i just found this hat and decided to wear it


So you actually cut your hair in that silly way [for ‘The Green Butchers’]? It wasn’t a prosthetic forehead or a wig?

Mads Mikkelsen: Yes. We cut it because I found it difficult. First of all, I hate wearing wigs ― it’s always annoying. They are very difficult to wear. You would always have to stop;something is wrong, the wig is not sitting in the right way and so on. I just decided let’s cut it off because it’s much easier to handle. Then I had to wear hats for like three months because I looked like an idiot. When the film was finished, I had to take down all the hair.  

What if...

Black Hat was a Magician?


Like…look. Just hear me out. I’m going to try to show an example of what I mean. So, just bear with me.

I’m going to start with the outfits.

Okay. Let’s analyze Black Hat’s outfit. A quick search on any search engine at your disposal will pull up a picture of a typical gentlemen’s outfit.

It’s obvious that Black Hat’s outfit is inspired from the Victorian era of  gentleman’s clothing.

Here’s an image-

Its not surprising to the similarities between Black Hat and this typical Victorian gentleman’s outfit.

The cane, the coat, the hat, the tie, the pants. Everything looks like it fits. The only thing missing are the gloves and the spats.


A quick skimming of the Victorian gentlemen’s outfits on the page, I seemed to notice something.lacking in the images to hold water in Black Hat’s appearance.

There was a notorious lack of Black Top Hats with Red Stripes on them.

Most were grey with a black stripe, plain grey, plain black, and very few others. RARELY were there any hats that looked similar to Black Hat’s top hat. If they did have a Black and Red color scheme, they wouldn’t match the height nor the correct color scheme for Black Hat’s hat.

But. out of curiosity, I decided to check something else that came to me while watching a video.

And I found something very intriguing.

This is a typical outfit for amature Magicians.

Look at the Top Hat.

Now look at the gentleman’s typical top hat.


Look at what Top Hat Black Hat is wearing.

He’s wearing a Black Top Hat with a Red Stripe on it.


Now, hold on. I know someone might comment that just pointing out the similarities in his outfit to the Magicians won’t hold enough water for it to be a sturdy assumption.

But, if anyone has seen the shorts, they know what Black Hat can do.

He preforms magic talents in EVERY SHORT.

He Shapeshifts. He transforms things into monsters. He rips a hole into a chalkboard to allow screaming ghost to come out of it. He even shadow bends things and hides in paintings!

Black Hat can USE MAGIC.

I mean, you’re free to follow anything you think is right. 

But, one thing can be for certain.

He’s using Black Magic.

He might of, at one point, been a normal magician. But then got corrupted during some form of arcane incident or delved too deep into some forbidden magic.

Turning him into the being we see him as now.

I mean, has anyone else noticed this? At all?

Is this why the show and Black Hat himself are so obsessed with Top Hats? Is that where all of the answers to all of the questions are?

Was it there from the very beginning and nobody noticed? Or were people too focused on Black Hats’ appearance rather than the misplaced magician hat on top of his head?

Or maybe I’m thinking too deep into this idea. Maybe he’s just a demon that uses magic and likes to dress classy.

It’s up to you to decide.

I just thought this was very intriguing.

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hi. i have a question. did incognito google steal host's coat? so i imagine the host in the background like "I CAN HEAR YOU WEARING IT YOU KNOW". (i know i'm late ;) ) -void

I like to think that two of them spent like an hour wandering around trying to find a costume for Google to wear and in the end gave up decided on the Host’s coat and some glasses and a hat they found in Mark’s closet.

Afterwards though, Google keeps trying to steal it becausee it’s comfy and the Host has to remind him that he can just ask.

Home (Chapter Four)

Title: Home (Chapter Four)

Pairing(s); Jughead Jones x Reader, Jughead Jones x Betty Cooper (bughead), Archie Andrews x Veronica Lodge

Warnings: Maybe some slight cursing.

Summary: The reader finally decides to talk to Jughead once again, things seem to go pleasantly this time.
Veronica makes a new friend.

A/N; As always feedback is greatly appreciated and I hope you all enjoy! This is unedited and it took a little longer to write because I’m tired. But if you find any mistakes please let me know. :)

Tag List; @nafa1604 @day-dreaming-nightmare @dempsey-mantle @sunshine51879 @emotional-wrek-hello @theselfishllama

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The Long-Awaited Hat Story

As I wait patiently for my brother’s schedule to coincide with mine so he can assist me with editing my MinnCon “fanumentary”, in light of the posts I’ve made about it, allow me to take the time to tell the story about the American flag hat that Jensen’s been seen wearing several times since I gave it to him. 

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Can I have a fluffy scenario/hc (whichever you prefer) where you are spending time and dressing up kakashi's ninkens and he comes back to see the scene ?

I did headcanons if you don’t mind because I just found this so inspiring and I had too many ideas. Enjoy! \☆~☆\ - Admin Summers


  • He went out for some groceries for dinner that night, and honestly felt so attacked when he returned.
  • He had recently returned from a mission with the ninken crew and was about to release them when they saw you and decided they wanted to stay.
  • He has been trying to get Pakkun to wear a hat and bow tie for MONTHS and you do it within an hour… how dare you…
  • Honestly, the first thing he notices when he walks in is: glitter scattered everywhere, you painting Bull’s nails, runway music in the background, and is that… his underwear?
  • He is actually overjoyed at the fact you get along so well with the hounds; but then the dogs spend every waking hour raving about you when Kakashi summons them, and he regrets everything. (“But… no one knows how to compliment my eyes like Y/N can…”)
  • You were having such a good time, Kakashi woke up Yamato in his OWN HOME so he could make a small wooden runway in your living room. (He makes Yamato sit through the first three models, you give him some leftovers).
  • After a while the dogs found it unfair that they were the only ones getting all dolled up, so they turn the tables.
  • They attempt to do your make up with some left over ink they found; you didn’t realize until last minute that ink was VERY difficult to take off…
  • Kakashi released the jutsu when the hounds got too close to his mask with that paintbrush, much to your dismay.
  • Ever since then it’s become a tradition.
The Theory of Mistletoe

Stiles stares at the oven. He’s just put the last tray of reindeer-shaped cookies in and they’re the only sweet that he’ll allow his dad to indulge in on Christmas. Therefore, it’s imperative that they be perfect. He sets the timer and narrows his eyes at it one more time before shifting to the counter to start the frosting.

It’s been awhile since his dad has had anything with real sugar, real butter, and white flour. At least that Stiles knows about. He can’t wait to see how excited the Sheriff’s face is going to look.

There’s red food coloring all over his fingers when he’s distracted by Scott bounding into the kitchen. Of course, because Scott can’t help but be festive, he’s wearing the shirt Cora found in a thrift store in southern California and gave to him as a joke. It’s got a reindeer on it wearing sunglasses and giving thumbs-up with “HAVE A COOL YULE!” written below it in bold letters. There’s also a Santa hat with elf ears on the side.

His hands are behind his back and he has a huge grin on his face, enough to make Stiles raise an eyebrow at him.

“Sup, dude?”

Scott gnaws on his lower lip, “I just decided that I need to conduct an experiment.”

“Right…. you wanna do it right now?”

“Uh yeah,” Scott steps close.

“Dude, like, not to harsh your searching spirit, but I’m kinda in the middle of something really important.”

“It’ll only take a minute.”

Stiles sighs, “Alright man, what’s your ‘experiment’?”

Scott pulls his hands from behind him, finally revealing a sprig of mistletoe. It’s definitely authentic, Stiles can smell it clearly, even with his non-supernatural nose. To be honest, it only confuses him more.

Not that his confusion matters anyways, not when Scott is looking at him in a perfectly expectant way. There’s very little hesitation before he’s returning Scott’s smile and meeting his lips under the plant. Scott’s lips are soft and taste like the vanilla bean stout he’s been drinking all day with Derek. Scott smiles against Stiles’s mouth, obviously pleased with himself.

They stay like that for only a few more seconds before Scott pulls back, eyes shining. Stiles looks a little less glowing, his mouth agape and his eyes blinking in confusion.

“Um, so, not that I’m complaining or anything, but was that the experiment?”

Scott nods, “Yeah.”

“So…what were you trying to figure out.”

“Well, mistletoe is supposed to show your true self. And I should test to be sure that’s correct.”

“Right. And?”

“Well, from my calculations, you are truly crazy about me,” Scott looks like he’s about to eat a cage full of canaries.

“But, didn’t you already know that?”

“I mean, yeah,” Scott shrugs, “But can you really trust your theories if they’re not periodically tested?”

“Hmm…I like what you’re learning in those fancy upper level science classes,” Stiles lowers his eyelids, “Maybe we should test it a few more times though.”

Scott smiles and grips the back of his neck.

It’s a miracle that the cookies don’t burn.


Alright so it’s my turn to rant. Ever since the day I came out, my parents and sister hated the way I dressed. I usually wear joggers or jeans with at shirt and hat. They get so pissed off at me for adding the hat or wearing joggers. This Mother’s Day I decided to make my mom happy by wearing heels and a dress. Honestly, my family has never been so nice to me. Now that I’m back to my normal clothing, they get pissed. I couldn’t find a Prom dress so I bought a skirt and a button up and heels. My mom was furious. So yesterday I went to LA and finally found a dress just for her. I’ve never seen my mom so happy about what I chose. It’s not easy to be treated the way I do when I wear guy clothes. My aunt, uncle, and cousins don’t give to shits what I wear because they support me and they think I can rock the look. But when it comes to my parents, all hell breaks loose. I wish it was easy to wear whatever I wanted without having my family judge me for it. I know everyone has posted these, but not everyone has to deal with the hate from their family. All I’m saying is that, no matter what they say, I am going to wear what I want. I hope you all do the same because in one year I will be out of this house and their opinion still won’t mean shit to me.

[Inktober Day 8] Dynamoo

I haven’t ever played Megaman X 5– I’ve only just started X 1 recently, and I was drawn to it because of the pixel art style– so I know nothing about this character, but I found Dynamo’s theme song which is honestly real nice and his odd helmet hat and straight white hair looked distinctly like Monsoon’s helmet hat and straight white hair so now I’ve decided that they are related somehow. Dynamo looks like a robot cowboy while Monsoon looks like a robot… hipster?? idk man who wears boat hats