i just find it hilarious and i cant stop laughing

pack adopts a dog

(shoutout to kier @warauder )
• swan brings home a mutt with this huge sob story and demands K lets them keep it and at first K is like “i dont… want a fuckn dog swan WHAT” and swan wont take no for an answer and eventually k grows to love the dog
• except tbh i think swan goes to a shelter and buys a Rottweiler or Doberman or smth Manly and then takes him to the park to make him look all dirty and then is like “but k we cant… he needs to be saved…”
• swan is just rlly worried about k and thinks smth like a dog will help him shape up at least a little. it works for the most part.
• they name him something ridiculous like King Beast, smth super manly which is hilarious because this is the sweetest dog in all of existence
• the pack jokingly calls king “your majesty” and shit like that. “did someone feed his grace?” “soooorry your majesty i know im late for your walk”
• k and king are called royal pains lmfao
• they make an instagram as a joke except they post to it religiously and it gains a huge following
• jiang is totally terrified of king at first because hes so massive but eventually they become bffs and king is just so s w e e t
• jiang gives k a tattoo of king / for king its amazing and lovely
• they spoil the shit out of this dog. k dreams him up lavish collars, too many dog toys, and a dog bed that looks like a throne (but its barely used because the pack all fights for who gets to sleep w the big soft warm pup. k eventually just gets a giant bed to share to get the fighting to stop)
• k dreams up a car specifically so king is extra super safe in it
• one night ronan tries to get k to race and k is like “id really like to man… but i got king in the backseat and i just cant risk it ya know?” cue ronan being like … who the fuck… and then ronan meets king (and he is surprised as fuck to find out king isnt a dream thing: “nah hes au natural”, laughs k)
• chainsaw and king are super tight its hilarious it annoys Everyone to no end (except blue who thinks its kind of cute, and tbh noah kinda agrees) altho ronan does come around more cos “hey man sick dog”
• proko is always “cramping” kings style by putting bows on his ears and painting his nails
• the pack teases him about it until it becomes routine to spend sunday nights recovering from whatever party with chill music, ice cream, cuddle piles, painting each others nails (proko is the best and swan is never seen without black fingers) and being happy
• skov pushes for king to be apart of this super prestigious kennel club
• k forges papers that makes it seem like king is descended from a long line of amazing show dogs and they surprisingly win a lot of shows and its super funny
• k throws a fit cos he wants to walk king during shows but the pack overrules and says skov has to do it cos k isnt Classy
• they have routines for dog walking at home tho: k walks king in the middle of the night and early mornings cos insomnia, proko takes afternoons so he can take king to the dog park and go jogging, swan and skov only go on walks together (aka they go to the backyard and play around w king in the pool), jiang is a lil afraid of walking king alone cos hes so big but he takes him out when everyone else is passed out

tl dr trc au where k doesnt kill himself, they adopt a dog and live kinda happily ever after