i just found this on twitter omg


Hayyyy I made the bby a Twitter so like if you have an account feel free to follow him if you wantttt <3333

So I was just innocently scrolling through twitter as one does and I found one of those accounts that tells you information on the boy’s spotify or whatever right and I came across this

which is a list of louis’ most played songs so I decided to look up “wicked game” because if louis always listens to it it must be important to him right? so I go over to youtube and as I’m listening to the song I go to the comments to see if everyones like “OMG LOUIS SENT ME HERE!” and instead see this shit

Harry? why is everyone saying harry? So I drag my ass over to google and type in “harry styles wicked game” to see what the hell was sending everyone here.  DO YOU WANNA FUCKIN KNOW WHAT POPPED UP



Babies (Owen x Reader)

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Fandom: Jurassic World

Character: Owen Grady

Persona: Female

Word Count: 412

Request:  Jamie I just found your twitter ur so cute omg. Anyways, could you write a Reader x Owen where she breaks the news to him that they’re having a baby and he’s super happy and excited ‘cause he loves her so much and just make it super cute and fluffy?:) Thanks<3<3

A/N - Sorry it’s so short and thank you sweetness ;) <3

You searched all over the park for him. Finally you found him outside his house, cleaning his motorcycle. You nervously chewed on your lip, how would he react to the news? 

“Owen!” you shouted excitedly as you walked up the path, the scorching sun warmed your skin. “(Y/N), baby! Hey!” he greeted back, he continued to polish his motorcycle with an old bit of cloth.

You stood and watched as he cleaned the vehicle, anxiety fluttered around in your stomach. Owen could sense how tense you were, slowly he started to slow his hand down, then he tilted his head slightly to look at you, “Is everything okay?”. You started to bounce on the spot, “No, not really”, your honest answer caused Owen to worry immediately. His face fell as he finally formed a reason as to why you were so skittish, “Are…Are you breaking up with me!?” he shouted accidentally, causing you to jump. You laughed.

Owen watched you with a serious expression. You took notice of how he looked, instantly you knew how he was feeling.

“God no”, you spoke quickly, “I’m pregnant”. 

A loud squeal scared the birds in the nearby tree, they flew away as Owen continued to shriek, he gave you no time to react as he pulled you into a spine crushing hug.

“WE’RE HAVING A BABY! WE’RE HAVING A BABY!” he repeated joyful. In his excitement, Owen picked you up and spinned you around, “I’M GOING TO BE A FATHER!”, he exclaimed, “YOU’RE GOING TO BE A MOTHER!”. You giggled into his chest, “We’re going to be parents”. Owen released you from the hug to slam his lips onto yours.

“I gotta go phone my mom- I gotta phone Claire- I GOTTA TELL EVERYONE!” Owen shouted as he raced towards his front door, only to stop and turn around. “We need to go baby shopping” he stated, grabbing your hand he started to drag you away.

You couldn’t control your joyous laughter, “Owen the baby isn’t due for ages yet!”, you told him but he was having none of it. There was simply no reasoning with the man. He crouched down and pressed a hand onto your stomach, “Mommy doesn’t want to go shopping for you yet, but Daddy does. Daddy will make sure to get the best things for you…and force Mommy to go shopping right now”.

In the end you gave up. You let Owen have his fun, you loved seeing him happy.


Just found out on Twitter that J.K Rowling knows MBTI and actually identifies as an INFJ and not a INFP like everybody else thought. Also through this stupid MBTI chart she admitted that Remus Lupin’s personality type is actually ENFJ! and Dumbledore is INFJ! It’s new Canon! Can’t believe the internet hasn’t exploded yet! :O Am I the only one who is mindblown by this?

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because you reblogged the posts yesterday, I just wanted to let you know that kennedi high has been found and brought home and you can check the official baltimore police twitter for information about it <3

Omg thank you for telling me! I just checked the news- YES, thank God and all the higher powers. I’m so HAPPY :D


Our Cartinelli shoot from Awesome Con (which basically turned into an adorable vintage lady date XP) We had a great time- got some outdoor shots in a little park area (it was so hot omg >.>) and then found this neat retro-style restaurant that made a nice location for the rest of the shoot. <3 I just realized you can see the signature on my hat in the last photo, but oh well XP Too awesome to cover~

Somebody tweet this to Hayley Atwell I don’t have Twitter >.>

Peggy- Me
Angie- bratkartoffel25
Photos- ambrorussa

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Hi! it's cecilia095 and i'm so happy i found your blog again!! i've missed tumblr so much this NG season + just wanted to tell you guys i am writing a finale fic! (this way people know, i have no other way to advertise it anymore!) <3 <3 <3 i read all the things you guys write on here from time to time and i'm so glad the fandom is as excited for Ness as they always were :) ps... fic should be up sometime tonight/tm! just wanted some way to share it w/ everyone. :)

OMG, hi! You’re alive! Lots of people reading your old fics over on the Twitter group. We missed you! Fic is incoming, roomfriends!

Okay so basically… I just found something that just confirmed my biggest ‘phan proof’ story. So I’ve always used this tweet as my biggest proof 

But because it’s a deleted tweet, I’ve always had my doubts that it could be fake (because people have also said that it was photoshopped) but I’ve also seen this version of it, that shows Dan’s reply to it 

And I decided to check…. The second tweet sTILL EXISTS, HE DIDNT DELETE IT (https://twitter.com/danisnotonfire/status/6256603182)

So that just confirms that the tweet was real at one point omg

Now some people may be confused why it’s considered ‘phan proof’ 

This is the photo in the reply tweet 

And this is from PINOF 1 

It’s the exact same door and poster

Plus when the door is open, the poster is directly facing the bed…

Dan was staying at Phil’s house during this exact time because Phil’s parents were on holiday (so they would be able to leave the door open) The tweets were also posted at 2am

Who could Dan be having sex with, IN PHIL’S BED, at 2am?? 

I am not saying that Phan is real now (because tbh I don’t think it is anymore, but 2009 Phan? That’s a whole another story) 

Also to the Uma Thurman tweet, these replies still exist so they were people who actually replied to the tweet when it was posted 

I’m sure people have already figured this out but I just got all excited cuz I have seen people say its fake and stuff, when I found out it actually existed, I freaked 

So that concludes my moment of death, please put the Uma Thurman tweet on my grave and play Uma Thurman by FOB at my funeral thanks!!

(sorry for such a long post)

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Hi please signal boost: report bts anti on Twitter @AinsleyPaisley who has been spreading rumours of Namjoon having a sex scandal with a fan. More information can be found on her account. Koreaboo has written an article about it but this rumour needs to stop before it gets bigger and damages Namjoon and the rest of BTS' image.

wtf… i hate this fucking shit 

Im the anon that got scammed, LOL i just noticed all my typos, sorry omg i was (am) really pissed off. I do hope she feels guilty because not only did I waste my money to get nothing, but also because she thought I would be stupid enough to just fucking pay her 40EMS for something so small and light. Like I already knew she charged 2-3$ extra before but thats not Too Much,you know? (Even though she shouldve told us before or say so in the order form instead of lying to us) some Managers are sick

tbh shit like this happens way too often,,,, i don’t know how people can actually get away with doing something like this,,,,, it’s horrible )))): we should all be more careful when joining go’s in the future dfeirgfjdks 

@ruebird I found you through looking for FFXV art and have to say I’ve fallen in love with both your Twitter and Tumblr and have been stalking the hell out of them so much lately lol and when I saw you recommending Cry’s playthrough to someone I was just like omg you watch Cry too, yay!

Now I’ve only known about him since FFXV’s release and it sounds silly but I feel so guilty I haven’t known about him for years lol and then just today you tweeting about Cry’s reaction to Noctis saying Ignis’ recipeh line at the Carnival which was awesome and don’t know if you saw my response about Ray Chase liking the twitch clip I tweeted at him of it, but pretty much made my life lol.

Anyway I’ve babbled on long enough, I hope I didn’t sound like a nut lol and that you have a great birthday! 🎉🎂👓💜👑📷💜👑