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*insert joke about Orochimaru looking like Michael Jackson here*

Beautiful Roman Godfrey x Reader

Requester: Anonymous

Prompt: So i started Hemlock, aint so bad. I really like it so far! Can you do Roman x Reader, where the reader is a lil bit chubby and they are dating. She gets along with his sister and Peter very well and he genuinely likes her.

But she over hears people talking about her saying he is only with her to have sex with a chubby girl for laughs so she just avoids him until he practically corners her into telling him why she avoids him? Sorry if the request is too long xD

MAJOR WARNING: Bullying and body shaming

Note: Enjoy!

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(I’m sorry I couldn’t help it XD!) 

You sighed as you looked at yourself in the mirror looking at your ugliness.

You weren’t like most girls in a bad way to your opinion. You were slightly chubby so you weren’t stick thin and had a small layer of extra fat but to your opinion you thought you looked like an elephant.

Your thighs were too big, your waist was too wide, your hips were just…you didn’t find yourself beautiful. You felt ashamed of it everyday you went to school passing by your peers who looked at you funny and teased you just because you chose to wear loose clothing instead of their tight fitting mini skirts and heels.

You arrived to your locker and began to grab your stuff for your first class. You closed your locker with your stuff in your arms and hurried to class since you liked to be there early.

When you were walking down the stairs a dumb jock bumped into you and you tumbled down the stairs causing your papers, binders, and books to go all over the stairs. A few of the people around you laughed and the arrogant dumbass high fived his friends.

A few sluts walked past you stepping on your papers or avoiding your objects pretending like you weren’t even there at all.

“Need some help?”

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anonymous asked:

I have trouble writing and characterizing Plagg. Any tips and insight on his role ?

hehehe.  I love this character dearly.  Mainly because he seems so simple to write, but he’s got just a bit more than meets the eye.

At first glance, we see him the way Adrien does, a mysterious magical being who is really, really, really hungry and seemingly a little silly.

Seems sleepy (though he just woke up from a several hundred year nap, so we can’t judge here)

Seems a bit sarcastic

And hungry.  XD  As he zooms around the room, deciding what to eat, he seems to be equally carefree, only noting his own needs and agenda.  (and I honestly think he’s having fun with Adrien here because of how often the boy has to try to catch him, but I digress.  X’D)

(look at how confused this child is. X’D  You can’t tell me Plagg wouldn’t find this at least a little funny)

Now Adrien’s just scurried up a wall, aimed, and caught this guy from midair and demanded answers.  Plagg’s answer?  Look as unimpressed as possible and give short and succinct answers which really only serve him, as Adrien is immediately confused after Plagg’s ‘explanation’.  As soon as Adrien asks for clarification, this god of destruction asks for, as you’ve guessed it, something to eat.

So far, we see a self-serving, curious, sarcastic snot of a kwami who does things at his own pace for his own reasons.  He’s already teasing Adrien (and barely knows the guy) and pushing him to see what exactly he can do.  This is the main characterization of Plagg and it’s what most of us know at first sight.  But this is his ‘light’ side, as I’d call it.  Plagg’s more three dimensional than that, as shown a few moments later.

Upon thinking that Adrien would tell anyone, Plagg effortlessly escapes from the boy’s grasp (showing he was just too lazy to get out of there when it didn’t suit him) and raises to eye level to set the kid straight.  While Plagg doesn’t do anything that he deems an inconvenience of a bother, he is willing to expend the energy on things that need doing.

Also, personal space?  What is that?  X’D

Here, we see Adrien being dramatic (we love him for it) and Plagg being…  well, Plagg.  (I honestly love Origins because it shows us so much of who Plagg is as a character.  XD)  Here, we see him entertaining himself with whatever he can find (in this case the toilet paper) and also subtly pushing Adrien towards a choice.  He doesn’t sugar coat things or say “you can do it if you believe in yourself!”  He says “Well, you aren’t going to do anyone any good if you just sit there and monologue like a shojou anime girl” (sorry, had to. X’D)


Plagg never goes into the ring willingly.  He always finds some reason to not want to do it.  Whether it be that he wanted popcorn (Puppeteer), was eating his cheese (I think this was Pharaoh), or wants a nap (Stormy Weather), he generally doesn’t go into the ring happily.  Now, we can either see this as a form of comedic relief (and you can totally take it this way), but my headcannon is actually cemented in another episode.

Everyone knows this moment from Jacakdy, right after Adrien has a touching moment with his father, then has to break it due to keeping his secret.  Even before then, Plagg stays on Adrien’s shoulder while he reminisces about his missing mother.

Additionally, in the Christmas episode:

He stays there and listens when Adrien really needs someone he can vent to.  He’s not in the background, scavenging for cheese as his initial flippant nature might suggest, he’s not entertaining himself with something cute, he’s by Adrien’s side, allowing his kid to express himself in a world that seems to only repress him.

Plagg:  still and respectful and, while it seems Adrien isn’t noticing, empathetic.  At this point, it’s so painfully obvious that this kwami cares for his charge, and I’d venture to say that he’s cared for every one of his charges.

But Plagg isn’t just ‘silly and cryptic’ and ‘serious and quiet’.  We can generalize those as two sides of him, but that’s not all he is. 

For example, from Volpina we’ve got Plagg doing things his own way again.  We as the audience know that the book is important, and that it’s important to get it from the house, but Adrien doesn’t know that.  The thing is that Plagg does.  He chooses the book specifically to throw at Adrien and get out of the house over the peacock brooch (I have a theory on that, but I digress).  He looks silly, but he’s doing his own thing with his own reasons.

In the Christmas special, we go from Plagg complaining about hunger (which he always does, but this time makes Adrien worry a crud ton) to 

Wishing him a merry Christmas.  It may be nothing, but I think Plagg was being an overdramatic cat in order to get Adrien the rest of the way out of his anger and depression over the holiday.  Adrien feels better afterwards and Plagg kinda hides out after that.

In short, I think Plagg does his own thing at his own pace when it suits him best.  His goals seem to be to protect the miraculous and its holder, and his sub goals are to have fun, be a little snot in life, and eat as much good food as he can.  He seems to genuinely like his gullible and kindhearted charge and loves to mess with him, but is also a mentor of sorts that guides him in his own way.

Basically, if a stereotypical cat could talk, it would be Plagg.

I hope you enjoyed this and I hope it helped!  *^_^*


I… Have no excuse for the second image… I’M SORRY, OK?? The scene from the movie is so funny I just… Had to… 👉 👈

Anyways, hope you like it! ^^

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kissesfrombangtanatnight  asked:

Hello could you please do a BTS Reaction to you trying to be kinky during sexy time and handcuffing them to the headboard but forgetting the keys to the cuffs. Nothing smutty, just funny if you want. :) I try to stay as "clean" as much as possible. xD

It would have made him a little uneasy to begin with but when he heard you cuss and drop to the floor at the end of the bed so you were just out of sight a slight panic would set in. ‘Jack what’s going on? Let me out please.’ He’d say but when you told him you couldn’t find the damn key he’d start half laughing half screaming.

‘You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.’ Would be all he said when you realize you didn’t remember where you put the key. 'I swear to god you’re going to wish you never did this when I get out.’ He’d say making the metal of the cuffs sound loudly against the metal of your head board.

He’d just be watching you in complete amusement as he watched you pace back and fourth. He’d start saying things like 'jagi my arms are getting tired.’ Or 'well while you think about where it is you can always help me out with my not so little situation.’ That would just further frustrate you.

Loud yelling. Especially if no one was home. He would be yelling at you though, more like yelling at the situation and most the time his yell would be broken up by laughes. 'I swear Hobi I put the key right here where did it go!?’ But all he could do was laugh.

He’d he encouraging you to find it while giving you ideas on where to look. Being tied up wouldn’t make him uncomfortable, the fact that one of the members could walk in and see him in such a submissive pose made him uncomfortable.

He’d be joking about the situation just because this was so you. He’d probably even go as far as calling another member to help you look, just because it was funny.

Although he’d love it when you took charge in the bedroom, being stuck tied up would make him feel almost a little claustrophobic. He’d constantly be pulling at the restraints and with a stern voice that would soften half way through tell you to hurry and stop messing around if it was a joke.  

if you’re ever confused about xNTP vs xNTJ a good starting place would be to look at their sense of humor

xNTPs have the classic “rawr is how you say i luv u in dionsawr XD” feel to it. Ever see the shitposts that don’t make any sense, have no punchline, but are just inherently funny? yeah. Ne. Non sequitur, really out of context stuff.

xNTJs are really fond of taking shots at people, which is why some find xNTJs so hard to get along with. They tease the shit out of people, don’t know when to stop bc tfw no Fe, thus, are a bit of an acquired taste. They’re also into surreal humor, but the context is a bit different. It’s less random and more ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED.

Now, that’s not to say xNTPs don’t tease people, because they DO but IMO it comes across as more Bugs Bunny type trolling rather than mean-spirited low Fi teasing.


Tbh if u find this whole thing funny pls block/unfollow me thanx…

Self harm isnt funny, faking self harm isnt funny, and being morbid cruel fucks and jerks isnt the kind of behavior i want around me. Yall make me uncomfy fr.

This whole situation is a morbid, sick joke. The ppl who ran it are seriously creeps and weirdos for pretending and spreading around fake gore just to get a kick out of ppls symapthy and discomfort. I cant believe im making this post tonight. Its rediculous. If you think being a sick fuck is warranted and lololol SO FUNNY XD dont interact w me ever again bye bye

BTS: How they react to their S/O hiding their body, but it turns out they have abs and are just shy about it

I hope you like this!! Just a disclaimer (sort of? XD) I feel like they’d have a positive reaction no matter what in this situation. Like abs? Awesome. Chubby belly? Yes please. Flat tummy? ♥♥ Love. So like this will probably be boring, just saying. XD Anyway, here it is!


“Why did you hide your abs? You should be confident about your body, it’s beautiful~” Would like them a lot, would try to make you feel more comfortable about yourself around him.


Seokjin would find this so funny tbh. When he realized you were hiding abs and were shy about he’d probably just die, he’d find it so cute. “OMO WHY ARE YOU SHY ABOUT THEM, THEY’RE SO IMPRESSIVE Y/N!! *trying not to die of fanboy laughter*” 


Yoongi would be so shy. He wouldn’t really want to say anything about your body or pressure you to reveal it. When he realized you had abs he would probably find it so cute and impressive but wouldn’t really know how to say it. “You have nothing to hide..Your body is really pretty.”


When you were shy about revealing your body, Hobi would be so sweet. Would show you his belly happily and would try to make the mood lighthearted so you don’t feel so awkward. When he saw your abs he’d be so surprised, would compliment you so much. Would probably ask if he could feel them lol XD


Jimin would understand your reluctance to reveal your body so wouldn’t pressure you at all. When you finally did, he’d be such a mixture of things XD He’d try to keep his cool but would probably just *gif* 


Taehyung would be the most surprised I think. He’d see your abs and just *gif* on the inside. He would try to play it cool because he wouldn’t want you to feel awkward or more shy. He’d probably blush a lot and stumble on his words, not really sure what to say. “Why did you hide yourself? You’re so beautiful…*dies*” 


A cute bean. Seeing your body in general would make him a nervous mess so when he saw your abs he’d probably freak out a little bit, but would try to contain himself. Would blush, giggle, and shower you with sloppy, shy compliments. 


Pastel: Well, I’ve been anticipating this way before my introduction was even finished, so here we are! I know I haven’t contributed that much to the fandom as of now, but I’ve seen so many different and unique blogs across my time on here that I thought that I would pay a bit of a tribute, per se, to some of my favourites! I’m ordering the pictures in order of when I drew them, and I literally used up most of the ink in my felt tip pen just to do all of these XD


I found you when you started following me, and I thought your design for Bendy was so cute that I couldn’t resist drawing them! As a ‘Fluffy Bendy’ supporter (since my own Bendy is quite fluffy as well), the gloves and skirt just made your design stand out even more to me!


One of the first Bendy blogs I ever came across, your design in particular for an angel Bendy (and your art style in general) was just really cool to me, and it still is! The purple poncho and adorable bow was a perfect choice in my mind. I also love the recent redesign you gave him with the extra halos and cross on the bow! 

 @bartenderbendy & @ask-ladybendy 

 My god, you guys are so cute together! I had found Tendy first, and I really enjoyed his blunt and funny interactions with everyone he met. XD When I had found the ref sheet for Lady and saw the parasol, I thought it would be a really cute addition to the pic! Also, I kind of set the picture in the scenario of post-Oswald fight where they are just spending some time with each other. P.S: Yes, Tendy is still wearing the wedding dress XD 


 As a Bendy OC blog, I find this to be one of the most cool and original characters I’ve seen. Honey is as sweet a character as her name suggests, and her design was a joy to draw! 

 @ask-mischievousbendy & @ask-sensitive-bendy 

 #CutestOTP. I’m serious. Both of their personalities work really well off each other, and they are both just really adorable! I had found Shy first, and he is really adorable and sweet to anyone he meets. And I had found Mischief not long before the two got together, and he is very cute and kind too! Also, when the proposal happened I was so giddy with joy! 


What do I fucking say about Fucky? Well… I can definitely commend the artist for the extreme expressions they are able to create, and the fact that they are only a year older than me?! I am quite envious, I will admit; but it also inspires me to be more experimental with my own art, so I definitely had a lot of fun drawing Fucky!


I can’t recall how I found this blog, but I was instantly interested when I saw the bright, neon colours and detailed lineart. This is definitely a really unique design for Boris, and the concept is really cool in my eyes!


You’re the latest blog I’ve found, but I still love the design of this lil’ one! The concept alone of being able to grant a single wish to anyone is really intriguing to me, and the design for them is just so adorable with their big eyes and their long poncho/cape.


 I hope you all enjoy the fan art! I love all of your tumblrs very much, and I can’t wait for more amazing work from all of you!

BTS reaction to their GF sitting in the dark eating gummy worms in PJs

Anonymous said :

BTS’s reaction to finding their S/O sitting in the dark in PJs eating gummy worms? I know it’s weird, but…I have no explanation. xD

Hi cutee ~ thanks for requesting ! ..here’s your requested reaction and I hope you like it . Beside I laughed so hard when I read it but it was fun to write about ><

Jin :

Originally posted by chiminichangas

I think Jin would find it funny more than adorable .When he arrived at midnight after along day and entered the room ,seeing you just in pajama with a messy hair eating gummy worms ,he won’t contain himself but laugh his famous one and just keep remembering this sense every day and laugh even harder .

Suga :

Originally posted by jhope-shi

I don’t think Suga won’t tease you about it .He entered the room with sleepy eyes just looking for a bed to lay on, when he saw you near the bed ,on the ground…eating like a little thief, he would stare for a moment ,then make his way out “whatever~” …you would feel like a dork after seeing his reaction ,he would be so done with this childish things ..but ..when he would close the door behind him ,he won’t stop giggling of how cute you were there ..like he won’t destroy his cold behavior after all!

Rap Monster :

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

He was checking his phone while walking in the room to grab something ,when he heard a sound on the bed …he looked back and saw you ,cuddling a bear and eating those gummy candies ,he would pout “what are you doing?” …you just kept staring at him while eating the worm slowly ..so he leaned closer ,grabbed a worm and mumbled “you are weird sometimes ..cutee” left a kiss on your cheek and went like nothing just happened!

J-hope :

Originally posted by joonjuly

He was calling for you from the first second he entered the house ,while shouting your name and opening every door in the house , he entered the dark room you were in ,so he simply turn the lights on “ what are you doing!” ,threw his body near you on the bed  and showing you his phone “check this ,I produced it today”  ..then grabbing a worm ,then the whole bag and started eating like you weren’t doing anything weird 🙃

Jimin :

Originally posted by daffodiltae

This boy won’t react at all ,he was just looking for his headphones and accidentally opened the door ,but before he could look around he spotted you ,under the blanket with a bag full of gummy candies thrown on the ground ..with a silly tone he said “did they kidnap you or something? ..just go out and eat those worms normally !” …and simply he closed the door .I think he was totally done with Jungkook  to deal with you 😅

V :

Originally posted by mvssmedia

This boy was peacefully sleeping next to you ,when a weird sound waked him up ,so he just opened his eyes and looked to his right to see you eating from a plastic bag some gummy worms under the blanket ,he cutely smiled and lied next to you under the blanket ,while pointing at the worms “did you plan to eat those alone?” ..and you both continued your night eating candies, just sharing bad dad jokes and silly stories .

Jungkook :

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

 He knew you were doing something embarrassing when he came home and didn’t see you waiting for him near the door ,so he quickly picked up his phone and made the camera ready ..tip toeing straight to your room and started taking photos of you with crazy hair and his hoodie on while eating colored cheap candies .After his phone was full of blackmails ,he would flip on his back ,grabbing his stomach and laughing so hard .

GIFs are not mine

requests : open !

-Admin K 


WELLLLLlll okay it’s not a shirt, but only because the original image itself was an odd dimension size and a bit too small and resizing it would have made it blurry when printing on a shirt. BUT when I get a bit of free time (pffttttcute Xedra, ‘free time’) I want to remake the image to be of a high enough resolution to print on a shirt. :D

But I do love me some mugs, so I’m more than pleased as punch right now. A mighty thirst indeed ahuhuhuh~ :D Thanks so much, @asrielisdeadandfloweyisabitch <3

Living Together AU - Speak Out

I swear all my ideas for this come just before I’m going to bed lmao

- As “punishment” for something Dark and Anti did, Mark suggests they make them play Speak Out, since it was funny when he played it with Ethan and Tyler, but the mouth pieces are painful.

- Jack questions the sanity of this because it’s almost like they’re punishing themselves, but after seeing Anti and Dark with the mouth pieces in he understands.

- Originally they do it in teams of Dark/Mark and Anti/Jack, with one of the pair going first and the other pair trying to guess what is being said.

- That doesn’t work, since Dark is extremely good at guessing Mark and vice versa and the same with Jack and Anti, so they switch it up.

- Dark and Jack become a team, and Anti and Mark become a team and hilarity ensues.

- When Dark gets mad his shell cracking makes it even harder for him to be understood by Jack. For Mark, who seems to constantly understand him, this is hilarious.

- Anti gets excited when Mark actually guesses right, which makes him glitch more and makes him harder to understand. Jack finds this funny, and it doesn’t help that Mark will give a stupid answer and make Anti laugh which only makes it worse.

- They all soon decide that playing as teams is not good, so one person speaks and the other three compete to guess what’s being said.

- Jack is difficult to understand because he still talks quite quickly even with the mouth piece in, and his accent makes it slightly difficult (I have played this game with someone with an Irish accent similar and my god they were hard to understand xD might just be me)

- Anti accidently glitches the mouth piece into his gum, and Dark has to pull it out. There’s blood, but neither ego really cares and they carry on playing while Mark gets towels.

- Dark’s shell cracks so violently once when Anti whispers something in his ear that he bites through the mouth piece, cracking it clean in two.

- Mark and Jack begin to think this was a bad idea when that happens, but they don’t stop playing.

- Anti brings up the loser got shot with tennis balls in Mark’s video and he wants to do that. He doesn’t realise he’s actually losing so it’s going to be him getting shot.

- He’s 100% shot by Dark, who uses more spray than Mark suggests. 

- Anti shoots him back, but misses, luckily, since the balls leave a big dent in the wall, and probably would have broken something.

- Mark and Jack hide the game while they’re playing around with the tennis cannon because they’re a little concerned about how competitive Anti and Dark are getting towards the end.

- Someone (Dark) gets hit in the face with a ball. 

- Another someone (Anti) gets a ball to the face pretty much straight after.

- Mark and Jack confiscate the tennis cannon. 

- What was supposed to be a “punishment” ended up being pretty funny and made a funny video which will never see the light of day, but provides entertainment for them when they want it.

- Anti finds the cannon before he and Jack return to Brighton, and he steals it.

- 100% glitches out of things to fire tennis balls at Dark.

- Chica loves it. 

EXO Reaction when you mistake your boyfriend for another member

Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Kinda sad* “Come one jagi… how would you mistake me for Kris… we doesn’t have my ears!”


*Just finds it hilarious* “Chanyeol? Like me? He should feel honored… I’m amazing” *Sassy Kris*


*Coming up with the craziest theories and everything to understand why you confused him with someone else*


*graphical description* “I thought… I was special in your heart… and eyes…”


*Kinda happy xD* “WAAH! I look like hyung?! This is so flattering! He is so handsome and I’m handsome so this means I’m super handsome!”


“You confused me with Luhan? Oh jagi… that’s funny.. he was probably wearing my hoodie right? Yes you aren’t the first one..”


“I’m going to end you Kyungsoo… I will!” *Probably will end up running away from him*


“Oh no no no… baobei no…. I’m manlier than Sehun!” 


“Oh… you naughty girl… I’ll make sure that next time you don’t get the wrong guy ;););)”


*Can’t help it but laugh* “Come on jagi… Chanyeol is like two times me… I think we both need new glasses….”


“I look like Suho? Really? I never thought… this this… this explains a lot” *Somehow it makes sense to him*


*Every time he sees Baekhyun* “I do not look like him… no… I refuse to believe that.. she’s mine!” *Jelly leader*

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

SouRin stepping up their game! But Sousuke, you are embarrassing. At least let Rin change before you kiss him, but it’s okay he seems to be liking it an awful lot. TAT Surprisingly, Sousuke was fun to draw with Rin since they just look so good together it should be a crime just arrest each other. OTL

Free! Eternal Makeout: MakoRin | MakoHaru 

NCT as Things My Front Ensemble has Said or Done

I did ot17 for this because I don’t know jungwoo and yukhei very well. Also on a fun note this was so much fun to write!! Me and front ensemble spent like a half an hour searching through our group chat for funny things XD. Well Enjoy!

  • Taeil: You ever want to hit your head against a wall till one of them no longer exists?
  • Hansol: *So done with everyone’s shit he just casually up and leaves practice*
  • Johnny: *Aggravating siblings* someone else: maybe cough on his toothbrush? him: I’d dip it in the toilet.
  • Taeyong: I used to have innocent students… Damn sax players.
  • Yuta: There’s many ways to start a fire. Just find the right way then blame another senior who would consider burning the school. Boom. Easy.
  • Kun: Wth is a swirly cow? Is that like a hazing ritual for livestock? Cause if so I’m not for it. END ANIMAL CRUELTY!!!
  • Doyoung: *on phone* I get why my name is followed by a bunny but the banana concerns me slightly…
  • Ten: I’m not a stripper!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!
  • Jaehyun: *giving boy advice* Just handcuff him and swallow the key. Then he HAS to hang out with you. Well for about 24 hours.
  • WinWin: I’m the most innocent one here. *Makes dirty joke .2 seconds later*
  • Mark: Stop calling me floppy waffles.
  • Renjun: I’m still confused *said for the tenth time in the past hour*
  • Haechan: Punch something it helps. Brothers*
  • Jaemin: You’re not my mom! STRANGER DANGER
  • Chenle: *flirting* I enjoy your physical aesthetic *runs off giggling*
  • Jisung: *Flips Taeyong off with both middle fingers trying to point at something because his other fingers had blisters.*

Originally posted by dovounq

A/N: Just so you guys know and aren’t confused. We actually call are drum coach waffles. And a lot of theses things he actually said XD.

VIXX: How they react to their S/O cursing too much


I feel like he’d want to be cool with it but he’s such a mom, he’d be so *gif* anytime you cursed in front of him. He’d never say anything but he’d be surprised by it every time XD 


Leo wouldn’t think anything of it lol. If anything he’d find it a bit funny. In fact he would probably start cursing more often around you, too, it would rub off on him. 


(I feel like Ravi seems like the kind of guy that wouldn’t be phased by this but he really would be. Like he seems cool and probably curses a lot himself but if you did he would be so amused XD Just my opinion though)

He would find it so funny, he would love hearing you curse. Anytime he heard you cuss he would just *gif* and giggle to himself, almost childishly. Not bothered by it, just amused.


He’d playfully judge you. When you cursed he’d secretly love it, he’d like that you felt comfortable enough around him to be yourself and say whatever you want. He’d tease you though XD 


*gif* is all I can really say. That would be his face every time you cursed. He’d love it though. Oddly turned on. Curse more. He loves it. 


“OMO, WATCH YOUR MOUTH GURLLLLLLL” But he doesn’t actually care at all, just likes to tease you. 

I hope you liked this and it’s as requested! ^^

Suzuken tried to catch a heart-shaped paper and Mamoru saw him doing that so they ended up laughing at the back. When the QN arrived, Suzuken gave that heart shaped paper to Morikubo. Despite not knowing what Suzuken is up to, Morikubo still accepted it. Mamoru and Terashi saw that so they laughed so hard. Cuz Childish Suzuken is one of favorite thing~

So, I was the first of my apartment to go home for spring break last week and when I got back I found that my rommate/friend of five years had posted THEEEESE







Not gonna’ lie, though, I thought it was hilarious the one on the toilet seat and mirror just about killed me XD but, I mean, I can’t just let this sort of thing go unchecked. That was her declaration of war, people: WAR! She knew it, and I sure as heck knew it. Now, I didn’t want to go over the top and do anything that might actually make her kill me damage her or her property, so I really only had one choice. I decided to go the mature route and be civil about this whole matter. 

It’ll be a few weeks.

I was kinda worried that setting AU Will’s kill count to date at 24 would be seen as implausibly large.

So I am finding it super funny that it isn’t just Hannibal who is like, “I expected the number to be larger.”