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Hi I don’t know if you can do a bill Skarsgard imagine like bill brothers come to visit you two and you an bill have a little fun at night😉😉and in the morning his brothers tease you both about how loud you are and bill was defending you and yeah ejeje thank you!! “Smut” please thanks!       

Hello, desperate fangirl here! Could you possibly do an imagine where the reader and Bill get into a huge argument just having a screaming match and they are both screaming and crying and she’s hitting his chest out of anger, and then they both make up by kissing passionately and cuddling. It’s okay if you want to pass on that idea, I promise I won’t be butt hurt lol.

Warnings: Language, smut.

A/N: I hope you don’t mind that I mixed two request, I’ve changed the roles just a little. This is my firs time writting smut and I really sucks… sorry about that, I‘ve tried my best, sorry for my horrible english.

Pairing: Bill Skarsgard x Reader

Title: “You moan like a princess”


“Stop yelling, Y/N, my siblings are in the next room” Bill whispered trying to stay calm despite his girlfriend still yelling at him without reason

“I DON’T CARE THEY’RE IN HERE BILL” She yelled furiously, feeling her heart beating faster against her chest  

“Why are you so angry, Y/N? WHAT DID I DO NOW?” he asked without understanding, twining his fingers in his hair, starting to feel desperate.  

“I SAW YOUR CELLPHONE” She confessed with tears in her eyes “I SAW YOUR MESSAGES WITH THAT SLUT, BILL!”  She felt the bitter tears begin to slide down her red cheeks. Bill looked at her, he was furious, his girlfriend had been snooping on his cellphone without permission

“WHY DID YOU CHECK MY PHONE, Y/N?” He asked angrily, starting to yell too

“OH MY GOD! I JUST FOUND YOUR MESSAGES WITH ANOTHER WOMAN AND YOU…  Oh God , I CAN’T BELIEVE IT, BILL!” She tried to look at him, but tears clouded her vision and she felt how her heart break into a thousand pieces. Bill stayed quiet, looking at who he believed was the love of his life, crying furiously in front of him and he felt like the worst human being.

“I’m sorry” He whispered with a broken voice, approaching her, trying to hold her, but she walks away

“YES, YOU SHOULD SORRY” She kept yelling, not with anger but sadness

“Y/N, it’s not what you think, nothing ever happened with her” He tried to hug her desperately and she hits him on the chest

“I’m not stupid, Bill” She hits him again trying to get away from him, but he was holding her tight

“I know you’re not, Y/N, please” He begged with tears in his eyes “I love you”

“No, you don’t” She sobbed as he embraced her

“Hey…” He whispered and takes her chin with his fingertips “Look at me, my love” Y/N turned to see him, Oh God! She loved his green eyes “You have to believe me, I would never do anything to hurt you” He said more relaxed

“But I saw the messages, Bill, you can’t deny it!”

He sighed heavily.

The truth was that in the last few months, Bill had been planning his marriage proposal to Y/N, and his best friend had agreed to help him with it, the messages really could be misunderstood because they just talked about meeting in certain places to talk about it

“She was helping me to plan my marriage proposal” he confesses in distress “Now it’s all ruined, but I don’t care because I don’t want to lose you Y/N” he walked to the dressing table and take the fake flowers from the clay vase, he reached into the vase and pulled out a small black box.

He went back to Y/N and showed it to her “It’s not as I had planned it, actually Gustaf and Alex were here to help me with it but… damn it! You’d to be a psycho girlfriend, dear!” Y/N looked at him in puzzlement, with one hand covering her mouth, feeling the stupidest woman on the planet, she was trembling and couldn’t control it, Bill rested his forehead on hers; she could feel his warm breath and breathe his favorite cologne that she loved it so much, chamomile and mint, she looked into his eyes “be my wife” he whispered opening the little box

“Oh my god”

“is it a yes?”

“Yes” She whispered almost inaudibly.

Bill took the ring and put it on her finger. He kissed her,  holding her tightly by the waist, but it wasn’t a romantic kiss, it was one full of desire. It wouldn’t be the first time they ended up having sex after an argument.

He was much taller than her, but Y/N manages to take a small leap by wrapping her legs around his waist; Bill walked with her and they lie down on the bed while still kissing

“Do you want to go out to dinner? Or do you prefer to stay and kiss to see how this continues?” He said between kissed. Y/N looked at him and responded with another kiss even more passionate than the previous one.

Her hands had begun to play with the buttons of his shirt, unbuttoning them one by one until completely removed. She loved to see him like that, she adored his milky skin and his Adam’s apple moving every time is swallowed, she loved his dilated pupils giving a special touch to the green of his eyes, and his velvet lips, Dear God.

Bill had taken her dress off along with her dark bra, his kisses had begun to run down her neck and shoulder making her gasp slightly, his velvet lips begging to fiddle with her left nipple making her squirm under him and panting wildly, his right hand low up brushing the thin fabric of her underwear, feeling as she began to get wet just for him, her thighs trembled.  

Y/N tried to control her hips, but she was desperate to feel some friction, so she took his hand and guide him inside her panties, he began to touch her gently rubbing her clit, she struggled not to moan to loudly, after all Bill’s brothers were in the next room. He slides his fingers inside her and she twisted her neck letting exposed to him, he couldn’t miss the opportunity to kiss it and suck it slightly causing it to form a small hickey that would disappear soon.

He stopped touching her “What happened?” She asked confused “Why did you stop?”

“It seems you aren’t enjoying what I’m doing” He replied, whispering in her ear. His warm breath crashing against her skin, excited her even more.

“Your brothers are in the other room, Bill”

“I thought you didn’t mind, sweetheart” He tested her, lifted one eyebrow playfully as he licked her earlobe, making her moan softly.

“Bill, please” she whispered

“I want you to scream my name” He slip another finger inside her and felt her scratching his arm.

“Bill” she whispered breathlessly as he began to move his fingers inside her, she moved her hips and moan against his neck “more…” She begged him

“I can’t hear you, sweetie”

“Fuck me, Bill” She begged, biting his jaw gently and arranging to unbuckle his belt and remove his trousers, touching his prominent bulge, he groaned at her touch and without thinking twice she moved her hand inside his boxers taking his erection.

“Shee-it, Y/N” He settled between her legs and gently slide inside her as he kissed her hardly, he lets out a small groan as she scratched his back in response, he started thrusting faster and harder

In a quick movement, Y/N was on top of him, riding his cock and scratching his chest with every movement she made, Bill held her by the waist to gain the most stimulation with each stroke. He loved her, he loved her waist, her messy hair and her breasts moving to the beat of both.

She began to feel how the heat grew inside her and her calves began to tingle, as it happened every time she was about to reach an orgasm, she also felt how Bill’s muscles began to tense beneath her… “Y/N” He groaned as he clutched her breasts and took her neck to draw her closer to him and kiss her with passion finally thrusting their both into a climax.


Y/N and Bill were in the kitchen making breakfast, they heard footsteps and laughter in the hall, Gustaf and Alex appeared and sat on the kitchen counter in front of both

“Good morning guys” Y/N greeted them while turning a pancake with the spatula

“Good morning, Y/N” replied Gustaf “How about last night guys?” he asked as he serve a cup of coffee, Y/N and Bill cross glances and laugh “I mean… we heard you arguing”

“And other stuff” Alex joked

Y/N felt her cheeks begin to turn pink and laughed nervously, she knew these two too well and they wouldn’t hesitate to joke “I don’t know which one is noisier, if my brother or his girlfriend” mocked Alex and Bill turned to see him angrily

Gustaf let out a loud laugh “Bill you moan like a princess”

Y/N laughed and watched Bill’s jaw began to tighten

“I mean… Dad would be very disappointed in you, brother” Alex stood up to reach a mug

Y/N laughed and walked over to Bill “Let him alone guys” She said, wrapping her arms around his neck “I love your moans baby, don’t mind them” she confessed giving him a kiss on his lips and gigglin.

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Okay I may have just spent over an hour reading the messages because they gave me life and I love your blog a lot,,, (but that's not important) but can I make a request that Keith goes to text Shiro and gets Lance instead while Lance was gonna text Allura and texts Keith? (When they go to pine to their pining confident but both miss horribly and Klance happens)

hi hello yes this is my first post after being gone for like DAYS and i’m so sorry but i love you all and hope you’ve been well 💜

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Okay so first off I’m really sorry that this took me so long to get to whoever requested it. this was seriously one of the first requests I got and I should have tried to get it done sooner. that being said I really liked how it turned out and I hope everyone does too!!

Eddie, like most university students absolutely hated morning classes. He seriously had no clue why they were a thing. It should be a law that school can’t start until 9AM. Minimum.

He blamed Bill for the early morning torture he had signed up for. Bill didn’t want to take creative writing alone and since it technically fulfilled Eddie’s English credit requirement, Eddie thought it would be a good idea.

He was completely wrong.

So now instead of having a nice relaxing morning to sleep in he had to wake up at 6 in the morning and drive for 45 minutes in morning traffic, all while hating himself, just to sit through a class that he didn’t really like.

It’s not that he didn’t like it exactly. He just never had anything to write about. Bill could just pull ideas out of his ass while had Eddie struggled to think of a topic for the prompt “Write anything”. There was a reason Eddie had gone the medical route. All he had to do for that was know stuff, and seeing that his mother had basically made him live in the ER when he was younger, he knew quite a bit.

Eddie sat at his desk with his head down, his arms wrapped around him, blocking any light from hitting his eyes. He popped one eye out when he heard something being placed in front of him.

Bill had arrived offering a peace treaty of coffee and a bagel for the campus coffee shop. Eddie reached his hand out and pulled the bagel into his little ‘cave’, nibbling on it sleepily. Bills morning treats were one of the two things Eddie liked about this class.

“Oh come on Eddie, waking up early isn’t that bad.” Bill chirped, much too lively for Eddie to handle at the current time.

“That’s because you’re used to it with your stupid hikes and stuff,” Eddie grumbled pulling the coffee towards him, he was going to try to drink it with his head still down but decided he wanted to start the morning drinking the coffee, not wearing it. So he sat up and rested his head on his hand, looking over at Bill.

“If you came with me sometime, you’d also be okay with waking up early.” Bill replied taking his seat beside Eddie and pulling a binder out of his bag.

Eddie just responded with a sound and reached down to pull his binder out as well.

The teacher started class shortly after that, something about antagonists. The coffee was really doing its job, and Eddie slowly felt less like he wanted to kill someone and more like a solid punch would be okay.

About 20 minutes into the teacher talking and taking mindless notes, the door handle clicked and the door swung open. Since the door was at the front of the room everyone’s attention turned from the teacher to the guy at the door.

He was the other thing Eddie like about the class.

So what if Eddie had a crush on some guy he’d never spoken to, he wasn’t afraid to admit it. accept he was. Not even Bill, who he would consider his best friend knew about the weird crush he had on the guy from their creative writing class that would always come in late.

Like seriously it was almost impressive how consistently late he was.

“Mr. Tozier. Please take your seat.” The teacher instructed without looking over at the door.

Eddie had found out his name was Richie by maybe Facebook stalking him the first time he had heard his last name.

Richie saluted to the teacher and crossed the room to his seat at the back corner of the room. Eddie slyly turned his head to watch him walk to his desk. He fist bumped with the redhead he always sat with as he took his seat.

Eddie assumed that was his girlfriend by the way they acted together. That didn’t mean he couldn’t look, right?

So that was how Eddie spent most of his mornings, barely listening to lectures and sneakily glancing over his shoulder at the hot guy that sat at the back of the class. Once Richie got there the class seem to move a lot faster.

The teacher wrapped up her lesson and dismissed everyone. Eddie had been zoning out looking out the window for the past ten minutes so when Bill shook his shoulder his head jerked down in surprise. Everyone was packing up.

He was looking up at Bill confused when he heard a laugh come from the back of the room. He looked over his shoulder to see Richie covering his mouth with his hand and staring right at him.

Eddie quickly spun around to face the front of the room.

Had he zoned out staring at Richie? He didn’t think so but he couldn’t be sure. Great now Richie was going to think he was some weirdo who stares at people blankly during class. He shot out of his chair, threw his backpack on, and grabbed his binder from the desk. Rushing out of the room, leaving a very confused Bill at behind.

He stopped when he was in the hallway and moved out of the way of other students trying to get to class. Leaning against the wall he waited for Bill, hoping he would get the memo and hurry after him before Richie left the classroom.

Of course he didn’t and Eddie stood there, sinking further down the wall, trying to be as unnoticeable as possible when Richie and the red head walked out of the class and right passed him. The girl was talking as they passed but Richie turned from her to look straight at Eddie and laugh.

Eddie was sure his face was bright red. How was he supposed to come to class after this?

Bill followed shortly after and found Eddie by the wall, red-faced and slightly freaking out. The two left the building, Eddie refusing to explain to Bill what was going on. They meet Mike out on campus and walked to the next class together.

Eddie felt like he was having a midlife crisis at twenty. He made it through the rest of the day and headed home that evening dreading coming back to school the next day.

But of course the next day came. And Eddie hated missing classes, even stupid morning ones where the guy he liked was there and would probably laugh at him and God Eddie really hoped Bill brought something really good this morning because the other reason he went to this class was really stressing him out. The weather mimicked his mood as it began to rain.

He resentfully got into his car and realized he was actually earlier than usual. Great, so now he was going to get to class extra early and have to sit there and wait for like half an hour. 

Absolutely not.

Eddie decided to take a longer route than he normally did, hopefully killing enough time so that he would just get to class on time.

He turned down an unfamiliar road and followed it for a bit. Getting slightly lost and unable to see the street signs through the rain. He turned down another side street, this one seeming to be completely dead. Completely dead except for a single person walking along the sidewalk.

They had a hood pulled over their head and they were soaking wet.

Why would anyone be walking right now, there were bus stops everywhere and by how wet they were, it was pretty obvious that they had been walking for a while.

Eddie slowed his car down and watched them. It wasn’t until he got relatively close that he realized who it was.

Of fucking course, it was Richie. Who else would it be. Eddie must have pissed off some god. what else would explain the slim chance that the one person he was trying to avoid was the only person walking down a street that Eddie never went down.

He was about to step on the gas and get as far away as he could but stopped when he noticed Richie shivering.

It was too early to be dealing with moral dilemmas. Eddie slowed his car down even more and stayed about a car length behind Richie as he walked. Maybe he had his car park somewhere up here and was just walking to it.

“I’m not being creepy; I’m being a concerned classmate.” Eddie justified to himself as he followed Richie for another block.  

When two more blocks passed Eddie was convinced Richie planned to walk the whole way. But there was no way, the university campus was still another fifteen-minute drive.

Eddie took a deep breath and speed up a bit coming to a stop a little in front of Richie. He rolled his window down and stuck his head just out of the window

“Hey there.” He called, immediately mentally slapping himself. he probably looked like the biggest stalker right now.

Richie looked over at him confused before recognition filled his face and he pulled an earbud out and approached Eddie’s car.

“Hey yourself, you’re from writing class right?” Richie asked as he leaned an arm on the top of Eddie’s car. Eddie honestly didn’t know which would have been worse. If he recognized him or if he didn’t. this was pretty bad.

“Yeah,” Eddie said laughing awkwardly. This was worst. “So um, are you planning on walking to class today?” He continued, trying to get right to the point. Eddie wasn’t the best “small talker”.

“Yeah, I was. It is such a beautiful day. Shame to waste it.” Richie joked nodding up towards the sky. Eddie laughed awkwardly again. He wasn’t serious, was he. Eddie wasn’t 100% sure but he figured it would take another 30 to 45 minutes to get to the campus from here.

“I’m heading that way if you want to um, catch a ride with me or something,” Eddie asked.

Richie stared down at him and smiled.

“I’d get your car all wet. But thanks for the offer. I’ll see you in class.” Richie said as he pushed off from Eddie car and headed back to the sidewalk. Eddie didn’t move for a few seconds before inching forward and stopping just in front of Richie again.

“This cars pretty shitty already, and if you walk from here you’ll be late.” Eddie pointed out

“But if I’m not late what will your excuse be for watching me walk to my seat.” Richie laughed as Eddie’s face lit up. He started to stutter which only made Richie laugh harder.

“Okay, okay I’ll take the ride if you calm down, I was just joking,” Richie said between breaths as he approached the car, this time rounding the front. Eddie rolled his window up gawking at where Richie had been. He saw his reflection in the closed window and saw how red his face was. Well, he had gotten what he wanted.

Richie pulled the passenger seat open shook off as much water as he could before entering the car.

Without saying anything, Eddie stepped on the gas and sped off towards school.

“So do you offer rides to all the boys you stare at or am I just special?” Richie asked after a few minutes of silence past between them. Eddie’s eyes widened as he drove.

“I don’t stare at you.” Eddie defended, biting his lip.

“You sure about that?” Richie laughed, looking at the side of Eddie’s face. Eddie could see the disbelieving look Richie was giving him from the corner of his eye.

“Okay, so what if I stare at you.” Eddie challenged. He had no clue where the sudden confidence was coming from but he knew that he needed it to get through the rest of this car ride.

Richie looked taken aback by his answer for a second before a smile broke out across his face.

“I do too.” He said, still grinning at Eddie. Eddie turned his head from the road to look over at Richie in surprise.

“W-what” He stuttered, turning back to face the road when he almost ran into the car in front of him.

Richie laughed again from beside him.

“Yeah, all the time. You do some pretty cute things in class. Like almost falling asleep.” Richie turned to look out the front window. “I was going to talk to you after class yesterday actually, but you looked like you were going through some stuff.”

Eddie was beyond confused. Was he on some kind of TV show. There was no way that this was his real life right now. Eddie made the turn into the student parking lot and pulled into his parking spot.

“That was umm, nothing. Forget about yester…” Eddie said turning to face Richie, who had quietly moved his face so it was right in front of Eddie’s when he turned. Eddie froze and stared. Richie leaned in slightly closer

“I never asked for your name,” Richie whispered leaning in even closer.

“um, E-Eddie.” He whispered back, unable to move.

“well Eds, Thanks for the ride.” He placed his hand on Eddie’s thigh.

Eddie was the one who finally closed the gap between them. He softly pressed his lips against Richie. Richie hesitated for a second, thrown off my Eddie’s boldness but quickly gathered himself and pressed back.

The soft kiss quickly escalated into Richie leaning over the console to push Eddie back against the driver’s door. Eddie, not wanting to be upstaged in the impromptu make-out session was the one to intensify the kiss by licking his tongue along Richie’s bottom lip

Richie moaned at the feeling. He returned the favor by pressing Eddie harder into the door and exploring his mouth with his tongue.

This is really not how Eddie saw today going. Like, he wasn’t going to complain but it really was a curveball.

Eddie pushed on Richie’s shoulders and they separated, panting for breath but not moving too far from the other.

“Wait, wait. Don’t you have a girlfriend?” Eddie asked starting to panic. He was not down with being a homewrecker.

“Girlfriend? Who Bev?” Richie looked extremely confused and then he laughed loudly when Eddie blushed a deeper shade of red.

Richie raised his hand to Eddie’s cheek and kiss him lightly.

“Bev is like my best friend, almost like an annoying little sister. I’m only taking this class because of her.” He reassured before leaning in to kiss Eddie again. Eddie kissed back enthusiastically before abruptly pulling back.

“Fuck. Class.” Eddie shrieked looking down at the clock. They were ten minutes late to class.

“Shit.” Eddie reached into the back seat and grabbed his backpack before throwing the driver seat door open. Richie laughed as he watched him, and jumped out of the car. Eddie grabbed his hand instinctively and pulled him as he ran towards the English building.

He flung the classroom door open, dropping Richie’s hand and froze when everyone turned to stare at him. Eddie dropped his head and half ran over to his spot, where Bill was gaping up at him. Eddie dropped down beside him and hid his face in his arms.

A second later he felt a hand on his shoulder.

“I’ll take another ride sometime,” Richie whispered into his ear as he walked past him towards his seat.

Eddie’s entire face lit up but he smiled into his arms.

Today definitely didn’t turn out the way he thought it would. And he was definitely okay with that.

Hope everyone liked it!

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Ohh ohh I'm a million years late for the drarry dialogue asks! "There’s something I’ve been meaning to say…" or "Don't make it into a big deal." if you haven't gotten those yet. (or, y'know, together because they could go nicely together ;) *tap dances away*)

JFC, @carpemermaid I’m so sorry for the delay?! (YES I’m still trying to do all of these *cries*) 

Also for @goldentruth813 and anon! ❤️

Draco bursts into the room, immediately spotting Harry on the sofa, and strides over. He walks up and plucks the remote out of his hand, ignoring his splutter of indignation as he turns the television off and flings the remote down before sinking into the sofa next to Harry.

“Look, I’ve been meaning to say something for a while now and I–” Draco grits his teeth, shaking his head with a sharp jerk, “And I just have to get it out okay?!”

Harry blinks, turning slightly in place to face him better, pushing his glasses up his nose. “Okay?”

“And please don’t make it into a big deal?!” Draco requests irritably.

Harry snorts. “I’ll try,” he replies wryly.

“Okay. Okay, I’m just going to say it! I’m just going to say it–”

“I have all night, Draco.”


Draco’s abruptly blurted garble receives a slow blink and an expectant stare.

“That’s it,” Draco clarifies, face heating.

“Oh.” Harry fidgets slightly, frowning at Draco as if trying to figure something out. 

“You could be more pleasant about this,” Draco snaps, lip curling.

“No! I’m– I’m happy! It’s just–” Harry scratches his head like a stupid, fucking git, “I’m…not sure why–?”

“Not sure why I love you?!” Draco asks incredulously. “How about because you’re an infuriatingly good person?! Because you’re strangely handsome even when you’re asleep with your fucking mouth hanging wide open and drool dripping down your chin?! Because you– you put up with all my nonsense, and you helped me cope after the War, and you’re fucking fantastic in bed, and–”

He falls silent as Albus scampers into the room, his little diaper clad bum swaying, the front of his brand new Hogwarts t-shirt stained with chocolate. He thrusts a chocolate frog at Harry, “Open,” he demands imperiously, the stubborn set of his jaw and lazy drawl so reminiscent of Draco that Draco scowls self-consciously. 

“No,” he says pointedly, frowning. “I just opened one of these for you; that’s plenty. Dinner is in half an hour anyway.”

Albus glares, stamping his tiny foot on the carpet, growling out once more, “Open.”

“I said no.”

“Papa, sssshh!” Albus shushes him, flapping one pudgy, chocolate smeared hand at him in annoyance. “Open. Dada, open!”

Harry, who’d watched the whole exchange with a, frankly obscenely amused grin, scoops up the toddler-in-a-strop onto his lap, plucking the sweet out of his hand. “You know I always have trouble opening these, Albie,” he says, eyes wide and innocent. “Papa’s the only one who can open them.”

Albus snatches the chocolate out of Harry’s hand and hurls it at Draco with a scowl before kicking his way out of Harry’s lap and scampering back into the kitchen with an enraged howl.

“I swear he’s getting more spoilt by the minute,” Draco sighs, raking a hand through his hair. “Terrible two’s or not.” Harry picks up the chocolate frog with a nonchalant hum, peeling it open neatly and biting the head off.

He breaks off one leg and feeds it to Draco. “You were saying?” he prompts gently, a slight smirk playing about his hips.

Draco chews in silence, flushing once more. “Nothing,” he says scowling. “You’re being an awfully dull shit about it anyway.”

“I’m not!” Harry laughs. “I’m just confused as to why you’re telling me now.”

“What’s a good time for you then?” Draco drawls, stealing another piece of chocolate.

“Oh, I don’t know,” Harry says airily, “How about seven years ago when I said it to you for the first time and you turned redder than a beet and proceeded to punch me in the stomach?” 

Draco promptly turns redder than a beet. “Merlin, you’re a shit.”

“Or five years ago when I said I love you during our vows and you turned to the audience with a sneer and rolled your eyes?”

“Excuse me, but they all found that hilarious!”

“Or when our son was born and I was crying and you asked me to go get you a bottle of Pumpkin Juice because I was ‘slobbering’ all over you?”

Draco stares at his hands in silence, shifting awkwardly in his seat, expression now upset more than embarrassed. “I know,” he says in a low voice. “I missed a lot of good opportunities, but–”

“But that doesn’t mean you didn’t love me at the time,” Harry interrupts, smiling, expression soft. “You think I didn’t know that you love me?”

“Well, there’s a lot of things you don’t know, Golden Boy,” Draco scowls, “Just thought I’d clarify.”

Harry reaches over and tugs him sharply by the arm, Draco landing in his lap with a soft grunt. “Not true - I know that I’m fantastic in bed.”

Draco’s lip curls, even as he presses closer to him. “I knew you were going to–”

“Say it again.”

“I love you,” Draco responds clearly without missing a beat.

Harry grins, hand warm on the nape of Draco’s neck as he pulls his head down. “Finally,” he breathes against Draco’s lips.

Strip Study

Type: Smut

Pairing: Namjoon x reader

Notes: Y’all I’m dead my friend made me think of this and honestly it’s a big ass kink. Anyways, Namjoon is such a sweetie I love my bias omg. Hope you guys love Namjoon as much as I do. Also this is terribly written and short as hell but it’s ok I’m just livin kk bye!

Requests are open!

“I just can’t do this! Screw school I’m dropping out!” You say throwing your pencil in your bag and shutting your book.

You’re about to get off the bed and go take a walk when Namjoon tugs you back, “Hey, hey come on! It’s okay, I know the lesson is hard but you got this! Okay?”

You look at him, contemplating ditching studying or hearing your boyfriend out for once. Namjoon looks at your focused face and thinks of a way to make you stay, “Okay. How about for every answer you get right… I’ll take a piece of clothing off. But, every question you get wrong you got to take a piece of clothing off.”

“So strip poker but for studying?” you stop tugging away and look up at him, raising an eyebrow. You look at him biting his lip in anticipation before letting out a sigh, “God, fine! Fine, I’ll do it. But none of that removing one sock bullshit.”

“Well I don’t have any socks on,” he laughs pulling you back in so now you’re sitting on his lap. He brings the notes to his face and looks at you, “no peeking.”

You laugh and turn away from him as he begins, “What is the largest organelle in the cell?”

You stop for a moment tracing your head for the answer, “Hm… Shit… I know this one… Oh! The nucleus!”

He looks up at you and smiles nodding his head, “Yes! Hoodie. Off.”

He winks at you before slowly taking off his hoodie to tease you. He laughs as he throws it over your head, covering your eyes. You take the hoodie off your head to look at the man but then see why he was laughing so hard. There sat Namjoon laughing, his tank top still on, “You tease!”

You hit him with his hoodie which only makes him lie down on the bed. You bite your lip looking the man up and down, “those arms and that neck are sexy though.”

He gives you a wink, flexing his muscle, “All muscle baby.”

You roll your eyes and put on the hoodie, which Namjoon was pleased with, “Next question.”

“Yes Miss,” he says rolling onto his stomach to grab the flash cards, “Alright. What is one difference between a plant cell and an animal cell.”

“Ugh easy! Plant cells have a cell wall,” You say smirking.


“Now you’re just handing these to me. Now, get that tank off, right now.”

“Anything for you baby,” he takes the tank off smoothly. You hold your lip in between your teeth to stop yourself from making any sound. This game was amusing to you both. You look at his body, he was fit as hell but it was rare for him to ever show it. You couldn’t help but blush at him. God if he only knew that you would rather be doing something so much different than studying.

“Stop staring, you’re making me self conscious,” he says and wraps his arms across his chest in an attempt to cover himself.

You laugh at him, “Shush and hurry up with the next question.”

He nods and goes to grab the cards, you look at his lean figure, loving the sight of Namjoon shirtless with only sweatpants on. He catches you staring at him but only smirks at you, “Is water polar or nonpolar?”

You snap out of the trance, “Shit. I have no clue.”

“Just guess.”

“I don’t know. Nonpolar?”

He looks up at you and loudly makes a buzzer noise.

“Damn it!”

“Take that shirt off babe.”

You look up at him and raise your eyebrow. You almost forgot that you were also a contender in this game, “Well which one your sweatshirt or your shirt?”


“It’s one per question Namjoon.”

“But you didn’t have that on before the game started babe.”


“Come on babe…” He makes a pouting face and moves closer to you, tugging at your shirt,

You narrow your eyes at him but can’t stop the smile sneaking onto your face. You blush a bit as you slowly take off your shirt, trying to avoid eye contact with him. You feels his eyes on you as you pull the fabric off of your body, the cold air hitting your bare skin. You throw the clothes at Namjoon’s head and laugh. He hurries to take them off and throw them across the room. He looks at you, now only in a bra and those short shorts you wear around the house.

“Namjoon,” you hum to get his attention off you and back onto the question.

He clenches his jaw and shakes his head. He stops for a moment and throws the flashcards on the ground, “What’s 1 + 1?”

“Namjoon!” You say laughing but then stop when you notice his impatient face.

“Answer the damn question (Y/N).”

“2,” you say moving closer to him, “Pants.”

He hurries to take the sweatpants off but you stop him. You grab the waist band and slowly pull the pants down his legs, throwing them off the side of the bed. You kneel in front of Namjoon. He looks at you, face red and heavy breathing, it takes him only a second to get up and crawl on top of you. He kisses you hard, moving his knee in between your legs and putting one hand on your waist and the other on your ass. You ran one hand through his hair and the other running down his chest. He growls into your mouth when you push your thighs together, grinding into his leg.

“Fuck, you look so good like this,” he says, moving down your body. He kisses the skin around your bra. The impatient man hurries and unclasps the bra kissing and sucking on the sensitive skin. He kneeds your breasts together massaging the tender skin, you can’t help but let out a loud and long moan. He looks up at you and smiles going back to kissing down your breasts and stomach.

“Namjoon. Please,” you let out and he stops the slow kisses and speeds up to the edge of your shorts.

“You know what these shorts do to me. They’re so small, I don’t even think you wear underwear with them. Do you?”

He looks up at you and you shake your head blushing, “(Y/N). Always teasing me, walking around the house with my shirts and your nice ass hanging out.”

You look away from him and he rips the shorts off, throwing them to the side. He hurries to spread your legs, immediately kissing and sucking your clit. You don’t stop yourself from moaning out loud. Namjoon growls as he licks between your folds his tongue moving fast and rough against you. He moves to lick your clit and you jolt your body up moaning out his name. He moves his hand and pushes a finger inside of you, almost setting you over the edge. He moves in and out slowly, a contrast to his rapid tongue movement on your clit. He adds another finger and another until you feel yourself about to climax.

“Namjoon! Oh my god!” You say pulling hard on his hair.

“Cum for me baby,” he says getting even faster. It doesn’t take you another second to let yourself go off of the edge. You move your body up but Namjoon grabs your hips and pushes you down. He licks up the cum as you come down from your high. Your breath is heavy as you look down to Namjoon licking you gently, looking up at you.

You gently move to get up, you and Namjoon are both sat in front of each other heavy breathing and it doesn’t take a moment for Namjoon to kiss you hard and push you back down onto the bed running his hands up and down your sides. You moan into his mouth and he takes it as a sign to start up again. He pulls your legs into him, your bare pussy rubbing on the hard dick that was only separated from your due to the fabric holding it in.

“I’m done with the foreplay. I just wanna feel you in me,” you say, it comes out heavy and rough which makes Namjoon grind into you relentlessly.

You subconsciously pull your head back and moan at the friction and he’s quick to attack the skin of your neck, peppering kisses and sucking until he can’t hold himself back anymore.

“Open your damn legs (y/n),” he commands and you immediately open up for the man.

He pulls his boxers down and grabs your hips making sure he’s close to you. He leans down facing you and kisses up you neck and jaw. He’s gentle but you know how rough he wants to fuck you. How loud he wants you to scream his name. How he wants you to only think of his dick relentlessly railing you. He knows you want the same thing.

He pumps himself slowly wanting you to be ready, you nod to him signalling you’re more than ready. He moves slowly when he enters you, wanting you to feel him stretching your tight pussy out. You moan loud and he keeps going in and out, in and out. He increases his speed making sure to pleasure you anyway he can, kissing you, holding you, playing with your breasts, rubbing your clit, or whispering dirty ideas in your ear.

“I want you to scream so loud that the neighbors know exactly how good you’re taking my dick baby,” he says and gets tougher. He turns you around on all fours and starts up again even more rough, his hands now leaving red marks on your hips as he slams into you hard, “You love when I’m rough with you don’t you?”

You can only nod not being able to speak through your moans. He smiles at this slapping your ass lightly to make you tighten and shake. Your moans were sloppy and so were his thrusts, you both losing yourself to the feeling. “I want you to ride me baby, will you do that for me?”

Namjoon slows down until he’s stopped and waits for your answer and through your breaths you let out an exhausted, “Yes. Please baby.”

He smiles his dimple showing as he holds you up helping your sore figure onto him. You can’t help grinding into him, teasing his cock. He grips your ass when you roll your hips and he tries his best not to cum right there. You grab his hard dick and move it to your pussy. He slides in so well and you have to stop yourself from cumming right there. You move up and down rolling your hips, feeling his hard dick ramming into you. He moans loud, one of the loudest moans you had ever heard him let out and before you know it he’s grabbed your hips and helped you to moving up and down. “You look so fucking good riding me like that.”

You can’t answer but instead grind harder which cause Namjoon to lose his mind. He slams you up and down his dick, hard and fast. You feel yourself about to explode from the ecstasy. Namjoon goes harder than ever now, making sure that you feel every inch of him in you. It takes only a few more hard thrusts before your body jolts hard. You cum loud, screaming, “Fuck yeah Namjoon. Oh my god!”

He moans and lets out a loud growl and he lets himself go, releasing himself in you. You’re both stuck for a moment heavy breathing and dizzy from the experience. You then feel yourself collapse as you fall onto Namjoons chest. He lets out a small grunt at the impact of your body giving out on top of him but laughs. He lets out a hum and hugs you tight kissing your head.

“You did so amazing baby.”

You only make an acknowledgement sound as you feel yourself slowly falling asleep. He laughs and holds you closer to him inhaling the scent of your hair, cherishing this moment.

“I’m gonna fail this class.”

Namjoon lets out a laugh, “not if I fuck the answers into you.”

You both laugh, the feeling of sleep slowly kicking in.

“Goodnight baby,” you say and close your eyes, deactivating for the night.

“Goodnight beautiful.”

trash-lover-crazy  asked:

Hello there!! I really really love your blog, it gives me Life ❤😄 you are so good at writing!!. Also I wanted to make a request for a headcanon where MC is playing the Pocky game with RFA +Saeran+V 🙏🙏. If you don't want to it's totally okay^°^

LOL, we love Pocky Game scenarios! Hope you enjoy these~


  • He’s helping you prepare party favors for the next RFA event in a few days
  • You two had been working for hours so he offers to get some snacks
  • When he returns, he’s holding a pocky in his mouth
  • “Hey, MC, wanna play a game?” he asks with a wink
  • You’re know he’s just teasing you, so you decide to get him back
  • You lean forward and press the stick between your teeth
  • He goes along with it
  • Until you guys get close…really close…
  • Then he just Nopes out of there


  • He was in a really intense game when you stopped by
  • He tells you he’ll be there in a second and to grab a snack if you want
  • You notice a box of pocky beside him
  • In fact, he’s holding one on the side of his mouth at that moment while he’s engrossed
  • You quietly come next to him, nibbling away at the biscuit
  • He did say to grab a snack
  • He doesn’t even notice until he feels heat by his cheek
  • He turns his head and there’s a brief moment of contact with your lips
  • When he realizes, he just slaps a hand over his mouth and turns really red
  • “Yoosung, you didn’t like it?”
  • “No! No–er–not that–um–”
  • He shuts of his computer suddenly
  • “Do you…wanna play again?” he asks sheepishly


  • You stick a pocky in your teeth
  • “Hey, Jaehee, you wanna–”
  • “I prefer Hello Panda. Thanks though!”


  • He recently returned from a business trip to Japan
  • The clients had given him this huge basket of goodies
  • He tells you to take whatever you want
  • That’s when you spot the pocky, which you say is actually your favorite snack
  • He gives it to you and you place one in your mouth
  • He asks what’s so good about it
  • He’s never had that commoner snack, so he doesn’t understand the hype
  • You hold the box out for him to take one
  • But he takes a bite of half of it from the one in your mouth
  • You’re already flushed, but then he smirks
  • “I’ve also heard of the Pocky Game, but I’ve never played. Want to try?”
  • You agree a huge mistake really
  • You both go through the whole box because you keep dropping out when you both were centimeters apart


  • You see a whole crateful of pocky in the corner of the room
  • You gasp and go to check it out
  • “I love these! Hey, Seven, can I have one?”
  • He agrees…on one condition
  • He sticks one in his mouth
  • He expected you to drop out right before your lips met…
  • But you went all the way and now he was just a flustered tomato
  • You really liked pocky okay
  • He stops you before you can grab a box
  • “I–er–thought of another condition!”
  • He sticks another three pocky in his mouth and winks


  • He had found a new favorite snack besides ice cream
  • Lately, you barely saw him without a box of pocky
  • Feeling a bit bold, you take one from the box and ask if he’s played the Pocky Game befoer
  • He doesn’t answer, so you stick the pocky in your teeth and gesture for him to do the same on the other end
  • He rolls his eyes and snaps the biscuit out of your mouth
  • He kisses you straight on the lips and walks away
  • You’re just standing there stunned for a good five minutes
  • You played yourself


  • He’s heard of the Pocky Game, but he’s never played it before
  • So, when you suggest it to him, he’s willing to try something new
  • On the first attempt, he gets really shy and breaks off the biscuit a little more than half way through
  • After composing himself, he asks if he can try again
  • You agree and take the other end of the biscuit in his mouth
  • Hon-hon-hon…let’s just say he isn’t shy this time around…

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The Lego Batman Movie Sentence Starters

“DC. The house that Batman built.”
“Get yourself ready for some…reading.”
“Batman is very wise.”
“Yeah, I’ve got an extra ab.”
“We are transporting 11 million sticks of dynamite, 17,000 pounds of C4, about 150 little cute little classic bomb-type bombs, and two best friends, and request permission to fly over the most crime-ridden city in the world!”
“I’m a loser at home, and I’m a loser at work.”
“You should be terrified.”
“All the C-grade villains have broken into the energy plant!”
“Dear gosh, you destroyed the ___! You have thought of everything!”
“I just wrote a song about how I’m gonna kick all of your butts.”
“Get it together, guys, you’re making me look bad in front of Batman!”
“Save the city or catch your greatest enemy.”
“You think you’re my greatest enemy?”
“I like to fight around.”
“I’m okay with you fighting other people.”
“Remember, kids: If you wanna be like Batman, take care of your abs.”
“Were you looking at the old family pictures again?”
“I don’t talk about feelings.”
“Your greatest fear is being a part of a family again.”
“Tuxedo dress up party!”
“How am I supposed to get ___’s respect when I’m working with these human farts?”
“I’m just so jazzed to meet you!”
“I hate everything you just said.”
“You won’t get to fight any of this anymore.”
“Riddle me this: …what just happened?”
“There are no more vigilantes allowed.”
“You need to take responsibility for your life.”
“I literally have no idea what you’re talking about.”
“Hello secret camera!”
“You’ve been watching too many Lifetime movies and drinking chardonnay.”
“Chance of failure is 110%.”
“Sometimes to right a wrong, you have to wrong right.”
“How dare you tell me how to parent my kid I just met.”
“Life doesn’t give you seatbelts!”
“I’m trying to give you a big old hug.”
“What’s the vigilante position on cookies?”
“It’s weirder if it’s not your son…”
“Somebody get this man some pants.”
“You can’t be a hero if you only care about yourself.”
“I got thrown in this heckhole on purpose!”
“I’m gonna go start looting.”
“Ask your nerd friends.”
“Who’s the greatest villain of them all now?!”
“I’m rubbing my butt all over your stuff.”
“Rename this the buttmobile.”
“Do you ever get scared?”
“This is not a family trip.”
“It’s 100% lava.”
“Why did you build this thing only one seat?”
“Last I checked I only had one butt.”
“For a loner, you sure like movies about relationships.”
“Good news, our bathroom problem is solved.”
“We are just one big happy f…raternity of people.”
“I don’t need friends.”
“I swear I’m a good guy.”
“I was trying to protect them…”
“Are they really the ones you’re protecting?”
“Don’t do what I would do!”
“You’ve gotta let me go down there and save them!”
“I don’t even know why you bothered coming back.”
“…I was afraid.”
“I was afraid of feeling the pain you feel when you lose someone close to you.”
“Saving this city is too big a job for one person.”
“Who’s laying down those funky beats?”
“Okay, ___. Bring the pain.”
“As I predicted, we’re doomed!”
“You had me at shut up.”
“How are your abs, bro?”
“Sometimes losing people is part of life, but that doesn’t mean you stop letting them in.”
“This is my family. But it’s your family too.”
“Do you have a knife? Because someone needs to cut the tension between us.”

Game on //Draco Imagine//

Requested By: @imagelover2

Request: Can you do a Draco Imagine where he pranks Y/n and she gets “mad” so she gives him the silent treatment and he does everything to make her talk to him?

Pairing: Reader x Draco

Warnings: none

A/n: okay so I said I was going to post this on Valentine’s Day but it doesn’t really have to do with it, so I’m just gonna post it now :) hope you like it!


“Y/n! Come sit over here!” You glanced around the room until your eyes landed on your boyfriend, Draco Malfoy. He was waiving his hand and you made your way to the bench beside him.

“Hey!” You greeted as you sat down and smiled at your boyfriend.

“We made you a plate.” Draco smiled as he slid you a plate filled with eggs, toast, bacon and a cookie with a jelly filling. “No need to thank us.” He beamed and you laughed quietly.

“Well thank you anyway.” You smiled. You listened to Draco complain about Granger and her pesky know it all mudblood brain as you ate your toast and bacon quickly. You picked up the cookie and took a large bite, getting all of the jelly in one bite. Although it didn’t taste like jelly….

“Draco…what’s in this cookie?” You asked as you examined it. It didn’t taste like jelly at all. In fact…it tasted more like…

“Hot sauce!” Draco exclaimed before erupting in a fit of giggles.

You threw the rest of the cookie onto your plate and grabbed the nearest napkin, spitting whatever was left in your mouth out….but it was too late.

“Ohmygod!” You gasped as the spice suddenly hit you. It felt as if your mouth was on fire. You grabbed a glass of water and chugged it down but nothing changed. “Draco!” You yelled through clenched teeth as you stood up and ran from the room towards the Slytherin common room. You ran right into the bathroom and brushed your teeth, not one, but four times.

“That filthy pure blood prince.” You cursed as you looked at yourself in the mirror. You brushed your fingers through your hair and straightened the collar of your jacket.

You jumped out of your skin when you saw Draco standing just outside the girl’s bathroom.

“Ok listen Y/n, I’m really sorry for pranking you back there, I thought you wouldn’t react so badly to it…forgive me?” He looked at you with puppy eyes. You straightened your back and walked right past him, bumping his shoulder as you passed.

“Oh no Y/n. Not the silent treatment. Please don’t play this game love.” Draco pleaded but you weren’t going to let him win so easily. You walked into the common room and planted yourself on one of the green couches facing the fire.

Draco sat down beside you and you turned away from him.

“Y/n…I’m sorry…what else do you want me to say?”

You stuck your nose into the air a little and Draco sighed. He got up and sat on the other side of you so that you were looking at him. You quickly shifted your body so you were now looking the other direction.

“Don’t look at me if you love me.” Draco said. You didn’t move. “Aha I knew it.” He chuckled. “Don’t face me if you don’t love me.” Again, you didn’t move. “Damn..” he sighed and you hid your quiet laughs.

“Y/n if you don’t talk to me….I’m going to put my foot in the fire.” Draco said as he stood up and moved towards the fire. You turned towards him but you folded your arms stubbornly. “I’m going to do it,” he sneered as he lifted his foot and moved it towards the fire. “Just one word and I’ll stop.”

You didn’t even raise an eyebrow as his foot hovered closer and closer to the fire that was raging in the fireplace. He pulled his foot away right before it was about to touch the flames. “Ughh Y/n, baby please talk to me!” Draco pleaded as he moved towards you again.

“Please don’t make me beg Y/n!” Draco pouted, his bottom lip protruding and his eyes widening just enough to give them a puppy dog appearance. “Fine.” Draco got onto his knees in front of you and pressed his hands together.

“Im begging you Y/n! I beg for you to talk to me again! I’m sorry for what I did and you have every right to be mad, but I just hear your serenading voice again or i’ll risk going mad!” Draco pleaded. You didn’t even smile as you turned your body away from him again and moved your eyes back to the fire.

“Fine.” Draco stood. “You want to play hard to get? Two can play at that game!” With that, he stormed past you and out of the common room.

“Game on.” You smirked to yourself as you laid back on the couch and looked at the ceiling.

It’s been two days since the games started between you and Draco. It’s been two days of noses in the air, crossed arms, and ‘humphs’.

Draco had been holding out rather well, considering he was more than completely obsessed with you and usually couldn’t go four hours without touching you, nevertheless talking to you.

He stuck his nose in the air whenever he saw you and turned his back towards you. He was obviously determined to win. But you were even more determined. You were at the point where you wouldn’t even look at him when he entered the room and you pretended he didn’t exist.

“This has to stop Y/n.” Pansy told you one day. “Soon the whole school is going to think that you had some tragic breakup. Plus he talks about you nonstop when you’re not around.” Pansy rolled her eyes and you smiled to yourself.

“I’m not stopping until he gives in. I’m not going to lose.” You replied. “And what kinds of things does he sa-” you ended your sentence short as the door opened and Draco walked into the room. You closed your mouth and looked towards the fire. You heard Pansy scoff.

“Good evening Pansy,” Draco spoke as he sat next to your best friend. “I wanted to tell you that Blaise was looking for you. Last I saw him he was headed to the great hall.”

“Alright, thanks Draco. See ya later Y/n.” Pansy waved and you waved back. You watched as she left the room, letting the common room door slam behind her. It was just you and Draco now. You leaned forward in the chair and began to stand up but draco stopped you.

“You win.” He said to the ground and you froze. He looked up at you, his gray eyes twinkling. “You win. I can’t go another day without seeing you and talking to you. I miss your voice and the way you feel in my arms. And it’s only been two days!” Draco scoffed. “I’m completely obsessed with you! Please talk to me again. Please?”

“That’s all you had to say.” You smiled at him and his eyes went wide.

“What? I only had to say please? This whole time I could have just asked you and added please!?”

You nodded and Draco scoffed. “I got you this by the way,” you said as you picked up a plate from the ground and handed it to him. “A peace offering.” You smiled. It was a Boston cream donut.

“Well you’re too kind.” Draco smiled at you. He leaned back on the couch and took a large bite. Not even a second of the food being in his mouth, he spit it back out.

“Toothpaste!!?” He yelled as he threw the donut onto the ground and began coughing. You burst out laughing, having to hold onto the arms of the chair to make sure you didn’t fall onto the floor. “You’re disgusting Y/n!” Draco scolded as he picked the donut up and put it back on the plate. You could tell by the playful smirk on his lips that this meant nothing more than a joke to him.

“Now we’re even.” You giggled as he stood up and put the plate on a desk. He stood in front of your chair and leaned in so close your lips were mere inches apart.

“Yes darling. I guess we are.” He closed the gap between your lips and the two of you shared a passionate kiss.

You made a face when you pulled away. “Ew…tastes like toothpaste.”

anonymous asked:

I don't have a specific request but could you write one about Steve Harrington's tendency to get jealous/protective?

dude, i’ma make this a headcanon because i haven’t written anything today and i wanna write

  • so steve harrington is the biggest ball of fluff okay 
  • like c’mon
  • the dude wears a towel over his shoulder like he just won mother of the year 
  • you’ve known him since you were both in diapers 
  • so you saw him through his king of the assholes phase
  • and you saw him during his general king steve phase
  • but most importantly
  • you saw him during his maturing phase 
  • when he went from a wild rooster to a mother hen 
  • the boy is just sweet 
  • he plays DnD with a bunch of middle schoolers that give him shit because he still can’t figure out the difference between a bard and a rogue for fuck’s sake
  • he’s matured a lot over the past year, but some stuff is still hard for him to shake 
  • nancy getting drunk and saying all that shit to him managed to give him some anxiety about parties 
  • so after the two of you started dating, it started to surface a little 
  • at first, you didn’t notice much 
  • steve would just get a little quieter, pressing his lips together as his fingers tapped against the red plastic cup
  • but the longer you dated, the way it manifested changed 
  • he’d come up, wrap his arms around your waist and kiss at your neck
  • pretending to be a little more drunk than he actually was to cover up the ball of nerves that had settled into his gut
  • if you were talking to a guy that was getting a little too cozy with you, he’d sidle up and lean up against you, staring hard at the guy in front of you 
  • “who’s this, y/n?” 
  • he’d rest his hand at the small of your back, tugging you to him 
  • at first it bothered you 
  • did he not trust you?
  • but then, it just started to confuse you 
  • at school, he was perfectly fine 
  • just shooting you a quick grin and a wave if you were talking to a guy, or a quick peck on the head before darting off to class 
  • as though it didn’t bother him at all 
  • and it didn’t
  • eventually you were brave enough to just ask what his issue was 
  • and when he told you, he got all bashful and awkward about it 
  • “look y/n, i know that you’re not gonna do what nancy did. but… it’s different at parties, y’know? just pisses me off because it’s a party and they know that you’re mine.” 
  • then he’d get all weird about that
  • “well, you’re not mine because you’re a person and not an object but we’re dating and it’s bullshit that…” 
  • (that explanation went on for five minutes before you kissed him to get him to stop) 
  • things didn’t change after that, but you understood him better
  • made sure to tell him that you loved him every time you got drunk 
  • (even if he wasn’t there so you had to call him) 
  • jealous steve wasn’t anywhere close to protective steve
  • protective steve made you want him to take you then and there, fast and hard
  • it wasn’t until things went to shit yet again in hawkins 
  • and you’d accidentally stumbled into it when you headed over to steve’s after he hadn’t been answering his phone
  • “steve?” you’d called, heading into his backyard
  • a hand clamped over your mouth as someone dragged you into the shadows
  • “don’t say a word,” steve breathed against your ear, his grip tight on your arm as his hand left your mouth 
  • “wha-” 
  • “what did i say?” he turned you around to face him, the look on his face making your eyes go wide 
  • the moonlight was cutting harsh shadows into his face, his eyes hard as he looked down at you 
  • his gaze softened a little the longer he looked at you 
  • “you just gotta trust me, y/n. now stay here.” 
  • he crouched down, rummaging for something until he lifted up a nail-ridden baseball bat 
  • bat in one hand, your hand in the other, he led you around the side of his house towards the backdoor 
  • a sound came from the other side of the pool, one that sent steve into a run 
  • “go, y/n, go!” 
  • he was shoving you forward to the door, but something came out of the shadow, causing you to freeze in your tracks 
  • it lunged, jaws opening up in every way possible before something knocked you out of the way 
  • you fell back, staring as steve swung the bat into it, sending it sailing into the pool 
  • he turned to you, chest heaving as he held out his hand 
  • “come with me. now.” 
  • by the time you made it inside away from that thing, he was starting to fret 
  • “are you alright? are you hurt? what’s wrong? just tell me what’s wrong?” 
  • he fretted all that night 
  • and all day the next day 
  • despite the fact that you were fine
  • even after everything calmed down 
  • he still snuck into your bedroom at night 
  • just in case
  • he picked you up for school
  • and dropped you off
  • and it wasn’t until he’d spent the night around a month or so after everything had happened that he finally spilled his guts 
  • “i just don’t want to lose you,” he’d whispered as his knuckles dragged slowly down your spine. 
  • “i can’t lose you.” 
  • the words had sent warmth ricocheting through every inch of your body
  • “you won’t.”

Requested: Are you taking requests rn? If you are, can you do one where y/n is on tour with Shawn and him and all his crew peeps are like super protective over her wherever they go (like in public and at the venue and stuff)


You’re at Shawn’s hotel in Italy, and you knew that he had fans, lots of fans, but this feels like a whole new level. You, Shawn, and the rest of his team are standing in the lobby, not wanting to risk going outside right now. You can see the fans as a giant hoard outside of the hotel. As much as none of you want to leave through that, you know you need to get to the venue soon in order for Shawn to have enough time to sound check and get ready to play the show. Because of this, they’re desperately trying to find a way to get Shawn outside and into the car without getting mobbed by the masses of fans.

Shawn has two bodyguards ready to walk with him. He knows better than to try to hold your hand through the crowd because that makes it worse for both of you. He knows you’ll get mobbed even more, the closer you are to him. Before you exit through the doors, Shawn gently pulls you closer to himself while he still can, asking, “You going to be okay?” Knowing you actually hate crowds.

You nod, trying to reassure him. At the same time, Geoff walks up beside you, “I got her.” He tells Shawn, and Shawn nods gratefully. This happens all the time. Shawn has trained bodyguards to make sure that he doesn’t get hurt in the crowds and chaos, but you have Geoff, who’s just as good. He always protects you through the crowds because he knows Shawn can’t. 

When the doors open, Shawn gets sent out first. With one last glance back to make sure that Geoff is with you, he pastes a smile on his face and steps out to meet the screams. Andrew somehow materialized from nowhere, along with Zubin. Andrew takes the front, and Zubin moves to the side of you that Geoff is not on. “It’s extra crazy today,” Zubin comments, purposely walking close to you, and keeping the fans from attacking, or accidentally trampling you.

When you make it into the car, Andrew lets you in first, and Shawn’s already inside. “Are you okay?” Shawn immediately questions once you get in. “Yeah,” You respond honestly, “I had three bodyguards you only had two.” You joke, and it takes Shawn a second to understand what you’re talking about, but when he sees Andrew getting in the car followed by Zubin and Geoff, he just smiles, and responds, “Good, that’s how it should be.”

Should’ve Known Better

Summary: Requested by anon: “Can you write a Grayson imagine where he get sick when visiting your family and he wakes you up in the middle of the night because he’s feeling really sick to his stomach and doesn’t really know what to do because he’s in an unfamiliar place and super fluffy !! Thanks!!”
Word Count: 1,780
Warnings: None. Fluff (?) I hope so!
A/N: Writing this was so much fun. Imagining it as I wrote it made me feel so mushy and now, I want a sick Grayson to look after. I hope I’ve done it justice and I really hope you like it anon! I’ve tried my hardest to make it fluffy and I really hope you enjoy it. Okay, now I’m nervous and anxious. Requests are open as is criticism and feedback. Hope you enjoy reading it!! Xx

You should have known better than to believe your boyfriend when he brushed off your concerns about him coming down with a cold. Despite Grayson doing a poor job of muffling his sneezes, trying to be inaudible as he cleared the ‘itch’ in his throat, you let yourself believe him when he said he was fine and that it was just allergies getting the better of him.

Now though, sitting at the airport, waiting to board the flight, you were kicking yourself internally for having listened to him. You looked over at your boyfriend, his red nose and watery eyes barely hiding just how sickly he was feeling. Catching you staring at him, his lips pulled into a smile.

‘I’m fine, babe’ he said, his cheery voice not doing much to calm the worry that was starting to build inside of you.

The flight to your hometown was long and arduous. Unsurprisingly, Grayson had fallen asleep the minute the two of you were seated. His head nestled in the crook of your neck, arm wound round your waist, he had somehow found a way to snuggle into you even with an arm rest blocking half his body.

The nap had done him some good it seemed, as you both departed the flight, your fingers entwined with his. He seemed livelier, his energy and smile almost back to how it usually was. He had even insisted on carrying both your bags as you exited the airport, waving off your suggestion to use a trolley.

It was late evening when you arrived at your parents’ doorstep. Your parents had pulled you into a hug, their arms somehow managing to wrap both you and Grayson in it. The house was suddenly filled with laughter and conversations, Grayson and your father seating themselves in the living room, while you followed your mother into the kitchen, your dog hot on your trails.

After having covered the basic topics of conversation: how was life in L.A, how was the job treating you, how were things between you and Grayson, your mom turned to you, concern etched across her face.

‘Was it just me or did Grayson appear a bit flushed and not the “I’m turning red because I’m meeting your parents” kind of flushed?’ she asked, her voice soft and worried. You sighed, looking over your shoulder, taking in Grayson’s beautiful face. He seemed to be engrossed in some deep conversation with your father but you would be blind to miss the slight sheen on his forehead and the red that was starting to pigment his nose, just like it had at the airport.

Biting your lip, you turned back to your mother, who was eyeing you patiently.

‘You know how he is. He refuses to accept that he can fall sick. He’s been playing it cool for a week now and it seemed like he had it under control but ever since we left this morning, it hasn’t been looking too good. I’m just going to wait until he finally caves and accepts that he’s not feeling well. If I push him now, he’s just going to huff and puff. I wouldn’t put it past him to beat his chest while he’s at it.’ You replied, rolling your eyes as you spoke.

Laughing softly, she had pecked you on the cheek, before carrying out the food to lay on the dining table. Dinner was uneventful, conversations flowing smoothly. You couldn’t help but keep looking over at Grayson, taking in his appearance. He was doing an okay job of hiding how he was feeling although the gruffness in his throat very obviously gave away just how sore it was. Unable to help yourself, you had held his hand under the table, squeezing it gently, in an attempt to comfort him. He had patted your hand, mouthing, ‘I’m fine’ to you as he did.

Soon after, you both had retired for the night. Grayson was out cold even before you could turn off the light. His snores were quick to fill the room, although the way they were escaping, you were sure Gray was going to wake up with a blocked nose in the morning. Letting out an exhausted sigh, you had curled up next to him, his body warmer than usual, immediately wrapping itself around you.

It was still dark out when you felt Gray shift beside you. You heard him get up and soon after sensed the bathroom door being opened. Not giving it much thought, you drifted back to sleep. Soon though, you were being shaken awake. Sitting up, you rubbed away at the sleep still heavy in your eyes as you squinted at Gray towering over you.

Bathed in the light from the bathroom, one look at him and you knew things had taken a turn for the worse.

‘I didn’t want to wake you-‘ Grayson began but you interrupted him, placing a hand on his bare chest.

“Shh, it’s okay. Lay down and I’ll be right back,’ you replied softly, flinging the sheets of your torso as you got out of bed, your hands deftly tying your hair into a knot. Nodding quietly, Grayson crawled onto your side, pulling the sheets over himself, shivering as he did.

‘I couldn’t find the medicine box,’ he mumbled, as you turned on the beside lamp before padding over to switch off the lights in the bathroom.

‘It’s in the kitchen,’ you answered as you continued, ‘I’ll be right back.’

A slight groan was all you earned in response.

Pulling the medicine box out of the kitchen cabinet, you hurried back to Grayson who was curled into a ball. Sitting down next to him, you pulled out the thermometer before sticking it in his mouth. His beautiful brown eyes, now glazed and unfocused, looked at you, taking in your furrowed eyebrows. His big hands wrapped around your dainty ones, trying to comfort you as you eyed him, worry starting to seep into your bones.

You pulled the thermometer out once it was time, confirming what you already knew. Yup, he was running quite the temperature. You grabbed the glass of water you had placed on the bedside table before falling asleep. Helping him sit up, you handed him the glass before giving him the medicine to swallow. He grimaced as he popped them into his mouth, throwing his head back to down them with ease. You followed it up with a heavy spoon of cough syrup. Grayson pulled a face, about to disagree with you about taking it but one look from you and he had quietly opened his mouth, allowing you to pour the syrup from the spoon, into his mouth. He gagged as he took it in, chugging down the rest of the water to rinse the taste.

Placing a hand on his shoulder, you pushed him down, your skin scorching under his. Grayson was always warm but in this moment, he was burning up. Pulling the sheets so that they covered his body, you tucked him in before you went back into the kitchen to place the medicine box, returning with a wet cloth. Sitting back down next to him, you pressed it against his forehead, trying to absorb some of the heat.

Grayson threw an arm around you, taking you by surprise as he hauled you over and towards him.

‘Gray!’ you squealed clutching at his arms as he did, amazed at his strength, despite being down with the worst fever ever.

‘Cuddle me,’ he whined as you adjusted yourself, allowing him to rest his head on your chest, a leg flung over you, arms wrapped tight around your waist.

Laughing softly, you started running your fingers through his hair, your other hand still pressing the cold cloth to his forehead.

Breathing heavily, he snuggled closer, burying his head deeper, hot air escaping his lips and fanning over your chest as he did. Bending down a bit, you placed a chaste kiss to his temple.

‘More,’ you heard him mumble.

‘You big baby,’ you replied before you peppered him with some more fleeting kisses, across his jaw, on the tip of his nose, his cheeks, wherever you could, you kissed him.

Placing the cold compress on the table next to you, you wound your arms around Gray, your hands barely meeting as they wrapped around his broad shoulders. Gently, you placed your head atop his head, rocking him softly, unaffected by his weight on yours.

 ‘I’m sorry,’ he whispered.

‘For what?’ you quietly asked.

‘For not listening to you earlier,’ he groaned.

Chuckling, you replied, ‘It’s always the same, baby. You think you’re fine and then you’re not. I’m quite used to it by now.’

‘Well, thank you for not rubbing it in by saying I told you so,’ Gray answered.

‘Oh, I intend to! Once, you’re better, I plan on doing it incessantly,’ you replied, grinning.

Groaning even louder, Grayson tightened his arms around you.

‘Now sleep, my love,’ you spoke softly.

‘One more kiss?’ he asked.

Tilting your head, you placed your lips against his. Your hand on the nape of his neck, you kissed him softly, pulling away just as he began to deepen it.

‘Not until you’re better,’ you scolded him before leaning to the side to turn off the lamp.

Breathing out a puff of air, Gray closed his eyes, pulling your hand until it was placed atop his head. Picking up on what he wanted, you went back to running your hands through his hair, waiting for the medicines to take affect, knowing full well, they’d have him out soon. Within minutes, you felt Gray’s arms loosen around your waist, his snores yet again filling the dark of your room.

As much as you loved Grayson being all macho and tough, these rare moments when he liked being babied held a special place in your heart. You had a certain fondness for them although you wished they didn’t happen under the current circumstances. Humming, you continued to run your fingers through his hair, until sleep caught up to you as well.

Needless to say, your mother found it heart wrenchingly adorable, when she came to wake you up the next day, only to find you both nestled in each other’s arms. Your head leaned back, resting against the headboard, Grayson wrapped into your side, the majority of his body flung over yours, your arms wound around his, holding him in place. Smiling to herself, she quickly snapped a picture of the two of you, before pulling the sheets to better cover you both. Quietly closing the door behind her, she went about preparing breakfast for the two of you, her mother’s instincts at play, knowing full well, she’d have not one but two very sickly babies by the end of the day.

delightfullyinnerrunaway  asked:

Can I request headcanons for the Sincerely Three's reactions to their kid's first day of school?


• okay I know it’s cliche but let’s be real, Connor has a little girl that he is super over protective about
• like just the thought of someone being mean to her gets him sO mAd
• and when you make jokes about her dating when she gets to high school makes him legit angry
• he just loves his baby girl so much
• aNyWaYs
• she is probably wearing something really cute like a pair of overalls and pink shoes
• and she definitely got her hair from Connor like brown little curls so you put them up in pigtails
• both you and Connor drop her off but Connor insists on walking her inside
• she hold two of his long fingers in her tiny lil baby hands while she skips down the school side walk
• every one is hella confused watching bc Connor is wearing a black outfit and is walking w a kid who has pink shoes and pigtails
• before enrolling his daughter into kindergarten, he scoped out all the best schools
• like he read all of the reviews
• he just wants the best for his baby
• when he walks her in, he talks to the teacher and makes sure that your daughter is safe
• He WaItS aLL dAy On YoUr FrOnT sTeP fOr HeR tO gEt OfF tHe BuS sO hE cAn MeEt HeR AW

• i feel like you guys would have twins or something like one girl and one boy??
• for this sake let’s just name them Benjamin and Jane
• so you would be taking care of the kids and getting them ready while Jared makes breakfast
• he’s downstairs wearing a “kiss me, I’m Jewish” apron and flipping bacon and pancakes
• you guys aren’t nervous at all
• in fact you are hella excited for your kiddos
• jared bought them matching PacMan lunch boxes and Mario backpacks
• your kids are definitely dressed in style and the teachers at the elementary school talk about it all the time (they love you guys!!)
• you would have to go to work or something so jared would be walking them to school
• he would put Jane on his shoulders and hold Benjamin’s little hand
• they would sing songs the whole way there
• then at dinner time, Jared would be home cooking dinner and would be listening to their first day
• when you come home from work he’s helping them w homework
• then when you go to bed he would be babbling on about how ridiculous homework is for the first day of kindergarten

• you guys would have a little boy and he would look just like Evan
• Evan would probs be shitting himself because he was never the most popular in school
• and he’s always had a bad experience
• you, on the other hand, had a pretty big group of friends at school. So you weren’t worried.
• your son was very talkative and was not shy at all
• hE hAs a LiTtLe LiSp bEcAuSe EvAn HaD oNe As a KiD tOo OkAy dOnT fIgHt Me On ThIs
• Evan would get your son ready for school, gelling his hair and they would pretend to shave because !!! Father bonding time is so important to Evan !!!!!
• anyways
• Evan would walk your son to the bus stop
• he would tell him all the dangers about taking candy from strangers, etc
• your son would come home and have tons of stories about all the friends he made
• like he was so sociable and that next weekend he already had a play date planned
• your son made Evan and you so proud


Dean:  Sammy, you got to get out of here before he comes back. Sam: Shh. Shh. Shh. Shh. Shut up. Shut up. Just save your energy, all right? Oh, man. We’ll stop the bleeding. We’ll – we’ll get you a doctor or – or I’ll find a spell. You’re gonna be okay. Dean: Listen to me. It’s better this way. Sam: What?! Dean: The Mark. It’s making me into something I don’t want to be. Sam: Don’t worry about the Mark. We’ll figure out the Mark later. Just hold on, okay? Get you some help. Dean: What happened with you being okay with this? Sam: I lied. Dean: Ain’t that a bitch? 

9x23 ″Do You believe in Miracles?” 

Thanks But No Thanks

Requested: No

Summary: Pennywise tries to lure you into the sewer just like he did with Georgie but you don’t fall for his trick leaving him confused but impressed

Warnings: None

Originally posted by le4therfac3

You were walking around your neighborhood in the cool weather. It was fall, the leaves were falling, the temperature dropped, and Halloween decorations were up. Many thoughts wondered your mind as you played with your ring spinning it around.

This was a daily routine of yours to walk around your neighborhood after a stressful day of completing homework. You were in highschool and had both AP and Honors classes so everyday your butt would be kicked with plenty of homework and school work.

As you kept thinking your ring suddenly slipped out of your hand falling onto the cement but then rolling off into the road. Your footsteps hit the pavement as you ran after your ring. How was it even moving? There was no wind, was one of the things that you thought.

You smiled thinking your ring would stop before it went into the sewer but you were wrong. The ring continued to roll and eventually it fell into the sewer. Your heart sank in disappointment.

“No!” You exclaimed and you fell on your knees in front of the sewer’s opening.

“Dammit!” You said angrily. You huffed as you caught your breath from the running you did.

Suddenly a pair of eyes caught your attention, they glowed inside of the dark sewer.

“Ahh!” You shrieked as a face appeared through the little bit of light in the sewer.

“Aww did I scare you?” The voice asked.

“No you just startled me.” You lied.

“That’s a lie.” They said.

“No comment.” You replied.

“I’m assuming you’re looking for this?” The person asked as they raised your ring with their gloved hand.

“Yes that’s my ring! But who are you?” You asked.

“Y/N nice to meet you I’m Pennywise The Dancing Clown.” He said as he shook a little. You could hear the sounds of bells as he shook his ruffles.

You knew exactly who Pennywise was you just wanted to make sure it was him and you were hiding the fact that you were the oldest member in the Losers’ Club.

“How do you know my name?” You asked.

“I have my ways.” Penny replied. Typical answer from the shape shifting demon.

What you didn’t know was that Penny also knew exactly who you were but he decided to follow along with your little not being honest game.

“Well what are you doing in the sewers? You need help getting out of there? Are you stuck?” You asked.

“I’m perfectly fine it’s my home and I’m about to enjoy a delicious meal.” Penny smirked as drool fell out of his lips and into the sewers’ water.

You knew exactly what he meant, “As long as it’s not me.” You giggled slightly but Penny just smiled sinisterly.

“Well how about that ring huh? Could you give it back now?” You asked.

“Of course. Here take it.” Penny said as he extended his hand.

You went out and reached for it being extremely careful to not get a limb ripped off. As you were about to grab your ring Penny pulled it down further into the sewer.

“Okay yeah I’m not doing this. You can keep it.” You smirked.

“What? No come on take it.” Penny said evilly.

“No I was going to but since you took it down into your home you can just have it consider it a gift.” You said as you stood up.

“What no come back.” He said.

“No can do. Have a nice day Pen.” You smirked as you waved at him leaving him in shock.

A/N: I’m taking Pennywise requests so make sure to go to my ask and send them in😉

First Time

Can you do an imagine where the reader is the Byers middle child (She’s only like 10 months younger than Jonathan) and her and Steve are dating and she’s with Steve and the kids in the last episode (whilst Nancy Jonathon and Joyce are with will in the cabin) idk where I’m going with this basically I just want fluff

Send your own request here!

Note: It’s been like two years since I’ve written something like this (reader-insert/fluff) and I’m super, super rusty but I hope you like it nonetheless!

First Time

Steve Harrington X Reader

Summary: Steve has something important to tell you when you’re meant to be helping the kids drench the hub in gasoline.

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How Jason and Damian handle a fight with their S/Os

Disclaimer: Damian is older in this (as I usually write him) *He’s like 19 in this*

Requested: Yes 

Request: “Okay but jason and/or Damian headcanons about fighting (like argument) with their s/o and how they make up?? (Feel free to be nsfw if you feel like it)” 


-can I just say, it’s not often you guys fight but DAMN… 

-he’s the type that holds it in and tries to stay calm but when he gets pissed he kinda just snaps at the smallest thing 


-usually the buildup that leads to the lashing out over small things is the pent up little things you two do that piss each other off

-And of course when he yells at you he comes off trying to sound bossy, commanding you stop doing reckless shit (even though he does crazy shit all the time)  

-when the argument gets heated he just stops holding back and jabs you with some really hurtful one liners 

-like he’ll get really personal and might even throw an insecurity in there if the fight is heated enough

-but god the minute he sees you crying and realizes what he said after the heat of the moment he just runs towards you like “IMSORRYIMSORRYIMSORRYBABEIDIDNTMEANIT”





-hoooooo shit the fights you have though (he’s the type to try to belittle you, to tower over you and yell down at you to win an argument 

-But if you the type of girl that can meet his match (like me per-say) you’d grab a chair to stand on and yell back in his face (which would probably heat things up very quickly) (him to the point where he looks at his sword and has to leave your presence before his anger gets the best of him)  

-You’re always the first to apologize (Damian’s pride normally causes him to apologize after you do -unless he does something where he KNOWS HE REALLY FUCKED UP) 

-and normally you don’t mind apologizing first, if anything it makes you feel like the bigger person (but lemme tell you when he sees how genuine you are when you do apologize -it brings the biggest guilt out of him. like he apologizes right after, because seeing you being the first to apologize shows the wholesomeness you have that he always admires at the end of your fights)

-that’s only when both of you are angry with each other though, when he’s only being a jerk or you’re being a cold towards him you’ll normally tell each other and you’ll both realize it and apologize for it 

-to be honest you guys don’t have big fights often, it’s pretty rare, but when you do, Damian always ends up showing his vulnerable side when making up with you 

-like when you guys have an argument and make up over it, his favorite thing to do is to rest his head on your lap with your hands running through his hair, just hearing you hum, being so vulnerable to you, it makes him feel relived at the end of the fight you had

EXO Reactions ~ When You Get Leg Cramps From Trying New Sex Positions

Request: Just wondering, if you can do how EXO act and feel when you get leg cramps from trying new sex positions? Fluff please and thank you😁 if you can’t do it then it’s okay! I understand!
A/N: i did OT9 this time bc I’m doing a lot of work for the blog that I got plans for over the next few days. I’ll tell y’all bout it soon.


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When Sehun notices your cramps and how awkwardly you were walking, he would try to stifle a laugh before carrying you to your shared bed and tucking you in nicely, making sure he didn’t hurt you. Next cuddling in next to you.

Don’t worry Jagi, my cuddles will make the pain go away,


Originally posted by parkchny

As you lay on your couch whimpering from the current joint pain you were experiencing, Jongin pops out of nowhere with his beautiful aegyo and take away for two; scaring you half to death.

Doctor Jongin is here to take care after his beautiful princess! Relax and I’ll do all the work like I did last night*wINK WOnK*


Originally posted by secrethideoutme

When Minseok saw you hold onto surfaces around your shared apartment to keep yourself standing up, he knew he fucked you up pretty bad the night before. Baby Baozi would insist on checking you over and not letting you move out of bed until you were all healed.

I knew I went down hard but damn, I didn’t know I rekt you…


Originally posted by parkchny

As you kept rubbing your legs from the cramps you gained from the night before, you didn’t notice that Yixing noticed you constantly flinching in pain and was curious; when he begged you to kiss you better, you couldn’t deny.

I’m Lay the healing Unicorn, after all” 


Originally posted by junyeol

Kyungsoo already knew the consequences of trying out new positions, so just before you woke up the next morning - BabeSoo had a nice warm bath prepared for you to relax your muscles and get rid of any cramps. 

Yes, yes ~ No need to thank best boyfriend ever *very cute fucking smile*


Originally posted by qrishan

This little buttercup would sit and feed you ice cream and give you pain meds but secretly praise himself for living himself up to the rep of “SuDaddy” and trying to not show you that he was actually pleased with himself.

But be honest… I was really good though wasn’t I…?


Originally posted by chenrrerorocher

Truly yes, Jongdae would comfort you through this very tough time of having bad leg cramps when he wrecked you (not going to mention how he had leg cramps of his own, why he wouldn’t get out of bed too.) but this little shit would troll and tease the fuck out of you about ituntil you LITERALLY kicked him out of bed.

Oh gosh, I’m hurting… Jagiya why would you…


Originally posted by porkdo-bi

When Park Chanyeol asked why you were whining about your legs so much, you told him that you think he must of fucked them up the night before because you have serious cramps in them. The poor boy would go all flustered just thinking about the events.

Oh shid, oh that… yeah oh… gosh…


Originally posted by yixingofficial

Baek was clueless as why you were walking around like a baby horse, when he asked what’s up; poor Baekhyun was scared for his life when you snapped at him telling him that it was his fault that you woke up destroyed because of sexual activities from the night before.

But- You weren’t complaining last night…” 

EXO Reaction: When they apologise after a fight thinking you're asleep and won’t hear anything

||| Requested by @amy-y |||

Park Chanyeol

Originally posted by chanys

Would get shy real quick when he realized you heard everything.

“Jagiii! You should have said something I was pouring my heart out!”

Xiumin/Kim Minseok

Originally posted by kpoop69

“Okay, so this is not how it was supposed to turn out…”

Chen/Kim Jongdae

Originally posted by dragonkick

“Now all that we need to make up is an apology from your side…”

D.O/Do Kyungsoo

Originally posted by kyungsuhos

Would turn around and go back to sleep, hoping you will forget what he said.

Kris/Wu Yifan

Originally posted by yourejustmystylee

“Nope you didn’t hear anything, I definitely wasn’t the first to apologise just now.”

Tao/Huang Zitao

Originally posted by zitao-vevo

Would be so surprised when you told him, you forgive him.

“Ahhh, you were awake the whole time, don’t scare me like that!”

Kai/Kim Jongin

Originally posted by kyungception

Would cover his face with a pillow out of embarrassment and wouldn’t say a single word till morning.


Originally posted by meiren-menglu

“You know if I had known you will be listening I might as well have woken you up beforehand.”

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by exogifsets

“Well if you heard everything then it saves me the trouble of repeating everything in the morning.”

Lay/Zhang Yixing

Originally posted by justforluhan

Would start laughing because of how silly this situation turned out.

Suho/Kim Junmyeon

Originally posted by myeoneandonly

“I would prefer you tell me when you’re awake. How many more of my monologues did you hear?”

Oh Sehun

Originally posted by r-velvets

“At least you heard it.”

anonymous asked:

Ahh~! I loved your little angsty drabble!! :D Could I request some jealous Rick? Maybe how guys keep hitting on his girlfriend & he gets jealous and pouty but you make it clear to him that you're his and only his? Just an idea, I'm fine with any jealous Rick idea you got ;)

Okay so this wasn’t exactly like your idea but it was in the general ballpark. Trying to break out of this writer’s block is hard as hell so I hope you like this! I’m so, so sorry it took so long ;;

Jealousy, an emotion you felt on more than one occasion. You hated feeling that way and you knew it was stupid. More times than not you’ve felt jealousy flow through your body when it came to Rick going out on his adventures with Morty. You knew they often went out together and sometimes it was days before they ever returned. You figured the jealousy you felt was because of all the time Rick and his grandson spent together. You wish you could spend a lot of time with Rick.

Today was no different as you sat on the couch, arm propped up on the arm as you rested your head against your hand. The tv was on but you were paying it no mind at all, you sort of just drifted off into your own thoughts as you stared at the tv stand. That was until Summer plopped down on the couch beside you, jolting you from your thoughts. You looked over to see her, of course, on her phone as usual.

“Why are you looking so sad?” Summer asked as she locked her phone and set it down beside her on the armrest of the couch.

“Huh? Oh, no reason..” You mumbled out softly as you extended your leg to very gently kick at the leg of the coffee table.

“Uh huh. It wouldn’t have anything to do with my grandpa, would it? You always seem so down when he and Morty are out.” Summer smirked a little.

It was no secret to the kids that you and Rick were dating. Beth and Jerry, on the other hand, were none the wiser and just considered you as a good family friend. It was actually rather amusing to you that even Rick doesn’t know that the kids found out about your relationship. You could easily play this off as boredom if it was Beth or Jerry but Summer was anything but stupid and could always read you like a book.

you puffed out your cheek in mild annoyance before sighing and looking over at her. “We aren’t spending a lot of time together these days and I’ll admit I’m starting to feel a little jealous that Morty gets to go out on all these adventures with him when I can hardly get a simple hello from him. It’s like I’m not even here anymore. It’s a chore to get his attention..”

It pained you to say it out loud but it was true. It felt like Rick was slowly slipping away from you. It was getting harder and harder to gain his attention in you. You felt as if he had become bored with you and that feeling always left a bad taste in your mouth and a huge lump in your throat.

“Well then let’s make him pay attention.” Summer grinned mischievously and you raised an eyebrow at her and tilted your head.

In that moment there was rustling and noise coming from the garage and Summer stood up, nodding her head for you to follow. You got up and followed her into the kitchen where the door to the garage was slightly ajar.

“So you gonna come with me to this party? Please, please come with me. There will be some older guys there. You might find a date~” Summer beamed happily and loudly enough for her voice to travel into the garage.

Morty opened the garage door more to step into the kitchen, he walked past you both with an exhausted ‘hello’ before trailing upstairs and who was following him into said kitchen? Rick. He walked right past you and Summer and opened the fridge to grab a beer and you felt your heart sink into your stomach. He didn’t bother saying hello. He just leaned against the counter top and drank his stupid can of beer.

“So you’re going to come with me tonight right? you could find the guy of your dreams!” Summer smiled widely and Rick side glanced at the two.

you scratched the nape of your neck before sighing. You weren’t sure what Summer’s end game was but you decided to play along anyways. “S-Sure. I’ll go with you. I don’t have any plans anyway.” You smiled sweetly and you could hear Rick scoff from behind you.

“So you’re going out to a..a…a teeny boppers party? You, you ever think Summer might be you know.. UUUGH using you to gain popularity?” Rick growled from the counter and you wanted to grin but you decided to look at him and give him the coldest expression that you could muster.

“She isn’t as heartless as you.” You said giving Rick a small wink before walking away.

“Party’s at 7!” Summer called out to you.

Seven O'clock rolled around and you decided to go with a nice casual look but still enough to show a little skin. It wasn’t your intention of going to the party to hook up with someone. You and Summer knew all too well that Rick would take the bait and follow you both in secret. You knocked on the Smith/Sanchez door and Jerry opened up the door.

“Ah, nice to see you. You here to pick up Summer?” Jerry asked as he sidestepped, letting you walk into the house.

“Yup!” you smiled happily as you seen Rick look back from where he was sitting on the couch. He let out a rather annoyed sigh and your stomach filled with butterflies. Summer’s plan was already working and you haven’t even left yet!

“We’ll be back around 1~” Summer Chimed happily and Jerry started to look rather concerned.

“That’s a little late.” He looked between the both of you.

“Don’t worry dad, I’m not going to be alone.” Summer walked over and placed a hand on your shoulder before walking out the door, you soon following after as you said goodbye to Jerry and Rick. Even though Rick hardly responded at all.

Closer to the end of the night you were sitting on someone else’s couch, drink in hand although you hardly touched it. It seemed as if Summer’s plan backfired. There were 0 signs of Rick anywhere. Maybe he really didn’t care? Was this how it’s going to be from now on? The thought made your stomach turn a little bit.

You were ripped out of your thoughts when you felt an arm sling around your shoulder, your attention snapped to the person who was invading your bubble to see a drunken male wobbling in his seat, clearly extremely drunk. Summer was right there were older guys here, just not the one you wanted to be here.

“Could you take your arm off me please..” you mumbled lowly.
“Why? What’s the big deal? You’re very pretty.” He smiled.

He seemed pretty harmless. He wasn’t holding you tightly or anything, he was just one of those over happy drunks and it wasn’t in you to be very mean to people so you accepted the compliment with a small smile and a “thank you.”

The male had stayed like that for awhile as you both talked. to be honest, you had forgotten his arm was wrapped around your shoulder. You guess a part of you just wanted to feel close to someone, even if it was a complete drunken stranger. You both talked about a lot of different things like how you knew Summer, how old you were, and why you were here without a date.

You don’t know why but you told the drunken male about your relationship with Rick, without using his name of course. You didn’t want to embarrass Summer. You stressed your feelings and that’s when the male leaned in further towards you, he pressed his lips against yours and you immediately jerked back.

“Whoa..” you raised your hands up so that they came in between you and the male.

“What’s the problem. your boyfriend seems like such an ass-HEY!” The drunken guy slurred as he was yanked up from his seat.

You looked up and to your horror stood Rick. Rick was gripping the other males arm so tightly you thought that a small simple twist would break the poor guy’s arm. Rick looked pissed beyond all belief.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Rick growled as he glared at the drunken male.

“Just- Just having some fun old man. No, No harm.” The guy sputtered but wenced out when Rick twisted the guy’s arm.

“If, If, If I were you I’d seriously consider finding someone else because this one here is mine.” Rick huffed and you felt heat rush to your face when you heard him call you his.

Rick let go of the guy and the drunken guy stumbled away holding his arm tightly. There were a few eyes on you but you didn’t care. the only ones that mattered were Rick’s. you had to admit, seeing him become defensive over you made you want to leap off the couch and kiss him but you knew better.

“And you. What the- what the hell do you think you’re doing!?” Rick glared down at you and you felt as if you had sunk into the couch a little more. You didn’t want to cause any more of a scene. Rick, of course, sensed this and grabbed your hand tightly, yanking you up before going outside.

Once you were outside Rick pulled you into him, wrapping his arms tightly around you. You were a little confused at the sudden action.
“Look. I know I haven’t been that great lately- Been busy a lot but don’t ever do that again… I was here from start to finish you know.” Rick said softly, his hold tightening a little bit. “When I saw you with that guy it made me so pissed off, I wanted to punch that asshole in the face. I don’t want anyone else to touch you like that-I don’t give a crap if it was innocent or not. You’re with me and me only. I don’t like to share” He growled as he thought about the memory and that’s when you finally hugged him back. He did care and that made you happy.


Request ⇾ hello! i was wondering if you could do a Richie x reader imagine where Richie and the reader are dating and the reader kinda gets fed up by his cursing, but she kinda likes it? and then they start to like make out and stuff and Eddie walks in on them. thank you!

Warnings ⇾ swearing

A/N ⇾ kept it PG, ps, just a fluffy richie x reader fic! Also left out the bit where Eds walks in on them because I liked where it ended! Hope that’s okay!


“No, Stanley,” Richie began, rolling his eyes. “That is not what popping your fucking cherry means, you loser!”

Richie. Trashmouth. Tozier.

God, the losers were most certainly tired of hearing his mouth open. One thought that ran through all of their minds was, ‘how can one human be so damn annoying?’

Not in Y/N’s though, even though granted she sometimes did get annoyed, she didn’t feel quite that way. Everyone said this was down to the fact that she was dating the trashmouth himself.

Often, Beverly and Ben watched from a distance, either in confusion or disgust, at how he actually managed to woo Y/N. She rarely swore, was kind and open to everyone, did her homework and didn’t insult people 24/7, so how on earth did she fall for someone who did precisely all of those things, and more? They were all clueless, but what they didn’t know was that deep deep down, Y/N secretly loved when he swore. She thought it was funny and made him look more in charge, which was something she liked. Even though, he constantly said crude things and swore and usually embarrassed Y/N in the process, she thought it was totally cute. He knew that, too, which was why he continued to do it. In fact, it was why he did it more. Richie loved to please and impress Y/N, if he could see her laugh or smile it made his day. It was worth all of the stares from onlooking peers, the detentions from angry teachers, and the eye rolls from the losers themselves. Yes, he would do anything for her.


Richie sat rubbing his sweaty hands over his pants and pushed his glasses back up his nose. He was so nervous. He was finally going to try and kiss Y/N. What if she pushed him away, or didn’t kiss back? Thoughts like this continued running through his mind as he sat trying to calm himself.

Believe it or not, the two had only ever held hands, much to every one else’s surprise. They all believed that Richie would be as suave as he came across, but no, the infamous trashmouth tozier was a panicking mess. He couldn’t even muster a curse word even if he wanted to, which by the way, he most definitely did. If he could will the earth to open up and swallow him whole, he would’ve done that ten minutes ago. Flustered and terrified were two words he would’ve used to describe himself, had he have been asked.

“So, like I was saying, do you still want to go to the arcade later?” Y/N asked while reentering her bedroom after retrieving snacks for the two.

“Oh, yeah, sure.” Richie said, not daring to look at Y/N.

“Richie…” Y/N said tip toeing closer, “Richie, are you alright?” She sat down next to him on her bed.

“Are you alright?”

“Me? Oh yeah, I’m great, I’m fine!” He said looking up, avoiding her eyes while plastering a faux smile across his face.

Y/N tilted her head to the side in disbelief, she knew he wasn’t feeling fine nor was he feeling great.

“What’s wro-”

Richie engulfed her in a sloppy and inexperienced kiss. She kissed back.

“Fuck, yeah.” His inner conscience praised.