i just finished watching s13

anonymous asked:

I just started watching s13 after finishing next class and wow zoe grew so much I never would have thought she was an ex drug addict mean bitch I'm so proud of my lesbian daughter

okay if you have thoughts as you watch through, even if its just a moment in an episode PLEASE MESSAGE ME, I COULD TALK ZOE RIVAS ALL DAY

!!! I literally get so emotional thinking about how far she’s come. Like, yes, she had that mean girl thing down. And it’s like her brain just kept deciding to do the terrible thing no matter how much she wanted to be better. (I literally sobbed in s3 when she says “I never wanted to hurt anyone” because imo that’s a pretty consistent thing for who she is despite everything. under it all, she’s good. the trash brain just fucks her up sometimes!) but she’s such a precious bean!!

anyway, I’m ranting now lmao but I just have so many zoë feels!! i’m just so proud for how far my bb has come! you and me both, anon!

p.s. fuck consuela