i just got back from seeing them and omgggg this song was amazing live

So my friend and i wanted to be in first row no matter what it costs. So we woke up at 4:45 had to go from munich to nürnberg. anyway we arrived there at like 8:30 and we were the first at the entrance. but we had to wait till 11:30 until they opend it up. and it was already starting to get hot and the sun was shining and we had to run super long after they let us in but we managed somehow and we got into first row right in the middle of the stage!!!! best place ever! and then the waiting began. most of the bands were super aweful (cause they were german and not even rock???) AND THEN OMG AT LIKE 8:30 while the last band before lp was playing i started to get like a super bad ache in my stomach and it all started to turn black and i was about to faint and i was like noNONOOO not now this cant be happening to me! ive been standing here for 12h and IM NOT GONNA LEAVE UNLESS I DIE! but i already like saw myself not watching lp from the first row cause i rly thought they’re gonna have to carry me out. but the security saw that i was feeling bad and he gave me some water. and the people behind me were super nice omg they gave me like an apple and some dextrose and i started to feel better. but well no surpsise we standed all day long in the sun and we arent allowed to carry food in it only snacks and we didnt have that much water so yea my body couldnt take it. but i made it. omg and then when the moment finally came when we were all shouting ‘LINKIN PARK LINKIN PARK’ and then they started getting on stage and it was just the best feeling ever!!!!! seeing them so close omgggg!!! mike looked sooooooo cute and chester was super hot and omg they were just soooooo happy trough the whole concert and were smiling at us and chester was so thankful and i was shouting and singing to all the songs. AND GUYS THE NEW SONGS SOUND SO AMAZING LIVE!!! ESPECIALLY UNTIL ITS GONE… ohhhhhhhhhh its sooooooo beautiful! and im so happy that i got to hear LOATR/SOTD/IRI cause those songs are so amazing and especially when chester sings them live ahhhhhhhhhhh it was a super emotional moment. and MIKE WAS SO CUTE CAUSE AT ONE POINT WHILE HE WAS SINGING HE WAS LOOKING AT ME AND MY FRIEND AND LIKE SMILED AND OHMYGOD WE FREAKED OUT SO MUCH!!!! the whole concert was just mindblowing!!! the people were pushing and my whole body hurts and i have bruises everywhere but id do it all over again! i tried to ignore them and just let myself go to the music. AND THEN AT THE END IT WAS THE CUTEST THING EVER! OHGOD WHEN THEY CAME BACK ON STAGE TO LIKE SAY GOODBYE AND MIKE AND CHESTER WERE LIKE HOLDING EACH OTHER AND THEN CHESTER WAS LIKE SHOWING AT MIKE SO THAT WE APPLAUD HIM AND MIKE WAS LIKE NONO AND SHOWED ON CHESTER AND THEY DID THAT LIKE 3 TIMES AND THEN IN THE END CHESTER KISSED MIKE ON HIS CHEEK AND KASDHAJKSHD TOO CUTE TO HANDLE!!!!!! 

OH AND YEA LOOK WHAT WE CATCHED!!!!!!!!!!! my friend got the drumstick and i got the plectrum but we decided to switch cause it was my dream since like forever to get a drumstick and NOW I HAVE AN LP DRUMSTICK IM SO HAPPY!!!!!! 

AND WE ARE ALSO ON LPS INSTAGRAM!?!??!! OHMYGOD (the two girls in the lp hard rock cafe tshirt)

this concert meant so much to me cause i havent seen them for 3 years and it felt so good to just let go. thank you linkinpark. im really looking forward to see you guys again soon on THP tour.