i just find that so interesting


development of jetko modern AU relationship: where jet is an asshole senior who teases freshmen like zuko only to find out he’s an interesting dude. which leads to jet stalking zuko down and finding out that he works in a teashop and starts bugging the hell out of the little boy. (also yes, zuko was a troublesome kid in his previous school so he kinda use fake name HA .. “Lee”) 


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Hey Matt, you don't seem to ever be interested in seeking a relationship. Do you not have any current crushes, or are you maybe asexual or aromantic?

Matt: oh jeez, I thought I was being incredibly obvious. I must be really great at keeping it hidden huh? I’m not planning on pursuing it anytime soon though, Its just a  bad idea in general.

Matt: Okay, so now i’m gonna go find tom, i’ve left him alone too long…

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I've never played overwatch but i strangely love (and adopted) Junkrat cause Australia lol 😜 do you have any junkrat headcannons??

I love Junkrat. Precious trash baby! 
Oh I have so many! Like Junkrat is actually incredibly smart he just has little interest in anything besides explosions and chemical and such. I love the idea that he and Winston can actually hold incredibly intellectual conversations. Also Junkrat loves learning! He soaks it up! He just has a short attention span for anything that he doesn’t find interesting. 

Or Junkrat loves water! But since Australia is so toxic he’s learned to be afraid of it so when they first escape the outback and Junkrat feels rain for the first time, after the panic passes he dances around in it. He jumps in puddles and just gets absolutely soaked!

Junkrat has an atrocious fashion sense! He wears two colors that no one should put together and somehow his clothes end up torn and singed. He also loves wearing short shorts and crop tops with terribly naughty things written on them. He’d totally wear those shorts that have “Are you nasty?” printed across the ass. 

Junkrat is like snow white when it comes to animals and animals are some of the few things that can calm him down for a while. But animals adore him and he is incredibly gentle and careful with them and often has rats, stray cat and dogs or any other alley animal on the loose following them. 

Junkrat loves to make nests out of pillows and blankets. In the outback you slept with whatever you had, whether that be a scrap of tarp or nothing at all. But as they travel through the other continents he enjoys making soft nests of sheets, blankets, pillows and anything else he can get his hands on and sleeps in a tiny ball in the middle. 

I have so many more!! Do you have any headcanons yet?

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Omg Charlie!! I have been waiting for you to do one of these! You're so great! I was wondering how does one go about getting into LARPing? It seems pretty rad and I think it'd be something I would enjoy.

It can be kind of hard to find a group of people that are into the BITCHIN’ stuff that you are. When I started getting into LARPing, I just put myself out there in gaming communities and started sharing my interests with people I already knew. It’s funny how you can discover that you share an interest with someone that you’ve known for years and had no idea.

AND you can also suck your current friends into it and any other interest/obsession/wonder-hobby. That is the best part. THE BEST. I will NEVER forget the look on Dean’s face when I chucked that fake sword and costume at him.

It was like, pure, radiant, man-joy. I was almost surprised that he didn’t start leaking glitter tears from his eyes…


Thanks for the question! LOVE YOU K BYE!

Alert: Private Tutor Update

I originally planned four parts and have notes jotted down for what each chapter would contain. However, after posting part three, I’ve been getting various messages which is making me contemplate whether I should extend it to possibly one or two more chapters. 

So I’d love to get your input before I start continuing on with writing part four. Honestly I just thought of ending it with a smut but some are starting to convince me otherwise so…

Would you guys possibly be interested in an additional chapter prior to the smut? 

  • I can’t get into specific details regarding what the chapter may contain but I have been getting various messages about more reader sehun interactions. I think many of you guys may guess what it’s going to be about after reading part three. I’m just a tad bit worried that many of you might find that the story is dragging on so I’d love to get your opinions on this!

Also would you guys possibly be interested in an additional chapter after the smut, like some sort of epilogue? 

  • I have a rough schematic of what the chapter will be about so definitely let me know if you are interested in it. 

And I’m not even sure if other writers do this and I do apologize if they don’t. I’ve just been thinking a lot of extending the series just a bit more, and well you guys are the supporters and your thoughts and opinions matter to me as well <3 

I will just be tallying them as votes; if you like this post, then i’d count it as a vote for each one and well if you do decide to inbox, let me know if you want both or have a preference on one over the other (: 

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I'm NB and I've have this friend sort of get all existential on me she said that if society weren't so gendered we wouldn't have trans people or gay people or lesbian people or anything because we'd all just be which I thought was weird and kinda cool and then she said the endless list of genders/sexualities/romantic preferences enforce that and I mean is this true or do I just have enough internalised transphobia that it makes sense ?

We all discussed this idea and became very existential and interested in the idea. This is a great thought and honestly, it’s really difficult to question something so huge.

We feel that not having gender norms or expectations would of course be grand, but some of us really enjoy our genders and sexuality. I think, as humans, we’d still find a way to categorize ourselves as a means of understanding but with more fluid interpretations.

Question everything and stay curious. 💚


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Good to have you back with us!!! Can I request some dating headcanons for MTMTE Hoist?

Relationship Headcanons

Hoist (MTMTE):

  • He’s generally pretty much what you would expect in a relationship; sweet, caring, a bit playful but not overly so, and not the best at flirting but he tries every once and a while. He just wants a nice, calm, normal relationship with soft glances and even softer kisses.
  • He does has a fear of you leaving him, either for someone else or because you no longer find him interesting. This can lead to him becoming a bit clingy and/or having strong emotional outbursts on occasions when he’s feeling rather down.

I wanna go out more and shit but like

I don’t really like drinking idk I get too shit faced or feel sick pretty quickly and it’s expensive lol

And I can’t smoke as much as normal cos my nose nor do I have any real desire to

I’m becoming a MOM

I’m so boring I just go to work and come home and clean and hangout with my animals and watch movies with my boyfriend lmfao

I wanna hang with someone and take pretty pictures and find new things to be interested in that aren’t revolved around getting fucked up

so here’s a thing, possibly too personal for tumblr but whatever we’re gunna go there cuz I know I’m not the only one dealing with this -

i’ve been hella scared of dating men/ masculine people since coming out because I just feel like they’re all gunna see me as female and make me feel ridiculously unsafe. But yesterday I went out with someone who was masc. identifying and I felt like I was supposed to feel on a date… like actually excited and happy and also kinda gooey and my goodness it is so nice to have that kind of validation coming from within even if nothing is going to happen from it. I don’t feel guilty for not being straight anymore and more importantly, I know that the person telling me that I wasn’t going to find anyone else interested in me were lying big time cuz honey that’s not been a problem, just sayin.. 💁🏻

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Haha I find it so interesting how different people are about books! Like for example dog-earing pages or leaving stains – I, for one, always dog-ear my own books and am hard pressed to not do it to others' books, and if I spill coffee or something, oh well! To me, it speaks so much about me as a reader and the love the book's content has gotten is visible to the eye. And then some people are really careful with their books and keep them in pristine condition!! I'm just so fascinated at that!!!

Everyone is totally different :) I either like to keep mine pristine (I’m such a book aesthetic person though) or as rag tag you can get them. Regardless of how a book looks or is treated, the story still stick with a me :)

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Heyo, so I saw your video on YT and I was completely disappointed. I'm only eleven and I was working on an EddsWorld drawing with Hellucard in it but I think I might have to block him. I'm only eleven tho but I know my ways so I'l l draw the character and block him later. Hopefully he doesn't find me or my DA. I'very already had harassment in real life and I find no need of anymore. Thanks.

good. i’ve also just discovered that he asked a 12 year old about her panties, so he’s clearly not only interested in teenagers. stay safe, sweetheart….


Hi! I’m Mod James (aka rainbowvigilante), and I created go-team-mystic because OMG POKEMON!! I, however, am a human disaster who sometimes can’t update in a timely fashion, so I recruited….

Hello! I’m Mod Jessie (aka little-beebs) and I just joined go-team-mystic! My resume includes Pokemon Trainer, Enthusiast, and Pokedex Completer/or (???). Anyways, Mod James and I are looking forward to running this poke-centric blog, and look forward to growing team mystic and our friends :)

We’re still talking to people to find another mod! If you’re interested, please let us know! –Your Mods


You can now send in your requests for ships, just please remember a few things before you do:

  • Check out my fandom list and don’t request more than five fandoms or otherwise I’ll get extremely swamped up.
  • Make sure to say whether you want a male ship (with a boy), female (with a girl) or both! 
  • Please make your request via ask! You can always send me more details through the messaging system if you’d like, though.
  • You can also include a physical description, but I find more useful the personalities as well as interests and hobbies.
  • I don’t want to ship anyone with the wrong gender, so don’t hesitate to tell me if I accidentaly do! I will apologize and immediatly fix it.

Thank you so much, guys, I’m so excited to answer to your ships! :)


Caption: A humorous picture of my bestie @yoonginhales​ with her BTS bias Yoongi and Jimin… Yoongi was her first, but Jimin is trying to ruin her life!! Yoongi is not pleased that his noona’s affections are being challenged….And wearing a Jungkook shirt to boot. Daeng.


Would you like an adorable picture of you and your bias? Are you double biasing? Want a scandalous one with your main bias finding out about your side bias like this one? Or just a picture for your blog or fic? I can do that for you ;) I’m open for commissions.

If you’re interested, please shoot me an ask.

The Way it Works:

  •  Send me an ask if you are interested and I will give you my email so we can discuss in further detail what you want for your commission. Please communicate clearly and fully so I can get the best idea of what you’re looking for. [I also have a DeviantART if that makes anything easier for you]
  • I will need a handful of references of both you and your bias. Clear pictures preferred.
  •  I will send you a concept sketch and send that to you for approving.
  • Provided everything is peachy I will give you a price quote and exchange payment information.
  • Once I have received payment I will finish your commission. You will receive a high resolution digital copy of your commission.
  • Payment via Paypal or Venmo please!

Prices Quotes/Base Pricing: (NOTE: prices ultimately depend and may change depending on how complicated your request is) The standard commission, similar to the picture above, is 2 people.

  • Waist Up: Detailed Sketch: 12$ USD || Full Color: 20$ USD || +5$ per additional person
  • Full Body: Detailed Sketch: 22$ USD || Full Color: 32$ USD || +7$ per additional person

This blog is fairly new btw, so to see more examples of my work, you can visit this LINK.

Talking with writers online

Their stories: Amazing grammar, soaring vocabulary, beautiful imagery and prose which flows like a river.

In chats: no capitalisation or punctuation, swears like a sailor, misspellings everywhere, acronyms and abbreviations every five words, idek

They are unpredictable. I thought GD’s a cool guy and not talkative. But I found he'd responded quite a lot. He just spoke less. He engaged with everything. He wanted to response but he just made it short. It doesn’t mean he didn’t find it interesting. Also, he tried to help tidying up. When I go backstage, I told the crew about GD being so nice to tidy up. They said he always helped tidying. He’s so sweet.
—  Sammy Leung(the MC of HK Fanmeeting) talked about GD in his radio show “Good Morning King”
Ok, so let’s do some looking at Lance and Pidge

I really find the relationship between Lance and Pidge interesting. I honestly can’t tell if Pidge has a bit of attraction towards Lance or not, but I’m interested in taking a closer look at their interactions just for the sake of looking. Character interactions, whether romantic or not, always interest me.

Something I noticed in the very first episode is that Pidge is blushing when they disagree with Lance’s flippant attitude during the simulation. 

Now, this could be happening for a number of reasons. We have no idea how long these cadets have been together. There’s no timeline given between when Pidge arrives at the academy and when this simulation occurs, but given the way they interact and the fact that Lance and Hunk have gotten in trouble before, I would say they’ve known one another for a while. Lance and Hunk appear to have known one another before meeting Pidge. Pidge could be flushed because they are technically speaking against their ‘captain’, but I personally don’t think that’s it, considering we’ve seen Pidge screaming at the commander with no blush. They could also be blushing because they are speaking against someone they are attracted to. Who knows.

Something that I love about Lance is that he genuinely does care about his team. When he reacts to Hunk’s puking, he dismisses it because he knows that his friend has a weak stomach and that the vomiting isn’t an indication of permanent damage. When Pidge falls and hits their head on the floor, he reacts with a mixture of concern and indignation “What are you doing?! Buckle your belt!”. 

Now, we’ve been here before. Lance redirects the commander’s anger (directive: protect the Pidge) onto himself, looking out for his teammate. Bless him, even though Pidge hasn’t been very forthcoming about anything, he still is going to look after them. The mark of a true captain if you ask me.

Okay, first off. RUDE.  Secondly, even though this scares the beJesus out of Pidge (for good reason, holy shit Lance, personal space much?), they seem pretty comfortable around one another.

Once again, Lance has no concept of a personal bubble. I do think it’s funny how they keep holding on to the goggles even though they are dangling from them XD

I’m going to take a second to point out that Hunk and Pidge, who have been with Lance longer, are both hanging onto him, while Shiro and Keith are grabbing the ship. Cadets stick together.

Lance really respects Pidge’s opinion. After Shiro tells the group that they must decide as a team, Lance doesn’t look at anyone but Pidge, who puts a hand on his shoulder as reassurance. 

Lance took Pidge’s headphones. I don’t know how he got them, but he has them. Come to think of it. I don’t think Pidge ever got those back.

We really don’t have much more until here, because Pidge is unabashedly looking at Lance, again with the blush. Who even knows what goes on in Pidge’s head, I’m not even sure they know what’s going on. Anywho, I just thought it was interesting.

lordsireno  asked:

Could I request 'We met after the world ended/we're the only ones left' AUs? Either romantic or family?

here you go!!

  • im so sorry im getting my gross tears and snot on your already gross clothes but i thought i was the only left and, sorry, getting a bit emotional here
  • we haven’t spoken with other people for so long that now most of our comfort relies mostly on just touch alone
  • we had a massive fight and we stormed off from each other but only now, hours later, do i realise how much of a stupid choice that was and now i’m desperately trying to find you
  • you talk so passionately about your old career and your old hobbies and interests, and i just really wish we could have met before all this happened
  • i spent weeks looking through wrecks and ruins to find this small, special token for you that you used to adore when things were normal
  • i didn’t know how afraid i was of losing you, of being alone again, until i thought i almost did

- jo