i just finished this game i'm emotional

Sorry for all the Bendy i’m doing, I just really like this game, and I wanna try and find a way to draw him heh


are you kidding me with this BioWare

I really like Anders’ concept art and wanted to draw him closer to that.

This game just really. hit hard in a lot of ways.. it’s been almost a month now but this scene still makes me really emotional.


I havn’t even finished the first episode and I know this is going to be awesome. 


Random Iron Bull Thought

I just realized, and correct me if I’m wrong, but Iron Bull is I believe the only romancable party member who’s approval about Inquisitor drinking from the Well of Sorrows doesn’t change whether or not they’re romanced.

I’ve noticed in some romances the LI says something about being worried about partner doing it, and then what might’ve been slightly disapproves jumps up to disapproves. I want to say there’s even one who approves if not romanced, but disproves if romanced, but for the life of me I can’t think who that is.

I know there’s some who greatly disapprove regardless (Sera, Solas), but I’m not really counting them since there opinion stems from their own personal reasons—Sera being distrustful of anything involving magic and/or elves, Solas’s backstory.

Iron Bull’s reaction is the same no matter what, he thinks it’s important Inquisitor takes the well, and greatly approves if they do.

There’s something really interesting about that. I feel as though his reaction being the same when romanced really says something about the relationship. He accepts that Inquisitor has a duty to save the world and doesn’t try to sway them from that. Not to say other LIs necessarily get in the way of, or try to discourage Inquisitor from doing what needs to be done, just that Iron Bull is unique in that he doesn’t let his own feelings barge in when it comes to drinking from the well.

And his comment after Inquisitor drinks isn’t worried or frightened like others are. Of course he’s concerned, asking if Inquistor’s “feeling good”, but I feel like his downplayed concern is him showing confidence in his Kadan being an indestructible badass.

Others are like “oh noooooes, my love! Don’t be dead! If you’re dead I’ll be pissed/sad!” And Bull’s just like “hey Kadan you ok? Yeah you’re ok, of course you’re ok, it’s you, you’re awesome. Just shake it off”.

Which just makes my heart all pitter-patter at just thinking about it.

Thinking about this, and Iron Bull’s comments in the end scene expressing his pride, has me really thinking about the deep nitty gritty reasons why Bullmance is my favorite romance and how that reflects my ideal irl relationship, which if I got into right now would make this post a whooooole lot longer and all over the place, so just going to leave it at I just find the confidence and pride Iron Bull feels toward his Kadan to be beautiful and perfect.


Golden Penny never cease to amaze! Yesterday, in an unforgettable race, the 16-year-old Torontonian tied with United States’s Simone Manuel -the first Black woman to win an individual gold medal in swimming- when they both dead-heated in 52.70 seconds in the 100m freestyle before Sweden’s Sarah Sjöström. Australia’s Campbell sisters were, with world champion Bronte and world record holder Cate, the favourites of the race finished fourth and sixth respectively. 

Both Oleksiak and Manuel were adorably shocked by their wonderful performance, and Penny immediately swam to her co-gold medallist and they fell into each other’s arms. Just beautiful and moving, like O Canada finally playing in Rio.

Imagine Akaashi waiting for Bokuto outside the locker rooms after they’ve lost an important game. He can hear Bokuto crying inside, but he waits patiently until he’s finished and then walks him out with Bokuto’s arm around his shoulders, for Akaashi is Bokuto’s pillar of support and he is always there for him.