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I need to tell someone so iam telling you Some one just inboxed me saying seb will never date me because iam black and he only likes white women and I should give up. So I replied seb will never date me because he can't handle all this ass. It's too much for his little heart. Then I got blocked. I wasn't even offended I found it funny.

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i made a cameo in dapgo i think this photo really flatters me

Drunk sentence starters.

“See, I’m not too drunk, I can still take my clothes off.”
“I lost my pants - but I found myself.”
“I feel like a pickle torpedo… In a sea of graham cracker crumbs.”
“I’m not a violent guy. If there was a ghost up there at that stop sign I would just let him pass. Even if it wasn’t his turn I still wouldn’t punch him.”
“Look at all this snow, imagine if it was sand, but still cold, no wait, warm snow. I like the beach.”
“Let’s see what’s in this cabinet! What the fuck is in this cabinet?! There’s nothing interesting in this cabinet! I’m going to slam this cabinet shut now! Let’s move on to the next cabinet.”
“If I had 47 dragons, I’d give you one but only one.”
“Suck my dick, I’m a pterodactyl!”
“German people are quiet, then BOOM! They take over Poland for no good reason!”
“I’m not David Hasselhoff!”
“Please don’t think bad about me, ‘cause I’m drunk. I’ll be a good wife, I know where to buy good tomatoes and cucumbers!”
“I think that rock is judging me. FUCK YOU YOU WHORE ROCK.”
“Don’t worry, when I’m in charge you can still be deputy of fire truck planet.”
“Fuck this pizza.”

Ephraim: sister I love you and we are the closest siblings to ever exist you never hold me back we’ve always been together and we always will I’ll never leave you.

Eirika: I love you too ephraim but please don’t be so abrasive I don’t think these are our enemies. We will always be-

Seliph: yall mind shutting up for one second

can you not do that to her? i watch her videos regardless if ian is in there or not and even though i found her through ian, saying that the ONLY reason, the ONLY way she could have possibly gained the female fan base she has right now is through dating ian is just a fucked up thing to say. she’s got a wonderful personality, she’s fucking gorgeous, she’s intelligent and she’s sweet and she’s funny. if you’re part of the cancer crew fandom, at least gave the decency not to go after one of the things that make our boys happy.

edit: this is also implying that girls who have the same kind of humor as idubbbz, maxmoefoe, filthy frank, etc. can never make content with said humor? as if girls /can’t/ have the same humor and make the same content????
Draco Malfoy x Reader Imagine- You’re the One That I Want

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I found this gif way too funny, like laughing for a solid thirty seconds about it too funny.

song imagine inspiration: You’re the One That I Want from Grease (I just really like the musical)

warning: some unintentional Hamilton references that I din’t feel like getting rid of

Draco Malfoy was a nuisance. Scratch that. Draco Malfoy was a hot nuisance. Ever since second year, Draco had been trying to get your attention 24/7. You were reading an interesting book? Too bad because Draco wants you to go and watch him play quidditch. You had to do homework? That’s a shame because Draco wanted you to help him find out what Potter was doing. You had to eat? That’s great because Draco wanted to eat with you!

Currently, he was seated next to you in history of magic trying to distract you from the lesson. He kept poking your side or putting his hand on your leg. The first few times, you pushed him away and quietly told him off, but then you just ignored him altogether. He wouldn’t stop though.

In a way, you liked the attention. Draco was never this persistent when it came to other girls. You liked that he wasn’t afraid to be emotional around you. At the same time, he could really be an ass to people. His ego could be taken down a few pegs, and then you might possibly consider going on a date with him.

As soon as Professor Binns dismissed the class, you shot up out of your seat and raced to the Great Hall for lunch. Draco was hot on your trail. Before you could sit down and dig in, he grabbed your wrist.

“Y/N, I’ve fancied you for a while now,” he said.

“No, really,” you rolled your eyes.

There’s nothing left for me to do. I’m losing control,” he said more quietly.

You rolled your eyes again at how dramatic he was being. “Draco, what are you talking about?”

“Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, WILL YOU GO ON A DATE WITH ME?” He shouted at the top of his lungs. Even some Gryffindors at the other end of the hall turned and watched your reaction.

You smirked at him, “If you’re filled with affection, and you’re too shy to convey, you better shape up. I need a man who can keep me satisfied.”

“Y/N, you’re the one that I want. Please, will you go out with me?” It was the closest thing to begging Draco had probably ever done. How could you say no to this?

You crossed your arms and tilted your head in thought, “Sure, Draco, but like I said, you better shape up.”

You’re Ticklish (GOT7)

Okay, sorry, this isn’t something y’all have requested but I actually quite like this idea <3 I am v ticklish, for anyone interested ~

(gif credit to the original owners)

He’d stumbled across your ticklishness by utter accident. He was just snuggling you, as normal, when he accidentally jabbed your waist. After you had squealed and jumped up, he would stunned for a moment - trying to process what had just happened. Then, he’d burst out laughing at your strange reaction. He’d apologise for making you jump, but would still be chuckling away.

“Babe, I am sorry, but that’s too funny.”

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(ignore whatever hottie jy is doing. bummie is so precious i can’t, send halp)

His pure, high pitched giggle would let loose as soon as you jumped out of his embrace. Like his leader, he had found out you were ticklish completely by accident. He would find your reaction a mixture of strange and adorable, not failing to pull you tighter into his arms. He’d have to fight every nerve in his body to not tickle you again. He’d definitely have to remember it tho.

“That’s so cute! I didn’t know you were so ticklish jagiya.”

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Got7 Reaction || Hanging Out Too Much With Their Idol Crush And They Get Into A Dating Scandal
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“Y/N… Seems like we’re in trouble…”
Y/N: “Then why are you smiling?!”
“… Cause it’s funny?”


*Sees the news and calls you*
“… Y/N… We gotta talk…”


*Feels fuzzy inside, but knows this is also bad*
/ Nobody ever suspects Amber, how is Y/N different? /


*Cutely tries to fix the misunderstanding*
“It’s nothing like that, we’re very close friends!”


“Hey, Y/N. I just found out we’re dating”


“Ahh… Will I have to clear the misunderstanding? But it’s ok, it’ll go on for a while and they’ll forget…”


*He would ignore it which would cause you to bring it up*
Y/N: “Have you heard about the scandal?”
“… Yes, but I tried to avoid this conversation (because I’d be too obvious with my attraction towards you)”


I was scouring the net to see if there was anything from the Portland Wizard World I had missed, or if anybody had posted a video, and came across a story someone had posted on another forum about Matt and Alex’s autographs.

Apparently Alex was asked to autograph the picture of their first kiss - precisely, this picture:

- and by some odd chance, she decided to sign on ‘Matt’.

When the same picture - along with a bunch of other pictures - was given to Matt to sign, he stopped (he just zoomed through other pictures), and said: ‘ “Now why did Alex sign on top of me? Ugh, you can’t do anything with her”

and proceeded to sign. On top of her.

I’ve been hatching Wimpod in Po Town (because I thought it’d be funny) and then this happened. I didn’t give it a nickname yet but I feel like I should name this particular Wimpod after Guzma because I hatched it in the shady mansion. In his room, too, which I found amusing.

This made me wonder how Guzma would react to seeing a shiny Wimpod. Or a shiny Pokémon in general. Would he would just throw himself at it and wrestle it into submission and or would he just get real close to it and stare? I kind of thought it would be cool if in game npcs had shiny Pokémon.

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 I was having a sleepover with my cousin a few years ago, and we were having one of those late night heart-to-heart chats. By that time I knew I was ace but wasn’t as open about it as I am now. The conversation started going towards romance and sex, so I tried to drop some hints that I wasn’t interested in that kind of stuff. Eventually, I came out and told her, and her response was “No way, me too!” We started laughing because we were both super awkward and trying to fit coming out in the conversation. The rest of the night we exchanged stories about when we first found out, who we’ve told, and other funny anecdotes. It was a really great time and probably one of the best sleepovers that I’ve had. Now at family gatherings, we make subtle references around family members we’re not out to and just giggle when the other one of us gets it, it’s great.

Can we talk really quickly about how Netflix totally trolled us all 😂

So for the show Travelers the description is this: “A federal agent tracks four people who suddenly seem to possess entirely new personalities, leading to a startling discovery about humanity’s future.”
Then after the first episode it’s like, LOL NVM HE DEAD TOO!
I just found this really funny lol

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I just found your hamilton tag today but it's awesome!! Your drawings are just so amazing and funny!

minecraftxqueen said: AhhhhAAAAHAH I love everything you saw about the Hamilton musical (Thomas Jefferson especially)

Thank you very much!

Yeah I hate Jefferson but Daveed Diggs is A+ and his version of the guy is just too fun to resist

I used to talk about marrying you and sharing the rest of my life with you and you too believed in it. 
How funny it seems now to think that there was a time when we believed we’d always have each other.
I was just thinking about it the other day. I drove past your house and I couldn’t help but ask myself where it is that we went wrong. I tried to pinpoint the exact moment in which we stopped believing in the idea of time. I tried to pinpoint the exact moment in which we reached inside our pockets, and found that we had run out of it.
Did your pockets have holes or did I just spend it on all the wrong things? 
I guess we’ll never know for sure but thinking of all the promises we made to each other, makes me smile. I guess I just wanted you to know that. I want you to know that even though we didn’t make it in this world, we tried our best and that makes me feel a little less sad, to think that we loved each other enough to believe we were made for one another.
Although, if I dare to admit, I was really sad for a long time after you left. I couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that we would never make a home out of a house, well at least not together and it made me even sadder to think that we’d never have a family together, that we’d never get to have a daughter with your eyes and my smile, and that we’d never get to name her Autumn.
But as time passed, and it is true that it heals. I found myself comforted by the simple idea that we made each other much better people, that we shared firsts and seconds and thirds and most of all, lasts.
I am happy and I hope that you are too, and I hope that you are being loved like you deserve most of all.
—  “Nothing will ever come between us, because I’ll be standing right next to you.” // thewordsyouneverunderstood
Here, for a bonus Scoobymas post, I’ve got some brand-new stuff for you!

On top of the ever-important job of making fun of crazy things I find in Scooby-Doo,

(Such as this)

I also make things for y’all with all sorts of other crazy stuff I discover! Like recently, when I…

1. Got bored

2. Found vintage Nestea commercials

3. Did a slow-mo supercut of just the weird moments of actors enjoying it way, way too much

4. Set the clips to various musical genres

Yes, it’s as glorious as it sounds.

Or, when funny moments happen whilst gaming with a friend, and I edit together highlights…

…and add typography/photos of small furry animals, where applicable.

Trust me, it (mostly) makes sense in context.

If either of those sound like they’d bring you a laugh, take a look! I’ve been super pleased by the community’s response thus far. 

The channel is youtube.com/MooncalfVideo, for those interested.

Oh, and better keep an eye out… I have some Scooby-based videos in the works, too ;)


The 2ps as Stuff My Best Friend Has Texted Me (Mod Lafayette Edition)

2p America: Hey I’m always here to satisfy your weird ass founding fathers fetish.

2p China: Melania Trump deserves so much better. She just wanted a sugar daddy, now she’s the first lizard lady.

2p England: I wish this country was led by drag queens.

2p France: Alexander Hamilton IS real and I gave HIM a blowjob behind the Burlington congress building. Plot twist.

2p Russia: My fursona is a squashed worm.

2p Canada: My mom won’t stop pray-crying in the living room, please take me somewhere else.

2p Italy: I’m going to stab my brother in the ear.

2p Germany: “If you can’t handle me at my 666 you don’t deserve me at my 420.” Marilyn Monroe

2p Japan: You just pickup up a wasp you dumb bitch! I hope it stings you and you die.

2p Romano: God loves ugly. Barbie doesn’t.

2p Austria: I’ve made you a playlist of nothing but Death Grips and me crying. Hope you like it.

2p Prussia: I hate scary movies almost as much as I hate myself.

The saga continues,  http://2ptalia-sin.tumblr.com/post/156603664124/2ps-as-stuff-ive-texted-my-best-friend-mod