i just found this super sweet and funny


I had no desire to get out of bed this morning–it’s pouring rain here and I’m still so peopled out that I feel like it’s already been a full week crammed into one day.  Also, the book I read last night was super disappointing–I thought that People I Want to Punch in the Throat was super funny, but the holiday version…notsomuch.

My mood was quite lifted when I got in the car and found that the husband had gotten gas for me!  No having to stop and pump gas in the rain!  He’s just the best ever!  And, I found this super sweet note on my computer from coworker Wayne when I got to my desk this morning!  Annnnd, we got our new t-shirts for 2017 (they’re always designed by kids)!  :)  Oh yeah, and in about an hour, I get to go and give out books to a bunch of preschool kids.

Life is good. My attitude could be better.  But, it’s getting there. ;)