i just found these pictures

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Do you have any type of visual guide to the bmc characters? I always see pictures of the cast and drawings of the characters but i have no idea who's who?

bonus: the gal’s halloween outfits (except jenna i couldn’t find any pictures EDIT: jenna’s the clown in the back lmao) 

also! i have tags for each one of them so if need you can go through my tags (also rich is usually drawn with a red streak in his hair, and most people draw the squip as a handsome computer) 

the actors, too, just in case:

  • jeremy - will connolly 
  • michael - george salazar
  • christine - stephanie hsu
  • rich - gerard canonico
  • jake - jake boyd
  • brooke - lauren marcus
  • chloe - katlyn carlson
  • jenna - katie ladner
  • squip - eric william morris
  • jeremy’s dad/scary stockboy/mr reyes - paul whitty

artist- Iren Horrors
i found the fucking picture cropped just like this, with no clue of the artist. it’s since been credited. i don’t steal art i share it because i like it.
stop fucking calling me the asshole when you’re the one assuming shit and being an asshat. And don’t come in throwing shit around months after i credited the artist like you are some kind of savior that’s going to change the world by telling me i did something wrong. crawl back up your ass and keep your negativity to yourselves thank you.

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