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I love Hamilton, but something about the way white fans engage with the musical really bothers me: a lot of them are posting in the tag about the actual, historical revolutionaries and founding fathers in a way that makes them seem like funny, sweet, good people. They weren’t. I don’t just mean “Jefferson was a piece of shit”: none of them were good. Every one of their asses saw black people as inferior, even if not all of them supported slavery. All of them participated in genocidal policy against indigenous peoples. If you’re watching/listening to Hamilton and then going out and romanticizing the real founding fathers/American revolutionaries, you’re missing the entire point.

Hamilton is not really about the founding fathers. It’s not really about the American Revolution. The revolution, and Hamilton’s life are the narrative subject, but its purpose is not to romanticize real American history: rather, it is to reclaim the narrative of America for people of colour. 

Don’t romanticize the founding fathers and the revolution. They’re already romanticized. It’s been done. Your history books have already propagated those lies. The revolution is romanticized as an American narrative because it was a revolution lead by and for white men. Their story is the narrative of the nation and it is a narrative from which people of colour are utterly obliterated. 

Do you understand what it’s like to live in a nation where you are made marginal and inconsequential in the historical narrative that you are taught from your first day of school? In the Americas, to be a person of colour is to be made utterly inconsequential to the nation’s history. If you are black, your history begins with slavery, and your agency is denied; they don’t teach about slave rebellions or black revolutionaries. You learn about yourself as entirely shaped by outside forces: white people owned you, then some white people decided to free you and wasn’t that nice of them? and then you’re gone until the civil rights movement. That is the narrative they teach; in which you had no consequence, no value, no impact until less than a century ago. If you are indigenous, you are represented as disappeared, dead, already gone: you do not get to exist, you are already swallowed by history. If you are any other race, you are likely not present at all. To live in a land whose history is not your own, to live in a story in which you are not a character, is a soul-destroying experience.

In Hamilton, Eliza talks, in turn, of “taking herself out of the narrative” and “putting herself back in the narrative.” That’s what Hamilton is about: it’s about putting ourselves in the narrative. It puts people of colour in the centre of the damn narrative of the nation that subjugates them; it takes a story that by all accounts has been constructed to valourize the deeds of white men, and redefines it all. 

Why was the American Revolution a revolution? Why were slave revolts revolts? Why do we consider the founding fathers revolutionaries and not the Black Panthers or the Brown Berets or any number of other anti-racist revolutionary organizations? Whose rebellion is valued? Who is allowed to be heroic through defiance? By making the founding fathers people of colour, Hamilton puts people of colour into the American narrative, while simultaneously applying that narrative to the present. Right now, across the United States, across the damn world, people are chanting “black lives matter.” Black people are shutting down malls and highways, demanding justice for the lives stolen by police, by white supremacy. And all across the world, indigenous people are saying “Idle No More,” blockading pipelines, demanding their sovereignty. And “No One is Illegal” is chanting loud enough to shake down the walls at the border; people are demanding the end of refugee detention centres, demanding an end to the violence perpetuated by anti-immigration policies. People of colour are rising up. 

…And white people are angry about it. White people are saying “if blacks don’t want to get shot by the police they shouldn’t sag their pants”; saying “get over it” about anti-indigenous policies of assimilation and cultural genocide and land theft; Jennicet Gutiérrez was heckled by white gay men for demanding that president Obama end the detention of undocumented trans women of colour. White people see people of colour rising up and they tell us to sit down. Shut up. Stop making things difficult. The American Revolution was a bunch of white men who didn’t want to be taxed, so white history sees their revolutionary efforts as just; they killed for their emancipation from England; they were militant. That, to white people is acceptable. But those same white people talk shit about Malcolm X for being too violent–a man who never started an uprising against the government leading to bloodshed. Violence is only acceptable in the hands of white people; revolution is only okay when the people leading the charge are white. 

Hamilton makes those people brown and black; Hamilton depicts the revolution of which America is proud as one led by people of colour against a white ruling body; there’s a reason King George is the only character who is depicted by a white man. The function of the visual in Hamilton is to challenge a present in which people of colour standing up against oppression are seen as violent and dangerous by the same people who proudly declare allegiance to the flag. It forces white people to see themselves not as the American Revolutionaries, but as the British oppressors. History is happening, and they’re on its bad side.

So don’t listen to or watch Hamilton and then come out of that to romanticize the founding fathers. Don’t let that be what you take away from this show. They’re the vehicle for the narrative, and a tool for conveying the ideologies of the show, but they are not the point. Don’t romanticize the past; fight for the future. 

  • Noctis: *unleashes a sick Armiger chain*
  • Gladio: Where'd ya learn that one Noct?
  • Noctis: I have a genetic predisposition that allows me to call upon and summon otherworldly weapons from rulers of the past out of thin air.
  • Gladio: ...Well I mean, I guess.

“Just tell me if you want me to take over.” Phil was currently sitting on the bed, an amused smirk covering his face. I shook my head determinedly.

“No,” I insisted. “I can be dominant too!” He rolled his eyes. Walking up to him, I gripped his jaw and forced him to look up. “Don’t roll your eyes at me.”

“Sorry, master. It’s just quite funny that you’d think I was submissive at all.” He chuckled. I was quickly growing tired of his lack of cooperation, anger boiling in my stomach. Lowering my voice, I leaned in close to his ear.

“Strip, or I’ll have to punish you.” His breath seemed to hitch for half a second before falling back into place. The smirk returned easily. It happened so quickly I found myself doubting if it had actually been real.

“As if you could punish me. Go ahead.”

Finally. I shoved him backwards, hurriedly undoing my belt and pulling his hands over his head. Using the belt as a restraint, I locked his wrists to the headboard. Phil bit his lip, glancing at the leather strap holding his arms up.

I brought his attention back to me by straddling his hips. Making sure that he was watching, I dragged a hand down my chest teasingly before catching hold of my t-shirt, pulling it off as slow as I could. Then I brought my fingers to the button on my pants.

Phil watched attentively as I undid my black jeans, pushing them down my hips along with my boxers. I stroked myself lightly. A barely audible whine fell from his mouth, and his eyes darkened as he stared. Parting his lips subconsciously, I watched his tongue wet them. I chuckled low.

“Eager, are we? You sure slipped into your role easily.” His cheeks turned crimson, and he averted his eyes. Moving up to straddle his chest, I brought my tip to his mouth. “Go on, sweetheart.”

Still flustered, he parted his lips. I pushed in slowly, tangling my fingers in his hair. I used the black strands to pull him further, only stopping when I hit the back of his throat. Then I pulled back out before repeating the movement.

Tears formed in Phil’s eyes as I thrusted roughly, hitting the back of his throat repeatedly as he gasped for breath. He tried his best to relax and pleasure me properly, choked moans falling from his lips. I groaned as I watched him, some unknown part of me loving how he looked when he was being controlled like this.

“Look at you, taking me without complaint,” I purred, jerking my hips hard one more time before dragging his mouth off. He gasped for breath, a few tears falling from his eyes. His hair was a mess from my fingers pulling at it. Yet he looked up at me hopefully, begging to please me further. Not a submissive, hmm? I beg to differ.

Releasing his hands, I got off of him. “Strip,” I ordered again. This time he hurried to obey, practically ripping off his shirt and jeans. Then he kneeled on the bed, waiting for my next command. I raked my eyes over his exposed skin hungrily. Phil whimpered softly, running a hand over himself.

“Please, Dan… I want you..” His voice was hoarse from my rough treatment. I glared at him. Pushing him backwards, I restrained his wrists with my belt again.

“Don’t be so greedy.”

“Sorry,” He whispered meekly. I hummed in response, leaning down to attach my lips to his collarbone. He shuddered, turning his head to give me better access. I bit and bruised his pale skin, gripping his thighs as I slowly moved down his chest. Phil had crossed his legs sometime after getting undressed, hiding himself from view. I sat up and slipped my fingers in between his thighs.

“Let me see you, baby,” I purred, using my hands to pull them apart gently. He blushed, avoiding my eyes. Hmm.. submissive Phil is shy… Trying to assure him, I leaned forwards to kiss him softly. “Don’t worry, sweetheart. You’re beautiful.” I whispered against his lips.

His blush deepened, but he did kiss me back after a moment. Taking that as a cue to continue, I leaned over him to grab the bottle of lube. But as soon as he saw what I was holding, he tensed up again. I sighed.

“What’s wrong, baby? Do you want to stop?” I asked, brushing his fringe off of his sweaty forehead. Phil shook his head, murmuring meekly.

“N-no, I just… Who’s topping?” His eyes were wide and nervous. Ohhhhhhhh…. Chuckling, I kissed him again, letting him melt against me.

“I may have some dominance in me, but I’m no top.” Phil visibly relaxed. Pouring a bit of lube onto my fingers, I began to warm it up. “Now… You get to watch me prep myself.” He moaned softly, rubbing his thighs together in a bid for friction. I glared at him until he stopped.

I dragged my palm down my chest teasingly, sliding it down and under my thighs until I felt my fingertip brush over my entrance. Then I pushed it in. Shutting my eyes tightly, I quickly added another, scissoring them with a groan.

I could hear Phil panting, accompanied with whines each time I thrust my fingers in further. He sounded so desperate, so undone. I finally understood why he had always encouraged me to not hold back the noises. Once I was finally stretched enough, I pulled them out, wincing slightly. Then I opened my eyes.

He was a mess, his cheeks flushed and his eyes dark as he struggled not to lift up his hips. I chuckled, pleased to see him trying so hard to obey me. “You’ve been such an obedient little thing,” I hummed, moving up to straddle his hips again. “Can you do one more thing for me?”

Phil nodded. I positioned myself over him, looking into his eyes the whole time. “Beg.”

His cheeks flushed even darker, if possible, but he complied. “Please, Dan! P-please… Ah… Want you to claim me…” I smirked, gripping his thighs as I began to sink down. His words broke into moans, mixing with the stuttery gasps falling from my lips.

My fingers dug into his thighs as I went as far as I could go, leaving dark bruises over his skin. He strained against the tight leather strap around his wrists. “Ple-ease…” He whined, clenching and unclenching his fingers as he pulled.

I admired the sight for a few seconds before lifting my body up and dropping back down. My vision blurred with hazy pleasure, instinct causing me to pick up a fast rhythm.

“S-so good… Dan! Ah!” As much as I wanted to close my eyes and bask in the sound of Phil falling apart beneath me, I found that I was quickly becoming exhausted with my high out of my reach.

“Phil… I need..” He seemed to get the message quickly, rolling his hips up to meet me. The sudden added friction was so good it was dizzying, heat coiling in my stomach almost instantly. I probably would have lost control then, if it wasn’t for the desperate mewl that burst from Phil’s lips.

“S-so… Much… Please, close! Close..” he rambled, hands clenched into fists above his head as he fought off his orgasm. His eyes locked on mine, a pleading question clear in his eyes.

I leaned down to bite one of the marks on his throat, earning a gasp. “You can come… Want you to fill me…” I mumbled against the bruising skin. It took a few seconds for him to register my words before he was shaking, choking out jumbled words and sounds, the clearest one being my name. Then heat shot into my body.

He whimpered as I pulled off of him. I worked my hand over myself, and within a few seconds I was spilling over his stomach with a long moan, white blanketing the red and purple bruises dotting his skin. We both breathed heavily.

I trailed my fingers over his body, collecting the mess there and bringing it up to his lips. Phil, in his post-orgasmic haze, opened his mouth and sucked my fingers clean without complaint.

“You were so good,” I praised him, brushing his messy fringe out of his eyes. It finally seemed to catch up to him what had just happened, a dark crimson blush spreading over his cheeks as he stared down at what I’d done to him. “You okay, sweetheart?” I whispered softly.

He poked one of the bites, wincing, before nodding thoughtfully. Then he met my gaze. “Can… We do that again? Sometime?”

I grinned at him, leaning over to kiss his nose. “Absolutely.”

Preference "How they react to you rejecting them"

(Lol poor our faves being heartbroken XD Omg I live on chaos XD But srsly though I wouldn’t reject any of them 😏 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :D Gifs not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

Negan-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d laugh it off at first thinking you’re joking but slowly grow angrier as you would confirm to him that you didn’t feel that way. He’d get pissed and just try to hurt your feelings back just as you had that way before trying to get on your good side. “Real funny, Y/N…W-wait what you’re serious? Why?! I’ve been fucking kind to you from the day I met you! I-I take care of you! And let you do whatever you want! And you still don’t love me…You know what, whatever I don’t need you…”

Daryl-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d be really heartbroken but try his best to conceal it. He’d look down at his feet and just nod, saying that he understands and that you’re right, it’s probably not the best time to be together and all. He’d feel like giving up on you but in end just wouldn’t be able to. “I-I get it…You don’t need someone right now…It gets complicated…I understand…Yeah…It’s for the best…”

Rick-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d be startled and just confused as to why. He would’ve thought that you and him had been on the same page lately and that you would’ve wanted to progress the relationship, so hearing you reject him just shocked him. He’d ask for an explanation and rethink of his ways to get you. “Y/N…What do you mean? I don’t understand…I-I thought…You and I were something…I thought that you felt the same way…But why?”

Merle-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d understand the feeling of being heartbroken but just try to hide it behind his usual smile and laugh it off. He’d try his best to make a joke out of it and start to deny his feelings for you. However, in the end, he’d let it slip that he really does love you and promise that you’ll end up together. “Y/N, i’m joking…You really think that i’d get all romantic for you, come on now…I’m just trying to get you to make you smile a little more…So yeah, I love you and you’ll end up being mine!”

Glenn-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d feel at a lost for words and just wouldn’t want to believe it. He’d listen to your reasoning and it just wouldn’t be enough for him, so he’d keep asking as to why, only to end up being more heartbroken. He’d then pretend to be alright and start to distance himself. “What…So you never felt anything more for me…Why? I thought…we were closer than that…You really never felt anything for me?”

Carl-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he wouldn’t understand as to why and just wouldn’t want to believe you just rejected him. He’d feel his heart stinging in his chest and put the blame on any other person he’d believe you were in love with and ask you about it, wanting you to admit the real reason behind your rejection. “Why? I-I don’t understand as to why…You don’t feel the same…I mean we spend so much time together and…Is it because of him? You like him don’t you?”

The Governor-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d try his best to keep his composure and act understanding of you but you could feel something’s off with him. He’d grip his glass of scotch tighter and take a quick sip of it before chuckling and doing his best to ask you politely as to why you’re rejecting and slowly getting angry. “Pardon? Y-You don’t feel the same…I see…Can I ask why? Why is it that you don’t want to be with me? If there is a another man in your reasoning, please don’t forget to mention him…I can handle it…”

Abraham-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he wouldn’t believe you and just laugh. He’d start to tease you about being just to shy to admit that you liked him, only to slowly understand the reality of things. His smile would turn into a frown and although he’d try his best to understand your perspective, he just wouldn’t understand. “Oh, Y/N, don’t be shy! Just admit it! You like me as well! Wh-what? You’re serious?! You don’t see me that way…What…Why not…”

Eugene-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d feel even more nervous than he was already. He’d start to stutter saying he gets it and just try his best to remain calm and not break down in tears in front of you. Although, he’d still be able to keep his serious tone, you could hear how sad he actually was. “O-Oh…I-I get it…Y-you’re not interested…It’s normal…I-I understand you just don’t feel the same as I do…I’ll let you get back to whatever you were doing…Sorry for bothering you…”

Ron-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d get angry and just start to deny that you didn’t feel the same. He wouldn’t believe you and think that he knows as to why even before you would explain it to him, saying that you’re simply scared of what Carl might think of you and him. “What?! No, I don’t believe you…You’re just denying it because of Carl…Am I right? You’re just scared he might do something about us…If we get together…You love me…I can tell…”

Jesus-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d laugh and smile, as he’s trying to assess the situation. He’d believe he hadn’t heard you right and just ask you one more time. He’d then get it and although it would sadden him, he’d be positive and try his best to explain his feelings to you once again and still convince you to be with him. “Excuse me? Can you repeat that? I’m not sure I heard you right…I see…Well, Y/N…I just really like you…You’re on my mind constantly and I believe we should get together…”

Dwight-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d be shocked and wouldn’t understand as to why you were doing so. He’d then just smile at you before leaving and just get angry at himself, punch a few walls for being so foolish to believe that you and him could’ve been together before calming himself down and try to let go of his feelings for you. “What?! You don’t see me that way…Y/N…I thought…We could’ve been together or something…You know what, i’m fine…I really am…”

Morgan-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d just feel empty and stare at you not knowing what else to say. He’d think about your reason and simply nod, pretending to be alright and saying he understands. Although, it would break his heart, he would never hold it against you and would even still feel the same for you. “I-I understand…You don’t feel that way…There’s nothing wrong with that…It’s me who jumped to conclusions…”

Shane-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d be in denial and feel his heart ache. He’d shake his head and tear up slightly, still trying to convince you that he really loves and cares for you and almost beg you to feel the same way. No matter how long it’ll be, he’ll find a way to convince you as he’s determine to be with you. “No…No…You don’t understand…I-I love you, Y/N…I want to take care of you for the rest of your life…Y-You can’t just say, you don’t feel the same…”

Milton-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he wouldn’t be able to hide his disappointment. As you’d talk, he’d look down to his feet and exhale in exasperation before telling you to stop and that he gets it. He’d quickly apologize about him thinking that you could get together and try to avoid being around you too much as it really hurts him. “Stop…I-I get it…You don’t need to say anything more…I’m sorry…I just thought that you might’ve felt the same…It’s my fault…”

Aaron-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d instantly ask you as to why despite being scared of the answer. Although, he’d feel disappointed and it would show in his expression, he’d believe that knowing your reasoning will make him understand your decision better or even that it might help him find another way to get to you. “Can I ask you why? I mean I thought…You had some feelings for me…I’ll be honest…I just need you to explain it to me clearly…Because I don’t think i’ll be able to let it go…”

Gabriel-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d chuckle to conceal his disappointment and tell you that he was joking with you. He’d ask your reasoning subtly but he wouldn’t be able to stop thinking of how foolish of him to think that you could’ve been together, and it would slowly show in his expression. “It was a joke, Y/N…I’m a priest so there’s no way god would’ve allow this…sometimes I forget my sense of humor leaves to be desired…Still, is there a reason for you refusing….”

The Wolf-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he wouldn’t care for it and just take it as it is. He’d still be calm as he’d already made his mind on you, so whether you’d accept him or not, he’d already follow you around, keep you safe and probably even plan on taking you away with him. “Ok…So what…I still like you…You think i’m going to change because you don’t "love” me…No…“

Noah-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d put on a fake smile and pretend to understand your decision. He’d try to brush it off and simply reveal to you that his feelings aren’t that "serious” yet and reassure you that he can get over it on his own. He’d still be his friendly self around you and put in even more effort to make you fall for him. “I get it…You don’t feel that way…It doesn’t mean we can’t stay friends, right? I’ll be fine, I promise…”

Simon-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he wouldn’t really catch on to it and just think that you’re joking. He’d act as his usual self and laugh at you while teasing you about “hiding” your feelings. Even as you would try to tell him as to why you didn’t feel the same, he’d simply laugh it off and think you’re so lovely rejecting him. “Sure, Y/N! You don’t feel the same! I totally believe you! You know sweetheart, the more you reject me the more I love you…”

Ezekiel-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d chuckle and wouldn’t believe you. He’d smile and smirk, simply thinking you were playing hard to get and making him have to work even harder to get you. He’d flirt with you as he has been and pay even more attention to you acting as if you had never really rejected him. “Alright, Y/N…Of course, you don’t see me that way…You just love to play hard to get, don’t you…You’re walking away from me? That’s fine by me! I’ll get you back, beautiful!”

Benjamin-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d act as if he understands your reasoning and tell you that he’s fine. He’d keep his calm until he’d be alone in his room or away from you and just start to tear up slightly thinking about his feelings for you, he’d then try to cheer himself up by convincing himself that he can surely make you fall for him. “I understand…You don’t see me that way…Ok…So i’ll go back to my room…I’ll be okay…I swear…Everything’s fine…”

Caesar-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d scoff and just start to recount the instances when he felt that you were looking at him and all. He’d simply feel like you were hiding your feelings and just try to get you to finally admit to him by teasing you more often. “Oh, please, you don’t feel the same?! Y/N…You would always make sure I come back safe, tell me goodnight, drink with me and…the way you look at me…I find it hard to believe you don’t like me back…you’re just being shy…”

Heath-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d understand you and accept how things are. He wouldn’t hold it against you and just tell you that he would hope that you can one day see him other than as a friend. “I get it…You don’t see me that way…It’s understandable…I’m not angry at you or anything, I swear…There’s nothing wrong…but it doesn’t change my feelings for you…and maybe one day, you’ll be able to feel the same…”

Spencer-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he wouldn’t understand it and just ask you as to why. He’d try his best to keep his calm but the more you would talk the more he’d get frustrated and it would show. He’d roll his eyes, shake his head and just try to explain to you that he’s in love with you before actually asking your reasoning. “You don’t like me? What did I ever do to make you feel that way? I-I just really love you, Y/N…I’m happier when you’re around and I just can’t picture my life without you…”

Richard-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d feel like it’s his fault and wouldn’t be able to hide his disappointment. He’d look at you in the eyes and just try to get you to explain yourself before simply grabbing your hand and telling you that in the end, he’ll still have feelings for you. “I-I’m sorry, Y/N…I-It’s my fault…I just thought that you would’ve like to be with me…but I was wrong…Can I ask you why? I see…But I just want you to remember that no matter what…I still love you…”

Nicholas-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d pretend to be fine but you could tell he was mad, with his fists curled and his eyes glaring away from you. He’d try his best to understand your reasoning but it would never really sit well with him and it would show whenever you would pass by. “Ok…You don’t feel the same…I get it…Some people just don’t belong together…I-I’ll get over it…I can do it…Because i’m fine…”

Gareth-When you would reject his feelings after he had just confessed to you, he’d get mad at you on the spot but laugh it off and start to enumerate the reasons as to why you should be together. He’d just feel like you were doing him wrong by rejecting him and just want to make you understand that he wasn’t going to let go of you so easily. “What? You’re rejecting me? Why? You should realize that there will never be any other better for you than me…I love you, care for you and I can provide for you…In this world being alone isn’t going to work for you…”

Michonne-When you would reject her feelings after she had just confessed to you, she’d be heartbroken but do her best to conceal it by saying that it’s understandable. She’d tell you that there is nothing wrong with you not feeling the same way as her and that she’ll get over it as much as she can. “I see, there’s nothing wrong with what you’re saying…It’s normal…sometimes you just don’t feel the same as the others around you…I can get over it…There’s nothing for you to worry so much”

Maggie-When you would reject her feelings after she had just confessed to you, she wouldn’t understand as to why and just express to you her disappointment. She’d want to let you know that you’re hurting her simply because she couldn’t hide the fact, and slowly you’d notice her eyes getting teary. “Really? You don’t feel anything close to…love for me…I thought you might’ve liked me…I thought…we could’ve been more than friends…I really like Y/N…and i’ll be honest with you…It really hurts…”

Andrea-When you would reject her feelings after she had just confessed to you, she’d be unsure if you were joking and simply take it as that. She’d let you take some time before telling you about her feelings again and as you’d refuse again, she wouldn’t understand as to why and ask you about it. “Okay? You don’t feel the same…Sure…Anyways I thought that maybe we could go on this run, just you and me…What? You’re serious…Why? Did I ever do something wrong to you?”

Jessie-When you would reject her feelings after she had just confessed to you, she’d accept it and do her best to hold back her tears. She’d reassure you that she was fine with your decision and seek comfort in the others in hopes to change her mind and let herself cry. “I-I understand…You just don’t want a relationship at the moment…I can accept that…I’ll be fine…I just wanted to be with you but I can handle it…”

Beth-When you would reject her feelings after she had just confessed to you, she’d convince herself to accept it and try to move on despite being heartbroken. Nonetheless, she’d always keep an eye on you and eventually she’d convince herself that she wasn’t going to back down so easily and that you’ll end up giving her a chance one day. “I understand…it’s just not the right time…and you don’t see me that way…I get it…I’m fine…I’ll be fine…I promise…”

Sasha-When you would reject her feelings after she had just confessed to you, she’d tell you to not worry and that she’ll be alright. She’d think from your perspective and convince herself that it was for the better that you didn’t get together. “Look I get it…There’s no need to worry…Sometimes it’s just not right…and it doesn’t mean I won’t get over you…”

Rosita-When you would reject her feelings after she had just confessed to you, she’d be taken back and in disbelief. She’d feel as if she had been putting all of efforts on you only to be betrayed and it wouldn’t sit well. She’d ask you why and end up trying to hurt your feelings back just to give you a tasted of your own medicine. “What?! You don’t feel the same? Are you kidding me? Do you know how much attention and care I pay to you?! A lot! I’ve never been this attached to someone and you’re telling me you don’t see me that way! No, you know what go to hell!”

Enid-When you would reject her feelings after she had just confessed to you, she’d get quiet and wouldn’t know what to say. Slowly, she’d feel tears but try her best to fight them back, telling you that she’s fine and that you should get back to whatever you were doing before going back to her room. “Ok…I understand…I’m sorry for bothering you with my feelings and all…I really am…I’ll go back to my room…and let you continue your work…”

Tara-When you would reject her feelings after she had just confessed to you, she’d be unsure of your words and just ask you what was wrong with her. She’d believe it was her fault and just want to improve herself or at least prove to you that you both should be together all while still being her friendly self. “Really? But does it has anything to do with me? Is it the way I act around you that bothers you or something? I just need to know…”

Carol-When you would reject her feelings after she had just confessed to you, she’d feel betrayed and wouldn’t want to believe you. She’d end up trying to forget about you and just treat you as any other person of the group, in hopes to make you distance yourself from her. “What…How come? You don’t feel…Alright…I get it…I was stupid to believe this…Whatever…I’m sorry to bother you…”

Arat-When you would reject her feelings after she had just confessed to you, she’d try her best to conceal her anger and frustration but you could see it in her eyes. She’d ask you for your reasoning even more only to get even more and more mad at you and wouldn’t be able to stay friends with you. “What? Why? What did I ever do to you to make you not like me that way? You can’t be serious about this…”

I’ve been hatching Wimpod in Po Town (because I thought it’d be funny) and then this happened. I didn’t give it a nickname yet but I feel like I should name this particular Wimpod after Guzma because I hatched it in the shady mansion. In his room, too, which I found amusing.

This made me wonder how Guzma would react to seeing a shiny Wimpod. Or a shiny Pokémon in general. Would he would just throw himself at it and wrestle it into submission and or would he just get real close to it and stare? I kind of thought it would be cool if in game npcs had shiny Pokémon.

I honestly found this special to be very ignorant. Transphobia is not funny. Using homophobic slurs that you know you shouldn’t be saying is not funny. Rape jokes are not funny. Spreading incorrect rhetoric about Planned Parenthood is not funny. Admittedly, I haven’t seen the second special but we cannot continue to let comedians be so ignorant for the sake of “humor”. It has real and dangerous consequences not to mention that it’s just wrong. Considering his legacy, I’m kinda disappointed. I thought his special would be more enlightened especially after I heard his SNL monologue.

It’s funny we people talk about Batman and Superman sometimes ?

“Batman is a dark and brooding lonely guy while Superman is so friendly and out going!”

But really Superman ? Has to be way more lonely Bats. In most adaptations no one (besides his parents, but they don’t help fight people) knows Clark is Superman, and when people do know it’s usually just Lois. And he doesn’t work with anyone? He had no backup, no real support network.

But Batman ? In all the adaptations I know of Alfred knows and helps, how much depends on the adaptation. Even then he has the Robins and or Batgirl. And unlike Mr.GiveMyCousinAway he trains them, fights with them. Batman works with the police enough that they can call him.

Idk but while Batman is brooding he still has a large family/network to fall back on if needed. The guy takes in strays all the damn time

The 2ps as Stuff My Best Friend Has Texted Me (Mod Lafayette Edition)

2p America: Hey I’m always here to satisfy your weird ass founding fathers fetish.

2p China: Melania Trump deserves so much better. She just wanted a sugar daddy, now she’s the first lizard lady.

2p England: I wish this country was led by drag queens.

2p France: Alexander Hamilton IS real and I gave HIM a blowjob behind the Burlington congress building. Plot twist.

2p Russia: My fursona is a squashed worm.

2p Canada: My mom won’t stop pray-crying in the living room, please take me somewhere else.

2p Italy: I’m going to stab my brother in the ear.

2p Germany: “If you can’t handle me at my 666 you don’t deserve me at my 420.” Marilyn Monroe

2p Japan: You just pickup up a wasp you dumb bitch! I hope it stings you and you die.

2p Romano: God loves ugly. Barbie doesn’t.

2p Austria: I’ve made you a playlist of nothing but Death Grips and me crying. Hope you like it.

2p Prussia: I hate scary movies almost as much as I hate myself.

The saga continues,  http://2ptalia-sin.tumblr.com/post/156603664124/2ps-as-stuff-ive-texted-my-best-friend-mod

I’ve always found cherubs a bit sinister. The idea of winged babies flying around with no nappies on seems like an accident waiting to happen. There would be shit everywhere. If I saw a cherub flying about in real life it would terrify me, whereas a Cyclops, which is another mythical being, wouldn’t scare me at all, as it’s just a bloke with one eye. He’d be registered disabled and get a decent parking space in today’s world.
—  Karl Pilkington, The Moaning of Life: The Worldly Wisdom

anonymous asked:

Hey, just found u blog and loved it so so much!! I... wanna make a request... but its ok if you dont wanna writte abt it!! Hm... if its fine... can I see Zen trying to get used to a proud asexual MC? i thought itd be funny and im kinda needing>\\<...

thank you so much! and of course I’ll write ace MC with Zen, I’m ace and I love Zen with all my heart so this is perfect lol
also I apologize in advance for the Sailor Moon reference oops
-Admin Ace in Space

  • let’s be real, Zen would (despite being the world’s biggest gentleman) have the hardest time adjusting to an ace MC
  • so when he’s once again joking about The Beast™ they immediately tell him they’re ace
  • bcs honestly, it’s better to just get it out of the way
  • and he’s a little confused
  • he’s probably met someone who’s ace before, but he never put much thought into it
  • so they explain what it means to him and make sure he doesn’t take any of it personally
  • and they give him some time to think though they’re probably really worried he’ll leave them
  • but then a few days later he comes up to them
  • “MC, I’m sorry if I seemed insensitive before. I guess I’ve always considered making love an important part in a relationship, sort of to fully confirm it or something? But I realize now that we don’t need that, and that I love you for who you are, no matter if you want to have sex or not.”
  • he still needs a lil time to adjust
  • because he is a fan of having sex
  • but he actually kind of likes that there’s no pressure? like no  “we haven’t had sex in two weeks is there something wrong with this relationship” or anything
  • and he finds that there’s a lot of different ways to “prove” his love
  • this boy gets you flowers or makes you breakfast EVERY DAY
  • he does need a little private time to get some relief, but he would never try to make MC do anything they’re not comfortable with
  • and depending on if they’re okay with physical contact or not, he’ll adjust
  • it’ll take a bit of getting used to, but once he’s fully used to it he is the #1 ace ally
  • someone’s talking shit about asexuality? about MC? about both of those things? complaining that their s/o doesn’t want to do the do with them?
  • he is always there to defend
  • he is the one on who you can depend
  • he is the one named sailor Zen

anonymous asked:

I love your writing! I just wanted to share a Kaishin headcanon I found funny when it hit me: What if when KID finally confesses and decides to reveal his identity, Shinichi doesn't believe him at first? Like "So you're telling me that the Kaitou KID's real identity is a high school guy whose name happens to be 'Kaito Kuroba' (the pun with Kaito/Kaitou and Clover/Kuroba) and is also the Nakamoris' neighbour?" *Kaito nods* "And you really expect me to believe that?" *frustrated Kaito noises*

Thank you! And ohmg XD WTH THAT’S HYSTERICAL

Oh man, Shinichi just refuses to believe it and Kaito is Frustrated. He keeps giving proof, like “no I mean it, I’m Kaitou Kid and I love you” And Shinichi believes it less and less, but eventually says something like “I think you’re lying, but you’re cute so I’ll go out with you.”

Eventually he believes him, but he doesn’t say anything and just keeps messing with Kaito like “yeah haha have fun at your ‘heist’ tonight!!” (Kaito complains to Hakuba a lot)

Eventually Hakuba intervenes like “Shinichi he’s not kidding, he means it” Shinichi laughs “I know. I just like giving him a hard time”

(When Kaito finds out, he Does Not Let It Go.)

My friend has told me that Prince could be really nice & friendly, that he has brilliant sense of humour & that he liked pranks too so I’ll include the funnier things she said before to me (and I got her to tell me more positive/funny things about him as well):

Prince & Carmen, when on good terms, once went outside on a sunny day when recording her album to play basketball & both of them were wearing exceptionally high heeled shoes. At one point when Carmen had the ball (& was losing) Prince just lifted her up, put her on his shoulders & got her to shoot till she scored. He kissed her real cutely once she did.
Once after a gathering/party/event at Paisley, somebody found a lost little kid inside Paisley & Prince actually sat down & played hide and go seek with this kid for about an hour till his parents came back to get him. She said that this kid then started crying when he had to leave & Prince gave him his own signed basketball to keep.

At a concert in Chicago this girl in the audience was wearing a nice jacket that Prince had taken a shine to so he asked my friend to go ask her where she got it. Well this girl actually took it off & said that Prince could have it if he liked it. It was really fancy, all silk and lace trim. Somehow he found out her name & her address & sent her huge bunches of flowers as a thank you everyday for weeks
—  Confessions of a previous employee of Prince’s ‘Paisley Park’ studio

so there is this delight in my life,golden haired,tall,blue eyed, and big nosed.clever as all get out,funny.real quiet laugh.runs track,plays the sax.grown ass adult with braces.loves physics.beautiful when he smiles bc it stretches out his stern face.and hes not mine.hes noones.just a close friend who is worried he will never find love.im smitten with the lad,hes clueless and now hes running off to join the air force.he is indescribably precious to me.im just me,and i wish he found me lovely

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I used to be SU Critical, but then it turned out that most of them were ace exclusionists. Also that most of them were grasping at straws and always hating on the next person. Not saying that other side of the spectrum (su positivity) is better.

Ok i don’t actually MEAN it but i just though of a pun that says like “SU crit is bitter, SU positive’s better” idk i found it a lil funny

but like, real talk, I don’t mess in ace discourse bc i’ve said before I don’t know enough to have an opinion that aint neutral, and I don’t generalize but due personal experiences I don’t have a good view of Su Crit blogs but i can’t say all of them. 

But what I can say is that SU Positive people are usually SUPER sweet!! I am on a SU positive discord group and its actually the sweetest place ever, everyone is nice and funny and overal pretty great to hang around with! 

So I was high on anaesthesia while waiting for my wifi to load so

anonymous asked:

So i definitely want to hear more about jeremy thinking incompetent fahc are this amazing, terrifying group and joining up only to find out hes the only real criminal amongst them

Ngl i found that idea funny enough that i almost scrapped everything and started over when i thought of it.

It would take him so long to realise - layers of thinking it was hazing, then some kind of long play, then part of their charm, before slowly slowly coming to the horrifying realisation that nope they just flat out have no idea what they are doing. The crew he has been looking up to, has based his own behaviour on, the crew he was so blown away to be accepted into, and they’re half a step from helpless. Are getting by as much on dumb luck and impossibly close misses as any kind of talent.

In return the rest of the FAHC have the longest deliberation before hiring him because on the one hand, this guy clearly knows what he is doing and lord knows they need more of that in their lives, but on the other this guy clearly knows what he is doing and is going to notice that they don’t. Also there was a greater than average chance that they were gong to get him killed, and he wouldn’t come back like they did, could they really live with that kind of guilt? 

When they hire him they spend weeks tip-toeing around it, trying to live up to Jeremy’s shiny-eyed hero worship, agreeing with all his crazy tales of their apparent exploits then making horrified eyes at each other whenever he isn’t looking. They play off all their fumbles as jokes, their efforts to keep him out of the loop as trade secrets he hadn’t earned yet, and do their very best to keep any and all temporary corpses out of view.

As Jeremy’s incredulous awareness slowly grows the crew becomes more and more like guilty children, all embarrassed expressions and awkward shrugs, and basically beg him to stay when he eventually confronts them all.

When Jeremy inevitably sees them come back to life, torn apart with grief that their ineptitude has finally caught up to them like he knew it would, he screams in terror. They, in turn, scream in shock, and its just a long humiliating slapstick routine of screaming and pointing and more screaming until Jeremy throws up his hands and gives in to the absolute shitshow that is his life.

fleetheraven  asked:

I found it funny and it did not bother me at all. It was not even that surprising to me?? I just laughed. It just seems very him, it fits with the rest of what he tweets. If I am making sense.

yeah, what else could he possibly even have said…………… shut the whole thing down real quick

Should we discuss how “innocent and pure” stydias is? (longpost of anger)

You hear all of that screaming then someone use a stydia song in marrish or stalia video? Almost any stydias’ post about stalia/marrish become a battlefield full of condemnation and insults

I’m not saying all of marrish/stalia shippers’re good and all of stydia shippers just bad. Relationship of Stiles and Lydia are great. But it’s not romantic relationship

Proof? Easy

I found this by accident (I will skip part with manips with “First Time” to save time)

Look at that first image with this worried, gentle expression of Stiles face…

…when he looks at Malia. Yep. It’s fact

Ok. Next

Seems cosily?

Yeah. He’s really comfortable sleeping with his head on Malia’s knees


Nice work actually but

It was Malia because of whom Stiles couldn’t sleep alone. Not Lydia

Ok. Let’s see another picture

Pooof! Maaaagic!

Reality is tought

Is something wrong?

Probably face of real Stiles’ girlfriend

One more thing

All of funny, playful Lydia’s facial expression was adressed to Aidan, ok? And Stiles’ head seems really wanna sleep

So then I will saw some pain in the ass who’ll try to convince me STYDIA IS EVERYTHING AND YOUR STALIA/MARRISH’S JUST SHIT I will poke him with that image in the face
With all of that images there stydia manips made of caps marrish and stalia moments

And bonus

Reality one

Reality two

I think deep down you know romantic stydia don’t really exist and that’s the reason of that amount of “stolen” others moments in stydia manips. They’re just don’t have their own

bellephegore  asked:

I found a pic of Philippe d'Orléans from the tv serie Versailles on a terf blog and they were like "Beautiful costume wow magnificent but it's NOT a transgender character absolutely NOT" and it made me laugh because: Philippe d'Orléans is a real historical character and he was probably genderfluid. I don't know, I just find it funny and kinda pathetic. (sorry for my english)

hahaha terfs have their heads so far down in the sand that they have no idea what they’re talking about 😂