i just finished watching his entire speech and i have tears in my eyes

My Dad Kidnapped Little Girls

I don’t ever remember my dad being normal. He was always a little strange. The man was secretive and closed off, and all his attempts at acting like a father rose the hairs on the back of my neck. It seemed forced. I don’t think I ever got used to that. There was no need, because he didn’t keep that up for long. By the time I was 5, I didn’t have a dad. What I had after that was a boss. Maybe an owner. Definitely not a dad.

He fully opened up as a person around that time. He brought a little girl into our home. She was small, but she was older than myself, too. Maybe 7 or 8. Her face was red and raw with tears. “Sam, this is your new little sister, Maria.” Before I could react, she spoke up between small sobs. “No, mister. I don’t know you. My name is Claire. Please take me home to my mommy, I promise that I won’t tell.” By the time she finished what she was saying, she was barely forming coherent sentences. That’s when I saw my Dad stop being my dad. With one fluid motion, he swung his arm, hitting her in the face and knocking her back on her ass.

I jumped up, too afraid and confused to do much of anything, but still frightened nonetheless. I was young, but I’d seen enough television to know that normal families didn’t do these things. “Sam, you sit your ass down or I’ll put you in the ground, you hear me?” Thus marked the loss of my father. Later, as I listened to the quiet cries of the girl, now locked in the room next to mine, he sat me down and explained that he wasn’t my father. He told me things a 5 year old should never hear. My life changed forever. I was a mistake.

The little girl was with us for a while. My dad left me at home while he went to the mall, buying all kinds of nice things for Maria. Claire. Whatever. He probably blew $500. The weeks afterward were strange, disgusting, and violent all at the same time. At the best, she would play along with his games and he would be happy. At the worst, I would have to listen to her screams as he did unspeakable things to her in the next room. After, when the screaming would stop, he would come to me and give me the same speech.

“This happens because you aren’t right, you understand? You should have been born a girl. We wouldn’t have to do this. She’s going to die someday because you’re trash.” He would walk to the door and finish with “Remember, Sam. No one out in that world will ever love you. If you try to leave, I’ll find you and I’ll kill you.”

Maria died about three months after my dad took her. This day wasn’t her first attempt at escape, but instead it was her last. Truly, I do not know if my father meant to kill her or not. He became consumed in his rage and I fought back tears as he continued to hit her and hit her, over and over again. Her little light went out as she choked on blood, gurgling sounds coming from her throat. She was buried in our back yard, right next to the playset that my father bought a year before. After that, he became nervous to the point where he packed me up and we started off on the road.

We lived like that for years. Sometimes, we’d live somewhere as long as a year, but that was the extent of it. On a good year, he’d take two or three girls without so much as a second look. People didn’t necessarily suspect him, though. He was a psycho, but the man was smart too. He would falsify documents and references, getting himself jobs as close to children as possible. I remember, one time, he was hired on to be an ice cream truck driver. He snatched up a little girl he called Gloria right in front of her house. He somehow managed to finish his route, too. She only lasted two months.

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~ A Scrapped Fic: Honey ~

Request: I would love a Bucky smut where he and reader have to go undercover as a married couple.

Summary: You were supposed to go on an undercover mission with Steve, not the man you despised- James Buchanan Barnes. 

Warnings: smut, slight angst

A/N: This was the first attempt for an old request that I ended up writing a whole different story for and I reread what I had written and decided I didn’t actually hate it. So, I finished it and thought I’d post it. Here you go! Also, it’s 5:09 in the morning, I haven’t gone to bed yet, and I just finished writing this so I do apologize if anything is incoherent. Enjoy!

“You’ve got to be shitting me, Steve! I am not going on the mission with him.” You pointed at Bucky, dropping your bag to the ground. 

“Nat needs me on a mission with her, (Y/N), you two will get along fine.” He smiled and rested his hands on your shoulders. “I swear, it’ll be a painless mission. Just pretend you’re a married couple attending the wedding, alright?” 

“I can’t pretend to be married to him! He’s an ass!” You backed out of Steve’s grasp, frustrated that you knew there was no other option. “Damn it, Steve.” You sighed.

“Please, (Y/N).” He shot you his famous puppy dog eyes and pouted his lip. 

“Fine, but you fucking owe me one.” You picked up your bag and pushed passed him, avoiding eye contact with Bucky as you approached the Quinjet.

“I thought Steve was going on the mission with you…” Clint spun around in the pilot’s seat, looking worryingly between the two of you.

“Steve’s out helping Nat with a mission, he asked me to take his place.” Bucky flashed a smile at Clint.

“Fair enough.” Clint turned, starting the engine.

You were fuming. You hated Barnes; the two of you couldn’t be in the same room together for more than five minutes without chewing each other out. Barnes was just going to complicate things, he was going to ruin the mission.

“Be safe you guys!” Clint called to the two of you as you stepped out of the jet, and started walking into the airport terminal. You thanked Clint for having an inside friend at the airport, allowing him to land there and not in some random field. 

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The Arrangement (Epilogue 2)

Originally posted by o-ta-ria

Summary: Not telling, don’t wanna spoil anything, just keep reeeaading

Pairing: AU!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,600

Warnings: teeth-rotting fluff, implied smut

A/N: Here we are, kiddos. Ask and you shall receive… the demand was so high and I love this series so much that I just can’t let it go. Not that I think any of you will be upset by this news… ENJOY

Find the rest of the series HERE and my mobile masterlist HERE

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anonymous asked:

Hi sunshine 💕 I adore your writings , I've always wondered if you could write me one where Y/N is graduating medical school after a lot of work hard and she is sad because no one will attend her graduation ceremony since her mother died when she was 12 and her dad died in Iraq , and after going to London to finish her studies , her sister got married and she couldn't make it , she thinks harry is touring but he surprises her ( btw that is what happened to me and I dream of being a surgeon)

You should be looking forward to dress shopping, right? Not really.
Graduating from your dream school meant so much to you, after all you kicked your own butt to achieve that.
But you wanted someone to pat you on the back that day; tell you they were made proud of you and take candids of you for reminiscing.

 But fate had other plans. Losing your parents in your first year in medical school broke you but you gripped on the belief that they were proud, always reminding yourself of the pep talk they had always gave you.
All the “We’re so proud of you”’s and the “You’re doing the best you can”’s were like a midnight prayer to you.

Having a supportive boyfriend to all that was another blessing. Harry might not have studied law as he wanted but he knew how to help you study. Always staying up with you to help you recite, arranging your flashcards by the less and more important and cooking you meals that would help.

“I read that almonds help with the memory so I put some in here.” He’d say, taking off his Snow White dwarfs apron off.

And the encouraging kisses whenever he watched you get ready for school, a sleepy smile on his face.

The new pet name he came up with as you said a medical fact in a friend’s gathering or just telling him something interesting about health; “My smartie.”

So when he told you that he couldn’t attend your graduation, of course you got upset.

“But Harry, it’s- it’s my big day. I’ll never relive  this.” You frowned as you sat up in bed, removing yourself from his grasp.

He sighed, sitting up and holding your hands in his. “I’m so sorry, babe. The show is for charity and I can’t back out. You know I’d do anything to be the-”

You shook your head, taking your hands out of his. “Forget it. Duty calls, yeah?” You chuckled half heartedly.

Harry’s heart sank, a deep frown on his face. “At least you won’t be alone. Your sister’s coming, right?”

“Nope. Called today to tell me she can’t. The doctor told her it’s too dangerous for the baby.” You said, recalling your conversation with your sister who was too pregnant to fly out, practically sobbing on the phone to you as she apologized.

Harry opened his mouth to speak when you held your hand up, shaking your head. “I’d rather not talk about this. I’m going to sleep.” You got under the covers, making him face your back as you looked at the wall with tearful eyes. 

Harry sighed, looking at you for a moment before turning off the lamp. “I’m so sorry.” He said, wishing he could find a solution, wishing you’d cuddle again and not have you sleep sad. You didn’t reply. Harry sighed again before closing his eyes.


Your two best friends were searching through the dresses racks, grins on their faces and chattering excitedly about the tiring years coming to an end.

“Michael is flying here from Australia.” Rachel said, letting out a tiny squeal as she mentioned her boyfriend.

You gave her a fake smile, avoiding eye contact as you looked at the dresses.
“No way! That’s so cute!” Your other friend, Lana said. “My entire family is coming.”

They both glanced at each other before looking at you, “What about you, Y/N? Are Harry and your sister and her family coming?” Rachel asked softly.

You shook your head, continuing to avoid their sympathetic looks. “Harry has an important show and Y/S/N can’t fly now because of the baby.” You sighed, taking out a dress to try on.

“We’re so sorry, Y/N.” Rachel frowned, giving you a side hug.

You smiled, shaking your head. “Don’t worry.”

“You know you’re family to the both of us. You won’t be alone.” Lana smiled.

Going home in the afternoon with your dress neatly in a bag and your mood slightly better after the motivational speech you gave yourself on the way home, your mood was slightly better. Just slightly.

“Got the dress?” Harry smiled when he saw you walk inside from his spot on the couch. You nodded, keeping it minimal by not giving him a greeting kiss and instead, walking upstairs towards your room.

Harry frowned to himself before he got up to follow you. He sat on the bed, watching you wash your face and brush your teeth, fiddling with his rings.

You continued to ignore him as you took out a pair of pyjama shorts and a long sleeved shirt, changing into them. “Are you giving me the silent treatment?” He asked, watching you put on your lotion on your legs.

“What’s there to talk about?” You asked quietly.

Harry shrugged, “What did you do today? How was it? Anything really. Like we always do.”

“It was nice.” You answered him as you moisturised your face, looking at yourself through the vanity mirror.

“I know you’re upset with me. I understand how it feels bu-”

You cut him off, finally turning to look at him in fury. “No, you don’t understand what it feels like. You don’t understand what it feels like to not have your parents in one of the most important days of your life. You don’t understand how it feels to not have any family, clapping for you as you get something you have always dreamed about. You don’t understand how it feels to not have your boyfriend being there in a day like this because I’m always there for you. I have been to all your important shows, handing late assignments and pulling all nighters just to stand there and show you that I’m actually proud of you, happy for you. You don’t understand how it feels to listen to everyone going off about how excited they are for that day and you’re just praying to God that it can just hurry the fuck up and get it over with. Don’t tell me you understand how it feels because you don’t.” You cried. You broke, hurt and sad as you let it all out.

With a heavy heart and an open mouth, Harry stared at you, wide eyed. He approached you as you cried, wrapping his arms around you and hushing. “I got you. I got you, baby. Easy now.” He cooed.

That night, with Harry’s quiet “I love you” reminders and cuddles, you slept, leaving Harry to send important last minute emails.


Today was the day.

“You look so beautiful, love. I’m sure you’re going to be the best dressed and the most gorgeous one there.” Harry smiled at you as he watched you in your pastel blue dress, your hair down in waves and your feet clad in white heels with your gown around your arm and your cap in your hand.

You smiled, looking down at your dress before back at him. “Yeah?”

“Absolutely.” He grinned, wrapping his arms around you before pressing his lips to yours.

“I’m sorry I’m not dropping you off at the airport.” You said quietly, your arms around his waist.

Harry rolled his eyes with a small chuckle. “You’re apologising? Really, baby?”

You only smiled, pecking his lips quickly. “I have to go or else I’m going to be late.”

Harry nodded, following you to the door and outside to your car, putting your small backpack that had your emergency necessities on your passenger seat as he opened the door for you. You got inside, resting your cap and gown beside you before buckling your seat belt. Harry closed the door for you, bending down as you pushed down the window open with a smile.

“Break a leg. Send me lots of pictures.” He smiled, squinting from the sun.

You nodded, “Will do.”

“I love you.” He said, leaning to press his lips against yours.

“I love you too.” You smiled.


With your cap and gown on, sitting beside your schoolmates with grins on your faces as the headmaster called out for names, you were growing nervous.

You cheered as Rachel’s name was called, smiling as she got up and took her diploma, smiling for the picture of her shaking the headmaster’s hand.

“Y/N Y/L/N.” Was called, grinning and giggling at the cheers as you got up, walking cautiously towards the 3 stairs and up.

“That’s my girlfriend!” You heard a shout, making your eyes widen as you looked towards the people sitting, a shocked laugh leaving your throat as you saw Harry standing, clapping with his hands above his head and a proud grin on his face. You snapped back to reality, taking your diploma and shaking hands before smiling for the picture.

You squealed as you got down the stairs, running towards Harry’s open arms instead of your seat, wrapping your arms tightly around him as he lifted you up in his arms, twirling you. “You came!” You whisper yelled, happy tears leaving your eyes once he set you down.

“Of course I did! You’re my smartie, I have to see all of your exhaustion and stress paying off.” He grinned before leaning down, giving you an excited kiss. “I have so many surprises for you today. This being one,” He grinned, moving to the side and letting you see two behind him; Anne and Gemma.

You gasped, “No way!”

You were hugged by both as they congratulated you with proud smiles, both of them taking a picture with you and taking a picture of you and Harry together to quiet Harry’s constant request.

After taking pictures with your friends with Harry’s camera that he insisted he took, you approached him, wrapping your arms around his waist. “Thank you.” You said, releasing a happy sigh.

He wrapped an arm around your shoulder while his other hand was on your back. “No, thank you. For always being beside me and making me the proudest happiest man on earth. I love you and I promise to always show you that.” And he sealed the promise with and kiss.

Going to celebrate in and restaurant with Harry and his (and your) family, Harry kept excitedly showing you all the candids he took of you, telling you which photo he will post
on his instagram, which one he will set as his wallpaper and which one will he frame.

By the end of the night, you had your diploma and you had a family that loved you like you were one of them.

●● I hope you become a surgeon, love and good luck with it! I didn’t want to write much about the death because I didn’t want to trigger you or any other person. Have a great day! x

bitter || min yoongi

Min Yoongi x reader

Summary: Yoongi is a regular at the bar you work at, and you’re used to hearing about his problems over a drink. But one night he’s having a particularly bad day, and something changes between the two of you.

Genre: angst/fluff 

Words: 1935

this came outta nowhere 

Originally posted by mvssmedia

I raised my eyebrows at Yoongi as he entered the bar, nodding and beckoning him over as I wiped down the surface. He made his way over to me with his usual expression of disinterest and sat down on the other side of the bar, immediately dropping his head into his hands. I let out a small laugh as I wiped around him.

“What happened this time?”

Of course, I had noticed Yoongi when he had first walked into the bar, his pale, ethereal skin and delicate features were easy to distinguish amongst the usual monotony of customers. Despite his small frame he had seemed to give off a powerful and dangerous air, making people consciously move out of his way as he passed. With the crowd physically parting around him, and his indifferent expression as he ordered a drink in a low voice, I couldn’t help but to pay him some attention.

What I didn’t know then, was that he would become a regular customer, and familiar to me personally. Almost every night he would come in, near the end of my shift, and order the same drink. It wasn’t long before we started talking, although it had taken some coaxing, and I began learning a lot about him from his drunken rambles and sober stories.

He groaned into his hand, raising his head as I slid him his drink.

“She left again.” He mumbled, knocking back his head to take a swift drink of the strong alcohol I had handed him. I sighed, sympathy filling me upon noting his tired and red eyes. He had an on-and-off girlfriend who always seemed to be angry with him, and from what it sounded like, he could do a lot better.

“Probably for the best.” I said quietly, leaning on the bar next to him and watching worriedly as he finished the drink in another mouthful, slamming the glass down.

“I think we might have actually broken up this time.” He said, ignoring my comment. He held out his glass with a pointed look and I raised my eyebrows at him for a moment, before sighing and taking it from him to refill it.

“I’ve been spending too much time here. You’ve forgotten that it’s actually your job to serve me drinks.” He chuckled dryly from behind me as I poured the drink. I smirked as I turned back around and placed the glass in front of him.

When I returned from serving another customer, the glass was empty once more, and Yoongi was staring into nothing. I sighed again, figuring it would be best to leave him to his thoughts, especially as I wasn’t very good with words. It hurt me to see him like this: he deserved so much more, but I didn’t want to make it worse by saying something stupid.

He stayed later than usual, an indication that it really was a bad day for him. It was nearing 2am, and the bar was largely empty, the last few customers filtering out, stumbling. He was still sitting where he had been all night, his chin resting on his hand as he stared blankly ahead of him.

His fourth glass lay empty beside him, and I glanced at the clock, glad it was nearly time to close up, so I couldn’t serve him any more alcohol. I finished cleaning up, and wiped off my hands, going to the back to change out of my work clothes. When I returned, Yoongi was the only person still in the bar, and I felt my heart twinge at the expression on his face, his eyes sullen, and his mouth downturned.

I walked around the bar and sat on the stool beside him, staying silent as I fiddled with my fingers, watching his face carefully. His eyes were glazed and dull as he let out a deep breath.

“Are you okay?” I asked quietly, kicking myself at how stupid that sounded. He chuckled lightly, looking over at me in amusement as I hurried to correct myself. “I mean obviously not, I…” I trailed off, my cheeks heating up. I desperately wanted to help him, but I didn’t know how. Thankfully, he started talking.

“I don’t even care that she broke up with me, really.” He said bitterly. “I didn’t love her.” I was surprised at this, given how upset he seemed.

“No?” I asked, and he turned to look at me, shaking his head.

“No. I don’t think I’ll miss her much. It’s just…” He sighed heavily, facing forward again. “It’s me, it’s myself. I can’t seem to keep anyone close to me.” I didn’t know what to say to that, but I don’t think he really expected a response, his eyes still fixed on something I couldn’t see, and clearly in deep thought, so I kept quiet.

“I mean, I get it.” He spoke so quietly, had the rest of the bar not been entirely silent I don’t think I would have heard him. “I get why she left me.” He curved his lips up wryly. “Who wouldn’t?” I frowned.

“It’s not your fault-“

“Of course it is.” He snapped, whipping his head towards me angrily. “How could it be anyone else’s?” He muttered, rubbing his face. “I didn’t deserve her. I don’t deserve anyone.” Anger rushed up my throat towards whatever, whoever, had made him feel like this. I had seen enough of him to know that although he put up a cold front, he was gentle, and kind, and worthy of love.

“No.” I turned my body around so I was facing him entirely, and he watched me unresponsively. “Yoongi, listen to me. This is her loss, her fault. You deserve someone better. Someone who will give you back as much as you give them.”

Someone like me. I didn’t say it.

He turned fully towards me, his eyebrows furrowing as his gaze moved around my face. He licked his lips, shaking his head. “You don’t even know her.”

I couldn’t help the hand that reached up to touch his cheek gently. “But I know you.”

His eyes flickered to my lips, and back up to my eyes and I suddenly became aware how close we were to each other, my legs brushing against his and my hand on his knee.

In a sudden rush of movement, he leant forward and pressed his lips against mine messily, one of his hands coming to my cheek. My lips moved against his in an almost unconscious motion, my heart rate through the roof as my hands lifted to his hair, wanting to feel more of him.

His lips were hot and I could taste the alcohol on them as he pushed further towards me desperately. It was only as his hand began to move up my waist that I remembered the circumstances. I caught his wrist and pulled it away from me, separating our lips. I stared at his face and tried to calm my breath, reminding myself, he’s been drinking, he just broke up with his girlfriend; this isn’t right.

“You’re drunk, Yoongi.” I murmured breathlessly. His eyes opened and he licked his lips, meeting my gaze. He shook his head.

“I’m not drunk enough to do that without wanting to.” His voice was gravelly and low, and my breath hitched as his fingers stroked across my cheek. “I wanted to do that, Y/N. I want to again.”

I tried to calm my breathing, telling myself over and over not to get ahead of myself. I closed my eyes.

“I want you to as well, Yoongi… believe me.” I chuckled breathlessly, meeting his intense gaze again. “But I think we should wait.” I gave him a small smile as he frowned. “You only just broke up with your girlfriend.”

“You’re not a rebound.” He said quietly, examining my face with focus. “I’ve wanted to do that for so long.” I smiled at his words, wanting nothing more than to kiss him again, and let whatever happened as a result happen. But instead I pulled my head back, forcing myself to be sensible.

“How about this, you go home now, get some rest, and clear your head.” I proposed, hands on his shoulders. “And then we see each other again in a few days, and if you still want to do… this, then, well…” My face stretched into an uncontrollable grin at the thought of something actually happening between Yoongi and I. He sighed, looking at me for a moment before nodding slowly.

“Okay.” He gave me a small grin as he stood up from the stool, stumbling slightly. “But my answer will stay the same.” His speech was wobbly and I chuckled lightly, grabbing his arm. I called him a taxi and led him out of the door.

I smiled at him fondly as we waited outside, watching his eyes droop shut before he suddenly jerked his head up to stay awake. I didn’t voice my fear that he would change his mind when he’d thought about it clearly, but worry clouded in my chest at the thought. Trying to convince myself that it was the right thing to do, I gave Yoongi a light kiss on the cheek before pushing him into the taxi, his eyes locked on mine out of the window until the car was out of sight.

I pushed down tears at the terrible dread filling me; that I had given up the chance to kiss him whilst I had it, and he was going to wake up tomorrow and regret ever doing it.

I didn’t hear from him after that, and I tried to continue about my daily tasks without thinking of him, but it was hard without him sitting at the bar, making me laugh with his snarky comments and intellect. I hadn’t even known I had felt something so strong for Yoongi until he wasn’t around anymore. I ached for his company. Eventually I realised the inevitable: what had happened that night had only been the actions of a drunk, heartbroken man, and it didn’t mean anything.

Almost a week later I arrived at the bar for my shift, only to see a familiar mop of hair leaning against the wall outside. He immediately stood up when he saw me, walking closer to me. 

“Yoongi.” I breathed, taking him in, and trying to force down the misery I felt now upon seeing him.

“Y/N.” He spoke without a hint of hesitation, his voice clear. “I’m sorry I haven’t been around. I had to wait a few days to make sure I was making the right decision.” I took in a sharp breath, bravely meeting his eyes.

“And? What is your decision?” I asked, ready for the rejection, for his apologies and regret.

He took a few steps forward until he was standing right in front of me. All my resolve melted away as he stared at me with a soft expression, his hand coming up to my face. Slowly, gently, he leant down and pressed our lips together. His mouth was cold this time, and the action itself was so much more controlled and gentle that it had been before. My knees weakened as he firmly took my face in his hands and moved his lips softly against mine.

I opened my mouth as he pulled back, my heartbeat going wild. Relief washed over me as I realised I had been wrong, and this was what he really wanted; I could see it in his eyes. He gave me a small smile.

“You. I choose you.”


Practical Lessons in Love

Request: “Hi! Draco Malfoy smut? Reader has body issues and severe depression, but masks it with sarcasm and humor, and Draco can see right through it, so he decides to show her how much he loves her? I love your blog thank you so much! + Any character of your choice reacting to an s/o who is insecure about their stretch marks and/or their cellulite? Fluff or smut or whatever your want, sweetheart”

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Word Count: 1.6k

Warnings: SMUT!! Mentions of self-harm and depression

You lounged comfortably with your boyfriend, spending an easy Sunday afternoon in each other’s arms. Draco was fiddling with a strand of your hair, twirling it into tendrils, then letting it unfurl back into place. His legs housed you as you sat, absentmindedly humming along to the song on the radio as you lay there, in complete bliss.

“Your hair is so soft.” He uttered, breaking the silence. “Everything about you is so… just- soft. It’s as if you were made by angels.”

You turned, a small smile on your face.

“You’re so sweet.” You said softly, then pressed a kiss on his lips.

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Sorry Not Sorry

Shawn Mendes x Reader




Word Count- 1539

Request/Summary- Hi is there any chance you could do a Shawn imagine where he wins an award and during his acceptance speech he thanks his wife and daughter who are at home and accidentally lets it slip that his wife is pregnant again (cause I feel this would be something the poor boy would do because he would be so excited to tell people ). Thank you

A/N- this is fucking adorable the second i read this request i could picture it in my head oh my god I’m so excited please enjoy, and guests whaaaattttt I’m taking it to the next level so anon, thank you very much

also this is the year 2024, so Shawn is 26, but his career is still thriving and he is a family man and he is sooooo happy

Good luck my darling I love you! Lydia is staying up to watch so you better win, but we will love you no matter what happens!, You shoot a quick text to Shawn as you turn on the TV. 

“Alright baby you can have one popsicle while we wait for daddy to come on okay?” You lean down to Lydia as she stands in front of the freezer. 

“Oh mama…” She sighs. 

“Yeah baby, what’s wrong?” You ask concerned. 

“Mama I’m confused.” She sighs once again. 

“About what Lyd?” You sit on the floor with your back on the fridge. 

“Mama, I want the orange popsicle for me, but I want the strawberry popsicle for daddy.” Lydia sighs, she is genuinely sad at her conflict. 

“Aw baby!” You laugh, “What do you mean you want a popsicle for daddy?”

“Well the orange popsicle is my favorite, but if I don’t eat the strawberry popsicle daddy will lose.” She begins to tear up, “And I don’t want daddy to lose…”

“Well how about this baby,” You begin, “You can have the orange popsicle and I will have the strawberry popsicle for daddy. How does that sound?”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” She pulls out the two popsicles and runs to the couch, “Well come one mama! We can’t miss daddy!”

You laugh as you shut the freezer door and walk over to the couch where your three year old daughter is sitting. She is wearing her pink fuzzy socks and her Sofia the First night gown. As soon as we sat down the host announced Shawn’s performance and we watched as he took the stage. 

“THAT’S MY DADDY!” Lydia screams as she gets up from the couch and stands about two feet from the TV. You watch as Shawn walks onto the stage with his guitar around his back. His collared shirt is fit perfectly to his lean body.

“Mama hold my popsicle!” Lydia shoves her popsicle into your grip. 

“Lyd…” You stare sternly at her. 

“Sorry mama… please hold my popsicle while I listen to daddy.” She says while flashing her puppy dog eyes. 

“That’s much better baby.” You kiss her cheek before she quickly turns back around to watch her dad. She dances in circles throughout the entire song and you have just about as much enjoyment watching her little curls bounce, as you do watching Shawn perform.

Lydia calms down shortly after he finishes performing and once his award is up you begin to get nervous. “And the award for song of the summer goes to…” The celebrity guest says into the microphone, “SHAWN MENDES!” 

“DADDY!” Lydia screams as a shot of a very happy Shawn pops up on the screen. The cameras follow him as he walks to the stage where he is supposed to accept his award. 

Shawn happily grasps the award as he runs his free hand through his hair. “Wow…um wow!” He begins, “I can’t believe it. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have two groups, I guess, of people to thank. Obviously my fans are everything to me. They brought me here and as cliche as it is, I genuinely wouldn’t be here without them. I also want to thank all of my friends, family, and loved ones that have supported me for the long run. Especially my little family. My daughter, Lydia, has changed my life forever and my wife, (Y/N) is my best friend. She is also superwoman because she is at home alone taking care of Lydia with another little one on the way, so (Y/N) thank you and I love you.”

Then he pauses. His face kind of goes blank as if he is trying to remember what he says and then he remembers that millions of people are watching him live right at that moment. A blush rises to his cheeks as he realizes what he just did.  A beautiful little secret that you and Shawn had kept to yourselves (with a lot of difficulty) had just been mistakenly revealed to the entire world and honestly… you couldn’t be more excited. You had told Shawn about your second pregnancy as soon as you found out, literally. As soon as you saw the three little positive marks on each of the pregnancy tests you ran right to the couch where your husband was relaxing. It was completely unexpected, but the perfect surprise. 

“Oh man, ohh I was not supposed to say that. (Y/N) I am so sorry that it came out this way!” He then turns to the side to give an I don’t know what to say face to Andrew who was standing to the left of the stage “Hi Lyd baby! Mommy and daddy haven’t gotten to tell you yet and daddy just ruined the surprise, but guess what? You’re going to be a big sister!” He gently leaned into the camera as if he was talking to his little girl face to face. 

“Alright I have already said way to much so I am going to just end with a simple, thank you.” He smiles and gave a quick wave and then rushes off the stage. 

You have the biggest smile on your face when your little girl turns around to look at you with her eyes and mouth wide open.

“Mama for real?” She asks.

“Yeah baby. Mama’s got a little brother or little sister in her tummy.” You place a hand on your lower stomach. Lydia walks up to you and points to your belly button when you pull your hand away. 

“Brother?” She asks in awe.

“Or a sister.” You smile. 

“Hello.” She presses her nose to your belly button. Your heart skips a beat and you only wish your husband was here to see this. “I think I love you.” She whispers her brother or sister. Lydia brings tears to your eyes. 

“Did daddy mess up?” She asks confused.

You immediately laugh before saying, “A little bit baby, but its okay. We were planning on finding a fun way to tell you together, but this was kind of fun right?”

“Mhmm!” She agrees. 

You have some explaining to do to a certain little girl! You text Shawn.  

He replies right away by saying, Can we FaceTime?

“Do you want to FaceTime daddy?” You ask Lydia. 

“Yes! Yes! I miss daddy!” She yells, “I want to show him my little brother!” It is obvious she wants a little brother. 

The phone only rings once before Shawn picks up and it is immediately obvious that he has found a quite corner backstage at the awards.

“Congratulations!” You and Lydia cheer once he picks up.

“I am so sorry!” He says first off, “I really didn’t mean to say that I was just nervous.”

“I know baby, I’m not mad at all.” You smile. 

“Wha-why?” He asks. 

“Because I love how excited you are and I don’t even care.” You laugh, “It’s perfect! I am however getting a lot of texts from friends and my mum is calling the house right now.”

“You can ignore that.” Shawn laughs. 

“Oh I’m planning on it.” You smile.

“I’m going to have a little brother!” Lydia cheers before doing  little happy dance.

“You think mommy has a little brother in her tummy?” Shawn asks.

“Oh yeah its a boy.” Lydia says with confidence. 

“Can you give the baby a kiss for me?” Shawn asks. His smile grows even wider as he watches his little girl kiss his wife stomach. 

“Do you want to tell daddy what you said to the baby a few minutes ago?” You ask Lydia as you brush your fingers through her hair.

“I said I think I love you.” She smiles to her daddy. You nod in the background to let him know that beautiful moment really did happen. 

“Well I know I love you and I know I love mommy and I know I love the little baby growing in mommy’s belly.” Shawn smiles, “I have to go, but I can’t wait to come home and you Lyd. I love you baby girl.” Shawn blows a kiss and Lydia returns a more sloppy but equally as loving kiss to Shawn. She then marches out of the screen to wait for you to help her brush her teeth. 

“Thank you for being so good about this.” Shawn praises.

“Always. I honestly love how it happened.” You laugh, “You will be all over the internet tomorrow though!”

“Oh I am already trending on twitter!” Shawn sighs. 

“I have to go help Lyd, I can’t wait to see you.” 

“I love you beautiful.” Shawn smiles, “Take good care of yourself please, you’ve got my kid in there.” He pretends to be stern. 

“Oh I will.” You laugh, “Be safe and come home soon, I love you!” 

“I love you more!” 

Searingly Sweet (Marichat/Adrienette)

What do you do when one of paris’ most superlatively handsome heros comes knocking on your balcony door? You would panic first, right? Like, what does he want; why is he here; should I prepare something? Any and all those thoughts might run through your head I’m guessing. But what does Marinette Dupain-Cheng do when a certain leather-clad feline comes a knocking?

She gets pissed…cause duh, right?

And it wasn’t even like she was pissed at him exactly. It was more just that he happened to appear at the apex of her shitty day. Every single client the 23 year old had that afternoon was completely and utterly shitty human beings. And she gets it, a lot of schools in the area were picking up the american custom of having end of the year dances, for socializing and shit. But if she had to hear another shitty 17 year old complain about how the applique on her dress doesn’t absolutely “shimmer” in the moonlight and how the dress doesn’t make her ASS look like that american rapper Nicki Minaj’s (Which by the way if you’re gonna use french in your stage name PICK A REAL FRENCH WORD). She was ACTUALLY going to cut someone.

So it wasn’t his fault that he happened to knock on the balcony door to her apartment. Also wasn’t his fault that she happened to be in the middle of her 3rd alteration of the SAME dress at the time. But that didn’t stop her from viciously slamming open her door, rage blazing in her eyes.

“WHAT?” She roared

Her attitude instantly vanished, however, as Chat Noir collapsed into her arms. She grabbed onto his waist to keep him upright but his harsh hiss kept her hands at bay. She felt a wetness on her hand, it wasn’t raining out so it couldn’t be good. She looked down and sure enough Chat had contracted a sizeable cut above his hip and in different places along his torso.

“Holy shit!” was all she could really comment “Adrien, what happened!?”

They had long since found out each other’s identity. 21st birthdays mixed with intimate truth or dare and too many margaritas will do that kind of thing to you. But the lucky part was that nothing ever really changed for them. If anything, it made their civilian lives that much easier. Now, if anything went wrong they knew exactly where to go for safety.

Guess this was one of those times huh?

“Mari” Chat groaned out pitifully, body slumped over her petite frame

She didn’t allow him to say anything else as she carefully helped him onto the couch. She laid him down gently and rushed to get a bowl and some cool water. Returning back he didn’t look too good, hair matted from sweat and eyes squeezed shut in pain. She gingerly picked up his head and laid it in her lap. She pressed the wet cloth to his biggest cut and pressed down, shushing him softly to soothe his pain.

She looked into his eyes for an explanation “What happened? Was it a really bad akuma?”. Her heart only sank as he remained silent.

“Oh god it was, wasn’t it? Fuck, if I wasn’t so swamped with work I could’ve been there for you. You wouldn’t be like this. Adrien I’m so sorry” He lifted his hand and gently stroked her cheek. A gentle smile graced his features and she felt like bursting into tears that very moment.

“Please don’t cry, Mari” He said, his voice warmer than a summer’s breeze “I didn’t lose to an akuma. Just to a very old cat and a very sturdy tree.”

At first it didn’t click, she was far too wrapped up in her guilt ridden emotions. But then, ever so slowly, the words sunk in further and further

“Could you say that again for me please?” She said a little too sweetly “I just want to make sure I heard you correctly”

“Oh! I just said that these cuts are from me saving a pretty old cat from a tree” He scratched his head bashfully “old beast was not too appreciative and scratched me up pretty good and the tree kinda finished the job”

She stood up abruptly, knocking chat off the couch and onto the floor.

“Noooo” Chat whined as she stormed off “Don’t leave me here to perish in the cold!”

A blanket, quite unceremoniously, pelted him in the face “BUNDLE UP BITCH”

“Someone’s got their chiffon in a knot” He pouted “what? You missed your monthly ‘designer’s digest’ issue?”

Marinette sat back on the couch wordlessly, only speaking to ask him to drop his transformation so she could patch him up. Her speech was so…professional that he dropped it immediately, worried that he might’ve pushed her buttons a little too hard.

“Hey Mari, you know I was only kidding right?” this silent treatment was a bit of a first for him, he hadn’t meant to offend her, only poke at her a little “I didn’t mean all that stuff I said. I really am sorry”

He tried putting on his best sad face, nudging his head into her in the hopes that it’d melt her heart enough to forgive him. She sighed and put his head back into her lap.

“I’m not mad chat.” She said, preparing a disinfectant cloth “there’d be no point in that”

He breathed a sigh of relief, he wasn’t totally convinced but at least she wasn’t gonna kick him out of the house

“That being said, you tear up the shirt I made you. Sooooo, you deserve this entirely”

Adrien’s eyes shot open wide as a stinging, searing pain shot through his whole side. He moved to shoot up in his seat but, surprisingly, Marinette was pretty strong and held him down, giggling the entire time. A disinfectant cloth slapped to the cut would teach him a lesson or two


“I know right? You must be so sorry for playing with my emotions and tearing up that shirt aren’t you?”


“That’s interesting cause, see, that doesn’t sound like an ‘I’m sorry’ to me”


“And you’re still screaming. I do have neighbors you know”

Adrien gritted his teeth as he tried to bear the burning sensation traveling all through his body “I’m sorry for tearing up the shirt and playing with your emotions even though I did nothing of the sort

She pressed down on the cut harder


She took pity on his poor soul and finally released him. He rolled back onto the floor and scattered away behind her curtains


Marinette was hardly perturbed “1.) I checked the bottle before-hand it was gonna sting regardless of what I did and 2.) you still have like 8 more lives, you’re fine”

Adrien was now in full pout mode “I’m not an actual cat you know. The american phrase ‘YOLO’ does actually apply to me”

“You’re so dramatic” she laughed. Scooting over on the furthest side of the couch, she stretched out her arms to lure him back to the sofa. He turned from her, refusing to even acknowledge her offer.

“Oh come on, kitty. I still have to wrap up your other cuts before they get infected”

He wrapped the curtains further up on his body “Better than dying from the shock of the pain!”

She rolled her eyes “I promise I’ll be gentler this time. And, I’ll make sure to tell you when the sting is coming”

He eyed her cautiously, coming out from behind the curtains and inching closer “I want free cuddles the rest of the night”

She sighed “fine, whatever you want”. It was like telling him he’d won the lotto, his perfect white teeth gleaming in a cheshire like grin. Adrien tossed himself on the couch, instantly slipping up her body and snuggling closely to her chest.

“You are so unbelievably spoiled you know”

“You know I think I can still feel the pain of the disinfectant. I wonder why?”

She laughed warmly and let him stay there for a while.

There was no way to really describe the relationship they had. On the one hand they were definitely friends; they had the occasional coffee meet-up with Alya and Nino, popped in on one another if they had a bad day and, duh, saved one another from certain death every now and again. They could go out and see other people, sure, but then they did things like this. Cuddle times where they just stayed silent and share body heat, sleeping in the same bed because one couldn’t be bothered to stay up enough to make the trek home, and even spending whole weekends just vegging out at home watching Totally Spies reruns on TV. It was a weird set up but if you asked Marinette if she would change anything, not a single second would be unmissed.

“Ok mon minou, let’s get you patched up before I have to clean your blood off my couch…again”

He begrudgingly agreed and left her warm hold, sitting with legs crossed and patiently awaited her medical care. She returned back with her famous “Chat almost died today” first aid kit and something thin and white sticking out from between her lips. It caught the blonde’s attention and his feline instincts began to flare up again. Nevertheless, he sat still,only moving to remove his shirt and give her space to wrap his body in bandages.

“There, all done” She said, ever so slightly proud of her work “You were a very good patient this time around kitty. Usually you’re so squirmish”

Even as she scritched his favorite spot behind his ear adrien still couldn’t get his mind off of whatever was occupying his lady’s mouth

“Uh Adrien? You ok?” She said waving a hand in front of his eyes. He blinked back to reality and smiled apologetically

“Sorry Mari guess I’m a little distracted” He laughed nervously. She shrugged it off as no big deal and left to warm up some leftovers for him.

Adrien watched her with childlike curiosity, he didn’t wanna be a real bother to her but it killed him not knowing what it was that was in her mouth. Even still, he hesitated on bringing it up, choosing instead to stuff his face with honey mustard glazed chicken and pasta.

It was maybe 20 minutes into their third episode when Adrien just stretched himself out flat onto her lap. She remarked on his keen ability to make “make himself at home” but it only went in one ear and out another as he watched her cheek poke out with the offending object.

He poked it

She switched it to the other side

He poked it again

She sat it in the middle while looking at him with a strange look on her face

He didn’t even notice as his long fingers kept poking around her face, expecting to flush it out from behind her lips

“Adrien!” She commanded, swatting his hands away “Will you please stop tha-”

“My lady, what is in your mouth?”

The question came out so abruptly that it caught her completely by surprise. She blinked confusedly at him. There was not a hint of joking attitude in his eyes so she took it out.

“It’s just a lollipop. See?” she placed it back over her tongue, sucking on it hard “Nothing special. Cherry flavor I think”

Adrien didn’t exactly know what to feel. Yes, he got the answer he’d been looking for but, at the same time, a cherry lollipop? Really?

“Why didn’t you say you got one?” He fussed

“Why do you care? Kitty, it’s just candy”

He didn’t really have a witty retort to that so he kept silent, rolling over in her lap and facing the TV. Marinette assumed he’d finally gave up so she settled back in her seat.

“I want one”

She groaned, rubbing her temples soothingly

“No, Kitty you may not have one”

Adrien poked out his bottom lip “Why not, you have one”

“Ok, And?”

“Where do you keep them?”

“If I told you that it wouldn’t be a secret stash would it?”

He almost took offense to that “Why would you keep it a secret from me? Do you not trust me?”

“To not eat all my candy without me knowing? No”

“I’d replace it”

“Adrien the last time you ‘replaced’ my candy stash it ended up being more expensive than my rent”

He pulled her into a face squishing hug “Maaari let me have one”

She struggled to push away him away, he was stupidly strong when he wants something “No dammit let me go!”

Adrien finally released her and suddenly stood up. If she didn’t know any better she would’ve assumed that she got the hint. But, sadly, she did and, without remorse, glared him down.

“Chaton, don’t you fucking dare”

He shot out of the living room and into the bedroom down the hall. She chased after him, knowing exactly where he was going and for what. Just as she suspected, Adrien was making quick work of her room, sifting between the sheets and crawling beneath the bed.

“Quit it you fucking sugar addict!”

“Let me have my fix and I will!”


“Then the hunt continues!”

Her room was becoming an utter mess. Clothes were being tossed everywhere, it was like a horror movie. She forced him into a corner to maybe try and talk things out somewhat civilly but the blonde bastard just carefully scooped her up and tossed her onto the bed, breaking out from the corner to just fuck up her room even more.

They were on the floor now, huffing and wheezing as they tried to catch their breath. Adrien looked everywhere, the sheets, under the bed, in the closet. He even took the ultimate risk and went through her drawers (The kick to his gut proved that that wasn’t too good of an idea). But still no sweets for a little blonde boy named Adrien

“Please tell me you quit” She huffed out

“It’s not fair” he whined “all I wanted was something sweet”

“I just fed you”

“Dessert is an important part of every meal”

He clambered up onto his feet and stumbled back, knocking into the wall behind him. There was a clamor from the top of Marinette’s closet. She prayed that he didn’t hear it….it was a stupid prayer let’s be real here.

“Hey Marinette”

“Yes Adrien”

“What’s in your closet”

“You looked in there yourself…nothing”

She didn’t dare move from the floor as he stared her down

“If I go over there right this very second, you’re not gonna move”

“I see no reason to do so”

The millisecond he moved toward that closet door she raced in between him and the doorway. A dark smile stretched across his lips. He moved in close and she could hear his heartbeat in her ears. He leaned down, his breath tickling her ears.

His voice made her knees weak “It’s in there, isn’t it my lady”

She sucked on her cherry blowpop harder and harder as she shook her head vigorously

“Then what did I hear in the closet. If it’s not what I’m looking for then what’s there to worry about?”

Her eyes looked everywhere but his own vibrant green ones. He knew what that tone of voice did to her and did it anyway.

Adrien snaked his arms around her waist and pulled her away from the door. His stares were so paralyzing she couldn’t say that she even noticed. They walked over to the bed and gently pushed her onto its soft sheets. He climbed atop of her, smoothing his hands across her skin

“Be a good girl and stay here, ok?”

This man could’ve told her to commit murder and all she’d need was a spoon and a name

He moved back over to the closet and rooted around its dark shelves. Eventually he noticed that the side wall was uneven. Sure enough, when he pressed down on it the panel fell away to a secret hole in the wall, complete with its own neatly painted shoe box.

“Hello my sweet”

He was a kitten on christmas coming out from that closet. Pressed close to his chest the box clearly said ‘Keep out, especially you kitty!” but he couldn’t care less, soon he would indulge himself in a sugar sweet paradise.


Or at least he would if she didn’t break out of her lust induced trance

He bolted out of the room, eyes darting left and right for any kind of hiding space. Alas, it was no use. Marinette had him stuck in the kitchen corner with nowhere left to run. She took a cautious step toward him and he grabbed the first thing he could, a deluxe chocolate bar that she’d been saving for a super shitty day

Much like this one actually

“S-stop! Kitty, just leave the box on the counter”

“Fine! I’ll just take the chocolate bar then”


He tore off the label, never once taking his eyes off hers

“Put it. Down”

A corner of the aluminum wrapping hit the floor and her mind went into a blind panic. He was really gonna eat it if she didn’t come up with something!

He opened his mouth comically wide and brought it to his teeth


And as he brought his teeth closer together for bite she decided that she had no choice

Marinette ripped the candy from her mouth and pressed her body roughly against his, grabbing a fistful of his hair and bringing their lips together.

That alone would be seared into his subconscious for the rest of his life but what followed would follow him for as long as time stood.

Cherries, the syrupy sweet taste of artificial cherries flooded his tastebuds as her tongue slipped between his lips and into every corner of his mouth. His mind couldn’t take it to the point where he just dropped the box in his hands altogether, grabbing tightly onto her hips and savoring the flavor as much as he could.

But as soon as it started, it ended. She backed away from him, face redder than the candy in her hand.

“Never touch my stash again”

He tried to speak but she shoved the red sucker into his cheeks

“And I’m sure you’ve probably earned that”

She gathered up her box and walked out the kitchen, grumbling something about ‘Stupid cats’ and ‘putting it in a safe next time’

Adrien’s favorite flavor used to be chocolate

He was fairly certain that’s not the case anymore.


Bucky x reader 

Notes: swearing, fluff, angst, heartbreak, mentions of Steve x reader and Steve x Sharon Carter. 

Summary: When you find out Steve is cheating on you, Bucky is there to help you through it; along the way, his feelings for you grow, as do yours for him.  

One shot! I love Steve, I rly, rly do. But here we are. This is based on a request I got a while back from an anon. Duly note that I do NOT take requests anymore. I just needed to write something different than a series today. 

It’s exactly five months ago today, and it’s his birthday. No wonder you’re thinking about him so much when you promised yourself to never let another thought be wasted on a cheater. When Bucky walks in to the room, he instantly notices your struggle. With a small smile he takes a seat next to you on the couch, scooting closer carefully, until he knows you’re not gonna tell him to back off. He swings his arm around your shoulders and pulls you into his side, kissing the top of your head firmly.

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BTS reaction to you proposing to them


You and Seokjin have talked about marriage and starting a family, you knew you were both serious about your relationship and this was something both of you wanted, it’s just that he never popped the big question.

So you took matters into your own hands. After years of dating and spending excruciating hours searching for the perfect ring you were ready to do it.

It was the big night, your four years anniversary.  You prepared a candlelit dinner, with a bouquet of roses sitting in the middle of the table, soft violin music playing in the background, even went the extra mile to write a little speech, making sure that everything was perfect.

As you took out the box that contained the ring and start talking you see how he was redeemed speechless. It took him another 15 seconds of rapidly blinking at you before his face split into a large smile.

“How can I say no? Marriage has a nice ring to it after all.”

“Did you… I just… poured out my soul to you and you respond with a pun? You know what? I’m returning the ring.”

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You insisted on eating at the recently opened restaurant on the pretext that you haven’t been able to spend much time together lately.

What you didn’t take in consideration was how crowded it would be. It was packed, all the tables were occupied, which caused the food to arrive late.

Yoongi was looking to see if the waiter was coming with the food when you coughed loudly to catch his attention.

He instantly turned to face you. “Something wrong, babe?” You didn’t answer him and just pushed the box in his direction.

“What is this?” he asked as he picked it up.

“A bomb, Yoongi. Just open it and you’ll find out.”

He rolled his eyes at your sarcastic answer and the moment he saw what was inside he looked at you, a big, gummy smile adorning his face.

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You were waiting for the perfect time to propose to him, you just couldn’t find it and were growing impatient. ‘Fuck it.’ you whispered to yourself. You were going to do it right when he arrived home.

So when you two were sitting on the couch, you pulled the ring form under a cushion and turned on your side so you could see his face better.

“Hoseok, we’ve been dating for a while now, and no one was ever able to make me as happy as you do. I can no longer see a future where you are not by my side, so… Jung Hoseok, will you marry me?”

You saw as his face turned hard, and tears started pricking your eyes when “Are you serious right now?” left his lips and he ran in the hallway.

He came back in a matter of seconds, kneeling next to you when he noticed your distressed state.

He opened his palm to show you a ring. “I was going propose soon. Actually, I was going to take you out this friday and finally give this to you… Why did you have to be faster than me? Proposing is my job, Y/N…”

Tears of happiness were now falling from your eyes as you two put the rings on.

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You went to the beach that day, and while he was busy swimming you stayed on the shore to prepare for the grande proposal.

You wrote with pebbles a big “Will you marry me?” making sure he could see it from a distance, resting the box with the ring in the middle of the heart you made after the sentence.

Once you were finished you called his name and told him to get out. As he was approaching he noticed the reason you refused to go in the water with him and began running, almost tripping a couple of times.

He didn’t even stop to give you an answer and went straight toward you, knocking the both of you down.

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It was something simple and spontaneous, just like how your entire relationship was.

You two were cuddled up in your bed, watching tv, during the commercials you pulled out the ring, rolling so you could sit on his lap and make sure he paid full attention to you.

“Since you like wearing rings so much, will you accept this one?”

He pulled you closer until your foreheads were touching before speaking. “This is the only ring I’ll ever need.”

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Knowing how much he cherished his family, you waited until you visited them.

It was after having dinner, the entire family gathered in the living room, when you sat up from your chair to say what you wanted.

Not even halfway through your speech Taehyung was already super giddy, his mother was crying and you could hear how his siblings were screaming before their father shushed them.

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It was the middle of the night and you were going back home after your little date in the park.

You stepped in front of him to stop him from going farther, when you suddenly took a dabbing position, your outstretched hand going below his chin and holding the ring.

“Wow you’re so romantic I think I’m gonna cry. I can’t refuse such a beautiful proposal.”

Little did he know that once you made it home you would actually get really sappy, letting out all of your emotions and tell him how much you actually meant the proposal.

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Pairing: Fem!Reader x Brendon Urie

Request: Yes c: || Some kinky female readerX Brendon

Warnings: NSFW || smut, unprotected sex (reader on the pill), cursing, blow job, hair pulling, fingering, daddy kink, wall sex, shower sex.

Masterlist: Here

1.) I honestly don’t even know what happened here. It was after 1am when I started writing this, and I went to bed around 4am. Then I finished the last few paragraphs around 5pm so I’ll just leave it here. 

2.) This is unprotected sex, and I do not condone this at all. Wrap it before you tap it. Don’t make love without a dick glove. 

3.) Also, look at that gif. Just look at it. I know, me too. 

Enjoy, xx.

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there is no law that the gods must be fair

*me, languishing in the angst pit 6 days after the finale with a glass of wine in hand* this is my home now and i’m gonna stay in it for the next 9 months

missing scene from 413. clarke radios in from the tower and bellamy hears her.

wc: 1.3k | ao3

Maybe some tiny, morbid part of her always knew it would end like this.

Not like this exactly; out in the snow all by herself, the words ‘manual operation’ somehow making no sense and yet sitting heavy on her chest at the same time while her timer continues to blink, unawares that it’s no longer tracking the time until she leaves for survival, but the time left until her death.

Clarke figures that a small part of her always knew since Abby’s vision that she wasn’t going to make it to space, but she’d be damned if she didn’t see to it that her friends got there.

That doesn’t mean she’s okay though.

The radio is clutched tight in her hand, trembling slightly and she decides to try one last time.

“Raven?” she asks into the nothingness, voice small.

There’s no reply.

Licking her lips, she brings the radio closer to her helmet until it’s almost touching the glass, hand wrapped in an almost vice like grip around it. “… Bellamy?” she tries once more, hoping in vain that he can somehow hear her.

Silence again, but just when she’s about to shove it back into the bag, there’s a burst of static followed by a crackle and then-


His voice is tinny, almost too weak to be heard over the interference, but she manages. Her eyes squeeze shut wanting to commit to memory the way his voice sounds like gravel, the way his tongue curls so gently over the consonants of her name as it’s the last time she’ll ever hear him say it.

“Bellamy I-,” she pauses to swallow heavily. “I’m not going to make it back in time,” she tells him in one breath, biting the bullet.

A beat. And then, “What the hell does that mean?” he growls.

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When Soulmates Don’t Matter (Bucky Barnes x reader)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2156

Warnings: Nothing. Just all the fluff that was missing from the first part

A/N: So, this is the highly requested part 2 of When Soulmates Go Wrong and oh. My. Goodness. The response I got on that part was incredible! Thank you to everyone who was commenting on it, you seriously made my day! As usual, the Gif is not mine and feedback is welcome. Unusually, I’m going to break in here to tell you that this is probably the last thing I’ll write in a while (I’ll have a post coming out with and explanation for that on Tuesday), so hopefully I can go out with a bang. Love you guys! And without further ado, here is part 2!

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The super soldier had read the letter over several times before it finally registered with him. When it did, however, nothing could stop the waterfall of silent tears that cascaded down his face as he curled in around himself.

Too late, too late, too late, ran constantly through his head, along with guilt at having unknowingly pushed her away.

For a long time, he stayed there on his bed, the letter lying just out of reach of his hand. Eventually, Bucky fell into a fitful sleep just before Steve came to the doorway, looking on sadly at his friend.

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Kill ‘Em With Kindness - PART EIGHTEEN

Originally posted by stallingdemons

Bucky Barnes x Reader

You had been detected. You were now on their radar. You are recruited for one mission only. You are trained and put to the test. With your background, everyone realizes it was a mistake recruiting a college student who would soon be faced with the thing that drove her to kill in the first place. 

Warnings: SMUT, SMUT, SMUT; swearing; mentions of death; mentions of blood/injuries; angst; mentions of violence 

Word Count: 4,025

“You are the most beautiful person I have ever seen… I want to ruin you.”

“You’re too late.”

A/N: Yeah, I based the smut around the song “Give It to Me Right” by Melanie Fiona cause I wanted to, don’t judge me. At least we have an actual sex scene with Seb and this song lol, ENJOY!


“Can’t you color inside the fucking lines?” you laughed, tears almost streaming down your cheeks as you threw your head back. Bucky grunted and rolled his eyes, using his fingernail to sweep the excess nail polish from your cuticles. 

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anonymous asked:

I wish you would write a fic where Everlark get trapped in a small space together...

Thanks for the prompt! I’m sorry it took a while to answer. I don’t know if this is what you had in mind. Still, I hope you enjoy.

Canon compliant-ish. Set in CF during the Victory Tour.

Peeta leaned against the closed door and crossed his arms in front of his chest. “It’s no use,” he sighed in defeat, “it’s locked.”

“It’s ok,” Katniss said looking around the small broom closet.

Two large shelving units, laden with cardboard boxes and cleaning products, took up most of the space, but the back wall was free of any clutter.

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Nuuk Chapter 24/24

Summary: When a chance encounter with a blue-eyed mystery man on an ill-fated flight turns Emma Nolan’s life upside down, she has a choice to make: Continue with her arranged marriage to Senator Gold’s son to save her parent’s company, or turn her back on everything she’s ever worked towards for a chance at happiness.

Also on AO3.

Banner thanks to @shady-swan-jones

A/N: Well guys. Here we are at the end, the final chapter. I’m going to keep this short and sweet so I don’t become a bumbling mess. I can’t believe it’s over. This little monster was the bane of my existence and it was only because of @best-left-hook-jones that I didn’t walk away and burn it to the ground. Writing a multi-chapter is hard enough, but write an entire multi-chapter without feedback is impossible.

I want to thank some people (How fitting given the contents of the chapter.) First and foremost, thank you to @best-left-hook-jones for being the bet beta in the world and helping me more than she realizes. There just aren’t enough great things I can say about it. I also want to thank all of the moderators for the CSBB, especially @phiralovesloki who was a beast when it came to pulling this entire project together so that a bunch of authors and artist could collaborate to bring you all these CS feels. Thank you to @pompeiiablaze, @jemmingart, @ladyciaramiggles and @shady-swan-jones for the art they provided for this story! It’s all be amazing and I love it. And finally, thank you to all of you, the readers, for making me feel like maybe I’m not just a hack of a writer. I hope this epilogue brings you the closure you’ve been waiting for.

Rating: E (there’s smut!!)

Content warnings: Smut, Alcohol Abuse, Violence, Language

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Lights flickered everywhere as he emerged from the limo. He had spent the better part of the day getting poked and prodded as he stylist team went to work picking out the right outfit for him. It was the first time he hadn’t needed to match Milah’s dress at one of these functions. He didn’t need to match anyone.

“Killian!” Multiple voices called out in unison and he looked over to find a crowd of women just beyond the barricade line. He waved to them and they started jumping and cheering even louder. He wished that he could greet them in a more proper manner, signing some autographs or posing for pictures, but there was a strict schedule to keep to, and any deviation could screw up the careful crafted red carpet line up.

The last time he had been on a red carpet had been at the release of the movie. He had been without a date then as well, but his team had been insistent at matching him to Milah as costars. Their parting had been less than amicable. When he had returned to Los Angeles he had found most of his stuff destroyed. His clothes had been burned in a fire pit in the backyard, and the framed movie posters from his movie premieres that had adorned the hallway leading to their theater room had been spray painted over, glass shattered all over the floor.

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anonymous asked:

top 5 (or 10) scenes in the 100 in terms of acting? (like, which scenes stood out to you, or which scenes do you think highlighted any of the actors' ability?)

This is such a good question! It’s hard to narrow them down to ten because there’s so many I love, but here are the ones that came to my mind first! So in no particular order:

1. Raven realising her pain is gone [3x05]

One of my all-time favourites! Moments after Raven succumbs to the temptation and takes the key to the City of Light, we get this spine-chilling shot where her revelation, her absence of pain starts at her leg and creeps up to the rest of her body. The entire scene, beginning with her taking the chip to here is absolutely stunning. Lindsey so beautifully straightens herself and looks up, and that’s when we know that Raven knows that it’s worked. It was executed so perfectly, kudos to the wonderful Lindsey Morgan!

2. Clarke scrubs at the blood on her hands [2x09]

Eliza’s performance in this scene really reminded me of Lady Macbeth from Shakespeare’s Macbeth, as she tried to scrub away the blood she was hallucinating (’Out, damned spot! out, I say!’). Taking place immediately after Clarke had mercy-killed Finn, Eliza perfectly displayed the hysteria of this moment as she shakes and raves incoherently. Her sharp breaths really encapsulate the trauma Clarke has just experienced too. It’s just beautiful.

3. Bellamy is overwhelmed by a sense of failure [4x07]

It’s really difficult to choose a scene with Bob Morley because each scene he acts in really does display how talented he is. Of course, the 4x04 scene where Bellamy realises Octavia is dead is breathtaking and still haunts me, but that’s a given, so I’m choosing another scene. This moment from 4x07 made me cry…a lot. As Bellamy had to sit and listen to people he could have saved die because he failed them, watch his gaze. He is not mentally there. His gaze is so very distant, it’s made to feel like he’s seeing all his failures play out before his very eyes. He breaks then and there as he’s forced to listen to the vocalisation of his failure, the nasty feeling settling deep within. Bob was fantastic through 4x07, but this scene really got to me.

4. Raven blows up the bridge [1x10]

I remember the first time I watched I Am Become Death, I fell in love with this particular moment in the episode. Raven staggers to the end of the bridge and, with the little energy she has left, successfully sets up and sets off the bomb. It was so wonderfully done by Lindsey, everything from the way she moved to the breaths she took was oh so perfect.

5. Clarke tells Bellamy that the world is ending [3x16]

This is one of my favourite Bellamy and Clarke moments – look how intense Bob and Eliza’s gazes are! They really do perfectly display just how exhausted Bellamy and Clarke are, and in finding out they can’t kick back just yet, we can see them search each other’s eyes for strength and hope.

6. Monty kills his mother [3x11]

Monty killing his mother was one of the most intense scenes I’ve ever seen on this show. Chris did such an amazing job with this…the screams Monty let out? They’re a vocalisation of just how traumatising this is for Monty, how he has to make noise, make chaos in order to pull back the trigger. And it was all so perfect. My heart broke when watching this scene, and even more so afterwards when Monty realised his mother’s death was sort of in vain because he might have been able to save her.

7. Pike and Bellamy talk about Mount Weather [3x04]

This scene between Michael and Bob is of the most fascinating from season 3. I was rewatching it and decided that I really did enjoy Pike’s character. The reason why this scene is in here is that we see, so perfectly from Michael, Pike locating Bellamy’s low point, and catches him when he’s weakest. @cosmicbell often labels Pike as a demagogue when we discuss this season together, and I agree. He promised action, he criticised stagnancy and Bellamy, somebody who’s been extremely affected by the grounders’ actions, was just tired of waiting around and never retaliating. He bought into Pike’s argument, and this is the scene that it occurs in. You see it in his face as Pike challenges him: ‘I’m willing to suffer the consequences to save my people…are you?’ and we know that Bellamy has begun to cross over to the dark side.

8. Jasper scatters Finn’s ashes [3x04]

I highly recommend everybody to rewatch this spectacular scene with Devon and Chris, from start to finish. It’s one of my favourites from the whole show. These two best friends have lost each other, and they’re trying to find that old spark once more. They fight, they argue, they yell. They’re no longer the pair they used to be. And as Monty leaves, Jasper screams ‘See you on the other side!’ and trips over, spilling the jar of ashes. The remnants blow away with the breeze, mingle with the Earth and Jasper realises what’s just happened…and Devon’s performance in that moment is so incredibly breathtaking. One of his best, for sure. 

9. Murphy makes Clarke cry [4x08]

This is fairly recent, of course, but Richard and Eliza were amazing throughout this entire scene. Murphy’s desperation is so well voiced by Richard: when he screamed ‘I love her!’ my heart broke completely. And as Murphy starts provoking Clarke, I began to wonder how Eliza would portray Clarke’s reaction. Clarke, who has, in the past, tried to develop a harder exterior around her friends when making tough decisions…she did something I did not expect. She lifted her head slightly, and through her lashes looks at Murphy, and her eyes are glistening with tears! She’s been trying this whole scene to be assertive in her decision to use Emori but Murphy’s speech almost takes her to her breaking point. I was really impressed with both Richard and Eliza here, they were just amazing!

10. Niylah tells Bellamy that he’ll always be sorry [3x11]

Bob Morley, once again and as always, comes through perfectly in this scene he shortly shares with Jessica Harmon. ALIE got to Bellamy, and bad. ‘Too bad you were never that devoted to Gina.’? Do you know what Bellamy heard, instead of that? Probably something like ‘you could have saved her, but you spent that concern on Clarke, who didn’t even end up coming back to Arkadia with you. You killed Gina. You misplaced your responsibilities, so it’s your fault.’ And the final straw: the mention of what he did to the Trikru army, and Niylah hitting him after finding out. Bellamy flips out and has to leave the room, kicking a barrel, punching something. He looks up to the sky, so incredibly hopeless, and shakes his head. He’s realising he’s never going to get over this pain, he’s never going to stop feeling guilty, and worst of all, the pain he’s caused to others is so deep and so sharp and he can’t handle knowing that. He hears Niylah’s voice behind him, and the sight of her brings all these emotions back. He tells her what he truly feels, that he only had good intentions and he’s sorry, but she delivers a harsh sentence: ‘People like you always are’. This small moment between these two was jaw-dropping to me. I loved it so much.

Honourable mentions: Lincoln’s season 2 ordeal with the reaper drugs, literally all of Erica Cerra’s (ALIE/Becca) scenes, the Lexa and Roan fight from 3x04, Clarke getting in the rover with Jasper and discovering Abby is chipped, Luna mourning Derrick in her arms, Octavia surviving the fall in 4x04 and Abby smashing the radiation chamber in 4x08.

wind beneath your wings

Summary: reader has a rough time after a few rough hunts, she withdraws from the boys and dean worries a whole lot

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: lowkey suicide, hospital things, anxiety things-everything is from an outside perspective so it doesn’t get too into her head, angst, depression stuff

Word count: ~1300

A/N: so this is for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing’s Anti-Valentines Challenge! also I’m really sorry i dropped the ball and didn’t post anything original last week, it was just a really long and overwhelming week and just generally a rough little while and I didn't have time to write anything! oh and the lyrics are bolded! i hope this counts as angst, it’s my first time writing it!

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.
It must have been cold there in my shadow,
to never have sunlight on your face.
You were content to let me shine, that’s your way.
You always walked a step behind.

Deans POV 

We had just gotten to our motel after a long drive coming off of from a few rough back to back hunts, Y/N followed me through our motel room door silently just to immediately make a beeline for one of the beds. For the whole drive, she had sat in the back seat of Baby with her headphones in just staring out the window. I knew what was going through her head. She was blaming herself.

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