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these violent delights

i didn’t always hate isaac. i think i might’ve loved him once. (angst/smut)

The sex got better after we broke up.

I don’t know what kicked Isaac into gear, but for me, it was the anger. There’s just something about anger that makes you wanna dig your nails into a boy’s shoulders while he grips your thighs and slams into you, rough and unforgiving. We didn’t have any of that when we were dating, just timid touches and occasional, barely there orgasms. Maybe there’s something about hating a person that makes you crave their submission, that makes you demand your own release, over and over until you collapse because your body never learned how to handle all of it.

I didn’t always hate Isaac. I think I might’ve loved him once. We were friends before we became something more. But four months into dating, I turned the hallway at school one day to see him kissing another girl. The worst part wasn’t even that he had cheated; I almost expected that. Our relationship was hitting a plateau and things were becoming very vanilla, to put it concisely. The sparks from the initial flirting, the will-they-won’t-they stage, had fizzled out, and something had to give. I just didn’t expect Isaac to give it to another girl, shove his tongue down her throat, at school, where he knew others could see him, where he knew I could see them.

Looking back, I think he was trying to get caught. By that point, people already knew we were together, and what stung the most was the embarrassment. He hurt me so publicly. I don’t think I would’ve gotten that mad if Isaac had cheated on me privately, then dumped me. I probably would have forgiven him if he had confessed, direct and forthright, that he’d been with someone else. Honesty takes courage, but he’d taken the easy way out.

I told him we were done over a text, the one I sent him before I blocked his number. I could be cold too.

The pack figured out what he had done. Stiles was more vicious towards Isaac than usual. Even Scott, who usually defended Isaac, had distanced himself. Everyone huddled around me, and Lydia wouldn’t let me out of her sight in fear that being alone would make me depressed. They all tried to comfort me, even Derek, who usually liked to stay out of our, as he so lovingly put it, “teen soap opera.” I pushed them all away and at night, I cried quietly into my pillow. The last thing I needed was pity.

The first pack meeting after the fallout was uncomfortable, to say the least. It was a week after the fact. Seven days later, I finally saw Isaac, walking in with his head down, hands in his pockets, shoulders slumped. An unnerving tension had settled over the group. He sat on the opposite side of the room from me. I excused myself to leave early, and I promised myself that was the last time I’d ever let him make me feel small.

What I didn’t expect was that two weeks later, he’d slip noiselessly through my bedroom window and demand that I drop what I was doing so we could “talk things out.”

“I have nothing to say to you,” I said with measured restraint. I draped my hair over my face so he couldn’t see me clenching my jaw, gripping my pencil so tight the wood creaked.

“I know when you’re lying to me.”

“Congrats. Do you know when you’ve crossed a boundary? Because that’s what you’re doing right now. You can’t just sneak into my room and expect me to drop the world for you. We’re not…” Together anymore, I wanted to say, but I choked on the words. “Just, get out.”

“No. I can’t do this anymore, it’s driving me insane. You can’t keep ignoring my texts and calls. We can’t keep avoiding each other at school, pretending we don’t know each other. We can’t keep making our friends choose sides between us. We used to be able to talk–”

“But that was before, wasn’t it?” I interrupted bitingly. I turned around to face him, and it became obvious why he’d gone to such drastic measures to get through to me. He was a mess. His typical combed down curly hair was in disarray. Instead of his usual expensive sweater, cardigan, scarf, and pressed pants combo, he was wearing a faded old red Coca Cola t-shirt and ripped jeans. His eyes looked sunken and for the first time, his face was unshaven. His beard wasn’t combed and neat like Derek’s. It was patchy and the hair stuck out in all different directions. I knew I should’ve felt bad for him, but honestly, I was just glad he was suffering too. I inhaled. “Fine. You want to talk, then talk.”

Isaac sighed a deep tired sigh, and my leg twitched automatically. There was a time I would have leapt across the room and thrown my arms around his drooped shoulders at the first sign that he was distressed, but things were different now. I stayed put.

He sat down at the edge of my bed and tiredly rubbed his eye. “I just… I miss you.”

I blinked. “Fuck you.”

Isaac’s head whipped up. “What?”

I stood up and walked towards him slowly. “I said, fuck you. Fuck you for everything.” Isaac was on his feet, towering over me with his height. “Fuck you for everything you did, for cheating on me, kissing another girl in front of everyone, for embarrassing me,” I sneered. I was closing in on him now, and I had no idea what I was going to say or do next, but Isaac had triggered weeks of repressed anger and pain and I wasn’t going to let him waltz back into my life with three little words. “Fuck you for telling me you loved me, letting me believe things were great, then throwing everything in my face…” My voice was cracking, lip trembling, eyes brimming with tiny droplets of moisture, but I didn’t care.

Isaac scoffed. “You can’t seriously be telling me you thought everything was great. I know you felt it too. Things between us weren’t… okay anymore.”

I furiously brushed away a tear I didn’t realize had fallen. “So that makes it okay for you to cheat on me?”

“Of course not, but I didn’t know what else to do. I couldn’t tell you to your face that I thought we should break up because… well, it’s you.”

“It’s me? The fuck do you care about me?” I chuckled mirthlessly. “Fine. I’m sorry you felt so trapped by me that you had to cheat on me in front of the whole school to get me to break up with you.”

“Look, I’m not proud of what I did, but it wasn’t working with us! You know that. You know we were falling apart. But okay, fine. I’m a terrible person, I’m sorry I screw everything up–”

“Don’t give me that bullshit. Don’t act like you didn’t have control over your actions, like screwing me over was inevitable. Take some accountability for what you did, for sticking your tongue down that girl’s throat–oh. You know what? You really wanna talk? Let’s talk about her.”

Isaac sheepishly rubbed the back of his head. He looked down. “Come on. I really don’t want to talk about her.”

“Why not? She must be really important for you to ruin everything we had. I don’t even wanna know her name, or how long you were seeing her. I just wanna know one thing: how was she?”

“H-how was she?” he stuttered.

“Yeah, how was she?” I repeated slowly. “I wanna know, was she good? Was she mind-blowing? Was she everything you never got from me?” Isaac closed his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest, like the petulant stubborn child he’d become. “Come on, Isaac. It’s the least you could do to answer me. Just tell me, did she put it down real nice for you, did she touch you just right? Did she spread her legs for you whenever you wanted? Did she let you inside her raw? Did she let you come inside her?” At this point, Isaac couldn’t take the heat, and he turned away. His cheeks were pink now, and beads of sweat glistened on his forehead. “I just wanna know, you know, because I need some tips. Maybe it’ll help me keep my man next time.”

“Stop,” Isaac gritted through his teeth. “That’s not why.”

“Obviously it is.” I roughly cupped his chin and forced him to look at me. “At least do me the courtesy of telling me the truth. Just tell me, you left because I wasn’t good enough. Tell me I wasn’t hot enough, tell me I wasn’t sexy enough for you. Tell me you didn’t want me.”

Isaac knocked my hand away. “Didn’t want you?” He ran his fingers through his messy hair in frustration. Now he was stalking towards me, slowly walking me backwards. “Shit, this is exactly why we didn’t work. We must’ve been in completely different words if you think I didn’t want you. I wanted you so much that it killed me that things were falling apart. Before we got together, you were all I thought about, but the moment we became official, something changed. I know you felt it too, the sudden awkwardness. We didn’t know how–we didn’t know who to be around each other after we became more than friends. You know that.” I shrugged noncommittally. There was truth in his retort, but I wasn’t going to tell him he was right. He’d backed me against my desk. His hands rested on the table on either side of me, trapping me in his space. “It still kills me that you think I didn’t want you, but that’s my fault. I didn’t tell you, did I?” he said softly.

“Tell me what?” I mumbled.

Isaac smirked, a dangerous turn in his mouth that sent shivers down my spine. He hadn’t look at me like this in a long time, not since before we were together, when I used to catch him smiling at me the same way. “I didn’t tell you how fucking sexy you are, baby. I didn’t tell you I had to fight to keep my hands off you, how I had to do fucking breathing exercises to refrain from having my way with you in dressing rooms when you tried on clothes for me…” Isaac leaned down and placed his mouth on my bare shoulder, brushed his lips against my collarbone. His hot breath fanned over my pulse point. “I didn’t tell you I can still hear your sweet little moans when I go to bed, never told you how fucking cute you are, how much I loved touching your beautiful tits, grabbing your ass. I still remember what you taste like, and you used to get so wet for me. If I could, I’d show you right now how much I want you, darling…” His mouth moved to my throat. He wasn’t kissing me exactly, just puckering his lips slightly, occasionally grazing my sensitive flesh with teeth.

I didn’t know if it was his intention all along to sneak into my bedroom and seduce me with dirty talk, this delicious filth he’d never uttered to me before. Maybe everything he’d ever told me had been a lie. Before, I trusted him completely, blindly believed everything. Now, the trust was lost, replaced by an aching desire, a painful longing for something I felt I deserved, reparations for the happiness he took from me. I was finally going to get mine.

“If you want me so bad, then prove it.” Gripping the curls at the back of his head, I pulled him away from my neck and slammed my mouth to his. We never kissed like this before. I remember our kisses used to be so sweet, so tender, so hesitant.

There was none of that now. Isaac’s hands left my desk and immediately found my waist, pulling me closer. His lips moved against mine hungrily, bruisingly. And then his hands were sliding down my sides. His fingers skimmed my ass briefly before gripping under my thighs. In an unexpected swoop, he’d scooped me up and placed me on my desk. My legs wrapped around his waist and my ankles locked together. Our bodies were aligned and I could feel his swollen arousal against my hip.

With newfound bravado, I slid my hand into his waistband and wrapped my fist around him, pumping him gently. Isaac growled lowly into my mouth and bit down on my bottom lip and tugged. I tasted blood. While I was occupied with jerking him off, he lifted the hem of my shirt and peeled it over my head, leaving me bare. His mouth attached to one of my pert nipples, his hand massaging the other. I arched my back to give him more access. He worked me with his tongue, swirled it around my sensitive bud, then kitten licked the tip. My toes curled and I used my legs to pull him closer into my center where I needed him most.

“Wait,” I panted. “Isaac, wait.”

He pulled away. “What is it?”

“Bed. Now.”

He certainly had no qualms with that. He scooped me up and carried me bridal style, then threw me on my mattress like I weighed nothing. I didn’t usually like being picked up, but there was something about when Isaac did it. I felt small, but safe in his arms. I guess before he thought I was too fragile, too human to be man-handled. If only he’d been tossing me around like this the whole time. He should’ve known I wasn’t breakable, and I planned on showing him just how unbreakable I really was.

Isaac took off his shirt, then peeled his pants down his legs. Left only in his black Calvin Kleins, he climbed onto my bed, moving to straddle me, but I had other plans. When he leaned down to reattach our lips, I shoved him backwards and pushed him down so he laid flat. I pinned down his wrists on either side of him and positioned my entrance over his semi. My shorts and his boxers still separated us, provided just enough friction to drive him mad.

Attaching my lips to his jaw, I moved my hips, swayed back and forth. Isaac whispered a strangled “f-fuck…” and I sped up my movements. I trailed my mouth down his neck, sucked harshly on his goosebumped flesh when he started to quiver. And that was my revenge: I’d take him to the brink of pleasure, then pull away, stop completely right before he was about to get what he wanted.

After the third time I blue-balled him, he had enough. Isaac released one hand from my hold and gripped my hair. He pulled me upwards and glared witheringly.

I smirked. “What is it?” I asked innocently.

“Cut the bullshit. What are you doing?”

“Aw, did you think I’d make this easy for you, baby?” I broke free from his grip and took hold of his fingers. I moved them down my abdomen and shoved them inside my underwear. His fingers curved naturally against my wetness. “Did you think you could just skip into my room, whisper some filth into my ears, and sweet talk your way into getting your dick wet?” His mouth opened slightly and he stared at me with confusion. I smiled. “What’s wrong? You look surprised.” I gently touched his cheek, stroked his hot skin. This jolted him into action and he began stroking my folds. “When you said you missed me, did you really mean me, or this? Did you miss my pussy, did you miss touching me, playing with me?” I gasped as his fingers worked me. “You can feel how wet I am, how warm it is inside. Did you miss spreading my pussy open like you’re doing right now? Did you–ah!–did you miss, miss playing with my clit between your fingers… just like that…” Isaac rolled my clit under his finger, quicker now. “Fuck, right there, don’t stop, oh god…” The tension coiling under my belly snapped, and I came with my head thrown back, unintelligible curses spilling from my lips.

I stayed straddling Isaac, breathing heavy to recover. I shuddered when Isaac pulled his fingers out and brushed them briefly against my overstimulated bundle of nerves. He dipped his fingers into his mouth, the movement sticky and slow and unlike anything he’d done before. “That was… new.”

I chuckled, then noticed the outline of his erection against his underwear. “Oh, look at you, all hard and big with nowhere to go,” I cooed. I folded down his underwear and discarded them. His cock bounced back and hit his stomach. My own arousal crept back, awakened by the sight of the prominent ridge that ran along his member. I reached out and wrapped my fist around his hardened shaft, swiveling my fist painstakingly slow, a torturous pace that I knew would drive him crazy.

“Come on, please,” Isaac whimpered. “I can’t hold on, I don’t think I can hold on…”

“But you’re going to, aren’t you? Because you’re not leaving here without what you came for, isn’t that right? Tell me why you came here, because it sure as hell wasn’t just to talk.”

“I…” When he hesitated to explain himself, I removed my hand and made to unstraddle his legs. “Wait, shit–fine. Don’t… don’t go. I came here because I wanted… this.” Isaac gripped my thighs and rubbed them, and brought my knees closer to his sides. “I really did want to clear the air, but… Amy–the other girl–I couldn’t do it with her,” he said quietly.

I raised an eyebrow. “Couldn’t do it? Oh, wait, do you mean you couldn’t get it up?” I kept my expression neutral, but I was drinking celebratory champagne in my head. Things may have been dry between me and Isaac, but at least I didn’t cause him erectile dysfunction.

“Yeah. I just kept thinking about you.”

“So after everything you did, you still came back into my life, because your other girl couldn’t get you off?” Isaac stayed mute. I shook my head disbelievingly. “You know something, Isaac?” I maneuvered my shorts off and positioned Isaac’s cock at my entrance. I was already wet again, lips open and ready to take him in. “I  hate you,” I groaned as I slid down, taking him in all the way to the base. Isaac shuddered as my warmth sheathed around him, and bracing my hands on his stomach, I pushed off again and again, fucked him the way he used to fuck me. Well, not exactly the way he used to; this was way better. I’d never even been on top before, too afraid to mess up, too afraid I wasn’t strong enough or sexy enough to be seen from underneath like this. I never knew how thrilling it could be to have control. “I hate you so much, Isaac. You’re such a fucking asshole,” I said breathlessly. And then I rolled my hips and rode his dick like a hot wave.

“Fuck, that’s so good,” Isaac grunted.

“You like that?” Isaac responded with a resounding smack against my ass, the sting from which he rubbed away. “You like it when I fuck you like this? You still thinking about Amy, or whatever her name is?” Isaac’s eyes were screwed shut, but I wanted him to see me. “Open your eyes, baby. I want you to see exactly who you hurt.” I leaned down so he could stare into my eyes as I unraveled him, stroke by stroke. Then, I kissed him, slow and deep, all tongues and teeth. He gripped my hips and held me still when my movements started to falter. I was close again. Isaac came first with stuttering hips. I remember before when he always used to make sure I was first, ever the gentleman. Now, he thrusted his semi into me, pumped as much as he could and played with my clit until I came for the second time.

My body couldn’t support itself upright anymore and I collapsed on the mattress beside him. No words were spoken in the aftermath. Minutes later, my heartbeat returned to its resting rate. There was nothing more I wanted from Isaac–at least not that night.

Somehow, I knew things would never really be over between us.

Even after all the pain and self-loathing he caused me, it became clear that this wouldn’t be the last time I opened my legs for him. The shame and disgust settled in.

I wanted to tell him to leave. I just didn’t have the energy to speak. 

Isaac saved me the trouble because he was already getting out of bed. I watched his naked body shuffle around my room, locating and putting on various items of clothing. He lingered by my window. 

“I don’t think I ever stopped loving you,” he said softly.

I chuckled emotionlessly and stared blankly at the ceiling.

“I don’t think I care.” 

He tapped his fingers on my windowsill. “I’ll come by tomorrow night, then?” 

“See you then.”

to be continued.

Worth it (Minghao)


Thank you! Don’t worry I remember it. It was something like “sex with Minghao that comes back after being away 6 month on tour and he and y/n missed each other a lot”. Like a fluff and smut thing. Thanks for letting me send it again!

Fluffy smut.

» You have sex after a long time apart.

That morning, you had woken up abnormally early, the amount of sleep behind you on the border of just enough and way too little, but you didn’t mind: after all, it was a very special day.

Minghao was finally coming back home after a 6-month tour, during which you hadn’t been able to see each other other than through your phone screens, which had been, to say the least, tough.

But at last, it was coming to an end, and you couldn’t wait to see his smile in person, wrap your arms around him and whisper him how much you loved him while doing so many other things, too.

While you were putting your dishes away after having lunch, your phone vibrated, and you opened a message from Minghao.

’I’m in the car at the airport now, I’ll drop my stuff at the dorm and come there. Can’t wait to see you ^^’

You felt your heart grow warm at both the message and the picture he sent to you with it, a cute, pouty selfie of him with “I miss you” written on it. Wasting no time, you replied him. ’Great! I can’t wait, wish you were here already. 💕’

Luckily, soon enough he would be.

Wanting to welcome Minghao well, you made sure your apartment was neat and that you looked good, and by the time your doorbell rang, you had already managed to have a moment just for yourself on the couch.

Upon hearing the ringing, your lips spread into an automatic grin, and you hurried to put your phone away before rushing to the door, which you opened excitedly.

And there he was, smiling widely, his face mask dragged down to his chin and his arms open.

“Long time no see,” he said warmly and laughed when you leapt to hug him tightly, hiding your face in the crook of his neck with a permanent smile on your face that you couldn’t erase. Minghao wrapped his arms around you and held you close, leaning his head against yours and inhaling your scent - it relaxed him immediately, and it amazed him how much one could miss something so small while apart for so long.

After a solid minute you finally began pulling away so that you could look into his eyes, which were glinting with excitement yet visibly tired. You cupped his cheeks and smiled softly. “You look tired, but now it’s over, right? The tour.”

“Yeah,” Minghao said with a nod and smiled widely while leaning down to kiss you again, and during the kiss you returned to your apartment after deciding that not everything had to be seen by your nosy neighbors.

You ended up on your couch, seated side by side and exchanging one kiss after another, as if you were trying to kiss enough for the past 6 months. Minghao pulled back while laughing and got his arm around you, keeping you close. “I think we should do some talking, too.”

“Maybe,” you giggled and leaned your head against Minghao’s shoulder before taking his other hand into yours and interlacing your fingers. “Tell me about the tour. How was it?”

“It was amazing, we went to so many places! Hoshi hyung got sick at one point, but luckily he healed fast. There’s so many Carats around the world, it just… blows my mind,” Minghao told you incredibly excitedly, and you smiled widely at that, eagerly listening as he told you more about the tour. Some time later, before you were able to say anything, Minghao made a face and you quirked your eyebrow. “I kinda forgot your souvenirs at the dorm.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that,” you laughed and shook your head at how cute he was, and looked into his eyes like the fool in love that you were. “As long as you’re here, I’m happy.”

“Someone’s gotten cheesy while I was gone,” Minghao teased you and squeezed your arm lightly while pulling you a bit better against himself. “Did you listen to one too many of our radio broadcasts?”

You rolled your eyes playfully, and laughed. “Maybe.”

He leaned down to kiss you again, and this time you could feel something different from the previous kisses: his lips were passionate and almost demanding against yours, and after the initial surprise by the change in mood, you could feel the passion inside of you awakening.

You hurried to pull back and looked into Minghao’s eyes, now dark and hooded. Breathing heavily, you tried to sound as serious as you could muster.  “I’ve missed your touch really badly, so this better lead to sex.”

Smirking, Minghao brushed his lips against yours and placed his hand on your thigh once he had let go of your hand. “That’s kind of what I was going for. The tour was lonely, the sessions we had on the phone just…”

“Weren’t enough,” you continued, fully agreeing with him, and got a nod from Minghao, who then closed the distance between your lips and got closer to you, and you lay down on your couch with him getting on top of you.

Your hands were in his hair within a few seconds, your legs wrapping around his waist almost automatically, and you let yourself be immersed in it all; in his touch that you had been missing and needing for so long. Minghao breathed heavily as he deepened your kisses and let one of his hands roam up and down on your body, as if he couldn’t get enough of it.

It was surprisingly soon that all the pent up neediness rose to the surface in both of you, the fire of it ignited by the passionate, hungry kisses you were exchanging, and not much later Minghao was grinding into you with all clothes on, one of his hands under your shirt while both of yours were under his, pressed against his back and feeling up all the muscles.

“You’ve gotten more muscular,” you panted when he broke away from the kiss to catch his breath, and both of you felt a slight daze due to the growing arousal inside of yourselves.

Minghao chuckled, his lips in a flirtatious grin. “The tour required a lot of practice. Do you like it?”

Nodding eagerly, you moved your hands higher up on his back until you could hold the backs of his shoulders. “I love it.”

He smirked and leaned down for a couple more kisses, during which his hips continued grinding into you, and by the time he pulled back again, your panties were already damp and his hard-on was rather easy to feel through his sweatpants.

“Do you want to continue here or move to the bedroom?” Minghao asked, his lips brushing against yours with a smile on them, one of his hands casually cupping your breast inside of your bra.

With your hands now out of his shirt and in his hair, you played with the brown locks. “Bedroom? We have a lot to make up for, and there’s a lot of space, so…”

“I like the way you think,” Minghao grinned and got up from the couch, pulling you up with himself, after which he led you to your bedroom. There he placed his hands on your waist and leaned down to kiss you, his lips stretched into a smile. “What would you like?”

You hummed in thought and played with his hair before grinning up at him. “I don’t know. All I know is…” Taking a break, you leaned into Minghao’s ear, now holding his shoulders. “…I want to be on top.”

He nodded approvingly and pulled you better against himself while looking into your eyes. “That sounds perfect.”

And so you closed the distance between your lips again, kissing him passionately while also guiding him to your bed. Minghao lay down on it and you quickly got on top of him, allowing him to get your shirt over your head before leaning back down to lock your lips. As your tongues danced together, you found your hands roaming on each other’s bodies.

Not much later, your hips were rocking against Minghao’s, and as soon as you realized that, you hurried to get off him.

“Your pants need to come off,” you said, your voice giving away how horny you were, and Minghao chuckled. He looked at you playfully while starting to slide his sweatpants and boxers off, which left his lower body bare.

“I love it when you’re impatient,” he smirked and laughed when you rolled your eyes a little, and watched curiously as you took your jeans and panties off, taking his shirt off as well. Grinning, he slowly moved his gaze from your lower body to your eyes.  “You’re really not wasting any time.”

“Nope,” you said shortly and got back to him, taking your position on his lap once again, sighing contently when his hard length came into contact with your soaked pussy.

Minghao grunted, and you asked him playfully what it was. He shook his head and got a hold of your ass, after which he pressed you a bit better against himself. “It’s just been such a long time…”

You let out a content sigh at the contact, and nodded eagerly while grinding against Minghao. “Too long, really.”

He agreed, and for a while you merely let your hips sway on top of his while leaning down to kiss him, giggling when Minghao unhooked your bra and got them off you, visibly glad that you had worn a strapless one.

“Did you expect this to happen?” he asked with a laugh, but hissed contently when you moved your hips on top of the tip of his length.

You smirked and sat up on him, your hands on Minghao’s chest, and looked down at him playfully. “I was counting on it, yeah.”

“You weren’t wrong, it seems,” he chuckled and looked up at you appreciatively, taking in the way your body curved and how your breasts looked, nipples erect and inviting. Swallowing, he tapped his fingers on your hips. “Think we could move on? I kind of… need you.”

Raising your eyebrows meaningfully, you nodded and shamelessly rolled your hips on top of his cock, which made your boyfriend moan. “Oh, I know you do.”

However, he wasn’t alone in that, and so you soon got up on your knees and aligned him with your dripping entrance and began sinking down on it slowly.

“Fuck,” Minghao grunted and shut his eyes for a moment so that he could focus on how amazing it felt to be inside of you. You allowed your eyes to fall shut, too, with a similar goal in your mind, your lips parting into a moan.

All you could think about was how badly you had missed the feeling of him being inside of you - your fingers or an occasional toy just weren’t the same, which was probably a given.

“God, how I’ve missed this,” Minghao sighed, sated, and slowly opened his eyes again, his breath nearly hitching when he saw how satisfied you looked. Swallowing hard, he slid his hands up from your hips until he could tease your nipples a little with his thumbs. “You look really good, baby.”

All you could do was nod while licking your lips, and chuckled despite how much it turned you on to have him touch you like that. “I’m not the only one.”

His lips spread to a grin, and with that you began moving back and forth on his lap, quiet sounds of pleasure slipping through your lips as you did. It felt oh so good to finally be filled with him, and the intimacy with him was something you had also been missing a whole lot. You had missed being close to him, touching him and feeling him touch you, both more platonically and sexually, and it made you feel content in many levels to finally experience it again.

Minghao adored you as you moved on him, his hands again on your hips, and gave you a few encouraging nods every now and then. “That’s just perfect, baby.”

Eventually you bent down to kiss him and grinned against his lips, halting your movements momentarily. “I’ve got another idea, too.”

And so, with your lips moving against Minghao’s, you began raising and lowering your hips on his cock, letting it slide almost all the way out of your pussy before taking it all in again. He let out a moan, at which you grinned widely, and grasped your hips a bit better.

“You’re driving me crazy,” he breathed heavily and kissed you passionately while you continued riding him fairly slowly: just slow enough that you knew he’d get enough eventually. You could already feel him starting to slowly buck up into you, desperate for more, but it only encouraged you further.

“Too bad,” you whispered and began purposefully contracting your muscles around him a little, moaning contently at how good it felt to have him move inside of you then, and took your time moving your hips. You were soaked, and while you loved how it all felt, you knew it alone wouldn’t get you to come.

But if your plan worked…

“That’s it,” Minghao grunted and grabbed your ass with one hand before swiftly turning the two of you over so that you were underneath him and he was hovering above you.

…you’d get there soon.

You smirked at your boyfriend and placed your hands on his biceps as he looked at you with hooded eyes. “It was about time.”

“You planned this?” Minghao asked in surprise and took a good position above you, already rolling his hips a little, which made it difficult for you to remain quiet.

Trying to look innocent but ultimately failing to do so, you then got your arms around his neck and legs around his waist, pulling him closer and down for a kiss. “More like I was hoping.”

Without another reply, Minghao locked your lips in a long, hungry kiss and began thrusting into you, hard and fast, finally putting all the longing of both of you into it. You moaned into the kisses and held onto him tight, thanking all heavens for the fact that you were dating a dancer, and let yourself succumb into the pleasure that was washing over you.

From that angle, position and closeness, your clit was getting some much needed friction, too, and perhaps it was just that that had you over the edge shockingly soon - you could only cry out Minghao’s name when you released around him, quivering like a leaf underneath him.

He chuckled softly, finding it cute that you came so suddenly, and continued thrusting into you for a while more in chase of his own orgasm, which he soon reached and released inside of you.

Both of you breathed heavily while embracing each other and coming down from your highs little by little, and Minghao pressed a gentle kiss to your lips.

“That was definitely worth half a year of waiting,” he chuckled and looked at you softly as he propped himself on his elbows.

Giggling, you nodded. “I’d love another round, but you’re right. I’ve really missed all of this.”

Minghao agreed and pulled out of you before laying down next to you and pulling you against himself. “Me, too. Luckily I have a few weeks off now…”

You hummed and felt your heart beat in peace at the thought of all the time you could spend with him during those few weeks - when you thought about all the sex you’d be having, you felt your pussy clench around nothing, so you tried not to think about it too much.

A few days later, Minghao finally brought you all the souvenirs, and you stared at them for a good few minutes: he had gotten you something from every single stop in their tour.

“Is it too much?”

Shaking your head, you kissed him and laughed heartily. “I mean, yes, but it’s cute.”

He was fine with that.

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A Hundred Lesser Faces

@surana17​ said

Hi :) not exactly a prompt, but more of a musing. What do you think would happen if Claire went to Lallybroch first, instead of Edinburgh/printshop? Thanks for your great fics, girls!

Welp, musing it might have been, but here we now are! Thank you for an inspiring prompt!! -Mod Bonnie 


November, 1766

“Hello, again.”

A breeze carried my words overtop the horse’s head, bearing them toward the neat stone walls just visible in the distance; and having said it, I felt something—yes—relief shudder down my spine. Despite the years, despite everything…it did still feel like my home. Divinely-sent or mere desperation, I took the reassurance with all my heart, and kicked my mount hard toward Lallybroch; toward home. 

It had been a last-minute decision, to come here, instead of to Edinburgh. In fact, I’d been fully through the stones and in Inverness boarding the carriage that would deliver me south! Then something clicked into place and before I even stopped to question myself, I was exchanging the coach fare for a horse and saddle, wondering why Lallybroch hadn’t been my plan from the start. 

Well, no—I knew exactly why. Because the idea of going anywhere but directly into Jamie’s arms had seemed ludicrous. 

He was ALIVE. And so close—I was *so close* to having him again, it was like a physical pain in my chestthe longing—the wanting….

But *think*, Beauchamp, I’d counseled myself in those vital seconds on the mounting block: a visit to Lallybroch will yield me *actual* information as to the whereabouts of those arms; a far cry more reliable than your hunch from a two-hundred year old artifact! I mean, *good Lord*, consider all the variables, here! Perhaps he’s moved to new premises across town! What if he’s abandoned his nom de plume for another and there is no longer an A. Malcolm printing in Edinburgh? What if he’s been so successful in his business, he’s moved to London to join a larger firm? Hell, what if he’s decided to make his fortune as a fur trader in Canada, for heaven’s sake?? 

Yes, the closer I got to Lallybroch, the more confident I was in the wisdom of my sudden volte-face. Even overlooking the more remote possibilities that may have taken him out of Scotland, a quick chat with Jenny and Ian could easily save me days or even weeks of roaming around Edinburgh asking after red-headed printers; and as an unarmed woman traveling alone and with limited funds, this was more than prudent, no matter how you looked at it. 

AND…. well

I mean, surely, even if he did still occupy the shop in Carfax Close, he would visit home occasionally….

….and there was always the chance that even NOW, he might be…he COULD be…

Don’t get ahead of yourself, Beauchamp. One leap at a time.

I dismounted and led the horse on foot for the final approach up the road toward the house, as much for my own pounding heart as for the beast’s sake.  Dear God…almost exactly the same as I left it twenty years ago. 

The trees overhanging the dooryard; the sounds of cooking and chatting and children playing from inside the house; even the customary pack of dogs that heralded my arrival through the archway, howling and barking as befitted their time-honored station…Yes, it was home. My home. 

“What do you think, lads?” I laughed softly, holding out my knuckles for the slobbering, leaping home guard to sniff. “Do I pass muster?” 

Apparently I did, for they all began vying for my attention. I obliged happily, scratching behind ears with my free hand and murmuring dog-lover-nonsense to each of them in turn, wondering if goodwill and trust could be passed down canine generations.

“A good morning to ye, Mistress!” 

I turned to see a stableboy of about ten hurrying across the dooryard toward me. A stranger, to my eyes, but with a warm, friendly manner, he bobbed a quick bow. 

“Good morning!” I replied with a grateful smile as I relinquished the horse. “And what’s your name, lad?”

At my words, he jumped and uttered a gaelic curse, his reaction so violent that he dropped the reins and caused the horse to rear. It wasn’t until I’d reclaimed the beast—nearly getting my teeth knocked in— and turned panting back to the boy, to his pale and frightened face, that I realized what had been his curse: sassenach. Said not in affection, the way Jamie had from the beginning, and Jenny and others had picked up from time to time in jest: but in fear and disgust. The vehemence of it felt like a blow to my gut, and for the first time, I felt afraid, ludicrous as it was to be bowed before a young boy. Before, I’d been only suspicious to Highlanders. Now, after Culloden, after the Clearances—I was, objectively, the enemy

The boy, to his credit, recovered with a good show of politeness, retrieving the reins and offering a murmured apology. He did *not*, though, offer his name.  “Are ye expected at the house this morn, Mistress?” (Do you have a reason for being here, or are you an English informant fixing to burn the place down?) 

“I’m an old friend of the family,” I said, with a concerted confidence and ease that I hoped would reassure him, “but, no, I’m not expected.” 

In fact, I could say with absolute confidence that I would be the least expected person ever to darken Lallybroch’s door. 

“Oh, aye,” the boy said. Polite. Wary. “If you’ll just follow me, Mistress, I’ll put awa’ the horse and then show ye inside until someone will be in to receive ye.” 

Someone. Someone. 

My heart thumped and my hope screamed piercingly in my ears:

Jamie. Jamie. JAMIE. 

My hands were shaking. I had to swallow and moisten my mouth to get the words out as I followed behind the boy toward the hitching post. “I beg your pardon, but does the…?” Nothing to lose, at this point, I suppose. “Is the laird in residence?”

“Mr. Jamie?” the boy asked over his shoulder, clearly surprised by the inquiry. “Aye, ‘course.”  

He was here. 

I nearly fainted where I stood. 

Thank God!! Thank GOD I trusted my gut and came here instead of going to Edinburgh. 

Jamie was near. My Jamie could be HERE at any moment! 

God, what will—

“But he’s no’ to home just at present,” the boy added hastily. “Went up to Broch Morda for the day.”

“Oh! Oh, that’s—that’s quite alright.” In fact, it was a relief. I would have time to think, to plan; to prepare myself. 

Dear God, Jamie! 

“Shall I send a message after him to let him know you’ve business wi’ him, Mistress?”

It should be alone, when we met to give him time to react in private — Lord, would he faint? Scream? Regardless, I did not want to be responsible for giving Jamie a premature cardiac arrest. 

 “That’s very kind, lad, but no, I’ll wai—”

“It’s Jamie Murray, he means.”

I whirled, my heart crushed with realization before I even finished the turn. Of *course* Jamie Fraser was no longer the laird; I’d known that; I KNEW that.

But even the ache of my desperation for Jamie vanished for that moment as I took in the sight of the woman standing in the open kitchen doorway. Older, weathered, just like me–but the same. My eyes filled with tears of joy and love and relief and I gave a little sob as I made to run to her, to embrace her. 

But I was halted by a cold voice I didn’t recognize. “He’s no’ here.” 

I stared as a dead person stares, looking but without conscious thought. It was a stranger speaking, a hostile stranger showing not a scrap of surprise or pleasure at my appearance. And her eyes—God, those blue eyes so very like his—staring me down— so bone-chillingly cold —

No, not just distant…..


Jesus, I wanted to whimper, Don’t you recognize me, sister? It’s ME…

But she did recognize me; and she did not like what she saw. 

I braced my shoulders. Met her eye. And tried not to let my wounds show. 

“Hello, Jenny.” 

Like Fire (Darth Maul x Reader)

Prompts:  “ If you like this idea, what about reader as one of Padmé’s assistants working in her Coruscant office, who somehow meets Maul. They either just do it once or start an affair (depending on how long you wanted to make it).” and “Is it possible to request some Darth Maul smut? I kinda need that in my life right now. :)”

Warning: NSFW smuttiness! You have been warned! Also, to make the smut a little…easier… I’ve written this Maul with his lower half still intact. Not that the story line is very important in this fic, but just so you know, it’s after Naboo. Let’s say that Obi-Wan didn’t cut him in half, just kinda…stabbed him. That work? Lol I hope so. Anyways, on with the show!

Originally posted by lucasborin

Being one of Padme Amidala’s assistants was a full-time job, taking up most of your hours during the day and even stealing a large portion of your nights, leaving you sleep-deprived in your efforts to get her reports done on time and make the right appointments with the right people. But you did love your job; the senator was one of the few good politicians out there, fighting for the rights of people not only from her home planet, but all around the galaxy as well.

It didn’t change the fact that you wished there was something…else in your life, though. Something new and exciting, something just for yourself. You’d wanted to find someone to share a relationship with for a while, but it just seemed so impossible, what with how demanding your job was. As you dwelled more and more on your lack of a love life, you grew less and less passionate about your duties until, one day, your boss approached you about it.

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Waking EXO Up with Kisses

Contains: fluff / kisses / cuddles / pillows / cuteness

[  // Masterlist //  ]

// Minseok

In the middle of the night, you had felt him wake up and saw him massaging his neck.  He’d told you that he was okay and to go back to sleep, but now that it was morning, you were worried that he could still be hurting.

You leaned over began lightly kissing Minseok’s neck, and soon he began giggling and raised his shoulder to block you.

“That tickles, Jagi!”

“Are you feeling okay?  Your neck, I mean.”

“It feels fine now, I just slept on it wrong.  …You don’t have to stop kissing me though,” Minseok said with a smirk while pulling your closer by your chin.

Originally posted by angel-in-slow-motion

// Junmyeon

You lifted your head off the tome that had been your pillow that night and you looked next to you at Junmyeon, who was still asleep on his.  You had fallen asleep while reading together.  

Afraid he would drool on his copy, you were about to shake him awake, but then you remembered the last thing you had read: the main character was woken up with kisses by one of the love interests, and you had thought it was very romantic.  You looked down and reread the paragraph and decided to do exactly what the character did.  You took his face in your hand and pressed loving kisses to his jaw.

Junmyeon woke up right away and you felt him smile under your touch.  When you backed up and looked down at him, he had the happiest smile you’d ever seen on his face.  He rolled on top of you to return the favor.

Originally posted by kingjunmyeonn

// Yixing

You woke up just before sunrise after your first night sleeping in Yixing’s bed, which you didn’t mean to do, you had just gotten so tired, and apparently so had he.  When you looked next to you, you saw he hadn’t even changed out of his clothes from the previous day.

And then you were flooded with memories from yesterday, how much fun you’d had with your new boyfriend, how he’d treated you like royalty and held your hand all day.  Your face inched closer and closer to his, wondering if you could get away with this without him noticing.

As heavy of a sleeper as he was, he did eventually notice you kissing his cheek and looked up at you with a small smile.

“Do you want to keep doing that?”

You nodded shyly and he smiled even larger then got more comfortable.  “I’m ready~!”

So overtaken by your affection, he could only accept your love for a short time before reciprocating.

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// Baekhyun

He was taking so long to wake up on his own.  So, so long.  You had decided to wait patiently, because he looked so peaceful sleeping, but you couldn’t take it anymore.  You two had a fun day ahead, if he would just wake up.

You put your book on the nightstand and nudged him.  Nothing.

Then you ruffled his hair.  Nothing.

Then you kissed him.  And he couldn’t help but giggle.

“Am I your sleeping prince, Jagi?” he asked while wiggling his eyebrows.

You laughed at that.  “Maybe you are~  Now get up!  We have things to do.”

But unfortunately, your plans would have to wait until Baekhyun was through kissing you back.  Look at what you started!

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// Jongdae

You woke up with his arms around you, almost nose-to-nose with him.  You were already so close, you might as well just close the gap.  So you did, and at first, you could have sworn you felt him kiss you back.  So you kissed him harder, and he pulled away.

And your eyes widened when you saw his nose crinkle up.

“What?” you asked.

“Morning breath, ugh!”

Your jaw fell and you hit him on the stomach, but he just burst out laughing anyway at how upset you looked.  You flipped over and wrestled away from him when he tried to regain a hold on you.

“You know I didn’t mean it, don’t be like that, Jagiii!!”

You resisted for as long as you could, but you really did want to kiss him again, even if he had morning breath too.  Eventually you gave up and let him climb on top of you.

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// Chanyeol

You woke up with over a dozen stuffed toys surrounding you and your sleeping boyfriend.  You liked plushies, and there were some on your bed at home, but Chanyeol just couldn’t bring himself to choose less than all of them every night so that none of them would feel left out.  You thought it was too cute that he was thinking that way, but you still weren’t used to sleeping among so many soft toys.

He was so cute when he slept, too.  You planted a quick kiss on his cheek, causing him to smile in his sleep.  After a couple more, he was grinning from ear to ear and you weren’t sure that he was sleep anymore.  When you stopped, you saw him crack an eye open to peek at you, then quickly close it when he saw you looking back at him.  He made a small snoring sound and tried to suppress his grin.  You could either disappoint him, or keep giving him what he wanted, and you decided to make him happy.

After a while, he opened his eyes, smiling as big as if he won a daesang.  “You must really love my face, Jagi~”

Originally posted by dokxsoo

// Kyungsoo

Who gets to wake up to the most kissable lips in the world every morning?  You do!  Unless their owner has gotten up before you to cook breakfast, but today was not one of those days.  You woke up with Kyungsoo soundly asleep next to you and counted yourself lucky once again.

You didn’t even think about it; you just kissed him.  But after you pulled away, he rolled on his side away from you!

“Hey!” you cried out.  You saw Kyungsoo jolt awake and roll back over to face you.  You hadn’t meant to be so loud, but how dare he?!

“I just wanted to kiss you,” you said quieter.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he grumbled.

“And you just r o l l e d away, like I’m some gross thing and–”

You had to stop talking because Kyungsoo kissed you, a long, full kiss, not just one to make you shut up.  But it did make you shut up.

“I was asleep,” he said with a tiny laugh.  “And I’m going back to sleep.”

“It’s time to get up, though.  It’s 9AM.”


Originally posted by glorious-soobooty

// Jongin

You usually woke up before him, so that wasn’t new, but Jongin was looking particularly fine this morning as he slept.  Instead of being all over the place, his hair had somehow stayed relatively neat all night.  You could barely hear his breathing and he had this peaceful look on his face, and you just couldn’t help yourself.

You moved close to him and decided you would kiss his cheek until he felt it and woke up.

You sat there with your lips on his face for a full minute, and he didn’t even stir.

This time, you kissed him with intent and he woke up, confused.

“The rest of the pizza is in the tree…!  Don’t hit the camel…”  He usually wasn’t very coherent when he was woken up, which always made you laugh, and it took a moment for him to remember where he was.

Jongin looked at you, and you couldn’t help yourself, you kissed him again!

He had a confused smile on his face, but kissed your cheek back.

Then you kissed his.

Then he kissed yours, and exploded with laughter.

You also laughed, and this kept going back and forth for about ten minutes, then you both got on your phones.

Originally posted by veriloquentmind

// Sehun

Last night you’d woken up several times because you felt like you were in a freezer.  No matter how many times you snatched them back, Sehun kept stealing the covers in his sleep.  You know he hadn’t meant to do it, but you were going to get him back anyway.  You snuck out of bed, picked up Vivi, and got a bit of dog food.

Sehun was still asleep, so you dropped Vivi next to him, put the food on his cheek, and let Vivi eat it.  Once Vivi started licking his face, you gave him your own kisses on his other cheek.

He began laughing and sat up, confused about what was going on.

“Jagi, what are you doing?”

You sat up and put Vivi in his lap, who continued licking his face.

“Stop.  Stealing.  All.  The.  Covers!” you said with a kiss between each word.

“I didn’t know I was doing that!”  But he didn’t stop the barrage of love from you and Vivi.

“I know.  But stop it.”

He put Vivi on the floor, hugged you, and gave you a kiss on the cheek back.

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Headcanon that Alec starts spending hours every night after they put the kids to bed studying Spanish. At first, Magnus continually tires to usher him to bed, telling him that he’ll pick up more Spanish than he thinks just by speaking it. But after weeks of Alec responding with, “If you want to help me, that’s fine. But don’t keep me from this,” Magnus finally gives in and simply begins making Alec coffee each night, sitting with him until they’re both too tired to study any longer.

For Rafael’s 16th birthday, Alec gives him a letter that he has written entirely in Spanish. In it, Alec explains everything from what he first felt when they decided to adopt Rafe to the first time he watched Rafael kill a demon. Rafael can’t quite make sense of any of this, though. Sure, it’s touching and meaningful to him, but just why his father would tell him all of these things is beyond him. At least, it was until he finishes the letter. 

“When you found out just how much I was studying Spanish,” it read in Alec’s neat script, “Your ten-year-old self cried because you thought your dad was breaking his back doing something you didn’t even need him to do in the first place. But I’ve spent all this time studying Spanish, not because I ever thought you needed that of me, but because I simply wanted to be able to show you my love in a way that was all my own. The hours spent studying and stressing were nothing compared to the smile on your face when you realized I’d finally pronounced something correctly or I’d finally grasped a certain grammatical concept. All those years ago, you asked me why, and I wouldn’t explain it to you back then. But here is my answer, son: for you; always and forever will it be for you.”

Jared Leto Imagine - His ‘friends’ are mean to you

Anonymous said:Can you do an imagine with Jared and the reader , the reader goes to one of his shows and backstage when Jared steps away for a sec some of Jared’s friends make fun and call her a groupie and the reader gets really uncomfortable and leave and Jared gets pissed and all that , you know how to make a good story happen💞

A/N: Hi love and thanks for requesting. Sorry for the long wait. I hope you like it :)

Also if someone doesn’t know what a groupie is, I’ll help you out. A groupie = A young woman who seeks to achieve status by having sex with rock musicians, roadies, security, and other band-related guys.

Your P.O.V.

My entire body felt like a bottle of coke that had been shaken too much. I was simply so excited and happy today. Why? I won a internet competition and now I’d have a meet and greet with Jared Leto from 30 Seconds To Mars! He was my idol and I couldn’t be gladder to see him in person. 

After two weeks of waiting , the moment was finally here. I made sure that my outfit was on point before going further inside. I was wearing blue shorts, a long sleeved white shirt, fishnet socks with black boots. Then I had my echelon necklace and a few rings. I didn’t do much to my hair, because I didn’t want to seem overdone. The most important thing was the fact that I’d meet him.

So with a pass around my neck I was allowed to the backroom where Jared was. He was shooting for a movie these times, but he made time for this. So basically I was here at the set with loads of people around us.I didn’t mind. A big metallic green door opened and a guard told me to go. That I did.

He was right there in front of my eyes. I swear my heart skipped a beat when I laid eyes on my idol. He was talking to a group of men and they seemed to have a nice conversation. Time seemed to freeze. I mean, he was there for real! Jared fucking Leto in his fancy ass clothes and that slick look on his entire body. He had black pants, grey sneakers and a blue button-up shirt.His brown hair was put back with gel and he had a short stubble, because he had to shave his cute beard for this role.  Then he turned around, probably because he heard the door.

‘’Hi!’’ He chirped happily when he saw me. Jesus christ. What was air? ‘’Hi’’ I tried to say as normally as I could, but the second I moved my mouth, I wanted to smile and cry at the same time. Jared noticed that I was struggling to do anything so he walked over with his strong arms wide open. It was very inviting to hug him. So I did that. I wrapped my arms around him and felt how he did the same to me, squeezing me into a real nice hug. He smelled really nice, like cologne. Then he was warm. His hug just confirmed that he was real, he existed!

‘’So you’re the lucky gal?’’ Jared asked me happily after a while. I stepped back and looked into his blue eyes. It was so surreal. ‘’I guess so’’ I answered him. To my surprise I was shy. ‘’I’m Y/N’’ I added, for some reason needing to tell him my name. ‘’That’s a pretty name. I’m Jared’’ He let me know and I laughed. Of course I knew who he was. ‘’Oh shoot’’ He suddenly breathed out sharply. He touched his torso and then his pockets, like he was looking for something. ‘’I’m gonna go and get the camera so we can take a picture. I’ll be back before you know it’’ Jared promised me. I nodded and he hurried to find a camera. He was literally jogging. I was left alone with his friends.

‘’So what will your story be?’’ One of them with raven black hair spoke up. I turned to look at the small gang with only three men now. ‘’Huh?’’ I gave him a confused look. They shared a laugh and then came closer, making me a little nervous. ‘’How will you try to fuck him?’’ The same man cleared his words. My eyes widened in surprise. Was he serious? ‘’I..I’m not trying to do that’’ I defended myself, suddenly feeling really bad. Why would they think so?

‘’Save it girl, you’re obviously some kind of a slut. Just look at you!’’ The guy with dark brown hair and a huge white T spat this time. Ouch. My breath hitched in my throat. They all checked me out with nasty looks. ‘’Just admit it, you’re a groupie’’ The last man spoke. That felt really bad. ‘’No I’m not!’’ I sighed and shut my eyes for a while.

‘’Well your lies ain’t bulletproof. You should go before he comes back. We don’t have time to fuck around, you’re wasting time’’ The raven guy told me harshly. Suddenly my eyes stung. I felt like crying and those tears wouldn’t be happy tears. ‘’But I came to see him, not to fuck him’’ I whimpered, blinking away tears that foolishly landed down my face. It felt bad, really bad.

‘’Go on, leave. Tears won’t save a nasty little groupie. What if you’ve got aids or something?’’ One of them laughed out loud, making the others laugh as well. That’s it. Jared would come back seeing me in tears and he’d never believe me. I turned around and headed towards the door. This felt unreal. I never expected to leave early feeling like total shit.

Before I could push the door open, I heard Jared’s voice. ‘’Guys what the hell?’’ He barked, sounding angry as fuck. A shiver ran down my spine and I bit my bottom lip, trying to keep my tears in. ‘’We’re just helping ya out mate’’ One of them scoffed, playing innocent. I just stood there, unsure of what to do. ‘’Get out of here now before I get angrier’’ Jared warned his so called friends. Then I heard his footsteps coming closer. ‘’Are you serious?’’ One of the guys asked Jared in disbelief.

‘’I said get the hell away from me or else you’ll regret staying’’ He yelled loudly, making me flinch. Talk about a first meeting gone wrong. A couple seconds later we were left alone and I felt like I would burst. He put his hand on my shoulder and turned me around so he could see my face. He didn’t seem angry anymore, more disappointed. 

‘’I’m so sorry’’ He whispered and put a hand on my jaw, making me look at him. I tried to speak, but I was choking on tears so nothing came out. Instead I shook my head and faked a smile. ‘’I don’t know why they would say those things..damn’’ Jared continued and then took a deep breath. ‘’It’s okay’’ I lied, not wanting to bother him. 

Meeting Jared was overwhelming enough but this was over the top. If I’d be home, I’d put Thirty Seconds To Mars on my speakers and cry out to them. Now I felt lost and confused. I didn’t want to cry, but I felt too anxious to keep it in. ‘’It’s not okay. That’s really a dick ass move from them’’ He growled under his breath. Jared seemed upset as well, but more angry upset. ‘’Maybe I should go, I don’t want to ruin anything’’ I thought out loud. I tried to step back, but Jared didn’t let me off hook so easily. He grabbed my wrists and more or less forced me to stay.

‘’Y/N’’ He said my name seriously. That’s all it took to make the tears fall down my face. I sniffled and then I looked down, attempting to hide my face from him. Damn this was embarrassing. ‘’I think that we should have a second chance to meet. One without those douche bags’’ Jared started something suggestive. What was he talking about? ‘’How about I make it up to you and we go out and do something sometime?’’ He suggested hopefully. I looked at him like he was joking. Then he saw that I was crying.

jared wiped away my tears with his thumb, making me feel better. ‘’Would that be fun?’’ He cooed after a while. I nodded and then cracked a small smile. Man this guy knew what to do. ‘’That’s good’’ He smiled back and pulled me close. I knew he was a cuddler, but this was really comforting. ‘’So how about we calm down, ignore those idiots, take some pics, walk around and then change numbers?’’ Jared made a plan. ‘’That sounds neat’’ I replied and felt much better. I was so surprised that he decided to comfort me and tell his friends to go away. I was just a fan after all.

‘’That’s good to hear’’ He admitted and patted my back. Now I sure knew why he was my idol. Not only was he a good artist, but he was an amazing person.

Submitted by seyeba 

ooohoohoo i hope im doing this right ;v;“

i have a ton of stuff typed up for these redesigns!! i hope its not too much text aaaa ;o;

i got the okay to submit these so i hope its alright to go ahead and do so! these are the redesigns that i had asked about through anon (and have put on a texture and my watermarks :’D )

Just managed to finish a buncha Yandere Simulator Redesigns! these are all of the main protagonist, and the ten rivals.

I decided to do a simply designed uniform to display the characters in. I chose this kinda of dress because i had fun drawing it. and i like the colour green. I also kept it only one colour/hue + white, instead of blue and red, which are colours that strongly contrast each other. These outfits still display changes that could probably apply to many other school dress designs, these being in skirt length, sleeve length, whether they wear jerseys or not and also, how they tie their bows/ribbon things.

So below I will share with you my personal ideas/headcannons/suggestions for the Yan Sim rivals, both for their personality and appearance, along with their reasons for being rivals. Please keep in mind these thoughts are all for fun!

(Also before i begin i must apologise for the jumps and many changes in quality and the several mistakes in the artworks, there’s really no excuse for them but i really can’t be bothered to fix em! maybe later :’D these took about a week to complete anyhow! )

First we have Yandere Chan!
I actually found somewhere on the Tummler someone suggesting that Yan-chan, instead of dark grey hair, should have white hair! They said that this would make Ayano have a more unique look, as well as the fact that white is associated with death in japan. Very cool! I figured it’d be neat, and would also match my idea that i have for Ayano’s personality. (i made a version with her default hair/eye colour just for fun tho)

Recently Yandere dev posted a video on Ayano’s childhood. as everyone has been pointing out, the video is riddled with plotholes. not only that but i dont see any yandere in Ayano anymore. shes more like… a mix of yandere and kuudere. but without the -dere. she’s a Yankuu. KUUYAN im kidding. but anyway as a lot of people have been saying: the edge is strong with this video. and i feel like the edginess is too cringy. so lets remedy it!
i feel like having a yandere with a polite yet joking/sarcastic attitude would be pretty neat. Relating to her hair color, she would appear to be pure/innocent (referring to how white can be associated with purity), but should you choose to break this image by playing through the game violently, the hair colour would still relate! Back onto her personality and the idea of her being joking/sarcastic, if her insanity is getting low, she could make snarky/sarcastic remarks to her victims, either in the basement for the torture killing method, or possibly when outright killing them. maybe she likes to taunt her victims before killing them! i like the idea of her being headstrong with a kinda “these women have no chance against me” vibe. However the lower her sanity is, the more likely she is to vocalise these taunts, and maybe the lower it is, the more confident she becomes (in terms of killing someone as well, and possibly with killing them in front of others).

Next up is Osana!

This was basically me just fooling around with her design. There are some anime characters with hairstyles that just dont make ANY fucking sense whatsoever. be it that they make no sense in terms of gravity, or in terms of practicality. If the game is going to have several cliches sprinkled in, I want to put one in too! D:< I kid. But anyway- I did want to give her short hair. I felt like she would make a neat typical ‘tom boy’ kinda character. however, giving her short hair would neglect the sweet gradient she has going on, man! not only that but it also dismisses the kill method with the fan vent thing. i thought that method was pretty cool and i’d love to do it in game as well. ANYWAY i decided to give her these weird long bangs/side hair things.
and of course, for a hair accessory, she gets a small hair clip. one of those cheap ass clips that dont keep any hair back and only kids wear. (maybe its a little clip that senpai gave to her when they were younger! :‘3c ) I figured a small hair accessory would be adequate for her considering she is the first rival; it gives her a decently unique appearance, and keeps it simple at the same time. As the first enemy in the game, i don’t think she needs all that much detail.
and in terms of her stockings… yeah im not too sure. I changed the white spots because i personality didnt like the contrast, but her stockings weren’t bad originally.

In terms of her personality, she’d be a typical tsundere. of course. she isnt mean though, unlike how she’s being implemented to act; its more like she does nice things for senpai, he smiles and says thank you, and she gets all flustered and shy/embarassed and is denying she did it because she likes him, its just because they’re friends, of course! anyway senpai obviously knows she has a thing for him (i doubt hes that stupid to not notice). depending on how you eliminate Osana, he will react in a few different ways.

The first way, if you murder Osana, is that senpai will OBVIOUSLY become incredibly distraught. he will become depressed. how would you feel if your best friend since childhood was suddenly murdered? for seemingly no reason, too!

The second way, if you befriend Osana and convince her to not confess to senpai and instead let you do so, Senpai will notice that Osana has started acting differently. However, its not an extreme change, Osana just seems to no longer be romantically interested in him. and because they’re best friends, he will be fine with it. I mean, i hope he’s a good guy that would be fine with something like that.

The third way is similar to the second, however the cause is instead that Osana is paired off with another person at school. heck, why not senpai be supportive of the new couple! thats the best :D

Not all too sure of the other elimination methods so im not going to comment on them :‘3

Next up is Amai!

the feet can fuck off. i hated drawing them.
Of course, Amai here in her redesign is short and chubby. …kinda chubby. I actually had trouble with her proportions, at first she looked like a very long armed person with midget length legs. which did look kinda weird. anyway! I like the idea of her being kind and gentle etc. and i gave her a single tight curl in her hair, for the same reason as i did for Muja. ill explain why on the part for Muja though!

I didnt really feel like changing her personality much. she has a cute personality already! no need to change it :D

Next up, Kizana!
this is actually my favourite redesign ive made out of the whole group c’:

(the negativity i have in this part is mostly, if not completely, just my personal preference.)
In all honesty i figured the richness in color of her original hair/stockings were wayyy too much. in terms of saturation. ive personally never liked that colour of purple. its always been weird and way too saturated for me to use whenever ive had to design a character (be it a humanoid character or a different creature). so i decided to change her hair to a light lavender colour, and her stockings to a similar shade. speaking of her stockings… I felt like they were incredibly tacky xD they just had rose prints tacked onto the material! definitely not regal looking, if that is indeed the sought after look. instead, i changed her stockings to have thorned vines embroidered on them, which refer to not only the thorned stems of roses, but also her personality.
I also felt like it’d be a cute idea for her to have a poofy skirt! again, it could be considered a 'dramatic’ contrast to all the other rivals and possibly all the other students. She also had the obligatory gloves (drama club) and i like to think she wears a long sleeved version of the school uniform.

I feel as though she would have a perfect personality if she were to be sassy, often rude, but to also encourage creativity and originality. she could also be quite supportive of those with creative and unique ideas, which could mean she could poooossibly be paired with the art club leader? might be a stretch but i thought it was a cute idea that would make sense in this case :'3
I also changed the roses both on her choker and in her hair to a darker red, also due to the fact that i cant stand saturated colours. they also create a contrast to her lighter overall appearance, which can also be considered to be a dramatic contrast!
her eyes are blue due to the fact that i always thought the colour of royalty was deep blue. i once read a fact book for kids that was about some specific time period (i think it was based on like england or smth), which said if you were royal, you were considered to have blue blood. this was derived from the idea that royalty in the UK often had such pale skin you could see the blue veins under their skin therefore making people think they had blue blood in their veins.


The next rival is Oka!
I didn’t feel like changing her design much, other than the fact i feel like with her messy hair, one or some teachers may ask her to tie her hair back. I know they do so in my school, especially if your hair is unneat or unkempt! Of course, she has a longer skirt. I feel like someone who is shy and socially awkward like Oka would HATE having to wear a mini skirt/dress. i feel like she’d be the type of character to cover up as much as possible, which is also why i gave her a jersey! It may seem redundant with her gloves already covering her but maybe she gets cold easily! i also thought it’d be cute, along with the fact that her original design had a turtleneck sweater/jersey. yay, jerseys!

Personality: I think her personality is perfect how it is. shy, weird, socially awkward and head of a fucking occult club. neato.

Asu Rito is next!! ..ehkinda.
not sure what i did here. i just put her hair into a ponytail and made her sports pants longer.

i decided that Muja Kina could be an intern for nursing! She had just flown over from another country to do training to become a nurse :3 

Appearance: since she’s from another country, i felt that i could give her a uniform similar to the ones that nurses from South Africa wear, considering i live in SA! i just made it pink to match her overall colour scheme, and made her eyes green to contrast. as said earlier, i gave both her and Amai a little tight curl in their hair. this is because when i was younger and had really long hair, my hair was mostly straight save for a single random curl. i felt like this would add a little personal touch to the redesigns, and also add a bit of youthfulness to their appearance. also because i like drawing these kindsa curls :3

Instead of being a ditzy airhead klutz WHATEVER kinda person, she is a very caring and soft person, and tries her best to be strict and reprimanding but she just can’t do it, she’s too sweet by nature! she also tries her best to help anyone and can become too attached to her patients that need a lot of help. so that brings me to the topic of her relationship with senpai!
i feel like with her being a nurse that wants to save everyone, when she sees senpai she immediately calls him in and tries helping him throughout her week. i feel like she’d try to act like a therapist and give him meds like Rescue for stress and stuff like that. at the end of the week i’d say she’d have by then convinced him to maybe leave the school (if there have been murders in the past she could have convinced him that this school is too dangerous for him to attend) or to possibly leave dating or love and w/e for after school when he’s going to college (if the past rivals were all eliminated peacefully and senpai is feeling uuuu sorry for himself that any girl he likes lose interest in him)

Next is Mida Rana!
honestly before i memorised Mida’s and Muja’s names to their faces, i kept getting the two mixed up with each other. their names aren’t really similar, but… they’re too similar for me ):<<
Appearance: Overall i just changed her appearance to be less obviously a porn actress acting as a teacher who spanks the students or some creepy shit like that. no garter belt showing AND NO OBVIOUS BOOBAGE. the boobage is still there but its more believable or plausible to happen in a school environment /iguess/ since of course some women have such large breasts that sometimes the clothes they have can’t cover up their cleavage completely! and while that argument could have been used for her original design, i feel like that design was just made to be sexual and nothing else.

Personality: i think i read this somewhere else before but the idea for Mida Rana is that she is the new teacher for Senpai’s class. idk maybe the last one was killed or she resigned! or w/e. anyway Mida Rana will become a rival because WELL WHADDYA KNOW she’s the head teacher for the exchange program! she decides that because senpai is such a friendly and respectful person, he would make a perfect candidate for representing Akademi High by becoming an exchange student in another school! maybe this would make senpai decide to move to that country he became an exchange student in :0c either way senpai would be leaving the school for an amount of time so its basically oh noes for Ayano!

so next we have Osoro!
Appearance: for her design i went full derp bc i didnt really know what to do. i googled high school delinquents and its a japanese thing and i didnt… really know… how to redesign her. so i just made her a bit less caring to her uniform appearance and gave her one of those masks that some deliquents in google images were wearing. also darker skin because why not.

personality: i didnt really have much of a problem with her original personality so i didnt really feel like changing it.

NEXT is Hanako!

appearance: keeping her as little miss generic. upon transferring to the school because her parents felt it would be nice for her and senpai to be in the same school before senpai finishes high school, she was wearing the school uniform exactly as how it was described in the rulebook she had gotten before transferring to Akademi. however, after seeing all the other students wearing short skirts, with colourful hair, hair accessories and colourful socks, the second day she comes to school she decides to wear her favourite heart hair clip. ooooh what a rule breaker!!

personality: upon coming to school for the first day, she will realise that something is off. Hanako is not stupid; if she finds out that there have been murders at the school, she will immediately tell her parents who will proceed to transfer both senpai and Hanako out of Akademi to a new school.
if there have not been any murders, and senpai tells her of the girls that used to have crushes on him but have all suddenly become uninterested in him, she will conclude that someone is trying to sabotage all of his potential lovers, and similar to Muja, will convince him to not start dating anyone.

finally, Megami Saikou.
i always felt that the name Saikou sounds a LOT like Psycho. and i legit figured that, after seeing the name on Ayano’s cellphone, it was kinda punny engrish name that referred to Ayano’s yandere nature. BUT NO it seems like its the name of the random corporation thing. that got me thinking…

what if Megami was also a yandere? :3c she could be a serious kinda yandere; professional and very VERY secretive of eliminating those who mean harm to the one she loves. ofc since she’s supposed to be a mary sue, it will be very VERY hard to get by her because she is very good at keeping this a secret.

so yeah!! those are the ideas i had for the redesigns for the rivals and Yan-chan! hope some people like them /)o//v//o(\

Meant To Be (part 2)

You are a badass muggle-born Gryffindor girl in your 6th year. Your life is perfect in Hogwarts, you have friends, you study well and you can forget there your horrible relationship with your parents. But once, for a winter break, you decided to spend the holiday in the castle and this decision give you the chance to get to know Sirius Black. And from that day, you are bound to the other.
| Part 3 | Masterlist |

Originally posted by hot-actors-ftw

Sirius Black

We were having breakfast on the first school day after winter break. Everyone of my friends were talking about how they spent the time and how much they enjoyed it. When Peter shared us that he “almost died in pleasure when first ate his best-ever mum’s cook when arrived home”, he gave me an apologetic look and quickly added:

“Sorry, Padfoot.”

But I just smiled at that sentence. Even if I couldn’t have an enjoyable celebrating with a family that filled with love; I’ve had the best winter break ever in my life. Y/N and I became very good friends and I realized we really did spent the whole time together.

She was so curious about our secret places in the castle and my “special” prank tricks, so I taught her small hexes and jinxes, but she “definitely didn’t want to use them on people”. I loved that mischievous side of her that started to appear slowly. It’s not like that it is the only thing why I liked her. It was clear on the first day when we met that Y/N is looking good. Very good, to be honest. But during the break, when she laughed on something, it was the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard. And her smile was just simply incredible according to me. I haven’t seen Y/N’s smile before, so I didn’t know how much it makes her appearance more beautiful.

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While this is going on, the boys were at the bar just a few short walk away.

I felt like making this after noticing the Oscar are tomorrow, so I quickly made this neat drawing of Moana and Judy greeting each with good lucks to each other.

Now, I would make it just a Zootopia wins picture ,especially since I’m a Zootopia fan. But, I wanted to be fair with Moana fans, since it’s also getting the same kind of praise. So, a compromise is being made between to two characters. Anyway, enjoy this awesome picture, and good luck to both films at the Oscars.

…Mostly Zootopia.

#1302: I Found A Hand Print On My Door

Length: Short

I love windows. I love seeing the world around me, letting the natural light in. I love feeling connected to nature even when I’m inside. When I was a kid, I used to leave my window in my bedroom open all the time. It was so nice to be in my room working on something and still be able to hear the birds and feel the breeze and smell the fresh cut grass. I would sleep with my window up, also. Fall asleep to the crickets and the frogs and the sounds of the night. I loved it.


I went away to college in the middle of a much bigger city than the one I had come from. I like the city, don’t get me wrong, but the noise and pollution get old sometimes. It didn’t matter, dorm and apartment windows don’t open. Mine didn’t, anyway.

After college, I began working at a publishing agency. I really did love it. The people I worked with were great. Even my boss was laid back and easy to work with. Plus, who doesn’t love to be surrounded by books all day? It was decent money, as well, and I was fairly happy. In my heart, though, I knew I was a writer. I wanted to write, not edit or proof read or spend all day focusing on someone else’s work. I wanted to be doing my own.

Luckily for me, my boss, also a writer, understood exactly what I was going through. She allowed me to work from home and even agreed to read my work and give me comments and critiques. I knew I would never get any writing done in the city surrounded by so many distractions though, so I took all of my savings and put a down payment on a secluded cabin at the base of the mountains.

It was right out of a novel itself, really. Not too big, not too small. It was right on a lake, as well. From my back deck I could watch the sunrise onto the mountain tops as the early morning mist slowly faded from the lake. I could hear frogs and crickets and smell fresh cut grass and morning dew. And I could finally raise my windows again.

My home was full of windows. They were everywhere. The thing that made the house so noteworthy, so expensive, was the panoramic view it offered. What it offered me was a step back in time to my childhood.

The first month that I lived in the house was amazing. I got so much writing done in such a short amount of time. Not to mention, the month was filled with sweet mountain breezes, strawberry lemonade, fresh veggies from my garden, dips in the lake, and lightening bugs. It was the first time I had seen lightening bugs in eight years. I felt so at home.

Unfortunately, that would not last.

I think the first time I realized something was off was one morning about a month ago. I noticed a handprint on the patio door as I was in the kitchen getting my coffee. This, of course, wasn’t alarming to me at the time. I’m not really a neat freak, so I just figured I had touched the door and hadn’t noticed the print I left. I cleaned it off and thought nothing more of it as I got ready for the day.

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dangerscully  asked:

Prompt, if the feeling takes you... road trip, car breaks down, somehow the conversation turns to death. As fluffy (it's possible!) or as angsty as you like, and about whoever's death you feel like.

Leaving or Waiting

Season 5 - Post Chinga || MSR || PG || tw: death

They’re too far back to hear the crunch of folding metal, too far away to help in any way other than by pulling half on to the central reservation to let the fire crew and the ambulance through. They’re too far away to know what has happened, but too close to escape and as the traffic builds behind them, ranks of cars leaning in to find out the ending, Mulder tunes the radio to a local news station.

They don’t talk, not even as people start to get out of the vehicles around them and turn to each other to try and comprehend the tragedy that has brought them together. Mulder methodically shells sunflower seeds into the cup holder and Scully stares straight ahead, the blankness of her expression masking her thoughts which dance from darkness to mundanity in the stillness.

Minutes pass and their car is an island of calm in a sea of people; they perfected the art of comfortable silences on a rural highway in New Jersey, back when chasing the Jersey Devil was the closest they’d gotten to running for their lives. Today though there’s a distortion to it, a sense that they are waiting for something significant to happen before they will speak, though neither of them had planned to say anything of importance when they’d got into the car.

It happens thirteen minutes after the traffic stops.

“It is with great sadness that we at KATC Radio must inform you that the driver and the passenger of the overturned car on route twelve have both been pronounced dead at the scene. The crash appears to have been accidental, most likely due to loss of control and there are no other casualties. Police have told us that the victims were an elderly couple, known in the local community, their loved ones have been informed. We’d like to express our deepest sympathy to all affected and will bring you regular updates on the efforts to clear the road for traf-’

Mulder slaps the radio off hard enough that the plastic cracks.

‘Because the state of the road is clearly the important thing here.’

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anonymous asked:

no you’re cute ;) also,, would u consider drawing your taako? you have such an amazing design for him and i just discovered your art and i love it and i hope u have a good day and feel free to ignore this!!

i’mgskjdghs i’m so glad you like him!!! i only had time for a doodle but wow? i truly do love this elf.. thank u so much

i violently swing between giving him rly nice, neat short hair or a fluffy mullet :~) both r good imo (but my merle has a legendary mullet so i felt i needed…………. Balance)

(click on the image to get a less-blurry version)

I felt like drawing Sofia in a big poofy hoodie w/ spooky panties

so I drew Sofia in a big poofy hoodie w/ spooky panties

the hoodie design is from the “Green Hazard” skin for DJ Scully from Killing Floor 2 btw because I thought she’d look good in it and I was totally right

i have a couple more ideas in mind for something of a “casual” lineup of all 3 of my OCs in super casual outfits of course, but I think some other ideas i have in mind are of higher priority so those might be a while.

(also made some slight changes to her design, more on that in the Mod Commentary under the break)

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Me and Damien

So like all of you, I’ve been playing Dream Daddy for a few days and I’m utterly charmed by this sweet and goofy game.

I really like the writing in it, first of all. There were moments that made me laugh out loud, and hard enough that it took me a minute to recover. I really love the characters. So far I have romanced Robert and Damien and @nolifedeserved and I did a Brian playthrough together. We are also working on a Mat playthrough.

Playing a supportive dad who gets along well with his daughter is really nice. And you guys have fun together! It’s really sweet. The game doesn’t shy away from darker themes, but it handles them in a way that is realistic and kind.

Now, let’s talk about Damien.

But first let’s talk about me. I’m a trans man, and this is something I’ve only recently come to terms with. I’m early in my transition, only 4 weeks on T. The only strangers who gender me correctly are elderly Russians. But I don’t see a lot of trans men in media.

And when you do see trans men in media, our stories usually revolve around our transness. When did we come out? Have we had surgery? Do we have hormones? How do other people perceive us?

And there is very little about masculinity and what it means to be a man. How, as trans masculine people, do we define masculinity?

And what happens when you’re an effeminate trans man?

Damien is trans, but you only find that out through specific conversation choices. Otherwise, he’s just viewed by the game, by the player character and by the neighborhood as Damien, that nerdy guy who’s super goth.

Damien grows flowers. He has a garden that he takes you through. He reads fanfic. He writes you letters in gorgeous script. He has long hair. He scares easily.

Damien is allowed to be delicate. He’s allowed by the writers to be sweet and gentle. His story revolves around being true to yourself, but not in the way you might expect.

Damien is a fully fleshed out character whose trans status does not define him. I have no intention of speaking out about what my trans brothers and sisters want to see in media about trans people but I personally felt a lot about Damien.

He’s just Damien. He’s just allowedto exist. He’s accepted by his friends. His parenting is unusual for the rest of the neighborhood, but it works well enough.

I’m really happy with how Damien was written and presented to us. It would have been neat to also have a contrasting trans masculine character, in the case of this game, Brian would have made a fantastic trans guy.

Again, I don’t know how other trans people will feel about Damien. But I really liked him a lot, and as a trans guy who likes flowers and nail polish and covering my eyes during the scary parts of the movie, it was nice to see someone like me on screen.

Bus Boy (Changlix)

Stray Kids: Changbin x Felix (Changlix) drabble?

Title: Bus Boy

Word Count: 1480

Summary: New kid on the bus, Felix, takes a liking to the dark boy that sits in front of him every day… but can he talk to him? – ya’ll this is my first attempt at fanfic ever in my life and I’m terrified. Pls critique me or leave suggestions lol…

For three weeks now Felix has caught the bus to school every morning. For three weeks now he has sat in the same seat, two seats from the back, next to the window. For three weeks now the same, dark haired, dark clothed boy has caught his eye. For three weeks now, afore-mentioned dark boy, has sat directly in front of him. In the third week, on a Friday morning, Felix decided to speak up. One problem. Dark boy wasn’t on the bus today. Felix you idiot, he thought to himself, you should have just bit the bullet and done in yesterday. It was fine, he’d see dark boy on Monday. Sure that’s two whole days of not seeing the back of his handsome head but it’s only two more days. What’s two more days after three weeks?

Monday finally came around. Felix checked himself in his toothpaste splattered mirror. Are those freckles? Or smudges? Or freckles covered by smudges? Oh well. Still handsome either way. Felix shrugged dabbed, what can I say, I am one handsome human being. Plus, with his black beanie and ripped jeans? As if dark boy wasn’t going to fall for him. If anything, dark boy will talk to Felix first. If he even knew Felix existed. He quickly checked his watch, 7:26am… that gives me… give or take 2 minutes to make it to the bus stop… time enough for an extra spray of cologne? Always. After a quick extra spray of manly scent, Felix ran to the bus stop, arriving just as the bus arrived. Perfect, as always.

As usual, Felix sat two seats from the back, next to the window. From the window, through all the smudges, he could see dark boy’s bus stop. At dark boy’s bus stop he could see… no dark boy. Oh wait, there he was. Quite a ways away from the bus stop Felix could see a dark figure, running and waving for the bus to stop. He wasn’t going to make it. Felix quickly stood up, stumbling a little in the moving bus. “Stop!” He yelled. The bus grinded to a halt, making Felix actually fall this time, bumping his head on a bus seat. He crouched for a minute, rubbing his head. “Uhhh… are you alright?” a tired, puffing voice asked. Felix looked up to see dark boy himself, right in front of him. God-tier handsome he thought to himself. “Cos’ like… if you’re ok would you mind moving… so I can sit… in my seat.” Alright buddy, I know you sit there every day, which is perfect because it’s directly in front of me and in a perfect position for me to admire your reflection in the window but I don’t see your name on it. That’s what he thought anyway, out loud he said, “Oh of course, I’m so sorry.” He stood slowly, stars dancing before his eyes for a few seconds before he crouched down again. “You know what, I actually just realised that crouching here is really comfortable so I’m probably going to stay right… uh… here. Yup.” He said, squinting his eyes closed. He heard a warm chuckle. “It’s really easy to say you’re not ok you know? Here,” Felix felt a hand grab his own and drag him up into a seat. “Sit next to me, don’t want you dying on me now do I.” Well too late because that whole interaction was my literal death. I’m sitting next to dark boy. The dark boy. My dark boy.

Silence. Of course when you see someone dressed in all dark clothing with an all dark expression you would assume they wouldn’t talk much. But after the seat interaction, dark boy didn’t talk. At all. They had been sitting right next to each other on the bus for 20 minutes. In complete silence. Felix rubbed his head once more, was stopping the bus and hitting my head even worth it, he quickly glanced at the boy beside him, oh my god yes it was he’s so cute I’m going to die. He eventually flopped his hand back down on the seat after massaging his head. Except it wasn’t the seat that his hand flopped down onto. It was another hand. Felix looked down at his hand and the other hand, and then up to the owner of the other hand. Oh my GOD. He quickly snatched his hand back. “I am so, so, so, so, so, SO sorry!” he exclaimed. His face had flushed an unholy shade of red. Dark boy chuckled again, a chuckle that Felix could only describe as warm caramel on an ice cream sundae. The absolute best thing he had ever heard. “You know, if you wanted to hold my hand again, you could have just asked.” Dark boy chuckled, again. “I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Changbin. Sorry, I don’t talk much, it ruins my cool, angsty vibe.” He continued.

Is this real life, I swear I’m hallucinating. I didn’t think I bumped my head that hard. A hand waved in front of his face, the breeze from the hand felt pretty real. Very real actual. The hand clicked. Oh yeah… that’s definitely a real hand. And I have definitely been sitting in silence for way too long. And I definitely made it weird. “Uh yeah… I’m Felix… I don’t think talking would ruin your cool vibe. I think if you caught the bus one day wearing a giant, yellow, fur jacket I would still think you’re cool.” And cute. Oh god. What did I just say? Is it too late to take it back? “Felix is a neat name. When you first caught the bus a few weeks ago I saw you and I immediately thought you would have a cool name. I think it was the freckles. They’re really… uh… nice. The freckles.” Changbin stuttered out. That was a compliment. I heard it with my own ears. Coming out of dark boy’s mouth. Is this cloud nine? “Wait… you noticed me when I first started catching the bus?” Felix asked. Changbin looked at him and raised an eyebrow. “Why do you think I sat in front of you every day? I’m not exactly the best at introductions or talking, so I thought if I sat in front of you every day maybe you’d notice me and talk first.” He said. Wow. This whole time he WANTED me to talk to him. I’m stressed and happy and oh my god I think he’s talking to me again but I’m just staring at his eyes. I’ve missed the first half of the sentence, if I tune in now will it make sense, oh I hope so. “… with me?” Changbin finished talking. With me… with me… what words could start a sentence that ends in with me. I have no idea… why am I like this. Ok safest option is always just to nod and say yes. Felix blinked a few times, trying to bring back his senses. He nodded and smiled, “Yeah, totally.” He said. Yep totally pulled that off. “Really?” Changbin smiled and blushed a little, then, seemingly realising he was ruining his cool guy exterior, bit his lip and cleared his throat, “I mean… yeah so you’ll go on date with me? How about a movie?” Yep he didn’t even notice that I didn’t hear… DATE. A DATE. WITH. I’M. GOING. ON A DATE. WITH. DARK BOY. CHANGBIN. You know that unholy red colour that covered his face before, well it come back in full force at the sudden realisation that he was going on an actual date, with an actual handsome, charming boy that he totally wasn’t head over heels for what that would be embarrassing and totally lame.

Suddenly the bus was stopping again. It was Felix’s stop. “Uh… I would love to see a movie with you, honestly I would do anything with you. I would probably hide a dead body for you if you asked…” oh my god shut up, what are you saying. “I mean… no I wouldn’t that’s messed up… but… yeah a movie… totally… I’ll uh text you. Uhm. Bye.” He managed to get out of his mouth while walking backwards down the bus aisle, taking in every perfect detail of Changbin’s face. “Uh Felix… I don’t think you’ll be texting me without my number?” Changbin said. “Oh yeah, right, obviously.” Felix blushed again, running back to Changbin and handing the boy his phone. Changbin handed back his phone and their fingers brushed against each other, Felix’s butterflies almost burst right out of his stomach. “See you later Felix.” Changbin said.

Once he was off the bus, Felix checked his contacts in his phone. And there it was, dark boy had saved himself as ‘Changbinnie <3’. Maybe dark boy wasn’t so dark after all.

Will We Ever? | Part 2

A/N: Ta-da!! Here’s the second and final part for this scenario. If you enjoyed it or think this is shit then please let me know :P 

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You had no idea how much time had passed and once you drank the last drop from the flask, you handed it back to Dean.

“Remind me to bring an extra flask for you next time,” he joked, lighting another cigarette.

“Remind me to hide your cigarettes next time.”

Dean scoffed at you before puffing the smoke towards you. You hit him across the chest and covered your nose and mouth with the sleeves of your jumper.

“Oh, I nearly forgot. I want you to hear something,” Dean said, getting off the seat and heading back to the car.

Dean came back with his laptop and you knew he was going to show you a snippet of his new beats. He switched on the laptop and proceeded to open a file. Music began to play from the laptop speakers and you thought it had a very chill summer-y vibe to it. Something that could be played on a warm Sunday afternoon.

“This is really good, Dean,” you praised him, “I didn’t think you would have the time to produce beats since you’re super busy with work and stuff.”

Dean lowered the volume so it played softly in the background.

“Well some things just came to me and I couldn’t resist producing this beat. Do you like it?”

You nodded and began to sway to the beat while Dean smiled at you.

“Are you going to use this beat or giving it to someone else?” you asked.

“I spent a very long time producing this beat so no, I’m not just going to give it away. This one is too important to me,” he responded confidently.

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Thief (Part 5)

Pairing: Bellamy / Reader

Warnings: Swearing…. i think that might be it this chapter. 

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Lincoln would heal that much was obvious with very little medical training, which was good because you had very little medical training, your skills obviously in other areas. As it was the most you could do for him was clean the blood from his wounds, bandage them and let him sleep. Regain his strength through rest.

With nothing else to do you for him you slipped from the cave only to come face to face with Octavia the young woman from before.

“You made it?”

“Clearly” you crossed your arms over your chest staring at her. “You have some sort of feelings towards Lincoln?”

She blushed turning an adorable shade of pink as she started to fidget on the spot. “He got hurt because of me”

“How exactly is this because of you?”

“He was looking after me, Finn and Bellamy they thought he was hurting me and somehow he ended up stabbed and then everything was just crazy”

Lincoln was looking after you?” Lincoln was strange in many of grounder customs but you never would have thought he would deliberately disobey them and help one of the sky people. Then again wasn’t that exactly what you were doing, you had been meeting with Finn, had been plotting against your own people. That was going to end. “Why was Lincoln looking after you in the first place?”

“I fell” she pointed towards the steep cliff near to the entrance of the cave. “I fell there and hurt my ankle, knocked myself out. Woke up in the cave. Lincoln had taken me inside and bandaged up my ankle”

“You like him?”

She was blushing again but this time not out of embarrassment. “I like him”

Sighing you rubbed a hand over your face. This could only go badly. A relationship between a grounder and a sky person. It would never end well. Ignoring the pang of your conscious that told you only hours before you’d been having very similar thoughts about this girl’s brother.

“Lincoln’s still asleep. He needs to rest but he’ll be fine. Watch him”

“You mean… you aren’t staying?”

You shook your head. “I have to go back to my own people, I won’t say anything about you Octavia Blake of the Sky people but I advise you to be very careful with this relationship whatever it is with you and Lincoln”

“Careful?” she questioned. “Why?”

“You know the answer to that already, it’s why you haven’t told your brother where you are or who you’ve come to see”

She avoided your eyes at that proving that she knew exactly what you were talking about. Moving around her she caught your wrist in her hand holding you still.

“Thank you”

“For what? Lincoln? He’s my friend there is no thanks needed”

“No not for Lincoln. For Finn, he would have died without you”

You swallowed tightly at that. He still might die, the antidote was not always 100% effective, a fact you hadn’t told to them. You hoped you’d managed to give it to Finn before the poison got too advanced into his system.

“For Finn also there is no need to thank me” you said softly, pulling your wrist out of Octavia’s grasp you melted back into the shadows of the forest.


“You’re looking better”

“I hear that’s thanks to you” Finn smiled at you from his position on the ground sat leaning against a tree. “Thank you Y/N, for saving my life”

“Did they tell you what happened?” you dropped down onto the floor beside Finn. Curious as to what the other sky people had actually told him about what happened while he was passed out.

“You mean the other grounder and you escaping again? Yeah they told me. Gave me a laugh if nothing else. Bellamy’s face when you vanished once more”

You were going to guess that Bellamy had failed to mention to his people that he had in fact caught you before leaving and that this time it was him who had voluntarily let you go, he had chosen to let you escape.

“Finn we need to talk about something… something is going to happen because of this. Anya is furious and I don’t know how long she’s going to hold herself back anymore”

“Can you stop her?”

“Me?” you questioned in shock “No, of course not”


“Finn I don’t have that kind of influence over Anya. I’m not her second or even an advisor to her war council. Sure I can try and talk to her but that may just make the situation even worse”

Finn was looking more and more dejected of which you couldn’t blame him. The tension between your two groups of people had started to reach boiling point and it didn’t seem that there was any way of solving it.

“If only we could… maybe try and get Anya and Clarke in the same place. They could talk rather than just hurling attacks at each other” you regretted the words almost instantly because Finn’s face lit up in delight.

“That’s it! It’s perfect. You get Anya and I’ll get Clarke. They can talk, we can have some sort of peace talks”

“Finn that is insane” you shook your head again “I was just thinking out loud I wasn’t serious. Did you not understand what I just said about Anya being angry beyond all belief. The only thing that putting her near Clarke would achieve is blood shed”

“But they could talk”

“Finn” you cut him off once more “she doesn’t want to talk. She wants to kill, to destroy she want’s to hurt you all as badly as you hurt us”

“So what do we do?” he asked sadly “just sit around and watch our people kill each other?”

“I don’t know if there’s anything we can do”

You carefully picked the leaf off a nearby plant, shredding the leaves into neat strips and letting them flutter down from your fingers. Your brain felt fried, you really couldn’t think of any way to try and resolve the issue, or not one that didn’t involve mass amounts of bloodshed and possible death. That wasn’t what you wanted, or not truly anyhow. The idea of all your friends dying in a battle that could achieve nothing was devastating.

Out of nowhere the face of Bellamy Blake appeared as well, you didn’t want him to die either. The idea hurt on a level you’d never felt before. You didn’t understand your feelings towards Bellamy and didn’t want to examine them all to closely at the moment but that also didn’t mean you wanted him dead.

“I can… try and talk to Anya”

“You will?” Puppy dog eyes flicked back to your own as they lit with excitement.

“I can plant the idea, I’m not saying it will work but I honestly can’t think of any other option and your right. I don’t want a war”

“I can get Clarke to agree”

“I’m sure you can” you smirked at his sudden blush and inability to look you in the eye. “It has to be just you and Clarke though Finn. If Anya agrees to this and then there’s some sort of ambush that will literally be it, no more talking and no more waiting. There will be war”

You didn’t mention that if this did turn into an ambush against your people then you’d been killed for suggesting it assumed to be in league with the sky people. It was better that Finn didn’t know anyhow.

“I can get just Clarke” he insisted mouth set in a determined line. “This can work Y/N”

“I hope so Finn, I truly hope so”

It would unfortunately take more than Finn’s word to convince Anya that this would work and whatever she would demand from you was going to be bad. Was it worth the risk? You didn’t know but what you did know was that if you didn’t try you would never forgive yourself.

Why Wonder Woman’s Fight Choreography Worked

so in my post critiquing the shit out of Wonder Woman, I mentioned that I liked the fight choreography, so here’s a more detailed post as to why (post is in queue at time of writing, will link it later).

I thought that I would spend the movie quietly stuffing down my exasperation with all the extra twirls and flips in the fighting. Usually, that’s the case when I watch action films, especially superhero/fantasy films. I don’t think that movies should have 100% “realistic” combat choreography, but movies with especially unrealistic fights, with spins, flips, dramatic pauses, etc. really break the immersion and throw me out of the story. Part of this is because I have some experience with a few different combat arts. Those sports aren’t necessarily “realistic” either, but they’re definitely closer to “real” hand-to-hand combat than what you see in most Hollywood movies, and so seeing egregiously unrealistic fights on-screen sets off the constant thought of “wait, that’s not what that looks like” that you then have to squash down so you can enjoy the movie. It’s like watching an actor with a really badly faked American accent (looking at you, Bimblesnip Copperflap). That’s not what that’s supposed to sound like, and it’s distracting (I’m sure that people from Not America have this problem a lot more often, with American films that butcher the shit out of other languages). 

Aaaaanyway, I expected that that would be the case with Wonder Woman, and it sort of was, but not really. I didn’t spend all that much time going “ignore the fact that someone should have shot her in the legs/stabbed her in the back during her flip”. Instead I was engrossed in how fucking awesome it looked.

I think that the reason has to do with how Wonder Woman mixes two different movie atmospheres: the high fantasy comic-book movie world of Themiscyra, Diana, Ares, and the Amazons, and a gritty war movie world of World War I, Steve, and the horrors of war. For the Amazons, it makes sense for them to be doing all these sweet kickflips and shit. Isolated for thousands of years, war and combat has become an art form to them. Their movements are practiced and sure, they never misjudge a move or make a mistake, they never look unsure or desperate, they hardly even break a sweat or breath hard, and of course they’re going to embellish their fighting style. It’s still effective as hell, but did Antiope really need to jump fifteen feet in their air off a shield to shoot 3 dudes she could just as easily have shot from the ground? No, not really. But it looks really fucking cool. The Amazons exist in a world where everything is sort of elevated to this perfected, stylized art form- combat, armor and clothes (you can’t argue that Hippolyta’s metal corset is comfortable, or that the Amazon’s armor is effective and realistic), the way they speak, the way their hair is always fucking perfect, the cliche (not in a bad way) legendary past and Important Artifacts, all of it is contrived as hell, but it’s acceptable in a movie about Amazons because, well, it’s sort of part of the package of the world.

The gritty war movie half of Wonder Woman is the half where the movie tries to emphasize the fact that heroes aren’t always good people, innocents die in war and you can’t save everyone, combat is bloody and dirty and gross and horrific, and there is no honor in battle, no dramatic pauses while you say something witty to the enemy, no spinning around to high-kick another dude in the face because if you do the guy you’re kicking grabs your leg and punches you while the someone else bashes you in the back of the head with a gun.

Throughout Wonder Woman, you can very clearly see the divide between the Gritty War Movie and the High Fantasy Movie. Steve, who’s in the Gritty War Movie, is the one who doesn’t waste his time saving people he knows he doesn’t have the resources to save, he’s the one who doesn’t manage to find the magical option C that lets him save the day and survive, he does what is needed, even if it’s immoral. 

Diana exists in the High Fantasy Movie. She saves everyone because she wants to, not because it makes logical sense for her to be able to. She wins the big fight at the end through Righteous Fury, not a clever plan (not a bad thing, just a hallmark of the High Fantasy Movie). She bends the world through force of will alone. Her final fight is versus the most High Fantasy villain ever- a villainously-monologuing ancient evil god wielding fire and dressed in spiky armor. 

These two halves don’t traditionally mix well. Lots of times, in movies that are trying to be the Gritty War Movie, there’s a fight that is just so perfectly choreographed that it looks silly. It doesn’t look like the characters are trying to kill each other, it looks like they’re playing out a script. Fights in Gritty War Movies (if done right) are scrabbling, punching, fighting dirty, desperation, clawing, and panic. Think about how fucking weird and stupid it would look if Steve fought like Diana did. Not with her skill level- with her style. If he went around throwing high kicks and jump kicks at Germans, or mowing down 20 people like they’re nothing, or pausing dramatically with his hair flowing in the breeze and giving a dramatically determined look and somehow not getting shot, it would look ridiculous. Because he’s in the Gritty War Movie half of the movie. Those moves all are fine on Diana, because she’s in the High Fantasy half of the movie. (NB, the only other movie I can think of whose ridiculously silly combat and lack of effective armor didn’t bother me at all was 300- for exactly this reason. 300 knew precisely what kind of ridiculous, over-the-top fantasy it was, and it didn’t try to be anything different).

What’s interesting about Wonder Woman is that it manages to combine the High Fantasy Movie and the Gritty War Movie remarkably well. Not perfectly- I think that Diana’s final fight and character arc were too stuck in the High Fantasy Realm and missed out on the impact they could have gained from the Gritty War Movie Realm. But really well! Most movies that try fail utterly. For instance, Hunchback of Notre Dame tried to be a silly disney movie, while also being the darkest fucking cartoon you’ve ever seen, and the result was the darkest fucking disney movie you’ve ever seen, with the unfortunate distractions of a silly song and a lame, cop-out ending to the romantic arc. It made a potentially phenomenal movie just ok. The Hobbit trilogy tried to be about 15 different kinds of movie all at once, and just ended up being a mess. 

Wonder Woman was, in a way, all about the clash of the High Fantasy realm and the Gritty War realm. It’s Diana vs. Steve, Themiscyra vs. World War 1, Ares vs. chemical weapons. Idealism can save the day vs. do what you can and mourn later. Like I said, I think the movie kept Diana too much in the High Fantasy realm. Her arc was about her losing her naive idealism about humanity, and choosing to save them- idealistically- anyway. To do that effectively, the movie needed to thrust her much more into the Gritty War Realm. But I digress- that’s a thing for a different post, I guess. Wonder Woman’s fight choreography works so well precisely because the clash of fighting styles is mirroring the clash of realms in the plot and characters. Steve keeps telling Diana that they can’t save everyone, and Diana waltzes in and flips reality the bird and says “watch me”. Her (objectively silly, but also objectively cool as fuck) fighting style is a symbolic mirror of this: reality says “don’t do stupid shit in a fight or you’ll get shot in the back of the head” and Diana’s kickflips waltz in, middle fingers up, and say “I don’t care also fuck your teeth”. It works really well. It emphasizes her idealism and the strength and force of her convictions.

Now, I do think that the movie would have been better if, like I said in my other post, she had lost her High Fantasy fighting style when finally killing Ares, and just beat him to death with her fists. This is because her character arc is supposed to be her losing her naive ideals about humanity, but choosing to save them despite their flaws and darkness. Ending the fight in the Gritty War Realm instead of the High Fantasy Realm would have paralleled that realization- Diana is no longer fighting in her idealized, art-form style, showcasing the true gruesome reality of death, and the gruesome reality that she killed someone, but she is a hero despite that, and her decision to uphold her mission to protect humanity, despite their violence and flaws, is made with her having fully, viscerally experienced those flaws and that violence herself- in herself.

As it was, it felt to me a bit like Diana was still ignoring the realities of war and death, and the High Fantasy Realm was just running roughshod over the Gritty War Realm (plugging its ears and going “lalala I can’t hear you). Diana’s character arc neatly and beautifully brings the idealism of High Fantasy into concord with the ugly reality of Gritty War, but the effect is undermined by the final fight’s insistence on a neat, High Fantasy conclusion, and would have been better supported if Diana had fully immersed herself in the Gritty War Realm and come out the other side with her High Fantasy ideals. 

sorry for the length and the plot analysis digression. If only I were majoring in something that would require me to analyze the shit out of the plot of Wonder Woman…