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What your fav loz game says about you
  • The Legend of Zelda: you haven't played any loz games since this one.
  • Zelda II: you own the entire legend of zelda animated series on vhs.
  • A Link to the Past: you're an elitist snob and/or you hate yourself.
  • Four Swords: you just want to be able to beat someone else up with multiplayer.
  • Link's Awakening: you fuckin love whales.
  • Ocarina of Time: good man. who doesn't like this game. your favorite band might be the beatles though.
  • Majora's Mask: your blog title is "welcome to my twisted mind"
  • Oracle of the Ages: you're a twin. your sibling got pokemon blue version.
  • Oracle of the Seasons: you're a twin. your sibling got pokemon red version.
  • Wind Waker: you are easily distracted by bright colors and pretty music so the endless sailing never bothered you. you want link's grandmother to adopt you.
  • Four Swords Adventure: you just want to be able to beat someone else up with multiplayer, but on the gamecube.
  • The Minish Cap: you thought it was adorable that you could become really really small and explore. You also have the hots for vaati.
  • Twilight Princess: you were that kid in elementary school who was way too obsessed with wolves. Possibly a furry.
  • Phantom Hourglass: you want to marry linebeck. I don't understand you. You also managed to get all the different boat designs somehow. How the fuck did you get all the parts for the golden ship. I hate you.
  • Spirit Tracks: you really liked that zelda was a kindof playable character. The overworld theme plays on repeat in your head at all times. Link is so cute as a conductor. Wow link is adorable
  • Skyward Sword: your wii controller actually worked so link's sword went where you swung it.
  • A Link Between Worlds: you were endlessly entertained by just fuckin slamming link into walls. You found every painting link could stand behind so it looked like he had a funny head. chicken link is your god.
  • Hyrule Warriors: you've never actually played a real zelda game.

I love Hamilton, but something about the way white fans engage with the musical really bothers me: a lot of them are posting in the tag about the actual, historical revolutionaries and founding fathers in a way that makes them seem like funny, sweet, good people. They weren’t. I don’t just mean “Jefferson was a piece of shit”: none of them were good. Every one of their asses saw black people as inferior, even if not all of them supported slavery. All of them participated in genocidal policy against indigenous peoples. If you’re watching/listening to Hamilton and then going out and romanticizing the real founding fathers/American revolutionaries, you’re missing the entire point.

Hamilton is not really about the founding fathers. It’s not really about the American Revolution. The revolution, and Hamilton’s life are the narrative subject, but its purpose is not to romanticize real American history: rather, it is to reclaim the narrative of America for people of colour. 

Don’t romanticize the founding fathers and the revolution. They’re already romanticized. It’s been done. Your history books have already propagated those lies. The revolution is romanticized as an American narrative because it was a revolution lead by and for white men. Their story is the narrative of the nation and it is a narrative from which people of colour are utterly obliterated. 

Do you understand what it’s like to live in a nation where you are made marginal and inconsequential in the historical narrative that you are taught from your first day of school? In the Americas, to be a person of colour is to be made utterly inconsequential to the nation’s history. If you are black, your history begins with slavery, and your agency is denied; they don’t teach about slave rebellions or black revolutionaries. You learn about yourself as entirely shaped by outside forces: white people owned you, then some white people decided to free you and wasn’t that nice of them? and then you’re gone until the civil rights movement. That is the narrative they teach; in which you had no consequence, no value, no impact until less than a century ago. If you are indigenous, you are represented as disappeared, dead, already gone: you do not get to exist, you are already swallowed by history. If you are any other race, you are likely not present at all. To live in a land whose history is not your own, to live in a story in which you are not a character, is a soul-destroying experience.

In Hamilton, Eliza talks, in turn, of “taking herself out of the narrative” and “putting herself back in the narrative.” That’s what Hamilton is about: it’s about putting ourselves in the narrative. It puts people of colour in the centre of the damn narrative of the nation that subjugates them; it takes a story that by all accounts has been constructed to valourize the deeds of white men, and redefines it all. 

Why was the American Revolution a revolution? Why were slave revolts revolts? Why do we consider the founding fathers revolutionaries and not the Black Panthers or the Brown Berets or any number of other anti-racist revolutionary organizations? Whose rebellion is valued? Who is allowed to be heroic through defiance? By making the founding fathers people of colour, Hamilton puts people of colour into the American narrative, while simultaneously applying that narrative to the present. Right now, across the United States, across the damn world, people are chanting “black lives matter.” Black people are shutting down malls and highways, demanding justice for the lives stolen by police, by white supremacy. And all across the world, indigenous people are saying “Idle No More,” blockading pipelines, demanding their sovereignty. And “No One is Illegal” is chanting loud enough to shake down the walls at the border; people are demanding the end of refugee detention centres, demanding an end to the violence perpetuated by anti-immigration policies. People of colour are rising up. 

…And white people are angry about it. White people are saying “if blacks don’t want to get shot by the police they shouldn’t sag their pants”; saying “get over it” about anti-indigenous policies of assimilation and cultural genocide and land theft; Jennicet Gutiérrez was heckled by white gay men for demanding that president Obama end the detention of undocumented trans women of colour. White people see people of colour rising up and they tell us to sit down. Shut up. Stop making things difficult. The American Revolution was a bunch of white men who didn’t want to be taxed, so white history sees their revolutionary efforts as just; they killed for their emancipation from England; they were militant. That, to white people is acceptable. But those same white people talk shit about Malcolm X for being too violent–a man who never started an uprising against the government leading to bloodshed. Violence is only acceptable in the hands of white people; revolution is only okay when the people leading the charge are white. 

Hamilton makes those people brown and black; Hamilton depicts the revolution of which America is proud as one led by people of colour against a white ruling body; there’s a reason King George is the only character who is depicted by a white man. The function of the visual in Hamilton is to challenge a present in which people of colour standing up against oppression are seen as violent and dangerous by the same people who proudly declare allegiance to the flag. It forces white people to see themselves not as the American Revolutionaries, but as the British oppressors. History is happening, and they’re on its bad side.

So don’t listen to or watch Hamilton and then come out of that to romanticize the founding fathers. Don’t let that be what you take away from this show. They’re the vehicle for the narrative, and a tool for conveying the ideologies of the show, but they are not the point. Don’t romanticize the past; fight for the future. 

Every episode of Bones ever
  • Booth: we got a body
  • Brennan: I need this all sent to the Jeffersonian
  • Brennan: fracture to the ulna
  • Intern: can't believe I missed that
  • Booth: I'm Agent Booth, FBI, and this is my partner, Dr. Temperance Brennan, we're here to ask you a few questions.
  • Angela: I plugged in the exact muscles and subtracted the injuries that occured postmortem and turned the skull inside out and showed it to the computer. Here's our victim
  • Hodgins: bugs and particulates indicate this exact spot
  • Cam: *gasps* that's where the husband works
  • Husband: no. I want a lawyer
  • Booth: *stares angrily*
  • Sweets at some point: I know that you're not upset over this case, its something else
  • Booth: no way. Don't get all shrinky on me. Ok youre right
  • Intern: I reexamined the bones and found this
  • Brennan: this leads exactly to our killer. Good work
  • Real killer: I didn't mean to kill her. I just wanted to beat her up a little
  • Brennan and booth: *long stare*
  • Brennan and booth: *have meaningful talk about whatever was bothering them*
  • Brennan at some point: you're a good man booth

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Cris, I keep seeing people saying that Sony/Columbia is responsible for what we are seeing right now with Harry image-wise because they want to make the most money they can. In a distribution deal, does Harry have no say over his image and how they present him throughout promo or is it entirely dependent on what would have been negotiated before he signed the contract?

Nah. This is not fully on Sony/Columbia. They are part of HSHQ, but only a part.

With Harry, as far as I’m concerned, the time has passed to make excuses that someone else is calling the shots. This is him and his handpicked team.

Now that’s not to say that every interview question is fully vetted 100% of the time or that no one is at Sony pushing a certain image, but Harry is participating fully and gleefully right now. He’s having a great time and in my opinion he is just being a young “lad” and hasn’t really internalized the feminist concepts he believes in (and I do believe that’s genuine, but social interactions have a massive impact on us, don’t underestimate that he has been surrounded by music industry men much more than women these past several years).

That’s not even really a criticism, it’s just the way people are. Haven’t you found yourself laughing at a joke that when you thought about it later, realized was NOT okay?  I have. The real question is how long before he steps back and says, “Wait. This sounded funny when I was talking to the guys, but in a different light I’m seeing how that could be pretty offensive.”

I’m hoping Glenne, Anne, and Gemma will step up and say something. Sarah and Clare are employees, so they aren’t in a position to correct him on what are, for someone else, relatively mild jokes and comments. But the other women in his life can and hopefully they will.


“Just tell me if you want me to take over.” Phil was currently sitting on the bed, an amused smirk covering his face. I shook my head determinedly.

“No,” I insisted. “I can be dominant too!” He rolled his eyes. Walking up to him, I gripped his jaw and forced him to look up. “Don’t roll your eyes at me.”

“Sorry, master. It’s just quite funny that you’d think I was submissive at all.” He chuckled. I was quickly growing tired of his lack of cooperation, anger boiling in my stomach. Lowering my voice, I leaned in close to his ear.

“Strip, or I’ll have to punish you.” His breath seemed to hitch for half a second before falling back into place. The smirk returned easily. It happened so quickly I found myself doubting if it had actually been real.

“As if you could punish me. Go ahead.”

Finally. I shoved him backwards, hurriedly undoing my belt and pulling his hands over his head. Using the belt as a restraint, I locked his wrists to the headboard. Phil bit his lip, glancing at the leather strap holding his arms up.

I brought his attention back to me by straddling his hips. Making sure that he was watching, I dragged a hand down my chest teasingly before catching hold of my t-shirt, pulling it off as slow as I could. Then I brought my fingers to the button on my pants.

Phil watched attentively as I undid my black jeans, pushing them down my hips along with my boxers. I stroked myself lightly. A barely audible whine fell from his mouth, and his eyes darkened as he stared. Parting his lips subconsciously, I watched his tongue wet them. I chuckled low.

“Eager, are we? You sure slipped into your role easily.” His cheeks turned crimson, and he averted his eyes. Moving up to straddle his chest, I brought my tip to his mouth. “Go on, sweetheart.”

Still flustered, he parted his lips. I pushed in slowly, tangling my fingers in his hair. I used the black strands to pull him further, only stopping when I hit the back of his throat. Then I pulled back out before repeating the movement.

Tears formed in Phil’s eyes as I thrusted roughly, hitting the back of his throat repeatedly as he gasped for breath. He tried his best to relax and pleasure me properly, choked moans falling from his lips. I groaned as I watched him, some unknown part of me loving how he looked when he was being controlled like this.

“Look at you, taking me without complaint,” I purred, jerking my hips hard one more time before dragging his mouth off. He gasped for breath, a few tears falling from his eyes. His hair was a mess from my fingers pulling at it. Yet he looked up at me hopefully, begging to please me further. Not a submissive, hmm? I beg to differ.

Releasing his hands, I got off of him. “Strip,” I ordered again. This time he hurried to obey, practically ripping off his shirt and jeans. Then he kneeled on the bed, waiting for my next command. I raked my eyes over his exposed skin hungrily. Phil whimpered softly, running a hand over himself.

“Please, Dan… I want you..” His voice was hoarse from my rough treatment. I glared at him. Pushing him backwards, I restrained his wrists with my belt again.

“Don’t be so greedy.”

“Sorry,” He whispered meekly. I hummed in response, leaning down to attach my lips to his collarbone. He shuddered, turning his head to give me better access. I bit and bruised his pale skin, gripping his thighs as I slowly moved down his chest. Phil had crossed his legs sometime after getting undressed, hiding himself from view. I sat up and slipped my fingers in between his thighs.

“Let me see you, baby,” I purred, using my hands to pull them apart gently. He blushed, avoiding my eyes. Hmm.. submissive Phil is shy… Trying to assure him, I leaned forwards to kiss him softly. “Don’t worry, sweetheart. You’re beautiful.” I whispered against his lips.

His blush deepened, but he did kiss me back after a moment. Taking that as a cue to continue, I leaned over him to grab the bottle of lube. But as soon as he saw what I was holding, he tensed up again. I sighed.

“What’s wrong, baby? Do you want to stop?” I asked, brushing his fringe off of his sweaty forehead. Phil shook his head, murmuring meekly.

“N-no, I just… Who’s topping?” His eyes were wide and nervous. Ohhhhhhhh…. Chuckling, I kissed him again, letting him melt against me.

“I may have some dominance in me, but I’m no top.” Phil visibly relaxed. Pouring a bit of lube onto my fingers, I began to warm it up. “Now… You get to watch me prep myself.” He moaned softly, rubbing his thighs together in a bid for friction. I glared at him until he stopped.

I dragged my palm down my chest teasingly, sliding it down and under my thighs until I felt my fingertip brush over my entrance. Then I pushed it in. Shutting my eyes tightly, I quickly added another, scissoring them with a groan.

I could hear Phil panting, accompanied with whines each time I thrust my fingers in further. He sounded so desperate, so undone. I finally understood why he had always encouraged me to not hold back the noises. Once I was finally stretched enough, I pulled them out, wincing slightly. Then I opened my eyes.

He was a mess, his cheeks flushed and his eyes dark as he struggled not to lift up his hips. I chuckled, pleased to see him trying so hard to obey me. “You’ve been such an obedient little thing,” I hummed, moving up to straddle his hips again. “Can you do one more thing for me?”

Phil nodded. I positioned myself over him, looking into his eyes the whole time. “Beg.”

His cheeks flushed even darker, if possible, but he complied. “Please, Dan! P-please… Ah… Want you to claim me…” I smirked, gripping his thighs as I began to sink down. His words broke into moans, mixing with the stuttery gasps falling from my lips.

My fingers dug into his thighs as I went as far as I could go, leaving dark bruises over his skin. He strained against the tight leather strap around his wrists. “Ple-ease…” He whined, clenching and unclenching his fingers as he pulled.

I admired the sight for a few seconds before lifting my body up and dropping back down. My vision blurred with hazy pleasure, instinct causing me to pick up a fast rhythm.

“S-so good… Dan! Ah!” As much as I wanted to close my eyes and bask in the sound of Phil falling apart beneath me, I found that I was quickly becoming exhausted with my high out of my reach.

“Phil… I need..” He seemed to get the message quickly, rolling his hips up to meet me. The sudden added friction was so good it was dizzying, heat coiling in my stomach almost instantly. I probably would have lost control then, if it wasn’t for the desperate mewl that burst from Phil’s lips.

“S-so… Much… Please, close! Close..” he rambled, hands clenched into fists above his head as he fought off his orgasm. His eyes locked on mine, a pleading question clear in his eyes.

I leaned down to bite one of the marks on his throat, earning a gasp. “You can come… Want you to fill me…” I mumbled against the bruising skin. It took a few seconds for him to register my words before he was shaking, choking out jumbled words and sounds, the clearest one being my name. Then heat shot into my body.

He whimpered as I pulled off of him. I worked my hand over myself, and within a few seconds I was spilling over his stomach with a long moan, white blanketing the red and purple bruises dotting his skin. We both breathed heavily.

I trailed my fingers over his body, collecting the mess there and bringing it up to his lips. Phil, in his post-orgasmic haze, opened his mouth and sucked my fingers clean without complaint.

“You were so good,” I praised him, brushing his messy fringe out of his eyes. It finally seemed to catch up to him what had just happened, a dark crimson blush spreading over his cheeks as he stared down at what I’d done to him. “You okay, sweetheart?” I whispered softly.

He poked one of the bites, wincing, before nodding thoughtfully. Then he met my gaze. “Can… We do that again? Sometime?”

I grinned at him, leaning over to kiss his nose. “Absolutely.”

Remember Me: Part 3

A Bucky x Reader / Drabble Series

Part One | Part Two

A/N: Here is part 3 everyone! This took a while for me to get right, so I hope you guys enjoy it. Sorry it’s being posted so late too. Work sucks! Let me know what you think! ♥

Other Characters: Steve, Tony

Word Count: 1,321

- language, maybe?

Tags: (at the end)

*gif is not mine.

The thin, delicate pane of glass was the only thing separating you from what you thought you knew and what was sitting right in front of you. It seemed like a dream, as his sapphire eyes chilled you to the bone, piercing your very soul. Your knees felt weak and Steve could read your body language, walking over and hooking his hand right into the crook of your elbow, squeezing lightly.

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So I’m starting the armor beginning with the shoulder. I’m really excited!!! Its so funny. When I started making my Labradorite outfit I never thought it would end up looking so close to my character Zal, it was just supposed to be an outfit based on the gem and him, not /him/, which don’t get me wrong, it still is! so its not exact but lol haha, the more I work on it, the closer it is to his design. XD

Its all because I found the jacket on eBay that was like too much uncanny to his character design, a design I made back in high school. Sure my jacket in real life isn’t perfectly the same but its close enough!!! xD and now the overall outfit is pretty much Zal.

But anyways!!! I’ve never made armor before! Tomorrow is going to be the first time I try worbla and EVA foam! Wish my luck!

She Likes (Bittersweet Love)

A part of the drabble series When Two Worlds Collide for the 500 Followers Celebration.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader x Sebastian Stan

Summary: Bucky is scared that another man was better at making you happy. 

A/N: A continuation of Double Take. This is the last part of the drabble series (though let’s be real, this one is not a drabble)!! Thank you guys for being the most awesome readers a writer could ever wish for, thank you for following me and reading my stuff, you have no idea how happy you guys have made me.


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winterwakusei  asked:

Hey remember me? Who loves gakurans?? I dunno whatever not important, however!! I haven't read fanfics in ages and I kinda wanna do that again and I wondered if you had any recommendations? I hate looking for them myself because I'm really picky about characterization.. If they're slightly ooc I'll be running the other direction. And I don't like angst unless it's absolutely necessary for a good plot. Soo... do you have anything to rec? Preferably terumob but I'm open for anything good really

Hi! Hahaha, I remember you of course! Sorry for the delayed response, I had to go check out ones I’ve read. Generally I consider myself pretty picky about characterisation too since like, there is a reason I like characters to begin with you know? And I tend to be a little weird about sticking somewhat to canon as well. However I’m finding with Mob Psycho I’m having some leniency because there is kind of a range of characterisation preferences I’ve noticed where it’s not so much in character and not in character but dependent on what particular attributes the writer focuses on (plus the characters are like hard to write, for me anyway). Most people write Reigen… nicer than I generally perceive him as, but I wouldn’t say it’s incorrect in anyway, just different focus. He’s still the dude that does this stuff to me though.

ANYWAY!!! Recommendations!

Return. Continue. (TeruMob) I don’t think you could follow me and not know these because of my, ahem, minor obsession, but I’m going to mention them anyway because for me they are like a PERFECT representation of how I personally view Mob and Teruki.

Temporary Accommodations (General) I’ve mentioned this one before but I’m further into it now and really enjoying it. It’s a nice action one and I like the way Reigen is written.

That’s a Bummer, Dude (TeruMob) I thought this one was cute and heartfelt, it has a nice feeling to it

Tomorrow Isn’t Always Another Day (General) I’ve mentioned this one before too, but best Reigen. I like that this one felt like the same humour as the comics, especially the omake, I haven’t seen that a tonne in the fanfictions.

When there’s nothing but the long way ‘round (TeruMob)This is a set of 8 that was done for Valentine Day prompts i believe and I found them to be very cute.

Turning Slowly (TeruMob) I liked this one, especially since it wasn’t super fluffy and I’m a sucker for anything that has unrequited hahahaha

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back (TeruMob) I do like Teruki suffering, just a little bit.

It’s Okay to be Truthful (TeruMob) This one is short and cute and I need like everyone just to give me clueless Mob because it is amazing

Hell Is Real (So Hurry Up and Kiss Already) (TeruMob) It’s almost more about Ritsu than anything else but I found it funny and cute.

How the light gets in (TeruMob) I thought this was very cute, and I like the confusion aspect of it, it made the end scene entertaining to read.

A Way With Words (TeruMob) God damn that ending line

It’s okay to rest  (TeruMob) Like i said, I’m a sucker for clueless Mob hahaha

The Accelerated Velocity of Terminological Inexactitude (TeruMob) This is like the romcom flick version of Mob Psycho. I really like the Teruki in this one.

Okay, this list got quite long. I just have been having a lot of fun reading through these okay? I hope you like some of these as well! I would be interested in hearing which type you prefer since there is quite a range in there!

Oh! And I guess I’ve actually written two as well. One more so than the other. Did it hurt? and Self-destructive Tendencies

Silver Storm (6/?)

Summary: While on trip out of state, you were taken by Hydra. You were barely 21 at the time. Hydra took you and turned you into another asset, matching the Winter Soldier’s abilities. They injected you with a serum similar to his, wiped you,  and instructed the soldier himself to train you. He was hard on you, but when it was just the two of you he let his walls down. You were each other’s comfort, until the events of D.C when he was sent to kill Captain America. After that day, you never saw him again. You were told he abandoned you, that he was on the other side now. It’s been years since you’ve seen him, but what happens when he comes bursting through the doors of your facility?

Memories are in Italics, bold is readers thoughts *

It’s kind of a slow chapter guys, but itll step up for the next ones!

Pairing: none so far, but Bucky x reader (eventually) , reader x avengers

Warnings: swearing, angst , a little fluff

 - I wasn’t aware there was already a superhero with this name, so my character is in no way connected to  Marvels Silver Storm! *

                                                      Chapter 6

   It’s been a few days since you walked away from Bucky. He’s tried talking to you, but you manage to duck out every time. You’ve spent the days without him learning of your life before Hydra. You spent the first day with Tony learning how to look through your old Facebook account. You both laughed at the ridiculous pictures that appeared and he did his best to comfort you when the painful memories shook your mind. The second and third day consist of you and Tony stalking your family. He was able to pull up information on your siblings and parents. The memories those days were mostly from your childhood, and when the tears fell Tony was there to hand you tissues. The dynamic of your relationship with him slightly altered those days and you saw a side you didn’t see before. Although it didn’t bring you incredibly closer, it helped you both ease each other into both your lives.   

   It’s the third night away from Bucky and you’re bracing yourself for the lack of sleep that’s coming. It’s not that Wanda’s presence isn’t comforting, it’s just a completely different sense of comfort. With Bucky, everything about him made you feel safe; his smell, his body heat, his voice, the way his arms would hold you in your sleep. You still have been able to sleep but not as soundly. Tonight, as you slip under the covers next to Wanda, the only thing swirling around your mind is Bucky. You stay up a little longer after Wanda falls asleep, your mind still not quieting down. Your eyes finally start to droop and you willingly let them .  

    You are woken up by the feeling of lips on your forehead and hushed whispers. Your heart is racing as you look up to see Bucky holding you almost completely in his lap. You shove yourself out of his lap, your body landing on the floor with a thud. You notice Wanda leaning against the door, her eyes red and puffy, tears still leaking from them. Oh god no, did I hurt her?

Originally posted by 1-hell-of-a-pilot

“Wanda did I-”

“No no no, you didn’t hurt me. You were having a nightmare. I didn’t know how to wake you safely, so I went in your mind to pull you out like I did with your memory that day. But I couldn’t… it was like I was watching a film and you couldn’t hear me.“  

You reach your hand to your eyes, feeling tears you didn’t even know existed and your throat burned. You try to remember what you were dreaming but you’re coming up blank.

"You were whimpering then screaming for Bucky. Actually, you cried for Winter,” Wanda says. Your eyes widen. Oh great. Of freaking course I scream for his help. You turn, looking at Bucky. Tears remain on his face, his eyes trained on you.

“Wanda, can you give us a minute?” he asks, his voice hoarse. She nods then steps out, shutting the door behind her.

“I didn’t mean to wake you up, I’m sorry,” you say, standing up. He sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Y/n, I wasn’t sleeping. Do you really think I’ve slept over the last couple days?” You look over his features, noting the bags under his eyes. You don’t answer, just awkwardly stand in your place.

“Will you give me a chance to explain or are you going to duck out again?” he questions. You hear the desperation in his voice. You nod and seat yourself on the edge of the bed.

“I probably should have mentioned Katie. She’s just - she’s not - I’m not in a relationship with her, and I know that’s what you think. We had a mutual agreement to help each other…blow off steam after missions. That’s all it was, nothing more. That night was my fault. I should have called her and explained what was happening, but I -”

“What was happening Bucky? What would you of told her? Oh hey Katie, sorry I can’t sleep with you. I have an ex assassin from my Hydra days over tonight,” you spit out. The anger in your voices shocks him, but you continue.

Originally posted by suitelikechocolate

“Bucky, I’m not even mad about it! That just knocked sense into me. I don’t know you, I don’t know Bucky Barnes. I know Winter. And he doesn’t exist anymore. I know absolutely nothing about you in this new life you made! You only know Silver, hell I only know Silver! Everything I ever knew was in that damn Hydra base!” You run your fingers through your hair as you begin pacing Wanda’s room.

“This isn’t about me thinking you were in a relationship, it’s me realizing I don’t know how to function  here!” Tears of frustration escape your eyes. “I don’t even have the one person I want to comfort me anymore, he was the only safe-”

“I’m right here Y/n!” Bucky yells, frustration also clear in his voice. “I have the same feelings I did then Y/n. Being here, being an Avenger, and having a new life hasn’t changed the fact that I love you!”

Originally posted by in-perfectenschlag

You stay silent, not knowing how to answer. Do I love him? How can I when I don’t even know him?

“I don’t know who you are,” you whisper.

“I’m the same person Y/n, just with memories and freedom now. I’ll still mend you when you’re broken, and I still love you, Мой солнечный свет ( my sunshine).” He moves in front of you, takes your chin in his hands, pulling your lips to his is a slow but intense kiss. You can’t deny the sparks you feel, but it doesn’t change the problem .

Originally posted by halsteadandlindsay

He pulls away , eyes finding yours. “Maybe you don’t know everything about me, and I don’t know who you were before Hydra, but what’s stopping us from learning?“ he questions. He’s right, the only thing stopping us is me.

 "And what if you don’t like who I am?” you ask.

 "I’ll tell you what I learned when i came here: I am not the same James Buchanan Barnes I was in the 40’s before Hydra took me, but I’m not the Winter Soldier either. I am myself, my life is new with new people and new experiences. I got to start over. After being through what we have, there is no going back to exactly how we are; only fragments of our past selves survived the hell Hydra forced us through.“ He tilts your face, your eyes now locking with his.

"But I can assure you, I will love you no matter who you are. The piece of you that survived Hydra was your heart and your care for other people. The first thing you thought when you woke up was if you hurt Wanda or not, right?” He doesn’t wait for an answer before he continues. “ And when you saw Katie, you felt bad that you ruined what you thought was going on, hurting either of our feelings?” You still don’t reply.

“You use to take care of me when I returned wounded from mission. You’d run your hand down my cheek and tend to my wounds when the handlers wouldn’t. There is no doubt in my mind that you were the same with your family and friends before Hydra. And there is no doubt you will always be this way. That is why I love you. No matter how you chose to make your new life, I will love you.” Tears are escaping both of you and you pull him to you into a hug, silently accepting his explanation and declaration of love.

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You pull apart when you hear Wanda clear her throat. ” Uh guys, this is real sweet and everything but it’s 4 a.m… I kind of want to sleep,“ she says sheepishly.

“Do you want to stay with Wanda?” Bucky asks.

“I’ve already cost Wanda enough sleep, I think I might just go watch Netflix.” You hug Wanda goodnight and Bucky follows you out.

Bucky ends up joining you and instead of watching Netflix you talk all night. You tell him about the memories that popped up when you looked into your past, you even had FRIDAY pull up some of the embarrassing and funny pictures you found on your Facebook. Things felt in place again. You fell asleep in Bucky’s arms, your body laying flat on top of his.

You are woken up by the sound of Tony and Wanda’s voices.

“Neither of them are in their rooms,” Tony voice almost echoes in the room.

“Well, Y/n said she was going to watch Netflix, maybe they’re-”  her voice stops as they get closer.

“Wake them up before -”

You hear the elevator ding and more voices appear. They feel familiar to you but you can’t place your finger on where they are from. You lift your head off Bucky’s chest and nuzzle your nose against his to wake him. It works. His eyes blink open, a dazzling lop sided smile gracing his face.

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 "Good mor-“ He is cut off by the voices growing closer. You see the voices register in his mind as unfamiliar and he goes into protective mode. He lifts you off him, leaving you on the couch as he stands. You stay in your place, slightly loving how defensive he gets for you.

"Tony, I didn’t know we were having guests,” Bucky says suspiciously. You watch his eyes. You assume he’s looking over whoever is here.

“Stand down, Barnes. They aren’t here for you. Sweetheart, can you sit up?” Tony’s tone was sweet, slightly catching you off guard, but you obey his request. You stand at Bucky’s side. When you lift your eyes, you’re met with the visitors: an older man and woman. Oh my God. Your mouth hangs open as your chest tightens and tears start pouring out of your eyes like a waterfall. Their faces mirror what you believe yours looks like: absolute shock and so many tears.

You know why the voices sound familiar and why you couldn’t place them. The couple standing in front of you move closer. Everything in you is screaming at you to take a step back, distance yourself. But you don’t. You stand still, shock flooding your body. You finally find the strength to speak, only able to get two shaky words out.

“Mom? Dad?”

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Problematic reactions to words that actually came out of Harry Styles’ face

So last night I made a post called ‘THINGS THAT HARRY STYLES HAS ACTUALLY SAID’…which got a lot of positive reactions and notes, along with some pretty aggressive reactions which I feel need addressing. There was a sudden onslaught of messages, so at first I was like 

So I started with a very brash anon who decided to tell me all the things that ‘HARRY HAS DONE’ and at first I was like ‘cool, another fan of all caps,’ then I read it and went through some more messages and was like 

The comments that other people were publishing were a bit baffling, and some were downright worrisome. Here’s a random sample:  

Hello there, @narrymusings, and thank you for starting this litany of comments I’m about to address.

Ah yes, that interview. It was indeed upsetting.

But mostly because after the only time Harry has ever addressed the Larry rumours he was crying afterwards

I agree, I do not dictate how anyone deals with rumours, but given that this denial ended in tears I’m going to go ahead and comment that it appears to have been handled pretty badly. 

Well spotted, @sobadbutshedoesitsowell

They were probably still stuck on their recent media training as to how to answer any and all questions

So anyone who looks at Louis must be in love with him? Sounds about right. I’m being totally serious. Look at him. Who wouldn’t stare at Louis? Oh and I used that gif because I really wanted to. 

@scorpyon51 First of all, people with Haylor manips as their profile picture shouldn’t throw stones in glass houses.

Definitely someone deeply contemplating how to make a joke out of this and not at all whether or not to answer honestly.

Nice one. You know who probably found that ‘joke’ HIL-ARIOUS?

Nouis. Because Nouis is real now. 

They also probably find this hilarious:

So funny he forgot to laugh…

But yeah, you’re right. People shouldn’t assume anything. I’m sure Harry’s just being Harry, keepin us all on our toes. He shouldn’t have to identify as anything. I’m just merely pointing out that he has actually verbally himself indicated through words coming out of his face that he is neither bisexual nor bothered about the gender of a partner. 

@caysbrizzle I completely agree with you and thank you for reminding everyone to be respectful. But…

Awkward because I can’t tell which side of the argument you’re angling. This is exactly what I’m saying but in different words. People take Harry seriously when it’s convenient and dismiss what he’s saying when it doesn’t fit their fixed ideas of who Harry Styles is. Like I said, you’re right - we should be respectful that none of us fucking know him or what his actual story is. I’m merely pointing out that he hasn’t used gendered pronouns when it comes to his answers to questions about what he looks for in a girl or in his own songs in quite awhile, and when he did use female pronouns he went out of his way to make sure everyone knows that it wasn’t about a girl

Got it, thanks H.

Okay, not about you. Nice of you to clarify.


‘So, Harry…Is “Perfect” about Taylor? And who is Olivia?’ -(insert your interviewer of choice)

I’M SO GLAD YOU BROUGHT UP TATTOOS @goldustlovely ! It’s actually one of my favourite topics. I mean, I literally cannot believe that the fans were so insistent that a rose tattoo fits into a nautical theme with a dagger and then Louis effing Tomlinson went and got a GD dagger on his arm in the exact same spot as Harry’s rose. 

“I did it because it’s literally ironic, OKAY?!”

And all the awkward staring at each other? I mean, I know right?

God forbid they gaze at each other too long. Wouldn’t want this to happen again…

And lest you mistake this for me having a sense of humour…don’t.

Next time they have to endure ‘Never Have I Ever’ maybe someone should ask Harry if he’s ever said something repeatedly with no sense of irony and had people claim that he’s just joking (talk about assumptions…)

Oh, and to the anons sending messages too rude, ignorant and non-sensical to even bother replying to…firstly


And finally

Anyway byyyyye, I really want to incorporate this next gif. May have actually built this entire post around it

Oh and in case you wanted some more not-so ambiguous quotes from Louis and Harry here you go: 10 Times Harry Styles And Louis Tomlinson Said Things That Almost No One Took Literally

anonymous asked:

I do prefer CCS, I saw it first and it has something that Sailor Moon doesn't really (typically) have, and that's dudes liking each other. As a guy myself, it's sorta just a preference. Not that I don't like Zoisite and Kunzite, but... CCS guys are more boyish, especially with their short hair. I love how we both like CCS and Sailor Moon though! Both shows are amazing! (and yeah, Crystal's shit. Thank you for hating the shitennou and Guardians together! I agree with your shitennou pairings!)

Cardcaptor Sakura is my all time second favourite franchise so I’m loving that you love both shows too!.

The classic Sailor Moon anime did have a gay male x male couple (Kunzite x Zoisite).

However in CCS, I don’t think there was ever an actual gay couple.

There were a couple of male on male crush and female on female crush but never an actual relationship. I’ll explain:

🌸 Shaoran x Yukito

Our good sis Sakura found herself in a funny situation. She had a big crush on Yukito just like her enemy Shaoran whom happened to be a boy. This situation caused a lot of misunderstanding and hilarious stories. However, Shaoran didn’t really have a crush on him, once Yukito’s real identity is revealed he no longer has a crush on him. Apparently because of his real powers and aura it made Shaoran felt like that. Let’s remember that Shaoran had kind of a sixth sense and he could ~feel~ things. He felt in ecstasy (if you wanna call it that) because he could sense Yukito’s real hidden powers and that was mistaken for him having a crush. Again, once Yukito’s real identity is revealed he no longer blushes when he’s around him nor he’s interested in him anymore. I don’t think this counts as a real gay crush but it was still cute.

🌸 Touya x Yukito

Looks like everyone falls in love with Yukito. Sakura’s brother Touya had a very ~special~ relationship with him. He was very overprotective and was always there for him, not that these mean that they were in a relationship or had a romantic affection but if you’ve watched the anime you totally can feel some gay innuendo between those two. Nothing’s ever confirmed in the show but it’s pretty obvious they had something going on. They never got to be in a relationship tho.

🌸 Tomoyo x Sakura

This is the most heartbreaking one of them all because let’s be real, we all were rooting for Tomoyo. Our good sis Tomoyo was in love with her long-time friend Sakura (this is not speculation, this is a canon fact both in the manga and the anime). Unfortunately for our good cupcake-sis Tomoyo, she sadly knew that Sakura would never feel the same and that this was a harsh case of unrequited love so on episode 50 she slew our lives by demonstrating us all what love is really all about.

On this episode, Sakura and Tomoyo are in some kind of make your own bear kind of shop and they’re talking about who they would give those bears to (they’re meant to be love presents).

I can’t remember whom Sakura said she would give her bear to (obviously not Tomoyo) so when asked by Sakura whom she would give her bear to, our good pure heart sis Tomoyo says that she can’t give her bear to the person she loves because that person loves someone else. Sakura is shocked SHOOK and then Tomoyo goes on with the dialogue above:

Tomoyo: If there’s something that the person that I like can be happy about, more so than liking me in return I want that person to stay happy the way it was meant to be.

Sakura: …you don’t care if the person you like likes you back?.

Tomoyo: Of course, I would be happy if that person likes me back, but… for me to see the person I like so much staying happy gives me the biggest happiness.

Our angel Tomoyo gave us the biggest lesson and she’s just only 10. This was the moment that she harshly realizes that Sakura would never feel the same about her and this is the beginning of her moving on. Despite of this all, she kept being best friends with Sakura regardless of how hard that can actually be for her. Love is when someone’s else happiness is your happiness, Tomoyo knew that and handled it like a pro. Sakura was always too naive and never learned about Tomoyo’s feelings, sadly.

I hope that Tomoyo finds love in the brand new arc because our good pure selfless spirit-sis deserves it.

CLAMP don’t fail me!111!!!.


Scientific Name: Aerodactylus kantoensis
Projected Natural Lifespan: Unknown
5 meters (16 feet)
59 kg (130 lbs)
Locality: Kanto (Pewter Formation), ~155 ma
Exhibit: The Hub

This rare animal comes from a far off land, the DNA of which we found (somewhat strangely) from a piece of Amber obtained by a scientist working in a local museum. Restored and cared for at our lab, our Aerodactyl is quite… odd. Grey with purple skin flaps, odd crests, and a tendency to fight other pterosaurs, we had to move it to its own personal exhibit.  

At Huxley
Our Aerodactyl, Flappy, is rambunctious. As previously mentioned he was moved to his own exhibit due to his… destructive habits. Some other interesting notes about him: His tackles can break walls, his breath is destructive, and he loves to chew on everything. 

Notable Behavior
Loves destruction and expending energy. Very friendly with its trainers and keepers.  Absolutely loves fruit. Likes to crawl in and sleep in enclosed spaces, specifically a ball shaped container our keepers gave it. 

Geneticist Notes
The small tail we found inside the amber contained DNA complete and ready to make, no modifications needed… It was very strange indeed. We don’t normally take DNA from things older than the Pleistocene, but the scientists insisted we do. 

Keeper Notes
Oh Good Lord Randal… Look, I’m just an intern. It’s April Fools day. My buddy (Randal) thought it would be funny to try to slip this past me as I type up drafts… Apparently this Isn’t a real species, an all elaborate joke that frankly I didn’t get. Thought y’all would enjoy.

I honestly found this special to be very ignorant. Transphobia is not funny. Using homophobic slurs that you know you shouldn’t be saying is not funny. Rape jokes are not funny. Spreading incorrect rhetoric about Planned Parenthood is not funny. Admittedly, I haven’t seen the second special but we cannot continue to let comedians be so ignorant for the sake of “humor”. It has real and dangerous consequences not to mention that it’s just wrong. Considering his legacy, I’m kinda disappointed. I thought his special would be more enlightened especially after I heard his SNL monologue.

First Love -2- Suga AU

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

First love - Suga AU

Parts; Masterlist, One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight

Pairing; Min Yoongi x Reader

Genre; Romance, angst, smut

Word count; 3.743

Synopsis; Meeting the genius of the music class was something you looked forward to, that is until he opened his mouth but even though he treated you like crap, you couldn’t help but feel attracted to him when he was playing the piano, how could you fight against feelings like this and was it something you wanted to fight against in the first place.

“I really don’t have time.” you stood up and tried to walk away but he held you in your place and when you turned to say something, the words got stuck in your throat because he was glaring at you and this expression made him look a bit dangerous but also mysterious. “I think you should make time.” you shook your head slowly and tried to pull yourself free, which was useless as he was stronger in his hands than you were.


“I need to explain that song.” you snorted as you put your hands on his hands, knowing that he would be startled because of this and the minute your hands touched his, he pulled them away, which made you free from his hold. “You really don’t have to, you think I don’t have a nice body and that I really should lose some weight and then you even had the nerve to criticize my freckles, as if it’s my fault that I have them, you know usually people find freckles cute but hey I guess you don’t oh and thank you for pointing out that I have boobs, thanks about that, now if you’ll excuse me because apparently, I’m desperate for some attention so I will seek that right now.”

You left him standing there after your rant because even though you were right about everything you said it still made you feel embarrassed. You thought you would get over what he had said in his rap but this clearly proved that you were not and the first you needed now was some comforting by Jimin as he gave the best hugs ever. You pushed open the dance studio and wasn’t surprised to see jimin lying on his back, staring at the ceiling, it was quite funny as he had been dancing the entire morning and this was his little break. “Jiminie!” he immediately sat up and when he saw your expression, he immediately opened his arms and you didn’t think twice about it and as he embraced you, you felt better, you often wondered if he meant more to you than just being your best friend but there was no real chemistry between us, so you never talked about it with him.

“What’s wrong?”

“Yoongi found me today.”

“Really, what happened?”

“He wanted to talk to me but I told him off.”

“Of course you did, maybe he really wanted to apologize.” you shrugged and you knew he was smiling at your stubbornness. “You know let’s get something to eat, let me text Taehyung.” he grabbed his phone as he got up, you followed him into the cafeteria where Taehyung was waiting and he also embraced you but with Taehyung it was different and you actually felt attracted to him. You knew people sometimes were wondering if you guys weren’t dating but you never really gave an answer to this and as you stood there embraced in a hug, suddenly Taehyung got pulled away and when you opened your eyes, you were staring in Yoongi’s blazing with anger eyes and you even took a step back, which made you bump into Jimin, who stabilized you, at this Yoongi narrowed his eyes. “Let go of her.” he used his low voice and Jimin just stood there, not getting his hand of, off you and as your heart started to beat faster, Yoongi took a step closer.

“I told you to let go of her.”


“I already told you why.”

“Maybe you should explain it again, I think I forgot.” Your eyes couldn’t get any bigger because what did he mean, he told Jimin already and what did he tell him? Taehyung got over the shock and stepped between Yoongi and you but Yoongi was not having that and he actually got into Taehyung’s face but he never budged. “Leave her alone sunbae.”

“I won’t, so you better keep your distance.” You couldn’t see Taehyung’s expression but the next thing he did shock you to the core, he pulled you out of Jimin’s hands and as you fell forwards he grabbed your face between his hands and before you could pull away he had pressed his lips against yours, it took a second before you even realized what was happening but when you did you stepped hard on Taehyung’s foot, which made him jump back in surprise. “YAH! What the hell Taehyung!” you grabbed your bag and ran away not wanting to see what was happening right now. It did give you an answer though, Taehyung was definitely not the one for you. Yes he tried to help you but this was not the way, what was he even trying to do, did he try to make Yoongi jealous? Like that was possible.

You walked into the dance studio and put on a heavy song and just started dancing, you didn’t even notice that someone had followed you and you just focussed on dancing, this was piece that Jimin and you were working on and normally you would have to dance it together but right now, you didn’t even care about that and when the song came to an end you just let yourself fall to the ground completely out of breath, you stayed like that with your eyes closed when suddenly someone was blocking the light. You opened your eyes and was surprised to see Yoongi standing above you with a worried expression, this one you hadn’t seen yet, you had seen regret, disgust, annoyance and anger but never this look and it confused the hell out of you and to say that you really didn’t get this guy was an understatement.

“Are you okay?”

“What do you want?” He sighed when he heard the hostile words and to your surprise, he sat down next to you, you didn’t move a muscle and just kept staring at the ceiling. “I really just want to explain.” you were drawn to his gentle words and it took everything in your not to look at him but you did keep quiet, which he took as his cue.

“I really owe you an apology because there is really nothing wrong with you and I do find you attractive, I was just angry at you when I wrote that rap but it was wrong to say those things about you.” this time you looked over at him because he really did sound sincere and you really wanted to forgive him but that rap really had hurt your feelings because in your opinion you had done nothing wrong. He looked at you and even smiled at you, which made your heart melt even more but there was no way you could give in now.

“It’s fine, Let’s just forget about it.” you got up put he quickly grabbed your arm. “You know, I would like it if you stayed away from Taehyung.” You felt the hairs standing up on the arm he was touching.

“That’s really not up to you.” you pulled your arm out of his hold and left the room and you couldn’t help but think about why he wanted you to stay away from Tae. It’s so weird and why would he even care about Taehyung and you? He wasn’t interested in you anyway even though he did kiss you that one time, which you still couldn’t forget about as your lips had been tingling for quite some time after that kiss and you often fantasized about what could’ve happened.

The next days were more comfortable and yes you did punish Taehyung for his kiss and he had now a large bruise on his wrist, that would teach him for kissing you like that. “Y/N when are we going to get something to drink?” Taehyung asked whilst putting his arm around your shoulder and Jimin was in front of you begging with his eyes, this was becoming quite funny lately because never had you met two guys who were so in sync with each other. “I guess we can tonight.” you shrugged when you suddenly felt someone watching you and without looking you quickly shrugged Taehyung’s arm off of you, just because you really didn’t want any problems. Yoongi had been keeping a close eye on you ever since he told you to stay away from Taehyung and it was making you a bit nervous, he even showed up at every piano practice and just sat at the back of the room, with his friends. You found out about their names and you could tell that they were rappers even though one of them was a little bit more energetic. One was called Namjoon and the other was called Hoseok. Jimin was the one who found out about it and reported it to you and that’s when you had remembered that the one called Hoseok had smiled at you before their stage.

Today wasn’t any different as you were practicing a classic piece, you felt his eyes on you and it was really difficult to focus, you had been watching Yoongi practice and he took your breath away sometimes but this only happened when he thought he was alone, you had your theories about his tough act but who were you to ask him about it. You tried to focus again but when you hit the wrong key again, you gave up and stopped playing. “Yah Yoongi can’t you just leave?” you said out loud and you could hear him cough because he must’ve been startled that you called him out and completely forgot about the honorifics but you really needed to learn this piece but him being here wasn’t helping because your heart started racing when he enters the room and you can feel his eyes on you even though he sits in the back quietly, it was like your heart was in tune with his and you did your best to fight it but today it just didn’t work, you didn’t have the strength to ignore him.

“I like to see you play, please just act as if I’m not here.” he was crazy if he thought you could do that. “I can’t do that, please just leave.”

“Am I getting under your skin Y/N?” he asked with a smirk as he approached the stage and you just sigh because he wasn’t off about that but there was no way you could tell him that. “Of course not but I really need to focus on this piece and I can sense your presence.” you put your hand in front of your mouth but it was too late, you had said too much as his eyes became big in surprise when you confessed that. “It’s just distracting.” you quickly added but his eyes told you that he understood the true meaning of what you just had said.

“Okay I will leave but you have to join me for dinner later.” you shook your head but he was already walking away. “I’m not going to!” you yelled after him but he didn’t stop until he reached the door. “I will pick you up at 7 pm, wear something pretty.” with that he pulled open the door and disappeared. Your heart was beating like crazy and you weren’t sure if it’s because of the rage you were feeling or if it was the low-key crush. You decided to just give up for today and go home because now there was no way you could focus, damn Yoongi! Why did he have to be so intense every time you talked, it was frustrating but at this point, you weren’t sure what was more frustrating, your feelings or his rudeness. “Y/N?! Wait up.” Jimin and Taehyung both came running but the minute they saw your face they stopped. “What happened?”

“Yoongi happened, he ordered me to have dinner with him.” you clicked your tongue out of annoyance but they only shared a certain expression. “What was that?” you immediately pointed it out but they smiled and quickly tried to change the subject but this time it wasn’t working “You better tell me!” you pinched them both, which you knew they hated and Taehyung was the first one to spill the beans.

“Okay, Okay stop pinching woman.” You stopped and he first took his time rubbing his sore spot, which made you smile because he really was too cute. “Tell me.”

“We think that Yoongi likes you.”

“Whatever, he is just being.” Jimin didn’t let you finish that sentence “No he really likes you, remember when Taehyung and Yoongi got into each other face.” You nodded and waited for him to continue. “Well after you left, he never once stopped looking at you and when you were out of sight he actually grabbed Taehyung’s collar and almost punched him, it was that one of his friends who stopped him, otherwise Tae would have a black eye by now.”

“You’re joking right?”

“I’m not, I really think that Yoongi thinks you’re his.”

“I’m not though.” you really didn’t sound convincing and they look on their faces told you that they knew you were kidding yourself, which annoyed you even more because why did you have to fall for someone like him? Why couldn’t you just like someone like Jimin, He was more handsome and so sweet and he loved skinship, which was a huge plus and you already noticed that Yoongi didn’t really like to touch other people or was nice, except for that one time but other then that you didn’t really think he was nice, so why did your heart starting to beat like crazy when you thought about him or when you were in the same room as him, it just didn’t make sense.

“You like him as well don’t you?” Jimin asked carefully and you wanted to deny it but you couldn’t lie to your best friends, so you just nodded feeling absolutely miserable. Jimin quickly hugged you and rubbed your back to soothe you, this normally helped a lot but not today, to admit that you had feelings for the guy who treated you like he did, was upsetting but you couldn’t help it because every time you saw him behind the piano, your heart fluttered and knowing his eyes followed you everywhere made your heart race but you weren’t ready to admit this yet. At least not to Yoongi and you were going to do your best in hiding your feelings.

“Jiminie, does this look okay?” you asked him when you walked into your bedroom in a nice blue dress and the smile he gave you told you enough, he liked it which meant Yoongi wouldn’t like it, it was really hard to decide what to wear because you really didn’t know anything about him. This time you picked black skinny jeans and a mint colored cropped blouse, black heels and your hair were put into a messy bun, you didn’t want to go all out so this was the best you could do. Now Jimin had to give you the green light and when you stepped into your room, his eyes became large and he stood up, he wanted to clap but decided not to do this after seeing my expression.

“You look amazing, Yoongi is going to love it.”

“Really, I didn’t put too much time in it though and what if it’s too casual?” he shook his head with a gentle smile and grabbed your shoulders, “He is going to love this and if not, then you can come back to me and I will date you okay.” he touched your nose in endearment and you gave him a quick hug, when your doorbell rang. Your mother opened the door and you could hear Yoongi greeting her and he sounded really polite, if she knew how he had treated you, then she would definitely smack the door in his face. “Y/N, your date is here.”

“I’m coming, mom.” Jimin quickly grabbed a bottle of perfume and quickly sprayed it on you before letting you go downstairs. The second you came into view Yoongi smiled at you and you almost tripped when he did that, which made Jimin chuckle. Yoongi’s eyes went up and met Jimin’s, you could tell he wasn’t happy about this but he couldn’t really say something about it in front of your mother, which was a good thing because the last thing you wanted was them getting into a fight. “Don’t stay out too late and Jimin-sshi, are you going home as well?” Jimin nodded and grabbed his coat “Have fun.” he whispered when he walked passed you and you swatted him on his arm before he was out of reach.

“Are you ready?” Yoongi had put his hand on your lower back and you couldn’t help but stiffen up a bit, it wasn’t because you were repulsed by his touch but because you were a hot mess on the inside.

“Let’s go.” you smiled at the ground when he ushered you outside and you were surprised when there was a car waiting but then again it would be weird if he didn’t have a license as he was a few years older. He politely opened the door for you and closed it when you sat down, this was a side of Yoongi that you hadn’t seen before and it only made you fall deeper. “So where are we going?”

“You are a curious little thing aren’t you?” he smiled as he continued to focus on the road in front of him. “Guilty” you confessed and he even chuckled, which made you snap your head in his direction because it was the best thing ever. “What?!” he sounded a bit alarmed when he saw you staring at him. “I don’t think I have seen you laugh before.”

“Whatever.” he was embarrassed now and it was really cute to see him like this and you even started to enjoy yourself because now you knew what made him shy. You stopped in front of an expensive looking restaurant, this made you nervous because you didn’t really have money for this kind of places. “Sunbae, isn’t this too expensive?” he looked up when he heard you call him sunbae, he even narrowed his eyes. “Stop calling me sunbae and no this isn’t expensive to me.” you held up your hands in surrender and didn’t mention it again. “Why can’t I call you sunbae?”

“I just don’t like it.”

“Okay sunbae.” you held your hand in front of your mouth when you heard yourself say sunbae again but you couldn’t help but giggle, this was a thing you did when you were nervous and it made him soften his expression. “Let’s go eat.” you walked with him and took a seat, this was definitely a restaurant for couples because everywhere you looked where couples but at least you weren’t the only one that was nervous.

He had been touching you throughout the evening and whilst eating he even bumped into you leg with his and it was getting harder and harder to keep a straight face because you were experiencing some heavy chemistry and your head was full of dirty things that were for sure and he kept looking at you as if he knew exactly what you were thinking. “I have to go somewhere for a few minutes, I will come back just enjoy the food okay?”

You looked at him in surprise because why would he just leave and what if he didn’t come back, which meant you had to pay for this food and after checking the prices you knew that paying was impossible. Yoongi stood still when he saw your worried expression “I will be back, I promise.” you nodded but you were already thinking of ways to get out of here without being seen and as Yoongi disappeared through double doors you started to collect your purse when a waiter put a new wine glass in front of you. “Mr min Yoongi ordered this for you and I had to tell you that running wasn’t an option.” he waiter smiled friendly at you and you quickly put away your purse. What the hell was happening and as the minutes passed you started to wonder if he really didn’t leave you here when suddenly the lights went down and a piano appeared from the floor, Yoongi was behind the piano and people were actually clapping for him.

“Good evening everyone, I wrote this song for my girl, I hope you will like it.” at first you felt flustered because he did something like this but when the sweet melody reached you, you were completely mesmerized because the melody was so beautiful that you were completely sucked in and when you looked around you everyone was staring at him with a gentle smile on their faces. You were proud of him and you knew it was useless to hide your feelings at this point because Yoongi had taken you here on purpose, just so that he could play that beautiful music, when he was done he got a standing ovation and he happily took it in and it was a surprise to see a light version of Yoongi and you couldn’t help but love it, this was the version you wished to see every day.

He locked eyes with you and you smiled at him, which was enough and when he sat down at your table he grabbed your hands and pressed a kiss on them, you had the urge to pull your hands out of his but decided to let it be. “Let’s go home.” you nodded and you quietly stood by his side whilst he was paying for the meal. He grabbed your hand and pulled you with him “Do you mind if we walk?” you shook your head because, to be honest, you could use some fresh air. It was a clear night and the stars were shining brightly and if you weren’t so nervous, you would’ve thought this was really romantic.

You stopped in front of your house and just stared at each other when you decided that it was time to show him your feelings. You stepped forwards and put your arms around his waist, this certainly surprised him but he did hug you back and before he could react, you pressed a kiss to his cheek “Thank you for tonight.”

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