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I just spent 120 hours on watching dca and im not even sorry. i cried lots, laughed much more and am biting my nails with anticipation. thats hilarious how like a month ago i didnt know anything about it or even dnd and now im designing my own character lol. a quick stop to say- thanks for showing me this amazing lil thing, i really really appreciate that, without your quotes i would've never found them so thank you so much and also im sorry for spam hahah see you september 19 :D

It’s so cool that my blog can help people find cool new things. :3 I actually found DCA through this blog, too, because someone requested it or mentioned it, and I decided to check it out. <3 I’m super-grateful for that~

It’s such a funny-and-also-emotional show; the story and characters and people behind it are so amazing. DCA brings so much happiness to people. And it’s awesome that it started you creating a character! Do you have a game lined up or anything? I’ve only ever played a couple of times, and I’m really rusty, but watching the wafflecrew makes me super want to play again. 

Sorry, now I’m rambling, haha. You are very welcome, and thank you for this cool message! See you for season three! :D

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Break It To Her

Antiope x reader (next one will be Diana, I promise)

(A/N: That picture is originally a funny text post from IG, but I cropped it out for the purpose of this imagine xd. Follow that IG name if you want to!) @fwjustyn - Insta - random profile

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I just found your blog oh god someone sent something like this to another: “Imagine you are Dianas bff and in a relationship with Antiope, Diana doesn’t find out until you are bickering. Reader: "then what will you do in your free time General” Antiope: “You” Diana: “What” Diana: 🤔😶😯😐😑 Antiope:¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Hippolyta and Menalippe knew and are cackling at their sister in the back like ‘way to break it to her you dumbass.’“ could you please try to write something like that it would be hilarious. 

(A/N: Yeah I saw this too and I was looking for an actual imagine, but I don’t think one was done yet! So, I guess I’ll live up to that task :D) 

(Third person POV)

Diana was just minding her own business, walking toward the beach with her mother and aunt Menalippe, when she heard bickering coming from her right. She looked at Hippolyta in question, but she just shrugged. Even though she knew damn well who and why the people were arguing.

Diana walked up to them and saw that it was Antiope and Y/N. Not noticing that Diana was standing there, they continued bickering like children over a hunt that Antiope was going on.

Y/N glared at her lover. “You are going to be gone for almost two weeks, my love!” My love? Diana thought. “What will you possibly do in your free time? When you are not hunting?”

Antiope smirked. “You will be coming with me so you, of course.” Diana’s innocent eyes widened as she put the pieces together just as Y/N noticed Diana. Y/N’s not-so-innocent smile resembled this.

While Diana’s resembled this.

And Hippolyta’s and Menalippe’s faces resembled this XD

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“Um, Diana, I am sorry! We were going to tell you sooner or later, but…” Diana held her hand up, silencing Antiope which kind of surprised Y/N.

Diana glanced between the both of them with a poker face. “I am more than happy for you two! But you…what did you mean by doing Y/N in your free time?”

Hippolyta and Menalippe had to stifle their laughs at Diana’s question. Like, way to break it to her dumbass (even though Y/N nor Antiope knew that Diana was there in the first place).

Antiope’s face went red while Y/N cleared her throat.

“You see, Diana, when there is a carrot and another carrot in the field that like each other -” Antiope put her hand over Y/N’s mouth, stopping her from talking as Hippolyta and Menalippe starting laughing uncontrollably. Diana stifled a smile, but was still kind of confused/mad that her aunt and best friend didn’t tell her about their relationship.

“Why didn’t you tell me? Everybody else seems to know but me.” Diana said with a betrayed expression clear on her face.

Antiope sighed and gave Diana an apologetic look. “We are very sorry, Diana. We did not want to tell you yet because we were afraid of how you would feel about us being together.”

Diana smiled and hugged them, forgiving them instantly. Well, kind of.

“Okay,” Diana paused and then continued, “But to fully make it up to me, I get to help plan your wedding.”

Y/N, who was sipping some water, started choking on it after Diana said that. Antiope chuckled at her lover’s surprised state.

“It’s a deal.” She concluded.

“We’re getting married?!”

(A/N: Request away! I am still working on the very few imagines that I have, but they will be done in the next couple of days. After that, I won’t have any more. So if you have any ideas, let me know!)

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Hiya I just found your blog and fell so in love with it I reblogged or queued the literal entire thing?? So hi yes hello newest fan, apologies in advance xD These are hilarious! You match the quotes to the characters really well and I absolutely love the way you personify Anti. It's fantastically, appropriately hilarious and just perfect <3

Yes! I saw you, haha. Thank you for all of that! I’m glad you enjoy (:

Alright my Peeperonis.

I reached 4k, and then some, thanks to all of you lovely followers. I was chatting with the fabulous @sis-tafics when she mentioned she’s close to 4k as well (so go follower her, please!) and that she’s thinking about doing some sort of celebration. I also was thinking of doing a celebration so we discussed our options. We thought maybe a challenge based of off some of the hilarious quotes that can be found on the show Archer. I’ve attached a few gif options below, just to give you an idea.

I wanted to feel y'all out and see if there’d be interest in this or not. So hit me up and let me know if you’d wanna join.

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His Mistake

* Thayne × Reader
* Modern rpf
* Requested by anonymous
* Request: I kinda want to see My Mistake (His Mistake) from Thayne’s perspective now. The moment he realizes he screwed up would be hilarious. “Huh. Jon and Y/N…why do I have a problem with this.” And then the. “Oh. Oh no she’s cute. Oh no I fucked up.”

A/N: so I literally took those quotes word for word cause they were hilarious. And I cut the very ending because it’d be a lot of the same. And I cut the bonus scene cause it wasn’t really much of the story, just something I wanted to write at the time. But here this is. This was actually pretty fun to have the reader not be the main character. But please enjoy!

Word Count: 2,435


Thayne ate the last of the cookie he found amongst the snacks backstage as he waited for rehearsal to start. He ended up in a conversation with Lin and Pippa until Tommy Kail called everyone to places. He walked over to his spot, next to you.

He didn’t know you too well. You were nice, sure. He just didn’t know much else. But he did notice you roll your eyes at something. “You ok Y/N?” He decided to ask. He was talkative and any excuse to start talking was a good one.

“Oh yeah, just Jon being a dork.” You told him with a smile and pink cheeks.

Thayne smiled back at you. “The usual then?” He asked you jokingly. It had the desired effect as you began laughing.

“Definitely usual.” You fell silent as the music started. Thayne also fell silent so he could concentrate. He carried his box on stage so he could sing his song. He could’ve sworn he heard snickering as he started arguing with Lin.

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I’m getting back into writing down quotes right? And I usually look to the book of Proverbs in the Bible ‘cause it’s one of my favorites, but I found this one that was just … fucking hilarious, and I … I just …

“Anyone who blesses his neighbor with a loud voice early in the morning, will find his blessing regarded as a curse.” — Proverbs 27:14

I can’t. I just can’t with this one. Wh … I … Amazing.

My Top 10 Golden Girls Moments Numbers 5-1

5) Cupcakes

I quote this any time someone even MENTIONS cupcakes. LOL 

4) The Great Herring War

“Oh THAT great herring war!” The reason this is so hilarious is that Bea and Rue weren’t even supposed to be laughing. It was all genuine. What’s even better is that Betty just kept going and didn’t break character once. I never really found the story itself quite that funny, it was more so the way Betty told it and the response from Rue and Bea. <3 

3) Blanche Delirium

Favorite Blanche moment EVER. I loved them all, but Rue may have been my fave. And this scene is why.

“He cut off his EAR.”

“…I have too many earrings.” ROFLMAO!!!

2)  “NOT NOW, MA!!!”

The murder mystery episode. Definitely one of the best. Dorothy is in the middle of trying to solve the mystery and of course, Sophia decides it’s the time to tell everyone she’s been jacking the silverware into her purse. Both Bea and Estelle’s facial expressions are FLAWLESS!!!

And last but not least……

1) Rose’s prayers.

This was the first moment of the Golden Girls that literally got me hooked when i was like 7.  I wish i could find a better quality of this scene. Just…i don’t even need to explain this.  

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(New rp/time skip) Deathdrain falls to the ground after a long fight with wheelie, even know Deathdrain had great skills in combat the little autobot had beat him. He laught as energon leaked out of his wounds and tried to crawl towards his knife lying in the distance. "After thousands of years.....Killing torturing and destroying your kind......you are My fate?" Deathdrain found all this hilarious, he laught ones more as he crawled towards the knife.

Wheelie casually kicked the knife out of the way.

“Quit being so melodramatic. Ya ain’t even fatally wounded. You’re just a few words short of the "not so different you and I” speech and trust me. That ain’t gonna work either. I’ve heard that cliche too many times.“


“Johnny(Depp) gave me the advice for life to stay grounded and never forget where I came from. He’s so down to earth. For me, I have one scene that is pretty much just me and him, which is us sitting at the edge of the water and me washing myself and he’s saying, ‘What can I do to go to the land where all the goody-goody’s go?’ and I say, ‘You can convert.’ But during the time in between takes, he was sitting on the edge of a rock and someone called his name so as he stood up, right next to him there was a huge hole and he fell straight down the hole and it sunk, sunk, sunk. Now obviously everyone was like, ‘Oh my God, Johnny Depp has just fallen in, is he okay?!’ And he just got out like, as cool as a cucumber, just as you would imagine that Johnny Depp would be, and he just said, ‘I’m okay…Yeah, there’s a hole here, in case you were looking for it…I found it, it’s here.’ He’s just so gracious and generous and hilarious and so exciting to watch. Such an inspiration and hero of mine.”

I have no words for what the Daily Mail have done to James...

The alternative photo is slightly better

The interview has a few interesting quotes, like:

As the world’s press camped outside his door in Hammersmith, London, May actually sat watching old episodes back to back: one from 2004 and the other from 2014, when Top Gear was a hilarious, action-packed, gas-guzzling, caravan-smashing, speed-worshipping world favourite with 350 million viewers a week. Perhaps it had peaked and they hadn’t realised, he thought.

‘I found it deeply depressing, because there were these three downy-faced boys on the early one who were just being very excited because they were allowed to drive a car.

‘Then there were these three grizzled old b******* on the recent one. I thought, “Maybe we didn’t see this coming and we should have run away earlier.”


Forget calling it ‘Gear Knobs’ for a start, despite widespread reports that it’s been registered as a trademark.

‘I don’t think we can actually call it that,’ he says with a grin. ‘That’s not possible. It was actually my idea. I think it’s funny, but I don’t think it’s appropriate. We haven’t got a name for it yet. We honestly haven’t.’

Interview is HERE


I CAN’T STOP ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Lewis is just a goldmine of hilarious quotes. Sjin, however, you have to look around a bit.

All images are 1920x1080. Any suggestions for more yogscast quotes (please include the person it is said by, and the year if possible)? 


get to know me meme: 5 favorite female characters [1/5]

↳ Peyton Sawyer (One Tree Hill)

“Here’s my take on high school. The reason it stays with most people is because: a) almost everyone goes through it and b) they all go through it with a lot of "firsts,” you know, your first car, your first love, first sexual experience, first cry-all-night-crash-and-burn breakup, first hate crime, first date rape, first drug use, first time being labelled, first time you realize you weren’t as rich or smart or fast or strong or pretty, or mean or physical or prudish or whatever everyone else seemed to be at the time. First time you realize it’s not what you are or who you are, but who they let you be. But here’s some other “firsts” high school could be: Okay… like the first time you held your head up and decided not to play that game, you know, or the first time you found the right words to say to the right someone who really needed to hear them. The first time you realized you were good at something, or that you cared about something enough to want to be good at it. The first time you shrugged off a label or a rumour, or an attack and just simply took the high road and let it go. Or the first time you decided to fight back.“

I am very far from justifying the tragedy of Hamlet in everything: it is a rude and barbarous piece …. Hamlet goes mad in the second act, and his mistress goes mad in the third; the prince slays the father of his mistress, pretending to kill a rat, and the heroine throws herself into the river. They dig her grave on the stage; the grave-diggers jest in a way worthy of them, with skulls in their hands; Hamlet answers their odious grossnesses by extravagances no less disgusting. Meanwhile one of the characters conquers Poland. Hamlet, his mother, and his stepfather drink together on the stage; they sing at table, they wrangle, they fight, they kill; one might suppose such a work to be the fruit of the imagination of a drunken savage. But in the midst of all these rude irregularities, which to this day make the English theatre so absurd and so barbarous, there are to be found in Hamlet by a yet greater incongruity sublime strokes worthy of the loftiest geniuses. It seems as if nature had taken a delight in collecting within the brain of Shakespeare all that we can imagine of what is greatest and most powerful, with all that rudeness without wit can contain of what is lowest and most detestable.

Voltaire on Shakespeare

(from John Morley, A Biographical Critique of Voltaire (1901) Chapter III: “Temperament, Life, and Literary Genius”)

a drunken savage.”

I just can’t.

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I just want to say I love your writing I was wondering if you have any tips for a young I writer thank you 💜

I have a few tips, but they’re probably all garbage:

  • write. That’s the most obvious and patronising tip of all, so I’ll get it out of the way quickly. It’s also probably the most difficult tip to follow. I think that a shared curse amongst most people who write is that we all have about a hundred stories in our heads, all planned and plotted to the finest detail, but when it comes to actually putting it all down on paper - actually turning the ideas into words and tangible things - we falter. I don’t know whether it’s fear, laziness, lack of confidence, or a combination of multiple factors, but making the leap from idea to writing is always the hardest part. In my experience, this doesn’t go away. I suffer from it horribly - the last thing I wrote was a few months ago for this very reason. The only way to get through it each time is to take the plunge and write. Write, even if it’s rubbish. Even if you just get a few lines of dialogue down, or a shitty draft version of the opening - something to open the floodgates. As I said, this is the hardest advice to take, and I’m notoriously bad for ignoring it, but it really is the only way. There’s a quote from the otherwise weird and hilarious film Throw Momma from the Train which I’ve always found oddly pertinent, and it’s ‘a writer writes - always’. Sure, the guy who said it then tries to kill his friend’s mother, but it’s still salient advice.
  • read. Again, an obvious tip, but a hard one. Read around your topic - if you want to write fantasy, then read fantasy. If you want to read sci-fi, then read sci-fi. It can feel daunting, like you should be comparing yourself to these published works, but that’s not the point - it just gives you a sense of what’s already out there, and it means that you can fine-tune your own idea into something unique, and riff off the existing tropes. It also expands your vocabulary (I learnt the word ‘taciturnity’ today!) and helps to germinate more and more ideas. A writer has to read, in my opinion. It sparks conversation with that part of your brain that wants to find something to write about.
  • edit. You’ve finished the first draft of your story? Great! No, seriously - that’s kind of incredible, and you should pat yourself on the back. Now reread it, edit it, and rewrite it where necessary. The first draft, in my opinion, is just the draft you write to get the story down on paper. It’s the skeleton, with a bit of muscle here and there, and maybe some skin if you’re lucky. It’s not the whole body of work yet. You need to keep adding meat to the bone through revisions. Show it to people you trust. Listen to the feedback, and use your judgement to see which comments you decide to use and which you don’t think are valid - not everyone will have something beneficial or constructive to say, but it’s worth hearing anyway; it gets you into the habit of listening to both positive and negative responses if you’re looking to be published.
  • never be ashamed of your old writing. It can be embarrassing reading through the DeviantArt account of your 14 year old self, but you know what? Your past self was valid. Their ideas and words meant something. Reread your old work. Find the phrases and ideas that you kept coming back to, and see if you can make them into something better with the benefit of hindsight and practice. A lot of new work is just old work revisited. 
  • don’t feel as though you need to faff around with fancy paper and pens, spending all your money on the perfect notebook or the best calligraphy. That’s just procrastination. Use an A4 refill pad if that’s all you have to hand. Type up fragments on a series of Word documents. Use the memos section of your phone. The quality of the tools you use are absolutely secondary to the quality of what you use them for. People who post pictures of their latest Moleskine book and Parker pen are no more real writers than the person who taps out lines into the notes app on their tablet.
  • write what you love. The common saying is ‘write what you know’, but that all depends on how you define ‘know’, and it’s ripe for misinterpretation. I’ve always said that you should write what interests you. Write your last break up. Write the uprising of the proletariat. Write a cat and a dragon going on a quest to save a politician. If you love it, write it. If you want to read it, then you have to write it.
  • have faith in yourself. You can write. Never think that you can’t. Never let yourself think that your spelling or your lack of knowledge or any other perceived fault will stop you from succeeding. All of this will come out in the wash, and by that I mean that you will write your first ever first draft, and it will be full of mistakes and errors, and then you will improve. Even people who were always gifted at writing have had to improve. 

Those are the general tips! I have more nuanced rules for comedy / historical fiction and so on, but those are boring and bordering on prescriptivist, so I’ll leave those off. Hope this is mildly beneficial!

Girl Meets Screen Time - Crazy Hat

Welcome to another installment of Girl Meets Screen Time. I know I was late with the posting of this installment, but I hope to be at a normal upload time by next week. This post will be focusing on the screen time of the core four in the episode Girl Meets Crazy Hat. It will also contain the series total so far. If you missed the last post about Girl Meets 1961, and wish to check it out, here is a link: http://bookmovietvworm.tumblr.com/post/148086678963/girl-meets-screen-time-1961

I will be adding the parameters to every post of this series so newcomers will know how I obtained my statistics.

*Please Note: I am human so the numbers might be off by a few seconds, but I tried my best to be as accurate as possible. I have decide to focus only on the core four for the time being. I will add Smackle and Zay to the total by popular demand, so if you would like me to add them, please let me know.*                                                    

Here are my parameters for the experiment:

The statistics and random observations about the 10th episode, Girl Meets Crazy Hat, as well as series totals, below the cut.

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