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I’m not gonna make this long and I’m just gonna say one big thank you to all of you for following me! I recently hit 20k followers in less than a year and I’m honestly blown away by that. I ‘lost’ my previous blog so I had to make this one and start all over again and honestly at that time I didn’t take it well. But oh well, I’m kind of glad I did now. All in all, thank you all once again, for following, for all nice comments and liking my content, it really means a lot. So here are some awesome blogs and people, you guys are seriously amazing~❤️ I know that I maybe don’t talk much and I really wanna talk to some of you but I’m kinda scared to say hi and all 😅 *Also I’m trying to be more active on my twitter and I wanna follow more people, so yeah, my twt is @yoochiim *


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i’m jk i wish i was as pretty as him. also i wish i could make pretty graphics but i cant so have this.

it’s honestly amazing to me how much attention and interaction his blog has received over the past two years. you guys really make this blog happen, and i want to share a bit of the appreciation back to my followers. thank you for writing and interacting with my muse and i! the amount of support i’ve received is overwhelming sometimes, you guys are awesome for that. this ‘list’ is just to show appreciation to the rpers that have taken the time to get to know me and my muse, and please don’t worry if you aren’t on it, i really do appreciate all of you guys.

without further to do, here is my 1.5k follower list. here are some rpers that i enjoy writing with, and muns that i’ve got to know over the weeks, months and years. in general just cool people who have made this blog all the more fun to write on, and my dashboard interesting to read. remember, this isn’t meant to serve as a bias list, it’s just here to show some love to people who help make this blog great and fun.

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I actually reached this when I was going through my move and wasn’t really on tumblr for a while. Since I was moving, getting settled in, dealing with school, and not having internet for about two weeks I didn’t really have the time to actually notify you people on this accomplishment.

I never really thought I would get this many followers and meet so many great people. So… I guess I’ll give out a lot- some shout outs to some people out there below the cut because it’s kind of long.

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hey! im zab. i just hit 1.5k followers and im so grateful to each and every one of you. i have so much fun blogging and making original content for people to enjoy! 

im really new to this so i just wanted to thank a few of my mutuals who have been really nice to me the past few months. (and just some of my awesome friends and irls) <3 i know this isnt nearly all of my mutuals, i love you all i promise. 

also thanks to the entire @legbuttdnp network. <3

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i love you all so much <3 <3 <3 thank you for being so welcoming 

Sterek recs: The Underappreciated Edition

So, I’ve seen a lot of talk about underappreciated fics on my tumblr lately, and a lot of awesome people pushing great fics that have flown below the radar. I thought I’d join and put together a rec list. Some of the most enjoyable sterek fics I’ve read have under 1k kudos, and I just know ppl are missing out on reading good fics. 

Read these underappreciated fics ppl are reccing. And remember to kudo them! Let’s show everyone some love.

The following fics have under 1k kudos, and I loved each one for one reason or another, and I believe they are awesome and need to be read and loved. (as i sit here and rec most of these, i’m like I LOVE THIS FIC READ IT, so srsly ppl…i love these fics. At least 5 of these fics are in my top fave fics of all time :P) I hope you find some you enjoy as well <3

Remedy for Memory by aerowyn

Holding Your Own Weight by zjofierose

Make Us Laugh (or Nothing Will) by rohkeutta

Extra Innings by tuesdaymidnight

Peace and Quiet by thelittlestwolf

Romancing The Sourwolf. (Or, Stiles Stilinski’s 100% Foolproof Guide To Getting Your Man.) by lucy_in_the_soup_with_croutons 

Glasses, Coins, and Golden Rings by nubiany

Missed Deadlines by aerowyn

Oh, The Places We’ll Go by KeriArentikai

Thank You For Breaking My Heart by Loz

There’s a Howling That Stays Under My Skin by LunaCanisLupus_22

Carry My Body Safe To Shore by derekstilinski

After You by Castielific

What Forever Means To Us by Green

Big Block of Cheese Day by raktajinos

So I Sat Alone and Waited Out The Night by theaeblackthorn

Chapter Hale House by aaeth

Red and Black by notenuffcaffeine

You Keep Showing Up by scottmcniceass

you’re the only north star (dear god) by spiekiel

We Held Fast by GotTheSilver

Little Blue Dress by Anonymous

You Might Just Find You Get What You Need by tanwencooper

The Hunt by HenryMercury

petrificuz-totalus  asked:

hey there, just wanted to say that you have basically been my mentor for this fandom. i am a silent blogger when it comes to Sherlock, since not many of my followers see the show. seeing your posts really helped me, and made me understand that the Sherlock fandom is not "(not in a nice way) crazy" or "aggressive" like some people said. Your opinions made me enjoy the show to a 300%, so thank you 💕 stay awesome

LOVELY!! OMG!!! Wow, seriously wow!! Thank you so much. This is so very kind of you to say! I am very happy that I help prove that Johnlockers are a wonderful group of people! :D <3 This means a lot to me!!

1. & 2.  Ohhh…  hmm… Lots of people have asked me this but I haven’t given it much thought. Let me think about this one.
Meanwhile, take a look at the fanfics based on Professional Amateur. Some of them cover this part and do it really well! Link to fanfics

3. I have a feeling the changing montage would be Viktor’s goal while Yuuri just puts him in even more protective gear including kneepads. XD 

4. Ahahaha! That’s an awesome mental image you gave me. That makes me so happy to hear <3 Thank you! And I will definitely continue this AU.

5. Thank you!!!

6. Yurio might actually make an appearance soon. ;D

7. Awww, thank you so much! 

8. Omg! I didn’t even know those exist and now that I do I kinda want to be put in one myself! I used to do figure skating as a kid and still know how to do small, small jumps but I’m too afraid to jump higher because I don’t want to die. Hahaha! Maybe I really should put Viktor in one! Thanks for the idea!

More about the aquarium scene.

Wow, so that blog post really took off, huh? Thank you to everyone who liked, reblogged, commented, fleshed it out, and took it in different directions! And welcome to my new followers! Thanks for the add. This has all been pretty awesome, and I am beyond tickled to have people to talk to about this stuff. What an amazing fandom!

I keep thinking about this scene and where it might be leading us, not to mention thinking about some of the weird little details that go along with it. I have some theories, but I also have a ton of questions, so just know that when I ask them, it’s me legitimately asking for other ideas or input.

Anyhoodles, I do want to clarify that in my original theory, John shoots Mary to protect Sherlock. He chooses Sherlock over a woman. Again. And he protects Sherlock by shooting someone again (like in ASIP).

Some of the reblogs have gone in other directions, which is great, but I personally don’t think Sherlock gets shot again. We just did that, right? I also don’t think that John gets shot by jumping in front of the bullet. If that sequence is unrealistic from a physics standpoint, then it doesn’t matter who does the jumping. It doesn’t seem plausible to me.

More observations:

I have come to believe that Vivian Norbury doesn’t actually exist. I’m still not certain about whether Sherlock invents her to cope with trauma or as an alibi for John, but I lean toward coping mechanism. I’ll get to why in a minute.

Evidence for the idea that Vivian is made up entirely:

The first time we see her, no one speaks to her but Sherlock. No one even acknowledges her presence. Mycroft makes a comment about not creating minutes, but he is merely looking toward the front of the room when he says it. Then, in the same scene, he says that only four people (4 code names) will know the truth of the Magnussen mess. There are supposedly five people in the room. (Also, are there only four glasses on the tray?)

The next time we see Norbury, she is with Lady Smallwood when Smallwood gets brought in for questioning. No one speaks to Norbury here either.

And finally, the aquarium scene. As I said, I think that Norbury is actually Mary. All of the dialogue here about Norbury directly is suspect. I think it’s Sherlock making up details/deductions to support his delusion/alibi. Which explains Mycroft finally speaking to Norbury/Mary.

I also don’t think its coincidence that fictional Norbury is being hauled to jail while Mary burns.Very tidy.

So why do I lean towards trauma rather than alibi?

Because for me, this scene makes the most sense when John doesn’t need an alibi. Mary wasn’t going to be talked down from threatening Sherlock and so John shot her. In front of Mycroft and Greg, who would say that he had no choice.

Maybe Mary even preferred it that way for a bunch of reasons. Vindictive reasons? Possibly. Preferring to die by the hand of someone she “loved”? Possibly. She keeps saying how good John is, and that she doesn’t deserve him. But maybe she decided JOHN didn’t deserve to have to deal with her and her past anymore and she went out on her own terms, like Emelia Ricoletti in TAB.

See, I am not a Mary hater. I think she is a complicated person. I think she loved John as much as she was capable. I think she wanted to be a good person and pretend she hadn’t done bad things, but she couldn’t escape her past or her nature.

The Samarra story reminds me of another story, that of the scorpion and the frog. Remember that one?

The following is from Wikipedia:

“A scorpion asks a frog to carry it across a river. The frog hesitates, afraid of being stung, but the scorpion argues that if it did so, they would both drown. Considering this, the frog agrees, but midway across the river the scorpion does indeed sting the frog, dooming them both. When the frog asks the scorpion why, the scorpion replies that it was in its nature to do so.

Though the fable is recent, its outlook that certain natures cannot be reformed was common in ancient times, as in Aesop’s fable of The Farmer and the Viper. Here the scorpion’s reply indicates that what is fundamentally vicious will not change.”

Mary’s dying declarations were probably true, in a way. I think she both liked Sherlock and was jealous of him. She did regret shooting him because it didn’t’ really help her cause any, and only ended up hurting them all. Finally, I think when she says that being Mary Watson was the only life worth living, she meant it…she’d rather kill or die than lose that. She knew their relationship was over. John picked Sherlock (and I think she knows how Sherlock feels about John). John helped trap her. John shot her.

I think this is why John is angry after the shooting. He’s angry at Mary, himself, Sherlock, probably everyone. And feeling so terribly guilty. He could also have been referring to Mary’s wedding vows, rather than Sherlock’s vow in that bit of angry dialogue.

The whole thing is a mess that Sherlock’s mind just can’t deal with, so he creates this fiction to cope. He is estranged from John while they both try to deal with their feelings for each other, Mary’s lies, her death, guilt, anger, and that damn baby. (I don’t know what to do about that. She’s cute, but kids mess up everything.) Finally, Sherlock’s reoccurring dream (bus/bedroom scenes) is his mind trying to sort out his feelings for John and his guilt even before the shooting takes place.

Moriarty’s role:

I’ve mentioned it in a previous blog, but I believe that Moriarty or his agents do play a role in this affair, and so Sherlock’s intuitions were not wrong.But I think Mary may have spotted it as well, and thus the CD. I think she may well have worked for Moriarty in TGG as a pool assassin, became enamored with John, and pursued him after AGRA died. Now she wants Sherlock to protect John, possibly from Moriarty and probably also from himself. 


I am terrible at tagging people. Please bear with me.

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Thank you guys so very much for this, you have no clue how amazing this is for me. Honestly, when I first joined tumblr like 5 months ago I never even thought that I would make it to 20 followers by this time, and now in this past week alone I’ve gotten 40 new followers, which is absolutely mental (and that’s even with blocking all the pornbots😂 I never know if my mom is gonna decide to go through my tumblr…) I was thinking about putting up some selfies or whatever to kinda celebrate? Idk, we’ll see

I’d especially like to thank the following people for just being really awesome. You all are so incredibly nice (I know I’m probably missing some people so I’m sorry if I missed you. I literally just woke up so my brain isn’t functioning properly yet)
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Also my real life besties @flower-spam and @hopelessly-romantic

I’m glad I get to be a part of such a wonderful fabdom❤️

robinblackwellwrites  asked:

I see that you've been getting some flack lately, so I just wanted to tell you that I think you're doing a fantastic job running this blog and I'm learning so much from you. Thanks for running it!

Thanks for reading. I’m so glad I can help people learn. 

And what you said reminded me of something. I told myself going into this that this was probably going to be a huge time investment, and I probably wouldn’t ever get more than a few readers. But I told myself that if I could really, seriously, completely change a single writer’s inaccurate portrayal of mental illness into an accurate one, the time and effort I spent here would be worth it.

One month later, I have 1,451 followers. Almost 1,500 people value what I say enough to follow me. It still completely boggles my mind.

And yeah. I’ve been getting some anon hate. But the outpouring of support from all of you has been incredible. I never expected so many of you to care not just about what I’m posting, but about me as a person.

I can’t thank you enough, Shrinky-dinks. Y’all are seriously the best fans I could ever hope for.

Karasunovolleygays —  AO3 Milestone Party

So, I never thought this day would come, but I actually hit 200 subscribers on AO3, which is all sorts of awesome. It makes me happy that so many people want to be notified right away when I post something, and just thinking about how many people that is — it’s really a phenomenal thing to me. 

I’d like to give back some of that love and support the only way I know how: by writing fic! What I’ll be doing is taking requests in both my inbox here and in the comments of the work I’ll post on AO3 once I get the first request filled, titled Celebrations. ANYONE WHO SUBSCRIBES TO MY AO3 PAGE is invited to make a request! If you don’t currently follow my author page and become a new subscriber, then feel free to make a request after a follow. I have no way of confirming whether you follow me or not, but I hope everyone can keep to the spirit of things and stick to the honor system.

For the request, simply let me know you subscribe to my page, leave me a ship/character (if you subscribe to my work, you already know what I do/don’t write) and a mood (fluff, angst, whatever) and I’ll write a little drabble/ficlet just for you. There is little I am uncomfortable with in terms of themes (incest, bestiality, ABO, scat, and watersports rank at the top of the NO list) or can’t suffer through for a few hundred words, but if it’s something I can’t/won’t do, I’ll let you know so you can pick again/adjust your request.

I can’t tell you how amazed I am at the support I receive here and on AO3, and this is just a way for me to make sure you all know it. Thank you for everything, and I hope to do a little piece for each and every one of you. 

Have an amazing day!

anonymous asked:

Hello! I don't actually have a mental illness, I just saw the contents of this blog and wanted to show some appreciation. What you do here is awesome and it is probably really helpful for many people. (Even if not for myself.) So I just felt the urge to send you a nice message and attempt to brighten your day! Oh, and this applies to all of your followers too! Have a nice day! :)

Thank you so much! Have a puppy!

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Calling All My Shy Writers

Heya! This is a little plea to all my writers that are kinda shy to write fanfics, oneshots, imagines, and more. I really love all the stuff people are writing and posting in the Narnia fandom, but I’m finding a lot of people like myself would love more! So please, don’t be shy anymore!

As a side note, there are very few Peter fics in ratio to Edmund these days. And that’s awesome! Edmund is an incredible character and deserves it. As a Peter girl, though, I’d just love to see some more fics for him too. 

If you post a story and I don’t follow you, please feel free to message me letting me know to check it out. I’ll probably fangirl over you and the story, so excuse that if it comes out :)

anonymous asked:

Hi, for that why did you follow me thing: I'm going through a Narnia phase right now so I followed pretty much every Narnia blog I could find + your url is awesome! Also for that aesthetic ask thing : messy buns!

Aww, I hope it’s not just a phase and that you stay forever in the Narnia fandom. We have some really nice and great people here. Let me recommend some if you aren’t already following them because their blogs are pretty awesome. @itskingedmund @itsalwaysnarnia @iliveinnarniaandstudyathogwarts @edmundtrash @edmundsfreckles @aslansblessings @narniadrabbles @narniaismymaze @edmundforpresident @ohnarnians. These are all really great blogs to follow and there are so many more because I am very forgetful and I’ve probably forgotten a few people. Thank you, I’m sure your url is just as awesome! I’d probably dye my hair green for Slytherin pride!


looking for bangtan blogs!

heyo everyone, vaughn here!! i’ve been inactive on tumblr for a while now, but i think i’ve reached my threshold. i miss all my friends and the fun of keeping up with bangtan! i’m gonna make my return officially, however, before i can.. i need more lovely people to befriend! i somehow managed to remain mutuals with the 70+ blogs i follow, but i wanna expand my friends list!! 

tl;dr please reblog this post if you reblog 80% or more of bangtan, and i’ll check out your blog! :D

2017 Fandom Goals

Happy New Year, friends! 

2017 is the year I want to get more involved in fandom. So this year, I am making three goals for myself:

1 - Post at least one fanwork a month, be it 100 or 10000 words. I miss writing fics, but I miss sharing fic even more.

2 - At least three of those fanworks will be Works In Progress. I have eleventy billion fics sitting in a google folder that have been started and not finished, and I love pretty much all of them.

3- Make some new friends, specifically in the Teen Wolf and Supernatural fandoms. I miss the intimacy of LJ, and how easy it was to form a really close knit group of friends there. There are so many awesome people I’ve been silently or quietly following here on tumblr who I would love to actively have conversations with, and am going to make the effort, even if its just to say “Hey, I think you’re awesome.” 

This is also to say, if you’ve been following me and want to start up a conversation, PLEASE DO! My ask box is always open.

This is gonna be a great year, guys :D

anonymous asked:

blueberry lemon & rocky road!

yikes these are hard ones!

blueberry lemon: favorite blogs?

um i follow well over 1000 blogs so i might just take this time to promo some friends who post really awesome content

fowypup – a really awesome artist and good friend of mine

tearezicryrope – lots of good content and a really cool person

rinsux – we haven’t spoken in a while, but his art is super nice and his fashion sense is REALLY ON POINT

shoktor – there literally isnt a single person who’s more relatable than this one, he’s great

i was gonna add another person but i forgot what they changed their url to oops, but def give these people a follow if you’re interested!

rocky road: favorite songs at the moment?

sorry these are all kinda from different genres but here they are:

Moscow – Autoheart

All There Is – Gregory Alan Isakov

Soldier’s Daughter – Jhameel

Better Without You – Kick the Robot