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I'm going through a really rough spot right now. My Daddy and I just broke up but he was really sweet about it and I don't know what to do because I don't want to go all little mode because it feels wrong without Daddy.... I feel lost and broken and I just don't know what to do....

Focus on yourself, remember self care is important 😜 but really…. what I’ve found effective is just… focusing on yourself, and your friends.. I really love all my friends, they helped me so much after my last relationship, they knew exactly what happened, and crying is okay. I know what it’s like, didn’t eat properly or take care of myself for about a month and a half afterwards. Don’t let yourself get to that spot… don’t block your friends and family out. Bc in the end, they’re the ones be there for you and esp family, they’re ALWAYS gonna be there. So focus on yourself, school(work), friends, family..

the senshi during finals week

(in order of success rate)

ami: definitely knows more than is required for the exam but goes to the quiet study room at the library at 8am just for the principle of the thing

rei: stays up really late and drinks a lot of caffeine but nothing is unachievable with psychic powers a positive attitude 

makoto: “studying” is just another word for “sitting in the café for a few hours with some books open on the table in front of you”

usagi: cries because it’s 4am and she can’t find enough change in her backpack to get a bag of chips from the vending machine

minako: flash cards and prayer

my friend grew up with bille lourd and she said carrie fisher’s kitchen floor was linoleum with 50s style print of pills like prozac and xanax so take your meds it’s what carrie would have wanted

Jikook Fic Masterlist

Hi! This is my first official post on this blog other than just reblogging Jikook. I recently just found out that my best friend (who I succeeded in getting obsessed with BTS) ships Jikook and

I’m so unbelievably happy you have no idea.

Anyway, this masterlist is dedicated to her to get her started on the Best of the Best Jikook fics that I’ve read, needless to say that’s a lot.

But, don’t worry! To all who are reading I don’t ONLY rec fics, I also WRITE them. I have multiple fics lined up to write, they’re all Jikook because I’m an actual dumpster. I just have a shit ton of homework like all the time, so I have no idea when they’re going to be uploaded.

Follow me on AO3! I have one fic and it’s not even Jikook, but do it for the future fics.

ANYWAY, enough with my ramblings and onto the fics! I read a lot of fluff so that’s mostly what these are, but they’re REALLY GOOD so go read them! @thatdeadlypenguin this is for you!

On Patrol - It’s ongoing but GOD it’s so good. It’s a cop AU and my lord the feels are strong and wonderful. It has side ships Yoonseok and Namjin, but everything is so fluffy. Up until chapter 18, just watch out for that one, it ripped my heart out.

Track one: I love you - My heart is breaking one piece at a time and it feels so good because this story just puts it right back together again. IT’S ANGST and I barely ever read angst because I can’t handle it, but this was just so GOOD. It has Yoonmin in the beginning, but they break up and Jungkook has to help him build up again and it’s so heartbreaking I hardcore cried while reading this and I’m not a crier. I’ve said this before and I’m going to say it again this is BEAUTIFUL. Wonderfully written and it’s absolutely stunning go read it please.

Riptide - My TEARS this is SO GOOD. It’s non AU and there’s angst but MY GOD it is so beautifully written and I love it. Eighteen chapters of magic right here guys READ IT. It’s heartbreaking at some parts, smutty in others, and fluff dotted here and there but it’s wonderful and you all should read it.

Blow Me Like Your French Horn - This is fucking hilarious. 8 chapters of crack basically. French Horn!Jungkook and Trumpet!Jimin. Jungkook is such a child and it’s hilarious. Warning - The cursing in this story in cranked up to 10, just saying.

You’re My Genie, Lamborghini (You’re My Teeny Weeny Meenie) - Social Networking!AU and my heart cannot describe how much I love it. A little bit of smut but it’s mostly just fluff. I love it. Tip for moblie users: Scroll to the right. It’ll make a lot more sense when the pictures can show up because then you’ll actually be able to read everything (it took me 3 reads to figure that out).

The Ocean at the End of the Universe - Aviation Academy!AU that takes place 5000 years in the future and the characters in it are mostly Jimin, Jungkook, and Taehyung but the rest of Bangtan is mentioned. This is fabulous though, one of my most recent reads and it’s wonderful.

sugar, we’re going down swinging - AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH this fic is one of my favorites of all time. Modern Sherlock!AU. Basically Jimin is Sherlock and Jungkook is Watson and Jungkook is Done like all the time. Jimin is a child. A really smart child who likes to solve crimes and drags Jungkook the med student/roommate along with him on his adventures. MUST READ

Could you turn off your cell phone? (Bts Social Media au) - Ongoing It’s exactly what it says in that it’s a Jikook social media au served with a side of Yoonseok and a dollop of Namjin. It’s fluff and humor, basically. AGAIN, A TIP- Mobile users, scroll to the right when the pictures come up.

longing: a yearning desire - Ongoing. nnnnggghghghh oh my GOD I love this. Soulmate!AU with Mute!Jimin and Jungkook the Romantic. It’s beautiful, side of Yoonseok, it’s cute. Read it.

slytherpuff relationships are the best 1 2 3 - It’s a series. Harry Potter!AU and I don’t really like Harry Potter, but this is so UNBELIEVABLY GOOD that I just had to read it. Hufflepuff!Jimin and Slytherin!Jungkook. Basically, Jungkook is the seeker for Slytherin and Jimin is his fanboy and then Jungkook goes and sits at the Hufflepuff lunch table and FLUFF ENSUES SERIOUSLY IT’S SO GOOD GO READ IT EVEN IF YOU DON’T LIKE HARRY POTTER. Should be read in the order of which they’re listed.

In the Line of Fire - Fraternity!AU and Jimin and Jungkook are in enemy fraternities and there’s a water war and Jimin wants nothing to do with it and he keeps getting soaked. Jungkook thinks he’s cute and this ends up with smut, but it’s a good lead up to good smut so go read it.

Guilty Pleasures - CCCCUUUUUTTTTTEEEE pure fucking fluff and it’s wonderful. It’s just a thousand word one-shot but it’s so WORTH IT. Jimin wakes up at 2 am to make brownies and Jungkook wakes up to help him and Seokjin is mad because he smells chocolate when he wakes up the next morning.

Flower Talk - Oh MY GOD this is so beautiful. Jikook both work in a flower shop with Jungkook as the delivery boy and Jimin really likes talking about flowers and it’s so beautiful and cute and fluffy and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

That’s basically it at the moment regarding all the REALLY GOOD ones I’ve read. Most of the stuff I read is fluff, but when I’m feeling sinful I’ll read smut. But yeah, hope this was helpful and you enjoyed!

someone i know was trying to convince me i ‘can’t be bi’ because i’ve been with my boyfriend for so long and only just did anything sexual with a girl for the first time recently, they were like ‘it’s kinda late to decide you’re bi’ and ‘well maybe it’s just her that you like’ and im just like…. no……. why are u trying to decide who i can and can’t like, you can’t just tell me what my preferences are??

So I’m sure you’ve come across this photo before, I’m the photographer behind it. It’s a huge source of shame and embarrassment for me. I’m sorry that it exists. I took it around 7 years ago, when I was young and stupid. It was a last minute class assignment for a location photography course. I didn’t put much of any though into what I was doing. My friend had just found that headdress at a Salvation Army and my photo was due the next day. I feel so sorry that I didn’t think about what I was doing, but at the time I had no idea what cultural appropriation was or how far that photo would go. If I had I can guarantee I would have NEVER taken it. Each time I find it on a website I send in a submission or a contact form to have it taken down. I’ve long since deleted it off my own online portfolios. I’m submitting this because I want people to know that what I did was wrong and that the image itself is wrong. Hopefully it’ll stop glamorizing that photo if people can see that even the photographer is ashamed of it. I’ve learned a great deal since then about what it is to actually respect other’s cultures and exactly what, and how large of a deal, cultural appropriation truly is. Your blog is very important. 


This is for omgericzimmerman’s 13 Days of Halloween fic-a-thon. I started writing the prompts in advance at the beginning of October, but school has really be fucking me up lately and I didn’t manage to come up with anything I really liked, so I haven’t posted anything… until now! This is the only thing that I wrote that I actually liked and it’s very short, but here. Have some General Autumn Goodness


         Dex is leaving his building for his early morning jog when the pile of leaves outside the door starts moving.

         Dex, understandably, jumps about a foot in the air and swears. “What the fuck-”

         He’s cut off by a deep groan emanating from the pile.

         “What the fuck,” Dex says soberly. He approaches the pile slowly, hoping that it’s not a wounded animal or something equally worrying. His hope is rewarded because, when he gets close enough to the pile, he realizes that the sound came from a person.

         Not just any person either; one Derek Malik Nurse.

         “Nursey, what the fuck.” It’s not a question; Dex is so incredulous- but then, he’s also not that surprised because it’s Nursey- that he’s lost the ability to wield question marks.

         Nursey groans again, beginning to sit up, and about a handful of leaves fall off of him. It’s nothing compared to the number of leaves that don’t fall off of him. His head looks like one of those fall wreaths suburban moms hang on their front doors. Nursey blinks, causing another leaf to fall, and squints up at Dex, confused.

         “Wha happ’n’d?” he slurs.

         “You fell asleep in a fucking pile of leaves,” Dex says. How the hell does this happen? How in the hell does Nursey’s drunk ass just decided to take a nap in a pile of leaves?

         “Oh.” Nursey looks down at his make-shift bed and pats the pile softly. “Chill.”

         Dex sighs, looking upward for some kind of divine patience to help him deal with this situation. “Come on,” Dex says, stepping forward, “let’s get you into an actual bed.” He helps Nursey stand, brush off the majority of the leaves, and starts helping him into the building.

         It takes about four minutes longer than it should to get to Dex’s floor, as dealing with a hungover, leaf-covered Nursey kind of hinders Dex’s ability to walk. But they reach Dex’s dorm and he lets them both in, thanking God that he doesn’t have a roommate this year, and he plops Nursey down on the edge of the bed, sitting upright.

         “Thanks, Dexy,” Nursey says, smiling sleepy-drunk up at Dex. Dex refuses to acknowledge the warm, melty feeling in his chest and crosses his arms over it in an attempt to stifle it.

         “Sleep it off, Nurse,” Dex says. “I’m going on my run.”

         After setting an alarm for Nursey, since Dex knows he has a class in two hours, Dex does actually go on his run. He jogs his route twice just to get rid of the anxious energy buzzing through him. Dex doesn’t know what it is about finding Nursey asleep in a fucking pile of leaves but the whole thing has just managed to further endear Nursey to Dex.

         So after running his route twice, he stops in to Annie’s for a cup of coffee. He figures that he’s earned it, what with the extra running and all, and maybe Dex is trying to eat up time in the hopes that Nursey won’t be in his bed when he gets back. He takes his coffee black to stay and drinks the whole thing while sitting at a table and going through the few social media accounts he owns.

         He’s eaten up a good twenty extra minutes by the time he throws away his cup, so he deems it safe enough to head back to his dorm. Fortunately- or unfortunately depending on what part of Dex is asked- Nursey is not in Dex’s bed when Dex gets home. Dex sighs, angry at the part of himself that’s disappointed, and sits down on his bed to untie his shoes.

         However, as he sits, he hears a crinkling sound. He looks under his comforter to find a crisp orange leaf. He smiles and sets it on his dresser before continuing to untie his shoes.

Some blushy Pittoos for you fantastic followers (I’m not too sure how many of you also like Pit) just to say thanks for sticking with me till now! I’ve gotten some new followers too, and I really appreciate those who go through my entire blog to give a like to everything… it.. it really means a lot that you like my stuff!

So i decided to re~watched the latest episode of YOI~ I’m soo proud of my Kitty Yurio. He did a very good job 💕💕 💕. Also, A NEW SHIP IS BORN! ~ OTAYURI! I’m soo happy that my kitty has found a “FRIEND” ehem~ i just can’t stop shipping this two xD.

The last part just got me all confused and excited for the last episode. I NEED SEASON 2!!!

PS.I kinda borrowed phichit’s meme to show my reaction XD

Prayer Request

I just found out that the brother of one of my friends has been discovered to have a second brain tumor. He’s in surgery right now…. I ask for prayer that the surgery is successful, and that he will live. He’s only a teenager. If the tumors are not properly removed, he won’t live for long. He has a life ahead of him that he needs to experience.