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A Month of Spook - (17/31)

↳ What’s This? - Fall Out Boy


when he gets the answer wrong vs when he gets it right (adorable both times)


- Brienne, A Feast For Crows


[…] It still shocks me that I even managed to get this far just from walking around my apartment filming myself. Sometimes I watch other YouTubers, and I’m just like, “How the f*** did I get here? Who let that happen?” But from the day I started making videos, when I thought about what kind of YouTuber I wanted to be, I am still moving towards that. So whether you’re new or you haven’t even subscribed yet, the best is still yet to come. You have no idea.

 tfw Baymax Returns is revealed to premiere on November 20th

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tfw there will also be shorts every Friday

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