i just found this :d


GINNY WEASLEY / TOM RIDDLE ◇ LEFT HOOKa time travel fic by @elicitillicit

She should feel dirty, nauseous, repulsed, but his breath is hot against her skin and she cannot ignore the crackle of his magic pushing against her bones. Tom Riddle is magnetic in all the meanings of the word, and she blames hormones and puberty for the rush of desire that sets her blood on fire when he presses closer. 

“You’re sick,” she whispers unconvincingly, and he smiles, sharp and feral. 

“I need someone to tell me what to do.”

Me: Oh man you know what I miss? My old Digimon D-3 digivice that was like a tamagotchi with a pedometer. Maybe I’ll buy another one.
*googles sale price for it. Sees the one I’m thinking about going for $130-170*
Me: Nostalgia ain’t that powerful…


Simon Baker in Sex & Death 101 (he’s just so pretty in this movie I might gif the whole thing….)