i just found one picture

*whispers* Divine Victoria reads smutty literature in bed when she’s had a long day pass it on


i’m still not over dan’s camo shirt…


Star Wars: The Force Awakens cast reading the script for the first time

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How did u and summer become friends???

summer posted fanart of a pokemon au, and i reblogged it and said that lance would name his vaporeon ‘vape god.’ summer thought that was hilarious so we started talking and came up with more pokemon names, but our friendship was mostly just the occasional message.

and then one day i found this picture of a horrifically taxidermied deer ass/hoohah and i thought ‘oh man, summer would love this.’ 

and the rest, as they say, is history

Guys I Think I found Something

So Ryan Ross’ instagram profile picture is a picture of him in bunny ears. What most people (or at least I think) don’t think about is when the photo was taken, I took a closer look and I said to myself ‘fuck that really looks like it was taken from the Pretty. Odd. Era’ so I google ‘ryan ross bunny ears’ and more pictures came up, his instagram profile pic came up and a couple others all with the same outfit, guitar, guitar strap, and color/number of piks (is that how you spell it?) On the mic stand. So by now I’m like, ‘well this is actually friggin gr8. His insta profile pic is from the Pretty. Odd. Era, that’s nice, it was a good time there’s nothing wrong with that’ but then…BUT THEN…I go back and look at the other pictures I found and one of the suggested pictures caught my attention, it was a picture of Pretty. Odd. Era Brendon wearing bunny ears. Now I’m intrigued. Was this like a thing that the band did? Was it to celebrate Easter once? NOPE. now I don’t know how legit this story is but I visited the original page where one of the pictures of Ryan came from and it was linked with a caption of a girl telling a story of how her and her friend wore bunny ears to a panic! Show in 08 and they ended up throwing them on stage, and Brendon and Ryan literally wore them for part of the show. Just them and from the pictures (I found one of both of them so I know it was one incident and not two) they looked like they were having a good time, goofing around, being generally happy little bunny boys. The girl ended up getting them back, so we know they didn’t keep them. Maybe it was just a moment that he really enjoyed, a fond memory. But it would have had to be important/stuck with him if it’s still his picture 8 years later?! Unless hes just been to lazy to change it since he put it up…No! That can’t be right because instagram has only been around since 2010! It has to be something more then, because that’s still two years after the photo was taken. (This is saying if he got an instagram the same year it came out)

Did I find new ryden lore??? Or am I over thinking this?


phantom of the opera au - reylo

But his voice filled my spirit with a strange, sweet sound. In that night there was music in my mind. And through music my soul began to soar! And I heard as I’d never heard before. 


Just a couple pictures I found.
The one on the left is from a couple months ago when they had dinner with Ted and Mary — I love their sitting arrangement lol.
The second one (on the right) is from March 1st at Dunkin Donuts in NY.