i just find that comment too funny

Got7 React to hearing your ‘polite’ voice for the first time

JB: He’d smirk and try to cover up a laugh while you were talking to the waitress, hearing your polite voice would catch him off guard. He wouldn’t want to comment about it though until the waitress left, “well this is a new side to you that I haven’t seen before.”

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Jinyoung:  He wouldn’t think too much of it, but would find it funny how much your voice changed when you were being polite to people you didn’t know. He might ask at one point if you actually notice when you do it. “So is that just an automatic reaction??”

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Mark: He wouldn’t be able to keep himself from grinning after hearing your voice when you talked to the clerk at the store. “You sound so different- but it’s cute.” He’d say after and laugh lightly before adding, “so this is what you being polite sounds like~” 

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Youngjae: He’d look over at you while you were talking, at first confused as to why you sounded like that, but after realizing that was how you sounded trying to be polite he would find it amusing. “You sound so different! It’s adorable” he’d say after the person left, causing a light pink to flush over your cheeks.

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Yugyeom: He would be tempted to tease you about how you sounded, but would decided against it and would just laugh lightly after noticing your voice change when you had to talk to someone you weren’t familiar with, which caused a confused look from you, “it’s nothing, don’t worry about it~”

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BamBam: After hearing you talk to the cashier at a store the two of you went to he would cover his face to conceal a laugh. “What was that?” He’d ask as the two of you walked out of the store, still chuckling, earning himself a light smack on the arm from you being shy about it.

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Jackson: He would end up teasing you playfully after he heard how different you sounded after talking with the waiter at the restaurant the two of you went to. “Where did that voice come from? Why don’t you talk like that around me??” He’d wink jokingly.

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I've been looking at your comments and particularly enjoy the Velociraptor Screech™. One of my favorite things to do when someone uses she/her pronouns for me is to interject with "who are you talking about? Who's 'she'? WHO IS SHE?! WHO IS SHE!!?" and it startles people into apologizing while still being funny. Just thought you'd find it funny too.

yesss this is also a tried and tested method, it works nicely for deadnames too, as exemplified by a friend who, when somebody uses their deadname to their face will stare them directly in the eye and cold as ice say ‘I don’t know anyone of that name’ and then just eyeball them until they either apologise or run away in complete terror

Movie witches: “Only ride on your broomstick on the new moon, and never touch the holy ground. If you do, you turn to dust.”

Real witches:“K I’m too lazy to find my car keys so let’s just walk and hope we meet a dog”

Totally random!  I hope everyone had a wonderful April!  May is the beginning of summer and bikini season so its always nice to draw when the sun is out.

I hope I’m not too busy this summer so I can’t get any drawing in.  Busy summers is a good thing and a bad thing.  If I make enough during the summer I can spend the whole fall and winter drawing just off Patreon monies (Yes… literally $500/month is sometimes all I need to get by.  Thank goodness for living lean).  If I don’t then I’ve gotta hustle for money.  :(  Life is all about balance and I’m praying I find a good amount in the next four months!

(OH!  by the way.  Your funny little stories, random comments and fantasies get me really inspired to draw sometimes!  If you see something and you have a funny thought of what comes next or what happened before let me know!  At the very least everyone will get a little chuckle and maybe a bit of wetness!  lol!)

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From Annin and Yuria’s Twitter (May 26 2015)

Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t help but find this hilarious X°°D
And the funny element is emphasized by that emoticon Yuria pic X°D
But really, just the comment for itself is so lol
Now my mind is kind of picturing Yuria into this huge cinema watching…Annin who turned into a movie X°°°°D

EDIT: This morning (27th) Annin replied saying that before she turns into a movie, Yuria’s going to turn into a manga XD


just found out harris wittels has passed away and i’m utterly heart broken. he was so funny and so genuine. he was on the road to recovery, he talked about his drug use on You Made It Weird and Analyze Phish and seemed like he was trying to do better. 30 is too young. harris really seemed to be a nice guy too. god i’m really crushed about this one, gang.

It’s sort of funny how when Gal Gadot was first cast dudes wouldn’t stop talking about her being too skinny and her breasts being too small.

But now most comments you see about her in comment sections, or things said about her in youtube videos discussing Wonder Woman, are about how sexy she is and how much they want to bang her.

There’s nothing wrong with finding Gal sexy. I think she’s sexy. But these comments made about her just go to show how much these men only cared about her body. She’s now “fuckable” enough for them so they’re cool with her having the role. They really just care about how she looks.

When Lenny and Gotham Converse...

So I know that a lot of you think that when @gotham-ruaidh​ and I chat it’s a lot of conniving to see which of us can come up with fanfic plots that will make you cry more… And you would be right. For the most part we do spitball ideas and pass snippets of works in progress back and forth to kill each other with feels - we have to make sure they work, after all. But we do often find ourselves on hilarious tangents and this one from the other day was too funny not to share. (You’ll have to let us know how much you agree and how much is just that we share the same lame sense of humor)

We were - as you’ve probably guessed - discussing fics in progress and I made a comment about my appreciation for when Murtagh is bashful (I bet some of you already know where this is going) and my mind immediately made the Disney association and so @gotham-ruaidh​ and I spent the next… let’s just say it was only an hour, debating and assigning which of the Leoch Higlanders would be which of the seven dwarves. 


The toughest role to assign was Grumpy, because there were so many viable candidates. Ultimately we decided that Colum was the grumpiest and most deserving of the designation. Once we knew that Colum was Grumpy, it became obvious that Dougal would have to be Dopey per Colum’s observation that 

“I’ve heard it said often enough that a man’s brain stops workin’ when his cock’s standin’, and now I think maybe I believe it. […] If the brothers MacKenzie have but one cock and one brain between the two of them, then I’m glad of my half of the bargain!”

With those two dwarves assigned, the next few were more obvious. Ned is the only true candidate for Doc just as Rupert immediately leapt out for Happy. Despite the bashful Murtagh comment that started the conversation, Willie was a more bashful Bashful. 

Though Angus had been a contender for Grumpy, he ultimately became our Sleepy - “Is that Spanish?” - which left only Sneezy. It was a tough rationalization but Murtagh is our Sneezy. Why? Because he’s generally quiet and innocuous but when he does get involved in something, it’s abrupt, forceful, and when it’s over you generally have the urge to bless him. 

With the dwarves settled, the question became which of Jamie and Claire would be Snow White to the other’s Prince Charming? The verdict: they share the roles in this unorthodox production of the fairy tale. They definitely take turns saving one another within the text and there’s plenty of kissing on both sides. 

And just like that, in the span of an hour we managed to turn the Leoch rent collecting party into a traveling production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves with marquee performances at Fort William and Wentworth where Black Jack Randall assumed the role of the Evil Queen. 

(And now I’m wondering how long it will take for this to get photoshopped into a thing. Also, I found this conversation way funnier than I should have because Graham McTavish is a dwarf, just a Tolkien dwarf as opposed to a Disney one. Okay, I’m done now.)