i just found this hat and decided to wear it

[Inktober Day 8] Dynamoo

I haven’t ever played Megaman X 5– I’ve only just started X 1 recently, and I was drawn to it because of the pixel art style– so I know nothing about this character, but I found Dynamo’s theme song which is honestly real nice and his odd helmet hat and straight white hair looked distinctly like Monsoon’s helmet hat and straight white hair so now I’ve decided that they are related somehow. Dynamo looks like a robot cowboy while Monsoon looks like a robot… hipster?? idk man who wears boat hats


Alright so it’s my turn to rant. Ever since the day I came out, my parents and sister hated the way I dressed. I usually wear joggers or jeans with at shirt and hat. They get so pissed off at me for adding the hat or wearing joggers. This Mother’s Day I decided to make my mom happy by wearing heels and a dress. Honestly, my family has never been so nice to me. Now that I’m back to my normal clothing, they get pissed. I couldn’t find a Prom dress so I bought a skirt and a button up and heels. My mom was furious. So yesterday I went to LA and finally found a dress just for her. I’ve never seen my mom so happy about what I chose. It’s not easy to be treated the way I do when I wear guy clothes. My aunt, uncle, and cousins don’t give to shits what I wear because they support me and they think I can rock the look. But when it comes to my parents, all hell breaks loose. I wish it was easy to wear whatever I wanted without having my family judge me for it. I know everyone has posted these, but not everyone has to deal with the hate from their family. All I’m saying is that, no matter what they say, I am going to wear what I want. I hope you all do the same because in one year I will be out of this house and their opinion still won’t mean shit to me.