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YOU WANT AN ANGST REQUEST!? I'LL GIVE YOU ONE!? READER LISTENS TO SOMETHING THAT MIGHT BE INTERPRETED AS CHEATING BUT IT REALLY WASN'T!? BUT SHE JUST DOESN'T COME BACK OR SOMETHING? LIKE SHE LEAVES AND (oh god i need to chil) eventually he finds her and explains? but like.. SUPER angsty at the beginning! with iwaizumi, oikawa or bokuto! you decide ^^

I tried to make this angsty, but it didn’t turn out like I hoped, lol.

I’m just gonna write for Iwaizumi and Oikawa since it got kinda long, sorry!


You both are in adults in here

“Hey Hajime, how was your workout?” You greeted as he entered through the doors of your shared apartment. “Tough, I liked it.” He chuckled and you smiled at him from your spot on the couch. 

“You’re looking great babe~” You compliment as his ears turn red from the sudden praise. Looking away shyly, he thanks you before heading off to shower to remove all the sweat from his tired body.

Getting up onto your feet, you reach for Iwaizumi’s items he tossed on the floor earlier and brought them over towards the bedroom for him. As you were setting his stuff away or throwing his dirty clothes into the hamper, his phone vibrated and you couldn’t help but peek over.

From: Hitomi

‘Great workout today! Can’t wait for tomorrow!’

Furrowing your brows, you looked at the name closer. “Hitomi? That’s a girl name.” You didn’t want to jump to conclusions right away because you knew Iwaizumi wouldn’t cheat on you, but you couldn’t stop your mind from wandering.

A few minutes passed and you heard Iwaizumi exiting the bathroom, running over to the other side, you pretended not to have evidence of anything that had just happened. 

Walking into the room, he had a towel on his fresh shower hair and noticed his phone right away. As you watched him reply to the text, you decided to subtly ask.

“Oh, are you texting Oikawa?” Iwaizumi shook his head and set his phone down after he finished, “Nah, just a friend.” Nodding at him, you turned back around and continued to set his stuff away, “Oh.”

You knew it was bad to follow him to the gym, but you couldn’t help yourself after reading that text message. 

Walking into the gym, you hid behind a wall and watched as he approached a female, all suited in workout clothing, looking all nice and everything. Frowning with narrowed eyes, you watched as she gave him a hug before the two walked off to work out together. 

Just as you were about to turn around and leave, your eyes caught sight of them at the squatting station; ho he was positioned behind her while she stuck out that butt of hers. 

Furious, you exited the gym with clenched fists and instead of walking to the apartment, you took a detour to a different place.

“(Name), I’m home.” Iwaizumi called out as he took his shoes off at the door. He noticed that all the lights were off and no response was heard. “(Name)?”

Thinking that you might’ve fallen asleep or went out to run some errands, he took a shower and cooked a meal for himself, but after a few hours, you still weren’t back. 

He sent a text a few hours ago too, but you still didn’t reply. Dialing your number, he waited for you to pick up, but you didn’t. 

Now he was starting to get nervous.

The sun was setting and he had no information on where you were at. Putting matters into his own hands, he went out and looked for you. 

He checked at Oikawa’s place because for some reason you would always go there, but you weren’t this time. He checked at your favorite cafes or date locations, but you weren’t there either.

Finally, he found himself at the front gates of Aoba Johsai high school and noticed your figure standing there, looking over at the building. 

“(Name)!” Iwaizumi yelled running over to you. Looking over at him, he immediately pulled you into his chest, “Why didn’t you answer any of my calls or texts? I was so worried!” He scolded.

Letting out a sigh, you stepped back from him, “Can you be honest with me Hajime?” Raising a brow, he nodded, “Sure?”

“Are you cheating on me?” You asked, looking up at him, hands clenched beside you. Iwaizumi let out a confused chuckle, “No, why would you think that?”

“I saw your messages with that Hitomi girl and I saw the two of you at the gym, really close together.” You confessed, holding your hands tightly together as you looked down at the floor. 

“Hitomi? (Name), I’m a physical trainer and she just happens to be the girl I’m training. There’s nothing more between us.” Iwaizumi answers, crossing his arms. “Are you lying to me?” 

“No! Why would I? We’re dating (Name), you know that.” Sighing, you walk into his chest and wrap your arms around him, “I’m sorry Hajime. I keep doing this to you.” 

“I’m just glad you’re safe. Let’s head home and get you warmed up first.“

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i’m updating tumblr. i really don’t have a choice, because i have to delete the app when i leave for camp in a few weeks. it’ll come back updated. this update will probably censor most of my content and yours. it’s been real, guys. i’m gonna miss all of you that can’t even see my blog anymore. continue to stand against this stupid “safe mode” update. i’ve learned we can still post what we want… just that most of us can’t even see it. the whole thing is one of the worst things i’ve ever heard. i’ll still be here posting… if you’re around to see it.

BYYEEE for a few weeks sort of maybe

lol hey
I’m posting this prematurely bc my flight doesn’t leave til tomorrow evening but idk how much time I’ll have tomorrow
I’m leaving to study abroad in England for 4 weeks!! I was lame and didn’t get my queue running again, and I’m gonna be having a prettyyyyy busyyyy schedule, so while I am gonna have my laptop with me, I’ll likely not be on here as often til I return ✨
At least, I SHOULDNT be, since I’ll be restricted to wifi but should be doing classwork when I’m on campus, so we’ll see what actually happens >.>
I’ll try to reblog this again before I get on the plane… good night 😴

just wanted to get on here quickly and just say that I’m sorry for the lack of updates. I thought I could squeeze in an imagine or two today but I still feel like my world is ending because of my dad leaving tomorrow and I haven’t processed it yet so I’m just gonna log off tonight and sulk. I’ll be back soon enough. thank you to all of you who cares and sends me messages, it really does mean the world to me. much love x

Hey guys sorry for the abruptness but I just want to let you know that there arren’t going to be any posts today things have majorly fucked up and I’ve lost a bunch of shit and things haven’t…been going well. My thoughts aren’t in the best place right now either and I’ll be surprised if this shit is even legible through my crying so sorry for springing this suddenly but….yeah

sorry for the fuckup

- Ghost

It seems Twitter is in some sort of all out war. At least where my name is concerned. For or against the trailer for To The Bone. Or rather, choosing to support it or wanting to boycott it and calling out Netflix and myself. And some concern for my well being sprinkled in there for good measure. I’m just more grateful than ever, not to be in LA.

Okay, so, requests are open, but please take a look at this first if you plan on requesting? :3

After a million years, they’re open again! Hooray~

Before you send in your ask, I want to mention some things.

I’ll be closing the askbox as soon as I’ve gotten enough. I don’t know how many I’m gonna take, but once I feel I have enough I’ll close the askbox right off the bat, then make a post. I’ll leave it closed for a little bit longer just so people have time to see the post, then that’ll be that.

You probably know which girls/ships I don’t really like by now, (if not, it’s listed here) and it’s fine if you want to request something with a girl or ship that I don’t favor! I definitely don’t mind~ What I do mind is someone sending it in just because I don’t like them. I noticed that happening during some of my ask memes, and that’s fine, because all I do for those is type a couple sentences and that’s that, but I put in a lot of work to write, so it’d be kind of a dick move to request something just for The Joke (”lol Zippy doesn’t really like smile girls, let me request a HonoChikaRinNico orgy lolol”). Just don’t do it. I didn’t have this problem last time and I don’t think I will, but I just wanted to let you know…it’s not funny, and I’ll be able to tell the difference. Respect the Zippy pls? :3

If you sent a request last time around, I’d really appreciate if you didn’t send another. This speaks for itself? I’m only taking a limited amount so it’s just polite to other people…

I’m working off of the 101 Kink Prompts list still, so here it is. Outside prompts are a no-go for now.

Kanan is a goddess and should be worshiped. Has absolutely nothing to do with requests I just wanted to remind you.

And that’s it. Sorry for typing all this up, I just want this to be good for me and the requesters, so this should clear things up on both ends. Thanks :D

slavic languages gothic

You see a sentence written in cyrillic. Some of the letters are familiar. You see the meaning shimmering underneath the surface. You almost grasp it, but it slips away. The letters on the page mock you silently.

You know this Czech word. You’ve already learnt it in Polish. It is not the same word. It is a grave insult. Your slavic friends are shocked and embarassed for you when they hear you speak it.

There is a sentence in Croatian. There is a sentence in Serbian. There is a sentence in Bosnian. They are all the same sentence.

You have to write about your day in Slovak. You spend the night polishing the draft. You fail your assigment. It’s written in Czech. You don’t know Czech.

P is not what it seems. You have to remember that.

The Croatian sentence does not mean what the Bosnian sentence means. They both mean the same in Serbian.

That word has a diminutive. The diminutive has its own diminutive. The diminutive of the diminutive also has a diminutive. Nobody knows what the final diminutive of a word is. Some say the knowledge had been lost in centuries past and matrioshkas are the echo, the tangible warning left for us to remember. No living creature should hold the means of diminishing something into nonexistence.
Others say you may still find some of them in old soviet textbooks, if you dare to look in abandoned schools of Chernobyl.

Someone is speaking to you. Is that a he or a she? You aren’t sure. It’s an abstract concept. Why does it have gender.

You see a word in a dictionary. It has seventeen letters and only one vowel. You close the dictionary very carefully not looking at the phonetic transcription. The shape of it haunts you in your sleep. You wake up face damp with tears, a bitter taste on your tongue. The clock blinks 3:03AM. You do not dare look up that word again.

This word means the same thing in the five slavic languages you’re familiar with. You use it in the sixth one. That word does not exist in this language. It never did. There is now a word-shaped void in the fabric of this language. The natives look at you uneasily. There is a new quality to the silence and your palms start to sweat.

H is not H. H is not H. H is not H. H is not H.

One day you flip through your dictionary. A page is missing. What was the word? You can’t remember. There is pressure building at the back of your head. The clock blinks 3:03AM.

You write my name is in cyrillic. There are shadows dancing on the walls. They grow longer with each letter you write down. It is not cyrillic you’re using. You keep writing my name is. The shadows now bleed from the tip of your pen. It’s irrelevant. You need to remember the right letters.

N is not N is not N is not N is not N is not N is not N is not N is not N is not N is not N is not… If only you could remember the letters. The letters are important. What was it, that wasn’t N?

There are nine different prefixes you can add to a verb to change its meaning. There are fifty three different suffixes you have to add to a verb to make it work. In the end the only thing left of the original is a vague shape of one of its middle consonants. You can feel the anguish radiating from the verb’s mutialted form. A desperate sob escapes through your clenched teeth. You’re so, so sorry, you didn’t meant to. You didn’t. It doesn’t matter.

You now read a text in Russian. You’ve never learnt Russian. Why are you reading that text? The words burn your eyes, the meaning searing your mind.

There’s a shot of vodka in front of you. You don’t drink alcohol. You don’t care. All existence is meaningless, your soul’s in eternal pain. A broken matrioshka lays at your feet. There is no salvation, she says boring into your eyes. You open your mouth to answer, but there is only a burst of harsh rustle. It dies in whispering echoes a moment later. Your glass is empty again.


you think people can’t tell

more watery aesthetics I guess

its tea

second ones transparent

Jungkook; Boyfriend Material

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Cooking (with dem sleeves rolled up, like BOI)

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Playing with dogs. Alway super cute with anyone

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That lip bite tho, like can you let me live please?

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Personal cuddle buddy

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Bare face and absolutely gorgeous 

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Lifting them weights

Now everybody say it with me; Jeon Jungkook is boyfriend material.

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