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Twilight Preference - What Dating Them Would Include

Edward Cullen

✮ Being one of the few people that know about his hilarious sense of humour

✮ “Are you purposefully thinking about Emmett shirtless to make me jealous?”

✮ Him being extremely cautious around you because he doesn’t want to scare you away

✮ Him trying to control his jealousy 

✮ Him laughing at your attempts to control your jealousy

✮ Lots of light touches

✮ Having little races and Edward always letting you win, even though you’re not very gracious in victory

✮ Having surprised romantic dates 

✮ The two of you making puns and laughing at each other’s horrible jokes

✮ Loving one another unconditionally 

✮ Getting to listen to him play piano

✮ Ungracefully singing along

✮ The Cullens treating you like family as soon as you meet and if not having an overprotective boyfriend was enough, it was now like having 6 overprotective siblings

✮ Him telling you stories about his life

✮ Making him include dragons in the stories

Embry Call

✮ Having him nuzzle into your neck because he liked to hear you giggle 

✮ Always having someone look at you with such adoration, no matter how bad you looked

✮ Make out sessions practically everywhere

✮ His mum adoring you and trusting you when you promise that he’s okay because he still hasn’t told her about being a werewolf

✮ “I can’t believe you’re my girlfriend.”

✮ Your friends telling you you should bring a jacket but you assure them that you don’t need one because you have Embry - your walking space heater

✮ Trying to have serious conversations with him but he’d just blow raspberries on you

✮ Him always telling you you’re beautiful 

✮ Him believing in you when no one else, including yourself, does

✮ Helping him and other pack members in school catch up with work they missed out on

✮ And letting them copy off your homework that they couldn’t do because they were on patrol which makes you very popular among the pack 

✮ Embry constantly reminding them you’re his girl

✮ Him sneaking through your window for late nights cuddles

✮ Him picking you flowers from your own garden

✮ Him bringing you pine cones from the forest after you tell him it doesn’t count when it comes from your own garden

Emmett Cullen

✮ “You look a lot like my next girlfriend.” “I am your girlfriend, Emmett.” 

✮ Him letting you beat him at arm wrestles because he likes watching seeing you smile and laugh when you do

✮ Bear hugs

✮ Always feeling warm when you cuddle, even though his skin will always be cold

✮ “That’s my girl.”

✮ Being proud of you when you accomplish even the smallest achievements 

✮ Getting piggy back rides whenever you request them

✮ Him getting bored and using your hair to learn how to braid

✮ Both of you cracking up laughing whenever you wear one of his shirts because it basically goes to your feet but you wear it anyway because it’s comfy and smells like him

✮ Emmett wanting a pet but realising that he’ll outlive it and getting sad about it

✮ Telling him he can’t turn a pet into a pet-vampire and he can’t adopt Seth Clearwater as as a pet either

✮ Forehead kisses

✮ His laugh being funnier than the joke

✮ Purposefully holding things above your head to watch you jump for it

✮ Becoming slightly scared of you because you have a look that could kill

Jacob Black

✮ “I’m not certain about a lot of things, (Y/N), but I’m certain about you.”

✮ Talking to him while he fixes up cars and getting flustered when you tell him how well it’s coming along and how impressed you are

✮ Kissing his dorky face when he gets like that

✮ Sharing little smiles and glances at one another 

✮ Being super close with Billy and Jacob’s sisters 

✮ Always being welcome around at his house and making dinner for both him and Billy

✮ Managing to cuddle on his super small bed

✮ The pack constantly teasing you two but secretly being so glad that you found one another and that he imprinted on you

✮ Him constantly worrying about you

✮ Waking up in his arms

✮ Jacob getting you a bracelet and slowly adding charms that he made to it

✮ It becoming a habit of him wrapping his arms around you whenever you’re out in public

✮ Learning to stitch up his clothes that he rips so Billy doesn’t have to go out of his way to buy Jacob new ones

✮ Seeing him shirtless 24/7 and never getting used to how good he looks

✮ Him winking at you when he realises you’re staring

✮ Telling him that if he grows his hair out again then you’re going to style it and braid it. He never grows his hair out again. 

Jasper Hale

✮ Him spoiling you

✮ Having inside jokes 

✮ Him resting his head on top of yours 

✮ Having him just change your mood whenever you’re mad at him

✮ Getting mad at him for doing that

✮ Jasper trying to teach you how to fight but it usually leads to the two of you laughing or making out. Sometimes both. 

✮ Him telling you about his past little by little

✮ Tracing the scars on him with your finger tips

✮ Neither of you questioning your love for one another

✮ Making up games together and changing the rules for your own benefit 

✮ Getting your fingers tangled in his hair

✮ Watching lots of conspiracy theory documentaries together 

✮ Being there for one another

✮ Cheek kisses

✮ Sweet nicknames for one another

Jared Cameron

✮ Going on adventures together 

✮ Him joining you in the shower 

✮ Worrying about him constantly

✮ Him constantly reassuring you that he’ll always be fine

✮ “As long as I have you to come home to, I’ll never get hurt.” 

✮ Stargazing

✮ Him cautiously playing football with you but easing into it after you keep tackling him to the ground and fooling around 

✮ Lots of hugs and affection

✮ Tickle fights

✮ Cuddling together whenever there’s bonfires and being an absolute power couple

✮ Having him there to reach the top shelf for you

✮ “Do you think animals think in the language that they were born into? Do English dogs think in English?” “Oh my god, Jared. Go to sleep.” 

Paul Lahote

✮ Him wrapping his arms around you and distracting you whenever you’re trying to cook

✮ Getting to sit on his lap which is pretty distracting for him

✮ Being very protective of you 

✮ “Today I gave Embry a concussion by accident because he thought about you naked.” “And why was he thinking about me naked?” “Because I was thinking about you naked…” 


✮ Having him love every inch of you

✮ Him saving up his money so he can buy you sweet gifts 

✮ The pack making fun of how whipped he is but hiding behind you because they know he won’t do anything as long as you’re there

✮ Becoming a master cook because Paul is basically a vacuum

✮ Playful wrestling 

✮ Having super fun dates

✮ Being the only person that can make fun of him without him getting angry

✮ His anger getting under control whenever he’s around you

✮ Getting to lay underneath him while he does push ups and kissing him every time he does one 

✮ He could probably do push ups for hours but he just uses it as an excuse to kiss you

Seth Clearwater

✮ Very shy PDA 

✮ Spooning 

✮ Everyone finding your relationship adorable 

✮ Being treated like family

✮ Cheesy pick up lines 

✮ Squeezing each other’s hands for reassurance 

✮ You brightening his always seemingly happy mood 

✮ Long walks together on the beach that always end with the two of you getting soaking wet in the water

✮ Him having you close to his side until you get home to keep you warm 

✮ Nose kisses 

✮ Him calling you “princess”

✮ Him checking on you during patrols and you looking slightly crazy because you wave at a giant wolf in your backyard from your bedroom 

✮ Having movie marathons and him falling asleep with his head on your lap 

✮ Playing with his hair

✮ Giving him back tickles

✮ “You look really pretty today. I mean - you always look pretty but… you look pretty.”

Quil Ateara

✮ Being able to tell when there’s something wrong with one another

✮ Going on walks and him picking flowers and putting them in your hair

✮ Sleepy days together 

✮ Having poke wars and everyone getting confused when one of you suddenly squeals because the other one poked them 

✮ Getting mad at him when you vent to him and he says something like “gurl, don’t I know it”. 

✮ Always laughing together

✮ Sarcasm

✮ Squishing his cheeks

✮ Warm hugs 

✮ Him giving you a ‘puppy dog’ look whenever you’re mad at him

✮ Taking out the garbage and having a giant wolf appear at your side with a grin on it’s face

✮ Deep conversations at 3 in the morning 

✮ Also laughing about everything at 3 in the morning

✮ Getting changed in the morning when you think he’s asleep and hearing, “damn, I’m so lucky. Look at that ass.” 

✮ Throwing the nearest object at his head. 

anonymous asked:

!!! I didnt know you liked documentaries! i loooove them and im always looking for good true crime ones. would it be too much to ask if you could recomend me some good documentaries you like? <3

this is the hardest but the best question ever. i’ve been musing over it for the last several days, and i finally just decided to sit down and make out a list. this is by no means a complete list, nor is it a ‘best of’ list. just some that i wanna rec because i think they’re awesome. or at least, the subject is fascinating, and so the annoying narrator/bad quality/etc is worth enduring. let’s go!

♥ autopsy (tv series) - if you have hbo go, it’s better to watch them there because the quality is a lot better, but this is a link to a youtube playlist of episodes. autopsy is a show about (you guessed it) autopsies, but each episode is themed and focuses on several interesting stories about deaths/murders where the cases were solved through forensic evidence found during the autopsies. michael baden is the forensic pathologist who has done several of the autopsies, and he’s the host of the show. i could watch this every single day for the rest of my life. (expect lots and lots of gore)

♥ paradise lost: the child murders at robin hood hills - another thing i watched on hbo go, but here’s a link to a yt vid (there are two other parts to this doc; they should show up in the related videos to the right). this is the story of the west memphis three and the murders of three little boys in arkansas in 1993. it’s a fascinating, heartbreaking, and unbearably frustrating story about the conviction of 3 teenage boys for those murders. there’s another doc called west of memphis that documents the events that occur after paradise lost concludes. i think west of memphis is my favorite of them all. god, what a fucking story. (graphic crime scene photos and video of three little boys.)

♥ mommy dead and dearest - i just watched this doc today on youtube, but hbo already found it and took it down. SO! you can watch it on hbo/hbo go, but because it’s so new, i doubt it’ll be anywhere else for a good while. it’s the story of dee dee and gypsy rose blancharde, a mother and daughter in a toxic, manipulative relationship that is one of the worst cases of munchausen by proxy ever documented, and one that ends in murder.

♥ thin blue line - a doc made in 1988 that digs into the wrongful conviction of a guy named randall adams who ends up on death row for something he didn’t do. it set a precedence for the importance and influence of crime docs. because of this documentary, the case got reopened.

♥ the keepers - another new doc, but this one’s on netflix. it’s a docuseries that follows the story of the murder of a nun, sister cathy cesnik, in 1969, and the unbelievable sequence of events that lead to it. this doc has pedophiles, sociopathic priests, police cover-ups, and a tireless group of retirement-aged women, some of whom are survivors of rape and abuse by the aforementioned priests, who will not rest until sister cathy’s killer is caught.

♥ the witness - on netflix, too. i talked about this one in my last movie post, but it’s the journey of a brother to try and understand what happened the night his sister, kitty genovese, was murdered in nyc in the mid-sixties. it’s absolutely fucking heartbreaking.

♥ cropsey - (i hope this link works??) this is a doc about a boogeyman urban legend on long island. the reason it’s interesting is because the doc is made by two kids who grew up on long island hearing the story, and there’s a really interesting story about an asylum that gets unearthed while they dig around. this guy also made a doc called killer legends which talks about urban legends and the true crimes that may have inspired them. both are really good.

♥ who took johnny? - another one i’ve already recced, but i wanted to put it on this list because it’s a good one. it’s about a boy named johnny gosch who went missing in the early 80s and was never seen again. the pov here is mostly with johnny’s mother, who is still searching for her son. it’s so heartbreaking. </3

♥ most evil (tv series) - i loveeeee this series. dr. michael stone is a psychiatrist who has a ‘scale of evil’ from 1 to 22 where he places different murderers for various reasons, including mental illness, history, and motive. each episode has a theme, and i could seriously watch this show every day forever and ever and ever. <3

♥ karla homolka & paul bernardo aka ken& barbie killers - these two. jesus fucking christ. paul was a serial rapist before he even met karla, and together, they murdered at least 3 girls, including karla’s little sister. the most insane thing? karla basically gets away with it. i can’t watch enough about these two. they’re so fucking horrible.

♥ the black dahlia, aka elizabeth short - okay, i’m in love with betty short, so i’m gonna link to a bunch of docs about her. i don’t have a favorite, and there isn’t one that i would consider definitive. i wish there was more out there, and i wish there was a good doc that had a good budget and a lot of care taken in its creation, but alas. so here are a few docs that at least give you some good info, crime scene pics, and theories:

one | two | three | four

(please come talk to me about elizabeth short. any time. ask me anything. i love her.)

♥ luis garavito aka the beast - ohmygod. luis garavito. colombian serial killer who has admitted to the rape/murder/torture of at least 140 boys, though it could be closer to 300. there have been mass graves of his victims uncovered. what blows my mind is that this happened in the nineties. 

♥ just melvin, just evil - disturbing and sobering doc about a viciously sadistic, horrible pedophile who ruined the lives of so many children in his family. the lives of all his victims were forever changed and ruined by a single man, and what makes this doc so special and painful is that you get to witness them confronting him when they’re grown.

♥ david parker ray, the toy box killer - if you haven’t heard of david parker ray, omfg, are you in for a story. this guy. he built a torture chamber in a trailer outside of his home and kidnapped, raped, and tortured women for years in it. and it all takes place in a tiny place called truth or consequences.

♥ there’s something wrong with aunt diane - a documentary about a car crash in 2009 that resulted in the deaths of 8 people, including 4 children. the events leading up to the crash and the mysteries behind what went on in that car just before and during the crash itself are just… so, so bizarre. a really interesting doc. (graphic crime scene photos at the end)

♥ the boneyard: leonard lake and david ng - just… the story of how the police even found out about these two in the first place is so fucking amazing. what comes out of the ensuing investigation is just staggering. these two fucks tortured and murdered at least eleven people, probably more. and you won’t believe what it takes to get one of them brought to justice (and what happens to the other one).

♥ wild child: the story of feral children - feral children are one of my very, very favorite topics to research. i’m endlessly moved and fascinated and inspired by stories of them. this is a great doc that touches on several instances of foundlings and gives you some names to rush out and do research on and find more docs about. there isn’t enough out there on feral children. not even close.

♥ theresa knorr - okay, i watch a lot of crime docs. a lot. very, very little shocks or phases me at this point. but this woman? holy fucking shit. theresa knorr stuns me. there’s something about women serial killers that fascinates me, and i think it’s that most of them know their victims intimately or are related to them somehow. knorr is the worst. the. worst. what her children have to endure before they’re murdered is unspeakable and beyond what even my warped brain could imagine. my god. 

♥ mary vincent (lawrence singleton) - this is a link to an episode of a show called ‘i survived’ which has two other stories on it, one that’s kinda boring and the other which is almost as astounding as mary’s story. but mary’s story is just… astonishing. she was fifteen when she was picked up as a hitchhiker and raped, dismembered, and thrown over a cliff. and she fucking survived. i love her. i want to hug her.

♥ catching a monster - peter scully - GOD. this fuck. peter scully is the most horrifying human being i’ve ever seen. his story is ongoing and not finished yet, but this doc talks about what he did and how he was finally arrested. scully ran a pedophilic red room/film studio where he tortured, raped, and murdered children for rich people who paid him to do it and film it. just. yeah.

♥ kidnapping of elizabeth smart - mindboggling. just… not only how she was taken, but also why and what happened while she was gone. and how she was found. stockholm syndrome is another thing that fucking fascinates me, and i wish this doc had focused more on that aspect of the story, but i understand why elizabeth is reluctant to discuss it. anyway! such an interesting story.

♥ the murder of james bulger - james bulger was a 2-year-old boy from merseyside who was brutally murdered by two 10-year-old boys. the violence they inflicted on this kid, and the way his body was found is just… a nightmare. there are two docs on this murder that i’ve watched and find interesting in their own rights, so i’m gonna link to both: 

one | two

(after you’re done watching these two, look up the two boys who murdered him and see what they’re up to now. one of them will stun you.)

♥ aileen wuornos - gonna end this with the lady dearest to my heart. i feel such an incredible amount of sympathy and heartbreak for this tragic woman. her life story is almost unbearable, and the journey of her lifelong abuse by men, the series of murders she committed, and how she found love somehow in between all of it will stay with me forever. there are two wonderful documentaries on aileen, both by nick broomfield, and together they tell the whole story, leading up to her execution:

 the selling of a serial killer

 the life and death of a serial killer

this is by no means a (complete) list of my favorite true crime cases! but these are some that i love a whole lot. i hope you find something you like here! ♥

Creepypasta #1128: The Most Beautiful Garden

Length: Long

There are very few completely untouched places left in this world. Everywhere you go, you find evidence of mankind’s encroachment; on a disused hiking trail you’ll find a bottlecap or a crushed aluminium can, letting you know that you are not the first – and definitely won’t be the last – human to visit that place. 

Certainly, there are some areas which are more untouched than others. I always watch with intense fascination when documentary crews descend into some rare piece of jungle that has never before been explored. I picture being one of the first to lay eyes upon previously unseen places, and imagine what it’s like to breath air untainted by car exhaust and pollution.

Those places are all almost gone now, or virtually inaccessible to someone like me – an unremarkable nineteen-year-old girl from New Zealand.
But that lust for natural discovery never left me, and so I found my own realm of mostly unexplored, unpolluted wonders.

The ocean.

Getting a diver’s certificate isn’t actually all that hard. The PADI Advanced Open Water certification is basically all you need to free dive in local waters, and as long as you’re medically sound, it’s just a matter of time and equipment – both of which I had.

Around the coastlines you still find plenty of the same human garbage littering the sea; floating scraps of net, rusty pieces of wreckage, beer bottles filled with silt, and tangles of plastic. But the farther out you go, away from civilisation, the more pristine things become – the more beautiful.

My first dive near Great Barrier Island was an especially exquisite experience, and I ended up signing up to do conservation work so I could access the waters that were off limits to regular visitors. I’d do days of back-breaking labour, carving walking tracks in the sides of cliffs, then I’d have three days of bliss, diving in waters where few other people had ever been before.

It really is like another realm down there. Spiky sea urchins crust the rocks, sharp amongst branching corals and sea sponges. Shoals of fish swim around you curiously, not recognising a human as anything more than an interesting anomaly. They nibble at your fingers, then dart away. Everything is coloured a strange yellow-blue-green, as though all red light has been stripped from existence, and all is enchantingly serene – in that slow, soft world where even sound must succumb to the calming depths of the syrupy seas.

Yet it was on one such diving trip that I found the most terrifying thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

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Surviving the UCAS process

Finishing year 12/ starting year 13, half way through A levels, and now you have to start applying for uni. It is stressful. It does get you worried, but it’s okay once it’s over.

UCAS process

  1. Make an account
  2. Produce application
  3. Send off internally
  4. Send to UCAS
  5. Send to uni
  6. Interview (Maybe)
  7. Acceptances
  8. Choose your uni 

Overall tips

  • Get it done quickly- Get your application done as soon as possible. When I did mine, it had to be sent back twice, meaning it was at the back of the queue and it took ages to be sent to UCAS. This stressed me out so much, so if possible, submit it to your school as soon as possible. 
  • Add qualifications you haven’t got yet- As I said, some of mine were sent back, and that was because I only put in the qualifications I had already attained. Make sure you add in the subjects you’re doing now, with the date you’ll finish them, and just don’t put a grade in the box. We were never told that and it wasted a lot of time for me. 
  • Use your teachers- Your form tutor, and all your subject teachers will be writing you a reference, so talk to them. If you’re planning on doing one of their subjects, tell them, and ask them to say something about how interested you are in the subject. Even if you don’t seem it, most teachers will exaggerate to help you with this. They want you to get into uni. 
  • Negotiate your predicted grades- If you need your predicted grades higher than what you’re being given, go ask them to increase it. Show your teachers evidence that you deserve a better predicted grade, and I’m sure they will do something to help. 
  • Ask for help- If there is anything you don’t understand, ask someone. The staff at your school have probably done this every year for a long time, so they know more than you. 
  • Trust your school- I know when others from different schools have got 4 offers and an interview, and yours hasn’t even gone off to UCAS, you begin to feel as though your school are messing up, but chances are, they know what they’re doing. As I said before, they’re fine, so don’t worry. If they’re taking their time, don’t worry, but also trust them to tell them when they’re doing something wrong. Tell them if they’ve screwed up and trust them to fix it. 
  • Stress out- I can sit here and tell you to relax, calm down, chill out. It doesn’t work. I can tell you to stop refreshing that UCAS application page every day until it gets sent through, only to do the same with UCAS track. It doesn’t work. If you want to look at it every day, go ahead. If you need to have your moments of panic, that’s okay too. Just remember, everyone else is stressed out too. It’s normal, and it’s okay. You don’t have to hide it because others tell you it’s not such a big deal 

Personal statements

They don’t matter all that much. You’re going to spend up to 2 months stressing about what to write, how to write it, looking at a thesaurus more in that short time than ever in your life. And then you realise it wasn’t that important. But, you will write it a hundred times, cry at 3am, and you will stress, so here are some tips to make it a little easier for you. 

  • Overwrite- When you do a personal statement, you have a character count, and a line count. (I can’t remember the character count, but I think it’s 47 lines long) Everyone always wants to know if it’s best to write a minimum and fluff it up, or overwrite and take out later. It’s definitely better to overwrite and take out later. If you get everything you want to say, professional and precise, and then you have to start adding words, it’s awful. It’s much better to write loads then take out the irrelevant stuff. 
  • The golden ratio- I’ve seen loads of people talk about the ratio of academics to extra curricular detail, and it’s often 60:40, so there is a slight majority focused on academics. From what I’ve found, this isn’t that important. In my personal statement, I had about 1 or 2 sentences about hobbies and stuff, and I got into all 5 choices for uni. 
  • Talking about extracurricular- Be concise and specific. I focused on talking about my work experience, in terms of how it will help my degree, and I talked about specific books/films/documentaries that I read that also would link to my degree. 
  • Talking about hobbies- Don’t go into detail. They don’t really care what your hobbies, and so no matter what you say, or how little you say, will be more than enough. If you do talk about hobbies, explain what they do to enhance your life (E.g football has made me a team player/ E.g cooking has given me a chance to be independent/ E.g singing has helped to increase my confidence around others) As long as you put something, it’s good enough. 
  • ‘Over-exaggerate’ your achievements- When I say over-exaggerate, I wouldn’t say lie. Don’t say that you got an award in XYZ if you didn’t. First of all, I just don’t like lying, but even if you’re okay with that, you never know when they’ll catch you out. Instead, talk about things that you have done, and just really sell them as important. For example, talk about how you recently (in year 9) played 10 netball matches for your school. Talk about how you tutored some younger students in their GCSEs, whilst doing your AS. (No one needs to know that it was your little sister and her mates) As long as you can back it up, with truth and evidence, you can add it in.
  • It’s yours. No one else’s- As you see it, it is a personal statement. You should have it how you want it, allowing it to represent you in the way you want it to. If your angle is your love for learning, talk about it. If you want to write, showing what a good personality you are, go for it. Your teachers will give you advice and adjustments. Take them into mind, but remember, they have one structure; who’s to say it’s the only right one? I didn’t take all the advice given, and I was fine. So yes, if something is factually incorrect, or misspelled, take advice, but don’t change everything that makes it personal. 

Predicted grades

  • What are they?- These are the grades sent by your school to the university, telling them what they expect you to get. From my experience, they are usually higher that what you’re actually predicted. A lot of my subjects sent my ‘predicted grade’ at least one grade higher than what they’d put as my predicted grade on my reports. These help the unis to see which students are the most likely to meet the entry requirements.
  • They are very important- I really think they might be the most important factor in determining whether you get accepted into in or not. Of course, your personal statement is important too, but a great set of grades will always speak louder than a good personal statement. Therefore, look at your grades. If most of your hope is on your personal statement, I would think again. I was predicted A*AAB and so I got into all my unis despite very little extracurricular or work experience. They are more important than actual grades. The uni wants your money, so as long as you get accepted, I think you’re 90% there. They’re likely to accept you if you miss out on a grade or so in your real exams as you’re already there and they’re already getting their money. 
  • Get them as high as possible- As I said, predicted grades are very important, so whatever you do, get them high. This can be done in so many ways. Maybe you can negotiate them, maybe you can’t. I already talked about negotiating grades above, so I’ll focus on other ways. My predicted grades were calculated heavily based on how well I did in my trial exams in January, so I knew, more than anything, I had to take these seriously. If your other grades are high, that helps too, but I knew that these were as important as my real exams, so I pushed myself. If you can do that, give your everything for these mocks, you will be rewarded.
  • Use them as a guide- When you’re applying to uni, you need to know your limits. For example, if you know your predicted grades are CCC, you shouldn’t look at unis with AAB, because that’s highly unlikely to work out. Make sure you therefore can use your predicted grades for this Therefore, if you can, find out what they will be as soon as possible. I was sure mine would be all Bs, so I applied to some unis, and then I found out last minute they were so much higher and I had to change my choices the day before sending off my application. Stressful
  • They are only a rough guide- While you take them into a guide of what uni you should apply to, don’t stick to it completely. Try a uni with slightly higher grades, and definitely go for lower unis if that’s what you want. My advice was to always choose 3 unis that want your grades, 1 uni a bit higher, and 1 uni a bit lower. That way, you can always aspire for higher but also have something to rely on if you don’t end up doing as well as you’d hoped.


  • Clothes- Your clothes aren’t that important. People always stress out about what they will wear, but honestly, it’s not that important. If you’re dressed moderately smart and neatly, probably what you would wear to sixth form, you’ll be fine. Avoid joggers and hoodies, and I wouldn’t go for anything that looks too ‘clubwear’ but other than that, don’t worry. Most people I know go to interviews in the same clothes they would wear for an open day, so don’t worry. 
  • Subject knowledge- Go with knowledge. Make sure you have enough to show that you are interested in the subject. Ensure you know a few basics on the course, and also what’s on your course. Look through the course spec and pick something that you’re really interested in doing so you can talk about it. For example, doing genetics, you could talk about how you’re looking forward to epigenetics and stuff like that. However, my sister was never really asked about anything. She was more asked why she wanted to do the subject and why she picked a specific uni.
  • You don’t have to be a genius- So many people read up on everything possible in their subject, but that’s not needed. As long as you show you’re interested and you have some basic knowledge, that’s fine. My teacher had an interview for Oxford (Maybe Cambridge) and they asked him a question, which he had know idea on. He simply answered ‘I don’t know. How?’ From that, he got a whole explanation for an hour; showed off his interest, and consequently was given an offer for uni. So don’t worry if you’re not an expert in the subject, just go, do your best, and ask questions.
  • Personality- This is going to be important. The university already know how smart and intellectual you are, and they already like you. Now they want to see that you’d be a good fit in their school. They want you to show them how much of an asset you as a person will be. So be yourself, but put your best self forward. Don’t be too formal, relax, and be confident.


  • Conditional offers- These are (like in the name) offers given to you on the condition that you achieve a certain grade. Now these can often be negotiated. Mine got moved from AAB to BBB just for putting it as my firm choice. Also, as I already said, they care more about your 9 grand than they care about you (as much as they try to deny it) and so even then, these conditional offers may not be so fixed. 
  • Unconditional offers- These are basically where you get the offer no matter what. Sometimes they will say that you only get an unconditional offer if you accept it as a firm choice. This is such a benefit and while you’re doing your exams, you will wish for this. However, if you’ve got an unconditional, don’t let it ruin your motivation. You still need your grades. 
  • Accepting offers- Don’t rush into it. I accepted my offers the day I got my last one, but a lot of people waited. One of my friends waited so long, their first choice uni changed her offer from a conditional to an unconditional. Take your time, really think about it. You will spend 3, 4, maybe more years there, so don’t pick somewhere you’re not really interested in. Also, don’t accept an offer just because it’s unconditional. Make sure you want to go there before anything else. 
  • It’s YOUR choice- Don’t reject an offer because others say it’s not the best. I was told not to accept my offer as I had offers from much ore high status unis, but I knew which one was for me, and if you get like that for a specific uni, stick to it. Trust me. Pick the university you think is best for you. If others complain it’s too far away, or it’s not high up enough on league tables, forget them. This is your choice, and your future; not theirs. (If you don’t like a uni because it’s too far away or low in league tables, that’s fine too, as long as it’s your choice)
  • Getting rejected- I didn’t get any rejections, but I know how hard that can be. Don’t worry. There will be other unis/ Just apply again, go through extra. Maybe it’s a good thing. Maybe you don’t really want uni. Maybe you needed those rejections to show you that. Or maybe you’ll see how much harder you need to work. Either way, everything will turn out okay. 
  • What now? Focus on meeting the requirements of your course. Work as hard as you can, getting ready for it. Smash your exams, and take a well earned break. By that time, you’ll be in my position; writing your own UCAS survival guides, waiting for your results. And in that time, I wish you all the best of luck!

Thank you for reading, I hope it’s helped! If you have any questions about UCAS, unis, or anything like that, let me know. Send me an ask, or a private message and I’ll definitely get back to you! Good luck with everything and remember; it will be okay. It always does. Let me know how your applications go!

Disclaimer: I didn’t have any interviews so all my interview advice comes from my school to our class, not my personal experiences. Psychology very rarely does interviews, but for other subjects you may not get this escape. Also, I never applied for Oxbridge universities, so some things may be a little different. 

The Healer | Joining the Avengers | Chapter Two

A/N: This one is my favorite so far! Can’t wait to keep writing this, I’m loving it so far! Hope you guys feel the same. <3

Pairing: (Gradual) Bucky x Reader/Clarissa.

Warnings: Language and I think that’s it!

Originally posted by imagine-that-marvel

After a few hours of contemplating it, you had made the decision to call the number. You lived in a tiny apartment in New York City and worked at a Subway. Your family was still living back in Alabama, and you didn’t have any close friends in NYC, your life really wasn’t anything special.

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Behind The Story - Pt. 15

Summary: The reader is Jensen’s girlfriend (fiancé) and also a cast member of the show. Discover their journey to parent hood and marriage as they go.

Author: deanwinchester-af 

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared and Cast Cameos.

Pairings: Single!Jensen x Actress!Reader

Words: 1.8K

Warnings: None. Pure fluff.


A/N: Interviews. Filming. Jensen directing. This should be fun. Italics are interviewer point of view. (Feedback is appreciated it) 



Originally posted by green-circles

“That’s my girl!”

The corners of your lips curved into a wide smile with Jensen’s praise on your performance. Aware of the still cameras rolling and knowing he’s watching behind the fake motel’s wall, you blow a kiss into the camera. The crew and Misha chuckled at your actions. You proceed to playfully start a two step dance while caressing your already huge twenty nine weeks bump, with circular motions in front of the camera.

“Gorgeous!” Jensen exclaimed.

“That’s gonna make the gag reel,” Misha spoke.

You chuckled, turning around to see Misha on his phone and shaking his leg.

“Seriously, Misha? Are you live streaming?”

“I’m not,” he snorted.

Jared strolled into the room, standing behind him. “He is,” smiling into the phone, he waved, “HEY EVERYONE!”

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People always wonder why “celebrities” don’t finish their schooling. Majority of the things I hear people say are saddening and downright degrading and that’s their say, but there are those few ones that encourage me and give me hope to share to those other actors like myself that haven’t finished (yet, for some, and for myself hopefully). Some have already found their calling in the industry, some may enjoy the spur of the moment and want to make the most out of it while they can, some…. well… some just don’t care much for education (for now) because to some: experience can be better education.

I don’t encourage nor advise people not to go to or finish their school instead, all I am trying to say is that we make do with what we can make do with. Of course, the ideal way to get a proper job is to finish your studies! However, we all have different journeys, we just need to be a bit more accepting of those differences. :)

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A friend called Fluffy

Originally posted by tonystarkandpepper

Ok, I have an oddly specific request. Don’t ask me how my mind came up with that one. xD Reader adopts a dog with only 3 legs and even though Tony was strictly against a pet in the Avengers tower, he ends up making a high tec prosthetic leg and a collar that can “call” some kind of cage, that protects the dog in case of an attack (like his suit) Cute and Fluffy, please! :)


Tried to be as fluffy as possible but fluffy doesn’t come easily to me (my personal WIPs are mostly angst based) so I worry that I’m not doing it right. Hopefully you will enjoy it.

Implied/background Tony x Reader

Words: 3448

Set  Post-Avengers  Pre-Avengers AOU

Your friendship with Tony Stark had, for the most part, been an incredibly strong one. The major hiccup had occurred close to the beginning of your time together. As a retired Shield agent it had been ridiculously hard to find a job that you liked and that didn’t look too far into your hidden past. When you applied for a security position at Stark tower you counted your blessings that you’d entertained Tony and Happy so that they hired you on the spot and ignored Pepper’s scolding about
protocol and paperwork.
Everything was fine until Natasha Romanov, a very close friend of yours from your shield days, arrived posing as Tony’s Personal Assistant. Knowing that Nat could never tell you the purpose of her mission, you stormed into Tony’s office and quit your job while shouting that there were easier ways to spy on you. Tony, being how he is, hacked into the Shield archives to find why on earth people would be spying on you, he also had a sneaky peak at your file, before he got in touch with you to explain that he’d had nothing to do with it. You let him explain himself and when he went to meet Fury and Nat at the donut shop to discuss the Avengers you went with him as backup and that’s how you’d been dragged into joining.
You’d been mad at the time but it had given you a whole host of new and old friends that you could count on. Tony appreciated that you struggled with socialising sometimes but he was unprepared to tolerate this solution.

“Absolutely not! Get that mongrel out of the tower and make sure it takes it’s flees with it.” Tony declared dramatically as he gestured to the sleeping ball of fur in Steve’s arms next to you. You’d found the poor pup abandoned and missing a front leg, luckily he wasn’t bleeding so it looked to be a birth defect, on one your walks through the city with Steve. It was a regular thing, he’d tell you about what life used to be like for him before the war and you’d fill him in on new technology, he found you a lot more patient and approachable than Tony when he’d once tried to explain something to Steve. You scratched the pups ear and he snuggled further into Steve’s arms, in comparison to the Super Solider arms the puppy looked even tinier, “Don’t worry Fluffy, you ignore the mean man.”
“Fluffy?” Tony mocked as he poured himself a small glass of whiskey.
“It’s from Harry Potter.” You countered as you continued to scratch the pups ear.
“You realise you’re a grown woman right?” Tony taunted as he gestured at you with his drink.
“And you’re a grown man so stop acting like a child.” You countered.
“My house, my rules.” Tony argued.
“Come on Stark, Y/N found the poor guy abandoned.” Steve tried to help you.
“Great so it’s probably diseased.” Tony grumbled and poured himself another drink.
“Come on Tony, you can’t make Y/N kick the dog out, it’ll struggle on its own.” Bruce finally looked up from his papers to ass his two cents.

“So it’s my fault it’s missing a leg?” Tony responded.
“It’s your fault that you’re overreacting.” Nat offered dryly from behind her book.
“Not overreacting. What’s the little mongrel gonna do when the big green guy makes an appearance and it can’t run away? Also, this is my tower, or are we forgetting that?” Tony argued childishly and Bruce shot him a long suffering look.
“Tony I’m not throwing Fluffy out.” You folded your arms across your chest, stood your ground and stared down the billionaire. He crossed his own arms and stared back. Everyone was silent for a few minutes, Nat and Bruce both watched the scene over their reading materials and Steve scratched Fluffy’s back while pretending that he wasn’t interesting in watching your staring match.

“A week.” Tony relented first, he would never win against your stare or silent treatment, that and he liked the sound of his own voice too much, he continued, “A week to find the creature a new home and out of mine permanently.”
“A week to convince you then.” You gave him a small smile.
Tony shook his head, “I’m serious Y/N!”
“I know you are Tony.” You blew him a sarcastic kiss before scooping the precious bundle from Steve’s arms and sauntering down the corridor.

The first few days of Fluffy’s stay, Tony refused to look at the pup and barked sarcastic remarks at any of the Avengers who brought in anything related dog related, like his bed or toys. He also ordered JARVIS to lock the dog out of all rooms apart from your bedroom, with Bruce’s help you managed to override this so that Fluffy could also get into the lounge, Steve’s bedroom, Bruce’s bedroom and even the labs.

Tony threw a temper tantrum.

The day after Tony got progressively worse, he spent the morning spraying Steve and Clint with flee spray, you assumed he picked on them because he feared doing it to Nat or Bruce and he’d hate for you to ignore him if he pissed you off. That, you guessed, was part of the problem. Tony Stark basically functioned on attention; whether it be from the paparazzi or his friends, he had his name on the building for God Sake. But he prized your attention over others and right now you were giving it to Fluffy, a stupid dog, rather than him.

That was why he was currently working in his lab away from you and your new bestie. He most definitely wasn’t pouting. He was studying a projection for the mechanics of his new suit when he was interrupted by the sounds of tiny paws against his tile floor.

Tap, tap, thud.

Tony rolled his eyes and decided to ignore the sound and focused back on the projection in front of him. He’d get Bruce back later for getting around JARVIS to let Fluffy into the lab, his partner in science seemed to think that Tony just needed time to get used to the idea of having a pet. Bruce argued that once Tony saw how happy the pup made you that he’d warm up to Fluffy as well.

Fluffy leaned against Tony’s calves, his stump front leg angled slightly onto Tony’s shoes for more support as he looked up at Tony quizzically.
“Away you, I’m busy.” Tony shoo’d him with a wave of his hand before stepping away from the pup and walking around to his desk, he reached for some papers and knocked a screwdriver so that it rolled onto the floor.
Tony let out a noise of frustration and glared at Fluffy who was wagging his tail happily at the superhero, “I suppose you found that funny.” Tony accused.
Fluffy wagged more at the attention and with some difficultly the pup made its way to the screw driver and lifted it with his mouth.
“No, no that’s not for you mutt.” Tony grumbled.
Fluffy took a limp forward, he wobbled for a moment before falling forward onto his muzzle. Tony rolled his eyes but Fluffy was back up, wagging his tail and limping, with the occasional face plant, towards Tony with the screwdriver.
Tony took the screwdriver and dramatically wiped it on one of the rags on his desk. He scooped Fluffy up with one big hand and carried him to the door, with the puppy happily licking his hand, before putting him down outside the lab door. Fluffy fell again unbalanced but was back up and happily yipping at Tony again within the moment. Tony shoo’d him and shut the door.

That night you and Tony where cuddled up on the sofa watching an awfully dull physics documentary that Tony had chosen, it was his turn to choose, but it was hard for him to watch it because he was too busy glaring at Fluffy curled up in your lap.
“You know it’s a thief right? Stole from me in broad daylight.” Tony rambled in your ear.
You gave him a small, bored smile and reached up to pat his face sarcastically, “Tony he was playing fetch.”
“Well he wasn’t playing it well.” He reached up to your hand on his face and laced his fingers with yours.
After a few moments on peace and just enjoying each other in silence, Tony added, “I just don’t see why you like him so much.”
“He’s adorable.” You answered simply.
“And I’m not?” He pouted and you couldn’t help but laugh at him.

He let you have a few moments more peace before he started again, “I know you found him, but why’d you get a broken one?”
You gave him an angry glare, “Can you think of literally anyone in this tower who isn’t a little bit broken?”
He snapped his mouth shut and withdrew his hands from yours and folded his hands across his chest. He always got pouty when it was brought up; Tony was very cagey about his panic attacks, he didn’t like to let anyone in past his emotional guard. But you were both close, you’d been there for many of his panic attacks and he’d been there for your insecurities and social short comings after being raised in Shield from a child.
He didn’t say much before giving you a quick kiss on the head and heading off to bed, you leaned back in your seat and rubbed Fluffy’s ear as he slept in your lap. Even if he could talk to you more than anyone else other than Rhodes, you hoped that one day Tony would be able to talk about his issues openly.

The next few days followed the same pattern of Fluffy interrupting Tony working and bringing him things that he absolutely wasn’t dropping on purpose. Whatever you said, he was just being extra clumsy and well if the mutt was going to earn his keep and bring Tony his items back then it couldn’t be helped. Then in the evening you, Tony and the other Avengers would retire to the sitting room and Fluffy would hop from one lap to another, Tony continued to lift the pup up and put him back into your lap.

When the final day of Fluffy’s probation came you and Tony had already argued about the puppy’s fate twice before either of you had your morning coffee. You were furious because Fury had put you on a body guarding mission for the next two days and you knew that Tony wouldn’t be above getting rid of Fluffy in your absence. As you and Clint were leaving, you coerced Steve, Nat and Bruce to insure that Fluffy would be safe and still there upon your return.

That had been Tony’s plan exactly. He’d given you the time and now it was up, simple as that. But things are rarely that simple. Tony’s plans changed five hours into your assignment; he was pouring himself a drink at the bar and looking up Dog Shelters on his tablet while Bruce read his papers on the sofa, occasionally throwing Fluffy his toy bone. Fluffy was half way through struggling to walk back to Bruce when the doors banged open and Natasha was rushing a hospital bed through.

Tony and Bruce jumped up and rushed to help.
“Bruce! He’s been shot twice.” Natasha explained quickly and Bruce was already tenderly pressing the skin on Clint’s neck to get a pulse time. Clint was sprawled over the hospital bed, blood was splashed over his torso and one of this thighs from bullet wounds.
“Get him to the lab, my medical kit is there.” Bruce ordered and they were all running together.
“Nat did you get her?” Clint slurred his words slightly and tried to sit up but Bruce’s gentle hand kept him lay down.
“Steve’s looking for her, you just worry about yourself okay.” Natasha tried to reassure him.
“What? What do you mean?” Tony demanded. Bruce continued to push Clint’s bed towards the labs while Natasha turned to Tony and stopped him by gently raising her hands.
“Tony I need you stay calm,” She started, “But the family Clint and Y/N were watching got attacked, Clint got hurt saving the kids but we’ve lost contact with Y/N and the mother.”

Tony didn’t hear Natasha calling after him as he ran, full pelt, to the garage. He skidded to a halt in front of his suit and instructed JARVIS to start to suiting him up. His breathing crumbled and he fell down to his knees.
Not now, not now.
He had to get out there and help find you. His chest tightened and heaved, his throat burned from the effort of trying to force himself to breathe but only ended in him swallowing painful gulps of harsh air.

Tap, tap, thud.

The sound barely registered with Tony as he slid down from his knees to rest on his hands as well.

Tap, tap, thud.

This time Fluffy fell against Tony’s hands and the puppy looked up with curious eyes at Tony. Fluffy lay over his hands and rolled on his back trying to get the man’s attention. Tony pulled the puppy into his arms and cuddled him as he rode out the last of his panic attack. He sat for some moments in silence, trying to calm down after the particularly vicious panic attack. Fluffy remained in his arms, turning over trying to reach Tony’s face so that he could lick it.
“Fluffy you have such a stupid name.” Tony grumbled as he put the puppy down and shook Fluffy’s little stump gently.


It took three days for you to come around.
Steve had taken chase as soon as Natasha had gotten Clint and the rest of the family you were protecting away, he found you and the mother to the family fairly quickly but not quick enough to stop the three bullets that you took protecting the woman.
He’d gotten you to the tower and Bruce shortly after Tony had gotten over his panic attack, though he was still feeling quite awkward about being of no use to anyone as both you and Clint were recovering, so he spent his time working on a project he knew that you would approve of.

And that’s why, after you’d woken and Bruce had checked you over, you were woken up after dosing off by Tony Stark shaking you because he was too childish to wait.
“Tony it’s good to see you but Bruce promised that I could go back to sleep.” You groaned and tried to roll over away from him but found that you had to stay lay on your back because of the tubes monitoring your fluids.
“Open your eyes I’ve got a surprise.” Tony instructed before you heard him leave the room. With an angry grunt you forced yourself to open your eyes and sit up as much as you could. Focusing the sleep out of your eyes the first thing that you gaze landed on was the piles of machinery in the corner of the room, wires, tools and oil were collected in the armchair that should have hosted visitors.
You scowled at the mess, you must really have been out of it to not notice when Bruce was checking you over earlier. The door opened again and Tony leaned back on the door holding it open. The first thing you noticed where the thick black bags under his eyes, he looked like he’d not slept since you’d last seen him. His jeans and AC/DC t-shirt were splattered with oil.
“Morning sleeping beauty.” He gave you a little wave from where he stood.
“Is this where you tell me that you’re my surprise? Because I’m not impressed.” You asked him dryly.

He gave you a mock offended look, “I’m hurt. No this is your surprise.”  He put his fingers in his mouth and whistled. Or attempted too. You tried not to laugh as he failed to whistle again before leaning out of the doorway and rapidly gestured to whoever was out there.
“I’m tired Tony can we do this another ti-” You cut yourself out with a small excited squeak as Fluffy bounded into the room, his missing leg replaced with a small metal one. He tried to jump up to you on the bed twice before you leaned down and helped him up.

He wiggled about excitedly, his metal paw flying up and knocking him off balance.
You laughed and Tony joined you from the other side of the room, “He’s not quite got the hang of it yet.”

“Tony this is amazing.” You breathed and Tony gave a fake bow to the compliment.
“What do you think to the colour scheme? I had some paint left over.” He asked as you inspected the matching collar and leg designed to look like Tony’s suit. Fluffy yipped happily at having both of your attention.
“Well Fluffy likes it at least,” You smiled and turned to the billionaire, “Why? What made you change your mind?”
Tony glanced away from your inquisitive eyes, his expression awkward, “Yeah well I was tired of him getting nose prints all over my tiled floor.”
Shaking your head you leaned up and kissed his cheek and watched as his face flushed and he tried desperately to bring back his usual sleek demeanour.


As the months passed you learnt more about the leg that Tony had made for Fluffy, it was as Clint insisted on calling it ‘pimped out’ as was the collar. Tony had made them both fully adjustable to accommodate the puppy as he grew. Fluffy was with you and Steve in the gym when the fire alarm went off and Tony and Natasha burst into the room fully suited and booted.
“What’s the situation?” Steve asked and kicked his shield up from the floor and into his hand.

“It’s a precaution, Bruce is looking a little green eyed and out of control upstairs, we want as few civilians as possible. Suit up.” Tony explained and Steve took off down the hall to get changed whereas you just pulled your combat boots on over your sports leggings. Your suit was mostly whatever clothes where functional enough to fight in that you hadn’t yet destroyed

“JARVIS start Dog House protocol.” Tony instructed and you watched amazed as four bits of glass surrounded with metal edging zoomed past the three of you and start for Fluffy’s now beeping collar. It set itself around him and he barked and yipped happily as he tried to play in his new box.
“Tony is he coming to be alright in there.” You asked concerned even though the puppy seemed fully content.

“It’s the same glass we used on the cage that we made for the Hulk on Shield’s aircraft, he can breathe fine and it’ll keep him safe even if he went out of the window right now. You can say it, I’m a genius.” Tony explained to you as the three of you took off down the hall.
A tower shaking roar from the Hulk upstairs stopped them all in their stride, “I’ll stroke your ego later.” You promised.
“It’s a date.” He gave you a cheeky wink and engaged the thrusters on his hands and feet and flew straight up through the ceiling.
With another Hulk roar echoing in your ears and Clint shouting at you both through Natasha’s earpiece you and her ran towards the stairs, “I don’t know what you see in him.” Natasha conversed as you took the stairs two at a time.
“Nat I know what you’re going to say and stop trying to set me up with Steve.” You scolded her.
“She’s trying to what?!” Tony let out an indignant shout through Nat’s earpiece and you both laughed as you made your way up to the fight.

Requests open

callmecottoncandyface  asked:



  • Okay so first and foremost, Farkle and Smackle do not make it past 9th grade
  • Like they’re cute and all but it’s just not meant to be
  • Anyway, so when Farkle finally caught Riley in the act of stealing all his fucking clothes it was just before summer break
  • And they have a total blast that summer
  • But Riley, while giving up her kleptomaniac ways for the most part (not all together lmao), is still giving him orange roses all the time
  • And he’s so confused
  • Like sometimes it might just be because he won a debate or got a lead in a musical- like a congratulations gift you know?- but other times he’ll just walk in the door and she’ll throw a bouquet of the flowers at him
  • It’s literally orange roses and he doesn’t know what that’s supposed to mean. And if the drama of Belgium 1831 has taught us anything, it’s that Farkle Minkus apparently just doesn’t believe in google or some shit like omfg
  • (Important Note: Riley is fucking obsessed with the Language of Flowers)
  • So anyway this keeps going on and they start 10th grade and suddenly Riley is really annoyed at him
  • Like all the fucking time
  • And you know he takes pride in being able to basically read Riley’s mind so he is so confused about why she’s mad at him
  • And one day he makes the apparent mistake of simply asking her what’s wrong 
  • It’s a mistake because she snaps on his ass
  • Starts going on and on about how he never really listens or pays attention to her, like she always deals when he goes off on excited nerdy tangents, not because she cares but because she loves how much he loves what he’s talking about, but Farkle can’t show her the same courtesy. That if he at least pretended to care he would have paid attention long enough to figure out why she’s mad
  • And this poor poor boy is just like???? WHAT?????? As Maya groans in the background (Zay, however was prepared for this with a bowl of popcorn. Lucas is distracted by something on his phone lmao)
  • Riley storms out and doesn’t talk to Farkle for a week
  • He knows he’s in trouble when she shows up to school one day wearing clothes she actually bought
  • Like he thought giving her space was what she wanted but when he saw the clothes he was lowkey heartbroken omg
  • So he asks Maya what’s wrong and OH BOY
  • She starts (half heartedly) smacking his arms and chest with a textbook
  • And then she literally sits on top of him so he can’t get up, googles ‘flower definitions’ and shoves it in his face to make sure he reads it
  • And the first one he sees is “With their warm, vibrant tones, orange roses symbolize enthusiasm and desire. If you’re looking for a way to express admiration and attraction - with an underlying message of passion and excitement - then send a bouquet filled with these fiery blooms”
  • But then he sees a different definition saying “since they are a mix of yellow and red, orange roses can be used to symbolize the desire to make the jump from friendship to romance”
  • And he just yells “FUUUUUUUUCK” really loudly as Maya jumps off him because that hurt her ears
  • So now Farkle is having a flashback to when Riley got really into flower language back in like 4th or 5th grade and talked about it all the time but he would just tune her out
  • And he knows Riley knows that his memory is so sharp that his only reason for not having absorbed all her flower information is that he wasn’t paying attention
  • And if he had just figured out what orange roses meant they could’ve avoided all this and have it settled like a year ago
  • And another part of him is just screeching because HOLY SHIT RILEY MATTHEWS IS IN LOVE WITH ME
  • So he needs Maya to help plan the apology and lemme tell you they go hard
  • They get her parents, Auggie and Zay in on it too
  • Zay’s job is to film everything really subtly (Zay gets into film making in high school I need it)
  • So anyway Riley’s at school one day being mopey and she realizes Farkle’s just not in homeroom
  • Not that she was looking for him or whatever because who needs that loser amirite
  • But all throughout the day there’s no sign of him, which is weird- but she also keeps finding flowers which is even weirder
  • Like on the desk of every class she has, her locker is stuffed to the brim with them, the lunch lady gives her some with her lunch, when they’re walking home random people on the street keep coming up to her and giving her flowers
  • And they all have different meanings like it started with “sorry” and then there was “friendship” and “innocence” and “adoration” and “growth” and “excitement” like it seemed like a growing pattern
  • And she gets to her apartment door- Maya and Zay are with her (Lucas had been off visiting his grandfather for the week), and for some reason Zay had had his camera out all day- “I’m trying to be one of those documentary directors that just captures the moment, maaan!”
  • So they get to her apartment door and there’s a wreath of red roses on it which basically means “Love” (She has all the other flowers she got that day in her hand and back pack)
  • So she opens the door and her whole family is gone which is weird but they head to her bedroom and Farkle’s standing there
  • And Farkle being himself just starts going on some sappy tangent that essentially boils down to “I’m hella sorry I'm still in love with you do you wanna go to homecoming with me?” and Riley is just like “YES!” it’s so cute
  • And they go to homecoming together and have the time of their lives and everything is so amazing and happy and then
  • Nothing happens
  • At all
  • Riley’s so fucking confused
  • The boy chickened out of kissing her at the dance and now they’re just acting like nothing ever happened????
  • Everyone is slowly going insane and Riley is just waiting for Farkle to make a move here
  • Our poor idiot fails to make a move omfg
  • So fast forward a few months, December 8th, Riley’s 16th birthday
  • Like not so much as forgot “December 8th is Riley’s birthday” but like no one fucking noticed it was December 8th omfg Cory and Topanga took Auggie to some school competition in Jersey. Shawn took Maya and Katy skiing for the weekend. Josh was in California trying to get his band signed to a record label. Zay and Lucas were in Texas. Riley was literally home alone with only a quick “Happy Birthday Sweetie I’ll take you shopping next week when I’ve got a quick break!” voicemail from her uncle Eric.
  • That is until she got a happy birthday text from Farkle
  • Because of course he’s the only one who remembers; especially since he forgot last year (she had still been giving him shit over that)
  • So she’s feeling a bit emotional over the situation and tells him and he is filled with a RIGHTEOUS FURY OMG
  • And considering the boy had 20 minutes to prepare he went all out holy shit
  • And Riley was still feeling emotional and she remembered her mother talking about her Sweet Sixteen and wearing a beautiful red dress as she and Cory slow danced on tv in the middle of a wrestling ring and wanted to see if she still had the dress she wore
  • Topanga did in fact keep the dress stored away with all her ~happy memories~ and it fit Riley perfect so she’s like “fuck it I’m wearing this” (although she had to find some black tights and a jacket to go with it cause it’s December but she still looks hella)
  • Farkle shows up in a fucking suit and tie so Riley apparently made the right choice but he is TAKEN ABACK by her in that dress omg
  • So she’s like “alright what’s the plan” and he gets a bit of an almost evil smirk and he’s like “You have spent the last 10 years refusing to ever let me splurge on you but GUESS WHAT YOU’RE SIXTEEN AND I’M THE ADMITEDLY OVER PRIVELDGED SON OF A MULTI BILLIONAIRE IT’S GOING DOWN TONIGHT”
  • And Riley’s just like “You need to chill ever so slightly omfg”
  • Right off the bat he just hands her a fucking diamond necklace and she’s like “I cannot possibly take this it looks like it costs more than my apartment” and he’s like “yeah well my apartment costs more than half the city you do not get to complain tonight put the necklace on and lets go”
  • And they spend the first half of the day being super touristy like every possible tourist site they can hit up they do
  • They hit up the Art Museum too which she loves
  • Then boom Farkle just whips out tickets to a matinée of Mama Mia on Broadway out of his suit pocket and she's freaking out because she loves that show
  • They see that and go crazy and then afterwards he takes her to some super Riley-Boho dinner he found for lunch
  • Then he takes her to a real planetarium that’s much bigger and has more going for it than his bedroom
  • They walk around quite a lot but if there’s a distance they need to go that it’s just to cold for he just calls his fucking personal limo
  • And Riley feels so weird letting him pay for everything and all the special treatment but it’s also fun so like??? 
  • Then at like 6 o'clock he’s like ‘we gotta go’ and she’s like 'oh where are we going for dinner’ and he’s like 'dinners later I got Hamilton tickets’ and she SCREAMS   
  • So obvi they love the show and then he takes her to a fucking exclusive 5 star gourmet restaurant for dinner afterwards
  • She’s having the time of her life and the day was so fun she forgot about everyone else and she almost forgot how weird things had been with Farkle lately
  • Because apart from the big ridiculous gestures and getting spoiled all day their dynamic was very much the same and she’s glad it wasn’t awkward. It felt, emotionally at least, like a normal day just hanging out with Farkle
  • Okay so then he’s walking home and they’re stopped outside her mom’s bakery (cause she lives over it so ya know) and their just talking and laughing and there’s fucking Christmas lights everywhere like if there ever was a perfect Kiss-The-Girl moment it was now
  • And for a second it looks like it’s gonna happen but then he just blushes and says “Happy Birthday Riles” and starts to walk away
  • He barely gets two steps away when Riley, just completely exasperated, yells “JUST KISS ME, YOU DUMBASS”
  • The sentence is barely out of her mouth when he turns around and grabs her and finally kisses her and doesn’t miss
  • And that’s the story of how riarkle starts dating e n d m e
  • AH

anonymous asked:


For shame on me, Anon. This one has been sitting in my inbox for over a year. It’s been a heck of a year. I was finally inspired by THIS absolutely amazing (and NSFW) drawing by @everlart. Seriously, it’s gorgeous. If you are not familiar with her work, go check it out. The story below is RATED M, basically all smut (what do you expect with a prompt like “If you keep looking at me like that, we won’t make it to a bed,” hmmmm?). If you’re still around, I hope you enjoy!

Katniss spins the box sitting on the kitchen counter and scrunches her face at the vague label. Kitchen stuff. Well, that’s frustratingly unhelpful. Kitchen stuff could mean any number of things, given how many accoutrements the two of them have. Between Peeta’s baking and her deep love for great food, they could probably run a full-menu gourmet restaurant from their kitchen. But right now, all she wants is the damn skillet and something that will suffice as a plate so she can make grilled cheese for their dinner later. If she doesn’t find what she’ll need now, then in a few hours when it’s time to start cooking, they’ll end up eating out instead, which is something they don’t need on top of the expense of moving.

“Peeta!” she yells during a lull in the whir of the drill he’s using to assemble their bookshelves in the living room. She slices the box open and peers inside. Glasswear. His, she thinks. Although, she can’t be certain. He packed both of their kitchens.

“Yeah?” he shouts back.

“We need to work on your labeling skills!”

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@queenlionsnake said: Rexsoka where one gets home from work late and stretches out on top of the other like a big lazy cat.

Era: Domestic-verse
Characters: Ahsoka Tano, Captain Rex
Words: 1,086

Ahsoka caught herself the third time she checked the wall chrono—projecting 19:26 in large, luminescent numbers—and bent her focus once more to the textbook sprawling across her lap as she lounged on the living room couch. The dry words and thick paragraphs blurred together. She rubbed her eyes, only to test her vision on the chrono once more. If that wasn’t enough, her gaze then fell to Rex’s favorite chair underneath it, sitting empty.

With a groan, Ahsoka threw her head back against the arm of the couch. There wasn’t anything different about today, technically. Sure, it was the one-year anniversary of Rex and Ahsoka becoming housemates, but that was mainly a convenient arrangement for cheaper rent. She wouldn’t have even remembered the day if her HoloNet profile page hadn’t reminded her.

Nothing special was planned yet she couldn’t calm down.

And if she looked at the wall chrono one more time, Ahsoka swore to herself she’d move to a room with no electronics.

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Soft and Safe Chapter One

(My first phanfic. Judge me. I don’t care)

To be fair, life had been extremely stressful for Dan. For the past year and a half, he had written an entire book and co-directed a stage show. Things that he literally had no training in before he had taken on the tasks. The small vacations that they had taken did nothing for his anxiety and while he was pretty decent at pretending he was alright around his friends, Phil knew that Dan was wound too tight. The moment that they would enter their flat, Dan would deflate. His shoulders would sag and his head would hang and it was obvious that the world just felt too heavy for him. Phil would ask if he wanted to talk about it, but Dan would weakly laugh it off.

“Don’t worry about me. I’m just tired”.

“What are you on about? This is just my face.”

“Oh Phil, you silly guy. I’m constantly a hot mess. You should know this by now.”

Phil would play along, smiling just as weakly. He knew that Dan was stressed, because Phil was stressed too. There were so many deadlines and press conferences and people in their face CONSTANTLY. Phil’s stress manifested itself in illness. He felt like he had been coughing and wheezing for months. Even still, he worried because Dan had no reprieve. The music didn’t calm him and he couldn’t focus on anything enjoyable. He always looked like he was two seconds away from a cataclysmic meltdown and it broke Phil’s heart. He wanted to help his friend more than he could possibly say. He wanted Dan to have a little place where no one asked him to do anything too hard and he could unwind. He wanted to see Dan’s natural light shine through. Fuck, he honestly just wanted him to be comfortable again.

Little place…

The thought had barreled through him suddenly and Phil sprang from the couch and lunged for his keys much to Dan’s surprise. They had been sitting in the living room watching Battlestar Galactica when Phil all of a sudden moved with haste to leave their apartment. It was uncharacteristic for Phil to not tell Dan where he was going. Though they had no real obligation to announce their comings and goings, it was an unspoken truth that Dan and Phil had a slight codependency issue. It wasn’t as if they were incapable of being apart from each other and sometimes they really did like their own private space. However, as a general rule of thumb, it was a slightly unnerving feeling to be separated from one another. Eating without the other one present felt foreign; incomplete. Touring had honestly made that fact more prominent. They went to different states daily, and had come to realize that the only thing that stopped them from panicking or being devastatingly homesick was the fact that they had each other to lean on. It was all innocent in its own right, but the staff and their friends did have to stifle giggles when Dan would dramatically call for Phil from across the venue because he wasn’t in his line of sight and he needed to know if this line sounded too cheesy or if the pose was too awkward. As it were, Dan didn’t want to come off as needy so he didn’t ask Phil why he was leaving. Phil was a grown man, and he could do whatever he wanted whenever he wanted.

The pang of worry and desperation that ghosted over Dan’s heart as he watched Phil put on his jacket would go away.

Phil skipped to the stairs with his keys and phone in hand. He gave Dan a hurried wave and headed towards the door. Dan put the episode on pause without a word and started messing around on the Internet while trying really really really hard to ignore how unbelievably silent the apartment was when Phil was gone. He tried not to let words like “stagnant” and “lonely” dance around in his mind. They were two separate people who needed to do things independently. Dan REALLY needed to accept that. The brown haired boy rolled his eyes at his actions and proceeded to do some premium shit posting for what felt like an eternity until he heard rattling downstairs that indicated Phil was returning. Dan didn’t move a muscle and tried very hard to show no excitement about the fact that his flatmate was back. The closer Phil’s footsteps got, the better he felt. Maybe it was weird, but he didn’t want to think about it too much. He just wanted Phil to come back so he could start breathing normally again.

When Phil entered the lounge, he looked winded and jittery. His awkward stance seemed even more awkward and he was chewing at his bottom lip while holding on to a paper bag for dear life.

Dan grunted, hoping that it came off as casual interest.

“Dan? Can we talk about something?”

Dan’s panic came back tenfold and he could feel his palms sweating as he placed his laptop on the coffee table. Why did Phil seem so serious and nervous? They were home.

“Sure, Phil. What’s up?”

“First off, I’m just going to be upfront. What I’m about to propose is weird and you 100% don’t have to do it. If you want, after I’m done speaking, you can act like this conversation never happened. Alright?”

Dan’s heart felt like it was going to beat out of his chest from the anxiety. He didn’t know what was going on at all.


“You’ve seemed a bit off for a while now. I think I know why. I mean, life has been crazy for the both of us what with the book and the tour and everything. “
“Yeah. Things have been intense. I keep thinking that I’ll get a better handle on everything. I mean, we did BBC and I even did a documentary but it’s just been more overwhelming than I had thought it would be.”

Dan sighed heavily as if he had gathered it from the bottom of his soul. He was embarrassed but relieved to finally admit to Phil that he was having a hard time. It helped him feel like he wasn’t keeping a big secret. Phil smiled gently and began to open the paper bag. He pulled out a pacifier. It was baby blue with a little cartoon puppy in the middle. He also pulled out what appeared to be a dog collar. It was black and basic looking. Nothing to call home about.

Dan looked at the items and furrowed his brows.

“What are those for?”

“I know this sounds fucking crazy…but I kind of think that I could help you relax. I think we could help each other.”

“I’m not following”.

Phil felt himself blush. This might have been the worst thing he’s ever thought to do. It just seemed like it would be worth it.

“I was thinking we could turn the house into a kind of safe place. We know each other well and we trust each other. If you wanted, we could…role play…together.”

They both sat in silence for what felt like ages. Dan and Phil weren’t dating. Dan honestly didn’t even know if Phil dated at all. With the exception of some drunken rendezvous, they NEVER addressed anything romantic regarding one another. That was just for the shippers. It wasn’t anything real. Dan felt like he had heard something wrong, but the pacifier and collar were still in Phil’s pale hands.

“I’m sorry. This was a bad idea” Phil said, disheartened.


Phil looked at Dan who was studying the pacifier as if it was something he’d never seen before.

“What…what would we do?” Dan asked slowly.

“Whatever you wanted. I could wrap you in a blanket and give you the pacifier. You could watch your favorite movies and play video games. I could…I could feed you and bathe you.” Phil’s voice was little more than a whisper as if saying all of this too loudly would scare Dan away. When Dan started gazing at the collar, Phil cleared his throat and continued.

“If you wanted, I could put the collar on you and it could be more of a…pet…thing. I could pet you and you wouldn’t talk and I could teach you tricks and feed you treats out of my hand. Things like that.”

Dan was breathing shakily. It all sounded so nice, but it was so unexpected.

“Why…what made you want this?”

“I think we have a lot of responsibilities…and this could be an escape for us both.”

Dan looked into Phil’s breathtaking eyes and felt himself get light headed. He inhaled deeply, just now realizing that he was holding his breath.

“Th-that wouldn’t be weird for you? To do that? With me?”

Phil ducked his head down and smiled.

“No. I think I’d rather enjoy it. It doesn’t have to turn into anything sexual. I just want to be bonded to you.”

“What do you mean?” Dan asked while leaning in closer to Phil. The faint smell of his cologne made Dan feel warm and happy.

“I don’t know, Dan. Just…over the years, I’ve found myself wanting to be closer to you. I enjoy you. I just thought this could be something that we share. A little more intimate.”

Phil braved a glance, and was greeted with rosy cheeks and half lidded eyes. Dan looked as if he was under a trance, and Phil could feel his breath on his lips. Phil wanted to devour him. He wanted to kiss Dan breathless. He wanted to bite and lick at his pink lips and pale neck until he was littered with bruises. He wanted to place his hands around his throat and relish the noises of hearing an angel gasp for air. He wanted Dan so badly that he could barely stand it, but he didn’t want to push. He resisted the urge to kiss him and put the items back into the bag.


“Yes, Dan?”

“Are you sure you wouldn’t mind? If…”

“Not at all.”

Dan closed his eyes and imagined it. He imagined Phil feeding him applesauce while he wore one of their comfortable onesies. He imagined sucking on the pacifier while Phil’s soft hands played with his hair. He shivered, and looked down at his lap.

“I want that, Phil. I want…you to take care of me.”

“I’ll take such good care of you. I promise.”

Phil put his hand on Dan’s cheek and rubbed lightly. Never in his wildest dreams did he think that Dan would say yes, but he was going to make sure that he gave Dan everything he needed.

Dan closed his eyes and leaned in to the touch. He brought both hands up to meet the one on his cheek. Then, he slowly turned his head and opened his mouth. Phil watched in shock as Dan took Phil’s thumb into his mouth and began to suck it. The older man froze, unsure of the appropriate action to take. Dan’s mouth was warm and he was sucking as if he were feeding from a bottle. His soft tongue was gently pressed to the pad of Phil’s thumb and he was letting out barely audible moans of gratification.

They stayed like this for a few precious moments until Dan let the thumb fall from his mouth. They stared into one another’s eyes without a word. There was too much to say. There was nothing to say.

“Soon, Dan. I’m going to make you feel better so soon. I promise”

Dan nodded his head in understanding and stood up to go to his room. He had been through too many emotions and all he knew he needed in that moment was to lie the fuck down.

Phil headed to his room as well, head spinning and half a hard on straining his black denim jeans. As soon as he closed his door, he unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. He flopped down on his bed and roughly pulled down his pants and briefs until his penis was freed. He wasted no time, placing his hand around his cock and fucking up into his own hand. He put his other hand around his mouth, trying not to make enough noise for Dan to hear. He wanted to appear as neutral as possible until Dan gave him permission. Even still, images of fucking Dan into his mattress flooded his mind and he was bucking so erratically into his own hand that he was grateful that his headboard was too sturdy to hit the wall. He knew he wasn’t going to last long and after a few harsh thrusts and a twist of his wrists around his swollen head, he was spilling all over his hand. He panted for a few moments and then awkwardly reached for a towel from his laundry hamper.

Little did he know, Dan was in the room across from him, doing the exact same thing while gently whispering…


Why Smart People Join Cults

My stomach is tight and my mood is grim. I just finished watching Going Clear, an excellent documentary on the cult of Scientology.

I’m always deeply grateful when an ex-cult member shares their personal, painful, even shameful story. They do so at great personal risk, and to add insult to injury, many are swift to laugh at them. “Who are the dopes who buy into this stuff?” one Internet commentator wrote. After all, Scientology is a ridiculous story concocted in order to exploit people for money and sex. Satirists are quick to quip, “So it’s basically Christianity!”

It apparently comes as a surprise to a lot of people that you can be intelligent, educated, and in a cult. I personally think that every last one of us believes something false, but beyond that, there’s a good reason so many otherwise normal people sign up – and I think we’re going to see many more join cults in the next few decades.

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Zootopia Deleted Scenes Review! :D

They are here!

Early release of the deleted scenes of Zootopia!

There are seven deleted scenes, so it’s time for Will’s review of it!

I don’t know why it’s released today, but who cares?! 

Lets do this thing!!!

1. Alternate Opening Scene

This scene, I actually enjoyed it. 

I think this scene is WAY BETTER than the one we got in the final cut.

In the final cut, I didn’t see the motivation on why Judy wanted to be a police officer, and it shows the stereotypical bullying scene with Gideon and Judy.

I do like that scene and Gideon, it just could’ve been done better.

But in this scene, the scene takes more time, everyone doesn’t like Judy because she always messes up on her play, it shows her teacher basically saying, “You can only be what you are.” And, we get the motivation on why Judy wants to be an officer of the law. She saved a cat from a tree, haha. And when her teacher said, “Someone call the police!”, it was like a trigger to Judy on what she finally wants to do. 

And I just adore this scene for being cute, emotional, and intense. 

2. Nick’s Wilde Times

I actually think this is a cute scene. 

This was the original concept of the film, with the tame collars and Wilde Times Amusement Park.

I think this is cute, shows that he’s actually working hard on making other preds happy by building a park for them. 

And they’re funny jokes like, “Rat-Hole”, “Hogwash”, and “Dead horse”. 

It’s kinda racist, but funny at the same time. 

And we get to see the mafia give Nick the loan for his park.

And that’s it, it’s creative, funny, and kinda sad when Nick was keep getting rejected.

3. Homesick Hopps

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!










4. Detective Work

This scene is phenomenal also!

It shows more of visual storytelling, Judy looking through the files on Bob’s computer, rather than just looking at a case file on Clawhausers’s desk and just finding out who’ the witness.

I think now that comparing to the final cut scene that we got in theaters, I think this deleted scene is better.

It’s so adorable seeing Judy excited of being assigned to the case, her getting up on the desk ‘cause she’s small, and her typing Emmitt on the computer was, oh my god! <3





5. Original Jumbo Pop

















6. Hopps Apartment


Can’t show the video thumbnail because I used so many videos to paste on this post, but I still give you the video.









7. Taming Party


This is basically just an extended version of the tame collar scene from the documentary, nothing much to be said.

It’s alright.

Anyway, that is my review :D!

What did you guys think of it?

Like and reblog.

That is my take.

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A video about spectating, a bit of game theory, and falling in love with competitive Super Smash Bros.

Transcript below the cut.

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Scripty Saturday #3 Part 1: All About Mrs. Scripty

Hey-o, Scripty-O’s! Welcome back to Scripty Saturday, the now once-monthly feature where you guys ask me questions about anything non-medical you want, and I try to answer them to the best of my ability!

This week sure did gather some excitement for Scripty Saturday. Topics will apparently include dogs, Mrs. Scripty, flowers, superpowers, my own writing, and a VERY interesting question about resentment.

However, Mrs. Scripty was VERY popular this time around, so much so that this post became enormous and I had to cleave it in twain.

So this chunk will handle all the questions about Mrs. Scripty, while the second post (going up tonight) will handle…. literally everything else.

Let’s dig right in!!!

Wife Questions

Anonymous said:
For Scripty Saturday: how did you and Mrs. Scripty meet? Who proposed? Give me the Scripty love story I wanna know (and I completely understand if you don’t feel comfortable answering this). All the best to you and Mrs. Scripty! :)            


jottingprosaist said:
How did you meet Ms Scripty? Please tell me it was very gay and adorable!  


Anonymous said:
Ooh, Scripty Saturday! Then I gotta ask: how did you meet Mrs. Scripty?? (And yes - is she pretty?)            

Rest assured, jottingprosaist, it was indeed very gay and (I think) adorable.

We met through fanfiction, believe it or not!

Mrs. Scripty somehow found my (absolutely atrocious) writing on a fanfiction site that has long hence been taken down, and started commenting on my fic. I was taking a character who had absolutely no business being a paramedic and making her one, and most people gave me no feedback because I wasn’t writing what everyone else on the site was writing, but Mrs. Scripty was writing such good feedback that I would come home from work and immediately check the site to see if she’d left me any that day.

Feedback turned to emails, asking about characters, to co-authoring part of a series (that I was really proud of, I think it would have been really good if we had stuck with it for more than 3 episodes). And that turned into late-night cross-country phone calls, and a rather furtive declaration of love (mine).

I still can’t believe she moved across the country for me. But eighteen months later we packed her things into her truck, and drove it all across the country with this amazing road trip (there were buffalo and a road that said If road is flooded, turn around, don’t drown, and the road was flooded so we turned around and we didn’t drown but we could have if  we hadn’t listened), and the best burger of my life, and these beautiful rolling hills and just…. mmm.

When she moved here we were living with my mom in a tiny, cramped space and it took forever to move out.

Believe it or not, it was medicine that made me propose.

I was thinking about the future, about what I would want if I ever couldn’t make decisions for myself. (If medicine, particulary EM, does one thing, it forces you to contemplate the mortality of you and your loved ones. If you love a person who works in emergency medicine, and they love you, they have had daymares about your death at least once.)

We were at a point in our relationship where she was ready to get engaged, but I wasn’t. I wasn’t… sure that I could be a good wife. That I could stay faithful. I had broken off every relationship I had ever been in, for one reason for another, and I loved her to hell and back, but could I stay?

And I was thinking about these decisions, and who would have to make them, and I realized that no matter how old I saw myself as, no matter what it was that was going on, it was always her standing by my bedside. Not my mom, not my sister. Her.

The next morning we woke up to a slow day off together, and made up a high-five in bed, and I proposed in pajamas in the doorway that led to the kitchen.

That was…. five years ago? And I’ve stayed, and I always will stay, if she’ll have me.

Oh, and for that last anon…. Mrs. Scripty is absolutely gorgeous. She has freckles and dark hair and light eyes (the most amazing eyes, there’s actual fire in them…). And yes, seeing a picture of her makes me smile.

splatman7300 said: 
For scripty Saturday: cutest thing about your wife, favorite small moment with your wife, one thing you want to say about your wife (other than she’s awesome cause we all know that 😜) love you!            

Love you too Splatters!!!

Cutest thing about my wife…. gods, when she smiles. It just… She lights up like a little kid sometimes, when she’s talking about a good story or being cute and silly, and it just… you guys, she makes me melt inside.

Favorite small moments…. Honestly, we don’t get a whole lot of time together, because I work ridiculous hours, and our schedules are opposite (I work evenings, she works days), so being in the same place at the same time is a minor miracle. But I can count on the fact that when I lay down in bed she’ll snuggle right in to me. And I love giving her shoulder rubs. I’m really good at them (I’ve had nurses line up for shoulder rubs) and she stores a lot of stress up there, so I’m always happy to get to touch her and she’s always happy to be massaged.

Win. Win

Anonymous said:
For scripty saturday: what are your and mrs scripty’s favorite couple activities to do on your days off? Do you go for walks and stop by a cafe? Do you watch cute puppy documentaries and have brunch?            

If by “puppy documentaries” you mean “Supergirl”, then yes, we watch puppy documentaries! (That’s basically what it is…)

Originally posted by descendintothemaddness

“Brunch” is more likely me making us pancakes; of the two of us I’m the one who likes to cook, but sometimes we go out. She’s big on the outdoors, so when the weather is nice we hike and walk and play outside. I’ll follow her anywhere, and she likes to get out of town.

Generally I’m really bad at planning things, because with a schedule like mine I just want to sit, but it’s important to do as well. But honestly, any night we get to eat a meal together and curl up and watch TV is basically heaven.

Stay Tuned for Part 2!

Part 2 of this will cover…. well, everything that isn’t Mrs. Scripty (and at least one thing that is). It’ll post in the late afternoon.

Love you guys!!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty

rule number two ✰ beek fanfiction

disclaimer: i do not own bunny and creek, nor the idea behind them. everything belongs to @vikconder and vik only. i’m also so sorry for ruining your babies with my writing, vik, but i felt like i needed to get this out of my system or else. by the way, this is a tiny little bit nsfw-ish, but it doesn’t go into full nsfw territory so, don’t worry if you want to read this in public !! by the way, i didn’t edit this so, this is the full thing unreviewed.

Very few people knew this, but Bunny – local teenage heartthrob that doubled as that one rebellious kid with the sides of his head shaved and his ears pierced – lived his life by two very simple rules, rules that were made both for special occasions and that he strongly adhered to:

1) If he came across anything, from a dirty magazine to a simple shirt, that was bunny-themed or reminded him of bunnies, he had to buy it, no matter the amount of money he had with him at the time or the price of the thing in question. It was a fact that Bunny fucking loved bunnies, a love that was only rivaled by one thing, and one thing only…

2) If the moment was right, whether he was in public or in private with his ‘special friend’, Bunny had to fuck Creek. Or Creek had to fuck him. Whatever, really, as long as someone had a dick up their ass, anything suited his boat. (Besides, Creek was pretty hot in any position they had tried so far anyway so, who cares if Bunny was the one being fucked, as long as he could enjoy the view?)

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