i just found this on twitter omg

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I just found out Camila followed a roleplaying account of herself (who is in relationship with a lauren acct) on twitter do you know what the username is?

Omg, really? Agsgdhd I don’t know cause I don’t have twitter 😥 could someone tell us? Please? Thank you (ಥ_ಥ)

kristinbauer This photo makes me LAUGH! Lola got me!!! And @lparrilla caught it. Just found this photo again. Zoom in on the sneak attack bath I got. #LOL #throwbackthursday #maleficent #storybrooke look #onceuponatime #rescuedog #adoptdontshop #remebermethursday #remembertherescue (x)

@LanaParrilla OMG!! I remember this! I LOVE this photo! LOL! The best! #TonguedbyLola #frenchkisses (x)

So I was just innocently scrolling through twitter as one does and I found one of those accounts that tells you information on the boy’s spotify or whatever right and I came across this

which is a list of louis’ most played songs so I decided to look up “wicked game” because if louis always listens to it it must be important to him right? so I go over to youtube and as I’m listening to the song I go to the comments to see if everyones like “OMG LOUIS SENT ME HERE!” and instead see this shit

Harry? why is everyone saying harry? So I drag my ass over to google and type in “harry styles wicked game” to see what the hell was sending everyone here.  DO YOU WANNA FUCKIN KNOW WHAT POPPED UP



Babies (Owen x Reader)

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Fandom: Jurassic World

Character: Owen Grady

Persona: Female

Word Count: 412

Request:  Jamie I just found your twitter ur so cute omg. Anyways, could you write a Reader x Owen where she breaks the news to him that they’re having a baby and he’s super happy and excited ‘cause he loves her so much and just make it super cute and fluffy?:) Thanks<3<3

A/N - Sorry it’s so short and thank you sweetness ;) <3

You searched all over the park for him. Finally you found him outside his house, cleaning his motorcycle. You nervously chewed on your lip, how would he react to the news? 

“Owen!” you shouted excitedly as you walked up the path, the scorching sun warmed your skin. “(Y/N), baby! Hey!” he greeted back, he continued to polish his motorcycle with an old bit of cloth.

You stood and watched as he cleaned the vehicle, anxiety fluttered around in your stomach. Owen could sense how tense you were, slowly he started to slow his hand down, then he tilted his head slightly to look at you, “Is everything okay?”. You started to bounce on the spot, “No, not really”, your honest answer caused Owen to worry immediately. His face fell as he finally formed a reason as to why you were so skittish, “Are…Are you breaking up with me!?” he shouted accidentally, causing you to jump. You laughed.

Owen watched you with a serious expression. You took notice of how he looked, instantly you knew how he was feeling.

“God no”, you spoke quickly, “I’m pregnant”. 

A loud squeal scared the birds in the nearby tree, they flew away as Owen continued to shriek, he gave you no time to react as he pulled you into a spine crushing hug.

“WE’RE HAVING A BABY! WE’RE HAVING A BABY!” he repeated joyful. In his excitement, Owen picked you up and spinned you around, “I’M GOING TO BE A FATHER!”, he exclaimed, “YOU’RE GOING TO BE A MOTHER!”. You giggled into his chest, “We’re going to be parents”. Owen released you from the hug to slam his lips onto yours.

“I gotta go phone my mom- I gotta phone Claire- I GOTTA TELL EVERYONE!” Owen shouted as he raced towards his front door, only to stop and turn around. “We need to go baby shopping” he stated, grabbing your hand he started to drag you away.

You couldn’t control your joyous laughter, “Owen the baby isn’t due for ages yet!”, you told him but he was having none of it. There was simply no reasoning with the man. He crouched down and pressed a hand onto your stomach, “Mommy doesn’t want to go shopping for you yet, but Daddy does. Daddy will make sure to get the best things for you…and force Mommy to go shopping right now”.

In the end you gave up. You let Owen have his fun, you loved seeing him happy.



I am not ok. I found a post from Edge Line with these pics on twitter and just had to share them with you guys. It’s from “Ikemen Sengoku The Stage-Oda Army VS. Pirates”-at least, thats what i can gather from the google translated website page. But omg, Masa feeding mc!!!!!!! i can die happy now. I’ll try to add the link later bc there are more photos!! (I’m posting these on my laptop but the website is on my phone. confusing i know.) 

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Omg what happened with Isaiah exposing you?? I don't have twitter so I don't know what's going on, did he post receipts of your thirst or something? And WHY

SIGHHHHHHHH, ok so like this morning at around 5am i was talking to isaiah and someone else and it was cool, went to bed & enjoyed my day! fast forward to like 7pm, i’m just eating my food and i see isaiah liked a tweet of mine from the morning and i was like hmm… idk how he found it because he wasn’t @’d in it, no one rt’d it or anything. then i was like fuck he went through my tweets. and i literally called matt thiccums and was thirsting.  AND THEN @lukegarrobane‘s annoying ass was like like this if you saw that tweet!!! and then 

and then i cried and died LMAO. OH AND THEN @eizaagonzalez was like LETS MAKE THIS WORSE :)))))))

i cried and died yet again because he may have told matt about this and i want to DIE, ISAIAH SEES ALL IM TRULY NOT FREE TO THIRST OVER THAT YT BOY I HATE THIS

its been 2 hours and everyone’s still roasting me, this is unbelievable 

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I was wondering if you would explain more about the y/n and jungkook backstory like how did she first start mentioning wonwoo or how did kookie find out about her crush on the "better jeon"

he found out via her twitter omg :b !!!!! it’s funny bc 90% of the time guk is the one who brings it up but since she finds his dramatic reactions v cute n hilarious she brings it up sometimes too~ i rly think she would stan quietly if he wasn’t always like “u & ur eighteen guy” AND if he didn’t worship iu. but he does both lmao. omg n honestly i think if she liked any other type of celeb like an actor (he’d very much rather her love jo insung or something bc then he can just avoid dramas n he admits actors have godly looks. but no………………….instead he’s triggered every time he hears a “say the name!” in the distance) or model etc. he wouldn’t be as salty but bc it’s an idol he’s suuuuuper #bothered & wonwoo is guk’s ~junior too omg he’s not even a senior !!!! if it was someone like siwon or gdr*g*n or even jjong he wouldn’t care at all. also lmao………………..wonwoo is older than them & guk knows exactly how much some fans l u v their oppas so even thinking abt that makes him a lil


Hayyyy I made the bby a Twitter so like if you have an account feel free to follow him if you wantttt <3333

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I JUST CHECKED and it was in Allys story if you go to LMJupdates on twitter and scroll down to June 6 you can watch the video and I swear Lauren says "keep threatening me" then grabs her shit in a hurry OMG!!

Okay found it - https://twitter.com/lmjupdates/status/872159457459007488

She doesn’t seemed pissed but what’s interesting is her saying, or what I think she’s saying is “You can’t threaten me with weed. I’m all recovered.”


Just found out on Twitter that J.K Rowling knows MBTI and actually identifies as an INFJ and not a INFP like everybody else thought. Also through this stupid MBTI chart she admitted that Remus Lupin’s personality type is actually ENFJ! and Dumbledore is INFJ! It’s new Canon! Can’t believe the internet hasn’t exploded yet! :O Am I the only one who is mindblown by this?

omg??? i just saw on twitter that henrik and julie were the only ones who knew even was bipolar so when isak found out it was actually tarjei finding out too so it was like a natural reaction wow skam is over yet it still continues to amaze me and leave me SHOOK

AAhHH (kinda late but) Happy Birthday, Azura!! Her voice is so beautiful I sometimes don’t even press next so I can hear more of her singing. (I don’t have a scanner with me now, so just a photo ;;)

Drew for #FE_69min on Twitter!


Our Cartinelli shoot from Awesome Con (which basically turned into an adorable vintage lady date XP) We had a great time- got some outdoor shots in a little park area (it was so hot omg >.>) and then found this neat retro-style restaurant that made a nice location for the rest of the shoot. <3 I just realized you can see the signature on my hat in the last photo, but oh well XP Too awesome to cover~

Somebody tweet this to Hayley Atwell I don’t have Twitter >.>

Peggy- Me
Angie- bratkartoffel25
Photos- ambrorussa

lost in a big city - Calum

Pairing: y/n & calum

Words: 1121

requested: no

warnings: sfw

summary: y/n gets lost in a big city and after a long while she finally finds her boyfriend

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Waking up this morning it seemed like a good idea exploring the country you were currently in while Calum did band stuff.

Now as you were sat on a bench in the middle of Italy you were feeling anxious and scared. Your phone was dead and you had no way of contacting Calum as you had stupidly spent the money you had on coffee.

Getting up from the seat you felt tears prick at your eyes and you weren’t sure what to do.

You had always had a problem of beginning anxious at even the thought of being lost, so being in a country that you barely knew anything about scared you.

“y/n!?!” You heard a voice asked with slight nervousness. Turning to the sound you were faced with someone you had never met before.

“Um hello?” You asked a little confused.

“Hi I’m a huge fan of 5sos, are you okay? I saw you before and you seem a little nervous” She asked with such worry in her voice, it was too cute.

“I’m not really sure what to do, I’m lost and have no way to call Cal,” You said as you began feeling nervous again, not even knowing what the times is.

“omg what, how long have you been lost for,” She asked as she looked at her watch for the time.

“I have no clue what the time is” I said and she quickly replied saying it was 4:00pm.

“4 oh no the concert will start soon and Cal won’t be able to pick me up and I’ll be lost forever” I cried out as I began worrying.

“Ok here’s what we’ll do, we’ll try and get a hashtag trending and maybe you can come with me to the concert and then after that you can try to find him?” She asked as she randomly said a plan.

“Sure let’s do that,” I said trusting the girl who I had only just met.

As we found once again another bench she logged onto her twitter and took a selfie of us with the hashtag #Calwefoundy/n and tried to tag as many updates account as she could.

“Would he be looking for you right now?” She asked.

“No, because he probably thinks I’m back at the hotel and I generally don’t see him until before or after the concert,” I said making my nerves worse again.

two hours later and we were walking to the arena as we knew that none of the security would believe I’m Calum’s girlfriend.

“OMG IT"S Y/F/N AHHHHH” You heard screams of fans as they all came running up to you with cameras. Making sure you didn’t loose the girl’s hand who was helping you, you both linked arms as you took selfies with the girls.

“Y/n why is there a hashtag trending of cal we found y/n,” A girl asked.

“Long story, got lost and my phone died and just if it wasn’t for this life saver I’d probably still be out in the middle of Italy having no clue what to do,” You said as all the girls gushed to the other girl.

As the security at the front began letting girls in you were just in general tired and just wanted to hug Cal and wish him a good show.

Once you arrived at the ticket booth you seemed to forget that you didn’t have a ticket and you weren’t allowing any of the fans who offered theirs to give them away. “Don’t worry I’ll just chill out here for the next couple hours” You laughed away the sadness feeling bad for missing Calum’s show.

For what felt like forever you picked at your nails and hummed at the faint sound you could hear from the concert as you sat alone in the cold air. To make matters worst you didn’t even have a jumper to keep you warm from cold.

As you felt the rain start to pour you tried to find a little shelter but were now shivering cold and really wanted to see Calum.

The next few minutes you heard no sound before girls became running out the doors gushing to each other about how hot the boys were in person and how wonderful they sounded.

“Y/n you’re soaking” You heard a girl say as you looked and saw the girl from earlier, that you had found out her name was Bianca.

“What do we do now?” You asked as you looked at the building Calum was in right now probably really confused with your absence, especially since you had been gone since 10 this morning.

After 10 minutes of walking around the arena, Bianca had to leave but you wrote her twitter name on your hand so you could get the boys to follow her as a thank you.

At this point, you were beginning to worry as you guessed it was probably around 11 o'clock and you hadn’t eaten since around 1:00 and it was safe to say you were starving and tired and just in pain from all this walking.

“Y/n!” You heard a man shout your name as you looked up and saw Dave running up to you. “Why aren’t you with the boys, their worried sick,” He says as you both began walking to where you could finally see Calum.

“I got lost and my phone died and I..I..I” you stuttered as the pain of today finally caught up with you and you couldn’t help crying your eyes out.

“Don’t worry, now we’ve found you and you don’t have to worry” He said as you finally saw the doors that would lead you to Calum.

“He’s in the dressing room,” Dave said as he left and you walked the few steps to the dressing room and took a few breaths before opening the door.

“Y/N where were you!?” He asked as he saw you entered the room but didn’t rush to hug you like you previously hoped he would.

“I got l-lost and my phone died and I-I-I was just lost and didn’t know what to do” As you cried and he ran up to you, knowing at this moment all you needed was a hug and some kisses.

“baby, I’m not mad I was just worried, you’re okay now and nothing happened,” He said as he hugged you again and kissed your forehead.

“Cal can we have something to eat, I haven’t eaten since 1,” You said as you looked at him.

“Babe you haven’t eaten in so long,” He said as he put way too much on a plate, but you couldn’t care as you had your boyfriend back and that was all you needed right now.