i just felt this would be neat

While this is going on, the boys were at the bar just a few short walk away.

I felt like making this after noticing the Oscar are tomorrow, so I quickly made this neat drawing of Moana and Judy greeting each with good lucks to each other.

Now, I would make it just a Zootopia wins picture ,especially since I’m a Zootopia fan. But, I wanted to be fair with Moana fans, since it’s also getting the same kind of praise. So, a compromise is being made between to two characters. Anyway, enjoy this awesome picture, and good luck to both films at the Oscars.

…Mostly Zootopia.

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This is pistachi0n and I'm on anon because I'm trying to stay away from my tumblr dash (I also don't have an LW account). Anyway, I read your recent article on Less Wrong and I thought it was interesting. I was wondering how you were defining the specifics of rationalists in your posts? I know a lot of repetitive discourse comes up about what really is the ~rationalist community~ and I don't want to hash that up again, I was just curious about the definition you were using in your post.

I didn’t have a specific intensional definition in mind.  I can write up a list of a dozen people who I would be super excited to live with and if I felt like it I could come up with a list of forty more who would be also pretty neat and I think most of those people would at least one of 1) agree they are rationalists, 2) agree they are rationalist-adjacent, 3) quibble about whether they are rationalists or not, As You Do, but totally acknowledge that Eliezer Yudkowsky is the rightful caliph.  You, pistachi0n, count.  Dear reader, if you think you might want to live with the kind of people who would run across that article I am probably talking about you even if you aren’t in my personal list of a dozen people.  (And you might still count even if you wouldn’t like that, perhaps because you prefer to live in a cabin in the woods or a capsule hotel or whatever.)



Do you know that feeling, when you’re out and having fun, but all you can think of is this one person you left behind, person who claimed they’re fine to be left behind? …No?
Well then

Made to ease my post-FINAGLC depression - again, it just wears its skin a little bit, not a spoiler.


Sorry for the lack of updates! I was down with a bad cold for a whole week and didn’t update anything. I didn’t get much done in general but I did manage to bead this headpiece, which i’m pretty happy with so far!

The piece is based on medieval/renaissance headpieces, but i’m not aiming for accuracy here. It’s just a design that I thought would look neat. The base is felt interfacing with wire sewn into the edges. It’s covered with upholstery velvet and shantung. I embellished it with fake pearls, glass seed beads, and a resin gem.

I’m going to add skewers to the top and a veil. I think the end result will be neat!

i would part the sea - royai (2)

Because I am an insanely evil person, I decided to do this into three parts, if only because I felt like this would be the perfect ending to the second part. It just felt…fitting. And because it’s long as hell and I know that I’m going to ramble a lot more to tie things up. Also, I’ve decided to just tie these all together in one neat tag: “royai wedding”. Because organization!

i would part the sea
part two

“If you don’t relax, you’re gonna have a heart attack, Chief,” Havoc hissed discreetly from his position.

Roy shot his best man a quick glower and then looked back as the last bridesmaid and groomsman made their way down the aisle. Breda gave him a thumbs up, to which Roy nodded his head gratefully, but that still didn’t make him feel any better – or worse. He watched as Breda let go of Gracia Hughes so that she could take her spot next to Princess May Chang and then he stepped in line next to Alphonse.

When his eyes cast a furtive glance throughout the crowd, his heart began to beat wildly. There were so many people, some he was almost certain that he didn’t possibly know past reputation. Honestly, this whole thing was bigger than either of them had wanted, but the idea that the new Fuhrer of Amestris could get away with a simple ceremony had been a pipedream. It was the talk of the nation. Everyone loved the idea of the Fuhrer being a family man, as a former Fuhrer had proven so well.

Sure, the man had turned out to be a homunculus and his fake son also a diabolical homunculus, but as far as the general public of Amestris was concerned, King Bradley and Selim Bradley were every day humans that had loved one another as a family and sacrificed themselves for their country, instead of the opposite way around. If those were the examples Roy had to lead by, well, he could be the family man people wanted to see.

He could be the husband and father that he was supposed to be.

It was only when his eyes dropped to the young boy at his side that Roy’s pulse began to steady again. His little Bug was five, just now able to reach up to his waist. His hair that Riza had no doubt tried to tame before the ceremony began was already beginning to fall into its typical messy pattern. When Aidan had shyly asked if Roy would slick his hair back like his, Roy had been ecstatic and had done so – but then the moment he’d started to run his fingers through his own hair while pacing the room, Aidan had done the same. Like father, like son.

Havoc wasn’t wrong about Roy being anxious though. It had nothing to do with the fact that there were so many people around to witness the wedding. It wasn’t that he was worried because he had found a few gray hairs this morning. It didn’t even have anything to do with the idea that something might go wrong. The moment he had finished getting ready and caught sight of himself in his dress blues, Roy’s brain had decided to toss around the idea that Riza might not actually want to get married to him.

“She had a kid with you, didn’t she?” had been Edward’s dry attempt at comforting his concerns.

Looking down at that kid now, Roy felt as if all his fears were nothing more than silly thoughts. Riza wanted to marry him – she had agreed to follow him a thousand times again and again in so many different ways – she wanted to be his wife. But more than that, she wanted to be a family just as much as he did. This wedding was more than about the two of them becoming husband and wife. It was more than some publicity to be touted around in the newspapers and on the radio. This day was for their son perhaps even more than it was for them.

Roy would never again have to explain to his son why he wasn’t home for the past three days. Riza would not have to gently correct him whenever he slipped up and called Roy by anything other than his title or surname. He wouldn’t be forced to pretend that the truth that everyone knew wasn’t real. His son had been so utterly strong during these years. Perhaps his struggle was just another sin on Roy’s and Riza’s plates, but this time, they would be able to carry it together.

As if sensing eyes on him, Aidan peered up at him and a goofy lopsided grin appeared on his face, one that Roy couldn’t help but respond back with. It was so strange seeing that grin on someone else’s face when he could recognize it in his own reflection so easily. In a way, looking at his son was an awful lot like looking into some sort of time traveling mirror. But instead of that grin hiding secrets like his normally did, it showed happiness and excitement for what was to come.

A simple grin from his son was all the boost in confidence and emotional support that Roy needed.

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I have gathered some tips over the past 2 years of serious studying and I thought I would share it with you!

1) Never do something last minute. I find it better to start it as soon as you get it! I give myself a deadline about 2-3 days before the actual deadline, so I have time to make last minute changes.

2) I found that I couldn’t work if I have several things going on at once. If I was working on a project, I couldn’t focus if a movie/TV series was on. However, this is just me you might be different.

3) Neat desks and clean rooms, keep your mind clear as well. If you aren’t thinking clear, go ahead and clean something, like your desk.

4) Comfortable clothes and showers/baths. I couldn’t focus if I felt dirty so I would go for a quick shower and put on some comfortable clothes. 

5) Google translate. It might seem like the most amazing thing going while learning a language, but I couldn’t learn the language properly. I now prefer going and asking the language teacher and speak to people who know the language. 

6) If you are doing literature or anything subject that requires reading the book. READ THE BOOK. Looking up the summary doesn’t really help. Summaries are good after you’ve read the book.

7) On the subject of English. Go ahead and expand your VCOP, it will make to sound smart and sophisticated and your essay will sound great.

8) Get a study buddy if you learn better with friends. Asking questions and studying with them can help bring your grade up.

9) Spend at least 30 minutes a day straight after school to review the day. Doing this after school will keep the information in the mind. It also makes it easier when you revise later on because you remember more.  

10) HAVE A BREAK. Seriously, revising all day, every day will get you nowhere. Yes, there is something called overstudying. Go out and have some fun with your friends or even just watch TV. 

11) If you are the type of person who cannot study in silence. Make a study playlist with calming music in the background. I prefer to use Soundrown because I like how natural it is. 

12) Studyblr really does help. If you constantly need inspiration then fill your blog with Studyblrs or search the tag “Studyspo”. You will soon want to complete your homework/project.

Midnight - SNEAK PEEK

Bucky Barnes x Reader

A/N : Little Sneak Preview of an upcoming short series!! 

See the Cover HERE! 

Originally posted by moan-s

You stepped out of the bathroom, wearing a short black dress that had floral printing. Your hair was up in a neat bun, with light makeup just enough to notice you are wearing some. 

Bucky felt his breath shake as he looked at you. He would feel his stomach flutter, as you made your way into the room. 

“How do I look?” You asked, once you slipped on your heels. 

He swallowed hard, as his lips twitched into a soft smile. “You look-” Bucky let out a long breath, as you locked your gaze with his. Growing nervous of what he would say next. “Beautiful.” He muttered. 

The blood had rushed to your cheeks, making you flustering. But immediately, you looked away. Trying to refrain from showing any sign of emotion toward him. “Thanks.” You exhaled. “But I feel stupid.” 

Bucky propped up to his feet, furrowing his brows. “Don’t. Trust me when I say this, you look stunning.” 

As much as you wanted to cave into him, you knew you couldn’t. It was a job, and you of all people knew just how bad it would be to let your emotions cloud your judgement. 

“Alright Mr. Barnes.” Your smirked. “We should leave, before we miss the whole thing.” 

He only nodded, and motioned for you to lead the way. 

Without a word, you strutted to the door. You could feel his gaze on you though your back was to him. And for that, you couldn’t help but smile to yourself. 

This was going to be such a long night. 


I went to the hospital with my mother today because I had to drive her home. These were two images that happened in front of me over the course of half an hour. In the first image, you see a religious Jewish man standing beside two Muslim Palestinian women as he checks to see if his number has been called.

In the second, you see a Jewish man and his daughter sitting near one of the Muslim woman from before (who is saving the seat of her friend). The Jewish pair have darker skin than the Palestinian woman. She would pass for white in the United States; they would probably not.

It was just a very neat illustration of how fundamentally Israel differs from the skewed perception Western liberals and Leftists have of it. 

(I felt the need to distort the faces, but all three women were absolutely gorgeous.)