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I thought I’d take a moment to talk about one of my favorite minor rogues in the Batman canon.  It’s not Clock King, it’s not Condiment King, it’s not even Killer Moth…

This is A.S. Scarlet, AKA The Bookworm, a character that was introduced in the 1966 Adam West TV series.  The creators came up with the idea for him in honor of National Reading week, so no points for guessing what his shtick is.  But it’s the details that makes me really love him.

First of all, the costume and gadgets.  I love this costume so much—it hits the sweet spot between goofy and kind of awesome.  The brown pleather jacket is meant to echo “rare old book bindings” (because books are bound with leather…?) and while it looks more than a bit uncomfortable (it seriously creaks whenever he moves!), the tailoring on it is great.  Plus it manages to look rather dapper.

The reading lamp on the fedora is pretty neat, but what I really love are the glasses.  When he turns a knob on the side of the left frame, it opens a radio frequency that allows him to communicate with his henchmen. A few years later, the Green Hornet TV show would come up with a similar device, but I love the fact that a one-off Batman villain came up with it first.

Second of all, the henchmen themselves.  Typically the henchmen on the ‘66 show, even moreso than in modern Batman media, were big dumb galoots who had to be led around by their nose to obvious answers by their bosses.  But these guys didn’t really fit that stereotype.  Yeah, they were crappy fighters and got their butts handed to them by Batman easily, but they were miles more intelligent than your average goons. They were articulate, kind of snobby, and always thinking on the same wavelength as their boss.  That, and they were efficient—every scheme they wanted to pull went off without a hitch. Plus they’ve got some awesome codenames (Pressman, Typesetter, and my favorite, Printer’s Devil).

And of course, there was the moll—Lydia Limpet (Francine York).  Most of the time the ‘66 molls were there just to be empty-headed eye-candy, but not this girl.  Not only does she have some genuinely adorable chemistry with Bookworm—

(I ship these two like freaking FedEx.)

–but she is also darn intelligent in her own right. When she’s taken into the Batcave and hypnotized to try to weasel out her boss’s ultimate plan, she immediately twigs to the fact that the Dynamic Duo know more than they should and feeds them false information.  She also tricks Robin into gassing himself into unconsciousness.  All while literally having her hands tied.  She also has quite a bit in common with Bookworm, sharing his love of literature.  And then at the end, while most molls try to weasel their way out by pleading with Batman and claiming they were just innocent girls who tangled with the wrong crowd, Lydia accepts her fate and allows herself to be arrested.  She’s completely unapologetic about the entire scheme, and I love that about her.

And third of all, the character of the Bookworm himself.  He’s played by one of the great character actors, Roddy McDowall—

(whom you might know better as this little scamp)

–who makes Bookworm into much more than a one-note baddie.  He’s intelligent, certainly, with high standards and an eidetic memory; and he’s also very theatrical and cheerfully practically in a Riddler sort of way.  But he’s also freaking scary.  Most of the time, he has a very genteel, calm demeanor with this constant smile of slight “you poor simple fools”-style amusement on his face.  But when things don’t go his way, or when someone even says a wrong thing, he completely flips his gourd.  In the beginning of his two-parter, Lydia asks him why, with his brain and enthusiasm, he hasn’t written his own book.  And he blows up at her, admitting that for all his brilliance he doesn’t actually have any originality, resorting to “stolen plots” from other books, and accuses her of insulting him further.  He then picks up the heaviest book in his lair and attempts to bash her brains in with it…all over an honest mistake.  

Of course, he’s back in perfect control within minutes, but for the rest of the episode you’re on edge every time he so much as snaps at anyone.  And it’s not the only time he flies off the handle like that, either—after Batman and Robin escape one of his deathtraps, he has another brief freakout before getting back to business.  He’s a fascinating character to watch and played by a fantastic actor to boot.

The two-part 1966 episode he’s in is a wild ride from start to finish, including a possible assassination attempt, the first window cameo ever, and some truly outrageous and convoluted deathtraps (appropriate for a rogue who “like any struggling novelist, overcomplicates the plot!”).  One of which involves a giant cookbook.  I am not making that up.  All the expected ‘60s weird is there, but it’s still a lot of fun.

Unfortunately, that was the only appearance he made in Batman media for a long time.  McDowall wanted to come back for another two-parter, but his busy schedule got in the way.  He didn’t show up again until a 1989 Huntress arc that gave him a new grim ‘n’ gritty backstory.

“A victim of child abuse, his mother would lock him in a closet while she worked on puzzles. (Alexander) Wyvern once started a fire in the closet in a desperate attempt to get his mother to release him – only to wind up badly burned and, after he got his mother’s attention, badly beaten. Psychologically damaged, the boy grew into a serial killer.  Though the violent character bore little resemblance to the literature-obsessed felon of the 1960s, this version did still leave Riddler-style clues for the police to hunt him down.  Bookworm ultimately met his demise when he set a deadly trap for the Huntress. Huntress dressed as his mother, frightening him into running away and tripping his own contraption, killing him.”

(From the Batman wiki)

It was lame, and we don’t talk about it anymore.

He made a few cameos in Deathstroke the Terminators and Teen Titans comics in the 90s, as well as a itty bitty nonspeaking appearance in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

But in 2013 he made a glorious debut to comics in 2013 in the Batman ’66 line, setting new deathtraps and dropping new literary hints. In one of his best appearances, he sets himself up as an adversary to Batgirl, which is just perfect.  Who better to oppose Barbara Gordon, a librarian, than a book-themed supervillain?

(Yes, that is a giant bug demon.  Long story.)

And in 2014 he reappeared in Gotham Academy, this time as the school’s English and theater professor, which is even more perfect.

He’s a good teacher, if strict and a bit overdramatic.  And let’s be honest, what isn’t cool about having an ex-supervillain as a professor?

Also, this scene. This scene is awesome.

Yes, that is Egghead as played by Vincent Price.  Gotham Academy is just the best.

TL;DR, the Bookworm is an awesome, oft-overlooked Batman baddie whom I highly recommend every fan check out.  You won’t regret it!

Here’s a link to an episode of the Batcave Podcast discussing his ’66 two-parter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2P3k0o_-Zvk

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Wolf of Spring Ch. 1

Chapter 1: “There’s no shame in not knowing how to dance, lassie.”

Tamlin needs to bury his past and move on. He’s changed, he knows it, but now he’s ready to show his court too. Now more than ever, the Court of Spring needs an heir and they need him to find a wife. What better way to mend ties with his people by inviting eligible bachelorettes to his home? He’s about to find out! 

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Werewolf Prompts

Anonymous said:Could you do some werewolf prompts please? Love this blog!!! // Anonymous said:Do you have any prompts about werewolves?

Anonymous said:Do you have anything on werewolves falling in love and that’s what brings them back to humanity? They think they’re nothing but animals until they’re loved one shows up? It doesn’t have to be romantic love either

Anonymous said:Do you have any werewolf prompts? Maybe werewolf/vampire? // Anonymous said:Lone werewolf stumbles in the castle of a vampire count that’s incidentally really into werewolf and looking for one to be her servant, negotiation with flirting follows.

kelsibetsy said:Hi! If you don’t mind me asking, may you please do a prompt where an evil werewolf is trying to convince his daughter to join him, who doesn’t want to accept her dark legacy? Thank you! 💓💓

Anonymous said:Could I please have some prompts with a dom werewolf and her sub girlfriend? You’re awesome!

1) “No!” 
The child ignored the screams, sprinting headfirst to the wolf and flinging themselves against it, head burying into its fur. It snarled, teeth snapping inches from its head but didn’t attack. Hackles rising as someone tried to approach it knocked the child - their child - gently behind them. Prowling protective. The problem was, of course, that this precious baby was protected far better by a wolf than a human. And everything swelling in their heart wanted them to turn.

2) “The way I see it,” the vampire said “You need a place to rest.” They circled the werewolf - exhausted and battered by the recent full moon. “Somewhere to belong to…” they brushed over a bruised cheek. “Someone to belong to. Wolves are social animals.”
“I think you’re just in it for my blood.”
“Not just. Also those strong muscles, that lovely I can go out in sunlight and of course that lovely face of yours.” 
The werewolf tipped their face into the cool touch - mercifully cool, ice on a wound. “Living all alone in a creepy castle screams sociable.”
“I’m sure we’d find ways to keep each other company.”

3) “We are creatures of the night-”
“Well, that’s depressing. I’m out. Suntanning on the beach all the way. I worship the sun now.” 
“Don’t be ridiculous, it’s in your blood.”
“Well, sorr-ree that I’d rather spend time with my friends than with my father’s creepy cult.” They rolled their eyes. “God, just because they’re your interests that doesn’t mean they have to be mine. I don’t trying out anything I like.”

4) A crack of a twig was the only warning she got. The next second, she was tumbling through the undergrowth of the forest, landing breathless on their back with the warm weight of a werewolf on top of them and teeth at their throat. A kiss, a nip.
“You know,” her girlfriend murmured, “there are all sorts of monsters in these woods. You should be more careful.” The werewolf pressed her hands easily to the grass above her head with impossible strength. “You could get in trouble.”
“Oh, am I in trouble now?” she twisted her head for a kiss, smothering a grin against her girlfriend’s lips. “All the big bad wolves and girls in red coats. Whatever will you do with me?”

perhapsalittlestrange  asked:

Could you do a scenario where the S and M boy's s/o can't stop laughing at something stupid they did? Thank you beforehand if you do it.

Shuu: Ayato challenged Shuu to an arm wrestle and at first Shuu disagreed but when Ayato stole his headphones he reluctantly said yes. You sat there chuckling as you watch Shuu fail at beating Ayato.

Reiji: You and the Sakamaki brothers kept bugging Reiji to dab so finally after getting annoyed Reiji dabbed to ‘ju ju on the beat".

Laito: You heard Laito scream your name in the bathroom. Worried, you came to check on him only to see Laito’s dick stuck in the bathtub faucet.
“Bitch-chan, it seems like I got my Laitoconda stuck again,” he frowned. You of course helped him out but not before letting out few chuckles here and there.

Kanato: It was Kanato’s birthday so of course he got a bunch of junk food. By the end of the day you laughed at the hilarious sight of Kanato having chocolate cake covering his face.

Ayato: You were watching The Fault In Our Stars with Ayato when he suddenly burst into tears. You have never actually seen Ayato cry before because he always puts on a tough act.
“Ayato, are you crying?” You giggled.
“No, I just got a twig in my eye,” Ayato grunted.

Subaru: You brought a puppy home and lets just say Subaru wasn’t too fond of it. He would constantly scold it when it wrecked his roses but when the puppy looked sad he wrapped it in his arms and cuddled with it. You laughed hysterically from a distance at the scene.

Ruki: For some reason Ruki wanted to try out Musical.ly and was really serious about it for a while. You would always laugh whenever he posted a new video to his account.

Kou: Yuma dared Kou to give you a lap dance and without second thought he did. You both still laugh about it to this day.

Yuma: Yuma was really drunk and when Yuma is drunk he does some really stupid shit. While he was drunk one time he named a glass cup Apple and when he accidentally dropped ‘Apple’ he started to cry. You giggle as you watched Yuma cry while trying to piece back together ‘Apple’ as you video taped that on your phone to embarrass him later.

Azusa: Kanato and him got into an argument again about whether or not Azusa touched Teddy or not. Kanato, finally getting tired of the fight desides to storm away but not before Azusa said “bye Falisha.” You laughed until your stomach hurt as this was totally not like him.

*feel free to leave any other asks in my ask box as my ask box is currently empty*

Big Cass - “This Is Not My Boyfriend”

Prompt: My heartbreaking over the fact that my raw babies are no more. Also this post from my fav people ever @houndofjustice-imagines
Requested: No
Warnings: None
Words: 1600+

“At least tonight we get some answers right?” You said wrapping one arm around Cass’s and moving a piece of his hair and tucking it behind his ear as you sat together on the couch in the private locker room Kurt Angle had given you guys. 

“I guess” Cass mumbled “It’s gotta the revival. Who else would it be?" 

"Whoeva it is, is gonna be sore tomorrow” Enzo shrugged. For the past few weeks Enzo had been getting randomly attacked and last week so was Cass. It was hard, not only as their valet, but as their best friend and Cass’s girlfriend to watch the people most important to you be attacked from behind, out numbered, on their own. Enzo and Cass worked better together than alone and clearly the people attacking them knew that too. 

“Enzo, Cass and y/n. You’re needed in the ring” a crew member called from outside. Walking to gorrila Enzo and Cass were on high alert. Cass held your hand as you walked between them. Since Enzo’s first attack they both had become more protective of you, Cass definitely. He was afraid that they would go after you next. 

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Chapter Four: The Keeper of the Keys 17/06/17

If you want to participate in #hogwartsreread the rules can be found here. Here’s my thoughts on the chapter:

  • And it’s our first “you look like your Dad but you’ve got your Mum’s eyes” I’m not crying there’s just a twig in my eye
  • It always annoys me that they make Hagrid write ‘Happee Birthdae’ in the movie like he’s not an idiot
  • Hagrid just carries a kettle and mugs in his pockets #casual
  • “I can, you know, do maths and stuff” HAHAHAHA
  • Supreme Mugwump now just makes me think of Boris Johnson…
  • I actually find it kind of weird reading dialogue that was in the movie word for word
  • Hagrid crying over Jily #same
  • “load of old tosh” thats officially the most british thing anyone’s ever said
  • Harry is so precious my sweet child

The Skyline was a Witness

by Pia Francisco (@piahautea​)


Evenings are never wallowed in with sunlight. Everything’s always dark. Only a slice of the whole is bathed with the warm light coming from the sky. Everything else is dazed. But that night, I found you. A beautiful boy who tried stitching together my broken parts. It’s impossible, I know. Because how can you let yourself fall in love with your heart still fresh from the wreckage? I can’t tell love from right, or right from love. But that night, the horizon was in favor of us. And if it wasn’t love, it must have been something close to it. Only the night could tell because it was, after all, watching us figure it out ourselves. (Caution: ‘Short’ story ahead)

Here. This is where I found you.

The rooftop of my apartment building. Saturday night. 11:05 PM.

You sat on one of those metal benches. You were wrapped around in black from head to toe. Your face was looking skyward. You slipped your empty hand off your jaw and you rested it on top of your knee. Your jawline. It looked like it could scar my hands if I tried to touch it. I meant that in a good way, of course. It was well-chiseled.  Like you were made for museums. The other hand held a cigarette and I could tell just how much you’ve been meaning to throw it off to the ground. Not to the rooftop grounds, though. The twenty-floors-below sidewalk ground. But of course, you wouldn’t.

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Sweet Scent

Word count: 3154

Author’s note: A little something that came to my mind. Also the very first imagine I’ve ever written with Derek. Enjoy! (p.s. the POV is alternating)

Your name: submit What is this?

I was in the forest, hiking, when I first caught that scent. I immediately decided to take a turn and figure out who that belonged to, because… I had never got such a feeling after getting such a tiny whiff of something. I easily found my way through the woods, leaping over fallen crusts of trees, moving my body so that it won’t collide into anything massive, just into some thin twigs. At the same time, I made sure that I made the least amount of noises so that I won’t scare away whoever that was.

The closer I got, the stronger the scent got, which had an insanely intense impact on my senses, and on me in general too. I even had to stop for a second to compose myself from this disorganized state I got into by a mere scent. I could feel my eyes bleeding red, and my fangs elongating, but I willed them to retreat. However, I could do nothing about my ruby-pierced eyes.

I continued my swift run towards the source of the sweet smell, and soon I arrived to a steep hill. I slipped, and it was a near call I would end up stumbling down on the side of the hill, but I managed to catch a tree and hold onto it. If I scratched it with my claws in the process, I didn’t notice it, because the moving source I had been looking for came into my line of sight.

It was moving in an erratic velocity, intermittently changing its pace from walking to running – it was covered in black and silver, but I could glimpse a hint of blue and white too. Realization dawned on me when my mind caught up and informed me about the obvious; that it was a girl, who was possibly on her usual run through the woods.

But then why hadn’t I noticed her, ever?

I shook my head and swept this thought into the farthest corner of my brain to dwell on it later. Right now I had a more important task to do, which was to keep an eye on this girl and figure out why her scent was so special to me. I took a deep breath through my nose, I could feel my nostrils flare and lungs expanding as they were filled with the chilly, fresh air of the forest.

My senses divided the usual, natural smell of the woods and the sweat covering her body from the girl’s individual scent that made my wolf vicious for some reason. It was a mixture of ember, rain-soaked earth with freshly mowed grass, lime and something else that made me feel like I arrived home. That last component was warm like the beams of the sun, loving like a lover and nurturing like a mother. I couldn’t exactly decipher it, but I did know I wanted it, I wanted, and only for myself. Just thinking about it being taken away by someone else made my wolf roar with endless anger and bloodlust.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her even if I wanted to – I realized with a shock that I was almost running merely on instincts, the only rational spark in my brain thankfully preventing me from launching at her right this second and taking her like the animal in me so desired. I bore with the wolf scratching at the surface, trying to break free to fulfil its wants, ignoring how its sharp claws were digging into the wall in my mind, set up only for the sake of holding it back at times like this. At times when my human side had to be in charge.

I dug my claws deeper into the crust of the tree and just kept my red-tinted eyes trained on her face, trying to solve it as though her whole presence was an enigma, waiting for me to solve it. Only me, and no one else.

. o O o .

When I got home, the first thing I did was rewarding myself with a glass of cold water after my exercise. My heart was nearly beating right out of my chest, my lungs were heaving, and I knew I was full of thistles. Apparently I was home alone, but it didn’t surprise me – Dad had always had lots of work to do, and he’d always spent most of his days at his workplace, which is why I had to take care of my little brother so many times in the past, when we were little.

My brother, who was spending his time somewhere else again, like always. I didn’t bother with thinking about it too much, rather went to the bathroom and took a refreshing shower to wash away the sluggish heat from my body, then lounged myself on the couch with a book, wrapped up in a quilt after throwing on some grey sweatpants and a white tee which was awfully big for me, it having been stretched out several years ago during a play fight between my brother and I.

It took him hours to get home, but when he did, he brought along his best friend too.

“I told you not to do that, Scott!” he said accusingly. I laid the book in my lap and turned, laying my arm over the back of the sofa to hold myself there more easily. I waited patiently for my brother’s figure to appear in the doorway of the living-room.

“I know, but you know how much I love her,” he said, wrecked. I couldn’t help the smile that blossomed on my face.

“Girl problems?” I asked. The talk at the front door was cut off in a second, and then Stiles came dashing into the room. He stopped at the entrance, staring at me wide-eyed, jaw dropped and mouth hanging open, before he moved again, practically tackling me to my spot on the couch. He hugged me so tightly I had a hardship breathing.

“Oh my god, you’re back!” he exclaimed. “Dad said you’d be back today, but I didn’t know when, and I just…” he trailed off, then smacked a kiss on my cheek. I laughed.

“I missed you too, bro,” I assured him, which had the desired effect on him; his smile widened more, leaving me with a few seconds to adore his happy face before Scott joined us on the furniture.

“Hey (Y/N), long time no see,” he greeted, and I reached out a hand, indicating to attempt giving each other a half-hug instead of a proper one, since Stiles didn’t give any sign of willingness to get off me any time soon. When we released each other with Scott, he asked me, “How’s college? It’s hard, isn’t it? I know it’s hard, I don’t even want to attend one yet.”

“Yeah, I have to study my ass off, but hey, the curriculum’s interesting and I get to do a lot of lab work, so it’s fine,” I chuckled, patting Stiles’ back, telling him wordlessly to let go of me. Reluctantly, he obliged. As soon as he was sat next to me, he noticed the book in my hand and took it from me.

“What are you reading?” he asked, but I knew him well enough not to bother with replying – he was already reading the cover, so he knew it was Hawking’s winning dissertation he wrote about black holes for Cambridge University.

“Want anything?” I asked, looking between them as I stood, ready to take their requests and inching towards the kitchen. Scott nodded.

“We’re hungry as hell,” he said, and I only nodded with a barely-there smile on my face, skimming through ideas in my head as to what to make for these two starving explorer puppies.

. o O o .

It took them a quite long time to convince me to leave the house. I didn’t plan on it, but when Stiles mentioned dropping me off at the police station, I agreed. I wanted to surprise Dad after all.

We sat in his Jeep. Stiles motioned for Scott to take the back seat this time so that I could sit next to my brother. According to the reaction Scott gave to that, I immediately figured out he was hardly-ever sentenced to sit at the back. Neither Stiles nor me was a touchy-feely person, so he didn’t expect me to start rubbing his arms or hands, or any kind of expanse of him I could get my hands on; he just wanted the knowledge that I was right there, next to him, back here in Beacon Hills, and not several thousand miles away in college.

He parked close to the building – it was a pretty chilly day despite it was summer. Back at home, I had only changed my too-big tee for a black tank top and the matching sweatshirt for the pants I wore. I also left my grey sports bra on myself, not bothering to change that too. I had put back on my white running shoes, and then I had declared myself ready. Everyone knew me at the police department after all, most of them since Stiles and I had been children.

Just as we left the Jeep, Scott whined, “What is he doing here?” Stiles quickly whipped his head around, then noticed a sleek, ebony Camaro.

“I don’t know, probably needed to talk to Dad,” Stiles shrugged and took off towards the station. We followed him with Scott. I fell in steps with him after having jogged to catch up to him and walk next to him. The rain started pouring softly, just a few drops dripping on us here and there.

“You don’t like the guy?”

“It’s not like we don’t like the guy. It’s more like… Scott has some personal issues with him. Dad likes him, I like him, the rest of our friends like him… so yeah, pretty much everyone likes him except for Scott,” Stiles explained, then pushed the door open. He let us all inside, but then turned back to me to tell me to stay behind him to surprise Dad.

. o O o .

That scent back from the woods just from a few hours ago was back. I cursed in my mind, already knowing I will have issues with self-control. My mind started running at full speed, desperate to try and find a way to get away as fast as possible. I swatted the nasty voice in my head, mocking me how I’m scared of a simple scent, then looked around, helpless as to what to do next and more importantly, how to escape.

What was that girl doing here anyway? I had followed her during her entire run after then, so it was practically impossible for her to have found a corpse in the forest that she now wanted to report. What else brought people to the police?

“Now stay here,” said an all too familiar voice not too afar, and I realized it was Stiles. I turned my head towards the source, my back still facing him, as he neared me. He grinned when he saw me, and greeted me with a wave of his hand. “Hey, Derek,” he said, then made a beeline for the sheriff’s door on which he knocked once, then twice, before being rewarded with an answer.

“Yes,” came the man’s muffled voice through the wall and closed door. When his son opened it and he saw who came to pay him a visit, I could hear him taking a long, deep breath – possibly to settle himself and his thoughts before speaking to his only child again. “Stiles, I’m busy right now. I don’t have time for…”

“I know,” Stiles interrupted impatiently. “And you know I left my habit of bothering you with menial things. Now it is something you definitely want to see.”

The scent of the sheriff changed; it went from pure anger to anger mixed with a tint of curiosity. The sound of his chair being pushed on the ground followed, then he himself showed up from behind his door with his son hot on his heels. Stiles took a hold of the man’s shirt and hauled him not quite gently to where I had first heard him speak. When they walked pass me, I instantly averted my eyes and looked down to hide my pupils from the sheriff should it be illuminated by a vivid red.

I had no idea what Stiles wanted to show his Dad, so I followed them with my sight. I craned my neck and turned my body halfway to grant myself better view on what was going on.

“(Y-Y/N)?” came the sheriff’s surprised voice not soon after. On its own accord, one of my eyebrows arched at the name and I full bodily turned towards them. I caught Scott’s eyes, which were filled with rejection and protectiveness as soon as they met mine, but I ignored it and devoted my attention to the scene before me. Two forearms appeared at the back of the sheriff’s neck as the girl – apparently named (Y/N) – hugged him.

“I’m home, Dad,” she said in her ever sweet tone. As her scent switched to a sugary tone, my knees almost gave out. It was like I was starved and I was forced to stand next to a bakery in the early morning when the first cookies were baked, their smell enveloping and engulfing me, coaxing me inside while it was still closed. I couldn’t go inside. I couldn’t have it, and it frustrated me.

“How’s college?” the sheriff asked when they released each other and took a step back to give each other some space to give a once-over to the other. This was the first time I got to see (Y/N)’s face from up-close, and all I knew was that I wanted her to be even closer.

Then my mind clicked.


This girl is older than Stiles, already in college, and she’s Stiles’ sister. This is why her scent was so familiar, and this is why I’d never smelled her in the woods before.

“Nice,” she replied, her voice a velvety smooth stroke to my ears. “I have to study a lot, though, but the curriculum’s insanely interesting.” The sheriff laughed modestly as he shook his head.

“I still have to get used to your British accent.”

(Y/N) just lifted one of her shoulders and ducked her head a little. Her shyness moved something in me, and urged me to do something I couldn’t pinpoint.

“I have to go now, but later when I get home, I expect you to tell me everything,” said the sheriff before he turned around and headed towards me, apparently to fulfill my request. He put his hand on my shoulder, giving me a look filled with warmth that hadn’t been there before. His scent had also changed; it was more tender now. “I’ll give it to you in a minute, son,” he promised, then disappeared behind his door again.

When I turned around I saw Stiles dragging his sister near me, and the next thing I knew was that my heart had jumped into my throat at some point and was beating there furiously. I was glad Stiles wasn’t a werewolf at that moment, because my traitorous heart didn’t give away anything about my insecure state nor giving him an opportunity to tease me with something new.

After a moment of consideration, Scott joined them too.

Stiles approached me with his sister, grinning at me again. Internally, I sighed and braced myself for whatever was about to come.

“So how’s life been?” he asked. I shrugged.

“Nothing interesting,” I said, my eyes involuntarily moving to rest on (Y/N). Stiles immediately picked up on the not-hint I hadn’t given him, and introduced us to each other with the girl.

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot about it,” he babbled, motioning between (Y/N) and I. “This is my elder sister, (Y/N). (Y/N), this is Derek Hale, resident dark and brooding, sourly lone wolf.” In my mind, I squashed Stiles down and dumped him in the trash as I presented (Y/N) with a smile I assumed was charming, according to the arched brow Scott was eyeing me with.

(Y/N) stuck out a hand for me to shake, my wolf going nuts in a fraction of a second at the mere thought of the contact. I schooled myself, my whole being not to look like I’m starving for it, then softly grabbed her hand with mine, enveloping her smaller hand with my bigger one. I faintly registered Stiles following the sheriff into his office then, but my mind decided it wasn’t important at all and so, the entirety of my attention was trained on the girl before me.

“I’m glad to have met you,” I said honestly. She nodded curtly.

“The pleasure’s mine,” (Y/N) answered, then slid her hand out from my hold in a swift movement. I immediately wanted it back, but refrained from showing that externally in any way. Instead, I trained my senses on the sheriff – practically on anything that wasn’t (Y/N) or her scent. However, she had other thoughts about that. “And what are you doing here? You work here?” I shook my head.

“No. I just needed a document.” She frowned at that, and I braced myself for the next, obvious question that was bound to come, however, never arrived. Apparently she was considerate, unlike her younger brother. “Stiles never told me he had a sibling,” I said, trying to find a topic and failing, so I ended up settling with this one. Before (Y/N) could react, Scott spoke up.

“Probably he didn’t consider it important to mention you to her,” he said. I would lie if I said it didn’t sting at all, especially because I had saved this kid’s ass numerous times by now. I suppressed the wolf’s reaction to his statement, instead opted to just acknowledge it with a small nod. (Y/N) had other thoughts about this too, though.

“Scott!” she said, her voice taming and slightly angry. Her feelings were pouring off her in waves. I could smell pure embarrassment, anger and disappointment, all of these directed at Scott, not me. “Jesus, what has happened to you? You weren’t like this when I left.” I couldn’t help but wonder where she’d been, which college she attended, and what was her major there. Then my mind caught up again, and I realized that I couldn’t be in a better position than now to ask those things.

But when I opened my mouth, the other two Stilinskis came back and as soon as I was given the papers, I guessed it was high time I left. I said goodbye to all of them, then made a beeline for my Camaro and drove off, my mind and nose full of (Y/N).

The Radar Technican

Original request from a v lovely anon: Hello, I was wondering if you could do one where the reader has really low self-esteem and doesn’t really like herself but Bucky or Clint helps her and shows her how much she means to them and the team? Thanks!

A/N: Okay, so, I changed this up a little bit and I hope you’re okay with and like it ;u;

Pairing: ClintxReader

Word Count: 1836

Warnings: Angst, slight language

“Alright, guys, it looks like you’ve got a battalion headed for you from the East.”

“Got it, thanks.”

“Just doin my job.” I say, casually spinning around in the pilot’s chair before rising and opening up multiple holographic screens to go along with the infrared monitor I already had up.

I watch the multitude of monitors in the cabin. Each of them shows a different image and provides information vital to the mission. One shows radar, another displays and infrared view of the battlefield, and another three show live footage at different angles of the team, close up and in full color. Each display allows me to have a sort of eagle eye view of all the goings on during the mission. It hurts to see everyone out there, fighting the good fight, only to be stuck on the monitors. I can’t help but feel… useless.

“How’re we lookin (Y/N)?” Tony’s voice crackles over the comms.

“Pretty stylish.” I answer. “Like you’re not trying, but it’s really working for you. Very twentieth century super hero squad.”

“It’s good to know we can make this shit look good.” Clint’s voice breaks through. I scan the monitors for him, my eyes locking onto him almost instantaneously.

“Clint get outta there!” I cry.

“What, why?” He asks.

“There’s a missile closing in on you, and it’s moving extremely fast!” I explain, tripping over my words. “Please! Just move!”

I watch in pure horror as he tries to get out of the way. It’s like everything is moving in slow motion, and there’s nothing I can do to help. He dashes to the side and manages to dive behind a wall as the missile makes contact with the ground and explodes.

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Greek gods Series - Zeus

Summary: The gods gave up on human kind after people stop believing in their existance, so they need to be reminded of who they really are.

warning: This series is NOT based in exo’s “powers”, but in their personalities 

Sammy’s note: I want to say that I never been at Greece so I’m sorry if I said something that doesn’t make sense if you had been there, or if you live there. Mary said I always make Suho really gentle in my scenarios, i’M SoRRy OkAy? I just see him as a real gentleman :)  Please let me know if you like it!

word count: 2025

genre: fluff?

author: Sammy

Today was the last day of my Europe trip, I was going to visit some Greek museums and going home tomorrow morning. The thing I was most excited about was the Olympia ruins, so I decided to go leave it until last.

But when the rain started I regretted my decision. I left the last museum when I saw the storm outside, a security guard offered to call a cab for me, but I wasn’t going to leave Greece without seeing the Olympia ruins, it wasn’t so far from here anyways.

I walked for almost 20 minutes under my umbrella, my legs completely soaked. The sky was grey, making the ruins look even more tragic. I wanted to take pictures and walk between the crashed walls, but the storm didn’t stopped, so I just walked to the place where the Zeus statue used be, according to the pictures and maps I saw.

“What I wouldn’t give to see this place centuries ago…” I said to myself kicking a rock into a puddle. In the puddle reflex I saw a man standing in front of me but when I looked up there was no one.

Great, I was going crazy, better comeback to the motel before I…

There he was.

A young man was leaning against a ruined wall, he didn’t had an umbrella, but he was dry. His hair was dark, and he was wearing and white coat.

I was probably staring for too long when he finally spoke.

“This isn’t a place for a lady be during a storm” he smiled.

“Yeah, I was just about to leave” I said. He was a guard or something? I needed to leave but something about his presence there made me incapable of moving my legs.

“It was beautiful you know?” he said looking to the nothing.

“What?” I asked. I didn’t know why I was talking to a completely stranger in the middle of nowhere during a storm, I definitely was crazy.

The guy looked at me and pointed to place where I imagine the statue used to be.

A lighting lighted up the sky, and for a second I saw the statue, for less than a second a had a glimpse of the real thing, not a picture or drawing.

I was so shocked that my umbrella felt and I didn’t even care.

What the hell just happened?

“The statue, this whole place… Is really sad how it ended. Humans don’t need the gods anymore, they don’t even remember us.” The man said.

Us? Was he a god? But he didn’t look like the zeus statue…

“I know, I prefer this look now” he said running a hand through his hair. What the…? He listened to my thoughts?

“Are you… ?” I tried to ask, I couldn’t be who I thought.

“Call me Junmyeon if you want to. Otherwise you can call me Zeus, but I’m retired now.”

No way.

“You are Zeus? The Olympian God?” I blinked through the water drops. I was entirely stew, but couldn’t care less.

“Oh I’m sorry” he snapped his fingers and the storm stopped, he walked to me taking of his white coat and putting around my shoulders “I don’t get visitors very often.”

“Wait, do you live here?” I asked embracing the coat.

“Not exactly here, darling. I live among the humans, we all do”

“Why?” he laughed. He was so beautiful that he couldn’t be real.

“Your kind may not believe in us anymore, but we still take care of you.” He placed his hand in my back and guided me somewhere, he stopped near an old three and I watched as he easily broke some twigs and placed it in the floor. When I was about to ask what was he doing, a thin lighting hit the twigs making me almost having a heart attack as the twigs created a bonfire. I sat on the floor near the fire to warm up.

“I talked much more than I should've” he said “What about you, child? What brings you here?” he sat next to me.

“I… I don’t know” I stared at the fire “I just always wanted to come here, see the ruins, but I’ll leave tomorrow” he was staring deep into my eyes when I looked back at him.

“What a waste, I could show you more…” he pouted looking far at the hills.

“More?” he got me curious. I was in front of greek god, what kind of things he could do?

“Oh child, I can do a lot of things” he said staring back.

“Okay, first: please stop calling me ‘child’, and second: don’t read my mind like this” I said with a serious tone and he laughed.

“I don’t read minds, ch-” I raised an eyebrow “Sorry, tell me your name then” I answered him with my name and last name “As I was saying… I don’t read minds, I only listen your thoughts about me, like a prayer” that was a interesting information “Is getting late, you should go home” he stood, I realized I was a little bit drier after be in front of the bonfire “Come on, I’ll walk you home”

“It’s not exactly a home, I was going to be in a motel for the night and leaving in the morning. These are only the things I brought” I pointed to the backpack in my back “Everything must be stew” I mumbled to myself, how could I forget that the only clean clothes I had were there?

“And you said to not be called a child…” he laughed at my pout “Let’s go to my place then” he raised his elbow to intertwine my arm with his.

But he was a stranger anyways, and I was alone…

“You are afraid I might hurt you?” he asked almost sounding offended. I didn’t answered “Okay, I think I should give you another prove then” he lifted his right hand to the sky and a lightning hit his hand, but he holded the lightning and it got smaller and thinner. When he showed the small lightning in his hand I was speechless, I even raised my hand to touch it but the pulled away making the lighting disappear into his palm “Do you want to die?! It may look small but these are weapons” he definitely sound offended now.

“I’m sorry, it looked so cute…”

“Cute? That’s why the gods gave up on humans” he turned and started to walk away.

“The gods? You said gods still take care of us” I runned and intertwined my arm with his.

“Well, it’s a long story…” he smiled a bit.

“Tell me” he watched me and I knew my eyes were shining like a little kid.

“Let’s get you dry before”

He guided us to walk between two columns, when we passed through we were at a different place. I had no idea what was this place, but I knew it wasn’t Olympia anymore. All the houses and walls were white, and the place looked like a hill.

“Whoa, you can do that all the time?” I asked as the two of us walked heading to top of the hill “We’re still in Greece?”.

“You know the ruins used be my temple, right?” he smiled “That’s why I can do that, but I can’t go far. And yes, we are at Santorini”

I’ve pictures of Santorini when I was planning the trip, but it was so expensive and so far from Olympia.

We finally reached the top of the hill and there was a huge blue and white house.

Junmyeon, as he insisted me to call him, showed the bathroom and gave me clean clothes and towels. I took my time at the hot shower, time to be clean and time to think straight. After some minutes I was wearing the clothes he gave to me and back to the living room. Junmyeon was standing in front of the large window, he seemed to be thinking there for a while. I approached him placing my hand in his back.

“I have some questions, do you mind answer then?” I asked and he guided us the couch. “So… you said the gods gave up on us, why?”

“It was when your kind stopped believing in us, they didn’t see the point on keep living in Olympus, so they all made a life for themselves here a while ago” at the wall beside us were hang up some pictures, it wasn’t families pictures, it looked more like pictures taken by paparazzis. “I’ve been tracking them, just to know if they’re okay…”.

“Do people recognize them as greek gods?”

“No, they don’t wanna be gods anymore”

“What if…” I thought about something, but it was probably not possible.

“You can tell me” he smiled again. His smile was like a warm hug, I felt like I could tell him anything if he asked.

“What if some people could recognize them? So they remember who they really are. Could you do that?”

“I said it before, darling” he supported his elbows in his knees, looking deeply into my eyes “I can do a lot of things”

My heart beated fast under his stare.

“Come on, I’ll show your bedroom” he stood and walked to the stairs as I tried to recompose myself, why his eyes make me so weak? The feeling that I have is that I should have met him sooner. Like a missed piece in my puzzle.

Junmyeon opened the white door and showed me a really clean bedroom, it seemed that no one had ever stepped into the bedroom.

“You don’t have many visitors I suppose” I said admiring the place.

“Actually I don’t spend much time in this house” he smiled and I turn to look at him realizing how close we were just now.

“Why? It’s such a beautiful place. Where do you rather spend your time?” my eyes dropped from his eyes to his lips and I couldn’t help imagine how would be to kiss him.

“It’s more about ‘when’ I spend my time” for a moment I thought I’ve heard wrong.

“‘When’?” i asked confused.

“Earlier I showed you my statue, remember? How it used to be. It was a glimpse from the past. I just rather be in places and times where I can understand humans better, like old Greece, or even China” he smiled as if he was remembering something.

“Take me with you” I said not even thinking twice.

“What?” he blinked.

“Take me with you. I have no one waiting for me back home, and I love reading history books so much, I never thought it could be possible to actually live in the past, but I never thought the greeks gods existed as well” I looked into his eyes almost begging for him to say ‘yes’.

He didn’t said anything for long seconds, just leaned until his lips found mine. I did not know how to take this. It was a ‘no’? I kissed him back, bringing my hand to his hair while he gripped my waist.

I was so immersed into the kiss that I didn’t realized what was going on around us until I opened my eyes and met the sunlight and shine green grass, no walls around us, as if we had been transported.

“I don’t know what you did to me, if was a spell or something, but it just make me so attracted to you that I can’t say no” he whispered. So we actually were at old Greece? How old? “Just promise me that you will tell me when you want to go back” he said. I pulled him by his shirt to feel his lips against mine again.

“I’ll never want to go back if you’ll be by my side” I said after the brief kiss, but not far from his lips. “Wait, what about the other gods?”

“I’ll take your suggestion. Some humans will be able to recognize them as gods, if they don’t deny it. Now, come on, let me take you to the real Olympia”

32 - Creature of the Night

After weeks of drought, the skies finally opened up and bathed the town in rain. I was driving home from work down the back road, my windshield wipers desperately trying to keep up with the downpour, when something darted in front of my car. I slammed my foot down onto the brakes and the car skidded on the wet road, nearly swerving into the tree line. My heart was racing and my shaking hands were still holding onto the wheel tightly as I struggled to catch my breath. I looked out at the dark road in front of me, but could no longer see it. What on earth was that thing?

I put up the hood of my raincoat and opened the car door. I was drenched within seconds, with the coat doing very little to protect me. I could barely hear the sound of the running engine over the pelting of the rain. It was such a dark night. The full moon was smothered under the thick shroud of clouds that no light could get through, only the headlights of my car could allow me to see anything. I thought that the thing, whatever it was, was gone now, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was watching me.

I looked in all directions, scanning the trees, but there was nothing there. It had been a long night at work, since game night was always busy at the bar, and maybe I was more tired than I had realized. I let out a long sigh, trying to steady my heart rate. I must have been seeing things. I could not wait to fall face first into my pillow the moment I got home. I was about to climb back into the car and continue on my way home, when I heard a cry over the sound of the rain. It was quiet, almost like that of a baby.

Two little eyes emerged from the darkness and began making their way towards my car. It was a cat, as black as the night, and completely soaked in the rain. I gasped. I wondered if the poor thing was a stray. I knelt down and reached my hand towards it. The cat walked towards me without hesitation and began sniffing my fingers before rubbing its face along my hand. It seemed friendly enough. I gave it a scratch behind the ear and wondered why it was out in weather like this. I felt so bad for it. I thought for a moment as I petted it, maybe I could take it home with me for just one night. I could take it to a shelter in the morning.

I put it down on the passenger seat and fished around the back seat for an old sweater that I had tossed back there a while ago. The sweater, which had the logo of my old university logo on it, was a little dirty from being on the floor, but it would do just fine. I grabbed it and began patting down the cat’s fur to dry it off. All the while, the cat remained perfectly still and never took its eyes off me. From what I knew about cats, they didn’t like strangers getting too up close and personal with them. I guess this little buddy must have been pretty desperate.

The cat watched me the entire car ride home. I was already starting to wonder what I should call it. Shadow seemed like a good fit, considering how easy it was able to blend into the darkness. Occasionally I would take my hand on the wheel just to give it another little scratch. I had never really considered myself a cat person before, but this one was just so cute that I could almost feel myself becoming one. Maybe I wouldn’t take it to the shelter after all. I didn’t see why I couldn’t just keep it.

Shadow let me carry it up to the apartment. I knew I had to be sneaky because the landlord didn’t like the tenants having any pets, but I decided that I was going to worry about that later. I placed Shadow down onto the bed and it let out a meow. It really was an odd meow, it didn’t quite sound like it should belong to a cat. I remember how when I first heard it back on the road, it sounded more like a baby. There was something about the sound that gave me the weirdest shiver down my spine, but I thought that I would just have to get used to it.

I changed into my pyjamas and climbed into bed. I was so tired at that point that I could already feel myself drifting off to sleep. Shadow stood up from where I had placed it onto the bed and walked over towards me. It laid back down beside me in a little black ball and I couldn’t help smiling. How could I give this cat away now? As I drifted off to sleep, I noticed that Shadow’s eyes were still open. It was still just watching me.

I had a strange dream that night. There was this loud sound like snapping twigs and this black shape that got bigger and bigger. The shape had these two little eyes that never stopped watching me as it grew. I felt no fear, in fact I even tried to reach out and touch it. The shape felt warm and soft under my fingers, though maybe just a little wet. I continued to pat the shape until I heard another noise, a sound similar to that of a baby. I opened my eyes to see my fingers entwined in black fur.

Shadow didn’t look like Shadow anymore. It had grown in size to that of a tiger, its features had become sharp and its claws were long. It could no longer fit on the bed, only the front half of it was resting on the space beside my face. I jumped back. It looked like a monster. Still, it only watched me. My hand was shaking, but I reached forward and scratched it behind its long pointed ear. Shadow tilted its head and rubbed its face along my hand. I smiled. I suppose that it was still kind of cute despite its size.

When I woke the next morning, Shadow was back to its normal size. It certainly was a strange dream I had last night. I got dressed and made the bed. There were a bunch of long black hairs on the white sheets. I brushed them off and put on my shoes. I looked back at Shadow, who was still watching my with those cute little eyes, before reaching for my car keys. I had to go pick up some cat food.

She’s Gone - Part 1

Originally posted by teenwolfobsessed

Request//  Hi can I request an imagine where the reader (the pack mom) is kidnapped and Liam freaks out and does everything to get his “mom” back and it ends in like a heartfelt reunion

All the pack decided that we should have a movie night tonight, as we haven’t had a night to just chill out and do nothing. So when I got home and got changed and grabbed a few films and some clothes that I would need that night. We all decided to meet up at 7:30 pm so that gave me so time to relax. 

As soon as I had everything, I felt my phone buzz. When I looked I had a message.

  From Liam

Hey mom, are you coming to movie night tonight?

I loved how he called me mom, he felt safe around me and he always had someone to go when he need anything, if he need help with his homework or if he just needed comfort. He would always come to me.

   To Liam

Hey, sweetie, Of course, I’m coming wouldn’t miss for the world! I will meet you there.

I didn’t have to wait long for a reply

    From Liam

Good, I can’t wait!

I put my phone on charge near the front door so I  wouldn’t forget it when I left. I went back into the living room and turned on the TV while I waited to leave. Luckily for me, the Flash was on.

When that finished it was 7:00pm and It was already dark. My car was broke so I would have to walk to Scott’s house. I grabbed my bag and headed off out not forgetting to grab my phone. I locked the door and left.

It was like a dome of stars which twinkled in the sky and the moon peaked within then. It was beautiful. I could just climb onto a rooftop and just stare at the night sky till I fell asleep.

All of a sudden, I got a strange feeling that I was alone. I heard twigs snapping. I tried to stay calm, try not to show any fear. I sped up a bit not wanting to find out was stalking me. But that was never going to happen, I was running but I turned back. That was the wrong thing to do. I saw white glowing eyes staring at me. It was gaining closer to me, my breathing began to race. That’s when everything went black.

Liam’s P.O.V

I got to Scott’s on time but Y/N wasn’t there yet. I should have gone met her.

“Liam, dude come and help me bring some stuff in” Scott shouted over to me. Just before I helped him I sent a text to Y/N.

   To Y/N

Mom where are you?

I then put my phone back into my pocket and went and helped Scott. When I got into the kitchen. Scott gave me a funny look.

“What?” I questioned

“Y/N is like 1-minute late dude just chill out she will be here soon,” Scott told me. I didn’t reply I just grabbed a bowl of popcorn and took it into the living where Stiles, Allison, and Kira were waiting. As I put the bowl down the front door opened. I ran to the door to see Y/N but it wasn’t. It was Lydia and Malia. Y/N wasn’t with them.

“Aww is someone missing their mommy?” Stiles said laughing at his own joke.

“Stiles leave him alone, Liam she will be here soon,” Lydia told me giving me a hug.I went and took a seat and waited for Y/N.

5 minutes. 10 minutes. 15 minutes she still isn’t here.

“Guys I think there is something wrong with Y/N, she should be here by now,“ I said worrying something bad has happened to her.

"Liam you need to calm down, try calling her,” Kira told me. I grabbed my phone and called her, it was no good it just kept ringing.

“She always answers her phone, something has happened!” I began crying.

“Right come one Liam, It’s going to be okay, we will find out what has happened to her and get her back, we promise she will be fine,” Scott told me. But why was something telling me different?


The pungent smell burnt my nose. I woke up in a dark place, not knowing what took me. But I didn’t have to think about that for long. A figure came out of the darkness heading right towards me. I couldn’t move I was tied down to a chair. This thing. This monster gained closer to me. Showing itself to me. Standing around 12 foot tall, emaciated with bones visible under their pallid skin, White glowing eyes, with yellow razor blade teeth protruding from its mouth.

“WHAT ARE YOU?!” I screamed making my throat burn.

“Wendigo,” It said mimicking my voice.

Wendigo?… I have heard that name from somewhere before….Oh god where did I hear that name from… It was pack meeting….Oh god….I remember now… Scott told us that a windigo meant  “evil that devours.”

I had to get out of there. If not that monster was going to eat me for dinner. Literally. Then I remembered what Allison taught me. I swung the chair back hitting to the floor causing it to break freeing me . I grabbed my phone calling Liam.

Liam P.O.V

We were all sat on the sofa trying to think of what could have taken Y/N. Then my phone began ringing. It was Y/N. I answered and put it on speaker.

“Mom! Where are you?” I asked with tears forming in my eyes.

“Li I don’t have much time, I don’t know where I am You and the pack need to find me” Y/N Whispered 

“What took you?” I asked

“Wendi..” Y/N was cut off

“WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING!” The voice sounded demonic. I heard Y/N scream then the phone call was cut off.

“WENDIGO!” Scott Shouted

“We need to find her NOW!”

Part 2?

"My Idiot"-A Bellamy Blake imagine

“(Y/N). Are you ever going to cut your hair?!” Clarke sighs as she watches me tie it in a messy bun.
“Never. It took me forever to grow it out this long.” I smiled.
“Plus at this point I’d look weird with short hair.” I shrugged.
“Aren’t you tired of having it get dirty all the time?”
“Not really I mean we are in nature.” I responded as she rolled her eyes playfully.
“Smart ass.” She muttered.
“Sup pretty ladies.” Jasper smirked popping into the seat next to me.
“We’re discussing (Y/N) and her hair.” Octavia rolled her eyes at Jaspers greeting.
“Ah. I think it’s gorgeous.” He smiled.
“Thanks Jasp.” I smiled.
“I think it’s nice too (Y/N).” Monty blushed.
“Thanks boys. See Oct! I have fans.” I giggled as she shook her head.
“One day it’s gonna need to go. And I’ll be there when it does.” She teased.
“Only on my deathbed.” I said as dramatically tossed it over my shoulder as it rested till my lower back. After eating with Jasper and Monty and Harper who later joined us I excused myself to go talk to Bellamy. I guess you could say I have a minor crush on him. Who didn’t though?! We talked a lot but I knew there was no way he would ever like me. I sighed till I heard his voice.
“You don’t like (Y/N)?!”
“Well… I mean she’s very sweet but she just lets people walk all over here and then complains about it afterward! And she eats so much too! I’m surprised she hasn’t eaten all the food! She’s a klutz too! She would be dead if I hadn’t caught her when she fell out of that tree. She’s just…careless.”
“She’s pretty though.” The other (male voice) stated.
“Kind of. Her hair just…it’s always got twigs or leafs in it…I don’t know dude. Cmon I have to go talk to other people.” Bellamy sighed.
My heart felt like it dropped to the pit of my stomach. Tears stung my eyes as I looked at my feet.
“Hey (Y/N)! What’s up?” Bellamy smiled.
“Nothing. I have to go.” I snapped as I turned around and quickly walked away. I didn’t see him furrow his eye brows in confusion. As I walked back out I saw Octavia and Clarke at the fire. Octavia saw me and her face contorted into a confused one as did Clarke’s.
“What’s wrong (Y/N)?” Clarke asked.
“Octavia…I’m ready for a haircut.” I breathed out.
“Woah woah woah…really?! I thought you wanted to keep it?!”
“I changed my mind. I want it to my neck.”
“That’s a lot (Y/N)! Are you sure your okay?!” Clarke asked worriedly.
“Positive. Please just cut it.” I begged.
Octavia hesitated before nodding as she stood up and I sat in her spot. I took a deep breath.
“Here we go…” She murmured one last time.
“Do it.” I whispered. Suddenly my head felt lighter.
“Woah…you look…hot!” She smirked.
“It looks good…but I thought you loved your hair before?”
“Something happened. Doesn’t matter. It’s too late. I’m uh…going to bed now.” I coughed.
“Night (Y/N) ” They said still suspicious. I passed Monty and Jasper and Monty dropped his moonshine and Jaspers jaw dropped.
“(Y/N)! Your hair!”
“It’s called a haircut.” I snapped as a brushed through the both of them.
“Woah…what happened to (Y/N) !” I heard them ask Clarke and Octavia. I completely ignored Bellamy as he called my name. Once I got to my tent I let out a small cry as I brought my hands to my hair.
“(Y/N)! I’m talking to you!” Bellamy barked outside of my tent.
“Yeah well. I’m not talking to you!” I barked right back.
“What the hell is wrong with you right now?!”
“Screw off Blake.” I said as I heard a snicker.
“Way to go Blake.” I heard Murphy snark.
“Shut up Murphy. What is her problem?! She was just fine at dinner.”
“You truly are not the brightest huh?” Murphy scoffed.
“What?!” Then it was silent. I shook my head pulling on my pjs before shutting my eyes. Falling fast asleep.
Next morning I sat next to Clarke and Octavia, without food. Octavia gave me a weird look as she chewed on a berry.
“(Y/N)? Where’s your food?” Clarke and Raven looked up from their food as they heard Octavia. I shrugged.
“Just not hungry.” I said forcing a smile. Clarke squinted at me suspiciously. I felt a huge hand on my shoulder and could already tell who it was.
“(Y/L/N). We need to talk.” Bellamy said.
“Actually. We don’t! Now. If you’ll excuse me. I have to help Monty.” I shrugged his hand of my shoulder before standing and walking away briskly.
“Well…what did you do?” Octavia sighed. Bellamy shook his head.
“I don’t know.” He muttered. I went to help Monty and made sure to be less clumsy. Carefully placing my feet as I walked. Monty raised an eyebrow.
“Okay. What’s going (Y/N) !” He asked finally.
“You’ve be acting strange for the past day now and it’s freaking me out.” Monty said as he gave me a ‘try-and-lie-to-me-I-dare-you.’ look and I sighed. I took a deep breath and was about to respond when I heard Murphy speak.
“(Y/N). We’re going hunting and I’m suppose to come get you so move.” I gave Monty a 'what-can-ya-do’ look before all but running to meet up with Murphy.
“So. What’s with the whole….badass (Y/N) thing now?” Murphy asked with a raised eyebrow as I picked up a gun.
“Nothing. Don’t worry about it Murphy.” I pleaded. He shook his head.
“If he hasn’t figured it out by now. He’s not worth it.” I was taken aback at Murphy’s comment as he shrugged.
“How did-”
“I saw you spying on the conversation.” He stated casually.
“Well…thanks Murphy…” I smiled. He shook his head.
“Don’t mention it.”
“What don’t want everyone to know you’re a secret softie.” I teased. He rolled his eyes before nudging me hard. I stifled a laugh until we were quickly hushed. I didn’t realize Bellamy was staring at us till he brushed through me and Murphy.
“Oh. My. God.” I snarled in anger.
“Something the matter there (Y/L/N) ?” Bellamy asked sarcastically as he rolled his eyes.
“You think you’re hilarious don’t you?!” I asked with a raised brow.
“I don’t need you and your girlish attitude distracting one of my best hunters.” He explained as i went slack jawed.
“What do you mean 'girlish attitude.’?!” I asked getting close to his face.
“Guys I don’t mean to interrupt the 'secret sexual tension’ you two have going on but-”
“Shut up Murphy!” We both said in unison.
“This is why we don’t take you on hunts! You’re too damn stubborn and-”
“I can get myself killed right?! Because I’m such a klutz right?!” I laughed bitterly. He furrowed his eye brows before he froze.
“No. Say no more. I’ll get out of here so I’m not a 'distraction’. Bye Murphy.” I rolled my eyes as I shoved my weapon into Bellamy’s hands before nodding at Murphy who gave me a triumphant smirk before nodding himself.
I tried to hold back the few tears as I came closer to the camp walls.
“Don’t be weak” I whispered to myself. When I walked in I saw Ravens eyes drift over to where I stood before she smiled and waved at me. I bit my lip before heading straight to my tent. One I opened the flap of the tent I threw myself onto my make shift bed. Tears pouring down my cheeks before I let out a silent sob so no one could hear me. My hands covering my mouth before I heard foot steps rapidly approaching my tent.
“(Y/N)?!” I heard Raven call. I stayed silent.
“(Y/N) I know you’re in there!” She huffed.
“What is it Raven.” I asked shakily.
“I want to know what the hell is going on.” She asked. “But you’re gonna have to let me in okay?!” She asked.
“Come in then.” I sighed sitting up as I looked at her. Her expression became soft as she saw my tear streaked face.
“Oh my god (Y/N) what’s wrong?!” She asked as she sat beside me.
“Bellamy. Fucking. Blake.” I cried. She pulled me close as I cried into her shoulder before I finally calmed down later. I told her what happened. She grew steadily mad before she hissed out
“the fucking nerve! I mean the man use to stick his dick in any women with a heartbeat and he has the nerve to talk shit about you?!”
“It’s no big deal now…it happened and-”
“But it never should have happened!”
She rolled her eyes.
“(Y/N)? Are you in there?! It’s Octavia!” I heard from outside my tent.
“Come in!” Raven and I said in unison.
“Woah…(Y/N) what happened?!” She asked as her eyes widened.
“Your brother-”
“Jesus what did he do now.” Octavia groaned as I buried my face in my pillow. Raven explained what happened before Octavia rolled her eyes and rested a hand on my back soothingly.
“(Y/N). Don’t worry about Bellamy. He’s a dick anyway. I’m his sister and if he honestly can’t see how beautiful you really are then he’s asshole. A blind asshole because he can’t see what he’s missing.” She said as I giggled.
“Cmon. We’re gonna go find new eye candy.”
“Not looking like that she isn’t.” Raven said before getting some water and splashing it on my face.
“You know…I still have a little make up left from the ark…” I bit my lip.
“Go for it.” I smirked. They squealed before they got to work.
“What. A. Masterpiece.” Octavia squealed. I giggled before we got up out of the tent. Finn’s jaw dropped as he peered over Bellamy’s shoulder. Bellamy turned around to see what he was looking at and his eyes widened at the sight of me.
“Anybody up for moonshine!” I could hear Jasper shout. Everyone cheered as I giggled and strutted up to Jasper before kissing his cheek.
“I’d love some Jasp.” I smiled.
“Alright let’s go (Y/N)!” Monty cheered as I down a glass before shaking my head at the burning sensation. After shamelessly flirting with Murphy and even Finn and two cups of moonshine later I felt a hand on my arm harshly yank me away from Finn.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” My eyes looked up to see Bellamy with a cold stare.
“What the hell do YOU think you’re doing touching me?” I barked rolling my eyes before yanking my arm.
“Saving you from making a stupid decision.”
“Bellamy Blake my only stupid decision was loving you.” I said with as much venom as I could muster. His face fell as I ripped my arm away and he let me walk away as I said good night to Octavia and Raven and Clarke. Walking back to my tent I opened my flap as I saw Bellamy standing inside pacing as I coughed.
“What the hell do you think you’re-”
Two strides and his lips were smashed against mine as he grabbed my face. Electricity shooting up our spines. It was the passionate kisses that made the butterflies in your stomach turn to fireworks. He pulled away as we panted before resting his forehead on mine.
“Don’t say that…” He pleaded with big brown eyes.
“Don’t say what?” I whispered.
“That your stupidest decision was falling in love with me.” He begged.
“I know you heard me the other day. I only said it because I didn’t want people to know that you are my biggest weakness…that your smile makes me feel like I’m a ten year old boy again…that your laugh makes me realize that there is beauty in the world after all the hell we’ve been through. I would walk on glass to make you happy…and knowing that I hurt you makes me feel like a monster.” He whispered.
I stood there in shock.
“Say something-”
I cut him off by kissing him again.
“Bellamy Blake…you make be an idiot…but you’re my idiot.” He grinned
“I’ll always be you’re idiot if you let me.” He added.
“Duly noted. Now kiss me again.”
“Your wish is my command darling.”

Diner Days

Originally posted by complete-fandom-trashhh

Author: Scarlett
Word Count:
Reader Gender: Implied female

Overworking, poor living conditions, fainting, malnutrition
Love Interest:
Pre-War Bucky
I got this idea while trying to go to sleep♥ Also, I’ll be making a part 2 when I wake up.

My heels clicked against the hard cement as I quickly made my way to my second job for the day. I quickly looked at my worn watch, seeing it was 15 minutes away from my shift time. I huffed, quickening my pace. My second job was just a block away, and I’d be there in no time, but I like to be there early so I can get more hours in. I need all the money I can get right now, I can barely pay my bills let alone afford food. Thankfully, the Manager at the Diner, my second job, will give me a free meal a couple times a week. I don’t really like working there, the staff is usually rude, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

I work a third job from Thursday to Sunday, so with all the jobs I have you’d think I’d be able to rake in a decent amount of money. I’m not sure what’s happening to my bills, but I’ll probably have to squeeze in a third one pretty soon. My electricity got cut off, now I’m forced to take cold showers in the middle of winter. Thankfully, I’ve managed to create a makeshift indoor camp-fire in the living room, and I usually end up sleeping in there for warmth. I checked my watch, seeing that I was now 10 minutes away from my shift. I sighed, running the rest of the way, and clocking in 8 minutes before my shift.

I wiped my face, hoping to wipe away my exhaustion, but no such luck. I went to the bathroom and changed into my uniform, putting my belongings into my tiny locker. I quickly put on my apron and name tag before heading into what I call the War Zone. It was just the front area, but it gets pretty damn packed around my shift, and I’m more or less grateful for that fact. If it wasn’t so busy on my shift, I’d probably end up falling asleep and getting fired. In between all of my jobs, I only get a few hours of sleep, so one can imagine where I’m coming from. I took out my pen and pad, quickly taking the orders of my tables.

“Where’s Maggie and Tess?” I asked the chef.

“They said you’d be picking up their tables.” He spoke in an annoyed tone.

“What about Anne?” I questioned and he shook his head.

“Said the same thing.” He shrugged.

“So nobody else is here?” I said in a slightly panicking tone.

“Obviously, (Y/n), now go get those orders, you’re on the clock!” He ordered and I sighed.

“Right-o, Sir.” I said before walking off.

I quickly ran off to get the orders of all the tables, feeling exhaustion set in around the end of when I usually leave; my shift ended about 2 hours ago, but like I said I need the money.  I sighed, handing a table their meals and receiving a lecture about time management. I smiled tiredly and apologized for any inconvenience before going off and getting another table’s food. I was zooming around, and my feet were beginning to protest in discomfort and slight pain. I went around with the tea and coffee pitcher, refilling everyone’s drinks. I saw a man sit down in a stool by the front and I groaned internally, not sure how I was going to manage him along with everyone else.

“What can I get you sir?” I asked, trying to catch my breath.

“You act like you’ve been running a marathon, (Y/n).” The man pointed out and you smiled.

“Bucky, what have I said about seeing me at work?” I asked, giving him a hug.

“Hey, I’m just a man wanting to eat at a diner.” He smoothly said.

“That just so happens to be this one?” I countered, eyebrow raised.

“You’re here to work, not talk, (Y/n)!” The same chef called.

“Sorry, Pete!” I apologized, “Well, what can I get you, Bucky?” I asked.

“I think I’ll just have a coffee for now, Doll.” He said with a smile and I shook my head.

“One coffee, coming right up.” I set a mug in front of him.

“I thought your shift was over?” He asked with a raised brow.

“Uh, well, it kind of is.” I squeezed out.

“(Y/n).” He said in a warning tone.

“It’s only two hours over.” You reasoned.

“(Y/n), Doll, you can’t keep doing this, you’re going to make yourself sick.” Worry laced his voice.

“I’ll be fine, Bucky.” You waved him off, setting the coffee jug back in the Coffee Maker.

He eyed me carefully, not believing me one bit. He managed to find out about me working three jobs and living in a rinky dink house about half an hour from here. I don’t know how the information slithered his way, but it did and I can’t deny it. He doesn’t know about my utilities going off or about how little I’ve been eating. Between paying all of the bills, I just can’t afford food. I sighed, running a hand through my hair, making some of the strands come out of the ponytail it was in. His eyes haven’t left mine this entire time and I narrowed my eyes at him. Why can’t he just realize that not everyone is Middle Class?

“Did you at least eat today?” He asked after a heavy sigh, clearly concerned.

“I had some water this morning.” I shrugged.

“That’s not what I asked, (Y/n), and you know it.” He said firmly.

“Between the three jobs and all my bills, it’s just not affordable.” I stated and he glared at me.

“Affordable? Not eating is affordable?” He asked and I nodded with a shrug, “Next thing you know, you’re going to tell me your utilities got cut off.” He huffed and I looked down.

“Well,” I squeezed out, my voice an octave higher.

“(Y/n), why didn’t you tell me?” He asked, sounding a little angry.

“I didn’t-” The alarm went off and three waitresses came out of the back room, “Gotta go.”

He called my name, but I was busy getting ready to get to my house. I quickly got my things from my locker and slipped on my jacket and running off. I quickly waved my goodbyes to the Chef and ran the entire way home. If I make it back before 5 AM, I’ll be able to get at least two and a half hours of sleep before going to my third job. That should be enough to get my though my part time shift over there. My mind kept going back to the little argument Bucky and I were having in the diner. I know he was going there to check up on me, but I don’t know why he’s so worried. I’ve been doing this for years, if I haven’t had anything go wrong by now, then it probably won’t happen.

I huffed, the cold air biting at my skin and making my fingers go numb. I held my thin jacket closer to me and ran a bit faster. Thankfully, I did track when I was in high school. I didn’t take track for competitive reasons, I took it because it’d be useful later on down the road, and I was right. Granted, I don’t have the same speed or stamina due to the lack of nutrition in my body, but I was still pretty decent. Plus, if that didn’t help me, then the sweet song of sleep surely would. I feel a little bad about leaving him like that, but I have a strict schedule I have to keep to. I quickly unlocked the door to my house and shut it behind me.

“Ah, home at last.” I said quietly, taking off my jacket.

I set my jacket on the makeshift rack that was by the door, and I quickly made my way to the indoor camp-fire I managed to conjure up. I had put a piece of metal over a hold in the floor, and then covered it in cement, and then the idea struck me. Next thing you know, there’s large stones surrounding the thing and wood and dirt inside of it. I don’t pay for firewood, I don’t have the money for that; I just grab a few twigs and stick from the backyard and just use that. I quickly got the matches and relit the fire from earlier today, not wanting to waste the entire thing. I smiled as the flames sparked to life, filling me with warmth. Then the doorbell rang.

“Relax, it’s just me.” Bucky said after a moment and I sighed.

“What do you want?” I asked, opening the door.

“I come bearing-woah.” He looked around at my house, his eyes settling on the indoor fire.

“It’s winter and I’m cold.” I stated plainly and he pinched the bridge of his nose.

“You know, (Y/n), you’re a lot of things and you’re starting to really worry me.” He said and you sighed.

“Sorry if my failure to make enough to pay the bills inconveniences you.” I said sarcastically.

“You’re coming with me.” He said, shaking his head.

“No-” I began to protest.

“You can’t keep living here!” He shouted and I glared.

“Oh yes I can, I can make it by myself.” I countered, arms crossed.

“Fine, die, I don’t care.” He blurted out and I gasped, feeling the tears prickling my eyes, “Hold on, that didn’t-” He started.

“Get out,” I smacked his torso, shoving him out my door, “Get out, get out, get out!” I shouted, slamming the door on his face and locking it.

I leaned against the door, letting myself cry as the tears flooded down my cheeks. I can’t believe he’d say something like that! He can’t mean it, can he? I shook my head and wiped my eyes, sniffling as I did so. I have a damn schedule to keep, and I’m not going to let him ruin it. I’m not going to die here, I’m going to make it on my own and finally make my parents proud. I looked at my watch, 5:10 AM. I need to get to sleep, before it’s too late and I have to go in earlier than usual. I quickly walked into the kitchen, filling my stomach with a water bottle I filled up earlier this morning. I felt the world blur around me and I put a hand on my head in pain.

I leaned against the wall as I tried to stabilize myself, the pain and dizziness not leaving my mind. I sighed, the pain only growing worse and worse by the minute. Maybe it was a bad idea to kick Bucky out like I did. I put my other hand on my head and dug my nails into my scalp, wincing as I did so. I tried to stand up straight, but that was a huge mistake. With a scream I came falling onto the hard wood, my head falling harshly and making my headache and dizziness worse. I heard a loud crash as the world around me started blacking out.

“(Y/n)?!” A voice yelled over me, and I reached out to it.

Darkness consumed my mind before I could decipher who it was.

A friend of mine asked me to post the first part of their story for them, anonymously. So here it is! (P.S. I am not doing this for everyone.)


“Fireball!” Everyone shouted and gulped their shots. This is the part of my night where I question why I’m with a rejected photographer.

There are girls everywhere: in the pool, on the roof and in the bedrooms. What more can a man ask for? Well, some goddamn peace and quiet would be nice. I have never been a man of parties- I’m an introvert and I want to keep it that way. That was until this walking stick for a model came into my life. News flash Jamie: taking pictures of yourself half naked for Instagram then applying a filter isn’t being a photographer. She has lipstick for a brain, but I couldn’t care less. The sex is great.

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A Drop In The Ocean: The 100 (John Murphy)

FLUFFY ANGST HERE WE GO!!! As always this was requested by the magical, the wonderful, the one-and-only, @thisisacutepunkpsycho . This imagine is based off of the song Drop in the Ocean by Ron Pope FOUND HERE: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mt8jifKlbTc (although, Shawn Mendes did a cover so I would also highly recommend that). Bless you all okay woop woop let’s go!

WARNINGS: swearing, blowjob refrences, etc.
PROMPT: Murphy is desperately in love with you but has no idea how to tell you until an accident occurs in the forest.


(Y/N’s POV)

You were hanging out in Jasper’s tent when Murphy came trudging in with his usual grumpy vibe. “Hey Jasper, Monty says he-” He saw you and stopped in his tracks, eyes wide. He then shook himself out of his minor daze and put on the oddest smirk you had ever seen. “Sorry, were you going to suck him off?” Jasper chuckled but you fell silent, still processing the fact that it was simply a joke. You and Jasper were friends, and only friends. Murphy chuckled and turned back to Jasper. “Monty needs you at the dropship.” He then turned and left. Jasper stood up and gave you a light punch in the arm.

“Loosen up Y/N.” He chuckled. You grinned back at him, following him out of the tent but you found yourself simply standing there, realizing how sick you were of the camp. You decided to take a walk to your favorite tree that was rooted 75 feet from the camp. You grabbed an apple from a pile you were passing and walked to the gates where you found Bellamy.

“Hey Y/N, where you off to?” He asked.

“Little walk.” You replied. Bellamy nodded and let you leave.

(Murphy’s POV)

I had a suspicion that Y/N was hooking up with Jasper. They were always walking together, eating together, laughing together. It made me sick with jealousy, Most nights I could hardly sleep thinking about it. I want nothing more than to walk with Y/N, eat with her, and make her laugh but my chances are skew. Wishing to have her love me is like wishing for rain in the dessert. She’s too good for me. Even if she could just pretend to love me, even for an hour, I would be set for life.

When I found her in Jasper’s tent I had the feeling I was walking in on something, I managed to smile though. I regretted saying the comment as soon as it left my lips but I had to find closure. If she would just admit they were a thing I could try to get over her, but instead she sat there silently and when Jasper left the tent she walked out into the forest. I could tell she was angry, or upset. “What the hell have you done?” I mumbled to myself and immediately jogged after her but was stopped at the gate by Bellamy.

“Where do you think you’re going?” He asked.

“Gotta pee.” I said in a rushed tone that Bellamy took for an urgent need to evacuate my bladder, but it was really because I couldn’t leave Y/N alone in the forest with the grounders and every other threat. I followed her footprints in a rough route to a… tree?

(Y/N’s POV)

You had scaled the tree so many times it took you almost no effort to hop from branch to branch, moving higher and higher. The top offered an amazing view of Mount Weather, the mountain you should have been dropped on. You were maybe 30 feet up when you heard footsteps beneath you. Footsteps that belonged to… Murphy?

“What are you doing here Murphy?”

Murphy’s head snapped up, his eyes wide. “Y/N? Y/N what the hell are you doing in a tree?” He asked, urgency in his voice.

“Murphy why do you look like you’re about to shit your pants?” The worry left Murphy’s eyes as he put on his ‘I’m totally not chill right now but I’m going to pretend I am’ look.

“What? I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You snickered and moved down to your favorite branch, now only 25 feet from the grass below, but something cracked and the look of worry that Murphy was previously wearing returned, but now in the form of terror. “Y/N please get out of the tree.” You snickered again.

“Murphy why do you care? I’ve climbed this tree a thousand times and-” Something snapped, even louder this time. Suddenly the branch below you gave way, leaving you plummeting towards the ground.

(Murphy’s POV)

I found Y/N in a tree. 30 feet off the ground in a fucking tree. “Murphy why do you look like you’re about to shit your pants?” Apparently I’m not that good at hiding my worry, but she had no idea what she meant to me, or what would happen if she got hurt. She’s my everything. What was I thinking when I said I could get over her? That’s why I almost lost it when I heard that crack. If she didn’t get out of that tree soon I would climb up after her. But she got out of the tree fast enough, just not in the way I would have preffered.

She hit the ground hard. I heard several things that weren’t twigs break and snap. “CLARKE! BELLAMY HELP!” I yelled back at the camp. I had her in my arms in no time but her eyes wouldn’t open. “CLARKE! HELP! CLARKE, BELLAMY HELP!” They weren’t coming, not fast enough anyway. “ANYBODY! HELP! PLEASE!” I was holding her in my chest, trying to will my life into her limp body. “Y/N, Y/N please wake up. Please Y/N! You can’t leave me! I’m- I’m nothing without you!” Tears were streaming down my face like my eyes were faucets. “Y/N WAKE UP! Y/N please! My life will being a living hell without you because- cause.” I sniffled. “Cause you’re my heaven Y/N.”

I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Clarke, Bellamy on her heels with a gun. The rest of the camp followed with weapons but lowered them on Bellamy’s command once he realized there was no grounder attack iminent. They had heard my yelling.

“Murphy?” Clarke asked staring at me. “Murphy what the hell happened. Y/N suddenly coughed to life. I whipped my head to her and lifted her body in my shoulder so she was sitting. I expected her to stare at everybody and question what happened but instead she sat silent, staring into my own eyes.

"Did you mean it?” She asked, confusing me. She tried to sit up but yelped in pain.

Clarke told me to lift her up. “But be very careful not to move her back, or her legs. If she has a spinal injury you could paralyze her.” I scooped Y/N up bridal style and carried her back to her tent with her head on my chest. I laid her soft, fragile body down on her bed and sat beside her. I had never been in her tent but I had always dreamed of cuddling with her in here. Clarke gave Y/N a natural painkiller then left to get bandages and splints for her numerous injuries. She did her best to shift towards me.

“Did you mean what you said in the forest?” We returned to the question.

“What do you mean?” I suddenly became more aware of the dried tears that stained my cheeks.

“I heard everything you said while I was out.” A wave of nausea crashed into my stomach and I found myself unable to breath.

“You- you did?” I stuttered.

She nodded. “It was like I was awake, I just couldn’t open my eyes. But I heard everything.” I didn’t have words, but they would have been no use anyway because Y/N grabbed my jacket at pulled me closer, crashing her lips into mine. I pulled away in shock and regretted it immediately.

“Wait, does this mean-”

She smiled. “That I love you John Murphy? Why yes, I believe it does, because I’ve been praying that you and me end up together for a really long time now.” All of a sudden I could breath again. Next thing you knew our lips were together again, tongues colliding, hands feeling, adrenaline pumping. We kissed with such passion that we didn’t hear Clarke enter the tent until she cleared her throat.

“Is that painkiller kicking in yet?” She asked.

Y/N shook her head. “Not yet,” She turned to me and smiled. “but I’m feeling plenty of euphoria.”


HOLY HOT DAMN! This imagine was such a pleasure to write ( @thisisacutepunkpsycho bless your soul for requesting this.) and I hope you all enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it. I love you all so much! PEACE OUT GIRL SCOUTS!

-Emma (my-little-wolfies)

Imagine: *Daryl’s POV

I hummed quietly as I walked through the woods, crossbow by my side. Ever since the group arrived at the safe zone, I haven’t felt like I really belonged with them anymore. I decided right there that I wasn’t going back today. 


It had been 3 weeks since I left Alexandria, and I hadn’t encountered another living person. I did, however, have a dog, which I had named Archie. I whistled for him to follow me, but he just growled, then started barking. I heard a twig snap, so I loaded my crossbow and aimed it in front of me. I frowned slightly when Aaron jumped out from the bushes, holding his hands up to Archie. 

“Oh my god, Daryl!” I froze when he practically ran over to me, tears in his eyes. “I missed you, I thought you were dead. The whole group’s been out looking.” I sighed, that was not supposed to happen. “We had to leave Alexandria, it got overrun, they…they got Eric.” He looked down at his feet, frowning. 

“Sorry.” I muttered, going to turn away. 

“Daryl, don’t go.” I snapped my head round at Carol’s voice, seeing her and the rest of the group staring at me. Archie barked at Judith. Rick passed Judith to Carl and walked over to me. 

“Daryl, I’m sorry. We’re all sorry. We didn’t know you felt like that, we should have seen…” 

“S’fine.” I muttered, looking at him. Carl then gave Judith back to Rick and hugged me, making me slightly uncomfortable, but I just sighed. Suddenly the whole group gasped and looked at Judith.

“Dog!” She cheered, pointing at Archie. 

~This was requested ages ago and I haven’t updated in ages, so here you go :) ~