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“On June 12, 2016, 49 people were killed & 53 others were wounded at Pulse in Orlando. The attack is the deadliest mass shooting in United States history & the deadliest incident of violence against LGBT people in U.S. history. One year later, we sing for Pulse. We sing for Orlando. We sing for you. We sing as one. We will not be silenced. - Michael Korte”

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Idk mannn I thought u were amab but just had long hair when I first found your blog bc i skimmed past ur bio youve got such a masc face whatt

I LOVE U !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm in a polyamorous relationship and its so good???? Like the communication and shit is 👌👌👌 I'm legit so fuckin happy like my partners are so lovely and we get to have cuddle-piles 😍😍😍 idk I just wanted to gush a bit to someone 😁😁 (also both of my partners are beautiful and intelligent and im like hOW did I get this lucky omg?)

You: The communication is good
Me: God Bless, they’ve found the only true Life Hack

I’m happy for you!!!

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Thank you I was. The one. Who submitted the anon about stigma jksadcsc im happy so happy you replied your blog is actually so awesome I love it I check everyday jkefds i ve found we have similar opinions wich I'm glad because if you mention something like this to seamone is like ?? And I just Love u honestly at the beginning I wasn't even sure how to ship them I must. Confess bc idk how to describe but they dint give friends only vibe I mean junkook say he doesn't know how. To take care of ppl

But when tae got sick he was glued to him (2)

Bhddsjkajdjnd you’re so cute thank you !! ♡

also I’m glad we have the same opinions like u said its hard to find someone who shares the same opinion as you. I shipped taekook platonically when I first started tbh but then I started getting suspicious after the sudden rift, when everything taekook related became 110% more shadier (,,ㅍ_ㅍ) I honestly love the fact that Jungkook says something about his personality that comes of as cold but then immediately does the opposite when it comes to Taehyung! like when he said he never replied to any of their texts and then when Tae was live he messaged Kook and got a response back immediately ¬᎑¬ !! and the sick thing too !! SOFT BUNNY IS MY FAV BUNNY

(also let’s not forget Jungkook calling Tae to ask him when he was coming home which was like uwahhh)

Winry Rockbell - I was looking through my folder and found an unfinished sketch of Winry. I can’t believe I’ve never drawn her before. And I experimented with the focus and lighting and shadows. I think it looks decent :3

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can i just say i love your art so much?? it's so cute! :D

can I just say I love your message so much??// I find it cute too!!

sorry I didn’t reply back immediately, I was off shortly because I was looking for something (and it wasn’t in vain, I found the thing!) Thank you for the sweet ask// It makes me happy that you love them!

  • Jin being the judge because him joining any team will be cheating
  • Blackholes Rapmon and V get into each team to ruin everything
  • The ships SWAP: Jungkook picking Jhope and Suga Jimin
  • Suga and Jimin decide to offer bread and milk to Tae so he gets distracted
  • Jk proposes to V to just sit and pose 
  • Rapmon decides to prepare a chicken (And we all prayed he do not cut himself)
  • Taehyung eating bread and feeding Jimin was sooooo cute SO SO CUTE
  • We witnessed V’s first time peeling poratoes (He found it soooo fascinating somehow lol)
  • All the shipping moments in this episode: Vmin was insane, Yoonmin was sooo alive. Jimin being a playboy was so real dude.
  • Rapmon discovering that carrots have skin …
  • Jungkook, jhope and RM dilemma: “should we peel the caerots or not?” Jk :“idk I am no expert”. NOW you need to be an expert to peel carrots …
  • Suga preparing squid is another story (he was cringing while having an orgasm or something)
  • Jimin decides to send Taehyung to the market to get them a blender
  • Taehyung really found a blender and Jimin is so shook he gives tae a hug #Soulmates
  • Dilemna number two: Do chicken have tails? (Why are they in a kitchen again?)
  • Taehyung making a sauce in a squirrel bowl (how extra can you be)
  • Jimin making potato balls in his SMOL hands “Kyaaaaaa, Me DEAD BAI” said all of his stans
  • V finding all kinds of plates
  • Cooking Tip from Jhope and Rapmon : Yell at the dish so it gets scared and turns tasty!
  • Suga is really good. That guy speaks less and works more #GENIUS 
  • Jungkook added sooo much sugar to his potatos that they stuck together and they are now defying gravity 
  • The sauce bowl is bigger than the main and side dish put together lol. Tae did one small thing and It took all the spotlight. 
  • Suga’s team philosophy: we prioritize sanitation (but we all know they washed nothing)
  • Jungkook’s team philosophy: Adhesive strength LMAO
  • BTS holding hands YALL
  • Suga, Jimin and Taehyung win and hug and our hearts melted
  • That talking at the end about them not cooking now and how it reminded them of their debut days got us so EMO.
  • SWEET SWEET SWEEEET Jin helping the losing team clean up
  • This Run was, cute, gay, funny and WHOLESOME AWESOME. 

Hope you like it ^^ @mimibtsghost