i just finished reading the book and it's absolutely amazing

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Hi there, Ina! Wanted to know if you have any recs on outlander fanfictions. Just finished reading the Red Jamie and the White Lady and i really liked it. I have been away from fanfictions for a while but i'd love to get started on that again. So, any recommendations other than the ones from the Imagine Claire and Jamie tumblr?

Hi! Sorry it took so long to answer this. Yesterday I was without internet connection for most of the day. First because I was on an airplane. I then had quite the train journey (because they’ve fucked up the train times here for some to me unknown reason). When I finally sat down with my computer to answer this, there was this great thunderstorm so my aunt turned off the wifi. In other words, my day was fantastic …


Red Jamie and the White Lady is great (and for all those that haven’t read it yet … go do it now! No time to lose!) It’s definitely a favourite of mine.

Fic recs you say … well, I realised just now that a lot of the fics I’ve read are from imagine (because they have some really great fics). I also realised that I’m not sure I can tell apart which fics are from imagine and which aren’t because I mostly read on AO3 and there it’s not always clear. But I shall try my best.

Firstly, I’m going to recommend checking out my fic rec tag, which you can access either via the front page of my blog (desktop version) or here.

I’m not sure if you’re interested in ongoing stories or just anything, so we’ll go with anything. (Most of these will probably be ongoing anyway).

I hope you’ve heard of @turtlesoupstories because it’s an amazing fic blog. I haven’t yet read everything they’ve posted, but I would definitely recommend In the Depths of the Sea by @marlosbooknook and Where Hearts Collide by @mibasiamille.

Read Clair(e)voyance by @notevenjokingrightnowfic if you haven’t yet. (Escape is also really good, though I haven’t finished it yet.)

I also really enjoy Just Desserts by @thescarlettpeacock.

I recently read the fantastic Dawning in Dust by @diversemediums. It took me a while to discover it because it didn’t sound like it would be for me, but much to my surprise I found it fucking amazing. Don’t judge a book by its cover … or a fic by its, um, genre …?

Also, you should definitely read Beauchamp Riots by @kalendraashtar. I thoroughly enjoyed it. My Brother’s Lass is good too.

Not to pick favourites … (except that’s exactly what I’m doing, sorry) but @bonnie-wee-swordsman and @takemeawaytocamelot have written some of my absolute favourite stories. Read anything and everything they’ve written because they’re amazing.

This is just off the top of my head. I’m sure I’ve missed a lot of amazing stories unfortunately. But my tip is definitely to browse the AO3 tag because there are lots of great stories there that either haven’t been posted on tumblr or were posted so long ago they’re now forgotten here.

(Personally, since I’m on holiday I decided to binge read Flood My Mornings. That’ll keep me occupied while it’s raining … which it does a lot here … and by a lot I mean all the time …)

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just wanted to say CONGRATS ON FINISHING YOUR FIRST DRAFT OF BOOK 3!!!!!!! I can only imagine how much work went into writing it, and I know that there's more ahead, but I'm sure it's amazing and I absolutely cannot wait to read it! YOU DID IT WOO GO CELEBRATE WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

Thank youuuuuu

can i just say that i absolutely love rainbow rowell?? 

like ive just finished reading almost midnight and she is so amazing???? like every. single. time. i read some of her work it makes me want to fall in love or have a best friend that would do anything for me. her writing actually makes me feel something, its astounding. shes without a doubt my favourite writer.


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*SPOILERS* Hi Carrie, I've just finished reading On the Other Side and absolutely loved it! It's an amazing book, well done :) I just wanted to ask, how did Evie take out her literal heart and grow the tree? Also her drawings turning into glass and using Little One to write on also boggled me. Did she have supernatural powers?


So glad you enjoyed it! 

To answer your question: Evie doesn’t have supernatural powers. It’s just magical realism. Magic in a realistic and mundane setting that is accepted as the norm by those around it. <3 My favourite magical realism book (and favourite book of all time as it happens!)  is ‘All My Friends Are Superheroes’ by Andrew Kaufman. I’d recommend giving it a go!