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Pastel: Well, I’ve been anticipating this way before my introduction was even finished, so here we are! I know I haven’t contributed that much to the fandom as of now, but I’ve seen so many different and unique blogs across my time on here that I thought that I would pay a bit of a tribute, per se, to some of my favourites! I’m ordering the pictures in order of when I drew them, and I literally used up most of the ink in my felt tip pen just to do all of these XD


I found you when you started following me, and I thought your design for Bendy was so cute that I couldn’t resist drawing them! As a ‘Fluffy Bendy’ supporter (since my own Bendy is quite fluffy as well), the gloves and skirt just made your design stand out even more to me!


One of the first Bendy blogs I ever came across, your design in particular for an angel Bendy (and your art style in general) was just really cool to me, and it still is! The purple poncho and adorable bow was a perfect choice in my mind. I also love the recent redesign you gave him with the extra halos and cross on the bow! 

 @bartenderbendy & @ask-ladybendy 

 My god, you guys are so cute together! I had found Tendy first, and I really enjoyed his blunt and funny interactions with everyone he met. XD When I had found the ref sheet for Lady and saw the parasol, I thought it would be a really cute addition to the pic! Also, I kind of set the picture in the scenario of post-Oswald fight where they are just spending some time with each other. P.S: Yes, Tendy is still wearing the wedding dress XD 


 As a Bendy OC blog, I find this to be one of the most cool and original characters I’ve seen. Honey is as sweet a character as her name suggests, and her design was a joy to draw! 

 @ask-mischievousbendy & @ask-sensitive-bendy 

 #CutestOTP. I’m serious. Both of their personalities work really well off each other, and they are both just really adorable! I had found Shy first, and he is really adorable and sweet to anyone he meets. And I had found Mischief not long before the two got together, and he is very cute and kind too! Also, when the proposal happened I was so giddy with joy! 


What do I fucking say about Fucky? Well… I can definitely commend the artist for the extreme expressions they are able to create, and the fact that they are only a year older than me?! I am quite envious, I will admit; but it also inspires me to be more experimental with my own art, so I definitely had a lot of fun drawing Fucky!


I can’t recall how I found this blog, but I was instantly interested when I saw the bright, neon colours and detailed lineart. This is definitely a really unique design for Boris, and the concept is really cool in my eyes!


You’re the latest blog I’ve found, but I still love the design of this lil’ one! The concept alone of being able to grant a single wish to anyone is really intriguing to me, and the design for them is just so adorable with their big eyes and their long poncho/cape.


 I hope you all enjoy the fan art! I love all of your tumblrs very much, and I can’t wait for more amazing work from all of you!


WELLLLLlll okay it’s not a shirt, but only because the original image itself was an odd dimension size and a bit too small and resizing it would have made it blurry when printing on a shirt. BUT when I get a bit of free time (pffttttcute Xedra, ‘free time’) I want to remake the image to be of a high enough resolution to print on a shirt. :D

But I do love me some mugs, so I’m more than pleased as punch right now. A mighty thirst indeed ahuhuhuh~ :D Thanks so much, @asrielisdeadandfloweyisabitch <3

EXO Reaction when you mistake your boyfriend for another member

Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Kinda sad* “Come one jagi… how would you mistake me for Kris… we doesn’t have my ears!”


*Just finds it hilarious* “Chanyeol? Like me? He should feel honored… I’m amazing” *Sassy Kris*


*Coming up with the craziest theories and everything to understand why you confused him with someone else*


*graphical description* “I thought… I was special in your heart… and eyes…”


*Kinda happy xD* “WAAH! I look like hyung?! This is so flattering! He is so handsome and I’m handsome so this means I’m super handsome!”


“You confused me with Luhan? Oh jagi… that’s funny.. he was probably wearing my hoodie right? Yes you aren’t the first one..”


“I’m going to end you Kyungsoo… I will!” *Probably will end up running away from him*


“Oh no no no… baobei no…. I’m manlier than Sehun!” 


“Oh… you naughty girl… I’ll make sure that next time you don’t get the wrong guy ;););)”


*Can’t help it but laugh* “Come on jagi… Chanyeol is like two times me… I think we both need new glasses….”


“I look like Suho? Really? I never thought… this this… this explains a lot” *Somehow it makes sense to him*


*Every time he sees Baekhyun* “I do not look like him… no… I refuse to believe that.. she’s mine!” *Jelly leader*

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NCT as Things My Front Ensemble has Said or Done

I did ot17 for this because I don’t know jungwoo and yukhei very well. Also on a fun note this was so much fun to write!! Me and front ensemble spent like a half an hour searching through our group chat for funny things XD. Well Enjoy!

  • Taeil: You ever want to hit your head against a wall till one of them no longer exists?
  • Hansol: *So done with everyone’s shit he just casually up and leaves practice*
  • Johnny: *Aggravating siblings* someone else: maybe cough on his toothbrush? him: I’d dip it in the toilet.
  • Taeyong: I used to have innocent students… Damn sax players.
  • Yuta: There’s many ways to start a fire. Just find the right way then blame another senior who would consider burning the school. Boom. Easy.
  • Kun: Wth is a swirly cow? Is that like a hazing ritual for livestock? Cause if so I’m not for it. END ANIMAL CRUELTY!!!
  • Doyoung: *on phone* I get why my name is followed by a bunny but the banana concerns me slightly…
  • Ten: I’m not a stripper!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!
  • Jaehyun: *giving boy advice* Just handcuff him and swallow the key. Then he HAS to hang out with you. Well for about 24 hours.
  • WinWin: I’m the most innocent one here. *Makes dirty joke .2 seconds later*
  • Mark: Stop calling me floppy waffles.
  • Renjun: I’m still confused *said for the tenth time in the past hour*
  • Haechan: Punch something it helps. Brothers*
  • Jaemin: You’re not my mom! STRANGER DANGER
  • Chenle: *flirting* I enjoy your physical aesthetic *runs off giggling*
  • Jisung: *Flips Taeyong off with both middle fingers trying to point at something because his other fingers had blisters.*

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A/N: Just so you guys know and aren’t confused. We actually call are drum coach waffles. And a lot of theses things he actually said XD.

BTS reaction to their GF sitting in the dark eating gummy worms in PJs

Anonymous said :

BTS’s reaction to finding their S/O sitting in the dark in PJs eating gummy worms? I know it’s weird, but…I have no explanation. xD

Hi cutee ~ thanks for requesting ! ..here’s your requested reaction and I hope you like it . Beside I laughed so hard when I read it but it was fun to write about ><

Jin :

Originally posted by chiminichangas

I think Jin would find it funny more than adorable .When he arrived at midnight after along day and entered the room ,seeing you just in pajama with a messy hair eating gummy worms ,he won’t contain himself but laugh his famous one and just keep remembering this sense every day and laugh even harder .

Suga :

Originally posted by jhope-shi

I don’t think Suga won’t tease you about it .He entered the room with sleepy eyes just looking for a bed to lay on, when he saw you near the bed ,on the ground…eating like a little thief, he would stare for a moment ,then make his way out “whatever~” …you would feel like a dork after seeing his reaction ,he would be so done with this childish things ..but ..when he would close the door behind him ,he won’t stop giggling of how cute you were there ..like he won’t destroy his cold behavior after all!

Rap Monster :

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

He was checking his phone while walking in the room to grab something ,when he heard a sound on the bed …he looked back and saw you ,cuddling a bear and eating those gummy candies ,he would pout “what are you doing?” …you just kept staring at him while eating the worm slowly ..so he leaned closer ,grabbed a worm and mumbled “you are weird sometimes ..cutee” left a kiss on your cheek and went like nothing just happened!

J-hope :

Originally posted by joonjuly

He was calling for you from the first second he entered the house ,while shouting your name and opening every door in the house , he entered the dark room you were in ,so he simply turn the lights on “ what are you doing!” ,threw his body near you on the bed  and showing you his phone “check this ,I produced it today”  ..then grabbing a worm ,then the whole bag and started eating like you weren’t doing anything weird 🙃

Jimin :

Originally posted by daffodiltae

This boy won’t react at all ,he was just looking for his headphones and accidentally opened the door ,but before he could look around he spotted you ,under the blanket with a bag full of gummy candies thrown on the ground ..with a silly tone he said “did they kidnap you or something? ..just go out and eat those worms normally !” …and simply he closed the door .I think he was totally done with Jungkook  to deal with you 😅

V :

Originally posted by mvssmedia

This boy was peacefully sleeping next to you ,when a weird sound waked him up ,so he just opened his eyes and looked to his right to see you eating from a plastic bag some gummy worms under the blanket ,he cutely smiled and lied next to you under the blanket ,while pointing at the worms “did you plan to eat those alone?” ..and you both continued your night eating candies, just sharing bad dad jokes and silly stories .

Jungkook :

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

 He knew you were doing something embarrassing when he came home and didn’t see you waiting for him near the door ,so he quickly picked up his phone and made the camera ready ..tip toeing straight to your room and started taking photos of you with crazy hair and his hoodie on while eating colored cheap candies .After his phone was full of blackmails ,he would flip on his back ,grabbing his stomach and laughing so hard .

GIFs are not mine

requests : open !

-Admin K 

firerulezz116  asked:

(I'm sorry for bringing this up) how do you feel about the headcannon that Frisk is a massive flirt? In game, they have quite a few chances to flirt, I just think the idea of this kid going around and trying to flirt and just being adorable is hilarious and cute (but just me)

I find it cute XD when I was a kid, other kids would flirt all the time with people because we thought it was funny so it’s not like it’s out of the ordinary 

swirlpearl  asked:

How about US! UF! And SF! Skelebros with an S/O who usually hugs tightly during sleep to the point where they hug a pillow to not snap their Skellies spine? Idk. Just find it funny XD

LOL I sorry for taking so long to answer!



Blue gets very nervous whenever he sleeps with you now, but doesn’t say anything because he likes sleeping with you. He’s sure you’re not doing this on purpose so at night, he carefully slips out of your tight hold and replaces himself with a pillow. But Blue wants to cuddle with you too so he shares the pillow with you, and falls back asleep. 


Dude you gotta chill lol. Stretch really likes to cuddle so a pillow isn’t going to cut it. He’s going to have to find a way to do it so he won’t die. His favorite position is to just lay on top of you, so you won’t be able movie during the night, but when you complain about not being able to breathe, Stretch suggests that he should be the big spoon, so he could restrain your arms during the night. It works out perfectly. 



Whenever you squeeze him too tight, Red angrily wakes up and shoves you to the side. Sometimes, he’s so fed up with it, he just moves to the couch. When confronting you about this, you apologize, but explain it’s because you love him so much, making Red feel guilty about scolding you. To solve this, Red gives you a pillow hug, while he spoons you from behind. 


NO DATEMATE LEARN TO CONTROL YOURSELF OR HE WILL NOT GIVE YOU CUDDLES! Fell is not comfortable sleeping in a bed with you if you have a tendency to accidentally kill him, ever if he replaces himself with a pillow. So he trains you to hug lightly or not to at all. It takes a lot of work, but within a couple months, Fell allows you to sleep with him again. 



YOU THINK YOU CAN SQUEEZE HIM? BLACK CAN SQUEEZE HARDER! Honestly, it’s become such a constant war between the two of you at night, where both of you have bruises. To solve this, Black doesn’t mind the pillow, but he does take the squeezing at times to be cuddled. 


Keep squeezing his bones, he’s into that

Rus honestly doesn’t mind you squeezing him, he’s really tough so it’s gonna take a lot more to kill him than that. 

Finally something finished after a while…Sorry, i was really busy ~-~”

This silly image came out from one of the chats with friends. I got an ambrella like that, all pink with silver shiny hearts and i was told it looks gay XD (i dont find anything bad with gay ppl, its just a joke so dont get offended, sorry) It was just funny to me |D

Underfell Papyrus and Sans © Community.
Art © me

Suzuken tried to catch a heart-shaped paper and Mamoru saw him doing that so they ended up laughing at the back. When the QN arrived, Suzuken gave that heart shaped paper to Morikubo. Despite not knowing what Suzuken is up to, Morikubo still accepted it. Mamoru and Terashi saw that so they laughed so hard. Cuz Childish Suzuken is one of favorite thing~

SVT (Vocal Unit) Reaction To Their S/O Falling Asleep On Their Lap

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Jeonghan: He was hanging out with the boys while you were in the bedroom by yourself. You felt lonely so you went to where everyone else was at. You sit next to Jeonghan and lay your head on his lap while he continued to talk to the boys. You drift off to sleep since they weren’t really talking to you. While still talking he looks at you to see if you were awake but you weren’t. He smiles at the fact that you just came to fall asleep on his lap and because he thought that you looked adorable.

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Joshua: Since you two haven’t had alone time in a while you guys decide to have and all nighter. You guys play around for a little but then end up on the couch just talking and watching a movie. You lay your head on Joshua’s lap so you could be more comfortable. You end up falling asleep. He glances at you to see if you fell asleep and you did. All he does is stare at you and admire your beautiful face. He starts to notice your beauty marks and is amazed on how it made you look more beautiful.

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Woozi: He was sitting on bed next to you reading a book. You started to get bored so you lay your head on his lap to get his attention but he just ignored you. So you start to play games on your phone but then end up falling asleep. He glances at you to see if you were asleep and as he notices that you were he starts playing with your hair and touching your face. You start to wake up because you of this and he just pretends that he wasn’t doing anything.

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Dk: You two started to watch a movie together. He chose the movie but you didn’t really seem interested in it. So you decide to lay your head on his lap. You slowly start to fall asleep. He was very focused on the movie but glances at you to see if you were watching. As he sees that you fell asleep, he smiles and starts to play with your hair. As he plays with your hair he focuses back on the movie and continues watching it.

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Seungkwan: Seungkwan was mad at you because you came home late last time and didn’t tell him that you were going to be home late. He had been waiting for you all night and was worried. So he goes to the bedroom mad and sits on the bed. To make him stop being mad at you, you lay your head on his lap and start to do aegyo and funny faces so he would laugh or at least smile. He was still mad so you say sorry and just close your eyes and fall asleep. As he looks at you to see if you were sleeping he smiles at the fact that you were home safe and because of all your attempts to make him laugh.

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(I couldnt really find a good gif for Seungkwan xD)

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You're latest Sakuya drawing is amazing! I love it so much! A thing I realised though is that he Linda resembles Amami from ndrv3 a bit? Or is that just me? It's probably the clothing and the way he holds his head XD

Thank you /owo/
Danganronpa? wait I googled it, you’re absolutely right XD amazing how much they look alike. It’s not just Sakuya though ôwo thahaha (sry I find this too funny, thanks for telling me).

Guess who watched Popee the performer. XD
Ah, ok. So, I’ve been seeing the show around a lot lately and some of the artists I follow on other social media have been drawing fanart for it. I wanted to see what all the commotion was about it. Sat and watched all 39 episodes all this past week, and honestly, I find the show pretty funny. Kinda got a Tom and Jerry feel to it, just more gore. The ending was sad though.
Anyway, I drew Kedamono~
Gotta love the wolf bab X3

I usually don’t talk much about myself but I’m gonna make an exception, because I find that my current situation is funny. I’m currently staying at my parents’ house for a week of holidays, and because it’s holidays, I have time to draw for once.

Quite the lovely hous they got there, and my two cats are just as cute as ever (best cats in the world! (every cat owner says so XD))

So… I have time to draw! But you guys know what picture I updated lastly. ;)
Because I don’t wanna explain to my mum : “yes… mum… your daughter is currently drawing explicit content pictures”, I locked the door every day. What’s so funny one may ask?
Each time I’ve done so, the cats were laying on my bed, thus, my mother told me : “You know you don’t have to lock the door! They aren’t smart enough to open it anyway…”

I couldn’t help myself and laughed so much… Thank you mum for the quote! ;D

Originally posted by n-wordbelike

by the way, here is the work in progress of the last drawing. Yes there is an other one or two or three in coming!

enjoy !


(whew that was hard…:P)

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Rejet had a poll with three questions and one of them asked who they wanted to be their boss. Ruki got 1st ayeeeee.

“Oi. I’m your boss. You’re not allowed to be insubordinate. If you got that, then work like a dog. That’s the role you were given, Livestock.“

Here’s the other top 10 for those who want to know. It’s out of 48/

Reiji got 4th.

ヾ(メ`・ω ・´)ノ゙  Also, warning. Rejet Event is today so the DL tag may or may not explode hahaha.

thestarmaker-s  asked:

Ok so today some of my co-workers went to a bar and return very drunken and I imagine "hey, what if toshinori change his medicine and he gets slightly drunk and starts showing photos of izuku" that would be pretty funny 😂

So, you know, @thestarmaker-s I saw your reply earlier, saying that you flood my inbox, and I was on the verge of disagreeing, and then… went to my inbox and found this ask. My arguments have become invalid, and I won’t disagree with you anymore.

(Just kidding, I love your asks. XD)

So I actually had this headcanon here some time ago, where Toshinori actually carries around pictures of his kids in his wallet, like the proud Dad he is. And since I know that people really can act like drunk or tipsy when their medicaments are switched (that happened to my uncle once), this would actually make a whole lot of sense.

Like, Toshinori switches his medicine and feels weird all day. A bit dizzy and lacking in concentration, you know. And he finds things funny he normally wouldn’t even crack a grin at.

Worried that he might be sick and infect his students with it, he asks Recovery Girl if she could examine him after his lessons are over. She agrees readily, telling him to take it easy until then.

Funny thing is – until it’s time for the appointment, Toshinori has gotten worse. It’s nothing bad, mind you – it’s just that he is downright tipsy now. Laughing easily at the littlest thing, wobbling in his steps, and eyes bright, he is acting so suspiciously that Aizawa accompanies him to the infirmary. Drunken Toshinori is (entirely too) grateful for that and tells Aizawa multiple times on the way there what a good and helpful colleague and teacher he is. Aizawa just rolls his eyes at him, now convinced that the other is somehow drunk, and pats his shoulder reassuringly.

Actually, Aizawa feels just a little bit uncomfortable with all those compliments, not sure how to react to all of them, so he is a little bit relieved when he can Toshinori over to Chiyo and leave again.

Chiyo has to hold back a disbelieving snort when she sees Toshinori like this, even though she feels a bit sorry for him. Who could have guessed that he would react like that to the new medicine?

So she orders him to lay down and sleep it off, but Toshinori is adamant about being examined by her. After all, he doesn’t want to infect his children with anything?

Huffing and searching for a way to get him to rest, Chiyo asks him how his lessons went. And how are the students?

That question hits bulls-eye. Toshinori’s frown disappears in an instant, and he basically beams at the notion of getting to talk about his kids. Readily, albeit a bit slurred, he goes to describe every little thing that happened during the lessons with them today:

Kirishima and Mina had been passing little notes around and smiled innocently at them when he had collected those – only to see that it were nice messages like “We love your lessons, Sensei”.

Kaminari, who always had so much trouble in school, had managed to pass the last test with a good grade and had stood up on his chair to wave his test around, cheering loudly as everyone applauded.

Izuku had been doodling again as soon as he had finished his work, and Toshinori had caught glimpses of a picture of the whole class. He was very much looking forward to see the finished picture somewhere in the future.

Bakugou had not yelled or sworn all day long, even raising his hand instead of just answering the question loudly. When Toshinori had nodded at him, proud of the development, the boy had smirked and leaned back in his seat.

On and on it goes, and somewhere along the way, Toshinori pulls out his wallet and shows Chiyo the pictures of the kids he keeps in there. Talking as if she has never seen the children before. She doesn’t correct him, too fond of how happy the former hero seems to be.

Toshinori talks and talks and talks, until his words slur together more and more and the weak sleeping pill Chiyo had given him before to ensure a deep sleep begins to have an effect.

Chiyo pats the blond, shaggy hair gently as Toshinori’s words trail off and his eyes flutter closed. She helps him lay down when he can’t sit upright any longer.  She tugs up the blanket around the thin shoulders, and goes to collect the pictures to put them back into his wallet.

If she takes a bit longer to sort through them, stopping from time and time to look from one particular picture over to the peacefully sleeping Toshinori and back again, a fond smile on her lips, then nobody will ever know about it.