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I love Hamilton, but something about the way white fans engage with the musical really bothers me: a lot of them are posting in the tag about the actual, historical revolutionaries and founding fathers in a way that makes them seem like funny, sweet, good people. They weren’t. I don’t just mean “Jefferson was a piece of shit”: none of them were good. Every one of their asses saw black people as inferior, even if not all of them supported slavery. All of them participated in genocidal policy against indigenous peoples. If you’re watching/listening to Hamilton and then going out and romanticizing the real founding fathers/American revolutionaries, you’re missing the entire point.

Hamilton is not really about the founding fathers. It’s not really about the American Revolution. The revolution, and Hamilton’s life are the narrative subject, but its purpose is not to romanticize real American history: rather, it is to reclaim the narrative of America for people of colour. 

Don’t romanticize the founding fathers and the revolution. They’re already romanticized. It’s been done. Your history books have already propagated those lies. The revolution is romanticized as an American narrative because it was a revolution lead by and for white men. Their story is the narrative of the nation and it is a narrative from which people of colour are utterly obliterated. 

Do you understand what it’s like to live in a nation where you are made marginal and inconsequential in the historical narrative that you are taught from your first day of school? In the Americas, to be a person of colour is to be made utterly inconsequential to the nation’s history. If you are black, your history begins with slavery, and your agency is denied; they don’t teach about slave rebellions or black revolutionaries. You learn about yourself as entirely shaped by outside forces: white people owned you, then some white people decided to free you and wasn’t that nice of them? and then you’re gone until the civil rights movement. That is the narrative they teach; in which you had no consequence, no value, no impact until less than a century ago. If you are indigenous, you are represented as disappeared, dead, already gone: you do not get to exist, you are already swallowed by history. If you are any other race, you are likely not present at all. To live in a land whose history is not your own, to live in a story in which you are not a character, is a soul-destroying experience.

In Hamilton, Eliza talks, in turn, of “taking herself out of the narrative” and “putting herself back in the narrative.” That’s what Hamilton is about: it’s about putting ourselves in the narrative. It puts people of colour in the centre of the damn narrative of the nation that subjugates them; it takes a story that by all accounts has been constructed to valourize the deeds of white men, and redefines it all. 

Why was the American Revolution a revolution? Why were slave revolts revolts? Why do we consider the founding fathers revolutionaries and not the Black Panthers or the Brown Berets or any number of other anti-racist revolutionary organizations? Whose rebellion is valued? Who is allowed to be heroic through defiance? By making the founding fathers people of colour, Hamilton puts people of colour into the American narrative, while simultaneously applying that narrative to the present. Right now, across the United States, across the damn world, people are chanting “black lives matter.” Black people are shutting down malls and highways, demanding justice for the lives stolen by police, by white supremacy. And all across the world, indigenous people are saying “Idle No More,” blockading pipelines, demanding their sovereignty. And “No One is Illegal” is chanting loud enough to shake down the walls at the border; people are demanding the end of refugee detention centres, demanding an end to the violence perpetuated by anti-immigration policies. People of colour are rising up. 

…And white people are angry about it. White people are saying “if blacks don’t want to get shot by the police they shouldn’t sag their pants”; saying “get over it” about anti-indigenous policies of assimilation and cultural genocide and land theft; Jennicet Gutiérrez was heckled by white gay men for demanding that president Obama end the detention of undocumented trans women of colour. White people see people of colour rising up and they tell us to sit down. Shut up. Stop making things difficult. The American Revolution was a bunch of white men who didn’t want to be taxed, so white history sees their revolutionary efforts as just; they killed for their emancipation from England; they were militant. That, to white people is acceptable. But those same white people talk shit about Malcolm X for being too violent–a man who never started an uprising against the government leading to bloodshed. Violence is only acceptable in the hands of white people; revolution is only okay when the people leading the charge are white. 

Hamilton makes those people brown and black; Hamilton depicts the revolution of which America is proud as one led by people of colour against a white ruling body; there’s a reason King George is the only character who is depicted by a white man. The function of the visual in Hamilton is to challenge a present in which people of colour standing up against oppression are seen as violent and dangerous by the same people who proudly declare allegiance to the flag. It forces white people to see themselves not as the American Revolutionaries, but as the British oppressors. History is happening, and they’re on its bad side.

So don’t listen to or watch Hamilton and then come out of that to romanticize the founding fathers. Don’t let that be what you take away from this show. They’re the vehicle for the narrative, and a tool for conveying the ideologies of the show, but they are not the point. Don’t romanticize the past; fight for the future. 

What your fav loz game says about you
  • The Legend of Zelda: you haven't played any loz games since this one.
  • Zelda II: you own the entire legend of zelda animated series on vhs.
  • A Link to the Past: you're an elitist snob and/or you hate yourself.
  • Four Swords: you just want to be able to beat someone else up with multiplayer.
  • Link's Awakening: you fuckin love whales.
  • Ocarina of Time: good man. who doesn't like this game. your favorite band might be the beatles though.
  • Majora's Mask: your blog title is "welcome to my twisted mind"
  • Oracle of the Ages: you're a twin. your sibling got pokemon blue version.
  • Oracle of the Seasons: you're a twin. your sibling got pokemon red version.
  • Wind Waker: you are easily distracted by bright colors and pretty music so the endless sailing never bothered you. you want link's grandmother to adopt you.
  • Four Swords Adventure: you just want to be able to beat someone else up with multiplayer, but on the gamecube.
  • The Minish Cap: you thought it was adorable that you could become really really small and explore. You also have the hots for vaati.
  • Twilight Princess: you were that kid in elementary school who was way too obsessed with wolves. Possibly a furry.
  • Phantom Hourglass: you want to marry linebeck. I don't understand you. You also managed to get all the different boat designs somehow. How the fuck did you get all the parts for the golden ship. I hate you.
  • Spirit Tracks: you really liked that zelda was a kindof playable character. The overworld theme plays on repeat in your head at all times. Link is so cute as a conductor. Wow link is adorable
  • Skyward Sword: your wii controller actually worked so link's sword went where you swung it.
  • A Link Between Worlds: you were endlessly entertained by just fuckin slamming link into walls. You found every painting link could stand behind so it looked like he had a funny head. chicken link is your god.
  • Hyrule Warriors: you've never actually played a real zelda game.

#well that plan definitely backfired

Every episode of Bones ever
  • Booth: we got a body
  • Brennan: I need this all sent to the Jeffersonian
  • Brennan: fracture to the ulna
  • Intern: can't believe I missed that
  • Booth: I'm Agent Booth, FBI, and this is my partner, Dr. Temperance Brennan, we're here to ask you a few questions.
  • Angela: I plugged in the exact muscles and subtracted the injuries that occured postmortem and turned the skull inside out and showed it to the computer. Here's our victim
  • Hodgins: bugs and particulates indicate this exact spot
  • Cam: *gasps* that's where the husband works
  • Husband: no. I want a lawyer
  • Booth: *stares angrily*
  • Sweets at some point: I know that you're not upset over this case, its something else
  • Booth: no way. Don't get all shrinky on me. Ok youre right
  • Intern: I reexamined the bones and found this
  • Brennan: this leads exactly to our killer. Good work
  • Real killer: I didn't mean to kill her. I just wanted to beat her up a little
  • Brennan and booth: *long stare*
  • Brennan and booth: *have meaningful talk about whatever was bothering them*
  • Brennan at some point: you're a good man booth
i love you - boyfriend!tom

Summary: You and Tom say “I love you” for the first time.

Tom had known he loved you for a little while. It had really solidified for him several weeks earlier, a week after he’d met your parents. He’d had a rough work week in LA, and had planned to visit you for the weekend, but wasn’t sure he was up to it come Friday morning.

So with a bit of reluctance, Tom flew out as planned and found himself knocking on your apartment door, excited to see you, but tired and grumpy all the same.

When you opened the door, you gave him a sympathetic smile and pulled him into a tight hug.

“I’m glad you’re here,” you said, pressing a kiss just below his ear.

He dropped his bag in the living room and returned with you to the kitchen, where several pots and pans were resting on the stovetop. Spoons, measuring cups, and spices were scattered across the counter next to a printed recipe.

“What are you making?” he asked, resting his chin on your shoulder as you stirred.

“That thing your mom always makes, that you made me when I was sick last month? I thought it’d be nice to come back to.”

He quirked a smile at that, genuinely taken aback by your thoughtfulness, and lifted his head to press a kiss to your temple. “I’m gonna go change,” he said, grabbing his bag and taking it to your bedroom.

He came back a minute later shirtless and in gray sweatpants, stretching out on your couch. “Mmm, I forgot how comfy your couch is,” he called over his shoulder to where you were in the kitchen.

You quickly wiped your hands on a dish towel before strolling into the living room and plopping down next to him. You snuggled into his side as he lazily scrolled through his Instagram feed with squinty tired eyes. After a few minutes you spoke. “So…you had a really long week?”

He sighed, dropping his phone on the coffee table and wrapping his arm around you. “Yeah. Lots of paps. Everywhere, all the time. And then my manager’s been calling me nonstop about a new deal we’re negotiating. I didn’t really get any sleep.  I just feel drained.”

“I’m sorry, baby. Hopefully you’ll catch up on some sleep this weekend.”

He nodded his head, running his fingers up and down your back. “How has your week been?”

“Eh, y’know-”, you were about to respond when a loud alarm sounded from the kitchen. You sat up startled.


“Oh fuck!” you exclaimed, racing into your smoky kitchen to pull your burning lemon sage chicken out from the oven.

Tom came running in behind you, assessing the situation, before grabbing your discarded dish towel to fan the smoke away from the alarm. You threw the burnt chicken on top of the counter, shutting the oven with a huff before grabbing another dish towel from the drawer to help Tom fan the smoke alarm.

Tom looked over to your frazzled state and frustrated expression. Your hair was sticking up in all different directions, you shirt was covered in splattered lemon sage sauce, and your cheeks were flushed red both from the heat and embarrassment. Tom couldn’t help but smile, and it dawned on him that he was crazy for even questioning whether he wanted to spend his weekend next to you.

“What’s so funny?” you questioned when you noticed Tom staring at you, giggling, and cracking his first real smile that night.

“Nothing, I just.. I -”

I love you, he thought to himself.

He’d kept it to himself that night. He hadn’t wanted to scare you off, or ruin what you guys had. But as time went on, he found himself thinking it more and more often, and getting closer to letting it slip out.

A few weeks passed and another weekend scheduled for you to visit Tom on his press tour rolled around. It was late and the two of you were fooling around in his hotel room.

You were straddling Tom on his bed, and he was extra eager, as it’d been a couple weeks since you’d been together. He roughly pulled your shirt over your head before reattaching his lips to yours. He reached around your back to unclip your bra, but got thrown off by your new clasp-less lacy bralette. Frustrated, he tugged too hard and ripped it down the back.

“Tom!” you laughed, pulling away from him in surprise.

His jaw dropped a little. “I swear I didn’t mean to do that. I’ll get you a new one, I promise. I am so sorry.” He chuckled at the stunned look on your face, making you laugh harder.

“It’s okay,” you giggled. “I still love you.” You paused for a second, realizing what you’d just said, and quickly pressed your lips back to his in a panic thinking, Dear god I hope he somehow didn’t just hear that.

He gripped your waist but pulled his mouth away from yours, certain he’d heard the words he’d craved for weeks. “What’d you just say?”

“Nothing,” you said, moving his hands up to your breasts in an effort to distract him and leaning in to kiss him again.

After briefly allowing your lips to press to his, he pulled away again, flipping you over and pinning your hands down on either side of your head.

“Tell me again,” he said with a smile.

“Hmm?” You scrunched your forehead still trying to deny what you’d confessed.

“Tell me again,” he teased, kissing your jaw, “that you love me.”

“Did I say that?” you teased back, wiggling your body in attempt to break free from his grasp.

“Mhmm,” he smiled into your neck before pulling back to look at you and releasing your wrists.

You sighed in defeat, wrapping your arms around his neck. “I guess I did….because I do. I love you.”

He grazed his upturned lips against yours. “Good. Because I love you too.”


highly highly highly requested. we’re squealing.

xoxo, L & A

Behind The Mask

Requested By: @sadjuggie

hey bb i had a sudden idea for an imagine which i thought you should write! so basically the reader is a cosplayer at a convention and tom is undercover in a spider-suit and he sees the reader and complete fangirls over their cosplay (bc it’s kinda spider-man related or marvel?) and asks for a pic and then he takes off his mask and surprises her?

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Description: You were at your first Cosplay convention with your friends, you’re all dressed up as some characters from Marvel, being the huge fans you all are. However, you weren’t expecting an actual Marvel character to show up, shocking you and your friends.

Warnings: It’s just super fluffy aw haha

Word Count: 1,926

A/N: This request reminds me of when I went to playlist live in 2015 and it was so much fun. If you don’t know what playlist live is, it’s where you either are in D.C. or Orlando and a ton of YouTubers travel and stay at a hotel for three days and you can stay there too and you can buy merch an go to panels, and meet and greets and just walk around and get pictures with YouTubers. It’s honestly such an amazing experience, I loved it. BUT yeah, this request was overall really fun to write, it felt like I was actually there ahahha.

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Beep. Beep. Beep.

Your alarm was going off on your nightstand, it was currently five thirty a.m. and you were literally throwing yourself out of your warm bed to get up and get your suitcase ready to go.

Today was your first day ever going to a Cosplay convention, you were extremely excited, especially since your friends were joining you, being the Cosplay nerds they were.

You grabbed your cup of coffee and a bagel before leaving your apartment, your suitcase in one hand, your phone and bagel and coffee in the other, yes you were multitasking for life.

Your friends were supposed to pick you up, you all wanted to get to the convention early so you all could unpack and not have to worry about it later on.

You soon heard the honk of a car, signaling they were here, making you rush down and throw your suitcase in the car, as you buckled up in the back seat, finally enjoying your bagel and coffee, before falling sleep against the window.

The convention was about three to four hours away depending on traffic, your friend was a real trooper willing to drive all that way, of course, you all pitched in to pay for gas.

After driving for hours, you finally made it, your eyes widening in pure excitement as you saw people already entering, dressed up as their favorite characters.

This was every thing you could have ever dreamed of.

Once parked in front of the convention, you all grabbed your suitcases, entering the building, checking into the hotel you were staying at.

While you were waiting to get the room keys, you decided to wander around a bit, your eyes becoming even wider if that was even possible.

The place was gorgeous, there were people dressed up as their favorite characters, different stands that had posters and tattoos, even areas where people could put on a panel, overall it was mind blowing.

You were so mesmerized by the main area you didn’t even realize one of your friends dragging you away to the elevator.

“Sorry! I kinda got caught up.” You laughed, a huge smile on your face as the rest of your friends laughed along with you.

“No worries, I was the same way when I first went to one of these.” Your friend Sherrie said, a smile on her face.

“This place does that to you, I think it’s because you feel at home, like you belong with this kind of crowd and it just makes you really happy.” You friend Emily spoke up, leaning against the elevator wall.

You all chatted the entire way up to your dedicated room, before entering and unpacking your belongings, that way you wouldn’t have to do it later.

It was now nine a.m. and you all were starving, so you all decided to go get breakfast.

You all went to the main area where they had food, you all filled up a plate, before sitting at a table, chatting, eating, and observing the area a bit more.

“Do you think anyone else will be dressed up as Marvel characters?” You questioned as you took a bite of your apple.

Your friends all shrugged, looking around before going back to their meals.

“I mean it’s a good possibility, but we all know we’re the real Avengers.” Your friend Carly joked, making you all laugh.

Time soon passed and you all were finally dressed up in your cosplay outfits, your friend Sherrie was dressed up as Captain America, obviously a girly version, but she looked amazing, your friend Emily decided to dress up as Thor, which she also rocked by the way, and then your friend Carly decided to dress up as Iron Man, which you found extremely funny since you all had just seen Cap Civil War.

You on the other hand, you were dressed up as Black Widow, mainly because your friends made you because they thought you’d be best for that costume.

“Avengers assemble!” Carly shouted, as you all ran to the elevator laughing, being the nerds you all were.

Of course you all were taking selfies, no matter where you went, selfies were taken, whether it was in your hotel room, the elevator, but especially the main area.

You all walked into the main stage area, people were everywhere, dancing, laughing, chatting, cosplaying.

You all walked around a bit, chatting with other cosplayers, having a blast, before you all decided you wanted to get tattoos.

And you all did.

After that you decided to go watch a panel or two, loving every moment of it, as did your friends.

Hours passed, and you all were back up and walking around, taking selfies with other cosplayers, complimenting each others outfits, a lot of people thought your group was super funny, which made you all giddy on the inside.

“Hey look, it’s Spider-Man! We should see if he’ll take a group picture for us, you know, since we’re basically the same.” Sherrie joked, making you all roll your eyes and laugh.

“Hey! Hey you! Spider-Man dude!” Sherrie shouted, pointing at the person who was dressed up as well, Spider-Man.

He looked at her confused, but walked over to her anyways.

“Can you do us a favor and take a picture of us?” Sherrie asked, as “Spider-Man” nodded, as you all posed, getting your picture.

It took a few minutes for said “Spider-Man” to realize your costumes, before his heart beat started to increase.

“Whoa, you guys are a version of the Avengers!” Spider-Man spoke excitedly, making you all smile and nod.

“Why do you think we asked you to take our picture?” Sherrie laughed, making Spider-Man rub the back of his neck awkwardly.

“I see your point.” He chuckled, making you all laugh.

“I don’t mean to be a bother, but can I get a picture with you guys? It’s just I haven’t seen anyone dressed up as the Avengers and I-” He stopped rambling as he saw you all smiling at him.

“Of course we will.” Emily smiled, before Carly called someone over to take a picture of all of them.

You all took a few pictures, smiling at how great they all came out.

“Thanks guys, this is so cool.” Spider-Man grinned through the mask, making you all nod and smile in response.

“But you know what’s even cooler?” He questioned, making you all shake your heads, curiosity peaked.

Spider-Man slowly took off his mask revealing the one and only Tom Holland, the actual Spider-Man.

You all gasped, not expecting that at all, making Tom laugh at all of your reactions.

“Surprise!” He cheered, making you all laugh nervously, still unable to process you’ve been with the Tom Holland, the Spider-Man this entire time without even knowing it.

“I can’t believe it’s actually you!” Carly shouted, covering her mouth as she tried to contain herself.

“This is mind blowing, nice job.” Emily laughed, giving him a thumbs up.

“I’m not okay. Nope.” Sherrie shook her head, covering her face as she leaned her head on Emily’s shoulder.

You on the other hand, still couldn’t believe it, Tom Holland was here, pretending to be one of you, a cosplayer, to see what it actually felt like.

“C-Can I get a picture with you?” You stammered out, making him grin and nod in response.

You both got a few pictures together, which turned out really cute, you even sent them to Tom himself.

“I really love your costume by the way, Black Widow.. Nice.” He grinned, winking at you as you blushed, biting your lip nervously.

“Thanks, I like yours too, it suits you.” You teased, making him laugh and wrap his arms around you from behind.

“You’re funny.” He grinned, resting his head on top of yours, your friends watching in awe, but secretly taking pictures at the same time.

“Yesss Y/N! Get some!” Carly shouted, making you glare at her as Tom laughed, making you smile.

“We need to create a ship name, because this,” Sherrie motioned to you and Tom, “Needs to happen, like now.” She laughed, making you both blush this time.

“I don’t have anything against that.” Tom smirked, and you were pretty sure you stopped breathing for a split second.

“What about you darling?” He hummed, making your heart melt just from the way he spoke.

“I don’t know.. You think you can handle all of this?” You teased, a smirk on your face as you felt him laugh.

“Oh, I know I can.” He teased back, your friends watching in amusement.

“But I’m Black Widow.” You spoke teasingly, a proud smile on your face, as your friends started laughing at your statement.

“Maybe, but I’m Spider-Man.

That Girl is a Problem

Paul Lahote is PISSED when Jake brings around his best friend. She wasn’t supposed to know about any of this. Or was she? 

Pairing: PaulxReader, JacobxReader (Friends)

Warnings: Cursing 

Song(s) to Listen To: Truthfully by DNCE OR/AND That’s What You Get by Paramore 

A/N: This is my first Twilight relate imagine at all, so even though constructive criticism is encouraged, pls don't rip me to shreds lol. Also, if this goes over well, I have a part 2 planned. Hope you guys like this!!

Originally posted by pretty-dead-dog

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anonymous asked:

Cris, I keep seeing people saying that Sony/Columbia is responsible for what we are seeing right now with Harry image-wise because they want to make the most money they can. In a distribution deal, does Harry have no say over his image and how they present him throughout promo or is it entirely dependent on what would have been negotiated before he signed the contract?

Nah. This is not fully on Sony/Columbia. They are part of HSHQ, but only a part.

With Harry, as far as I’m concerned, the time has passed to make excuses that someone else is calling the shots. This is him and his handpicked team.

Now that’s not to say that every interview question is fully vetted 100% of the time or that no one is at Sony pushing a certain image, but Harry is participating fully and gleefully right now. He’s having a great time and in my opinion he is just being a young “lad” and hasn’t really internalized the feminist concepts he believes in (and I do believe that’s genuine, but social interactions have a massive impact on us, don’t underestimate that he has been surrounded by music industry men much more than women these past several years).

That’s not even really a criticism, it’s just the way people are. Haven’t you found yourself laughing at a joke that when you thought about it later, realized was NOT okay?  I have. The real question is how long before he steps back and says, “Wait. This sounded funny when I was talking to the guys, but in a different light I’m seeing how that could be pretty offensive.”

I’m hoping Glenne, Anne, and Gemma will step up and say something. Sarah and Clare are employees, so they aren’t in a position to correct him on what are, for someone else, relatively mild jokes and comments. But the other women in his life can and hopefully they will.

titleknown  asked:

Out of curiosity, given how the series is being increasingly noted for its lackluster follow-ups, its association with the most insufferable online weenie-politics, giant flaws in the worldbuilding, and JK Rowling putting her foot in her mouth again and again, I gotta ask, do you think there's a decent chance of Harry Potter becoming a dead fandom in the next, say, 10-to-20 years?

No, probably not…at least not on the time frame of the next 10-20 years. In 100 years, anything can be a dead fandom. The two best selling novels in the US in the 19th Century were Lew Wallace’s Ben-Hur and Edward Bellamy’s socialist utopian scifi novel set in the year 2000, Looking Backward. Most people don’t even know there even was a Ben-Hur novel, and Bellamy is almost totally forgotten.

All of J.K. Rowling’s goofball public statements aside (and I question how many people are even aware of them - most normies don’t even have a twitter), Harry Potter is 1) pretty well written and entertaining and moving, but more importantly, it’s 2) interwoven into the life of the English speaking world at this point. It’s become something like Roald Dahl, Little Women, or Anne of Green Gables in that it’s almost every kid’s first book. Parents read it to their children. Children get it as Christmas presents. People read it and love it not just because they like the books but because they love their Mom and Dad and they read it to them, or they associate it with Christmas and the good feelings of that time, like hot cocoa and caroling. 

Maybe you were 13 when these movies came out and your first crush was Rupert Grint. The women who loved Elvis in the 1950s? They still love him today. Just ask your Grandma. Ask any 40+ year old lady who was an early internet adopter in the 1990s how they feel about Michael Shanks and you’ll get an earful and a gleam in the eye that is rare in our passionless age.

Remember how, in the first few years of Facebook, everyone kept asking if it was going to go the way of Friendster or MySpace? I think it’s become abundantly clear that for good or for ill, Facebook is pretty much here to stay and probably won’t be supplanted by another social media service because it’s interwoven in people’s lives now. 

Every so often, this happens. For decades, the top soft drink in the world varied. At one point in the United States, it was even Moxie. But sometime in the early part of this century, Coca-Cola climbed to the top of the sales chart and stayed there, and was pretty much never really replaced by anything, because when something interweaves itself as totally as Coke does, or at the very least grows to a certain size in the culture, there’s simply no getting rid of it. 

Facebook, Coke, Harry Potter. If you think I’m being hyperbolic, remember that at one point, Harry Potter once outsold the Bible

Now, something can be universally read but not have a fandom as such. Fandom is a series of social interactions and institutions, not love of a work. But if lots of people love a work, having a living fandom is a hell of a lot easier. 

I’m not sure what you mean by “issues in worldbuilding.” People have spent literally decades pointing out that Gandalf could have just rode the eagles to Mordor and dropped it into Mt. Doom….and people have spent decades not caring at all, because the mechanism by which we fundamentally relate to stories is empathy, not logical reasoning. We experience stories emotionally, not rationally. 

I think they are very funny, and they make videos just to have a goof and a good time and I support that totally, but it’s a real problem to take CinemaSins style nitpicking seriously the way many people do. You can apply CinemaSins nitpicking to movies that “work” and “bad movies” alike, which should tell you that the functionality of stories is found in something other than what CinemaSins points out. Hell, they did one for Guardians of the Galaxy, the greatest movie ever made, so what does that tell you?

Remember Me: Part 3

A Bucky x Reader / Drabble Series

Part One | Part Two

A/N: Here is part 3 everyone! This took a while for me to get right, so I hope you guys enjoy it. Sorry it’s being posted so late too. Work sucks! Let me know what you think! ♥

Other Characters: Steve, Tony

Word Count: 1,321

- language, maybe?

Tags: (at the end)

*gif is not mine.

The thin, delicate pane of glass was the only thing separating you from what you thought you knew and what was sitting right in front of you. It seemed like a dream, as his sapphire eyes chilled you to the bone, piercing your very soul. Your knees felt weak and Steve could read your body language, walking over and hooking his hand right into the crook of your elbow, squeezing lightly.

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anonymous asked:

23? "You have a picture of me? On your fridge?"

“I know what this looks like.” Jughead started, quickly sliding in between Betty and the tiny white fridge in his fathers trailer.

“Jughead…” betty giggled, a grin slowly forming on the beautiful blondes face.

“Because I know very well that this makes me look like the biggest creep in the world, I know that. I see that.” He continued, his hands blindly searching behind him as he reached for the object of his girlfriends attention. “let me explain.”

Betty shook her head, standing back and moving to place a hand on Jugheads arm
“Jug. It’s oh..”

She didn’t have time to finish her sentence because sure enough Jughead was gripping the glossy 5x7 school photo of his girlfriend tightly in his fingers.

“Truthfully if you’re going to blame anyone you should really blame my dad…”

Okay now Betty most definitely wanted to hear the story. She sat down on one of FPS beat up kitchen chairs and gestured for Jughead to continue.

The boy in question took a deep breathe
“Okay so, do you remember the beginning of the year? Right after picture day and we got our copies? You hated yours, you thought you looked awful.”

He wasn’t wrong, the current picture on Jugheads hands was pretty awful, her hair was funny and her smile was too real, thanks to Jughead pulling face behind the photographer. it wasn’t picture day quality hence why she’d had them retaken.

“…anyway, you hated them but I loved them, you look so great ya know? You just don’t see yourself the way I do. In these pictures you look so happy and I love seeing you happy, it’s my favorite thing.”

Betty sighed in content, he really was such an amazing boyfriend, he didn’t even have to try and he always found a way to make her feel worth it. Leaning over the counter. Betty pressed a soft kiss on her boyfriends lips, smiling when she felt his lips tune upwards.

“I love you, but that still doesn’t answer the question of why do you have a picture of me on your fridge.” Betty beamed, winking as Jughead ran his fingers over the photo nervously.

“Well that’s where my dad comes in, so as I was saying I loved the picture so much I put it in my room, right next to my lamp.”

Betty’s heart swelled in gratitude at the dark haired boys flattery

“Now you know my dad, he’s a bit more ….immature than most parents so of course the second he saw that picture in my room he started talking about… in a weird way, I’m assuming he thought it was just boys being boys together but I hated it, so to prevent anymore uncomfortable conversations about your photo in my room I moved it out here. On the fridge, my dad likes it out here because now when his friends come over he gets to say and I quote “that the gem that for some reason chose my son, isn’t she something else” “ Jughead rolled his eyes, grabbing a magnet and placing the photo back in its spot right next to the knot of Jughead and Jellybean as babies.

Standing up from her seat Betty moved to stand directly in front on Jughead, her arms wrapping around his neck as she leaned in close to his ear.

“If your dad thought a picture of me in your room was funny wait til he sees the real thing.” Her voice was low and husky and within a second she was up and lifted bridal style into Jugheads arms.

Sure a photo on the fridge was nice, but the real thing in his bed?


S/O and freckles


It was summer and for some reason, you never tanned, you got even more freckles. This summer you had been outside a lot, so new freckles were coming in all over the place. 

It wasn’t until you were lying in bed next to Jin that he noticed them. He stared at them in slight fascination and smiled every time he found new one or a new patch.

“They’re just so pretty. I don’t know many people with freckles though.”

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It happened late at night. You had just gotten back from a costume party and your friends had the great idea of giving you glow in the dark freckles, aka just painting the ones you already had. 

This was no problem if you hadn’t forgot about them. You climbed into the bed with Suga and sighed contently. As he looked at you, he got a funny look on his face before turning the light on. “Are those real freckles?” he asked, gentle thumbing your cheeks.

You laughed and nodded before laying back down.”Had ‘em all my life.”

Suga laughed and kissed your nose before laying back down. “They’re cute.”

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It was a lazy day and you were sitting on J-hope’s lap, watching a movie. Throughout the movie, you caught J-hope staring at you and you began wondering why he was doing so. Finally you asked him.

“You have freckles. I’ve never noticed them before.”

You gave him a confused look and shrugged. “Okay. So?”

J-hope smiled and gave you a slow kiss. “Freckles are places where the sun has kissed you ya know.”

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Rap Monster

It was a cuddly type day as you and Rap Monster layed in bed together. As the show played,Rap Monster laughed at new found freckles. “They’re like stars.I could connect them all if I wanted.”

You laughed at his statement and sighed happily as he began tracing pictures. It was times like these that you felt the most calm and loved.

It was also times like these that Rap Monster loved the most. Getting to know you bit by bit was a favorite pass time and finding new freckles was the perfect way to do so.

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When Jimin found new freckles covering your body, he’d place a kiss on them all.He was never sure why, but he loved them so much. After being out in the sun all day, you had quite a few new ones.

“Did you do that on purpose?” he asked as he sprinkled small kisses all over your face, neck and shoulders. You laughed as you shook your head,relaxing into Jimin’s arms.

“Well, I’m glad you have them, They give me excuses to kiss you.”

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When V noticed your freckles, he just gave you a big smile. “I have an elephant on my arm, but you have a herd of them all over you.” he finally laughed out.

You couldn’t help but smile as well and the two of you spent the rest of the day finding elephants on your body. When the two of you were finally tired, you snuggled onto the couch, whispering jokes and laughing as you fell asleep in each others arms.

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It was early and you were still asleep when Jungkook woke up. He smiled as he studied you, getting closer when he noticed some freckles. As he looked, he noticed that they actually ran all over your face, neck, and shoulders, as well as down your arms and back.

He could tell you were waking up, so to get your attention, he began kissing some of them. He could feel you smile as he did so and you turned over to face him. “Having fun?”

“Defiantly. Freckles are probably one of my favorite things now.”

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Just finished Season 4 and...

I personally think this was the best season (or half season) so far. I’ve seen a few people saying they were disappointed and while there were a few aspects here or there I found disappointing, overall I thoroughly enjoyed this season.

It was funny, it was dramatic, it was emotional, it was tense.

Reminded me a lot of season 1 actually. There’s a lot to talk about so for now I’ll just list my pros and cons-


  • * Like I said, I found this season very funny and there were quite a few jokes that had me laughing out loud. Like Matt seeing Allura for the first time. Brought back real Ouran Host Club nostalgia
  • * Matt Holt in general was awesome. Although about that brain hacking? Yeah he should talk to Slav. 
  • * The animation was as gorgeous as ever. Especially that crying scene. If I hadn’t known before that Matt was alive, I probably would have cried for real. (I did tear up a little though)
  • * It was nice having a break episode which season 2 and 3 sorely lacked.
  • * Yuri on Ice reference? Lol (Actually it seemed quite a few anime were referenced/parodied.)
  • * Allura playing Keith. Just that was too funny. 
  • * While Hunk kind of got pushed to the side again, (Although I feel like Dreamworks was poking fun at themselves about how he’s the comic relief), I loved the rest of the character development for Pidge, Lance, Shiro, Keith and even Allura a tiny bit. 
  • Oh and that tiny scene with Haggar looking in the “mirror” actually broke my heart for a split second. 


  • Kind of a nitpick on this but I think Episode 2 would have been a lot stronger if they hadn’t titled it “Reunion”. Yes I totally believe Pidge “reunited” with Matt’s Grave. Although I mostly have myself to blame for consuming every spoiler I could get and seeing Matt was alive already.
  • I think my biggest disappointment is Prince Lotor and his general’s arc. If watched together as a whole season, we just saw a close-knit group of outcasts fall apart really fast. It was probably inevitable but I think it would have felt more heart breaking if we got another season with them as a group. Also how Narti was so heartlessly killed off? What strikes me as odd is Aj LoCascio (Lotor’s VA) said Lotor’s Generals were like a family to Lotor. 

However there are still more seasons to come and I can see this turning around. Might be nice getting an episode or two of Lotor trying to regain his generals’ trust again. I think Acxa’s option she was talking about is joining Voltron. And the ending with Lotor “joining” team Voltron himself I think could create some interesting conflict. 

All in all, I really did enjoy this season and I’m excited to see where the series is going to go from here. There’s still a lot of back story to be explored and mysteries to be solved such as Sam Holt and what Lotor is exactly trying to do. And we still don’t know what Operation Kuron is about (though I had expected this wouldn’t explored until later seasons anyways) 

She Likes (Bittersweet Love)

A part of the drabble series When Two Worlds Collide for the 500 Followers Celebration.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader x Sebastian Stan

Summary: Bucky is scared that another man was better at making you happy. 

A/N: A continuation of Double Take. This is the last part of the drabble series (though let’s be real, this one is not a drabble)!! Thank you guys for being the most awesome readers a writer could ever wish for, thank you for following me and reading my stuff, you have no idea how happy you guys have made me.


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So I’m starting the armor beginning with the shoulder. I’m really excited!!! Its so funny. When I started making my Labradorite outfit I never thought it would end up looking so close to my character Zal, it was just supposed to be an outfit based on the gem and him, not /him/, which don’t get me wrong, it still is! so its not exact but lol haha, the more I work on it, the closer it is to his design. XD

Its all because I found the jacket on eBay that was like too much uncanny to his character design, a design I made back in high school. Sure my jacket in real life isn’t perfectly the same but its close enough!!! xD and now the overall outfit is pretty much Zal.

But anyways!!! I’ve never made armor before! Tomorrow is going to be the first time I try worbla and EVA foam! Wish my luck!