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Dating Negan would include :

(Wooowoo!! More dating prompts!! Hope you all like it and it is as requested!! :D PS. I really love this one guys XD Gif not mine/Found it on google/Credit to the original owner)

-Him mentioning to everyone how super hot you are to him

-Him grabbing you by the back of your neck to press his forehead against yours to whisper “I love you”

-Him making you laugh with his comments, behavior and demeanor

-Him and Lucille having your back whenever someone threatens you

-Him just loving to take his time to fuck you hard and good

-You being able to convince him to let himself being tied up and teased during sex

-Him just loving you when you would publicly show your affection for him

-You making his soft and kind side come out whenever you are alone

-Him not ever wanting to be the reason you cry thus him making sure you’re happy being with him

-Sloppy kisses on your cheeks, your lips and your forehead as a way to say good morning

-Intense and competitive ping pong matches, where neither of you easily give up and it sometimes scares the others, especially when you both take off your jackets

-Him not being able to imagine his life without you around to make him laugh or to laugh at him

I made a reference to Lin’s gray sweater to one of my coworkers today (he’s kinda like an older brother). It came off a little creepy, and I tried to tell him how he’s worn it for like 2 years and THATS HOW I KNOW ABOUT THE SWEATER. So I googled it, to make my point, and this is what I’ve found. I’m just saying, he REALLY LIKES THAT DAMN SWEATER. And I REALLY LIKE THE WAY IT LOOKS ON HIM.

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apparently i have a new story every week, yay

my male straight 26 y.o, friend (shoutout to phil, we share the love for pancakes and appreciation for sebastian stan’s beauty) saw this lovely gif on my phone yesterday:

and said WHAT THE HELL, how can this guy look SO HOT in the knitted sweater, this sweater looks like my grandma made it for my 10th birthday or something.

yeah, i said to phil, i know, right? this is louis tomlinson and he is hot. you can google him now. you are welcome.

okay, he said, alright, maybe i’ll google him, i’m interested.

and he did, because today we had a VERY LONG conversation on the phone about it, i’ll just highlight the major points brought up by phil:

- louis tomlinson is hot

- “they all look like maroon 5, panic!at the disco, fall out boy and adam lambert brought together, only younger and hotter” LMAO

- when he made a youtube search, he immediately found haveyouquitefinishedlouis‘s “flamboyant” video, so he watched it and then watched another 5-6 of her videos, including those about larry and “who is harry styles”


- “so some people don’t think louis and harry styles are together? no? WHAT THE FUCK AND WHAT ABOUT THE TATTOOS? i’ve been with my girl for five years now, and we have one MATCHING SET, but their tattoos are all COMPLEMENTARY WHAT THE FUCK ALEX”

- apparently phil loves songs which are blatantly about sex, so he fell in love with no control immediately

- “so you are saying that happily is about love too, but they are singing “and if he feels my traces in your hair”, TRACES?? IN HAIR?? HOW MANY LINES ABOUT SEX DO THEY SING EVERY DAY TELL ME”

- “yeah, i see they are all hot and all that, but LOUIS TOMLINSON, fuck, you know that the only guy who’ve ever made me question my sexuality was sebastian stan, now i’m telling you there are two of them, what have you done with this fucking gif”

- he hopes they can come out eventually, and he says “idk about russian audience, maybe we’ll never even hear their story properly, what with our media doesn’t give a fuck about the rest of the world. but if i didn’t know anything about them and then i hear about two guys from 1d being a couple, i’d listen to all their fucking albums immediately. i’d be totally interested, this is a unique story, a mature story, i hope they’ll use it like they should”

- harry looks like disney prince and it’s kinda intimidating

…and all of that because of ONE SIMPLE GIF. the power of louis tomlinson, i can’t believe it.

Preference "How they react when you accidentally call them "Daddy" in bed" (NSFW)

(YASSSS XD Finally it’s here! YAY for our fave male characters being all confident about being called “Daddy” and being nastyyyy. I tried my best to make them all different :3 PS. I added Carl and Ron’s as I figured some of you might have them as your faves so hope it’s okay but theirs are shorter cause I felt a little awkward…Gifs not mine/Found them on google/Credit to the original owners.)

Negan-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d get an adrenaline rush and just go even faster and harder. He’d chuckle hearing you moan even louder and realizing you just said it accidentally made him feel somewhat even more powerful and would definitely play into it with you. He’d then make sure you’d always call him that way whenever you were together. “Daddy? Is that what I am to you, Y/N? Damn fucking shit I am! Say it again! Daddy wants to hear you say it even louder! So everyone knows who I am!”

Daryl-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d be stunned and would first think you were trying to say his name. However, with sounds of your moans and the tone you used, he’d soon understand it was out of pure pleasure and seeing your slightly guilty expression after realizing what you just said, just made him want to play into it. “You meant to say Daryl, earlier didn’t you…but it came out as Daddy…Good, because it’s too late to go back now Y/N…”

Rick-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d act all smug and wouldn’t stop teasing you about it. He had never expected for you to say it so suddenly but the instant he heard it, he decided to play along with you. He didn’t even let you time to explain to him it was an accident and just went on at you like he was used to being called like that by you. “Y/N, Daddy didn’t knew you had such a dirty mind…Why didn’t you say so earlier on! Why did you keep Daddy away from your kinky side like this?”

Merle-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d smirk and chuckle, feeling immensely satisfied he would just start to go at you even harder. For the longest time, he had been trying to find ways to get you to say it and doing all kinds of things and now that he finally made you do it while you were a moaning mess and without even asking it of you, only made him even more satisfied. “Yes! Fuck, Y/N! That’s how it should’ve been from the start! Say it again! Say Daddy again! Let Daddy hear you say it loud and clear!”

Glenn-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d get a little shy and start to chuckle. He knew it was an accident but he wouldn’t ever have expected to make you feel so good that you let that word slip, that it made him smile and laugh. Seeing you all guilty, he’d then start to tease you even more about it and wouldn’t want you to forget what you just said. “Y/N, you called me Daddy…yes you did! Was it that good, that you just had to call me like that? Don’t deny it…Daddy doesn’t like it when you do that…”

Carl-The first time he heard you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d be startled and wouldn’t be too sure of what you meant. He wouldn’t hesitate to ask you what did you mean by that and once he understands, he’d start to laugh and tease you about it. “What? Daddy? Are you serious! Y/N, i’m not that old to be called that! But you just said!”

The Governor-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d stop for a moment, just so he could cup your face and get a good look at you. He’d actually like hearing the word coming out of your mouth and realizing it was an accident only turned him on even more so he’d just want to hear you say it again to his face,as you were all flushed and out of breath. “What did you call me Y/N…I didn’t hear you properly…Say it again…Look at Daddy in the eyes and say it again!”

Abraham-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d chuckle knowing it would make you self conscious and just start to tease you about it. Realizing that you said it accidentally, made him understand he was doing you right and it made him feel all proud about himself and at the same time he just had to make you realize that you couldn’t take back the words you were saying. “Damn Y/N! You like that so much…You started to call me Daddy! Yeah you did! Don’t even deny it…you said it! With no holding back on it too!”

Eugene-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d be stunned and just start to question you. He’d never expect for you to think of him that way and just got curious about what he did to make you just say that word. He couldn’t deny it turned him on hearing you say it while you were all out of breath but he just had to try and understand what had happened. “Y/N? What do you mean by that? Like Daddy…in the sexual way?…of course that way…I don’t know why i would think of the other…”

Ron-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d stop everything and just would stare at you, not understanding your meaning. He’d think you weren’t thinking about him and blurted someone else’s name or something. You’d then explain yourself and he’d just start to chuckle. “Oh I thought you were thinking about someone else…okay as long as it’s me I don’t mind…Yeah I can go with that…Daddy…”

Jesus-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d be surprised but slowly he’d feel flattered by it. He hadn’t expected for you to just call him that way in the heat of the moment, that when he heard it, he kinda stopped for a moment to look at you all flushed. He’d then realized what you meant and just couldn’t stop smiling and feeling all proud about himself. “Y/N…did you just called me Daddy? Wow…me…Thanks! I never would’ve thought of myself that way…But since you said it so eagerly I guess I deserve it…”

Dwight-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d feel all confident about himself and get even rougher with you. He hadn’t ever thought of being called like that but hearing you moan out of pleasure and practically just screaming it, turned him on even more. It made him want to hear you say it over and over again and much more eagerly that he’d start to do whatever he knew you liked and wanted from him. “You called me Daddy didn’t you, Y/N?Well Daddy didn’t hear you right…I want to hear you say it again! So be a good girl and let Daddy hear you!”

Morgan-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d be slightly weird out by it but he’d learn to appreciate it. It was just really unexpected for him to hear you refer to him like that, that he’d just stop for a moment to look at you to make sure you were fine. As you’d explain to him it was an accident and something common in some relationships, he’d start to chuckle. “Y/N, are you okay? Wh-why did you call me Daddy? Really…People do that…I see, alright…Daddy I am then…”

Shane-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d be pleasantly surprised but would act all like he didn’t understand your meaning. He’d realized he was doing you so good that you let the word slip out and feeling so confident about himself, he’d just want to make you admit every fantasies you wanted him to do to you that he’d start to tease you relentlessly until you were practically begging him. “Oh i’m Daddy now…Y/N what did you call me? I don’t think I heard it right…Daddy? Is that what you said…Yeah you did, you said it proudly too…”

Milton-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d get all flustered but at the same time couldn’t deny that he liked it. Hearing you just moaning it out of pleasure, made him realized he was doing a good job and he’d feel more confident. However, he’d still get shy and would stop just to ask you about it, making sure he heard you right. “Y/N, did you just called me Daddy? Oh, I never thought you had a dirty mind like that…Not that I know of people saying it to be dirty or anything…”

Aaron-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d be slightly surprised but he just couldn’t stop smiling. He wasn’t ever expecting for you to just say it, that the moment he heard you, he’d stop for a fraction of a second and slowly he’d smirked looking at you. He’d then make you realize your accident and wouldn’t want to stop you from calling him that way. “Y/N, you called me Daddy! You just called me Daddy…You don’t need to apologize for that…I like it…”

Gabriel-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d be all shocked for a second and wouldn’t know how to handle it. He’d stop for a moment and would nervously ask you about what you meant. As you’d explain to him, he’d then understand you really just said it in the heat of the moment but then would feel so confident about himself he’d actually grow to like it. “Daddy? Y/N…Wh-what do you mean by that…Oh…there’s a sexual meaning to it…I see…Well if it’s you…Then I don’t mind being your Daddy…Daddy Gabriel…”

The Wolf-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d agree with you and make you understand that you should’ve been calling him that way since you were both together. As he heard you, he’d smile and chuckle looking at you so eager and just do you the way he knew it made you ramble on about him. “Yeah, that’s right! I’m the only one you should be calling Daddy from now on! So say it again! Proudly, so everyone know who you belong to…”

Noah-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d be genuinely surprised and just wonder what made you say it in the first place. He’d know it was an accident but just would’ve never thought to be able to make you feel so good you’d let it slip that way. “Woah…Y/N, you just called me Daddy…Am I…Am I that good? Awesome…If it makes you happy I don’t mind…”

Simon-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d get all riled up and would slap your ass in the heat of the moment. He’d understand it was a slip up but hearing you saying it as you were moaning and in such a sweet tone, he’d get kinda drunk off of it and go all crazy over you and would try to get you to say it again as well as making you beg him while calling him that way. “Fuck! Y/N! You know how to get to me don’t you! Yeah you do, you called me Daddy! I like that…So don’t be shy…let me… No let Daddy hear it again!”

Ezekiel-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d feel satisfied and realized he got even more turned on by you. He’d understand that you said it accidentally but hearing you moaning it out loud and seeing how flustered you got after, just made him want to do you even more. He’d want to do anything he knew you liked just to hear you again and to tease you even more about it. “My dear Y/N…I didn’t knew you had such a dirty mind…Calling me Daddy so eagerly like this…and begging me…Say it again and i’ll do as you wish…”

Benjamin-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d stop and would just start to chuckle. It surprised him to hear you moan it so loudly and he just didn’t understood what you meant by “Daddy”. He’d ask you about it and as you’d explain, he couldn’t stop laughing and would jokingly tease you about it. “That’s what Daddy means! Wow! Unbelievable…Y/N, I never thought you had such a dirty mind…or thought you’d ever see me that way…”

Caesar-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d smirk and chuckle to hear you and go even harder at you. He wouldn’t care if you said it accidentally and pulling you by your hair, he would then make sure you’d understand that from now on he’s your “Daddy” and that it was too late to go back on your words. “What did you call me, Y/N? Daddy was it? That’s right…I’m your Daddy…and no one else can have you like this…So say it again!”

Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of my dear followers! You guys are amazing and I love you all. <3 

Quick shout out to my girl @noenoemi for helping me find the cards. They do not belong to me and were found through Google.

Jonathan wasn’t the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day; though it had more to do with the fact that he rarely had anyone to celebrate with, than the idea of it being a made up holiday for stores to sell overpriced candy and cards to the unsuspecting public.

He dreaded the day, because it just reminded him how horribly lonely he was, and how his romantic life was virtually nil. It also emphasized how deeply in love he was with his best friend, with no hope for the future due to the fact that said best friend was straight, and completely unavailable.

Which is why, when he opened his locker on the tenth of February, he was extremely surprised to find a small red envelope sitting among his books.

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I like to believe that whenever Kuroo is taking Kenma out for dates, he doesn’t speak.. Instead he is content enough just staring at him. Which ofc makes Kenma uncomfortable af.

Imagine being Rick's girlfriend and Negan wanting you.

(Alright I know I had the Andrea request to post before this one but I still wasn’t done with it…sorry :’( but I had this one ready so i’m posting it before. Don’t worry tomorrow I promise i’ll post the other request :D. Hope I got this request right and it makes sense, it’s quite a long one…Gif not mine/Found it on google)

You and Rick have been together since the prison had gone down.

You were with him and Carl and eventually grew closer. You had stayed by his side all to keep him safe and alive.

The time he hasn’t responded you it had made you cry and you kept talking to him in hopes he would hear you.

You were crying and kept your head down.
“Rick…Rick…please…please just wake up…you can’t leave…not yet…I…I love you…I really do…”
He opened one eye and smiled
Getting your head up you yelled “Rick!”

In that instant you grabbed him and held him in a tight hug.

He laughed and said “Never thought I’d wake up being so happy…”

You held him and said “Rick…I thought you would leave me…”

Pulling out you continued “Just wait till I get Carl!”

You tried getting up but he caught your arm and pulled you in a kiss. You kissed him back and when he stopped he told you “Didn’t wanna know my thoughts before getting Carl?”

Shy you blushed and laughed. You then said “I…I didn’t expect you to hear it! Well…now you know and…”

He kissed you again and after said “You sure are cute when you’re nervous!”

You laughed and got out of his hold to go and get Carl. That day had one of the most beautiful moment you had since the outbreak.


As you were in Alexandria, your relationship with Rick, Carl and Judith had just seem to grow stronger.

The morning Maggie felt sick, Rick and the others were preparing to leave and get to the Hilltop colony to get a doctor for her.

After what you and your group did to the Saviors, you always felt worried that something would happen to Alexandria or worst to the people that were dear to you.

While everyone was preparing to get Maggie out, you had decided to get whatever you needed and go with them.


However as you walked to the RV Rick stood in front of you and said “Y/N…You need to stay here and look after Carl and Judith…I don’t want you out there…It’s not safe…”

“No I need to go…” Before you could say anything more he cut you off and said “You can’t, you need to stay here and keep the others safe, especially Carl and Judith”

As he said the words you saw Carl get in the RV and looked back at Rick.

“How am I suppose to keep him safe if he’s going to?”

As you said you got in the RV and continued

“Besides Gabriel and the others are looking after Judith!”

By then Rick just had to let you come along.


In the RV you stayed by Maggie’s side and held her hand. You comforted her and made sure she wasn’t in too much pain.

The road was long and even longer as some men had been blocking the path. The sight of them had made you even more anxious about Alexandria and you could only hope that your home was going to be okay.

You were all now at the end of the last road and once more it was blocked.
Luckily Eugene came up with a plan to trick the Saviors who were following you, by driving the RV while the rest of you walked in the woods to reach destination.

As you prepared to walk in the darkness, before you could leave you had hugged Eugene and thanked him for what he was willing to do for all of you.


You had all been walking in the woods for about an hour in the dark. Even in the dark you still held and stayed by Maggie’s side.

The more you got further from the road the more you seemed anxious. Something felt wrong, sure there were high chances of all of you walking towards walkers but something felt else just felt just as sinister.

And that’s when you were right.

You all heard whistles coming from each side of the forest. All looking at each other, you all ran as far as you could together trying to get away from it.


Unfortunately, you all had to come to a stop as you were surrounded by so many people and a few cars came driving along the road.

A man came up to all of you and brought Eugene to show all of you that the plan had failed. He then said “I’m going to need all of your weapons and on your knees…”

Rick stared at him and that’s when the man pointed his gun at Carl and ordered “Now…”

Rick looked back at everyone and you. He seemed so confused and just had to accept what was happening.

The other Saviors came up to you and frisked you to take your weapons.

Afterwards you all got on your knees, even Maggie.

Afraid her condition might get worst you had stayed next to her to hold her if anything were to happen.

As everyone was on their knees, the man called for someone and they came back with your friends that had left looking for Daryl that morning.

It had surprised you and honestly seeing them alive relived you but it also made you nervous.


As You were all lined up , the man then walked over to an RV and knocked on it.

A man walked out, you couldn’t see his face but you heard him say

“Pissin’ our pants yet?” He smirked and walked out of the darkness.

And continued “Boy, do I have a feeling we’re getting close…”

He was tall and was wielding a barbed wire baseball bat. In all honesty, he scared you and you couldn’t look at him straight in the eyes.

He walked over to the other end, where Carl was and said “It’s going to be pee pee pants city real soon…”

“Now which one of you is the leader” he said. His man pointed at Rick and he continued “You’re Rick right? I’m Negan”

Hearing his name had scared you even more. You had heard horror stories from this man and had hoped you all had eliminated him when you attacked the Saviors but unfortunately you knew now you didn’t.

Negan continued and talked to Rick about how his men were killed by you and your group.

“You are so gonna regret crossing me in a few minutes…” He had a serious looked and suddenly smiled and said “Yes you are!”

He started to speak again and walked along the line to get a closer look of everyone’s face.

But when he got to you, he stopped and stared. You stared back up and made eye contact with. His smile got even wider and he had a sparkle in his eyes. Love at first sight wasn’t something Negan would’ve believed in but seeing you he knew what the feeling meant.

You on the other hand stared back on the ground.

“And who do we have here?!” he said

You didn’t answer him but Rick almost got up until Negan’s man held a gun behind him to get him to get back on his knees.

Negan laughed and said “Oh…I get it…she’s your other half!”

Rick could only stare at you and back on the ground.

“Yeah…a fine piece huh!… Man, this is going to be hard to pick someone to beat…”

He stayed in front of you and playfully arranged his outfit and hair as if to impress you and asked you “You like this? Huh! Come on honey…Me and you…can you picture it?”

You glared at him and he laughed and said “Don’t tempt me like that! Not here! There’s other people here, not to mention your man…”

He then got closer to Rick and said “You see Rick…we’ve been investing in all of you…you have shit…you give it to us…If not..”

He showed his bat named Lucille as he walked along the line and said “All this…all this is just a pick out of which one of you gets the honor…”

He paused and continued “But seeing as you are all scared shitless now! I’m willing to be lenient and offer a different deal… We’ll only take half of your shit! And no one’s needs to get hurt…physically! That is.”

He walked back to you and stared at you again “Yeah…half of your shit…” And laughed

In that instant Rick knew what he meant, Negan wanted you and half of Alexandria’s supplies. Rick wanted to get close to you but couldn’t he saw the fear in your eyes as Negan shamelessly stared at you .

He started to feel even more anxious and nervous and tears started to come to his eyes. It was clear he was crying and try to held it in.

He felt so weak for not being able to do anything to save you, to save his son and to save his friends.

Negan shook his head and walked back to Rick and said

“No…No…You can’t cry! You’re their leader! You can’t be weak like this, I mean you weren’t weak when you sneaked behind my back and killed my men right? So you can’t be weak when i’m offering you a better deal than I’ve ever offered to anyone.”

Rick was having a hard time to breathe between his sob, he shook his head and managed to tell Negan

“She’s…she’s mine…you…can’t… you can’t have her!”

Negan could only laugh and say “Rick…this is the only deal…You don’t want to leave with someone’s dead body right?”

Rick could only keep saying “She’s mine…”

Negan smiled and told him “Yes, like I said I’ll take half of your shit…and half of your shit includes her!”

While pointing his finger at you.

Yoongbum and his name

bronze, shades of Earth, green– sounds like Yoonbum’s clothes

So yeah, just a high school student who’s procrastinating from schoolwork  at the same time analyzing a depressed,mentally broken stalker who’s held being hostage by a sociopath and forced to play pretend as mother while being manipulated….



Imagine helping Superboy and Superman out on the Kent farm.

Relationship: Lover

Character: Conner


Gifs: Found on Google.

A/N: I know it said Superboy and Superman but they are super. So I just did the reader helping out with the animals.

I’m not sure how but Conner had talked me into spending my free month at the Kent farm with him, Clark, and Clark’s parents. I heard the door to the guest room open, groaning I pulled the covers over my head as I listen to the footsteps of whoever opened the door walk into the room. I felt the corner of the bed dip and a large but gently pulled the covers away from my face.

“Y/N time to get up.” I knew that voice it was Conner, the one that had talked me into all of this.

“It’s still dark Con,” I grumble trying to pull the cover back over myself, but Conner had a hold of them so that was not going to happen.

“I know but it’s time to get up,” Conner spoke softly.

“What did I do for you to torment me this way?” Conner chuckled as I slowly sat up, my hair was a mess as I glared at him.

“Breakfast will be ready by the time you get out of your shower,” Conner said placing a kiss on your forehead.

“Ooooh.” We looked over to see Clark pass by with a smirk.

“Clark!” Clark rushed off as Conner chased him. I sighed as I stood up, walking over I closed the bedroom and started to undress from my nighttime wear. I went into the bathroom of the room, it was small but having lived in an apartment I could deal with it.

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heey so

when i was going to draw that march eridan i did, i wanted to look at the last eridan i made so i wouldn’t stray too much from my style because i hadn’t drawn him in quite a while. but instead of searching /tagged/eridan on my blog, i searched “appulsprite eridan” on google cause i thought it’d be faster

and then i found this

the google description was something like “20 style challange” but i couldn’t find the source, the image just took me to the tag on tumblr and it wasn’t there. i kind wanna know who made this, i think it’s super cute and they really managed to copy my style perfectly, so if you follow me, person who made this, pls send me a message or comment on this post and solve the mystery! i love it and i’m super flattered EDIT: the artist was @yumikat!!! thanks dude!

Preference "How they react to seeing your ex joining your group"

(Hope it is as requested and you all like it :D Yay for our favs being jelly XD again! And yay for Simon, King Ezekiel, Carol, Noah, Dale and T-Dog being added :3 So many people now… I swear I’ll end up having everybody XD Sorry It took me quite some time to write there are just so many of them now XD PS. Sorry for not adding Mikey and Patrick in this as I felt like they didn’t appear on the show or an episode long enough for me to get an idea of how they’d be…really sorry :( gis not mine/found them on google/credits to the original owner.)

Negan-  The moment he’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, he’d be obviously pissed and wouldn’t be able to hide his hatred for him. He’d do whatever he could to make his life difficult while also showing off your relationship as much as he could. Sometimes he’d go even a little further and actually have fun scaring the shit out of him. “Y/N…As long as he doesn’t take you away or touch you…I’m not going to kill him, don’t worry so much! He just needs to get all of these things done for me or i’m going to Lucille him!”

Daryl- The moment he’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, he’d start to worry about you and wonder if you ever still had feelings for him. He’d try to make it up to you and go out of his way to spend his time with you even more, in hopes you’d know how much he truly loves you and wouldn’t ever want you to leave his side. “Y/N should we go on this run together…just you and me, no one else…Like a date…you know as if we’re going on a date…I just really want to spend more time with you…”

Rick- The moment he’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, he’d wouldn’t even want his presence within the group and everyone would know, especially after the fight he started with him. He’d compensate by getting way overprotective of you and make sure he knew who you belonged to now, by almost rubbing it in his face how happy you were together. “Don’t get too close to Y/N…She’s mine now…and I make her happier than she ever was with you…Just ask her…”

Merle- The moment he’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, he’d act nonchalant about it and probably make fun of him as much as he could on every aspect. However, whenever he’d be alone with you, he’d ask you about your past together and reflect on how he could make you happier and best himself to prove to you that he truly loves you. “So that’s what he was like? What an idiot! Y/N…I promise, I’ll never be like that to you…I swear…”

Glenn- The moment he’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, he’d get slightly nervous and run all kinds of scenario in his mind of what could happen. Whether it’d be about you leaving him or your ex pursing you, he wouldn’t be able to keep his mind at peace. He’d then always find ways to make you fall for him again and remind you who loves you. “Y/N, I got you these flowers from a run earlier today…I thought they’d suit you! I also found some sweets too!”

Carl- The moment he’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, he’d immediately be on guard around you and keep you away from him as much as he could. He’d take it upon himself to go warn him and make him understand that two of you weren’t to be mess with. “Hey you! You’re gonna have to stop following Y/N, alright! She’s with me now! She doesn’t need you anymore…Whatever you both had, it’s in the past!”

The Governor- The moment he’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, he’d put on act and show his charismatic side to unnerve him and would just want prove to you he was okay with him being there. However, the more days pass the more he’d try to find ways to just send him back out or even just get him killed without getting his hands dirty. “I think you should go on today’s run along with the others and learn from them…What? No, Y/N won’t be going along…”

Abraham- The moment he’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, he’d always give him a dirty look whenever he’d see him and do his best to just keep his mouth shut. Knowing how upset you’d get if you learned he got into a fight with anyone in the group, he’d avoid making conversation with that person specifically and just keep himself to you. “You don’t have to worry Y/N…I don’t want to disappoint you…so I’ll keep my mouth shut whenever I see that dickhead around…”

Eugene- The moment he’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, he’d start to compare himself to him and try to figure out as to why you were together. He’d feel a little insecure about himself but try to hide it as much as he could.  However, he’d always feel better when he realizes you were actually always trying to cheer him up and make him smile. “Thanks Y/N…it’s really nice and sweet of you to think that way of me…”

Jesus- The moment he’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, he wouldn’t care much and just accept that in these circumstances it’s normal for people to cross paths at some point. He’d know you were honest with your feelings for him and wouldn’t worry much for you going back to your ex. “No I don’t mind your past with Y/N…It’s a normal thing…Besides Y/N likes me now and that’s all that matters really!”

Ron- The moment he’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, he’d start to spend even more time with you and make sure you weren’t out of his sight. He’d do anything to keep you to himself and would try to tell you about how strong his feelings for you were. “Y/N, promise me you won’t ever think of getting back with…you know…I’d be really devastated…I love you so much…”

Dwight- The moment he’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, he’d start to doubt himself and wonder if he was even worthy of being with you. He’d sulk more than usually and would try to avoid looking at you whenever your ex was around you. However, he’d always end up finding his smile back each time you’d go out of your way to cheer him up. “Oh, come on Y/N stop it! I was being all serious and in deep thought! Stop it…I’m smiling already!”

Morgan- The moment he’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, he’d be fine with it as long as your ex know his limits of being around you and doesn’t try anything stupid like to take you away. Whenever he’d get that feeling, he’d walk straight over him and try to get him to understand you were taken. “Why are you spending so much time around Y/N? I don’t have a problem against you…but if you’re thinking on taking her away, then don’t…Her family is here and…she’s with me…”

Shane- The moment he’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, he’d be in disbelief you were ever with someone like that in your life and always remind you of what an improvement you have gotten by dating him. He’d always make you laugh with his comments and he’d make it clear that he is in love with you. “Y/N, seriously? Him? Damn, what were you thinking? Even if I was a desperate woman I wouldn’t even go for him! But now you have me..and that’s all you need!”

Milton- The moment he’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, he’d hate having to work with him and would have a hard time hiding it. However, he’d want to prove to you he was better than your ex and do anything to make you happy, even at least pretending to get along with him. “Fine, Y/N…I’ll be nicer to him…but it’s only because you ask it of me! And also you can’t make me actually like him, there’s no way that’s happening!”

Aaron- The moment he’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, he’d hide the fact that it bother him and just keep in mind that he was simply an addition to the group. However, in private he’d admit to you all his worries and just want you to know how much he feels for you. “Y/N…I really actually don’t like your ex being here…I’m worried he might take you away from me…”

Gabriel- The moment he’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, he’d try to keep your relationship a secret as long as he could for fear of him making fun of you. However, whenever he’d notice your ex approaching you or acting too friendly with you, he’d walk over and try to subtly hint at him that you were with someone else. “You…I’m glad you’re fitting in with us…But did anyone ever told you that…Y/N, here, is now with someone else…intimately, I mean…”

The Wolf- The moment he’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, he’d laugh and get a real good look at him and ask him openly about his past relationship with you. He wouldn’t understand what you ever saw in your ex in the first place and ask you to point out to him what was better about him. “Y/N tell me what makes me better than your ex. I’m serious I want to know. There must be something in me that makes me the better choice for you!”

Simon- The moment he’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, he’d be pissed and get angry at the thought of you having been with someone else. He wouldn’t even bother hiding the fact that he already hates him. However, he’d later quickly find himself enjoy mocking him and try to get him to do any kind of mistake just so he could have an excuse to scare him. “Y/N, you have nothing to worry about…I swear i’m only clowning on him and trying to scare him away from you…I mean I have that right, don’t I?”

Ezekiel- The moment he’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, he’d pretend to welcome him and act polite as he usually would, sometimes even going further and offer all the necessities to make him comfortable. Only to later show him Shiva and make it a key point that you were now ruling "The Kingdom” by his side, and thus making you his Queen. “I King Ezekiel welcome you…Shiva here seems to feel the same as well…and did I mention Y/N? You were both together once…but now rules by my side…”

Noah- The moment he’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, he’d get confused and the thoughts of you being with someone else would suddenly come to his mind. He’d overthink it and start to worry about your feelings for him but he’d try to keep it to himself. However, he’d end up noticing you cheering him up and would feel better. “I really don’t know why I put so much thought into it…I was being silly…Thanks Y/N for making laugh like this..”

Dale- The moment he’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, he’d get protective of you and would go out of his way to give him a stern warning. He’d end up always taking your side whenever there was a problem with him and also end up giving you advice on making decisions on who you should be dating. “Y/N, I like to see you as my child…and as father I wouldn’t want you to be around someone like that again…but someone like…I wouldn’t object to it…”

Theodore- The moment he’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, he’d accept it as it is and try to find a way to actually get along. However, he’d make it clear you were with him and try to give him a good reasoning as to why he should back off on you. “Look I don’t mind you being part of us but you need to lay off, Y/N…Don’t even think of doing anything stupid..”

Michonne- The moment she’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, she’d get protective of you and show off her quiet and tougher side just to pass the message of how you and her shouldn’t be messed with. She’d tell you exactly what she’d think about your ex and just practically admit to you how much you meant to her. “Your ex…Seems like someone untrustworthy…I understand as to why you both parted ways…I wouldn’t ever do anything like that…You’re too important to me…”

Maggie- The moment she’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, she’d try to laugh it off and act as if it didn’t bother her. She’d always keep that mindset but somewhere in the back of her mind she’d think about you and your ex being together and she wouldn’t be able to hide the fact that she was a little jealous. “Yeah…I am a little jealous…but it’s not that serious I promise, Y/N! It’s just when I think about it, it gets to me…I mean I like to think sometimes i’m the only one you ever had…”

Andrea- The moment she’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, she’d act like it didn’t matter to her and just think it was only a new addition to the group. However, she’d ask you about your ex and try to analyze the kind of relationship you both had. She’d chuckle and promise you she’d never act like your ex. “So the two of you were like that…I get it…well you have nothing to worry about! I’m nothing like that!”

Jessie- The moment she’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, she’d get nervous but she’d try to brush it off. She’d prefer being stressed on her own and wouldn’t want you to worry over her, so she’d put up with your ex. However, at one point she wouldn’t be able to keep it and suddenly just admit to you everything. “Y/N listen…I really don’t feel or like your ex…I’m not comfortable whenever they’re around you…I’m afraid to lose you…”

Beth- The moment she’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, she’d be curious and interested about your past and wouldn’t hesitate to go ask them about it. She liked knowing you had someone else in your past and would want to know how you were like around them. She’d end up making a friend out of them all while talking and making fun of you. “Really? That’s what Y/N was with you? Y/N’s like that with me too!”

Sasha- The moment she’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, it wouldn’t matter to her as much as she’d know how much you and her loved each other. She’d treat them like any other member of the group but wouldn’t go any further to be friends with them. 

Rosita- The moment she’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, she’d have a good laugh about it and try to take it lightly. She’d be confident about you and her being together and wouldn’t have too many worries about your ex. However, whenever she did, she’d keep it to herself until you’d notice and comfort her. “Alright I feel better, i’ll stop worrying about it…just don’t tell anyone I felt that way..it’s embarrassing….”

Enid- The moment she’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, she’d seem as if she was indifferent but you could tell that it bothered her. She’d deny you that she felt any jealous and would try to keep her mind off of it. “No, it doesn’t bother me…Why would it? We’re together and that’s all that I care about…Don’t worry so much, i’m fine…”

Tara- The moment she’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, she’d welcome them and act casual as usually. However, she would later make it clear to them that you were now with her and happy and that they shouldn’t even think about making her distrusting him.

Carol- The moment she’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, she’d give them a stern warning and remind them that none of you were to be messed with especially not her. She’d even admit to them that if they ever did any mistake or wrong to you she wouldn’t even hesitate to kill them just to keep you safe.

Negan’s Girl - Part 5

*the gif is not mine, found it on google, can’t find the talented person who made it!*

part 1 - part 2 - part 3 - part 4

Mila knows Negan since she was a teen, after 5 years they meet again in the apocalypse. 

Warnings: swearing, violence, smut

I lay in my bed, I was tired but couldn’t sleep. I was so sick of him. I was attracted to him, and I wish I wouldn’t but I couldn’t deny it. And at the same time I was sick of his arrogant nature. He tread me like an idiot, like I’m just another pussy he can spend the night with whenever he want and I hated it. For a second I believed that he cares for me, for old time sake… 

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captive prince fancast

thought I would share my “casting call”. A lot of these were inspired by others, and these images were all found on Google Images. Let me know what you think!

Damen - Marlon Teixeria (of course) 

Laurent - Emil Andersson / Jamie Campbell Bower (Emil is like 85% my Laurent. But I can’t put my finger on what’s the missing 15%. Certain angles of Jamie Campbell Bower I like) 

Auguste - Bradley James (I like reading Auguste with long hair, but Bradley James as Auguste is just perfect. THAT SMILE IS SO RADIANT AND GOLDEN)

Nikandros - Nicholas Cazale (w/ thicker beard, me thinks. I’m also not 100% on him, but that bod is definitely Nik’s)

Jokaste - Sarah Gadon (i confess I really don’t know who she is, but she is beautiful)

For Jord and everyone else: 

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Lancea Longini #4

Summary: Modern-day AU where Steve is a college professor whose specialty is WWII. You work for Stark Industries and after leading an excavation of Hitler’s secret bunker, you find an object that was thought to be a legend.
Characters: Unnamed Female Character, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Natasha Romanoff & Female Reader
Word Count: 2,927
Warnings: Angst and language.
Author’s Note: GIF & Pictures found on Google.
Miss the beginning?

“Tomorrow night,” you confirmed. You felt his eyes on you as you unlocked the door and disappeared inside.

There were text messages from Nat when you went to plug in your phone. You wanted to ignore them and just go to bed, but if you knew anything, it was that Natasha was relentless; she’d text until you answered.

Y: I made it home, mom, thanks ;)
NAT: Did Steve apologize?? I’ll beat him up if I have to.
Y: Calm down there, Tiny. Everything’s fine.
NAT: Everything’s fine, huh? Spill it, bitch.
Y: Nothing to spill.
NAT: Don’t make me come over there.
Y: You don’t even know where I’m staying.
NAT: I’m guessing Steve does since he didn’t come back.
Y: UGH, fine! He asked me to the football game tomorrow.
NAT: Ooooooo a daaaaaate! ;)
Y: Shut up! It’s not a date. It’s the first game of the season. Remember those?
NAT: My God, do I ever. We used to get so wasted.
Y: You don’t really think it’s a date… do you?
NAT: Knowing Steve, yeah.
Y: Shit.
NAT: What’s so bad about it?
Y: Dude… I called him an ass… in front of his face!
NAT: Yeah, you did sound like a royal class bitch.
Y: Shut up.
NAT: So it’s a date, whatever. You’re a grown ass woman. Deal with it. Maybe you’ll actually enjoy yourself. Wait… you did say yes, right?
Y: Yes, Natasha, I said yes.
NAT: Good. Now, if it turns out that it really is a date… you break his heart, I’ll break your neck.
Y: WHAT?! Why?
NAT: Steve’s fiance was killed several years back. It was the week before their wedding.
Y: Jesus.
NAT: This is the first time he’s asked anyone out.
Y: No pressure.
NAT: Exactly ;)

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Imagine Daryl cheating on you not knowing that you're pregnant

(Wooo more angst I guess :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

You were both arguing again. About what? He couldn’t remember and neither could you but you were now just both screaming at each other.

Finally, it suddenly stop and you both got quiet. With nothing else to say, he just exhaled and dipped his head down. Staring at his feet, he wondered what had happen between you and him to get like this.

He turned his back to you slowly and walked towards the door to leave, it just seemed right to let you have your space.

Before walking out, he looked back at you only to hear the sound your voice.

“I love you Daryl…”

He turned back and closed the door. Those words he had heard them a thousand times and never once had he ever gotten tired of them but this time something was off.

He couldn’t figure out if you were sincere about it or not and just took some time to reflect on everything.


In the few weeks of your arrival to Alexandria, the two of you had seem to drift apart and argue a lot more. Your happiness and joyful attitude had seem to change.

Anything would seem to bother you and you would just seem to push him away whenever he would try to comfort you, making him frustrated.

When he’d leave you alone for some time, you’d get even more frustrated and as he’d come back to your side, the fight between you and him would only seem to get worse.

He hated that feeling of pushing you away and the feeling of you pushing him away. He thought to himself that he would do anything to make you happier again but with everything going on and everything that had happen, even he himself found it hard to be positive.


As he sat on the couch, he just didn’t felt like he could sleep on it again this night and decided to get up and walk out to see what the others were up to.

He thought of going to Aaron’s for a late snack, knowing that he and Eric would welcome him, and walked towards where his house was.

He walked the road with his head down, hands in his pocket to keep himself warm when suddenly he felt someone walk by.

He looked back and realized it was Rosita. Oddly, seeing here walk just as him, made him curious and he just had to ask.

“Hey…Where are you going at this hour?”

She turned in surprised, seeming to not have noticed him earlier and simply sighed.

“To Spencer’s house…”

She seemed embarrassed about saying it and could only seem to hope to be able to leave soon before further questioning.

She was about to turn around as it got quiet but somehow Daryl just had to keep talking to her.

“W-what are you doing there? Is it cause of Abraham?”

He knew the answer but he felt an urge of being indiscreet and wanted her to answer honestly.

She ended up being pissed and just nodded.

“Yeah…well now you know the answer…Can I go now?”

From her answer, he just seemed to understand what was going on with her. Looking for someone to comfort in a time when the person you love the most had just threw you away, just seemed to suddenly appeal to him.

Him and her were on the same page and it would just seem fine to be the one to help her out while her to do so for him.

He walked closer to her and casually just asked her honestly.

“How about you forget about him for tonight…Let’s go to your house…”

She raised her eyebrow and knowing how much him and you loved each other she just couldn’t understand as to what was happening.

She stepped back and bluntly asked him. Nervously, he told her everything and ended up walking to her house.

Just as he expected to happen, he spent the night with her and tried to forget about the fight you and him had.


While he left, you had cried to yourself, thinking about everything. You didn’t knew as to where this whole frustration came to you but you just felt suffocated with everything lately.

It was easy to be pissed off and it would always seem that you would let it out the instant Daryl would be around.

You hated yourself for it each time you would later reflect on it and remembering his sad expression, only made it worse.

You wanted it to change, to go back to the time where everything was sweet and nice with him. To the time, when it was easy to laugh and forgive each other after stupid little arguments.

You knew it had something to do with you and you just had to figure it out. You thought about it over the night and eventually fell to sleep.


The next morning you woke up and oddly Daryl wasn’t on the couch. You stopped to think for a while but believing that he might sleep at Aaron’s or Rick’s, you simply nodded and walked to over to make breakfast.

In the meanwhile, he was spending the morning in Rosita house’s still holding her. He felt bad to leave you like that but thinking that you might need some time he stayed with her and they later ate breakfast as well.

You sat there expecting him to come back anytime soon but as you realized the time of the day, you decided you needed to figure out what was happening with yourself.

You needed to talk to someone and decided to join Denise in the infirmary. As you helped her out with whatever she needed, you both talked and she made you realize something.

“Well maybe your mood swings…and your sensitivity to smell…it’s all linked to you being pregnant…When was your last period?”

As she said that, you stopped whatever you were doing and stared up at her. In thought, you counted the last time you had your period and realized it was quite some time ago.

She noticed your silence and questioned further, “Do you and Daryl…use condoms when you both…”

You shook your head remembering the last time you and him had been together intimately and just slumped down to sit on the nearby chair.

Nervously, you didn’t know how to react properly. Were you happy about the possibility or would it break you and him even more, you couldn’t know at that moment and it scared you.

As Denise noticed you, she got closer to you and went in to rub your back for comfort.

“Look I think you can take a test here just to be sure…maybe you’re not and it’s something else…Whatever it is we’ll figure it out ok!”

You wiped your little tears and nodded to her. A test wouldn’t hurt you and if you really were pregnant then you thought you that it might be better to learn it now.


As you were about to take the test, Daryl was just quietly leaving Rosita’s house for the day and was hoping to go check on you.

However, something in his hear and mind told him that you might push him away again, making him turn to look at Rosita as he stood by the door.

In a mumble, he simply eyed her and said, “I’ll be back for tonight…Wait for me ok…”

She sighed and asked him about you but he simply shrugged and explained his reasoning. She ended up agreeing and told him to quickly leave before anyone would see him walk out of her house.


You ended up finding the truth behind your frustration and sickness. You were pregnant, two lines on both of the tests that you took.

Your heart thumped and you thought of everything. Was he really going to be okay with this? You remembered you both talked about wanting a family together but that was back when everything was sunshine and flowers between you not like this.

You weren’t even sleeping in the same house at this point and the thought of bringing a child into an unhappy family saddened you.

As you sat in deep thought and discussion with Denise, she tried her best to make you realize that it wasn’t as bad.

She tried to convince you of Daryl’s kind heart and how he would certainly understand and probably make things right with you.

Although, you could see it, you expressed to her that you felt bad for the way you had been treating him.

“I-I don’t to think an apology will be enough…”

She didn’t knew what to say and you both got quiet for a while until an idea occurred to her.

“How about you make a nice diner for him…and maybe make a surprise about your pregnancy announcement while at it…I’m sure he’ll appreciate it…”

The idea made you smile and only sweet memories about him getting you dinner whenever you were hungry, came to you. You realized it was in times like that, that you would both just fall for one another.

You ended up nodding and with some confidence you agreed.

“Alright I like that idea…A new start for me and him…and our little one…”

She smiled to hear you and you both got to work on different ideas of how to present the whole thing to him.

Not wanting to rush anything, you decided to truly prepare it for him in the few days that followed.


While at it, he had been spending his night’s at Rosita for her company and had lied to you about just wanting to hang out with Aaron.

You didn’t question him any further thinking that it would be better to surprise him at the right moment and just let him his space.

He didn’t want to be apart from you but your distantness just seemed it was better to let you on your own for a while.

With Rosita, he was able to talk and just feel comforted enough to not want to leave it so soon. He knew it was wrong but something about it was just worth it to him as long as no one found out.

She wouldn’t ever replace what he feels for you but it was something new to him and a breath of fresh air that he needed for the time being.


One evening, after him and her had just had sex, he remembered you passing by him and telling him to come for dinner as he walked outside.

He knew it meant you were fine enough to talk again and finally felt like he needed to spend the rest of the night with you. He explained himself to her and she understood, letting him leave.

You sat waiting anxiously at home, hoping he’ll be back soon and really just couldn’t wait to tell him of the news.

In the days leading to this moment, you grew to love the idea of having your own child and could just imagine how lively your life would get.

You barely could sit still in your seat and as soon as your door was opened, you got up from the kitchen table to peer over.

It was Daryl and you cracked a smile at him. He lowered his gaze as he would whenever he would get nervous and made you chuckle.

To hear your laughter, made him feel better and realized how much he had missed you. However, at the same time that smile and sound, stung his heart and reminded him of what he had been doing behind your back, making his hesitate to smile so much.

He walked over to see you and greeted you in a low tone. You nodded and shyly welcomed him.

He sat across from you and smiled to see the food you had cooked. He smelled it and just felt back at home and slowly seemed to forget about everything that had happen.


You both ate quietly for a moment, not knowing the right words to say. Stealing glances at each other, you smiled and notice him going from smiling to a concerned expression in a matter of seconds

It worried you that he might not like it or something and took the lead in starting a conversation.

“I-I’m glad you came for tonight…I-I really missed you…”

You looked up from your plate to see his reaction and once again saw his lips curl. It wasn’t out of pure happiness it seemed but you took it as a compliment.

He nodded at you and just couldn’t find anything to tell you but that he felt the same about you.

It was the truth but part of it, he felt himself as a jerk to have done such things to you. It broke his heart to realize the whole thing and he just wanted to hit himself over it.

He then reached for your hand and simply repeated to you about how he loves you, making you feel a sense of relief.

The evening went quite well and you both started to chat in a more relaxed way that reminded you both of when you first met at the prison.


As you both sat on the couch, you then got up and revealed to him that you had another surprise for him and that he needed to close his eyes.

It slightly unnerved him but nonetheless he did as you asked of him.

You came back with a box in hand and kneeled close to his knee, enough to put your hand on it.

As you did, you then told him to open his eyes. He noticed the box in hand and just wondered as to what it was.

You could see the curiosity in his eyes and excitement came over to you. You smiled brightly and just couldn’t seem to sit still.

You handed it to him and looking into his eyes, you said, “I’m sorry about my attitude lately…I really am…You didn’t deserve to be treated the way I treated you…You deserve better…So here is my apology gift…”

He swallowed hard to hear you and couldn’t think as to what you would offer him. The box was intricate and he felt like he didn’t deserve whatever it was inside as he now felt at fault on his part.

Nonetheless, with your excitement, he had no choice but to do just as you asked and open the box.

As he did, he noticed the paper filling surrounding a piece of a folded paper and looked back at you.

You gave him a curt nod to signify him to take it and he did so. He took it slowly and opened it to read it.

“You’re going to be a dad”

His heart stopped. His eyes had tears and widened to see those words and he couldn’t figure out how to truly feel.

As you noticed him, you simply chuckled and told him to check the tests you had took to let him know of the truth.

He slowly searched for them and seeing the two sticks with each a positive sign on them, he realized how much in the wrong he was.

He knew he still loved you but just felt like he didn’t deserve you. He looked back into your eyes and you just playfully bit your lips and said, “So…what do you think?”

A thousands insults to himself came to him and in that instant, he could only think of pulling you in for a tight hug.

You ended up in his lap, hugging him back and could only laugh at his reaction. Your happiness to him was everything to him but truly he just felt like he did you wrong and knew nothing he could do could make him redeem himself.

The only thing he could say or feel about this was to tear up. He clung onto you and repeatedly apologize to you.

“I-I’m sorry…I’m sorry…I’m sorry…”

You stroked his hair to hear him and just told him it was fine, not understanding the true meaning behind his apology.

You thought he was simply referring to your pregnancy and just told him about your love for him.

“You don’t need to apologize for it…If anything it’s me for my attitude…Not you…Besides if you’re apologizing for making a baby with me…Don’t…I love you Daryl…That’s all that matters…I know we’ll make it through together…and that’s all because I love you…”

As he listened to you, he wanted to hit himself over and over for everything that he had done to you and realized nothing could be done to fix any of his acts.

The only thing he could think at that moment was to keep apologizing.

“I’m sorry….I’m sorry…I’m sorry Y/N…”

From his tone, you realized something was off and held him wondering if you should ask his meaning or simply brush it off for the night.

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Pairing: Steve X Reader

Prompt: could you write an imagine where The Reader works with Tony and Bruce in the lab as their intern and Steve meets her and starts visiting the lab everyday saying that he is just wanting to learn but he really has a crush on the reader? you can add or subtract things or whatever. please and thank you :)

Warning: Swearing


“Lab Experiment”

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Promise - Charles Xavier x Reader

My god I really need to rewatch the X-men films. It’s been too long.

Sorry I just found the gif through google so I don’t have credit. 

Requested by anon.  

You had to press the mansion bell three times before you heard a yell from inside.

“Alright! Alright! I’m coming!”

You froze, hoping it wasn’t true.

The door flung open revealing Charles. He hadn’t even looked at you before he started yelling.

“What the bloody hell do you- (Y/n). Sorry. I-” He trailed off, seeing your expression.

“You fucking promised me.” 

“I- I know and I shouldn’t have but-”

You stepped away, turning to leave him and his bloody serum in peace.

“(Y/n), please! I need this.” He yelled after you, falling into step beside you.

“Fuck off, Charles. I’m not going to watch you do this to yourself. I thought you were going to fix things, not make them worse.”

“(Y/n).” He took your arm in desperation. “Listen. Please. I need you. I need you to help me.”

“Piss off, Charles. You abandoned us, you abandoned us all. You let them- Sean-”

“It was you who left me first!” He yelled suddenly, releasing your arm roughly.

“You went off to the other side of the world to see what you could do there right when I needed you most. You left me when I was weak and just wanted you to be here. By my side.” He raised a finger then lowered it again. 

He sighed, “I’m sorry, I just- I fucked up. I couldn’t face looking for you everyday. I couldn’t face searching to make sure you were alright. It hurt. It hurt so much so I let it go. I let it go and it was one of the stupidest things I’ve ever done and I’m sorry.”

He opened his arms, then began to lower them again, realsiing you wouldn’t want to hug him after what he did.

But you did. You held him tightly and he held you. Your face against his chest, his chin rested on the top of your head. 

“I’m sorry.” You whispered.

“No, no. It’s my fault.”

“I’m here now.”

“I’m glad.” You felt him smile as he pulled away.

“Please, don’t leave me again.” He whispered, looking you in the eyes.

You bit your lip. “I promise.”

He chuckled slightly, pressing his lips to yours.

“Good. Now I can remind you that you fucking promised me.” He laughed, pulling you against him again.