i just find this so funny... xd

Suzuken tried to catch a heart-shaped paper and Mamoru saw him doing that so they ended up laughing at the back. When the QN arrived, Suzuken gave that heart shaped paper to Morikubo. Despite not knowing what Suzuken is up to, Morikubo still accepted it. Mamoru and Terashi saw that so they laughed so hard. Cuz Childish Suzuken is one of favorite thing~

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You're latest Sakuya drawing is amazing! I love it so much! A thing I realised though is that he Linda resembles Amami from ndrv3 a bit? Or is that just me? It's probably the clothing and the way he holds his head XD

Thank you /owo/
Danganronpa? wait I googled it, you’re absolutely right XD amazing how much they look alike. It’s not just Sakuya though ôwo thahaha (sry I find this too funny, thanks for telling me).

I love Lego-style animation for many reasons, but I think the most prominent one has to be how the characters kiss. They just… smash their faces together? Like, straight up, face-to-face collision. I cannot believe I didn’t notice this until what might have been the fifth time I watched the scene with the close-up of Jay and Nya full-on making out during “Skybound”. It’s honestly so funny to me and I’m not quite sure why…. XD


Rejet had a poll with three questions and one of them asked who they wanted to be their boss. Ruki got 1st ayeeeee.

“Oi. I’m your boss. You’re not allowed to be insubordinate. If you got that, then work like a dog. That’s the role you were given, Livestock.“

Here’s the other top 10 for those who want to know. It’s out of 48/

Reiji got 4th.

ヾ(メ`・ω ・´)ノ゙  Also, warning. Rejet Event is today so the DL tag may or may not explode hahaha.

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Why'd you hate johnlock so much? Like you're under no obligation to like it I was just wondering why your dislike is so strong

I think it’s fandom is what made me actually loathe seeing the ship lol. I don’t understand how it became so popular? I really don’t lol.

I don’t see a chemistry for them past being almost brother-like. And of course, the physical violence and Sherlock literally drugging John lmao.

Its not something I find as a good ship, I guess? Like, Im not hatin people who ship it, ya like what ya like, but I just can’t wrap my head around it. XD

But its funny, Sheriarty is called a rare pair- which I’ve shipped for years. Actually canon Adlock (in ACD) is called a rare pair. Sherlolly is called a rare pair…..

Anything that isn’t Johnlock is called a rare pair and that also makes me dislike the ship. Why is so much of that fandom so rude to other ships?

Its just a major distaste in my mouth, and where I may have shipped johnlock before for a different sherlock holmes series- I now genuinely hate the idea of it 100% lol

I find this single panel really really funny. It’s just so hilarious. You can feel the way everyone’s talking (or shouting) all at once. The little mini scenes within the whole panel are funny when combined: Luffy’s outstretched arm trying to hit Capone, Jinbei holding Luffy back (at least, that’s what it looks like), Vito trying to stop Gotti, Caesar going into his gaseous form, Capone being the cool-headed mafioso, and then there’s Sanji and Pedro apparently cool as cucumbers too.

This scene would probably be great when animated. XD Except that I’m fairly sure they’d try to prolong it and add in useless filler conversation and fights


OMG! ⁿ₀ⁿ  Guys I just find this and I still can’t stop laughing! So…I decide to share it with you ^ᴈ^ ! I hope the creator of this incredibly funny chat-conversation don’t mind if I share it…∩_∩

BTS when they get caught watching porn by their little sister

Hi there ;3 I have kinda funny request about bts - how would those dorks react if their younger sister walk in to them watching porn? I couldn’t find any rules but I hope this question is ok if not then please just skip this I just though it could be funny xd

Hahahaha! I laughed when I read this, I tried to make it funny! I don’t have rules yet, I am still trying to sort them out, so anything is valid :3 Hope you enjoy!

Jin: He would be in complete shock. Horrified. He would bring his hands to his mouth, staring at you with wide eyes. I think you would both freeze in shock, staring at eachother with horrified expressions, until you screamed, and ran out of the room, covering your eyes, never having expected your gentleman of a brother to watch such things. He would yell after you, apologizing profusely for having scaarred you for life.You’d never mention it again, and would probably act a little awkward around eachother for a couple of days after the incident.

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Jimin: He’d be so shocked by your presence he would fall off the bed, making you both laugh, getting rid of the awkwardness of the situation. You’d then roll your eyes at him and tell him to lock the door next time because you seriously did not need to see him like that. He’d probably just laugh and apologize briefly, not without blaming you for barging into his room without knocking first. Neither of you would make a big deal out of this, although you’d probably tease him about it for days .

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J-Hope: “This cannot be happening…” He whispered, covering his face and moving awat from your surprised stare.

“Seriously Hoseok? Seriously?” You’d ask him calmly, before staring at the laptop on his bed. “IS THAT MY LAPTOP! HOSEOK!” you’d conclude by screaming, jumping over him to retrieve your laptop.

“Y/N! Please leave… I am still naked” He’d beg, still blushing, not sure if he should laugh or cry.

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Jungkook: “This isn’t what it looks like. I am still asleep. See? Asleep.” He would say with his eyes still closed, trying to avoid facing the embarassing situation. He’d laugh nervously, not believing he had forgotten to lock the door.

“You are so gross Jungkook. Now I am scarred for life. Thanks” You’d scream, covering your face, slamming the door to his room, seriously considering washing your eyes with alcohol.

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Rap Monster: He would try to come up with a reasonable and non-embarassing explanation for the situation at hand, but he would struggle to find words, as he covered his lower half with the bed sheets and produced unnatural noises with his mouth.

“I don’t want to know” You’d say, rolling your eyes at him and backing away as quickly as possible.

“Well that ruined the mood” He’d whisper to himself frustrated.

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Suga: “Well this is awkward…” He’d calmly state, pulling a face. You just stood there with your eyebrows risen.

“I’ll give you 20 bucks if you leave and don’t tell mum and dad what happened” He offered, making you smirk and nod quietly, completely unfased by what should have been an ultimately embarassing situation. You had inherited Yoongi’s chill attitude after all. Neither of you mentioned this again after he had paid for your silence once again.

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V: No caption needed. (sorry couldn’t resist)

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A/N: None of these gifs are mine, credits go to their rightful owners.

@allofyouareidjits: Holy shit, I never thought about that lol

Victim:But I’m gay…


*stops mid sentence and looks hilariously confused*
*turns to Harley*

J: *whispers and points behind him*Did… Did he just find a loophole?

Harley: *shrugs*I guess so…

J: *scratches head as he continues looking puzzled*Well…

*turns back to almost-victim*

J:Congratulations! You’re free to go.

Victim:Wait, I don’t even know-

J:Just go before I change my mind.

*sits next to Harley*

J:Well, that was interesting.


More screenshots because I still find it so friken cute!! 🙏💖💕💕 Also it was funny how they were throwing stuff at each other (I guess it was energy?? ) But I never noticed them doing that before. Maybe I just didn’t pay attention. XD I didn’t take a screenshot of it cause it comes and goes too fast.

EXO reaction to finding you in the shower singing so well

OMO!! Who isn’t a great bath singer?! I sang Exo’s Beautiful today xD Enjoy sweeties, Admin A~ (Sorry I couldn’t control myself and it ended up a little bit smutty)

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: *Get’s in the shower and starts sexy dance while you are at it*

Kris: *He was doing some galaxy stuff, when he heard your amazing rapping and just smiles proudly* “Of course she learnt it from me”

Sehun: *He is so excited and happy because you now can rap together..He just stays there and records you and it seems he kinda forgot you were in the shower*

Tao: “What is this? Why I’m not inside, singing with you? *Starts to undress*

Kai: *Starts givin^g you a show while you sing “My Lady”*

Xiumin: *He is curious because the funny noice he heard, he enters the bathroom and listens to your rap. Automatically he gets teletransported to one of his concerts and starts sexy dance*

Baekhyun: *He hears your angelical voice, goes to the bathroom and sits there enjoying the private concert*

Luhan: *Not sure if he should be excited by the fact that your voice is beautiful or seeing you in the shower*

Chen: “I finally could hear her sing!! But why the shower tho?”

Kyungsoo: *Shows the video of you singing to the other members because he is so proud of your voice, and he totally forgets you are naked*

Lay: “Get’s in the shower with you, without taking off his clothes* “Continue baobei, I’m listening”

Suho: *Sneaks in* “Wow she is so good!”

Unpopular opinion: rape jokes, racist jokes, suicide jokes etc can be funny.

Before you call me scum, hear me out: yes, those are terrible things to joke about and I’m fully aware of this, but it’s a joke. There’s a difference between thinking the action itself is funny and the joke is funny.

I think if you’re going to joke about those things, the joke has to have structure, a funny punchline and/or be clever. Not just “LOL RAPE IS FUNNY XD”. If it’s done properly, I think it can be fucking hilarious.

I don’t think telling jokes about something bad makes people think it’s okay. I mean, I joke about killing myself all the time, and yet I know that it’s not something I’m supposed to do.

Idk if anyone else thinks this way, but personally, I use humor to cope with anxiety/depression and I think it’s a healthier coping method than some other things people do, so maybe that’s why I find this okay.

Any one else feel the same?


Sasuke’s Trolling: Genuine and Insincere.

Sometimes Sasuke can be such an asshole, but I just can’t help but love him for it! This page in particular has always been one of my favourite Sasuke troll moments. I don’t think it’ll ever not make me chuckle!:

He literally gave absolutely no fucks, lol. It sounds so cold, but I just can’t help but find it funny. I mean, there Naruto is, desperately pleading for him to reconsider his decision to defect from Konoha, while mentioning the lengths that he and his friends had gone to, all for the sake of bringing him back to the village, and Sasuke’s response? “Good for them!”. Such a troll XD, he probably said that whilst thinking this to himself:

But despite his usual blunt and cold demeanor, we all know that the real Sasuke is just a big softy at heart :D and there were small glimpses of his true nature at certain points during the story:

So regardless of whether his bluntness was genuine:

Or whenever it was an act:

I was never mad or angry at Sasuke, because not only did I find his blunt and unequivocal behaviour rather amusing at times, but also because I knew that this side of Sasuke was essentially just the tough exterior, and so I was simply anticipating the moment when Hagoromo’s hope would become a reality:

The casual reader tends to overlook the myriad of very subtle examples that illustrate Sasuke’s true nature, which is one of the biggest reasons why it’s so easy to hate on him; because the vast majority of his affection is very, very subtle. This is particularly true for during the war, where it’s very easy to just believe that Sasuke was simply being an asshole all the way through. But then panels like these get forgotten about:

Where Sasuke tries to hide the fact that he told Sakura not to let her guard down. Oh Sasuke, you big tsundere :) It must have been really difficult for him to have thought that the only way to achieve his goal was to make everyone hate him, and in the process, cause Sakura to have expressions such as this because she thought he truly didn’t care:

I guess in that case he was doing his job of acting like a douchebag rather well :D And it was all for the sake of an interesting and understandable ideal, which unfortunately had a very melancholic method of attaining it:

However, as we all predicted, his eyes were opened, his shackles were broken, and the big softy that had been encased in a shell of hatred since the slaughter of his clan, was finally able to fully surface! The real Sasuke:

If only Karin were there to witness those smiles… (Lol)

And it was showcased again during his apology to Sakura. The way he looks down after Sakura had initially rebuffed him, I felt it was rather significant. After years of Sakura constantly worrying about whether Sasuke cared at all for her or not, and after such a long time of his words having a huge impact on her, now the roles had reversed; now it was Sasuke’s turn to worry about what she thought of him, and now it was her words that were toying with his emotions:

But he persisted, and almost as if she was slyly taking advantage of the situation, Sakura didn’t let Sasuke off the hook that easily; she made sure that he clearly spelled out what she’s wanted to hear for so many years :P

But we all knew she’d forgive him, she’s a kind and loving girl after all, and it would have made little sense to spend the entirety of Part 2 fighting to save the guy you love from the darkness, only to shun him once you finally achieved that goal. 

Naruto, Sakura and Kakashi were all so happy and relieved, because they knew that the innocent, carefree little boy from days gone by had finally returned :)

So without further ado, I’ll leave you all with a message that has been relevant to me since the very first time I laid my eyes on this lovable little potato:

Woozi Fic 8

i basically wanted to make it to 8 just so i could say its the8 but yeah XD oh and im sorry if youre on the woozi fic tag or something and youre just flooded with mine because there are a lot better ones out there XD so uh yeah here you go

“Okay, (Y/N), here’s the nicest pillow I could find. Sorry if it smells a little funny. It was Hansol’s turn to do the laundry and he kind of just neglected the pillowcases,” Jeonghan explains as he helps you set your bed, or more appropriately, your couch.

You smile as you take the pillow from him. Clutching it, you nod. “Thanks, Jeonghan. I appreciate it. And again, thank you for letting me stay here while my place is being fixed.”

Jeonghan’s halo is nearly revealing itself as he adjusts your blankets. “Of course, of course. Rats are no fun for anybody. You stay here as long as you need.” Checking his watch, he asks, “Hey, did Jihoon tell you what time he would be home? It’s already eleven.”

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Just finished this ; didn’t find it in me to clean it though, sorry xS I hope you’ll be able to read me o.o (let’s add that english isn’t my first language so forgive mistakes iftherearesomepleasethankyou)

I was just wondering how everyday life would go on the joint training camp and, well, since toilets clearly hold a very important place in Haikyuu…  (probably just after the court, and before school itself xD )

It was funny wondering how each character would act : Lev looks pretty unique, like he’s so proud to pee. (Well, why not ? let’s all stand proud when being in the toilets) I’m not so sure about the height difference with Hinata but well, I’ve done this in about 30 minutes so-

Note : Tsukishima is so done.

Kenma is seriously asking himself if the toilets can lead him to a new world where Kuroo won’t bother him anymore.

Also, try to guess who’s in the toilets on the right…

So much for a weird toilet scene. At least I hope you’ll like it o/