing against your hunting knife and passing by the Impala keys before brushing the tip of your cell. Your fingertips pinch at the top and pull it out. You walk. Into the building, the ultimate challenge awaiting. You push a button.

A Winchester immediately answers. “Are you ready?”

“Baby is good and I’m ready to do this.” You take a deep breath, catching a blissful whiff of petrichor up your nose, and prepare to meet your fate. The door opens. You close it silently behind you.

“Okay, I’m in. Where are they?” You walk with your black smartphone to your ear. The words exiting your mouth come at a whisper, giving your brain a reminder of the daunting task you were assigned. The gravity of your mission is so immense, Dean, your oldest brother himself, is constantly on the line making sure you do not fail.

“Go right. You know what to do.” There’s a hungry intensity in Dean’s voice that urges you to go faster. You see the targets.

“I see…oh boy, this is gonna be hard.” You stop and stare for a full minute. So many…

Dean loses his patience on the phone with you. “C’mon, Y/N. Just do it already!”

“Dean, you know I can’t!” you whisper over the phone “There’s too many of ‘em.” Time slows down. A bead of clear fresh sweat from your tender temple traces its way down your left cheekbone, lingering on your cheek for what feels to be eternity, finally dangling on the very edge of your earlobe before the ever growing perspiration droplet lets gravity take effect on itself, making an undetectable blip on the grey and tan shoe marks that scuff the floor. “I can’t-”

“Can’t means you won’t. Y/N, I’m depending on you, you know what’ll if you don’t do this.”

“Dean, it’s not my fault you can’t walk on your leg and Cas is gone til tomorrow. Quit being a baby and let me do this!”

You take a deep breath. I can do this, you reassure yourself. You scan the rows immediately in front of you searching. Searching for the perfect solution. One worthy of Dean Winchester no matter the cost. You continue looking, eyes constantly moving.

“Y/N. Make a choice.”

You finally spot the one. Smile.

“Got one,” you announce over the cell. You can picture Dean’s reaction right now. He’ll lean back in his favorite chair instead of leering over his own cellphone on the library table on speaker. A giddy grin will cross his mind, but his cheeks will respond to the neural signal with a half smirk, half snort combination instead. His fist will clench. The room will hold its breath. He’all go to give either a thumbs up or to simply pump his fist in the air like one of his many classic rock band members. You practically hear the pumping beat of “Back in Black” sounding through your brother’s mind with amps upped all the way, the famous ‘Winchester Air Guitar’ already up in Dean’s hands, shredding power chords of victory, which will be followed by the final “Wooooo!”

The image of a celebratory Dean makes you smile wide to yourself.

30 seconds of silence. Followed by a tinny muted, unmistakable Dean cheer. You snort. His voice comes back on over your cell. “All right, Y/N, what did you find?”

“Just what you need,” you respond quietly. “That’s all you need to know.”

“Great. Snag it, bag it, and get the hell outta dodge and back here, kay? Be nice to the car or it’s the last time you’ll ever drive it.”

“I’m moving Dean, I’m moving. Give me a sec.” You make exit preparations, including paying your fee for taking your target. You and your object of prized possession head back to the Impala. You glance over. “Maybe not…Nah, this is the one.”

You turn the keys and the engine roars to life. You turn out to start back to the Bunker. Wipers blaze through the heavy rain. The drive goes by quickly, especially since your finger hits a button on the radio and turns on Dean’s playlist. The Bon Jovi’s Greatest Hits album was the sole motivator on the planet that could make you drive in record time back home. It rocked, but Dean played it so much…gah. Enough is enough.

You pull into the Bunker garage, the Impala’s engine purring with its tigress hum. You put on the break with a jerk of the upper right handle. Dean’s already at the door, hobbling on one foot. A feeble attempt to get to the car.

You get out with a comforting screech of the door. “Dean, get back inside! I’ll open it inside when you’re in a chair and no sooner.” You pop your hip in a Mom pose instinctively and roll your eyes.

“All right.” Your older brother throws his hands above his head, turning around to return. “All right. You win. Man, Sammy’s more fun than you are,” he jests.

You slam the door. Striding inside much faster than Dean, you give him a hearty smack upside the head as you pass him. “Keep that talk up and you can kiss your other foot goodbye.”

“Ooooo!” Dean teases. “Just because I let her drive, all of a sudden, look who’s in charge.”

“That’s it. I’m taking this back.” You hold up what you brought back.

Dean visibly pales. “Don’t you dare. Look, look! I’m sitting. I’m sitting like a dog. You happy?” There’s a little air of desperation in his tone.

You partly snort and look up at the ceiling, taking a deep breath. “Good boy. Dig in.” You pass the prize down the table.

Dean grabs a fork and pops open the plastic cover. He takes a deep whiff. “Oh yeah. You got the good stuff. It’s still hot even!”

“Hey, the box said ‘World’s Best Pecan Pie’ and who am I to poke Fate with a stick?” Dean’s mouth is already too full to answer, but he muffles some set of words. “Yeah, yeah. I love you too, dummy. I’m gonna hit the up the lore.” You brush your hair out of your face and turn to leave Dean with his treat.

“Wai-a-’mo.” Dean swallows his mouthful. “I said ‘Want some?’”

“After you contaminated it? No way! Eat your damn pie. It’s all yours.”

Dean shrugs. “Suit yourself.” He shovels in another huge mouthful. “‘Fanks tho’ Y/N.”

You smile back. “Just don’t crack your foot again for a while, got it?”

“Deal sis.”

Exo reaction to you suddenly fainting in public.

nemogirl02 said:Exo react to you suddenly faint. Like you’re out in public or something and BAM! You pass out


Suho: He just thought you were playing around. “What..ha ha very funny, get up y/n”

Originally posted by suhomysuho

D.O: O H F U C K I N G S H I T! He was just having a conversation with you then bam! Every little piece of sense he had just left his brain.

Originally posted by bbaekhyunnieee

Lay: You: *Faints* Him: “OH MY GOD BABE-” Bystanders: “Did you just see that man attack that woman? HOW FUCKING DARE YOU!” Him: wtf did I do..

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Baekhyun: He just froze, you fainted right there all of sudden. He didn’t even know until he turned around, to see someone helping you up. You fell so quietly, he wasn’t aware of it.

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Xiumin: You complained that you were burning up, he didn’t feel hot, even though it wasn’t the best pleasing weather outside. You ended up fainting from being too hot and walking too much. After he got you up to recover and cooled you down with some cold water, he was all worked up over the incident, burning up into flames.

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Kai: *In this reaction he doesn’t know you* You wake up to surroundings that aren’t familiar with you, and a weird man standing in front of your eyes. You: “Who the hell are you?…Where am I?” Him: “You fainted, my lady” You: “DID YOU KIS-” Him: “No….chill, I just put a wet towel over your head”

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Chen: You two aren’t really the close of friends. You awake to find him calmly watching TV, while laying his head on your shoulder. He laid there till you woke  You: “Ew, get off of me” Him: “Well hello to you too” Both: *Laugh*

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Chanyeol: “Um……babe……ARE YOU FUCKING OK OH MY GOD”

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Sehun: He wasn’t sure how to act, the way you fell was very dramatic. Which that completely threw him off right there, he wasn’t aware that you actually fainted. 

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Hot Like Fire

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,473

I wrote this for Bev’s Birthday Challenge!! @chaos-and-the-calm67

Summary: The reader makes plans with Dean but they turn out to be something she would never expect.

“You ready, sweetheart?” Dean asks strolling in your front door like he owns the place.

“Come on in, Dean. No need to knock.” You say rolling your eyes.

“I’m your bestest friend in the whole fucking world, Y/N. I can go wherever I want.” He boasts with a smug grin.

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Women Kakashi could’ve ended up with...

…but he didn’t. 

So, it’s a known fact by now that, the one and only, that never will be another, Mr. Hatake Kakashi ends up all alone, romantically speaking, of course. Now, one would say that he’s too hot good to end up with someone but it can’t be denied that he kind of deserved someone to share his existence with considering how much suffering he endured. Wouldn’t it have been nice if he just had gotten that special somebody? 

On a more serious note though, taking into account that he’s probably one of the best developped character in the entire show, it sure would’ve been extremely hard to pair him up with a random person since, during the entire series, he didn’t show a single sign of interest in basically anyone. So there was no starting point for romance to begin with. Although I’m more than sure that this wasn’t too hard to get over since Kishi had no problem in making characters I don’t even remember I’ve seen talking to each other at least a single freaking time hook up, have children and live happily ever after. 

I’m not saying I wanted Kakashi to experience that kind of cruel pairing but Ii thought I’d just point out that there were some women Kakashi could have ended up with but he didn’t. Should I use a “fortunately” or an “unfortunately”? Well, I think that’s up to you.

Anyways, here we go with some crack possible “couples”.

Anko Mitarashi

Candidate no. 1, AM (no, I’m not talking anout Arctic Monkeys) a.k.a. that one freaky lady who, we all probably thought at some point, would eventually end up with the formerly freind killer. Seriously now, I’ve alwyas thought, as a child that these two would get together and show inform Naruto where babies come from (he learnt by now tho, I mean, Boruto, what’s good?). And by the way, no, that’s not a picture of Anko showing Kakashi what she’s about to do to his toy him.

Was our impression ever justified though? I mean, is Anko the type of girl Kakashi needs (does he still?) or more importantly, is she the type of person he would fall for? There’s of course that belief that opposites attract. They’re polar opposites, that’s for sure, you get your typical introvert meet the classical extrovert, and that’s just one single aspect in a vast ocean of other reasons that make them so different. And even if they got together, would it work? Personally, I doubt. Kakashi always struck me as that type of guy who likes mysterious lady-like women …who don’t tell what they’re up to nor have a really big mouth, like really big. Anko is the female Naruto, in my eyes. Does Kakashi care for Naruto? Obviously, a big undenaiable yes. But I just can’t see him in a serious relationship with someone just like Naruto. Opposites might attract but I doubt one could live with his polar opposite …unless they fight hardly for it. But hey, that’s just my very personal opinion. I still ship them sometimes tho.

But what if they actually ended up together? Should I even mention hot sex? O.K. then, hot sex and ugly arguments. I can picture Anko getting nervous all of a sudden and eventually throw some things at the annoyingly calm Kakashi who just can’t stop thinking: “Gurl, calm down already, just calm down.” Those thoughts would only be replaced later by “I should’ve banged Shizune when I had the chance. Just look at her now, young looking and fresh and still hot as fuck. I should’ve known.” And that brings us to…


Candidate no. 2, the lady known mononymously as Shizune. That one girl who got paired up with pairable Kakashi after most of us eventually realized that his relationship with Anko was most probably never gonna happen. Or was it because Kishi forgot about a certain girl named Anko? Whatever the reason, the inevitable happened, KakaShizu saw the light of the day in the so well-known Fanfictionland.

I can actually picture these two together. I’ve got this feeling that laidback Kakashi likes to be dominated. And that’s not a problem for “I like to be in charge and tease people” Shizune. Though, might she be a little too much controlling for the overly relaxed and detached Kakashi: “How many times do I have to tell you? In the morning, we only do it from behind. No. Fucking. 69. You better get it right before I decide that you won’t get the pussy for the next two weeks.” Arguments would just leave Kakashi cold: “I’mma let her have her say. Besides, I can chidori her anytime.”

It’s not hard to imagine how they could’ve hooked up. One day, sexually frustrated Hokage who’s in desperately in need of sex wakes up and goes to work where he meets his available assistant who’s randomly wearing a nice tight dress and nice high heeled shoes. Add one nice room and you get them banging on one nice desk. More than once. And that’s what you call one nice relationship starting point. 

You didn’t like the scenario? No problem, let’s move forward to…

Mei Terumī

Candidate no. 3, the hottest Kage, literally. Out of all the Kages, she’s also the most desperate to get married in need of a man to, you know, satisfy her fill her life with love and joy. Would they match, tho? Well, it’s hard to tell since her character did not recived enough development. She does seem to be a genuinely caring person who’s not too obvious about random things …except when it comes to her obsession  profound desire to get married, of course. 

I do suspect her of being the dominant type but as I’ve already stated, I don’t think Kakashi would actually mind it. The only differenace, when comapring Mei with Shizune, is that Mei would domiante her man but she’d do it subtly and wouldn’t be obvious about it so not evrybody would know. But that’s just a supposition of mine. 

On the other hand, an union between the two Kages might be beneficial just like it also might be not. When they’re all honey, the two villages are on good terms, when they’re in a fight …well, let’s just say that each would mind their own village (and maybe not talk to each other?). 

Though they’d constantly keep the world wondering which Kage’s on top.


Since we were talking about Kages. And since Tsunade’s forever young, there’s no way of her ending up with a man of her age or near her age (though I don’t think there’s at least one living 100 years aged man in the Narutoverse, but still). In her early prehistoric days, she adored Dan, she got Jiraiya forever turned on, she fucked Oro so there she is wondering: “Why wouldn’t I get involved with a young man, the hottest of his generation? He also happens to be the next Hokage so …why not?” It that way, Tsunade would never leave the Hoake’s office, ya know…

Seriously now, just imagine the shock if this actually happened tho.

Rin Nohara

Since in Narutoverse, when a character dies it actually means that they’re patiently waiting to be revived, what if plot twisting master Kishi had brought Rin to life? Well, to be honest, I honestly doubt that Kakashi would’ve banged his best firend’s childhood crush whose death caused so many problems. I think the entire Naruto fandom is aware of this fact. Right?


One filler character becoming cannon and end up with Hatake Kakashi. A character with an impressively developped character. Can it be sadder?


If Chōji can end up with Karui, than Kakashi can definitely get one hot blue eyed, blonde haired, big boobed random girl. Period. 

Anyways, if Kakashi ended up with someone I strongly think that the perfect choice would’ve been a brand new girl cleverly created with a well handled backstory and a perfectly defined personality. A girl who would actually make Kakashi fall for her. 

thefuzzyliz  asked:

May we see a scenario where Bakugou has a sweet s/o but is easily aggravated by small pet peeves? (like pencil tapping, popping gum, extc.) The whole class is talking about Bakugou' and his relationship and then you hear them snap at someone before returning to their sweet selfs. I thought it would be funny to see everyone's reactions. X'D

Normally it was you having to reprimand Bakugou for his harsh words and ridiculous declarations; for once he was learning the joys of watching you fly off the handle. Unfortunately he took great pleasure in watching this seen as your anger was directed at Deku.

“Deku, if you don’t shut your mouth I am going to staple it shut. Quit mumbling or go somewhere else.”

The entire class stood by in shock; sure he had been annoying a great many of them but they never expected you to be the one that would make him shut up… let alone with such a Bakugouesque threat. 

“Maybe we should break them up? He is clearly corrupting _____’s sweet and innocent mind.”

Kaminari was struggling to process your sudden flip in personality, maybe you’d always been this way; he did remember a couple of times he recieved a death glare for messing around in the middle of class.

“Don’t be like that, I mean they got the job done… we hear worse from Bakugou everyday.” 

Kirishima responded with a defense for his friend… as thin as it was. Nobody could deny it was definitely you who said the words.

“But somehow, ____, is just as scary as Bakugou.”

“I thought it was hot.”

“Shut up, idiot. If we’re lucky you’ll be the one with staples in your mouth.”

A small bicker turned into a class wide debate which ground to a sudden halt when you and your boyfriend entered the common room.

“What the fuck are you all looking at? Talking shit about me?”

“Oh, honey, of course they aren’t… I mean I hope they aren’t~”

The second you  turned to face them they saw you for the tiny, terrifying demon you truly were and realised that maybe you weren’t always going to be so sweet. Especially with an influence like Bakugou around.

Internet Friend!Soulmate!AU w/ Taehyung

  • this is based on a real story w/ my wifeu divorce-eu @jungkxmh who is the nicest soft child
  • stan her
  • okay i should stop pretending like i like her bc i hate her (im kidding i respect her 770 bowls of rice) but also we should get started and i should stfu
  • heres some background on the soulmate aspect that i actually forgot to put in:
  • soulmates share a telepathic connection in this and as you grow closer with the other person, your connection slowly starts growing into something more physical
  •  but you dont share all your thoughts until your first kiss is shared
  • when you kiss them, its sort of like a text message but in ya head
  • if you dont pay attention your thoughts can just drift into the other person’s head lmao
  • but about the physical part of the connection, before the kiss it can be anything
  • like a shared injury, scar, birthmark, sickness, ect
  • after, it actually gets less intense? ofc if you two share something like an iconic scar from when one of you fell off your bike or smth then itll stay there
  • but after the big moment the physical aspect isnt that big bu the telepathic bit is stronger if that makes sense
  • anyways too much exposition 
  • and tae and you,,,,
  • neither of you have found your soulmate (obviously) 
  • okay lets get this show on the road 
  • in this, taehyung is this well known tumblr blog who is known for his kpop edits and covers and song writing and basically you name it he can do it
  • his platform expands to youtube, instagram, twitter, etc (i just realized its etc and not ect kill me)
  • hes also known for his stunning visuals
  • he revealed his face at one point and everyone fainted
  • theres practically a fandom for taehyung 
  • albeit his ‘fanbase’ isnt huge like youtuber huge but hes got a good 300k subscribers goin on his yt
  • now onto you, my dear reader
  • youre a long timer in the kpop world
  • mostly of boy groups but you got some of that girl group lovin too
  • youre a fansite master dude
  • but since youre very well versed in the kpop world, your pictures are of whoever your viewers (?) want you to take pictures of
  • your pictures are gorgeous enough to be part of a photoshoot with the idol getting into a specific pose but no
  • you just have a good eye
  • ofc you know about kim taehyung
  • who doesnt? the boy is good enough to be an idol himself whats he doing here with the rest of you
  • youve exchanged a few words with him, all while screaming on the inside bc a good looking and talented gentleman is speaking to you 
  • but unlike him, you go under an alias, ‘A’ 
  • (yall get my drift bc tae’s stage name is v and you both got that single letter thang going on)
  • but also your exchanged words were just
  • “may i use your most recent set of pictures for a few edits?”
  • “yea of course! you know the drill- linked credit and send me the link when youre done!” 
  • and yea thats basically the extent of it
  • there are a few formalities but it never goes beyond “which group are you taking photos of next?” 
  • and even with that lil tidbit youve got a crush
  • hes just so talented and sweet and handsome and charming
  • but how can you love someone who youve never exchanged more than 20 words with at a time
  • one day, youre just :( so you message him and go
  • “i know we’ve never talked much but i dont have that many friends on here can i just rant to you?”
  • and hes like yES
  • and you talk about how the amount of requests for kpop groups and the events to go to and the specific member is becoming overwhelming and you just dont know who to choose
  • tae, on the other side of the screen is very :((((( bc theyre sad :(((( what do :(((
  • but hes all leTS GET DOWN TO BUSINESS
  • THE WORK??
  • yea so together you come up with a solution:
  • you keep a list of groups youre willing to take photos of, and events that you have the money and time to go to
  • theyll vote on first, the group events and then second, the member
  • obviously, some people get upset bc their fave isnt being photgraphed so you section out the time
  • ½ of the time for the voted member and the other half divided between the other members
  • by the time youre done, you rule out every way people could be unhappy that you can think of
  • and your heart is less burdened
  • after that, you two keep going to each other for advice or general mood lifting
  • one day, tae comes to you asking about soulmates
  • “what do you think about soulmates?”
  • “well we all have someone literally waiting for us so.. idk”
  • “like, do you think youll find yours? do you believe in them?” 
  • and youre honestly stumped
  • youve thought about soulmates very briefly, mostly when you heard about them and had the whole thing explained
  • but you passed it off as something very distant in the future so you never gave it much thought
  • he took your silence as a no
  • “ah.. its just me then” and he giggled nervously
  • before you had a chance to explain he moved the topic to something else
  • it was a few days before you two talked again
  • you found this knk’s comeback stage and wanted to talk about it to someone
  • you screenshot the yt page and send it to tae 
  • just as he sends a screenshot of it to you
  • you both laugh it off, and things are back to normal in no time
  • fast forward a week or two
  • you were going to a svt fanmeet to take pictures of requested minghao 
  • appreciate minghao jfc you soggy sandwiches
  • you two were discussing in surprisingly rapid messages
  • like yall had literal lightning fingers bc of the hype 
  • he was addicted to talking w/ you and you were too
  • svt was one of the groups you two biG STANNED
  • and at one point, you got onto china line talking in chinese to each other
  • and you both went “they probably talk shit about the other members”
  • at the same goddamn time
  • do you guys get where im going with this
  • well obviously if you read the title 
  • or read the beginning
  • whatever peanut shut up
  • and it kept happening??
  • like you two would send each other funny shit and then after a while you will go “remember the video of vernon telling his sister that shes not allowed to say god”
  • and he will say it too
  • it was seriously getting weird and at one point you convinced yourself he was a stalker but then you were like ,,,,,, i was thinking it and hadnt typed it yet so he wouldnt know
  • then you were fine again lmao
  • taehyung really wanted to meet you irl bc he knows you both live in seoul
  • (he moved there from daegu and youre a city person)
  • but he didnt know how to say that without sounding like a creep
  • so you two just lived in oblivious peace
  • get it together, reader
  • but you two were friends for almost a year now lmao
  • youve had a ton of iconic moments like the time you two had a cold at the same time 
  • the time he hurt his knee because soccer player!jimin kicked the ball too hard and then your knee was hurting for a week
  • and a ton of other times where you thought the same thing
  • yet it never crossed your minds that you were soULMATES IDK GUYS
  • one day, tae brings up the fact that hes never gone to a girl group fanmeet
  • hes been to girl group concert and basically everything else to really get that kpop experience yanno
  • yoU FREAK
  • obviously youve been to tons of things being a fansite that has no set group or member
  • youre like
  • go big or go home
  • and out of the spur of the moment
  • he says 
  • “well, red velvet is having one soon? why dont you post a poll with it”
  • your response was like 5 minutes late bc you were freaking out
  • (ik yall like to do that thing where you put off replying for a few minutes but youre in love ok)
  • but when he goes 
  • “ :( its okay if you dont wanna go with me its cool “
  • but 30 seconds later the poll was posted and you were both happy 
  • its been a while since you put an option for a girl group so red velvet won big time, and for wendy
  • you manage to score two tickets
  • one of each of you and before you could count the days
  • you werent even focused on red velvet lbr
  • you were deciding what to wear bc you were meeting tae for the first time irl
  • he was gonna meet you at a cafe near the fanmeet before going to the venue place
  • and damn it you wanted to look cute af
  • taehyung was thinking the same thing in his apartment
  • eventually tho, both of you decided on something and were on your way to the cafe
  • taehyung got there first and ordered his drink and shit
  • i said ‘and’ too many times but i dont give a fuck
  • you stumble into the cafe with your fancy camera hanging around your neck 
  • your bag is slung lazily around your shoulder and basically you have the whole “im trying to look like i didnt try too look good but i tried hard on this and it paid off” look going
  • out of shock or happiness or whatever, taehyung stands up and calls out your name
  • there were butterflies in your stomach like literally if you said something your voice would probably blush
  • and tae is far from ‘about to blush’ 
  • his cheeks are lobsters
  • you two have your moment 
  • being the gentleman he is, taehyung buys your drink for you
  • it was cold af so you got a hot chocolate and you two just talked while enjoying your drinks
  • the cafe ‘date’ was almost over bc you needed to get to the fanmeet but as you reach over to get your bag
  • you tip your drink over, effectively spilling it all over your left hand
  • you hiss in pain at the sudden searing pain 
  • tae, across the table, also hisses, clutching his left hand
  • …..
  • and then he starts screaming
  • “sOULMATE!!!! YOU!!!! ME!!!! AHHHH”
  • you two get kicked out lmao
  • but not without him leaping into you to hug you
  • ok here comes the end
  • idk how to end this
  • am i ruining the mood oops
  • but you took considerably alot less pictures than the other events because taehyung couldnt keep his hands off you
  • in an innocent way you nasties
  • he just wanted to wrap his arm around you and hold your hand but faNSITE DUTIES
  • but you gave it after you reached your personal quota
  • and while you two actually met the queens aka red velvet he kept looking at you lmao
  • you two will grow old together
  • and have a family
  • or not hes cool with whatever you want
  • bc he has you, his soulmate
  • and you have him, your soulmate
  • aWWW

(A/N): I feel like this was so fucking messy and the worst thing ive ever done im sorry children ive disappointed you -peanut

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I was a real loner when I was little. I started being in a band and everything kind of changed. I was never going to be that guy with the perfect hair and the perfect clothes and all that perfect shit. But when I got into punk rock, I thought, ‘I can be this.’ Before, I always thought I was reaching for something cool that I would never be. And all of a sudden, I felt like it was cool just fucking being me.   – Flea


Chad Sylvester @goatkibble

River: I don’t think I’ve had such an instant connection with someone like I did with Chad… But seriously, there was instant chemistry, just at the first eye contact! …I got more than a little flustered! Almost as soon as I finished introductions, he was complimenting me. I mumbled out thanks, and I could tell he was a little concerned. Who just says thanks?! Me, apparently! I wasn’t trying to be an ass, I swear, I was just so nervous all of a sudden… I got control of my tongue and managed to compliment him on… honestly, I don’t remember, I was rambling! But it did seem to go down well. 

But then he did it again! River, get a hold of yourself! You can’t just stand there like a moron whenever a hot guy compliments you! So, after another awkward moment of staring like a mute idiot, I managed to compliment him on his hair (seriously, do my siblings know about my slight thing for redheads?!) BUT THEN HE DID IT AGAIN. This man is trying to kill me. I at least swooned this time, rather than looking like a complete asshole… Ugh, I need to go lie down.


  • *heart bubbles*
  • Friendly Introduction *more heart bubbles*
  • Get to Know
  • Compliment
  • Consider Attractiveness *even more heart bubbles*
  • Chad: Compliment Appearance (accepted)
  • River: Compliment Personality (reciprocated)
  • Chad: Compliment Appearance (accepted)
  • River: Compliment Appearance (reciprocated)
  • Chad: Compliment Personality (reciprocated)

Chad is the only one that set off three sets of heart bubbles! The first set actually went off as River approached him, then the second lot went off as they shook hands, then the third lot when considering his attractiveness. Then Chad barely even waited for River to finish his introductions before hitting on him! Full-on charm offensive! Boy knows what he wants XD. Unfortunately, River seemed a little tongue-tied and only accepted the first two instead of reciprocating, but he then immediately followed them up with a flirt of his own. Chad happily reciprocated the compliments, and River finally got his act together right as time ran out! 

Overall, Chad left with a high relationship score of +12.96, though no wishes on either side.

totheworldosanime  asked:

Hi hi! Would you write something where JD and Veronica have to move in with Martha for college? I think it would be super funny and adorable. Luv you!

Awww! Thank you so so so so much! I had a pretty funny idea for this one. Because I always thought Martha was a innocent sweetie! But at the same time I think JD and Veronica would make her have some fun. Not dangerous fun, but you can’t always be perfect haha. Also I had a fun night last night and wanted to write some of what happened lol. It was really funny in person, and I hope it’s funny in writing.
Trigger warning for drug mention. There’s nothing serious, it’s mostly nineties fun
In case you’re wondering, JD was me in reference to my night.

“This is going to be so much fun! I’ve never had roommates before!” Martha cheered. She was helping Veronica bring in some stuff. JD had hardly brought anything. And what he did bring was in a garbage bag instead of a luggage. “Why doesn’t JD have a luggage?” Martha asked.

“He refuses to buy one.” Veronica responded. “He can be a stubborn idiot.”

“I’m right here, and I can hear you.” JD stepped into the house, dragging a bag. Veronica laughed and put her arm around him, leaning against him.

“So this is it?” Martha asked. The couple both nodded and Martha clapped. “Oh yay! I’m so excited to be living with you guys! This’ll be so fun! We can have movie nights, and have dinner together. I just got my own copy of The Princess Bride!” Martha sang. JD rolled his eyes a little, laughing all the same.

“You’re still going on about that movie?” He asked. “I thought by now you’d be over it.” JD snickered.

“How do you guys want to celebrate our first night as a roommate family?” Martha asked, putting her hands on her hips. JD gave Veronica a look and she shook her head.

“No way.” She giggled.

“Come on, Ronnie.” He urged.

“It’s Martha!” Veronica reminded.

“What? Is it fun? I’ll try it!” Martha insisted. “I’m down for something new.” She assured. JD was laughing hysterically at this point, much to Martha’s confusion and Veronica laughed, shaking her head.

“Alright.” Veronica agreed. JD laughed and took out a lighter and a wrap.

“Here, try this.” He told Martha.

“I don’t smoke cigarettes.” Martha told him. JD shook his head.

“It’s not a cigarette.” He told her. This clicked and Martha nodded, taking the blunt.

“Okay, I’ll try it.” She agreed. Veronica laughed, and told her she didn’t have to. “No, seriously. I wanna try it.” Martha was also laughing at this point and JD tossed her a lighter. Veronica laughed as well and sat down, waiting for Martha to pass it to her.


“This was a good idea… this was a really good idea.” Martha was watching the tv intently. “This movie is so much better high.” She pointed to the Princess Bride on the screen. JD was just laying on the floor laughing. Everything was a lot funnier to him. “This was such a good idea! I’m having so much fun.” Martha fell back on the floor.

“Hey JD, pass me that cookie.” Veronica told him. JD sat up and looked confused.

“What?” He asked.

“The cookie, give it here.” She repeated.

“I ate the cookie.” JD told her. Veronica gasped, and then fell off the couch laughing. “Why are you laughing? Was I not supposed to eat the cookie?” He asked.

“JD, that was a special cookie!” Veronica laughed. “That was a special cookie Ram gave me! You ate ALL of it?” She asked. JD nodded.

“It was a special cookie? I didn’t know it was a special cookie!” He tried to sound worried, but he was laughing.

“JD, you are going to be so high in a few minutes.” Veronica shook her head and then looked at Martha. “Hey, to celebrate us moving in, you wanna see something funny?” She asked her friend. Martha nodded and got up, they all sat in a circle. “Okay, so JD gets really stupid when he’s high.” Veronica explained.

“I didn’t expect that from him.” Martha added. Veronica nodded.

“Yeah, I thought he’d be a paranoid type. But he just sits there and gets stupid.” Veronica laughed. “JD, say something stupid.” Veronica told him. JD rubbed his eyes, that all of the sudden felt weird.

“Go download me a hot wing off the computer.” He told her. Martha burst out laughing at hearing this. “Go! Go now and download a hot wing.” He waved his arms at her. “Oh my god, my arms are so long.” He looked at his arms with wide eyes.

“How much is in one cookie?” Martha asked, looking at JD in shock.

“Enough. Trust me.” Veronica told her.

“GO DOWNLOAD A HOT WING!” JD yelled. “We’ve been talking about this for hours! I can’t get up. I will never get up from this spot.” He continued on. Veronica was laughing and Martha was covering her face, trying to suppress giggles.

“I never thought I’d see JD like this.” Martha told her. “He’s always so tough and stoic in public. Sometimes I just expect him to growl and walk away.” She giggled.

“Yeah… you haven’t seen my JD.” Veronica raised her eyebrows and looked at him.

“You think you can download my hot wing now?” He asked. “Just-just the one.” He held up one finger. “Veronica, I’m sorry.” He fell forward.

“Why are you sorry?” She asked, laughing.

“For making Martha feel like I’m gonna growl at her. I’d never growl at you Martha.” He continued on. “I just don’t like social interactions.” He put his hands up defensively. Martha nodded and raised her fist.

“Amen to that.” She giggled. Martha then pointed at JD and smiled big. “You deserve a hot wing!” She smiled.

‘Veronica won’t download it.” He spoke with a sad tone. Martha looked at Veronica and climbed on her lap.

“I have to… I have a secret I need to tell you, Ronnie.” martha whispered. Veronica laughed more and nodded.

“Yes, Martha?” She asked. Martha leaned in and whispered in her ear.

“Will you order us pizza?” She asked. JD crawled over too.

“And please, just one hot wing.”