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Picture Perfect (Tim Drake x Reader)

A/N: This is honestly such a cute idea! I love Tim very much! Also, thank you so much, I’m glad you like my writing. ❤

Warnings: Extreme corniness???

Request: Tim Drake where he sends S/O polaroids or developed photos when he has missions outside the country!! Reader has numerous albums of his photography, some of them are pics of S/O and him <3 You have magnificent writing skills! I can’t believe I just found your blog!!

Tim smiled as he sorted through the recently developed photographs. Mostly views and scenery that he knew you would love, but also several photos of him that he had gotten Dick to take for you.

One of the photos that he was particularly excited to send you was a simple photo of him, smiling into the camera and making a heart with his hands. He saved it to be the last picture that you’d see.

With a black pen, he wrote captions on miniature post-it notes, that he stuck onto every picture. When he reached the last one he paused, smiling softly before scribbling down a short note. He packed the photos into an envelope and took them to be shipped to Gotham.

You raced down the staircase of Wayne Manor, only stopping once you found Alfred in the kitchen.

“Alfred, is there any mail?” you questioned breathlessly, wheezing slightly after sprinting from your room.

“Yes, Mistress (Y/N). Master Tim sent this for you,” Alfred responded, handing you a manila envelope.

You grinned, taking the envelope from his hands and carrying it over to the table, barely able to contain your joy. The boys had been gone for three weeks, and you missed Tim greatly.

You carefully undid the seal on the envelope and pulled out a stack of photos.

You sorted through them, grinning madly at the captions he had written for each picture, scrawled onto the tiny post-its.

There was a photo of a night sky, a full moon at the center of the photo. On the sticky-note it read: ‘I love you to the moon and back.’

You continued to look through the pictures, in awe at some of the amazing shots.

You smiled when you saw the pictures of Tim doing dumb poses, and one where Jason had decided to photobomb.

Your heart melted at the last photo, and tears started to trail down the sides of your face. ‘I love you from the bottom of my heart.’ It was stupid, and cheesy, and perfect.

You took the small pile of pictures into your hands, and carried them up to yours and Tim’s room. You shut the door behind you and moved to your bookshelf, pulling several leather-bound photo albums from the shelves.

You situated yourself on your bed, and began inserting the pictures into the album, writing the date and pasting Tim’s captions underneath each one.

When you were finished you flipped to the front of the book. You smiled fondly at the old memories. Pictures Tim had mailed to you were mixed in with photos of you and him.

His corny little captions never failed to make you smile.

A picture of the two of you on a sunny day, holding hands and smiling into the camera was labeled: ‘Your smile is brighter than the sun.’

You continued to look through the albums for hours, grinning like an idiot the whole time.
Tim smiled down at the little piece of paper in his hands. The one picture he didn’t send was of you. Just you.

'I love you.’

“We Could Get Married” (Wonho Fluff)

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Title: We Could Get Married

Featuring: Wonho (Monsta X) x Reader

POV: First person

Rating: PG

Summary: You and Wonho are coupled together on We Got Married, and being a fictional couple feels almost too right.

Requested by anon! 

Getting coupled with Wonho on this show was about the best outcome that I could get from this arrangement. I’d never met him before, but I was aware of who he was. I’d seen that devious smile on TV once or twice, and realized I wouldn’t mind playing house with him, even for TV.

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uhhhhm i just found a photo saved to an album on my phone and i’ve 1. never seen this picture 2. it wasnt part of my downloads folder like anything else i save is 3. my phone was dead as i was heading home from the ER at the time it apparently appeared on my phone like it saved and created its own folder called 0

i reverse search and its apparently been saved to a couple other peoples phones but no one believed them lmao

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Remus Lupin x Reader

Request:  Remus X reader, they dated in high school but broke up after James and Lily died. They meet again when Sirius is out and fall back in love?

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You were heading to the Grimmauld place, head full of thoughts. It’s been fifteen years when two of your best friends, Lily and James Potter got murdered. Everything that could go wrong, all went wrong at the same time.

You still smile if you think back more blissful times. When you were in Hogwarts - which was definietly the happiest period of your life -, when you made friends with the marauders, who made even the most boring days interesting and could always cheer you up, when you fell in love with one of them, when you visited Lily’s son, Harry with Remus… you wished everything were like this forever, but it didn’t. Everybody felt that darker times are coming, but nobody really liked to spoke about it, and what is more important, trust were broken.

When Lily and James died, Sirius betrayed them and killed Peter (at least back then you thought that was the truth), there were only you and Remus. Both of you were damaged, heartbroken, and betrayed, and even if you knew that you should stay together in those days, you couldn’t. You ran away from each other. You were deeply in love, but none of you could see clearly anymore.

You seriously thought you moved on. More or less you were fine by now, but then a letter came; explained everything about what and why really happened on that night at Godric’s Hollow. That was no question you’ll join to the Order of the Phoenix once again.

Molly Weasley opened the door. She said things about how happy she is to see you again and how good you look and if you’re hungry, but you really didn’t hear anything she said. You walking inside the house and while she spoke to you, your thoughts were too loud to hear anybody else. You saw them, and that was when you realized you didn’t move on. Never.

Sirius and Remus stood in front of you and you frozen, hot tears was falling down on your cheek as you tried to say something, anything, but you couldn’t. Fifteen years’ thoughts was stuck on your throat. You felt your knees getting weaker, and maybe you’d fell down, but then strong hands wrapped around you. Remus’ hug immediatly made you calm and you felt yourself safe; just like when you were in school. You pulled away and hugged Sirius too, there were laughter now too. In the corner of your eye you spotted a boy with messy black hair and green eyes, you knew he only could be Harry.

You talked a lot, but you hadn’t much time for small talk; there were so much more important things. Day to day, you had a feeling in your stomach, in your heart, in your whole body. It was growing bigger every day, especially when you saw him. The feeling was like and old friend to you. Every trembling knee, every blushed cheeks and every nervous lip bite was familiar, you felt yourself like a teenage girl. You fell in love with Lupin again, but deep down you knew you never even fall out.

At one night, you walked in front of Remus’ room, the door was ajar, so you could see him. Sat at his desk, he was reading some book and eating a chocolate, you couldn’t help yourself but let out a little giggle.

„Oh, Y/N, I didn’t see you there.” – he said.

„Sorry I didn’t mean to… it was just so nice to see you like this. You didn’t change much, y’know.” – you said with a smile.

„Yeah…” – he laughed, but continued more serious. „…Yet I am.”

“Do you wanna see what I found? Come inside.” You sat down on his bed and he came next to you with an old looking photo album.

“Oh my god. It can’t be!” - you yelled when you recongnized the thing. Remus find it in an old cupboard. The album was full of photos of you and your friends in your Hogwarts years. You scroll through it, laughing and almost crying at every single photo you saw. When you finished, both of you were in a better mood. You talked about old times and all those years when you were away.

“I bet kids loved you at Hogwarts! How was it teaching them about Werewolves?” 

“Unfortunately Snape took that experience from me.” - he said absently.

“Oh, how nice of him.” - you giggled. “You know deep down every one of us is the same sixteen year old git… expect you, you never were a git, Moony.” He laughed, but then he stopped and the next time he was closer to you until you felt his lips on yours. And you kissed eachother, passionate, with so much eager like you wanted to make up of all the lost years. You held each other so tight like you were afraid if you don’t, one of you will run away again. He only pulled away when you started to cry. 

“What is it, love, what’s wrong?” - he asked with worry in his voice.

You sobbed silently for a while when you finally could speak. 

“It’s just… I wish I’d stayed with you.” There were so much other things that you could say to him, like how much you missed him and how much you love him after all this time, and how lost were you without him, but you couldn’t say anything else. And you didn’t need, beacuse he understand you now as he understand you always. He cupped your face and gently wiped away your tears.

“Shhh, listen to me. It’s okay now. I’m here and you’re with me. We have all the time in the world now.” - he smiled and you believed him, and after fifteen years you finally felt yourself content again.


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RFA+V+Saeran finding out that MC had a daughter but passed away because of an accident.

OK Yes I like this


~He was helping you move into his apartment when he stumbled across a picture of a 3 year old girl that looked a lot like you
~He thought it was you as a baby and went to go find you
~”MC you were so cute as a baby”
~”Y-Yoosung that’s not me…..its my daughter she passed last year at the age of 4″
~He runs over to you and just hugs you
~”I’m so sorry MC I didnt mean to make you sad”
~Now right when you walk in bis living room the picture of your daughter is sitting right on the coffee table


~It was that time of the year again and it always made you sad
~The anniversary of your daughters death
~You wanted to go down to her grave and just sit there for a bit so you got up early and left Zen a note telling him where you were 
~When Zen woke up and found you gone with only a note he jumped on his motorcycle and just went to the cemetery
~He arrived and you were sitting at a small grave holding some flowers and crying
~He ran towards you and started hugging you
~”MC why are you here please tell me who you lost”
~You can barely talk you’ve been crying so hard
~”M-My d-daughter”
~He just stares at you for a moment before sitting down
~”Hey i just wanted to tell you that I’ve been taking care of your mommy and I love her so much”


~You guys were going through photo albums and you found the page you dedicated to your daughter
~”Whos that MC?”
~”Its….my daughter”
~She looks confused and curious
~”Where is she?”
~”She passed about a year ago due to a mysterious illness”
~”Oh MC I’m sorry for bringing it up”
~You look at her with a smile its sad but genuine
~”No I love to talk about her she was the sweetest thing in the world”
~”I’d love to hear about her then”


~You two were snuggling on the couch watching a movie and it got to a part where a child died and it brought back some memories of your daughter
~You started to sob and Jumin thought that it was just the movie so he tried to make you feel better
~”MC, honey its just a movie dont cry” 
~You look up at him tears rolling down your face
~”But Jumin its not just a movie it actually happened”
~”MC what do you mean?”
~”Last year I lost my daughter an-”
~He cuts you off with a kiss and a hug then he shuts off the movie
~”We can talk if you’d like”


~He knew because of the background check but he never mentioned it because he didn’t want to make you feel sad
~And it happened just a year before they had met
~But he did notice how tight you held his hand when you guys saw children
~When you and him were out grocery shopping and on your way out some girl scouts came running up to yo asking if you wanted some cookies
~And you just started sobbing
~Saeyoung goes and picks you up bridal style and runs you to the car 
~By now your violently sobbing 
~”MC it’s gonna be ok”
~”Saeyoung I miss my little girl”
~He held you in the back of the car until you stop crying and shaking 


~You two were talking when the topic of children came up
~”I just really love kids……do you want kids some day”
~The memories of your daughter came flooding back all at once
~You remembered when she ran into the road to retrieve her ball that had rolled out there
~You remember being helpless as you see the car hit her
~”MC are you crying?”
~”I’m fine I just remembered my daughter”
~”Yeah I had a daughter but……she….died a few years ago”
~He quickly hugs you and just holds you
~”You can cry I won’t judge”


~You two were walking through the park and saw a few little girls laughing and playing tag
~Your eyes started to tear up
~He looked over at you and saw your sad look
~”MC whats wrong”
~Just hearing that made you cry more
~”I’m sorry just seeing those little girls made me remember my daughter”
~His face goes blank
~”Daughter…..you have a daughter”
~”I do shes just”
~You point to the sky and he finally understands what happened
~He wasn’t the best at comforting people so he sat you down at a bench and hugged you until you stopped crying

I Can’t Save Her: Part 18

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Angst, Swearing, Heartbreak, Panic Attacks, Drinking

Word Count: 2,407

Catch Up Here

Summary: You have been with the Avengers for three years and during that time you have developed a close friendship with Bucky. When you discover another woman in Bucky’s room you begin to question what your true feelings for him are.

Author’s Notes: This one was rough. Tags are at the bottom. Please let me know if you would like to be tagged/untagged.

I love your comments, messages, asks, likes, reblogs – all of it. <3

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I woke later that night to what sounded like crowds gathering in the street. I stretched sleepily – forgetting the bruises covering my body. I winced as the sudden pain reminded me of previous events. I grabbed my phone from atop my nightstand to check the time. 11:50 on December 31st – that at least explained the noise from the crowds below. With everything that had happened I had forgotten about New Years Eve. I sat up in bed with a groan as I looked around the room. There was no sign of Bucky. As I fully woke from the fog of my sleep I remembered our last encounter and my heart sank. I was determined to find him and to start our new year on a better page. He needed to accept that this wasn’t his fault, but he also needed to tell my why these missions were impacting him so dramatically.

I got out of the bed and slowly made my way to Bucky’s room. I hesitated at the door before I finally knocked. There was no reply. “Bucky, it’s Y/N.” Still no reply. I opened the door to find the room dark and empty. As I was turning to leave, a note by his lamp caught my eye. I walked over to it and picked it up. I had the distinct feeling of my heart shattering into a million fragments as I read its contents.

Y/N, I’m sorry. In the end, it’s better this way. Don’t look for me – I don’t want to be found.


My head was spinning as I sat dumbfounded on his bed. I looked for anything else that could have been left behind, but the only thing I noticed was that something was missing – the photo album I had given him just days ago. I wouldn’t accept this – I couldn’t. I felt my throat constrict as my mind was overtaken with emotions that sent me reeling. I got up from the bed and stumbled through the hallway towards the common room. I could barely walk as I drifted back and forth between the walls of the hallway.  I felt like I had nothing left. I couldn’t comprehend it. As I entered the room everyone turned to look at me. I had forgotten that Tony was hosting a small party for the New Year. The atmosphere suddenly turned from fun to tense. I didn’t know what I was going to do or say until I saw Fury. Suddenly a rage I had never felt before unleashed from deep inside of me.

“You fucking bastard,” I tried to yell as I lunged towards him. Suddenly I was being restrained by arms stronger than my own – of course it would be Steve.

“Woah, Y/N! What the hell is going on?” Steve asked as I continued to fight against his grasp.

“If you hadn’t sent him on all those missions… Could you not see what they were doing to him? Or are you that fucking selfish? Are our lives just a fucking joke to you?” Every move I made and every word I said was causing crippling pain but it just seemed to fuel my rage. Fury looked at me confused. For some reason his expression complete disarmed me. I turned to look at Steve, who was still holding on to me, “Bucky… he was going on all those missions for Fury… and I could tell something wasn’t right Steve… I… I don’t understand.”

“Talk,” Steve said curtly as he turned to Fury.

“Listen, Barnes went on one mission against my advice – almost got himself killed in the process. After that I told him the mission was benched – it was too dangerous and he was too close to it,” Fury explained calmly.

“But…” I looked between the two men helplessly.

Steve looked from Fury to me. He was suddenly bristling with uneasiness. “What exactly was the mission, Fury? I don’t think any of us have gotten the truth about this.”

Fury turned to look at me. “It was about you, Y/N,” he responded.

“Me?” I asked shocked. My mouth had become dry and I way finding it hard to breathe again. “What could he…”

“He was trying to track down the people responsible for your parents’ deaths,” he added. “It was too dangerous and he was being too reckless about it so I stopped it. At least I thought I had stopped it.”

“Steve,” I whispered.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?” he asked frantically. I had turned as white as a sheet and my skin was turning clammy from the surge of panic that had erupted inside of me. I gasped for air. “He’s…. he’s gone.”

“What do you mean?” he asked as he turned me around to face him.

“He left this…. He …. He’s gone.” I handed Steve the note as I began to sob. As my chest heaved I felt every type of pain I could have ever imagined. Steve’s face had gone white and his hand fell from me. Without the anger, without the shock – I had to face the reality that Bucky had abandoned me. The pain that had spread on Steve’s face slowly crept into my own heart until I was overcome by it. “I…. I can’t breathe….” I collapsed to the floor as I hugged myself tightly. I felt the cool band of his ring against my skin as I gripped my arm tightly – he had promised me and the ring was a symbol of that broken promise. I could feel myself unraveling at the thought as my eyes blurred with more tears. Steve stumbled back in a daze as Wanda and Nat rushed to my side. “He’s gone… I can’t breathe… oh my god… he’s gone.”

I vaguely remember strong arms picking me up from the floor and carrying me to my room. I had somehow reached a level exhaustion that bordered delirium—the dreams that followed seemed like a blend of reality and nightmares.

Dark – it was so dark that I felt disoriented. I turned to the sound of laughter – it was a little girl. She seemed so out of place here. I was dreaming – that much I knew. The little girl ran passed me with a squeal as she chased the ball she had thrown. There was something familiar about her but I couldn’t put my finger on it.  Suddenly there was a muffled scream from nearby. She froze – terrified of the noise. She turned quickly, as if someone had said her name from behind me, and she hurried passed me; abandoning her ball in the process. As I turned to see what or who had caught her attention the scene melted away.

I woke with a start. My entire body felt tense – there was something about the dream that terrified me to my very core, but I didn’t know what. I became acutely aware of the pain that spread all over my body as my chest heaved. The sensation of not being able to breathe was back and I was struggling. I jerked my head to the side and the pain deepened. Suddenly a warm hand covered my own as it laid twitching by my side.

“It’s okay kid. Just try to take slow steady breaths – it will pass,” Tony’s voice reassured me. I opened my eyes wearily and saw his blurry outline. I blinked several times as I tried to focus on him. “Kid – Bruce and I gave you something to help you relax. Everyone was afraid you were going to make your injuries worse which is hard to imagine…” he paused as he steadied himself. As my vision cleared I could see the dark circles under his eyes. He was wearing the same clothes from the party, but the shirt was untucked and wrinkled and the tie hung loosely around his neck. He looked at me concerned. I couldn’t stand the look of pity in his eyes – not from him. Not from the one person that was always so ready to trade the ‘I told you sos’ and cheap shots. I turned away from him and closed my eyes before drifting back to sleep.

This continued for the next few days. I would wake up in pain and open my eyes in hopes that Bucky would be sitting beside me. There would always be a kind and concerned face – Tony, Sam, Steve, Wanda, Nat, Bruce, and Clint. There was always some reassurance that we would find Bucky and bring him back. Every time I woke and he wasn’t there I only had the strength to drift back into my drug induced sleep. Honestly, I didn’t really know if it was the drugs or just the unwillingness to participate in a reality where the one thing I feared the most had happened, but I didn’t care.

Finally, one morning I woke up and no one was in the room with me. I didn’t feel loneliness or panic – I just felt relief. More than anything I wanted solitude. I needed to face and comprehend the things that had happened, but I didn’t want someone analyzing every sigh and tear as I did so. I slowly got up from my bed and assessed the tenderness of my muscles. To my surprise I didn’t hurt as bad which made me wonder how many days I had actually laid in the bed.

I quickly showered and threw on some clothes. I needed out of my room and out of the compound. I carefully evaluated the deep bruises that covered my neck. Ironically it was the only thing I had left to remind me of Bucky except for the ring on my finger. I twisted it anxiously. I had refused to take it off since he left. Part of me thought that if I wore it for long enough – maybe, just maybe, he would come back. When he had given it to me he had said that I could wear it to remind me of him when he was gone – my heart sank at the thought. Did he imagine this would eventually happen? I sighed as I wrapped a scarf gingerly around my neck to hide the bruises. I fished out a pair of sunglasses and a beanie from the drawer in my nightstand and grabbed my bag that held my laptop and wallet before leaving. I left my phone on the nightstand – I needed to disconnect from the people that knew me for awhile.

I made my way quickly down the hallway. When I passed Bucky’s room my heart sank and the tightness in my chest returned. I swallowed hard and quickly made my way to the elevator. Luckily the common room was empty so I managed to remain unseen and made it out of the compound without being intercepted by anyone. The streets of New York were bustling with no remnants of the massive New Years celebration. I walked with the flow of the traffic on the sidewalk. It was nice to be around people that had no idea who I was or what I had been through. It was like I was a ghost – melting into the New York scenery and the privacy around so many brought me an odd sense of comfort.

After twenty minutes of walking I found myself entering one of my favorite pubs. I quickly found a corner seat and ordered food before pulling out my laptop. I was determined to get to the bottom of what Bucky had been doing and where he had gone. I knew even if my friends had garnered information from the initial searches they wouldn’t let me know about it. Not right now – not with how I had acted the night he had left. I peered over my laptop to look at the clock on the wall – it read 10:30. I clocked that I had under 5 minutes to get the data I needed before Tony noticed that there had been a breach so I set to work.

I was about two minutes into my job before I was interrupted. “You know – usually I like for someone to at least ask me out for a drink before hacking all of my data,” Tony said casually as he slid into the booth across from me. I grimaced and closed my computer. “Find what you were looking for?” he asked casually as he waived for the waitress to bring him a drink.

“No,” I replied. I was embarrassed, but mainly annoyed. He must have been keeping tabs on me – so much for having a moment to myself.

“That’s because we haven’t found anything on Barnes,” Tony replied frankly. “You’ve got to give me some time – we will find him, but he’s not going to make it easy.”

“It’s my fault,” I said as I closed my eyes and pressed my palms into my temples.

“What is?” Tony sounded genuinely surprised.

“All of this,” I said irritably as I waived to my neck and laptop. I couldn’t process my emotions – they were a jumbled mess of anger, sadness, and betrayal. Tony didn’t answer as he continued to look at me. “If I had never… If I hadn’t ever let my feelings get in the way… He would still be here. He wouldn’t have gone on the stupid mission… and none of this would have happened. Don’t you get it Tony? It’s me… I’m the problem.”

Tony took a sip of his scotch and eyed me thoughtfully. Finally, he replied, “Kid – I’ve seen about every side of Barnes that there is, but I never saw him happy until you showed up. It wouldn’t have mattered if you admitted your feelings or not – he would have hung the moon for you if he thought it would make anything in your life better. You aren’t to blame. No one is. I’ll find him – you’ve just got to give me some time.” He smiled sadly and reached across the table to give my hand a reassuring squeeze. I looked down at my glass that I was holding tightly with my other hand and sighed deeply. “How do you feel? I know it’s a stupid question, but someone has to ask it.”

We sat in silence as I tried to articulate a response. I looked up from my glass wearily. “I don’t feel anything,” I finally replied.

“I know, kid – I know,” Tony responded as he motioned for the waitress to bring us more drinks.

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You and Joon Kyung were supposed to be enjoying the evening at home watching a movie, but you were a little distracted from him being on his phone since the beginning of the movie. Each time you glanced at him he was looking down at it. “Yah Oppa….” you pouted looking up at him from laying on his lap. “Are you even watching?”

“Huh? Oh yeah, of course, I am” he scrambled putting down his phone. “The guy just went to that one place right?”

You understood that he was a CEO and he had important things to take care of it, but it was starting to get ridiculous. You tried to respect the fact that he kept his phone from you but your own curiosity was getting the best of you. Sitting up you cupped his cheeks. “Oppa…”

He blushed for a moment before recovering and raising a brow. “What?”

“Do you love me?”

“Of course, I love you. You’re my number one.” he frowned “Is this because of the movie thing?”

“Do you trust me?”

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So I recently found this game, one of the very few that featured characters from MLAATR. It’s about as bland as you can imagine, with gameplay as easy as taking snapshots of anything and everything you see, and beyond that it’s a pretty confused mess (take, for example, the image in Danny Phantom’s cafeteria, where Lil and Sid have disappeared…but their legs are still sitting at the table), but for a few bucks I wasn’t going to complain, especially since I finally have a video game with Jenny and the gang in it.

Then I saw the photo album feature, where you keep track of all the characters you’ve found, and I was reminded of just how little Nickelodeon cared for the show, even back in 2004.

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Hi Sea! I was wondering your thoughts on harmonies. I know that's rather open ended. But I know Liam does most of the harmonizing, and often times with Louis' solos. Even on MitAM he is often harmonizing with Louis (ie: Perfect). What would be the reason for it? Like they don't think Louis is strong or reliable enough to sing on his own? Is it to balance something out? Make it sound fuller? And why not utilize the others more? I know Niall gets some. Maybe Harry (not sure?)? +

+ Louis does with Niall in Through the Dark, which I like. Anyhow, I was just curious your thoughts on it. I like stripped down or acoustic versions where we can hear the harmonies more. Thank you!

Dear anon,

Thank you for this ask. 

My mind is heavy with emotions tonight. I am going to keep most of my thoughts private, but suffice it to say, my mind isn’t the clearest, and I apologize if I am less than 100%. 

I am also going to try to rephrase your questions, so that I can give more focused answers.

First, why does it seem like there is more harmonization when Louis sings his solos? Is this statement, in fact, true? Liam seems to do a lot of the harmonizing. Is it because Louis’s voice sounds too thin, and needs harmony to fill the solos out? 

Second, if there is more harmonization with Louis’s solos, and the reason is not because of a deficit in Louis’s voice, then why do it? Why not do this with anyone else’s solos? 

These are actually interesting questions, and the answers change slightly from Midnight Memories to MITAM

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Chris Evans Fic: Back Home in Boston

Anon request. It’s a fairly long one from me, this!

‘Mom, please don’t. Seriously, this is the first time she’s been here. Can’t we just stick with the photos on the walls and leave it that?’

‘Oh Chris, it’s my duty as your mother to humiliate you in front of your girlfriend! Besides, she’ll want to know what her future kids will look like, right?’

Lisa looked right at you and winked. Now you didn’t know who was more embarrassed but you sure as hell could feel the heat rising in your cheeks at the mention of kids: it was too soon, wasn’t it?

This was by no means the first time you’d met Lisa, but you’d always visited with her in LA as yours and Chris’ schedules just hadn’t matched up enough to allow a trip to Boston together until now.

‘Oh my god Mom, just stop, I’m begging you! It’s one thing humiliating me but I draw the line at you humiliating her on her first visit to Boston.’

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(embarrassing story) first year of college there was a hot guy on my floor, and as most girls do (i think), I sent pictures of said hot guy to my friends, but I always deleted the photos after I sending. Little did I know there was a DELETED PHOTOS album which he decided to delve into when he had my phone during lecture (tswizzle's 1989 just came out and he was listening on my phone) and FOUND THE F-ING PHOTOS... I was mortified, but he was such a self-assured frat boy he didn't seem surprised

OMG HOOOOOW i would have melted into a huge puddle of emotions and embarrassment omg

still doing positivity hour even though it’s the next day lolol

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Hey so my mom went through my phone "secretly"(even though it's actually very obvious) and now I'm really scared. If it's not too much trouble could you write a small fic where Laurens keeps a diary or something and he finds out his dad read it?Thank

Hey bby! <333 I’m so sorry your mom invaded your privacy like that. That’s such an awful feeling, I know. I sure can write you a lil something! I hope this helps and that you’re doing okay, kiddo <333 A huge thanks to @ciceroniantrash for suggesting that John’s journal include drawings and for being the best Suffering Friend ™ a girl could ask for <333

John Laurens started keeping a diary the day of his mother’s funeral. After the service and burial, when friends and family were milling about back at the house, John’s maternal grandmother found him hiding away in his room upstairs, flipping through an old photo album of him and his parents when he was an infant.

“My sweet boy,” his grandmother said. She smoothed back his curls, still short in his youth, and kissed his forehead. “I have something for you.”

John looked up from the photos. He was still young enough to be enticed by the possibility of a present. His grandmother smiled at him.

“It’s a journal, but not just any journal.” She pulled it out from her purse and he eagerly flipped it open. “You see, they’re no lines. Journals don’t have to be just words, John, they can be images.” She tapped the album still open on his lap. “And I know you like to draw.”

John had filled that journal from his grandmother years ago. He’d filled five since then, in fact, roughly one a year. And now, at sixteen, he found he needed his journal more than ever. When his mother died, he could talk about it. People knew he was sad. They understood on some level what he was going through. But this? This… feeling? His journal was the only one he could confide in.

He opened up his current journal to a blank page.

Today Alexander did the cutest ever. We were sitting in the cafeteria when he decided to use the straw from his drink then steal the one from mine and stick them under his upper lip. When he grinned at me, I lost it. Laf and Herc rolled their eyes, but I could tell they were amused.

I wanted him to put my straw back so badly. How weird is that? How fucked up am I? But lunch ended and so did my fucked up dream.

He doodled Alex with the straws in his mouth from a few different angles. He was putting the finishing touches on the last one when there was a knock on his door.

He slammed his journal shut and swiveled around in his chair. The thing about knocks at the Laurens’ household was that they were never a question. They were a courtesy. His father barged in one second later.

“John, are you doing homework?” he asked gruffly. He eyed his son’s desk, squinting at the blue notebook atop a pile of papers. “You were doodling again, were you? We talked about this, John. It was good when you were a kid and your mother… passed. But now you’re a man. Men don’t handle their feelings with doodles.”

John nodded. He knew how this went. Just play along and it’ll all be fine.

“Anyway, I came up here to let you know that you need to pick Mary Eleanor up from theatre practice or whatever the hell she does.”

“When does she get out from rehearsal?” John asked.

His father waved his hand dismissively. “I think five. I don’t know. The driver has always gotten her.”

John wanted to be angry, but he just sighed. He wasn’t even going to ask why the driver couldn’t get her today. It didn’t matter. All that mattered was that Mary Eleanor knew someone in the family cared about her.

“Okay, I’ll leave now,” John said.

His father nodded and left the room without another word or glance. John sank back down in his chair and put his head in his hands. It was going to be a long evening. He could feel it already.


“And that’s when I said, ‘Paul, get that curtain off of you! This isn’t The Sound of Music!” Mary Eleanor chattered as she and John walked into the house.

John shook his head, his face sore from all the smiling he’d been doing around his sister for the past half hour. At first the smile had been for show, but that never lasted long around Mary Eleanor. She had an uncanny ability to make John laugh, no matter how he was feeling.

“Niños, hice su cena. Su padre tomó su cena en su oficina.” The cook was bustling past John and his sister, clearly in a hurry. John had seen this kind of hustle before. It meant his father was in a sour mood.

“Gracias, Señora Marquez,” John replied.

John turned to Mary Eleanor. “Lava tus manos,” he said. She scampered off to clean up.

The dinner was already served, the table set. Normally it was left under a dome on the counter. His breath hitched. His father was clearly in a really bad mood.

Mary Eleanor bounded into the dining room and took her seat. John didn’t get to do the same.

“John? John!” his father hollered from his office. “Get the hell in my office this instance!”

Mary Eleanor looked up at her brother with wide eyes. He mustered up a smile for her before walking to his certain doom. As soon as he found himself on the threshold of his father’s office, he saw it.

His journal.

“Fuck,” he muttered under his breath.

His father looked up at him, no, glared, up at him. John had never seen a true glare before that moment. He swore his father’s eyes were glowing red, though he knew that part was just in his imagination.

“Do you care to explain this abomination to me?” His father growled. He grabbed the journal from his desk and flipped it open. “‘Alexander is the best person I know. The way his hair curls at the top of his head in the humidity, those tiny little curls like a halo, and his laugh, his genuine laugh, and his energy, his ability to write… I admire him. I love him. There, I said it. I love Alexander Hamilton.’”

When his father looked up from the journal, his face was bright red. “Explain,” he demanded.

“It seems like you already know.” John prayed the fear he was feeling didn’t show in his voice.

“If this is true, you’ll find yourself in a position you won’t like one bit, son.” Henry Laurens stood up and walked up to his son. He shoved the journal into John’s chest, hard. “So before you answer me, I suggest you take the evening to think it over.”

John saw his life flash before his eyes. His mother, Mary Eleanor, his father before politics became his life following the death of his wife… And he saw his future. Alexander. Alexander. Alexander.

“Dad,” John stepped forward and looked directly into his father’s eyes. “I’m gay.”

His father’s eyes widened in shock. “I told you to think this over, John!” he shouted.

“I don’t need to,” John said, his voice growing stronger with every word. “I know who I am. And if you have a problem with that––”

“Of course I have a problem with that! I thought I raised you right. I didn’t think I raised you to be a…” he looked John up and down, as if gay was oozing off of him now. “A disgrace.”

John simply nodded. “Fine. I’ll leave for the night. I’ll see you after school tomorrow.” John left his father’s office without another word and quickly ran up the stairs to grab his school books and a change of clothes.

Mary Eleanor wordlessly appeared in his doorway. “John? What happened?” Her voice was trembling.

“Dad and I just had a fight, Ellie. It’s okay.” He swung his backpack over his shoulder and gave her a hug.

“Where’re you going?”

“Alexander’s. I’ll be back after school tomorrow.”

“Okay,” she whispered, looking down at the floor.

“Hey, if you need me, call, okay?”

She nodded. John kissed the crown of her head.

He ran out of the house, ran away from his father who was screaming for him to get back in the house this instance or else! He called Alex on the way. He picked up on the third ring.

“J-Law, what’s crackin?”

John rolled his eyes. “Never call me that again.”

“Okay, I’ll cross that off the John Laurens Nickname List then.”

“Um, hey, Alex?”

“Um, hey, yeah?”

“Can I stay the night with you?”

“John, of course. Is everything okay?”

John thought over how to answer that for a moment. “I don’t know.”

“Get over here and we’ll talk,” Alex said.

“Yeah,” John said, a smile spreading across his face. “Thanks, Alex.”

“John,” the other boy said, tone serious. “You’re the closest friend I got. I’d do anything for you.”

“Thank you, Alex, I’ll see you soon.” John hung up the phone and sucked in a deep breath before whispering to the air. “Oh, and Alex? I’m in love with you.” He took off in a sprint toward Alex’s, everything he’d never told the other boy propelling him forward.

He didn’t know how Alex would react to his confession, or what his dad would say come the next day. But he knew one thing. He was finally being true to himself, and that was something they could never take away.

No longer || Taehyung ||

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A/N: Surprise! Here’s a oneshot I’ve been working on for a while. I sort of gave up on it a few times, but I finally found the will to finish it. I kind of wanted to slap myself though, because I made it way sadder than I intended to. I hope it makes you feel things, and please please please let me know what you think of it. <3


Summary: You never thought it could happen to you. 

Word Count: 1665

Genre: Angst

Warnings: Terminal illness, character death

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