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Prompt: “We need to talk”

Characters: Bucky Barnes x reader

Gender: Any/Neutral      Words: 611

Triggers: Kidnapping, mentions of blood and slapping, mentions of death

-I had a hard time coming up with something for this for some reason - but I finally came up with this - probably not what you had in mind for the prompt but yeeah lol still hope you enjoy it

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Steve fiddled with his hands nervously as he approached the room Bucky was in, walking in he saw Bucky sitting in a chair. Clearing his throat, Bucky looked up, immediately seeing the worried look on Steve’s face.

“Steve?” he asked, worry filling his own voice

“Bucky…we need to talk” he said walking closer “It’s about y/n”

“What about y/n?” Bucky’s heart started pounding

“On the mission, y/n and Barton had to go dark, but when the time came for them to meet up y/n never showed. SHIELD has no idea where they are”

Bucky stood up, quickly walking past Steve “When was the last time anyone heard from them?”

“Over forty hours ago” Steve said keeping pace next to Bucky

You sat in the chair as the men walked around you, trying to intimidate you. Taking a deep breath through your nose, all you could smell was your own blood. When you went dark you had no way to communicate with anyone, you couldn’t tell them you were being followed, and you couldn’t warn them when you were ganged up on by a large group of men, so now you here.

“Now, I am going to ask you again, what was a SHIELD agent doing in my city?” the man that had been interrogating you asked, bringing his face close to yours

“Ever heard of a vacation?” you said, a bored tone in your voice.

The man snarled at you before slapping you across the face “I’m getting tired of you” he said in an aggravated voice.

“You and me both, pal” you said, quickly earning another slap

“Enough! Just tell me what you-” 

Suddenly gunfire was heard somewhere in the building, the man gave his men a look and they immediately ran out of the room.

“Times up” you smirked at the man, earning a scared yet angry look

He unchained your hands, planning on dragging you away, but that was a bad idea on his part. As soon as your hands were free you wrapped the chain around the mans neck and threw him on the ground, punching him until you knocked him out. Grabbing the key from his pocket you freed yourself.

Standing up you quickly threw yourself on the ground as another man came into the room and started firing at you. Managing to run into the adjacent room you waited for the man to round the corner. As you saw the barrel of his gun enter the room you grabbed it and pulled the man in. As you fought he threw you onto a table as you kicked him in the groin. As he pulled out a knife and lifted it to stab you, he faltered as a bullet entered his chest. As he fell to the ground you turned quickly, seeing Bucky standing in the doorway.

You sighed out, relieved “What took you so long?”

Bucky gave you a small smile before walking up to you, his hand found your bloodied face, a look of worry covered his “Are you okay?”

“I’ll be fine” you said honestly “Now, lets go home” you said walking towards the bag that held your weapons.

Sitting in the helicarrier next to Bucky you closed your eyes, exhausted from the past few days. Lying your head on Bucky’s shoulder you felt him turn his head to look down at you. You smiled as you felt his hand intertwine with yours.

Bucky smiled down at you, glad that you were okay, and glad that he managed to find you in time. Lying his own head against the wall he closed his eyes, comforted by the warmth of your hand in his.

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(NOT my gif/s)(NOT my characters except reader)

Pairings: Bucky (Demon!Bucky) x Reader

Summary; AU- Sorcery it’s a farce. At least that’s what you thought before your little sister, Wanda, found an old magic book and decide to try a spell so his crush fell in love with her. To your atonishment and hers the spell works and now she has to face the drawback; she has sold her soul to a demon called Bucky in exchange the favor. Now, you are forced to intervene and reach an agreement with said demon.

Warnings: Language, angry Bucky and angry reader, SMUT, sex scenes, oral, penetration and all kind of sexy things, angels, demons and all kind of religious stuff.

A/N; YAAASS, nothing to add. Oh, and sorry for the grammar mistakes, I swear  i don’t see them until I post… :/

Tags;  @bexboo616 @minaphobia @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x  @hollycornish  @jenn0755  @imgettingmarriedtobuckybarnes  @cry-me-a-fkin-river  (tags are open!)

Chapter1   Chapter2   Chapter3  Chapter4  Chapter5  Chapter6

Chapter 7

- Y/N - he greets not tearing his gaze apart from Sam, who’s really annoyed for the interruption - I would like to talk to you. Alone.

- Dude, get the fuck away - Sam stands up - We were having a moment there, ya know? - Oh my God, no.

- Sam… - you warn when Bucky tilts his head reminding you as a predator. His aura dangerously similar to the one he had with Marcus - Why don’t you go inside? I’ll come in a moment - you push him not wanting your friend to get hurt

- Yeah Sam, why don’t you go inside? - Bucky mocks and you glare at him

- The fuck did you say, man? - Sam approaches him prepared to fight. Oh fuck no, you know he doesn’t have a chance againts Bucky

- Go inside Sammy, the dame is asking nice. I won’t - Bucky growls and you can see how his pupils start to dilate

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Social Suicide part 7

Pairings: Bucky x reader

Warnings: swearing, fluff, alcohol

Your body slammed to the mat with full force, and you thought you heard something crack; but you jumped back up before Bucky could lunge at you again. He’d finally agreed on training with you after you passed his test in the bedroom a few weeks ago, and you weren’t about to ruin that. And even though you’d never admit to it, you kind of enjoyed kicking his ass and vice versa. Though today, he kicked your ass thoroughly. 

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A Daddy

Summary: Aidan’s reaction to finding out he’s a daddy!

Pairing: Aidan/You

Inspiration - @imagine-aidan

Word Count: 2,176

(Cred to @twelvepercentt)

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Ok this my story how I met Sebastian Stan! WARNING CUTENESS OVERLOAD!! I’ve met a lot celebritys but NEVER someone like Sebastian! And to be honest I’ll never meet someone again who will be so cute like Sebastian. Me and two friends waited for them since Saturday (8.1.15) we knew where they live so we waited there. On Monday (8.4.15) at 10pm we wanted to go home in like 20 minutes. And then we saw a car comes back and we hold or captain shield and the driver turned around and told the people in the back that we’re waiting for them. First nothing happend and we went back to the main entrance. Few minutes later someone came out of the hotel and asked if we’re waiting for captain america first I didn’t recognized him (shame on me) but Maggie knew exactly who he was. JOE RUSSO! He was soo nice! We got autographs and pictures. And you know I love Elizabeth Olsen and Maggie asked joe if she’ll comes to Berlin. He said “no, I’m so sorry, she’s done with shooting.” And seriously I wanted to cry! I told him that I have a shirt with Wanda and Pietro on it. And Joe smiled so big. @imsebastianstan Then we asked him about Sebastian, because he came out of the hotel a few hours ago (i noticed him but Maggie and kathi was like nooo he’s not driving with a taxi when he has a car, I WAS RIGHT) Joe unfortunately said ‘oh I’m so sorry I don’t know but he’s probably still out there. He’s such a sweetheart, when you see him just scream his name and he will come.“ Then Joe went back in the hotel but before he was in it he said ‘I’ll tell the others to come out.” We didn’t thought that he’ll do it, because come on a lot of people say this and nothing happens but still I had hope. We just stood there and waited when suddenly a guy came out of the hotel. First kathi and i didn’t nocited him. And Maggie couldn’t say word.Then I’ve turned around and then I saw him. I was shocked, my mouth was open and I could only say “guys…OH MY GOD!!!“He smiled sooo big! And he said "oh my german fans! And he opened his arms and I just thought that is an invitation and hugged him! He smelled soo good. We were still shocked cause he came out of the hotel JUST FOR US!! Sebastian: I heard youre still waiting just for me. I came back earlier and I didn’t knew you’re waiting for me. I’m so sorry We: it’s our third day so it’s okay.Sebastian: wow! He was soo nice and really interested. He really wanted to know things about us. We talked so much!! Me: we just found out lizzie is done with the shootingSebastian: Olsen? Yeah she’s done.. I wished we shot the whole movie here in Berlin. It’s such a beautiful city! the Berlinale is here right? And the Sony center! We: the whole movie here would’ve been so awesome! We: we saw the picture with you and the fan at the gendarmenmarktbSebastian: ? Oh Yeees that picture! We: yeah, it’s everywhere, everyone is freaking out! Oh my god it’s Sebastian!! We: you guys were partying Saturday night right?Sebastian: WHAT? no, we all came Friday afternoon and Saturday I had to shoot We: Is Mark really here??Sebastian: Mark? I don’t know.. I don’t think so..Is he? We: the german News wrote it..And by the way captain america winter soldier is the best!! Sebastian: aw thank you but civil war is better soo much better trust me you will love it. I cant wait for this movie to come out!! Then we got autographs and pictures with him (he’s not like "don’t touch me” hes pressing you really tight against him!!) and I wanted to hug him again so I ask him and he just spread his arms and said yeeah sure! I told him when we hugged each other (MY FACE WAS ON HIS CHEST!!) that he’s the perfect winter soldier and he said thank you so so much! It looked like he just came out of the shower! In his pyjamas I’m really sure it was his pyjama! And it’s still soo unreal that he came out just for us! And we wished him a goodnight and fun here in Berlin. And he’s just the cutest person in the world!! YOU HAVE TO LOVE HIM!! REALLY NOW I HAVE THE BIGGEST CRUSH EVER ON HIM! #SebastianStan #CaptainAmerica #CivilWar #Berlin #cutest #ilovehim #crush #biceps

Welcome To Gravity Falls Ch. 2

This took longer then I wanted it to but I finally got it done. It’s not as funny as the first chapter but it’s a start. I’ll edit it a bit in the morning.
“-but the pies Dipper!” Mabel protested as she was dragged out of their apartment complex. “Think of all the pies!”

“Mabel for the last time ” Her twin replied in sheer consternation. “Don’t eat things you find on the ground!”

She pouted at his back, her cheeks puffing out. “But they were outside our door Dip.” She griped. “It was destiny! I was ‘meant’ to eat them!”

He shot her an incredulous look. “That, Mabel that’s worse.” The scientist turned back around but tightened his grip on his twin’s hand as they crossed into a busier area of town. “Eating pies you find lying outside our door isn’t, I know you know better you’re just trying to mess with me.”

A laugh escaped the long haired brunette. “That,” she agreed, “and I reeeeally like pie.”

Dipper snorted in response, dodging around some pedestrians wandering down the street. He blinked and took a second look at said pedestrians.

They were staring at them.

Frowning he glanced discreetly around and found that pretty much everyone was staring at them. Which was, actually really creepy. Maybe it was because they were new?

“Dipper are you listening?” He started at the sound of his sister’s voice and turned to look at her. She had an eyebrow raised and he realized that she’s been talking and he hadn’t heard a word of it.

“Um, yes?” He tried.

“Dippeeeer.” She whined falling forward to drape herself across his back. “Pay attention to meee.”

Laughing he released her hand and grabbed her legs, pulling her into a piggy back. She laughed gleefully and wrapped her arms around his neck. “I always pay attention to you.” He sniped back playfully.

“Yeah.” The sweater obsessed twin agreed, tugging his hat off his head and propping her chin on it instead. “Except for when you aren’t.”

“-suspicious looking clouds blocking out the sun-” they passed by a radio with several people surrounding it with interested and serious expressions on their faces. Dipper gave them a weird look but didn’t comment, instead replying to his twin’s whining.

“You’re ridiculous.” He told her.

“And you’re a huge nerd.” She replied kicking him lightly in the sides of his legs. “Hya! Onward noble steed! To the diner!”

“Ow, Mabel!” The scientist stumbled and nearly dropped her. “Cut it out! We’ll get there when we get there!”

“Well we wouldn’t ‘have’ to get there if you would’ve just let me eat those pies.”

“Oh my god let it go.” He groaned. “I told you, let me test them for, poison and stuff and then you can eat them.”

She pouted. “Spoil sport.” Another kick. “Hya!”



“-and that’s why you shouldn’t own birds.” They entered the diner and were greeted by the sounds or idle chatter, accompanied by a cheerful voice drawling over the radio. Dipped set Mabel down and the two wandered over to the nearest empty booth.

“Big Soos’s Diner Shack.” Mabel commented as she picked up the menu, the words were splayed in large letters at the top, underneath it heartily endorsed their pizza. “It says they’ve got good pizza here.”

“It looks like that’s pretty much all they sell.” Dipper commented after flipping briefly through the menu. “I wonder why it’s a diner and not like, a pizzeria or something. And what’s up with shack? Why shack?”

“-the new residents-”

“I dunno.” Mabel shrugged. “I’m getting pizza, ooh! Breakfast pizza!” She chirped, her eyes lighting up. “It comes on a giant waffle! I’m getting it.”

Her twin’s nose wrinkled in disgust. “You’re going to put whipped cream on it aren’t you?”


“Sup dudes, can I take your orders?” They both turned at the warm voice and found themselves face to face with a large grinning man.

“Breakfast pizza and a chocolate milkshake!” Mabel cheered.

The man laughed. “Excellent choice hambone.” He held out a hand and she gladly high fived him. “And what about you, same thing or something different?”

Dipper gnawed on his lower lip briefly before sighing at his sister’s pleading look. “I’ll have the breakfast pizza.” He said in resignation. “But no milkshake! Just a Pit Soda.”

The man saluted them. “I’m on it.” He then turned and made his way towards the kitchen area.

“-reports of glittering-”

“This is gonna be so good.” Mabel said waving her hands in excitement.

“You said the same thing about Extreme Mabel Juice.” Dipper informed her, gathering their menus and placing them on the edge of the table.

“I thought the mustard would add texture.” She replied with an unrepentant grin.

He raised an eyebrow at her. “And the glitter?”

“No regrets.”

He snorted. “So what’re you going to do while I’m at work?” He asked deciding a change in topic was for the best. That and he was worried about her wandering around an unfamiliar town by herself. Especially one this weird.

Mabel shrugged and grabbed up the various packets on the side of the table and began stacking them into a tiny car. “Maybe I’ll go hang out with Gruncle Stan for a while.”

“Did you remember to get his address?” Her two questioned as she grabbed some straws.

“Uuuuh.” She hesitated. “If I say no, how upset will you be?”

“Moderately leaning towards vaguely annoyed.”

“Then I completely forgot!” She chirped.

“Forgot what hambones?” The voice startled them and they turned to see their waiter standing beside the table, holding their drinks.

“She forgot to ask our Gruncle Stan where he lives.” Dippe explained, accepting his drink.

“Stan?” The man asked sounding surprised. His grin stretched. “You mean Stan Pines?”

“Yeeeeees?” Mabel says, more of a question then a statement. “Do you know him?”

“-small uprising in the squirrel-”

“You better believe I do!” The man laughed. “Stan helped me buy this place!”

“Really?” Dipper asked sounding but surprised and disbelieving. “That sounds, not at all like something he would do.”

“Yep,” The man looked incredibly proud. “And all I had to do was give him sixty percent of my profits, put shack in the restraunts name and put his face on all the napkins!”

As one Mabel and Dipper reached for the napkins. Sure enough, there was their Gruncle Stan’s face, smiling cheesily up from the cheap paper napkin.

“Yeah that totally sounds like him.” Dipper corrected quietly.

“So you’re Big Soos?” Mabel asked setting her napkin down.

“That’s me.” Soos agreed cheerfully. “But you can just call me Soos.”

“I’m Mabel.” The girl claimed happily, she then poured across the table at Dipper who was still staring at the napkin. “Thats Dipper. He’s a nerd.”

“Wha-hey!” Dipper sputtered. “Mabel, stop telling people that.”

“Cool to meet you dudes.” Soos grinned holding out his fist to Mabel who tapped it with her own. He held it similarly to Dipper who replied in kind with a hesitant smile. “If you need Stan’s address, I know it.”

“Really?!” Mabel rejoiced grabbing up her Stan napkin and presenting it to him. “Yes please!”

Soos laughed and pulled out, a packet of mustard. Weird. He then proceeded to rip it open, dip his finger in it, and write in neat letters across the napkin. When he was done he wiped his finger off on his apron. “There you go hambone.” He began to walk away. “I’ll be back with your food in a bit!”

Dipped watched him with narrowed, confused eyes. “That was, weird.”

“-which are being used to light the swans-”

“Maybe he just likes mustard.” Mabel hummed setting the napkin carefully down on the table.

“Yeeah. Sure.”

There meals came not to long after Soos left, leaving Dipper to suspect that the man had hurried their orders along. Mabel ate hers with a great deal of gusto and a lot more sprinkles then any one person needed. Dipped managed about half of his before pushing it across the table for his sister to devour.

“We should probably get going.” Dipper said as Mabel popped the last of the pizza in her mouth and he handled the bill. “I have to get to work soon. You have your napkin?”

“Yep!” Mabel trilled snatching it up and practically dancing out of the booth. “Onward to adventure!”

Dipped laughed as he raced to catch up with her. “Mabel wait up!”

“-enjoy your pie kids!” The radio snickered but they were already out of the diner so neither of them heard the ominously cheerful words.


“-and so, thanks to the valiant work of the sheriffs secret police. The squirrel mafia has been placated, with few injuries and minimal losses.” The demon paused. “Or was that, high losses?” He squinted at his paper and then shrugged. “Whatever, the point is its over and we don’t have to worry or think about it,” his voice echoed slightly, “ever again.”

The dream demon brightened. “On a lighter note, I have been informed that my dear meat listeners took the time to bake some good old fashioned pies for our newest residents. Excellent work listeners, I’m very proud of what a united and welcoming community you’re representing.” He snickered suddenly and turned towards his fake window which was now showing a view of Dipper Pines, experimenting on a pie with a very serious look on his face.

“My sources tell me that our newest scientist is hard at work testing each and every one of them for ‘harmful toxins’ as we speak. Isn’t that adorable listeners?” He cooed cupping his chin in the palm of his hand. “It’s sweet how dedicated he is to the pursuit of scientific inquiry. Don’t you think human and non human listeners?”

“Hmm,” he reclined in his seat, “maybe I should send him something else to study. Something more interesting then pie.” The demon grinned and it was all teeth, sharp and white. “What do you think listeners? Send in your suggestions and I’ll look them over!”

“And by send them in, I mean think them very loudly and then scream triangle into the sky.” His grin widened. “I’ll hear you. Whoever’s suggestion wins gets a free pin! Custom made by the Sheriff’s Secret Police and no there is definitely not a tracking device in it. What would ever give you that idea?”

“Now then, about those clouds-”

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Harry is a famous pop star hiding from crazy fans and hides out in the backroom where he meets Niall the stock boy who doesn't recognize him and they spend hours talking (and falling in love)

Harry doesn’t know how it happened, but here he is, running down a hall as screams bounce off the walls after him, and he doesn’t know where the fuck his security is, but they are so getting fired when he finds them. But wait, salvation! Harry sees this large metal door with a keypad lock, and there’s a brick holding it open but not for long as Harry shoves it aside and slides inside, listening to the door shut with a satisfying click.

The sound of screams is easily cut in half and Harry feels twice as safe now, but he still takes steps back as though the door is going to explode inward at any minute. Harry knows he’s not going to feel any better just standing here, staring, so he decides to check out his new digs, because he feels like he’s going to be here for quite some time, at least until the buzz cools down.

There isn’t much in this room, just a large control panel and a breaker box, but there’s another door with ominous stairs heading into darkness, and it’s either that or just staying here so, Harry starts heading down. Surprisingly, the stairs lead into a brightly lit room full of storage shelves, but Harry hasn’t even had his feet on the ground for a second when there’s a yell.

“Oy!” This lanky blonde man in a janitor’s jumpsuit comes whipping around a corner, shaking a broom in one hand and his bare fist with the other. “No, fuck off.” He barks, pointing back up the stairs and, for once in his life, Harry has no idea what to say to smooth things over. “You’re not supposed to be down here.”

“I’m,” Harry stammers, blinking a good half dozen times as he tries to think of an adequate response, before he decides to just go the classic way. It’s worked before, so Harry can’t think of a reason as to why it wouldn’t work again. “Excuse me?” Harry puts on his haughty attitude, crossing his arms over his chest with pompously pursed lips. “Do you even know who I am?”

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Fandom/Pairing: Girl Meets World/Riarkle
Description: (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) It’s been a week since the formal and Smackle realizes that something isn’t right between Riley and Farkle, which inevitably leads the latter to have an enlightening heart-to-heart with Maya.
Words: 1,563
Notes: Sorry it took me so long to continue! But this is the first chapter that strays from Riley’s POV; for narrative purposes I needed to focus on Farkle’s end of things for a while. Thank you so much for reading! ♥

There are 7 days in a week.
It’s sometime within those 7 days after the formal that Isadora Smackle begins to notice the underlying tension between her current boyfriend and the sunshine girl he’d had a crush on since they were children; it confuses her at first, because as everyone who knows her is aware of, feelings and the navigation of such have never come easy to her.
But Isadora Smackle is a genius, and Isadora Smackle likes to find answers for everything she comes into contact with. The situation at hand: Farkle & Riley are the absolute best of friends. So if they’re suddenly acting like they’re… not the best of friends, then there must be a reason why.
Combining this with what she’s learned of human emotions from the last year she’s spent with Riley, Maya & the rest of her friends, she is confident that she’s found the answer.
It makes her sad because she’s very fond of Farkle and has thoroughly enjoyed every minute spent with him. But one of the things she’s learned is that in order for a relationship between two people to be functional, it must be completely and mutually reciprocated. Otherwise, logically, there’s no point in prolonging the inevitable “break-up” that would surely only get worse as time goes on. That’s the natural order of things.
That’s also why it doesn’t feel like much of a sacrifice when she sits him down outside of Topanga’s, at the very same table where they first officiated their relationship.
He’s giving her that goofy smile and asking about something science-related, and as much as she’d like to play along, she knows the easiest way to accomplish her goal is to jump right in and say it. So instead of responding with an equally intelligent comeback like she normally would have done, she folds her hands and gracefully states, “I think we should break up.”
Farkle’s smile fades immediately, eyebrows lowering in confusion.
Unsure of whether or not he heard her properly, she repeats more slowly this time, “I think we should break up.”
“Why…?” a sudden flash of panic causes him to widen his eyes and stand up from his seat, “Wait, it’s not because of the shaving cream incident, is it? Because I HAD NO IDEA THAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN, I SWEAR!
An uncertain grin remains planted on Smackle’s face, though she briefly turns away, contemplating what on earth he was talking about. After a moment or two she shakes her head, “No, that is not why.”
“Then what is it?”
“It’s just…” her solemn eyes trace the vibrant mosaic pattern on the circular table in front of her until she finally lifts her head, speaking with confidence, “As scientists, it is our duty to gather evidence of what is true and then put into place the appropriate course of action.”
Farkle nods, “And…?”
“My evidence says that Riley Matthews needs you more than I do.”

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It's All About Chance || [Cat Dad AU] || shinymetalwings

♜ ] — Work was forever exhausting to Erwin even if it was something he loved doing. Business was a pursuit that had always fascinated him, although at times, he had been drawn to the interesting aspects of military life. However, upon getting married, that thought had faded with time. He had been far too serious into his love for his family to ponder that thought any longer, and even with the death of his wife, he still refused to give into such a dream. Military life simply wasn’t for him. It was fine though, he had long since grown to adore his profession. It helped that his friends Mike and Nile had followed him in that pursuit, both sticking to him like glue; although Nile had recently joined another business chain. Despite that, the three were as close as ever–harassing one another as if they were more brothers than friends.

“Ever been to a club before, Erwin?” Nile asked as he took a small sip of his coffee. It was the norm for them to visit the local coffee shop at least three times a week if they were able. It had been a place they often went to as boys, that eventually just grew on them the older they became. It had a lot of memories to it, a welcome place after a hard day of work. Erwin gently placed his mug down, the liquid now rather lukewarm now. This question was seemingly out of the blue, though Erwin doubted it. Mike and Nile didn’t just ask things for no reason. There was always something behind those words.

“I…have…pondered that thought when I was younger, but I never fell through with going to one.” There was a pause, Erwin turning his gaze over to Nile curiously as eyes narrowed a fraction. Such a rather odd question, one he wasn’t sure he was intent on finding an answer to. His tail swayed slowly, a silent indication of both curiosity and faint agitation. He had a feeling he wasn’t going to particularly like where this was going. “Why are you asking?”

The dark haired man smirked behind his coffee mug for a moment before he placed it back upon the table with a slight thump, glancing over to Mike and sharing a private moment, almost as if telepathically sharing some discussion that involved Erwin, and yet not enough to actually involve him in their plans. That was more than enough for Erwin to know they were up to something nefarious. “Well…Mike and I were thinking about taking you to one. Think of it as an early birthday present.”

As Erwin had thought. They were up to something. Giving a faint sigh, he downed what was left of his coffee, the bitter taste caressing his tongue for a moment before he swallowed it all down. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to at least go experience one—just that the man didn’t find them remotely fascinating at all anymore. As a youth, the thought of stepping into such a place of sordid affairs had intrigued his mind, dredging up mental images that would make his cheeks turn scarlet, but…well…not anymore. He was a father now with hardly any time to bother with such places or the people within. “I–”

“We already asked Hange to look after Armin,” Mike was quick to cut in, deep voice easily tearing away whatever words had been about to leave Erwin’s lips. “It’s just for a few hours, Erwin. You need some kind of time for yourself. We won’t be there all night, so you can get back home in plenty enough time to spend a few hours with your kitten before tucking him in for the night.”

Giving a sigh, Erwin almost lifted up his hand to pinch the bridge of his nose. These two were relentless as always—good intentions be damned. How in the world anyone could get relaxation from half-naked individuals dancing around them or on a stage was beyond his comprehension, but he’d humor the two. This was just a one-time thing he was sure, thus he wouldn’t make too much of a fuss over it. “…Fine, fine. But just this once. I doubt it’ll be of any interest to me anyway.” Both of the men seemed to glow with contentment, ears perked high and tails swaying back and forth. It made Erwin wonder if he should have been a bit more difficult or not. Alas, he wound up giving into their coaxing without too much difficultly. Maybe…because deep down, he was curious himself. The intense interest he had as a young cat was gone of course, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t intrigued by the thought.

After paying their bill to the young man at the counter, they set off to a rather popular club not too far from the shop. It was located downtown in an area Erwin considered unseemly, but it was very well-known for having skilled dancers from a wide spectrum for everyone’s ‘needs’. Erwin wasn’t sure he’d enjoy being in there considering how easily discomforted he was with such things; however, he would do his best he supposed—if only for Mike and Nile since he knew there were good intentions behind their dragging him about to such a place. After struggling to find some form of parking space and bickering about even that, eventually them men found themselves inside the building in question–and as Erwin had expected it to be, it was dimly lit, music blaring from somewhere inside, and the smell of alcohol stroking his nose.

Bothersome. This place was already a rather large bother and he hadn’t even gone that far inside the building yet.

tired pt.3

pt. 1 / pt. 2 / pt. 4

Originally posted by jinkooks

Words: 1.194
Warnings: Angst ( again, this story is pure angst omg) and basically just Jungkook being a total douche

A/N: PLEASE READ THE A/N BELOW THE STORY. I just wanted to thank you guys for being so supportive and tell you again that there’s nothing that makes me happier than you asking for another part or telling me that you like the story so far or even just hitting the like button. Like honestly, it makes my day ^v^

It was uncomfortable. No, that’s a lie. It was fucking unbearable.
After your last little ‘dispute’ Jungkook had only now realized that you meant every word of what you said. Having a break, to distance yourselves from each other.  He had really gotten the hang of it when you first came over after that and didn’t smile at him once.
You were still normal with all the other members, laughing and joking with each other, watching movies, cooking or snuggling on the couch together. It bothered him, whenever he saw you giving one of the members that smile, that smile you were supposed to show only him, he felt a light sting in his heart.
It was slowly starting to annoy the hell out of him.

He needed a distraction.

You woke up, groaning because you had only gotten an hour of sleep. College was becoming a lot more difficult with projects coming up and the fact that Sojin came to start the project with you, both of you just ending up drinking, laughing and crying, abandoning the project on the living room table, wasn’t really a big help.

You blinked and brought your hand to your head. “What time is it…” You searched for your phone, or an alarm clock, anything that could show you the time was alright.
You shoved your hand under your blanket when you felt your phone. You pulled It out from beneath and took a look at the screen. 11:09am. Woops. You looked around for Sojin, but the little munchkin was nowhere to be found.

“Ya, Sojin!” You shouted. “Kitchen.” You heard her singing. How could she be in such a good mood after that much alcohol? But then you remembered. Sojin didn’t drink, at least not half as much as you did.
And that was basically because your heart still ached with want after someone, that did not want you.

You pulled yourself out of your bed, slipped your feet into your slippers and made your way to the kitchen, where you were welcomed by a sweet smell. “Good morning. Feeling better?” She asked, turning her head to you and smiling. “Mh.” You hummed, looking forward to whatever she was preparing.
“Y/N-ah..” She started, her voice careful and slow. “Maybe you shouldn’t go on the internet today. Especially not Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook.” You were confused. “And why is that?”

“Jungkook he..there were some headlines concerning him.” You froze. Your heart immediately beating faster. “What headlines Sojin? Tell me or I am going to look myself.” You stated, becoming more and more nervous.

“He was seen with some girl yesterday. Making..making out. They said he was probably seeing her for a while now. But, but nothing is confirmed so please don’t freak out, okay Y/N? People always like starting rumors..-“ 
“I don’t care.” You said coldly, trying to suppress everything that was going on in you that moment.

“Y/N-ah..-“ “We’re not dating Sojin, we’re not even friends anymore. He can do whatever the hell he wants to. It is none of my concern.”
She sighed.

“If you say so.”

And you were right, it wasn’t any of your concern. It shouldn’t be. But you still couldn’t stop yourself from going online right after Sojin was out, to see the pictures yourself. Which was a huge mistake.

The girl was kissing him in an alleyway. Even though it was dark, you could clearly see that it was indeed Jungkook. The girl had her arms slung around his neck while he held her by her hips. That girl was so beautiful, you thought nothing ever hurt your self-esteem as much as this did. She had wavy long, bleached hair, long and thin legs and yet she had still nice curves that were beautifully pronounced by the tight black dress that she was wearing. You locked your phone and threw it on your bed.

That picture was going to haunt you for quite a while from then on.

I wasn’t until your project was finished two weeks later, that you finally found the time to hang out with them again. You weren’t really prepared for meeting him again, at least not after this stupid article and this stupid picture and this stupid stunning girl. Ugh.

“Y/N! I thought we would never hear from you again!” Hoseok yelled, pulling you into a tight hug. “Yeah.. sorry. I had a stupid project for psychology and it took me ages to finish.” You sighed letting yourself down on the couch next to Yoongi.
He leaned in and whispered something in your ear. “Are you alright?” Yoongi knew about the incident, the fight, everything kind of. Including your feelings for Jungkook.

You just nodded, not really wanting to talk or even think about it. It would just ruin your mood.

All of you, except for Jungkook -thank GOD- , were sitting on the couch in the living room, watching yet another anime movie Seokjin had insisted on watching (after pouting for half an hour.) Everything was peaceful and nice and you enjoyed the company of your best friends, suddenly realizing how much you had missed spending your time with them.

Suddenly you heard the front door open. You heard people stumbling into the dorm, giggling. One of them, what seemed like two people, was undeniably Jungkook. The other though, was a girl.
The giggling came close when they finally stood in the door of the living room and as expected, it was the girl from the picture. The stupid stunningly beautiful girl. And suddenly you felt so small and vulnerable, so much more than you did before.

“Hii look who I brought along with..- Oh.” He stopped mid-sentence when his eyes met yours. They were big in shock and he paused for a second, searching for words.  “I, uhm, brought Hyorin along.” He muttered, not as cheery as he was before. “Hi guys.” The girl, Hyorin, said, greeting you(?) and the boys.

You felt Yoongi’s gaze burn at you when you searched for something to look at, because you were so desperately trying to ignore that the two of them were holding hands.

Suddenly your skin was burning and everything inside you was aching with pain, maybe jealousy and probably even anger because you idiot allowed yourself to be jealous.

“I..” You started. “I am not feeling so well. Probably still sleep deprived from the project, you know. So I guess .. I’m gonna go now.” You said, forcing a smile but your voice wavered half way through the sentence. You gave them a light wave and stormed out, pushing yourself between Jungkook and Hyorin out of the door, towards the front door.

You ignored Yoongi calling after you. You could already feel your eyes getting hotter and hotter by the second, water collecting at the edge of them.

Your heart was hurting, and you felt stupid, so very stupid, as you left the building, not wanting to face the world right now. Because the tears were already coming out.

“You’re such an idiot.” Yoongi growled as he rushed past Jungkook, trying to catch up to you. And at that moment he realized he had completely fucked up.

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Words: 1,409

Warnings: Angst (so much omg), slightly to extreme douchy jimin lol

A/N: -REQUETS ARE OPEN-  first of all, don’t worry y’all, I’m gonna continue ‘language barrier’, but I really was in the mood for some angsty jimin so yeeah pleasedon’t hate me ok i love jimin xD (also, title inspired by ‘let me know’ lyrics ~) ALSO I JUST HIT 300 FOLLOWERS, HOW EVEN ?!; anyways, ENJOY!

“Hi guys!” You greeted the boys happily. As usually the dressing room was quite loud with the boys being all over the place. “Y/N, hi! How is work?” Hoseok asked while getting his make-up done. You shrugged. “It’s okay, I guess. I mean it is fun sometimes but it can be very exhausting as well. I think you know what I’m talking about.” He laughed and you took a seat next to his, greeting the stylist Noona.

“I guess you’re here to see Jimin?” Taehyung said, walking past your seat to get his phone. You nodded, holding on tighter to the little package in your hands. Jimin had recently told you that he felt down a lot at the moment because he has been sick for quite some time and felt like he wasn’t doing any good to the band. So you decided to at least try to cheer him up a little, baking his favorite cookies.

“Well..” Taehyung started. “He isn’t really in the best mood, to put it nicely. He isn’t happy with how he has performed this week so far, so yeah..be careful. Also, he is in the little room in the back somewhere. I think he wanted to cool off or something.” You just chuckled. “It should be fine, I think. We’ve never had any problems talking to each other when we were upset or something. I hope I can cheer him up a little.” Hoseok and Taehyung both smiled when Seokjin took the seat next to yours to get his hair done.

“Oh Y/N-ah, if we could just all have a nice girlfriend such as you are.” You felt your cheeks heat up. “There’s plenty nice girls out there Seokjin, don’t worry.” Smiling, you placed the little package on Jimin’s seat.

You gave them a tiny wave and made your way to the back of the arena. You gave the door a light knock when you arrived.“Jimin?  It’s me.” You said happily, looking forward to seeing him again becauee some time had passed since your last meeting. “Yeah?” You heard him reply, not sounding to happy. You slowly entered and looked around, spotting him sitting on the couch, face buried in his hands.

Worried, you walked to him with a fast pace. “Jiminnie, what’s up?” You put your hand on his, caressing it softly but he shrugged it off. Ouch. He stood up and you took a step back. “Everything sucks. That’s up. I can’t get anything right! Why are you here anyways?” He said with a loud voice and you were taken aback. Why is he talking like that to me? “I wanted to cheer you up a little, I know it’s hard for you right now.”

He snorted. “No, you don’t know anything.” Your eyes grew wide. “Jimin you’re really being rude right now, you do realize that, right?” He just shrugged. “Listen. Try being in a band where everyone expects you to be perfect all the time! I don’t have time for stupid discussions right now.”

Well now he was just starting to piss you off. “No you listen! I came here to help you cheer up a little. How about appreciating that and stop being such a dick.” He rolled his eyes and his provocative way just made you even angrier. “Well, no one asked you to come here, right?”

“What the fuck Jimin?” Why was this conversation even going the way it was? You normally never fought with Jimin. He was always kind and caring and the side he was showing in that moment was completely new to you. “I was just trying to not leave you alone pouting in some backroom because things are not going the way you want to. A simple ‘I would like to be alone right now’ would have been enough, thanks.” You shouted, not realizing that you were raising your voice at him for the first time.

“Then go! Like I said, I never asked you to come here in the first place! You’re not needed here!” He shouted back and you could already feel your face becoming hot. Having the person you love shout things like this at you felt like betrayal somehow, simply because you knew there was no good reason for him to be like this.

“Why are you being like this Jimin? I just wanted to fucking help! “But you’re bothering me right now! Don’t you realize?! You’re bothering me! Maybe Minah was fucking right!” And as soon as the words slipped out of his mouth he felt regret and his face was blank.

Minah was the daughter of a friend of Jimin’s parents. You realized that she didn’t like you from the very beginning, always having her eyes on him. But when you found out that she had told Jimin to break up with you because you weren’t worth it, not pretty enough and being a bother all the time, that just put you on the edges. Back then, Jimin had pulled you into a tight hug, reassuring that not once he had thought that and he thought of you as the most precious thing he’s ever had in his life.

Well, seems like that was a lie.

Y/N..” He said quietly, coming closer and trying to hold your hand but you pulled it back. Suddenly the heat you felt in your face before was everywhere in your body. Your eyes watery, your stomach twisting. Your whole body was aching with an unbearable pain. “No, it’s fine Jimin. I understand.” You said firmly, trying not to sound weak. But the tears were already down your cheek when you looked at his face.

“I’m sorry about that then.” You finally said, turning around, your speed increasing as you were trying to find the quickest way out, vision blurry.
You heard him shout after you, quick footsteps behind you, but you definitely did not want to talk to him anymore, at least not in that moment. He had made it very clear how he thought about you.

Halfway out, you realized you had to go through the dressing room to leave the arena. You mentally cringed and took a deep breath before opening the door and rushing right through the room, avoiding the boy’s gazes as much as you could.

“Ya, Y/N, you’re leaving already?” You heard Jungkook say from the back, right before you were about to go through the door out. You panicked and looked down, not wanting them to see you crying. “Ah, yes. Sorry. Good luck today. See you guys!” You said loudly, trying to sound somehow happy even though you were the complete opposite. “Y/N?” You heard Hoseok say but you were already through the door.

You felt bad for just leaving them behind like this but you just couldn’t keep up the happy-girl-act right now. Not when everything inside you felt crushed.

“Y/N!” Jimin shouted again, but you were already out of sight. He exhaled heavily and drove one hand through his hair.
He slowly made his way back to the dressing room, trying to cool down. When he entered he was welcomed by skeptical and angry looks. Jin was the first to walk up to him.

“Ya! What did you do to Y/N?! She just literally escaped! Was she crying?” A worried look plastered on his face, yet it was easy to see that he was angry as well. He had always told him how much he should cherish you, since you were always supportive and understanding regarding his career.

“I said something I shouldn’t have.” He just said with a straight face, returning to his seat when he spotted the package you had left him. “What’s this?” He asked, raising the package in the air so the others could see.

“Y/N made this for you to cheer you up, you ungrateful brat.” Yoongi said not looking up from his phone. Suddenly another wave of guilt hit Jimin. You had just wanted to cheer him up and he had been like this to you. He felt terrible.

And he even felt more so when he read the little letter attached to the package: ‘Jagiyaa ~ I hope you do really great today, I know you will! Don’t worry too much, your singing is always breathtaking, sick or not! I made your favorite cookies so I hope they can cheer you up a little before going on stage. Good luck, Jagi!! I love you so so much!! – Y/N’

Suddenly he felt sick, his stomach twisting. What had he done?

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